AN: I would describe this story as one of its kind. It came to me after being awake and working for more hours than is healthy for one's mental state. I am somehow already in love with it though and it makes me want to work on my next chapter for strong bonds. Though I will restrain myself in that regard until I have slept.

Wish you lots of fun reading this! I certainly had while writing!

Chapter one

"This is absolutely crazy." Bella whispered. Her words were unheard by even herself as the wind whipped by her ears. The ground was approaching fast. Her heartbeat sped up. She focused intently as she waited for the voice in her head to speak up. 'Now,' the voice of her grandfather whispered in her head.

Warmth spread through her limbs. She forced it into her arms and legs and-

Her whole body relaxed, her eyes glowed. "This is-" She gasped in shock.

'This is foolish, child,' The voice of her grandfather chided her.

"Yeah, it is." Her grandfather agreed sagely.

"How…" She glanced down. "How does this even work?" Below her the sea was shimmering beautifully. Fish were jumping out from the surface from time to time, swimming in one direction or another. She had to squint to see properly as the wind caused her eyes to water. The speed caused her heart rate to increase even further and a grin spread across her lips. She felt free. So free.

'Isabella…' The voice in her head reprimanded.

Bella laughed. She laughed loud and hard. All her doubts, all her worries and her fears, they were all pushed aside as she raced skywards. Her fists and feet covered in soft orange Flames, her heart rearing in joy and her eyes glowing in both happiness and with her Sky attribute.

So long, for so long she had forgotten about this wonderful Warmth within her. Had felt cold inside and out. No matter what she did, nothing had warmed her. Not truly. Not in the way that mattered.

When she had come to Forks it had gotten for some time. Ironically the Cullens, the cold ones as the people from the reservation called them, had been the first that had made her feel remotely warm. It had started as a small spark in her centre. From there it spread slowly but steadily. At first she thought it was Edward. She had thought she was in love with him.

She laughed again; lud and free. It had never been him. It was so obvious now.

'Isabella.' The tone of her grandfather was firm now. She sighed, but complied. He was right anyway.

With careful movements she steered back towards the cliff she jumped from. Careful to remain unseen. No matter how much fun it was for her to fly - fly! - she still needed to be careful. While Jacob was her friend, someone important to her, he still fell under Omerta.

She chuckled to herself as she carefully landed. Or tried to anyway. She promptly landed face first in the dirt. Chuckling some more she rubbed her face, only succeeding in making it dirtier.

She rolled onto her back and smiled brightly.

Bella felt so different from the girl she was mere months ago. If she had known what the Cullens leaving would cause, she might have asked them to.

'You would not have done that. No Sky would intentionally cause dissonance. It is against the very nature of a Sky' She sighed. The voice of ehr grandfather in her head was a side-effect of the dissonance the Cullens leaving had caused. While it had finally freed her sealed Flames, the trauma obviously did more than that. Or maybe something else caused her to hear the voice of her grandfather in her head. She was most comfortable with the Flame trauma theory though, so she mentally kicked any thought of herself going crazy in the metaphorical butt.

'Your flying ability has greatly improved.' Her grandfather stated. 'Though there are better ways than jumping off cliffs to activate your Flames.' His voice was exasperated.

Bella bit her bottom lip. For a moment reminded of the man, who had held her on his lap as a child and told her stories about Flames. He had been a great grandfather. She had loved him dearly.

She brought a hand in front of her face. Focusing intently she managed to enclose one of her fingers in weak Sky Flames. She bit her lip harder. Nearly drawing blood. Well, he had been a great grandfather until he had let her mother seal her Flames. She paled at the memory.

Even now moths after she had first broken the seal curled up in the forest, the memories were still blurry. She could still only see glimpses and pieces of her past. Whatever reasons her grandfather or mother had had to seal her Flames was a mystery to her. She could barely remember his Flame lessons as it were. They came back to her day by day, but she struggled for each piece of information. It frustrated her to no end.

