Hey readers! So, for those who are familiar of my other two HTTYD stories (I'm a What and Paradise Bound) this story is not connected to those, so don't go into this story thinking it's somehow related to those plots. This story is going to cover the First HTTYD movie all the way to the Third movie. Anyways, I hope you all enjoy this new story!


Volume 1

Chapter 1: World of Dragons

I just had to be the one, right? For some reason I had to be the guy they, or whatever it was, picked out of the flock to be put in some twisted game. I didn't even know what to think of when I woke up covered in sand, but…that's how my story began, not with some extravagant show, bright heavenly lights or some evil magic guy pointlessly explaining himself, but with a confused whimper.

My eyes opened to the sight of the outside world: azure blue skies, tall evergreen forest and cold wind. I exhaustingly lift my head to check my new surroundings. Yup, I'm not in my bedroom or my apartment anymore…heck…I'm not in my town anymore either! Wherever I am…it's north…wayyyy north from where I live, it might not even be the same continent!

Is this a dream? How can it be a dream…I'm sore all over, surely any dream you'd wake up from that kind of stuff. Last thing I remember before I woke up: I was getting ready for bed…now I'm suddenly here.

"W-where am I? Eep!" I covered my mouth as soon as I heard my words come out wrong, quickly noticing the odd pitch coming from my voice…it's too high like a young child. It must be a fluke, so I mutter something else, "what is this?" There it was again! What is going on!?

I pull my hand away from my mouth and that's when I noticed something far worse going on with my body. I squint my eyes, focusing carefully on my hand, but then my eyes widened in shock. Instead of soft pink flesh there is charcoal skin. Am I horribly burnt or something!? No…I'd probably be screaming in agony from such things…not to mention I'd be dead…very dead.

Nope, it wasn't burnt skin: more like black scales! My eyes follow the trail up from my hands to find more of the strange texture all over my arms. I start losing it as any sane person would, freaking out as my breathing gets rapid. Looking back at my hands I finally see the talons…they've replaced my regular human nails…my fragile hands are gone and are now big animal-like paws, "t-this can't be real."

I examine my whole body afterwards, finding the same black scales all over. Not only that, but my feet have the talons as well. My clothes are gone, replaced by the tough hide. I feel two strange things moving where my shoulder blades are on my back. I raise an eyebrow, looking behind me: yup…just as I thought: I have a set of bat-like wings. Further down my back there are a set of small fins connecting to my…tail!?

I jump in surprise, watching it move like a slithering snake on its own…

No doubt about it, I'm a reptile now. What is the proper way to respond to something like this happening!? The answer is most obvious: yelling at the top of your lungs, or in this case…a high-pitched shrill!

It takes a while for me to finally calm down and once I do, I finally look around to find out where the heck I ended up! I seem to be in a hole of sorts…around some small lake in the middle of a forest unknown to me. It's a cove of some kind. The sun hangs just above, so it must be morning, or evening...not sure…lost my watch and my phone during this whole thing.

I start making my way to the pond to see my reflection, maybe the shock will wake me up from my sleep!

Though it's not too far away my new hind legs prevent me from making much progress. My mind went straight to trying to walk on two legs: that's obviously not going to work. Whatever I am it's obvious I'm stuck walking on all fours now. Even then it's hard getting my new legs to work together…the movies make it look easy…it's not.

After about a minute of dragging myself across the sand, I finally brace myself for whatever would be staring back at me.

Oh boy…I wasn't ready.

I let out a deafening yelp of surprise in response: the creature looking back opened its mouth in shock too and I fall on my back, flailing my arms in retaliation.

"I'm a MONSTER!"

Why do I look like this!? This can't be real; it must be a dream.

I pinch myself with a sharp claw to wake myself up.

To my surprise: it worked, and I ended up waking up in my bed…heaving a heavy sigh in relief…end of story!

No…heh, unfortunately…that's NOT what happened.

