Important: If there are any discussions of the leaks for Legends Arceus, the comment will be deleted on sight. I wish to go in as blind as I possibly can, and I know others who don't want to be spoiled either. Please respect those people. This plot will not contain any spoilers as this concept was drafted before the game leaked.

Legends Arceus, or as I like to jokingly call it, "Catch of the Wild", is honestly one of the most exciting new games to appear. The amount of new possibilities that open up from the past version of a region is simply astounding and fascinating. Curious to see if we'll get Legends versions of other regions and learn more about the past of the world. …may make one story I want to do be a complicated mess, but whatever.

I will remark that I'm not getting the game in the foreseeable future because I'm busy with other stuff in my life, so I don't know how it'll play out just yet or any of the new Pokémon that'll be in it. By proxy, that means there may be some elements that are inaccurate to the full game. This concept was something I thought up before we knew a lot about the plot of the game.

Another thing is that there's some plot elements that'll be borrowed from Arceus and the Jewel of Life. I know the anime and games aren't the same, that's obvious, but the concepts in that movie are so fascinating in retrospect, and I wanted to have some fun. One concept I am going to mention is that, within the world, before the term "Pokémon" was coined, they were referred to as "magical creatures" or "majuu". Makes you wonder if that term was used way back when before Pokéballs were more commonplace.

Not much else to say other than I hope you enjoy this story.

Disclaimers: Pokémon belongs to Nintendo, The Pokémon Company, Creatures Inc, etc.

Content Warning: There will be a point where a character ends up getting cut and bleeding. Reader discretion is advised.

"This is a tale that spans hundreds of years. This is a tale that shows the strength of humanity and Pokémon. Whenever there is doubt about our co-existence… people think of this tale to remind them that we are stronger together…"

A young bluenette girl, about the age of seven or eight, dragged along a rake along the ground to ready the ground for the grains of rice that were going to be planted. She just kept pulling the rake along for a bit before finally reaching the point she could stop. She soon took a moment to try to catch her breath, wiping off some sweat from her forehead.

"Akari, you need to head inside soon!" an older woman's voice called out.

"But… you said that if I finished before sundown, then I would get to play outside a little," the young girl, Akari, responded.

The older woman, who had the same shade of blue hair as Akari, just walked over and kneeled down to her eye level.

"Akari, the village is going to have an important meeting tonight. I don't want to worry myself about you if you're still out and playing. I promise you can go play outside tomorrow, but can you please go back inside?" the older woman requested.

"Ok…" Akari nodded, before she simply complied with the request…

As the small village's adults were discussing their plans for the area that evening, they were all lost in the midst of their conversation. As such, this allowed a crouched Akari to slowly sneak out…

Akari soon arrived a little bit towards the north of the village and she could see the starry night sky. She looked in wonderment at the sky before what looked to be a shooting star soared overhead. She quickly closed her eyes and began to think.

'I wish… I wish… I wish… that the village will be able to prosper, so we can all be happy.'

The shooting stars continued to soar down, but Akari soon noticed what looked to be one larger than most of the others. Akari squinted her eyes a bit and could faintly make out what looked like some sort of a magical creature within the glow from it coming down. She gasped a bit before the creature landed against the ground further to the south of the area.

"...what… was that…?" she muttered. Akari was about to start walking away, yet her curiosity about what the magical creature was ended up getting a firm grip over her…

Akari was soon sneaking behind some bushes and trees to try to avoid detection by other magical creatures, soon reaching the crash site. She gently poked her head forward, then quickly moved to get behind a rock that was a bit closer, but would still keep her out of sight.

The crash site had a magical creature that had four legs, was about as white as snow, golden arches of sorts, and it was in a daze, injured, and not able to move. Akari looked and could see the painful expression on its face.

"Oh no…"

A few magical creatures soon got closer to the larger one and tried to speak to get the larger one's attention, sounding almost like 'Shinx shinx' to Akari. There was a bigger one of the smaller ones that spoke, saying 'Luxio?' to the big magical creature.

The larger creature let out a pain filled sound, which caused the magical creatures surrounding it to look on in worry. Akari nervously stepped forward to try to get closer to see if she would be able to help in any way, but her steps weren't very quiet.

The various magical creatures turned towards Akari as she approached the larger one. Some of them began to growl at the girl, but she simply continued going forward. A few of the smaller ones charged at her and did manage to attack her… only for Akari to simply get back up. The larger one saw the girl had gotten some bruises and had started to tear up, but she kept going forward.

