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Chapter 2 Now where were we?

"I know what you're thinking; a guy suddenly getting "isekai'd" to some weird forest in the ass end of nowhere would make ANYONE lose their shit, but not me. Nope, I was TOTALLY in control of the situation".

"Aahhh! Ah! What IS this place?! Where am I?! What the hell is happening"?!

As Chiro paced around in the empty field, he ran his fingers through his hair, completely overwhelmed with worry. The young delinquent boxer was quick to panic after regaining his strength. Sadly, it seemed the crass and indifferent lone wolf persona that he displayed in public was immediately forsaken. In all fairness, even the most thick-skinned individuals would lose their cool, given the situation. But even so, Chiro knew that panicking wasn't going to help accomplish anything, so after a taking a minute or two to catch his breath, he looked around. The forest was completely different from the one at Sayama Hills, so it was safe to assume that he wasn't in Sayama Hills anymore.

"Whatever that storm was, it must've sent me here, wherever the hell here is supposed to be", Chiro thought looking around, "This place looks nothing like anywhere you'd see on Earth. If I'm even on Earth anymore".

Looking around, he noticed his bag on the ground.

"Well, at least I've still got my stuff", Chiro said to himself, "The snacks I've got should probably last a couple of days. I'll probably run into some people by then, right"?

Slipping his arms through the straps, Chiro took a deep breath.

"Okay", he sighed, "First order of business; find people, then find Tatsu. Shouldn't be too hard, right"?

The first half of the day was spent exploring. Even though he didn't have any survival training, Chiro did remember the things Tatsu and Coach Hino taught him whenever they went camping. After reaching a small river, Chiro decided his best bet would be to follow it downstream. In most scenarios, there were towns found near water. He walked for what seemed like miles, stopping only to take a drink from the river. Even though it wasn't that smart of an idea taking the risk of drinking unfiltered water, he figured it was better than suffering from dehydration.

He walked until the sun began to set. Deciding it was best to wait until morning to continue, he decided to make camp on the riverbank. After gathering some pieces of dry wood, he built himself a small fire using a book of matches he had tucked away in his bag. He sat close to the fire, with his legs pulled up to his chest. As he warmed his hands by the fires' edge, he looked around. The sounds of nature were ever present; crickets chirping, frogs croaking. No different than the sounds he heard in the forest back home.

His new surroundings weren't the only thing on Chiro's mind. There was something he'd been ignoring, something that had been nagging at the back of his mind since he'd first arrived in that field and saw that Tatsu was gone. Before now, he'd always had a place to go home to if his apartment felt too empty. The gym, the flat upstairs where Kashima lived, or even at one of his friends' houses. Whenever he felt the urge, he'd go to the gym, hit the bag, shoot the shit with some of the other regulars. Barring that, he'd slip into the office and hang out with Kashima until closing. After that, she'd fix dinner, talk with him about how school was going or something else, and he'd go home before midnight. Sometimes he'd spend the night, and he'd have the pleasure of waking up to more of his pseudo sisters' homecooked breakfast.

When he'd go visit his friends, it was a little different. He knew how to act around them, but their parents were a different story. Though Kashima taught him to mind his manners when speaking to adults, his choice strategy was to say as few words as possible. Even though it made things awkward, it still felt good to be around others, and it was because of that reason that he'd put up with it, all just for the chance to fill his belly with free food and spend time with a friend.

But there wasn't a chance of that happening again, not now. No more gym, no more homecooked meals, no more Kashima, Tatsu, Kazama, or any of the others. There wasn't anybody or anything familiar for seemingly hundreds of miles. There wasn't even a place for him to hang his jacket. Before now, the feeling of isolation and loneliness was different, but as the situation began to sink in, it grew more and more, like bread rising in an oven. For the first time in his life, Chiro was completely and utterly alone. As it all began to sink in, the young man felt the pain inside him grow more and more. Until finally, he buried his face in his arms, and cried. He continued to weep until he finally managed to doze off.

As he slept, his mind filled with memories of home, brought on by the feelings of homesickness and deep longing...

"Chiro? Chiro! It's time to wake up"!

As Chiro stirred from his place on the bed, he looked around through blurred eyes to see his old room. Everything was where it was; his desk, his manga, the poster of Oishii Two-Han Seikatsu on the wall. At first, Chiro didn't know what to think. He was back home, like all that never happened. His train of thought was lost as the smell of breakfast cooking. As his mouth began to water, he quickly ignored all rationale and hopped out of bed and headed towards the kitchen. It was there he found an assortment of fish, rice, miso soup, pickled vegetables, and eggs waiting for him at the table.