What actually happened was that I jolted back in pain, having drew a bit of blood from the action I caused.

I move to see my reflection again, "what am I…some dinosaur…no…I look more like… a dragon?"

I roll my head to the side and my long "ears" do the same. I study my eyes: they are reptilian and green in color. My black pupils are square, though they sometimes shrink into a more oval appearance sometimes. I'm a weird looking dragon…more like a gecko or some strange, mutated cat.

Hopefully this nightmare will end.

It didn't.

That's when I soon realize that this is more than just a nightmare…this place is a coffin. You see, not only am I some monster now, but I'm trapped in this large cove…alone…with virtually no way to leave.

A day or two passes by and I'm still this creature.

My experience on all fours hindered my ability to climb or even move about most of the time and I didn't really know how to use my claws effectively. As for my wings…useless too, in fact they get in the way most of the time since I usually I trip on them as I try and walk.

I'm surprised also that I didn't freeze to death at night…I guess being a dragon has its perks…

As time went on, my frustration grew and soon I begin to convince myself that this was some twisted punishment. For what exactly, I'm not sure what yet. I tried to do the good thing in life as a human…tried to better myself and follow by example. To become a creature I wasn't born as and to be stuck in this hole to suffer and die slowly…it seemed pretty messed up. By the second day, I started getting hungry and all this loneliness started drawing me into despair.

By the afternoon, my hunger is really starting to irritate me. There are some fish in the water, but none of them are slow enough for me to get or are close enough to shore for that matter. I try catching one with my new paws, but it fails miserably…then I try trapping one between my fangs. Unfortunately, that too fails. I pull away, realizing what I'm doing, "look at me…I'm starting to act like some wild animal too…I'm so hungry my stomach hurts though!"

I sit on my hind legs, clutching my small belly in agony and frustration. Whoever, or whatever, turned me into a dragon didn't bother showing me how to live as one…I kind of wish they just made me some mindless animal to give me a better chance! I huff, smoke seeping from my nostrils as I shake my head, "that actually was pretty cool to see."

During all this time, all I have in my spare time is to try and learn how to fly in the hopes of somehow escaping this prison. Other times I just think, it's all really I can do. Where am I exactly? Am I even anywhere near home? Are there even any people around here? I doubt they would even attempt to strike a conversation with me.

I can't take it anymore! I focus my attention on the pond again…it's pretty deep and I don't know how to move very well on foot and can't even fly…imagine swimming. I might drown…but I'll starve eventually if I don't act!

And so, I struggle toward the pond, still not knowing how to walk properly on four legs. Once I reach the shore my head rests against the edge. Soon enough I see a fish moving close to shallow water! I decide to stand as still as possible.

In a split second I lunge forward, expecting to catch the slippery vertebrate, but the next thing I know I fall in the water! I thrash about, trying to get out, but I start to sink, water soon fills my lungs.

S-somebody help me, I can't die, not like this!

Before I pass out, I am pulled out of the pond, back to land. I cough extensively, expelling water from my burning lungs.

"Are you okay?"

I suddenly hear a masculine voice calling out and I open my eyes. I am met with an awesome sight! Standing next to me is a creature dressed in full black…its piercing green eyes focus on mine. It's a monster! I quickly shook my head, closed my eyes and covered myself as if it were a bad nightmare. I remember then that I'm not dreaming. I uncover myself, looking up to meet this strange creature. They had pulled back, eyes slit like a cat. They look around as if danger is close by.

"What's wrong?" They spoke in perfect English, confusing me further, as if such a thing was possible…like this is some sick cartoon!

I make myself even smaller, curling up into a ball, "p-please, don't hurt me!"

He appears confused in return but decides to soften his stance, making himself slightly smaller. His pupils widen into squares. His ear flicks back like a cat or dogs, "I'm sorry I grabbed you by the neck. I tried getting you out of the water before you drowned."

I think about what it said…the beast did save me from death, even if they are a monster…actually, now that I think about it: this creature looks very similar to how I look now!