"I… want… to help…"

The smaller creatures growled, and the bigger one seemed ready to go on the attack, but…

"Hold your anger back for now…"

The magical creatures turned towards the larger one, who was able to somewhat move. Akari also turned towards it, mostly in awe at the sight before her.

"If you wish to help me, young child of man, aid this Shinx tribe with returning what was lost to me…" the larger magical creature telepathically spoke, albeit in a weakened and exhausted way.

"O… ok," Akari nodded, mustering forth her courage as much as she could.

She walked alongside a small magical creature, which the larger one had identified as a Shinx, and they were searching as best they could for whatever it was the larger magical creature wanted.

Akari soon noticed what almost looked like some sort of stone that was giving off a gentle glow. She soon noticed a Shinx was pulling a similar looking stone towards the larger creature, which made her turn towards the one stone. She gripped it and, after pulling at it for a bit, managed to dislodge it from the ground. She quickly brought it over towards the larger magical creature, placing it against its chest.

"This is it, right?" Akari asked.

Suddenly, the stone levitated towards the larger magical creature. Other stones soon flew towards the body of the creature and seemingly went right into them. The magical creature was able to stand, with some difficulty, but was clearly still wounded.

"Are you going to be okay…?"

The magical creature was about to try to move, only to wince in pain when it did so.

"Please don't strain yourself…" Akari told the larger magical creature, "...I can help you."

The creature gave a confused look to Akari, yet could tell her remark was sincere.

A few days had gone by without much happening. A few plants had managed to sprout at least a little bit within the village in spite of the mostly dead area around the village. Akari finished up some of her chores and was soon hurrying around her home, with her relative simply watching her with a bit of a confused look.

"I'm kinda hungry," Akari spoke as she hurried over to the table and picked up some Oran Berries and Sitrus Berries, "I promise I'll bring back the seeds!"

With that, Akari quickly headed out of the house and hurried a short distance away from the village. She quickly ducked into the cave systems not too far away from the village to see the large magical creature was within it, causing Akari to smile.

"Here you go," Akari said as she handed over the berries, "Please try to not eat the seeds, we kind of need to regrow them as best we can."

"What are these…?"

"Berries. They should help you feel better," Akari quickly informed, "I know where a few can grow, so I can get you more."

The girl quickly headed off, with the large magical creature proceeding to gently start eating the berries it was brought. It looked on in surprise at the taste of the berries, then kept on eating.

"Right, we need to look in damp places for Oran Berries," Akari said aloud to herself, but then she recalled she wasn't walking with anyone and just nervously laughed, "...right. By myself."

As Akari walked forward, she soon heard some growling. She quickly turned to see another magical creature, this one having long hair that covered up its face with a small horn poking out, a mostly red body, and a large floofy tail. It gave a growl at Akari, making her nervously step back.


Akari just nervously moved back a bit, trying her best to not show she was scared. The creature lowered itself into a position, ready to pounce, when…


A Shinx came charging forward and managed to Headbutt the other creature back. The other magical creature let out a growl in response, which made the Shinx turn towards Akari and then give her some noises of encouragement.

"Okay… I'll be fast," Akari responded, managing to understand the gist of what the Shinx was trying to tell her.

The Shinx turned towards the other creature, hearing it yell out "Growlithe!" in rage. Akari quickly moved towards a bush that had several Oran Berries growing on it and quickly started to pull them off of the bush.

"Gotta hurry…" she muttered.

The other magical creature blew out a fiery breath towards the Shinx, who narrowly managed to dodge before ramming into it with another Headbutt. Akari continued to pluck the berries free, but some weren't coming off as freely as the others.

"Come on…"

The Shinx turned towards her, and quickly rammed right back into the other magical creature to keep it away from her. The Shinx stood firmly, as the other magical creature began to generate stones with a mysterious power. After a moment, the stones were sent sailing right towards the Shinx.

A large stone smacked against the Shinx's chest, causing it to tumble back a little bit. Akari quickly turned to see the impact ended up leaving the Shinx with an open wound, which made her put the few berries she was able to gather into a satchel, rush over, grab the Shinx, and make a run for it.

"I'm so sorry…" Akari apologized to the Shinx, holding one of her hands close to the wound to try to keep it from getting worse, "Just hang on…"

"Shin…" the Shinx spoke, giving a weak smile towards Akari.