Chiro turned his head to see Kashima at the stove, just the way he remembered her. Her brown shoulder length hair, that worn out apron she always wore whenever she cooked, her favorite blue and white striped sweater which always seemed to go with everything, even the brown jeans she wore, and the warm smile on her face that always seemed to put him at ease, even on his worst days. Chiro didn't know what to say at first, but whatever he said would've been ignored as he heard Kashima speak.

"Well don't just stand there slack jawed! Eat up before it gets cold"!

Chiro looked over at the table, and knew that it could all wait. Filling his mouth with one portion after another, Chiro felt an explosion of flavors through his tastebuds. Something about Kashima's cooking was good enough to leave a full feeling in his stomach but a good feeling everywhere else. As he started in the rice, he felt an embrace on his side. Looking down, he saw a little pair of brown eyes belonging to a little girl, who was no more than 9 years old, staring up at him.

"Morning, Uncle Chiro"! She said.

"Chifuyu"! Chiro said in surprise.

He had completely forgotten about Chifuyu, Kashima's daughter. She stayed with her mother during the week, and stayed with her father, who lived in Tokyo, on the weekends. The two parents had a civil relationship, thankfully, and always seemed to be on good terms, which was odd considering most divorced couples. Chifuyu was the complete opposite of her father and took more after Kashima.

"Chifuyu, don't be grabbing Chiro while he's eating, it's bad manners", Kashima chided gently.

"Ah it's fine, Kashima", Chiro said, reaching down and lifting Chifuyu up onto his lap, "It's not every day she gets to see me. Ya hungry, kiddo? Here, have some rice. Say Aww".

"Awww"! Chifuyu said, opening her mouth as Chiro feed her the rice.

"Stop that, she's old enough to feed herself", Kashima scolded, "Anyway, you hang around here so much she's picking up on your bad habits".

"So, what's the big whoop"? Chiro asked indifferently

"Yeah, what's the big whoop"? Chifuyu repeated.

"My point, exactly", Kashima replied, placing some food on the table for Chifuyu, "Here's your food, Chifuyu".

"Thank you, mommy", Chifuyu said, hopping off Chiro's lap and going over to her food on the place next to Chiro, "Thanks for the food"!

As she began to eat, there came a knock at the door.

"It's open"! Kashima and Chiro said in unison.

As the door open, Tatsu came in.

"Hey guys", Tatsu said as he entered the kitchen after taking off his shoes.

"Hey Tatsu, come sit down, I'll fix you a plate", Kashima said with a warm smile.

"Nah, it's fine I won't be here long", Tatsu declined.

"I insist", Kashima said firmly.

"You're not about to refuse Kashima again, are ya Senpai"? Chiro joked, "You know what happened last time you did".

"Shut up", Tatsu said irately before turning back to Kashima, "Alright, I guess a little grub wouldn't hurt".

"That's the spirit, now sit", Kashima said with a smirk.

As they all sat at the table, Chiro couldn't help but feel nostalgic. The smell of the food, the sound of his loved one's voices. Nothing could beat this feeling.

As Chiro opened his eyes, he was met with the unsettling sensation of a hard ground beneath him. Slowly rising to a sitting position, he looked around and was quickly reminded of his situation. The fleeting sense of euphoria he felt in from his dream still fresh in his mind, the entirety of the present moment hit him like a stray fastball.

"Shit", he muttered under his breath

"Normally something like that would make someone sink into the depths of despair, but thankfully the dream I had managed to strengthen my resolve. I knew that sitting around and moping about what I lost wouldn't help anybody. I had to find civilization as soon as possible, and then I could lay out the groundwork for finding Tatsu and getting home. Although if I had known what kind of people I'd run into, I would've taken my chances with the wildlife".

Unknown Forest – Later that Day

For some people, the forests' serene and majestic scenery was enough to keep them interested for days on end. But for Chiro, it was starting to get old really fast.

"Ugh, there's been nothing but trees and shit for MILES"! He groaned, "How much longer until I run into some-".

He quickly stopped his rant as he heard what sounded like voices far in the distance. His feeling of annoyance was quickly replaced with a small growing mixture of hope and relief. The noise was coming from deeper within the woods, where the trees and undergrowth were thick and lush enough to hide an entire platoon of soldiers. As Chiro made his way through the lively plant life and around the massive trees, he could hear the voices growing closer and closer. Until finally, he was just a few inches away from a large clearing. It was there he felt a great deal of relief wash over him as he saw a small group of men dressed in the strangest outfits he'd ever seen. Given the fact that some of them wore helmets, Chiro speculated that it was some kind of armor. Upon seeing the baton shaped weapons strapped to their sides, and the large vehicle that resembled a tank resting a few feet from them, they appeared to be soldiers of some kind.

