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Chapter 2: The Visitor

Time passed by, the teenage Night Fury, who I still haven't named yet, taught me how to walk better on all fours. Before I knew it, with his training I'm able to get some rhythm going between my steps. First time I finished a full cycle of walking without tripping I was smiling like a dog, tongue out and everything.

Still, neither of us could catch the fish that silently taunted us from within the pond. At some point in time, I looked at my reflection in the pond. Remembering how intimidating and scary the other Night Fury looked when he growled, I try to imitate his actions. I show teeth, giving a high-pitch snarl, but it just comes across as adorable…oh well, maybe if I end up growing up in this body, I might look more menacing…eventually. After I had done that, I turn around and see the other dragon trying to hold in his laughter and I just roll my eyes in response.

"I really need to see that again" the big over-sized mutant cat said.

"In your dreams."

The first half of the day ended with the Night Fury and I just resting. I just had so many questions to ask him; I really couldn't contain myself!

"So, like…what do you do on your spare time?"

He looks at me, apparently excited that I had asked the question…as if no one's ever asked him a question like that, "well let's see…before I got shot down…I liked resting against sea cliffs, catching fish in the sea and really just flying at night."

I grunted at his list of things, "I don't want a resume for crying out loud!"

"Re-sum?" He tilts his head in utter confusion.

I wave a paw at him, "forget it," I lie down on my back, putting my arms behind my head as I feel the rays of the afternoon sun hit my scales, "it must be boring being a Night Fury."

"It's not!" He somehow took that personally, "we are great at flying, the best. Dragons look up to us all the time to get tasks done for them! It's never a dull moment trying to solve problems they may have for us!"

"Yawn" I mocked him.

"You'll see when you're older, kid" he retorts softly as I lift my head, insulted by what he just said.

"Please don't call me kid."

"That offends you?"

I look away, crossing my arms in annoyance.

"Hatchlings your age often become angry when they are treated as such. I understand you want to grow up and be like the rest of us-"

"It ain't even about that…" I grumble, turning my body away from him. If only he KNEW that I was MUCH older than him as a human, by roughly fourteen years…the amount of time he has been alive for goodness sake! I'm a twenty-nine-year-old man who has seen a lot from life and I'm still young! I've been through school, graduated with high honors…had a relationship…even a brief one that lasted only a week. My point is, to have somebody younger than you…much younger…condescend you is quite irritating to say the least. This dragon probably has NO IDEA what life is about yet…reality probably hasn't set in for them…who knows.

…sorry, I rambled on for quite a bit there…

Anyways, by late afternoon, Greenie's hunger got to the point where he started getting desperate. He told me how he hunted better in the sky than on the ground. There are deer probably walking around outside of this cove right now and we can't even get to them. The dragon started going for any surface available that he could possibly climb. I watch him fail at his attempts…that's when I realize that he was right about our situation. The teenage dragon tried to find a way out of the cove, but it was useless, we're BOTH stuck in here.

Without that tailfin of his he can't fly…he keeps falling down mid-air and soon enough he starts getting REALLY upset.

I, meanwhile, must rest. I stay undercover behind some rocks where I soon pass out. You see, being in a young body now, ehh…I still can't believe I was turned into this; my energy levels aren't exactly on par with an adult's.

Unknown to me, while I sleep, the Night Fury quits on his attempts. He soon turns his attention toward a creature hiding in the cliffs above. The dragon squints his eyes, realizing it's not some animal…but a human! It's a young boy with brown hair who seemed to have lost his pencil. The reptile stares at him, curiosity gets the better of him.

Another day passes by and I'm able to walk better than before. Soon enough, my new and strange companion approached me after his recent attempt at escaping the cove, begging to know something important.

"Can you fly?" The teen dragon asked.

I can't help but scoff madly at him, "If I could barely walk, what makes you think I can fly?" I barked back. He just rolls his eyes at me. No doubt this will be much harder than walking…but in all honesty: I'm starting to feel faint from being hungry for days. The Fury across from me doesn't seem to be affected as much…then again, he hasn't been in here as long as I have.