Akari continued to run, eventually making it past the sign that read 'Floaroma Village'. She smiled a bit, but the smile faded quickly when she saw the wound on the Shinx and how much blood ended up on her hand in her attempt to keep it covered up.

"Just hang on…" Akari whispered before she ran right towards her home, slamming the door open, "Grandma!"

"Akari? What's wrong?"

The young girl panted a bit and tried to catch her breath as her grandmother walked over towards her, then gasped in a mix of disgust and horror upon seeing the Shinx in her arms.

"Akari… what are you doing with one of those beasts? I thought I told you to not go near them…"

"I know! I'm sorry, but… it got hurt protecting me from another wild creature. I want to help!" Akari told her grandmother with tears in her eyes.


"Please!" Akari yelled, tears starting to fall from her eyes.

Her grandmother exhaled a little as she looked to the small Shinx, then gently took it out from Akari's hands to see the wound, "This should be manageable."

"Thank you!" Akari smiled as she clasped her hands together… only to recall one of them had blood on it, and it was now on her clean hand. She nervously laughed a little as she separated them.

"Akari, please go clean off your hands," her grandmother spoke upon seeing the amount of blood on them, "If your hands aren't clean, you won't be able to help."

"Okay. Promise you won't make the Shinx leave?"

"I promise."

Akari simply gave a small smile to the Shinx before she headed off to a small river not too far away to try to clean off her hands.

The Shinx looked towards the wrapped up spot around the wound, gently moving a paw up to the spot and seeing that it hurt a lot less than it did earlier.

"You're going to be okay," Akari spoke.

The Shinx turned towards Akari in surprise, noticing her now cleaned up hands, then noticed a few Oran Berries were nearby.

"Go on and eat up."

With a relaxed smile, the Shinx happily started to eat the food that Akari had left for it. Akari just gave her own smile towards the small creature, gently patting its head to keep it calm and happy.

Later that day, Akari gently put the Shinx down in the cave, and it was soon flocked by its brethren and the Luxio leader of the pack, all of them looking at the injury.

"There's no need to worry," Akari assured them, "As long as that stays on for a while, it'll heal. Just make sure to eat up."

The Shinx nodded a bit before Akari walked over to the larger magical creature to see the berries were eaten and only the seeds remained. Akari smiled as she handed over some more Oran Berries and took the seeds into a small pouch.

"I'll try to be back tomorrow," Akari told the group, "Bye."

With that, Akari headed off for her home again. The injured Shinx simply stared as she left, looking on in a bit of wonder as she did so.

Akari was fast asleep in her room with the window opened, a gentle breeze blowing in from the outside. Soon, the Shinx jumped up and glanced around the room. It gently sniffed the air a bit before picking up on where Akari was, heading over to her side and climbing into her bed. It gently got under the covers and cuddled up against Akari's arms, the young girl simply continuing to sleep.

As she continued to sleep, Akari soon rolled over and felt Shinx nearby. The girl soon wrapped her arms around the small creature in her sleep, with both happily snoozing away.

Morning eventually rolled around, with Akari gently yawning as she woke up upon the sunlight gently poking in from her window. She started to rub her eyes a little, trying to get herself to wake up a little bit.


Akari turned towards a small table in her room to see Shinx was nearby and had brought her an Oran Berry. She kept rubbing her eyes, still waking up a bit, "...good morning…"

The young girl stretched a little bit as the last little bit of sleepiness left her, and what was in front of her settled in, "Huh?! What are you doing here?!"

"Shinx!" the creature greeted, gently moving the berry towards her.

"...thank you…" Akari nodded, gently biting the berry, "Again… what are you doing here?"

It jumped towards Akari and then gently motioned to her with a paw. Akari could only quirk her head a little bit, ""

The Shinx gave a happy nod in response, soon jumping up on Akari's shoulder and cuddling up against her cheek. Akari gently giggled a bit and smiled at her new found friend. The moment was soon ruined when people outside started screaming, which made Akari and Shinx turn towards each-other in a bit of shock.

The herd of Shinxes and Luxio stared at the entrance of the village, with villagers in a bit of panic at them being there. Some hesitantly grabbed some pitchforks to keep themselves safe, while others just ran.

The Luxio let out an angered yell towards the villagers, starting to generate a bit of electricity, quite clearly angry about something.

"Why are they so angry?!" one villager yelled.

"I don't know!"