I slowly leave my curled position to sit on my hind quarters, getting rid of as much water on me as possible.

"I-I can't believe it, another Night Fury!" It said as I rolled my head to the side.

"Y-you're a dragon, right?" I asked, still amazed by what's happening. They appear surprised in response, mouth gaped in slight shock, "of course I am!"

That confirms it, I'm a dragon too...

"I haven't seen one of our kind in such a long time…since my parents…" he stopped, looking back at me, "where is your family, were you separated from them?"

"I…ah…" I scratch my head. What should I tell them back, that I'm some weirdo from another dimension, or world, or whatever this place is exactly? Technically I was separated from my family…heck I was supposed to meet up with them within a few weeks. And so: I half-lied, "yes."

"How did you end up here?" Gosh, for a dragon he sure has a whole list of questions ready for me. He looks around, examining the cove surrounding us both.

"I-ah…must have fallen in…" I answered. Maybe I did, who knows…fell right out of the sky into this damn pit…makes as much sense as me talking to a dragon right now.

"It's a good thing I saw you from up on that cliff…I knew I smelled something."

I chuckle slightly, looking up to meet the creature eye to eye, "what did you say I was again?"

Their ear flicks as they smile softly, "you're a Night Fury."

I look away slowly, feeling so awkward, "I can't believe this is happening, I can't believe I am having a conversation like this right now."

"Me neither" the other dragon says, having heard what I had to say, "I thought I was never going to find another member of my kind again!"

Unbeknownst to me: the ears on top of my head droop as I look away again…yea about that…

The 'Night Fury' starts pacing back and forth across from me, teeth bared as they growl, "first I get shot down by some human, and almost got finished off by said human…but now I found you! Looks like this day just got a whole lot better for me!" He bellowed happily.

Shot down by a human? Wait…so there ARE people wherever this is…that probably meant he was also attacked by said human. I take a look at his tail, which is dancing lightly against the dirt. Near the end of the tail there should be another fin, like the ones I have. I checked my own just in case…yup, I have two instead of one, "what happened to your tail?"

Upon mentioning this, he growls to himself…examining his missing fin, "damn humans! They did this, now…I'm grounded…" that last part fell into a soft whine. He shakes his head in sorrow, "humans do this kind of things to us…it's in their nature!"

I chuckle anxiously, nervously fidgeting with my paws. Maybe it's not a good idea I tell him that I used to be human.

"I need a drink" the stranger turns away suddenly, sipping some water from the pond to quench his thirst. I try to walk over, despite my recent near-death experience and I end up tripping! The sentient beast looks over with a raised brow, uttering concerned warbles at me.

"Are you…okay?"

I shake my head, my legs shaking from imbalance and inexperience in this body, "I-I can't walk" I grumbled softly in frustration. Of course, he gives a look of utter confusion again…I swear I'm going to start calling him 'Confuso' or something along the lines of that…

"What do you mean, are you hurt too!?" He hops over to me, startling me a bit from his sudden action and I wave a paw to him, "no…I just have to…"

I stop myself…I can't make this creature suspicious of my origins, otherwise I could get in big trouble! I ultimately decided to make an excuse.

"To?" He cocked his head to the side as I sigh softly.


"How absurd," he shakes his head in slight annoyance, "by your age that's second nature!"

I huff back, "how old do you think I am" I clap back.

The Night Fury sat next to me, inspecting my form vigorously. It doesn't take long for him to move back and prepare his conclusion, "well, even from afar it's clear that you look like a hatchling. You must be at least…nine or ten years old I'm guessing?"

My face turns to sheer horror upon hearing his statement. T-ten!? Hatchling!? Y-you mean to tell me that not only did I go from being a human to a dragon I also went from being a twenty-nine-year-old man to being pretty much a baby dragon!?

