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SPN100 Challenge: sound

DEW Challenge: Picture challenge (a dark, ominous-looking corridor)

You can't be brave if you're not scared, but even the Winchesters have their limit. 150-word drabble.

Written for the 'Drabbles Every Weekend' challenge at SPN BigPretzel on LiveJournal.


Sound Advice

They'd been in the building for hours, but so far other than the dark corners there was nothing spooky... just a feeling.

Sam glanced around with a wild look in his eyes, certain that something was about to jump out at them. "There's definitely something in here."

"Well, just let it try something! I'll kick its ass, I ain't scared of nothing," declared Dean, raising his weapon defiantly, the effect only slightly marred by the hint of a catch in his voice.

"Did you hear that?" Sam interrupted, straining to hear over the galloping sound of his own heartbeat.

Dean nodded, wary but unsure. "I think it came from down there," he gulped, pointing down a long, darkly ominous corridor.

"Maybe we should come back in the morning?" Sam suggested hopefully.

Dean paused for a moment, on the verge of arguing before reason and self-preservation took over. "Yeah, good call."