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Chat Noir was discharged a week after, thanks to the impressive healing brought on by the miraculous but he still needed to take it easy for a bit. Adrien was given the excuse of a hernia for his absence and told that he should take it easy for a week or two.

Ladybug was on patrol when she saw Rena Rouge standing at the top of the Eiffel Tower. She landed next to her friend. "How was your week of being a full-time superhero?"

Rena Rouge looked up. "It was great. I did have to make various excuses at school for being late and now I understand why you were so mysterious but it was so fun and Trixx and I have had plenty of time to bond, as has everyone else." She looked down dejected, "but I guess you have to take it back now."

Ladybug looked at her sympathetically. "I'm sorry but it's not safe to have this many miraculous in use for an extended period."

"I understand." She suddenly cheered up and smiled at Ladybug. "But first, let's get Chat Noir. We've organised a surprise."

"Really!? What is it!?"

"Well if I told you it wouldn't be a surprise." Rena Rouge laughed before jumping off. "Last one to your boyfriend's is a rotten egg!"

"He is not my boyfriend!" Ladybug called after her before swinging to catch up.

They landed, exhausted and out of breath on top of the Agreste mansion, laughing hard. They climbed down and knocked on Adrien's window. He ran up to them and opened it. "Ladybug, Rena Rouge? What are you doing here?"

Rena Rouge smiled at him. "The team has organised you two a welcome back party."

Adrien looked at her shocked. "Really!? Plagg, claws out!"

They travelled to Chloe's hotel but their journey was much slower because Chat Noir was still recovering. They were greeted with a loud "surprise!" by all the heroes.

Queen Bee walked up to greet them. "My father has closed the roof off to everyone, even the staff. Even better, he didn't tell anyone who it was for, he told them that it was for renovations so no one will try to interrupt our party."

"Thanks, Queen Bee." Ladybug kissed the superhero on both cheeks.

"This is amazing guys, thank you so much," Chat Noir told them with a wide grin on his face.

King Monkey walked up to them. "We decided you two deserved a party, and we might as well do it now as it will probably be our last night with these miraculous for a long time."

Carapace nodded. "We also thought it would only be fair to reveal all our identities to each other since we all know Viperion's and you two dudes'."

"We also invited the paramedic as it would be better if she finds out now than if we get stabbed." Queen Bee added.

The Paramedic walked forward and stuck her hand out to shake. "The name's Jen, but I thought it would be better if I had a secret identity too so when talking about me call me Asclepius."

Ladybug shook her hand first. "Nice to meet you, Jen."

Chat Noir shook her hand next and smiled at her. "Thank you for saving me."

"Everyone ready?" Ryuko asked.

Ladybug remembered what they were planning to do. "You don't have to do this."

"But we want to," Pegasus told her.

Viperion counted down, "3… 2… 1… go."

They all de-transformed together leaving just Ladybug and Chat Noir in their costumes. Everyone except Ladybug looked around in surprise.

"Nino? Kagami?" Chat Noir asked in surprise

"Kim?" Max asked, shocked. "You're a miraculous holder?"

"Hello, Max. I was pretty sure it was you. I mean, who else would tell us there's a 10% chance of death?" Max grunted in annoyance.

"Wait, Chloe's Queen Bee? Who'd've guessed?" Alya asked sarcastically. Everyone laughed and Ladybug and Chat Noir de-transformed

Kagami pulled Adrien and Marinette into the ball pool. "Remember last time we played in a ball pool together?"

"I think so yeah, weren't we running away from both your parents and the Gorilla?" Marinette asked in a jokey tone.

"Yeah, something like that," Adrien laughed. He dived under the surface and pulled Marinette under, stealing her hair ribbons. When she popped back up she realised her hair was down.

"Why did you do that again?" she demanded while Adrien and Kagami were laughing.

"I guess I like looking at you with your hair down. Don't you Kagami?"

"I must agree there. You do look very pretty with your hair down."

Marinette jumped at Adrien and wrestled the ribbons from him while Kagami laughed at them. She put her hair back up and threw a ball at Kagami. "Stop laughing."

Kagami threw one back. "Why wouldn't I laugh when it's funny?" Soon they were having an all-out war in the ball pool.

Outside the ball pool, Alya was talking with Luka. "So, you said that you were doing that battle for two years, how many times was that?"




"And how many of those did Chloe help us in?"

"All of them. And in three thousand of them, she died trying to save you."

"Wait, Chloe died trying to save me?"

"Yeah. She died trying to save a lot of people. If I remember correctly, she died one hundred and twenty-three thousand times."

"Wow. I didn't know Chloe had it in her."