I clutch my head in despair, moving away…almost close to losing my mind to insanity. What the HELL is going on!? I pant and shake my head repeatedly before I feel a paw on my shoulder. I quickly look around, not realizing that a tear is falling from one of my green eyes.

"You seem lost" is all he could say, and I laugh almost hysterically, "biggest understatement right now!"

I collect myself, deciding to accept this new revelation despite the absurdity of it all. I'm a child now…okay, fine…whatever.

It made sense either way, his voice is deeper…as if the larger dragon across from me is a teenager and must be somewhere between the ages of fourteen and sixteen. I guess my high-pitch, child-like, voice should have been a dead giveaway from the start. Not only that, but the dragon does resemble my current form almost perfectly, other than the missing fin…it's like we're related or something…it's creepy as hell! He's about two to three times my size, maybe a good twenty to twenty-five feet in total length compared to my mere ten to twelve feet in length.

"I must have hit my head a while back…cause I'm going crazy…" I muttered. Again, not so good with being quiet because he still heard me like the last time…our hearing abilities must be THAT good.

"Hitting your head doesn't-"

"Look I forgot, okay!?" I retort, swiping my paw at him as he backs away a bit. He gives a bit of a snort of irritation, half-closing an eye from being skeptic, "Fine," he grumbles softly, "I'll help you relearn; we should stick together anyways. We are in Viking territory."

Vikings!? Oh, this just keeps getting better, doesn't it? That last part was sarcastic by the way…what kind of messed up world did I land on?

I decide to just drop it for now, figuring all this thinking is going to drive me mad. I nodded to him in response, "okay."

Right after, the fury moves into the shade and sits down, curling up into a more idle position.

"If you don't mind me asking…what's your name?" I asked, clumsily making my way to him.


Oh brother…

"Yea, like…what do people call you when you…I don't know…fly in or something?"

"The humans just call me…Night Fury…they always have, I always assumed that's what I was anyways."

"Well, I can't just call you Night Fury all the time you know" I roll my eyes to him, "I'll think of a name…"

"Do YOU…have a name, strange one?" He asked and I scoffed.

I might as well use my human name…can't really think of any dragon names unless…Spyro…heh…that'd be awesome…not going to lie. Imagine just hearing Viking's shout, 'look, it's Spyro the Dragon!'

I'm not purple though, and I'm not as awesome as that dude, so no…I just go ahead and tell him my real name.

"Flint, Flint Callahan."

The response he makes drives me into a bit of an annoyed trip, he starts laughing…rolling on the floor like a child…more than what I am right now! Wiping tears off his amused face he says, "Flint…Callawhat, what kind of title is that?"

I snort in retaliation, smoke again appearing from my nostrils, "well…green eyes, I guess I should call you something stupid then…like Major Dickhead!"

He stands up, folding his arms and making himself look bigger in defiance, "oh, is that really the best you got?"

I back away a bit, kind of intimidated by the dragon's appearance not going to lie.

"Greenie?" I give an awkward smile.

"No way!"

"Well then, I don't know!" I slap my paws down in annoyance, "I guess we'll think of something later."

"I guess, for the time being though I'm going to rest up a bit" he says, laying back down again in the shade.

I sigh softly, deciding to look away, sitting on my hind legs in the process. I look up toward the aging sky…night will soon be around.

What am I going to do? What is my PURPOSE here? Is there even a purpose to being here and being like this? When can I go home…will I ever be able to? I shiver at the thought but ultimately…I must stay optimistic. If it means sticking around this dragon and somehow finding the 'bad guy' who caused this, then so be it…maybe this will all play out like a movie…happy ending for me…right?

Phew, and that's the first chapter done! A note: for those of you who are wondering, yes: that is Toothless he just met! Flint comes from an alternate earth where the HTTYD movies and books never existed, so he has no idea what's in store or what, or who, he's going to meet! Another thing: Flint is roughly the size of the young nightlights from Homecoming.

Anyways, I hope you readers enjoyed this first chapter, I'll see you next time! Peace!