'Patience, child," her grandfather soothed. The intense emotions she felt at that making her weak Flame flare.

That was another thing she had discovered over the past months. Emotions directly affected her Flames. Intense ones made it so much easier for her to call them forth.

An image of herself as a child flashed in front of her eyes. She had been running along a path. She could vaguely remember the sound of her grandfather's voice in the background and her own laughter. He had been playing with her and she had been so happy. The feet of her child-self had been completely covered in Flames. She had used them to harmonise with her surroundings. It had been the lesson of the day taught in a playful way.

Bella shook herself out of her memory. Grimacing slightly, she finally released her lip from between her teeth. She could taste blood iin her mouth. Back then Flame control had come naturally to her, it had been easy. Now though, she looked at her hand, now she thought tooth and nails to get her Flames storng again. She was determined though.

'Determination is key.' Her grandfather agreed.

Grinning wildly, she approached the edge of the cliff.

'Child…' He sighed.

She jumped. Feeling the wind brushing past her once more.

A few months ago

Warmth surrounded Bellas body. Covered her like a blanket. It went through her and warmed her from the inside out. 'Safe,' her mind whispered, even as her eyes took in the orange Flames. Everything was covered in them. Her hands, her feet, her forehead and she was sure even her eyes were glowing orange.

It was strange. It was familiar. It was-

'Sky Flames.' The voice of her grandfather spoke in her mind. She blanched mentally. Did she just- had she just-?

'The attribute of the Sky Flame,' He paused as she stared at her hands. ' harmonisation.' She merely blinked. 'The Flame type a person has is determined by many factors. The most important being the character of the person and their genetic setup.'

Bella slowly set back down on the forest floor. Unsure of when she had stood up. 'Maybe somewhere between me going up in Flames and starting to hear voices,' She wondered.

'So this means,' He continued unbothered. 'It is in your very nature to try and harmonise with your surroundings.' The voice paused. 'Which means-'

'Dissonance,' Bella realised with a start. The word coming to her without comprehending the meaning. She felt like her head was clearer than it had been in years and yet she was so confused. Her head hurt. Her muscles ached too.

'The Flames are straining your system.' He said gently. 'You need to let it go.'

Bella froze. Losing the warmth would mean going back to being cold and alone on the forest floor. It meant remembering Edward leaving. Remembering the Cullens being gone. Gone. Gone. Gone "Gon-"

'Stop.' The firm command echoed within her head. 'Focus.' She stilled. 'What is important now? What can you see?'

It was something her grandfather had drilled into her since she was very small. He had put her in different scenarios and made her think. It was his way of making sure she would be safe and happy. His way of caring.

'What is most important right now?' The voice continued.

Her eyes scanned the surroundings. "Getting home."

'How can you achieve that?'

"Focusing on-" She paused. "Focusing on the Flames?" Bella worried about her lip between her teeth. "Finding a familiar Flame signature." She closed her eyes. "I think I can-"

'Your father. Focus on your father.'

"Charly? But how-?"

'Focus, child."

She complied immediately. Her Flames acting on pure instinct, being guided by mostly forgotten memories and blurry images. It was a strange feeling. She barely remembered having Flames and yet she recalled Charlys. His Flames were sad but steady. They had always had this heavy feeling to them since Rene had left with Bella.

"Found him."

'Good, now hurry before your Flames run out.'

"My Flames..?" Her Flames were flickering and starting to fade. "Why-?" They used to be so strong. She could remember them being strong. "So…why…?"

'Focus, Bella,' The voice whispered. She took a steadying breath and stumbled her way through the forest.

'One step at a time.'

She felt the last of her Flames fade as she neared the edge of the forest. Her home was so close now, she could nearly see it. If she could simply hold on a bit longer.

Her vision blurred. "Ouch," she mumbled. Confused as she suddenly found her face on the floor.

"Bella?" A voice said above her and as her senses completely faded, the hot arms of her best friend cradled her to his chest.