Akari, with Shinx in her arms, quickly hurried over as some people continued to either stand ready for a fight, or flee in panic. Some people stopped upon seeing the young girl and the creature in her arms.

"That girl! She's the reason they're angry! She took one of them into our village!" one person angrily yelled.

"...huh?" Akari blinked.

The Luxio turned towards Akari and saw the Shinx in her arms, then let out an angered yell.

"Don't give us a 'huh'! You clearly kidnapped that thing!" another villager yelled.

"I swear I didn't take Shinx with me!" Akari responded, "It came to me!"

The Shinx jumped down from her grasp and looked over to the former herd it lived with and started to speak with them. The leader Luxio calmed down a little bit upon hearing what the Shinx had to say, and the two conversed between each-other for a bit.

"Lux…" the Luxio exhaled before it turned and started to walk away, with the rest of the Shinxes soon following.

The one Shinx then smiled and hurried back over to Akari with a happy smile on its face, with Akari just giving a smile back.

"Akari… you know these creatures aren't supposed to live here…" her grandmother chided when Akari returned with Shinx in tow.

"I tried to leave it with its home, but it came back…" Akari informed, "I'll take care of this fellow. I promise."

Akari's grandmother let out a gentle sigh, but she allowed Akari and Shinx to head up to the young girl's room without any further arguments.

Several months had passed and Akari continued to help the larger magical creature, with her new partner Shinx aiding her in gathering medicinal items for the large creature. The larger creature simply observed the camaraderie between the two of them.

"We got a lot of berries today!" Akari called out to the large magical creature as she and Shinx walked into the cave, "We did have a small scuffle with those brown ones… Bidoof I think it is…"

Shinx gave a proud smile, indicating it was the reason they were successful. Akari just smiled towards her partner, gently petting Shinx's forehead. Shinx smiled a bit, then gave a hand a small affectionate lick. Akari giggled a bit in joy at her partner.

"...why are you not afraid?"

"Huh?" Akari spoke.

"Most of your kind is afraid of the so called 'magical creatures' you share this world with. Yet… you are not. Why is that?"

Akari went silent as she placed down the satchel that had the berries and let the larger magical creature see them, "...well… I don't know. When I saw you in danger, I just felt this… urge to help. Then… Shinx here has been kind and helpful to me. After that… I guess… I'm not afraid of you guys. We share the world, like you said."

This honesty made the larger magical creature look in surprise, then it saw Akari hand off some snacks to Shinx.

"Eat up, buddy. You've earned it," Akari told her partner creature, who motioned for her to have a berry as well, "Thanks."

The two happily started to snack on a few berries together, just being calm and happy with each-other. The larger creature went back to silence as it took their gentle interactions in, then gently ate some of the berries that Akari had put out for it.

Suddenly, there was a loud screech sound. The three turned to see some magical creatures that were like bats, that were blue, had purple wings, no visible eyes, large ears, and large jaws.

"These things again? I keep driving them away, but they just keep coming back…"

"Shinx, get em!" Akari bravely commanded.

Shinx gave a small nod, then it lunged towards the blue creatures. The electrical attacks caused the blue creatures to yell out in pain and then start flying away in panic. Akari smiled as she picked up Shinx and snuggled with it in joy.

"Great work, buddy!" Akari beamed.

The large magical creature looked on in surprise at the happy interactions between the two. It then looked over its own body and could see most of the injuries had finally healed up.

"How are you feeling?" Akari asked.

"I am fine… thank you…"

"You're welcome!" Akari beamed.

"What is it you wish for in return?"


"You have been helping me for many moons now. I feel as though I have to give you something in return."

Akari went silent upon hearing this, a look of uncertainty of what to say coloring her face.

"Take as much time as you need to in order to decide. Call to me when you decide your wish."

As Akari walked back to the village for the evening, she looked on in horror at how barren and decayed the ground and the few spots to grow plants were. She walked forward with Shinx in tow, then shivered as a cold wind flew by. Shinx looked towards her, and then she exhaled a little bit.

"...hey… uh… big guy?" Akari nervously called out, "Can you come here? I think I know what I want to wish for."

After a bit of quiet, the large magical creature floated on by and got near the two, "This is your village, is it not?"

"It is… and we're going to be out of food and materials…" Akari told the large magical creature, "We can't grow them no matter what we try…"

Akari then gently moved her hands along the unfertile ground, "I don't know what'll happen if we need to leave…"

"You want to use your wish for the benefit of your home?"