A plastic ball suddenly hit Alya in the head. She turned around and saw Adrien, Kagami and Marinette staring at her in shock. She glared at them, furiously before jumping in and throwing balls at all of them. Nino joined soon after, teaming with his girlfriend until she betrayed him and dropped a bucket full of balls on him. Chloe was dragged in when they all decided to simultaneously attack her. After being pelted with small plastic balls she jumped in and started throwing them with deadly accuracy, surprising everyone involved.

After Max, Kim and Luka joined teams ended up forming. Marinette, Adrien and Kagami in one (team MAK), Chloe, Alya and Nino in another (team CAN) and Max, Luka and Kim in the last (team MLK). Jen stood at the edge, watching the battle with a smirk on her face, dodging any ball that came towards her. Team MAK hid behind a table and threw balls over the top, being all but unreachable but missing most of their shots. Team CAN sat next to the ball pool behind a small barrel providing partial cover but with Chloe on their team and a better view than MAK, they nailed almost 80% of their shots. Team MLK sat in the ball pool with the most ammo so they didn't need to send missions to refill and they could hide below the surface, but they were surrounded on both sides so they were being bombarded with balls. The kwamis flew around, dropping balls on people and acting as air support for their holders. Despite being in the centre of the battle, team MLK ended up winning, meaning the rest of the teams got tired and stopped fighting.

Adrien led Marinette away from the main party and onto a bit of roof. "I thought it would be best to talk in private for a bit," Adrien told her. "With me liking you and you liking me I thought we should… discuss it."

Marinette stared at him mesmerised for a second before stuttering, "I… umm… yeah… I mean… yes." Now that it was really happening, and she was looking into his gorgeous face without a mask, she'd forgotten how to speak again.

"You do still like me don't you?" he asked, worried. "I mean, I know now that you like Adrien, the teenage model and perfect little boy, but I'm wondering if you also have feelings for the silly boy in the black catsuit who makes puns all the time."

Marinette stared at him for a second before realising what he was saying, "of course I do. I never wanted to admit it because I didn't want to imagine a world without Adrien but, if I'd never met you, I would have fallen for Chat Noir long ago. I like you both I was just too infatuated with Adrien to see it."

He visibly relaxed and smiled down at Marinette. "And I like you Marinette. I also like Ladybug. Like you, I was too infatuated by my love for you as Ladybug to recognise my love for you as Marinette, until recently. But under the costume, you're still the brave, smart, kind-hearted girl I fell in love within the red with black spots." Marinette smiled at him. He grinned back. "Now, Bugaboo, with your permission, I'd very much like to kiss you now."

Marinette nodded and Adrien moved forward, closing the gap between them. Their lips met. Marinette kissed tentatively at first but slowly became more sure of herself and kissed deeper. Sensing her increasing confidence, Adrien pulled her closer, as if trying to merge with her completely. They stayed like that for a long time before Alya came and found them.

"I've found them guys!" she called to the others. They jumped apart at the noise, panting slightly. "It looks like they've finally started dating."

Adrien smirked at her. "No, she's 'just a friend'," he said sarcastically. He, Marinette and Kagami giggled at that.

Adrien looked down at his watch. "I have to go now, sorry." He kissed Marinette on the cheek before he climbed up.

"I guess we all do," Marinette agreed, climbing up herself. "We do have school tomorrow." Adrien slipped his hands into hers and gave it a small squeeze.

"I guess we have to give you our miraculous back," Nino said, dejectedly. Everyone else either looked down or at their kwami sadly.

Marinette noticed this and was filled with sympathy. "Well, Adrien still needs to heal, so I'll need help. And after that, I think we deserve a break. So, not now."

They all cheered and jumped on Marinette, hugging her tightly and thanking her over and over again. Nino walked up to Marinette holding the miracle box, "Sorry but you were in the hospital and I thought it would be better if there was someone to look after the miraculous so I decided to find them and keep them with me" he said.

Marinette took the box, "it's fine Nino, thank you for protecting them" she responded.

Nino decided to take Adrien home with Kagami and everyone else started to jump away as well. Soon it was just Chloe and Marinette left. They looked at each other. "So," Chloe said awkwardly, "you don't hate me anymore."

Marinette nodded. "Likewise?"

"Likewise," Chloe confirmed. "But don't think for one second, Dupain-Cheng, that this means we are friends."

Marinette smiled. "I wouldn't have it any other way." They stood in silence for a second. "I've been meaning to ask you; you charged into the fight with no miraculous and no knowledge that I had it on me or that I would give it to you. You had no apparent ulterior motive. What caused the change in heart?"

Chloe looked behind Marinette and saw the old man smiling warmly at her from his perch at the edge of the roof. "I just talked with myself and realised the true meaning of being a hero."

Marinette looked behind her but saw nothing. "I'm glad you did, you saved us all. We couldn't have done it without you." They shook hands and Marinette transformed before swinging away.

Chloe walked off the empty rooftop and to her room, turning in for what would be the first night of the rest of a much happier and more fulfilling life than the one she had before.

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