"Listen Flint…I have to teach you…re-teach you…because…" he looks down, worry and sadness washed over him, "one of us will have to get out of here…and it's going to be you."

My heart skipped a beat as soon as he said that. I give a look of utter shock and horror. I never expected him to say something like that…could I have been WRONG about him? This dragon is suddenly acting so selfless and responsible as if he was a parent! I've only known him for a short while, and he wants me to leave him here to die!? Where would I go anyways without him!? In this small form and with no knowledge of the outside world…I'm done for!

I don't say anything in response…I look away. He's helped me this far in trying to survive in this body. I only realized now that he's my only connection to this world. Stupid baby mind…am I ACTUALLY having feelings for this creature!? This could all be a dream…a figment of my imagination, but I've started to look up to this damn reptile, even if I didn't want to admit it out loud.

"There has to be another way…" my face met the ground right after, but surprise: he's stubborn.

"Don't you get it!?" The dragon boomed, "I won't be able to fly again…you're not that far off from me in terms of age. You deserve every right to live free out there…to experience the things I've experienced so far…even if you outlive me…if that's the case then I'll be happy," he sighs softly, almost like he's given up on himself completely, "because at the end of the day…at least one of us will continue on…the Night Fury line might not have to die in this pit."

I am honestly at a loss for words. Silence filled the air for what felt like hours. All I can do is look up and gaze into his helpless green orbs, deep regret and sadness reflecting into mine. This can't be how it ends for him, there's got to be a way to save him! I can't fathom the idea of ending up alone in this strange world. As much as I sort of dislike him, we both look the same and he can show me more about this world.

Again, he's my only connection…even if it's strange enough. What if he's right…what if he IS right!? I DO have a chance to live, maybe even find out what happened to me; however, I didn't want to do all this alone…but I guess…fate had other plans?

Finally, I sighed, "I'll do it, but I'm not giving up on you." I finally said, stomping my front paw down in defiance. The other dragon must have felt flattered that someone else had believed in him, but he knew what needed to be done.

"Don't worry about me Flint…"

"No!" I clapped back, "I can at least bring you food and at least I can still see you…maybe I'll bring other dragons to help…maybe they know some magic trick…heck…maybe even those VIKINGS could use some magic spell to bring back your tail or something!"

He growls back at me, teeth bared, "STOP." He shakes his head, clearly distraught, "you got a whole world out there for yourself, just please…I have to teach you now…you're clearly STARVING…soon you'll be too weak to move your wings."

I look away, finally yielding.

And so…the older Night Fury starts teaching me the basics of flight. Though, walking so far, I attributed to a baby human crawling, flying is something I never done. I never had a set of wings before and the only purpose they served so far was to just get in the way. So, the first thing my dragon acquaintance taught me was to fold my wings, keeping them as close to my back as possible when idle or walking.

His lessons continue through the day; eventually by the time it's sunset, however, we are both encumbered.

I lie flat on my stomach, feeling miserable, most of my energy was gone.

"So…hungry…" I cry out as the bigger Fury across from me huffs in pain as well, "if only…" suddenly, his nose tingles before his ears rise all the way up. The fury lifts his head, looking toward a certain direction.

"Wh-what is it?"

He stands up, almost seemingly ignoring my question completely, but soon enough he runs over to me, "hide, there's a human approaching!"

I stand up right after, new energy filling me as panic makes room to join.

"Flint…I want you to stalk them. I am going to confront them."

"B-but" I yelp. Stalk…what does he mean by that, are we actually going to do this!?

"Just go! Hide behind that rock for now and do as I say!"

"Fine…" I walk/run behind a medium-sized boulder behind me, big enough to use as cover.

Good 'ol Greenie, meanwhile, walks up and jumps on top of a rock, blending in to spy on the approaching human. From the corner of my eye, I can see a dead fish being thrown out into the open. The Night Fury across from me watches from the shadows as I peek my head and find a young human boy walking out in the open. He picks up the carcass, looking around for any sign of us…does he know about us?