With this, the large magical creature gently stepped in front of the two, and generated forth the magical stones that were gathered when Akari had first met it, "These are the essences of power in this world…"

The magical stones floated around the larger magical creature, with a grand total of eighteen of them floating in a circular motion.

"The power of ground, water, and grass…" the large magical creature gently spoke as three of the stones floated away from the circular motion and rotated together in harmony, before another one seemed to fly towards the center, which made electrical energy generate around the first trio of stones, "And combined, the power of electricity, they all meld together…"

Another stone flew towards the first four, "And with the power of dragon, they increase…"

The stones then formed into a small green orb that glowed with magical energy unlike anything Akari had ever seen before in her life.

"Use this Jewel of Life to heal this village."

"Jewel of Life…?" Akari whispered, looking over the green orb in front of her.

"Know this, young girl. Without that jewel, I will eventually begin to lose my strength. Promise me that you will return it in the future…" the large magical creature told her.

Akari then looked up at the magical creature, "I promise."

With that, the large magical creature then started to gallop away. It continued this motion into the air, then vanished into thin air. Akari simply looked in disbelief as she glanced to the small jewel, and then towards the ground beneath her. She gasped upon seeing some plants starting to grow beneath the spot she was standing by.

Evening had rolled around and most of the people in the village were fast asleep, yet nobody was sleeping peacefully as the fear of the village's fate were in their minds.

"Here we go…"

Akari put on a scarf, a large hood to cover her face, and a long dress like outfit to keep herself hidden and obscured. She slowly walked forward, holding the Jewel of Life as close to herself as she could, and gently whispered. As she walked, green energy flowed off of the jewel and towards the ground. She glanced down to see some of the grass in the barren fields were starting to grow almost instantly, which made her gently smile.

Upon the morning, villagers walked out of their homes and were simply in shock and awe at the sight of the now growing plants around their village.

"How…?" a villager spoke as they saw the growing plants and vegetables, "It's… a miracle…"

"Divine Sinnoh, bless you!" another person proclaimed as they fell to their knees, "Thank you, divine Sinnoh!"

Nearby, Akari and Shinx were remaining hidden and hearing the people rejoicing over this miracle, with Akari keeping the Jewel of Life as close to her chest as she could.

Several years had gone by, with the Floaroma Village having finally started to prosper without aid from the Jewel of Life. In spite of that, Akari kept the jewel close to her person at all times in order to help out where it was possible.

Akari soon returned to the home she lived in, sitting against the wall, and opening up a small journal. She gently wrote in it a little bit, gently twirling a small writing utensil in her hand as she thought about what to say. Her 12th birthday had recently passed, which was the age that the village would allow people to head out to explore more of the Hisui region.

"There's the Galaxy Team…" she muttered to herself as she looked to her sleeping Shinx, then she pulled out the Jewel of Life, "...need to take a chance…"

That evening, with Shinx following her, Akari departed from the village with some supplies in the satchel to make her way towards the village that the Galaxy Team was based in.

Akari looked around the Jubilife Village in amazement and saw how much bigger and more populated the area was compared to her hometown. Several people waved towards her as she walked by, with Shinx looking equally as amazed as Akari was to the area around them.

"Well… we made it…" Akari soon spoke up as she looked to the main building used by the Galaxy Team, and she gently smiled as she walked in.

A few days had passed without Akari being able to get any time to even audition to join the group, but one day finally had someone willing to see her.

"My name is Yuna Akari, and I am from the Floaroma Village!" the girl greeted with a happy smile, "I am here to join the Survey Corps!"

" old are you?" the auditioner asked.


"Please leave. You are not old enough to join us yet," the auditioner responded.


"Yes. Please leave me be," the woman spoke, with Akari soon seeing the name 'Cyllene' nearby, "Pokémon are dangerous creatures that children should not be able to use."

Akari let out a heavy groan as she walked out of the building and started to walk away from the village. Shinx joined her as she sat outside of the village to try to relax from this unexpected turn of events. The small creature gently cuddled up against Akari, which made her calm down a bit.

"I'll be okay, buddy," she assured.

The two cuddled a little bit. They simply remained side by side for the better part of an hour, before they were about to start making the trek back home, when…

"Rei, remain calm!"

"I am, Commander Cyllene!"

Akari turned towards the source of the noise, then exchanged a nod with her partner.

Rei, a young teen boy in a Survey Corp uniform, gave off a nervous exhale as he held onto a ball, recalling a magical creature to it as a tall magical creature stood nearby and growled.