"Finally", Chiro thought, "Now I can find Tatsu and get out of this-huh"?

Chiro found himself unable to finish his sentence as he noticed something out of the corner of his eye. Turning his head to the right, he saw a couple soldiers in front of a wooden post. Tied to said post was a girl who looked no older than 12. Her hair seemed a bit unkept, her face was dirtied, and to top it all off a cloth was tied over her mouth. The two soldiers who were with her chuckled maliciously as the girl stared up at them, shaking as if it were thirty below zero.

"They're gonna love you in the Fright Zone", said one.

"Yeah, the labors camps always keep getting understaffed for some reason" joked the other.

The other two laughed as they walked away, not caring that the girl began to tear up as she wondered what horrible fate awaited her. Seeing all this angered Chiro to no end, but then he remembered that he couldn't afford to waste any more time, he had to find Tatsu and get home. Why should this be of any concern to him? He didn't know that kid and for all he knew maybe she deserved it and he just wasn't aware. But as he turned to leave, he cast one last glance at the young girl tied to that wooden post.

"As I looked over at that kid who was bawlin' up a storm at this point, I couldn't help but think back to when I was her age; all alone, no one to help me, nobody I could call friend. Finding Tatsu and getting back home was important but...I felt as though if I left that girl to whatever horrible plan fate had in store for her, it'd be on my conscience for the rest of my life. Yeah, call me a softy, but I could never leave a helpless kid in the lurch. So, well, you can probably guess where I'm going with this".

Quickly and quietly, Chiro made his way closer and closer over to the wooden post. Once he was there, the girl was a bit startled as she saw him approach.

"Shhh", he hissed silently, putting a finger to his lips, "I'm not gonna hurt ya".

He slowly pulled out the matchbox from his pocket.

"I'm gonna cut ya loose", Chiro whispered as he pulled out a match, "Don't talk".

The girl nodded as she watched him strike the small stick against the box and pressed the now lit match against the ropes that bound her to the post. As the flame seared away at the now weakening rope, Chiro quickly began to explain his plan to her.

"Okay, I'm gonna go and cause a distraction, and once their attention is all on me, you run", Chiro explained, turning over to where he was facing her, "Don't stop, don't look back, just run, ya got it"?

The little girl didn't respond at first. This stranger who she had just met was willing to sacrifice himself just to save her. The reality of that fact pulled at her heart greatly.

"I don't have time to wait on you! Nod your head if you understand"! Chiro hissed.

The girl was suddenly snapped out of her trance and quickly nodded her head.

"Alright", Chiro said, waving the match stick until it was out, "The ropes should be weakened enough for you to break free on your own. When I announce my presence to those bastards, that'll be your cue to run".

The girl nodded as she watched Chiro slowly creep back into the brush. As Chiro made his way closer to the armored opposers, he felt an overwhelming feeling of apprehension start to build up in his chest. This was not like any of the street fights he'd endured back in Saitama. These weren't ham and egg delinquents and thugs, these were soldiers, experienced men with weapons who had the authority to use them to end his life. Somewhere in the darkest parts of his mind, an inner voice was telling him to run away. But he knew better than to do that. He knew that he had to follow through with his plan, or else risking the girls' safety and freedom. So, he took in a deep breathe, and let out a long sigh. Glancing down, he noticed a rock that was twice the size of a baseball. As he picked it up, he held it to his chest and shut his eyes as he mentally prepared himself.

"Well, this is it", he muttered, "Hell of a way to go. Here's hoping they kill me on the spot and not give me the Guy Fawkes' treatment".

Meanwhile, the soldiers were conversing among themselves, unaware of the lurking individual hiding in the growth.

"Alright, I think we've wasted enough time", said the leader, "Sunder is gonna have our heads if we don't come back within the designated time mark".

"Sunder gets antsy if his bowl movement doesn't arrive within its' designated time mark", one of the men joked.

The others couldn't help but laugh.

"Alright, enough jokes", said the leader, "Let's just finish up the scouting the area and get back in time. I don't wanna be stuck with latrine detail again".

"Hey at least you only got to clean the floors and not the toilets", protested one of the men, "Ugh, thought I was gonna lose it after I saw what Captain Grizzlor did".

"Yeah well, let's just get the tank up and running and-ACK"!

Before the squad leader could finishing relaying his thought, he was struck in the head by a large rock. The other soldiers were taken off guard as they saw the squad leader nurse his head injury. They all turned to see Chiro standing there with a determined look on his face.

"Hey, assholes"! He exclaimed, "Whose mother do I have to thank for the great time I had last night"?!

He laughed as he flipped them the bird.

"Is that one of the rebels"?! One of the men said, snatching up the baton weapon from his belt.

"Won't know until we catch him", said another.

"Doesn't matter either way", said the squad leader as he rubbed his aching forehead, "I want that little pissant's head and I want it NOW! Seize him"!

The soldiers all let out a invigorated yell as they all charged toward him.

"Shit"! Chiro cursed as he quickly ran in the opposite direction, leading the men away from their post and allowing the young girl to get away.

As Chiro ran, the air was filled with the noises of his pursuers shouting and running after him. Suddenly, without any sort of warning...


A bright blast of energy fired overhead and shot clean through one of the trees in front of him. As the large oaken plant slowly started to catch fire, Chiro saw to his horror that the tree started leaning towards him with a loud creaking sound.

"Not again", Chiro said, suddenly remembering what happened back at the lake.

He quickly leapt out of the way as the tree fell with a loud crash. Soot, smoke, dirt and debris flew everywhere. Chiro coughed as he lay on the ground, his body covered in soot and dirt.

"HACK! Well, that's twice this week natures tried to kill me", he coughed.

"Come on! I think we got him"! Cried one of the soldiers.

Glancing back, Chiro saw that the soldiers were closing in on him, the large tank not far behind. The pugilistic youth had guessed that that's where the blast that felled the tree came from. Not that there were any other high grade artillery weapons that could've done the damage, but still.

"Dammit"! He said, "These guys are serious"!

Not wanting to waste any more time, Chiro leapt to his feet and kept running.

Present time

Chiro held up his soot covered hands in surrender as the encroaching soldiers slowly moved towards him, their batons held up, ready to fire at any moment.

"And yeah, that's exactly how it got to this shitty moment right here. But don't worry, if things ended here, I wouldn't exactly around to give you this lovely account of my lifes' story. So anyway, there I was, staring down death in the form of some weird laser".

"C-come on guys, can't we...can't we talk about this"? He said nervously

As if to answer his question, one of the soldiers raised their weapon, the tip glowing menacingly as it built up enough energy to fire off a shot.

"NOOOHOHOHOOOOO"! Chiro cried out, covering his face.


Chiro braced himself as he heard the sound of weapon going off. After noticing he felt no pain, he opened his eyes and looked to see the soldier had a large burn mark on their chest. He watched as he suddenly fell over on his back.

"CHARGE"! Shouted a voice.

Looking behind him, he saw what appeared to be half a dozen men running out of the forest, all of them wearing armor plated coveralls and carrying rifles. They opened fire on the soldiers who all immediately started to fall back, firing off shots from their own weapons as they ran. Chiro quickly ducked, not wanting to get caught in the crossfire.

"Heads up, LT, they got a tank"! Said one of the soldiers pointing out in the horizon.

The one in question, an older man in his mid 30s with salt and pepper hair and a beard, looked over at the tank. Peering up from the tall grass, Chiro watched as the man who he pegged as the leader looked over the oversized war machine. He didn't flinch or cringe, he didn't even look the least bit nervous. In fact, to Chiro's surprise, he began to smile. From the look on his face, Chiro could tell that not only was he enjoying this, but he was coming up with some kind of a plan.

"Alright"! The leader shouted, "When I give the order, I want you boys to hit that tin sucker with everything".

"And what are you gonna do, sir"? Asked one of the men.

"Do you even have to ask"? Another man said in a dry tone, as if he knew exactly what was gonna happen next.

The older man straightened out his head band as he watched the tank creep closer and closer. Chiro kept switching his gaze from the tank to the leader. The tension in the air made it seem like time was slowing to a crawl. The young boxer felt his heart race as his palms began to sweat, anxious to know how things would play out. Then, just as the tank got halfway between the forest where the other soldiers stood, it happened.

"NOW"! Shouted the leader.

On command, the opposing troops opened fire on the tank. While some shot at it with their laser rifles, others chose to toss small metal objects that had a noise to them. As they exploded near the tank, Chiro didn't need to think too hard about it to know that they were grenades. As all this happened, the lead soldier crouched low and hurried as quickly as he could to the front of the tank. Once he was close enough, he leapt onto the metal hull of the tank and slowly started crawling up the side. As he neared the hatch, it opened up and another one of the soldiers in black armor popped out. As he reached down for his weapon, the older man simply reared back his arm and swung at him, grinning even as he felt the pain of his fist impacting against his opponent's helmet. As the downed man sunk back into the tank, the soldier reached to his side, pulled up a grenade, and then, after activating it, he tossed it into the tank and closed the hatch. As the other men inside the tank scrambled around attempting to get out, the lead soldier leapt off the tank and barrel rolled as he hit the ground.