"This Gabite is proving tougher than I thought…" he muttered as he was about to take action.

"Hold on!"

Rei and Cyllene turned to see Akari was rushing over, giving them a motion to stop. Akari turned towards the Gabite and quickly observed it, then took a calming breath.

"Get away from it! You idiot!" Cyllene told Akari, but the younger girl didn't respond.

"It's okay…" Akari calmly spoke as she stepped forward, the Gabite growling a little towards her as she got closer. The Gabite took a step forward, only to wince in pain. Akari quickly noticed this and kneeled down, "Are you hurt?"

The Gabite growled a little and stepped forward, only to again wince in pain. Akari managed to take hold of one of the Gabite's legs and saw a thorn was stuck in its foot.

"You're kidding me…" Rei exhaled upon seeing what was the cause of the recent issue.

All Cyllene could do was let out a heavy groan in response to this.

"Shinx, can you try to get it out?" Akari asked a small Shinx, who nodded a bit. The Shinx quickly gave a calming noise to the Gabite, which eased it up a little bit. The Shinx nodded, then bit onto the thorn with its teeth and managed to get it out. The Gabite looked on in shock as the Shinx quickly spat the thorn out, and Akari got out some bandages from her satchel, "You'll be okay, I promise."

The Gabite was about to say something, but it let Akari bandage up. Akari then gave the Gabite an Oran Berry, which the Pokémon proceeded to quickly munch down.

"You're okay, right?" Akari gently asked the Gabite, earning a nod, "Alright. Go on and go home."

With that, the Gabite headed off. Akari gave a small smile as she turned towards Rei and Cyllene, with the former just having a shocked look on his face while the latter didn't try to convey anything… only for a little bit of surprise to start to slip through.

"No need to worry about me," Akari responded.

Akari was soon brought back to the Survey Corp's base and was soon introduced to the commander of the entire operation as he entered with a few different kinds of what Akari learned they had called 'Pokémon'. She looked in amazement at the Pokémon, and soon seemed to form a bond with one they called 'Cyndaquil'. Akari gently petted it and soon gave it some snacks, then passed snacks over to the other two.

"You seem to have a knack for caring for Pokémon," Commander Kamado observed as Akari turned towards him. Kamado simply held his hand against his chin for a moment, "You said you wanted to join the Survey Corps?"

"More than anything," Akari confirmed.

Commander Kamado simply gave a small nod of his head in response, with Cyllene turning towards him in a bit of a surprised manner.

"Commander, you can't be seriously considering this. She's a child," Cyllene said aloud.

Akari smiled as she now stood in her new Survey Corps uniform, gently dusting part of it to make sure it would look nice.

"Welcome to the Galaxy Team," Rei congratulated.

"Thank you!" Akari beamed, "I'm gonna get outside and start looking for tasks."

"You do that."

The girl was now not too far away from the village, but stood ready for anything. As she stood, she ended up fishing around her satchel a little and then took something out.

"All to get this back…"

Akari looked at the Jewel of Life, seeing the color on it starting to fade briefly, but it continued to shimmer ever so much. The jewel still had power to spare, yet it was clear that time was running out. She looked over towards the large mountain that was known far and wide to Hisui as Mt. Coronet. Her Cyndaquil climbed up to her shoulder, making Akari smile gently. Her Shinx soon walked over towards her side and gave off a happy sound.

The girl gave off a happy grin as she walked forward and stood in front of a cliff that overlooked the vastness of the region. She inhaled a bit, then…


This took a lot longer to finish than I thought. I was hoping to get this out before the game actually came out, but alas, it didn't. Ah well. Still, I do have two more (possibly three) parts to this. This is simply the beginning of her legend.

I had fun writing this. It did take a while, but getting it finished at last was so rewarding and fun to do. While I'm not getting the game for the foreseeable future, I'm still looking forward to seeing how it changes the landscape of the series. I know we're at least getting events in some of the spin-offs, but we'll see how stuff goes.

I will remark that 'Yuna' was just a random last name that I thought to give to Akari. Just sort of because.

Anyway, I think my favorite part was Akari managing to handle the Gabite with nothing but some kindness and understanding. Plus the little mentions of Dawn's "no need to worry" line was fun to include.

Have happy times with Legends for those who currently have it. I'll be joining later, but I will be joining. See you all in… whatever comes out next.

Just Live More.