"FIRE IN THE HOLE"! He exclaimed.

As the other men crouched low, Chiro followed suite.


The tank blew up in a bright red explosion of fire and smoke. The enemy soldiers who were close enough were blown off their feet. Upon seeing their equalizer go up in flames, they immediately retreated. Meanwhile, the other soldiers cheered out in victory, whooping and whistling like there was no tomorrow. Chiro was amazed, and was quickly reminded of the scenes he'd see in war movies whenever the good guys would drive off the enemy forces. But this was no movie, this was real. All of this was actually happening. He knew that for a fact as the smell of flames wafted in the air. He suddenly felt himself being lifted up by the back of his jacket. One of the soldiers had noticed him and had apparently stepped forward to investigate. The others were quick to follow him and Chiro suddenly found himself surrounded.

"Well lookit what we got 'ere"! Said the soldier as he pulled him to his feet, "One of their guys must've decided to ditch their gear when they saw us winning"!

"Wha-NO"?! Chiro protested, "Honest it's not what you think! I'm not one of them, I swear"!

"Yeah right, what? You decided to take a stroll on a battlefield or somethin' "?! Another soldier said, holding up his rifle.

"Hold it"! Said a voice.

Everyone looked to see the lead soldier approaching them.

"Well, yer just in time, Lieutenant", said the man holding Chiro, "We got ourselve 'ere a lil' POW trying to sneak away"!

The lietenant looked over Chiro curiously, immediately noting he didn't have any weapons.

"What're you doing here"? He asked in a stern and serious tone, "A battlefield is no place for children".

"Children"?! Chiro exclaimed in outrage, "Who're you calling a child?! I'm 17 years old, damn you"!

"Oh, is that a fact"? Said the soldier holding him as he pulled out a laser pistol and aimed it at his face, "That's usually the age requirement for Horde cadets. Ain't that a coinky dink"?

"Ease up", said the lieutenant, "It's obvious he's no Horde Soldier. He doesn't even have any weapons".

"He could've ditched them to try and fool us", the soldier countered, "No way in hell we can trust this kid"!


Everyone stopped what they were doing as they turned to see the girl Chiro had rescued earlier running up to them.

"It's that kid from earlier", Chiro thought, "But what's she doing here"?

"Val"? Said the lieutenant in disbelief.

He quickly ran over to her and scooped her up in a hug.

"Daddy", she sighed as tears streamed down her face.

"Wait...DADDY"?! Chiro exclaimed, "You mean she's his...and he's her..."?!

Chiro sadly went ignored as the older soldier pulled away from her and looked her over.

"How did you get free?! Are you alright"? He asked in a worried tone.

"Yes, it's thanks to him", the girl, Val, said pointing to Chiro as her father placed her back on the ground.

All the soldiers looked over at Chiro who, feeling their gazes on him, smiled at them nervously.

"Please, don't hurt him"! Val said, running over to the soldier and grabbing his arms, "He saved me! Leave him alone"!

The soldier was at a loss. He looked over at the lieutenant, who promptly nodded in agreement. With a heavy sigh, the soldier dropped Chiro back down onto ground. Groaning, the young man slowly got to his feet as he rubbed his neck. It was then that the lieutenant slowly began to approach him.

"Young man, what's your name"? He asked.

Chiro didn't know what to say at first. The reason being was because he had noted the tone in his voice had changed. He seemed like less of a soldier now. Quickly remembering the question posed to him, he regained his bearings.

"Chiro", he said, turning away.

"Well, Chiro, I thank you for saving my daughter", said the lieutenant as he held his daughter close, "If you come with us, we can have you treated for any injuries you received from the Horde soldiers".

The young man was suddenly floored by the offer. It had been some time since anyone had been so generous to him, or expressed sincere gratitude towards him. The feeling was completely unfamiliar and left an odd feeling inside him. He was hesitant at first, but only at first because he remembered what he had set out to do. Though the situation wasn't exactly ideal, he didn't feel as if he were in any danger. Besides, he doubted that anyone would try and kill him as thanks for saving a kid. So, feeling it was the best option for the time being, he turned to the lieutenant and shrugged his shoulders.

"Sure, what the hell".

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After getting picked up by the soldiers, Chiro learns of his new surroundings, as well as the ongoing war with the Evil Horde. With no other option other than biding his time, Chiro begins to find himself growing rather fond of the village he now finds himself in. But just as he begins to get comfortable, along comes an event that will forever change his worldview. Next time; Life in Colonia

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