I take a better look, thanks to my new and improved set of eyes: he looks to be wearing a brown furry vest with green sleeves and brownish pants. By the looks of it, it's a very primitive set of clothing…yup…looks 'barbaric' like a Viking…though he's a bit…underweight? I thought Vikings were big, hairy, and dumb. This kid isn't big, isn't hairy, that just leaves the last bit…is he dumb? He looks like he couldn't hurt a fly.

I must be in the past…this has to be the Middle Ages or something…maybe even before that?

Anyways, the human looks around, trying to find something, or someone…what is he doing here exactly? That's when I see the fury right above him, making a move. They climb down slowly, cautiously approaching the boy. The dragon's nose tingles, smelling the fish from a distance, deciding not to attack for now…instead waiting for the boy to make the first move. I decide to come out of hiding, remembering what my acquaintance had demanded and I slowly walk up to the teen like a cat hunting its prey.

As I do, I think to myself…what the HECK am I even doing…this boy looks so vulnerable. Are we really going after him!? Even if I'm starving, I find the idea repulsive…

I stop for a second, seeing the teen hand out the fish to the older Night Fury as a peace offering. Do they know each other? They don't appear acquainted with one another: the dragon seems very cautious around the intruder. Regardless, he steps closer to grab the fish with his mouth, but stops just shy, sensing danger! I jump back once I notice the dagger the kid has holstered around his waist. Was he planning on using that thing!?

The beast across from the boy snarls defensively as I walk up behind the human, unknowingly growling as well. Let's face it, at this point I'm going to try and be as intimidating as possible to potential threats. I didn't think I could do that either, but I guess when you're hungry and your life is threatened as a dragon you tend to do those things without much thought.

The trespasser, which I assume to be a Viking, looks behind him to find me just a few paces away in a similar posture as the other creature in front of him. In other words: he's surrounded.

"Ah…there are two of you!?" He nervously exclaimed, looking back and forth between us. He must have assumed I was the Night Fury's sibling, but that's not the case and he BETTER not say that!

"You two…must be related?"

Damn it!

I shake my head while the other reptile just remains vigilant.

The teen warrior decides to do the smart thing and remove the dagger from his belt, but not before my colleague gives one last warning. Slowly, as not to make a fatal mistake, the teen drops the blade next to him. Following Greenie's grunts, he finally tosses the weapon into the pond with a foot.

That's a lot of trust this kid is putting on us…to simply throw away your only means to defend yourself, which probably wouldn't have been effective either way, speaks a lot of volumes. The larger fury follows up by softening his stance. Pupils expand into more friendlier shapes while his ear flicks, much like how a pet canine would. He looks to me, as I watch them, silently beckoning me to walk to where they are.

I stare at the meal the human has brought and I have the irresistible urge to step forward and forcefully grab it from him. Despite being a dragon and supposed menace to the Vikings, I am half of this human boy's height, and I am honestly scared enough by that fact; however, my stomach growls and that sets me straight. The teenage dragon nods his head, "you need to eat more than I do, go ahead."

I think about it…he has to eat as well…and I guess eating the kid is definitely out of the question now for him.

"We can share it" I mutter, joining the dragon's side before he shakes his head in defiance, "you need your strength to return if you ever hope to fly out of here."

I realize he's not going to budge, so I do as he requested. I cautiously walk up to the human, finally taking the fish with a paw. Then, I put it in my mouth. The first thing I realize is that it's slimy as heck not to mention raw! What is this…sushi!? I mean technically it is, but I HATE sushi! Oh well, it's this or nothing! I cringe as I devour the piece of fish…I don't even know why I did that, but the creature is broken down between my jaws as I feel a sense of relief and then euphoria overtake me. Despite the appearance, smell, and God knows what else, it melted in my mouth like butter, and it excited my taste buds with electrifying intensity. I lick my muzzle with my dragon tongue in satisfaction. The other Night Fury notices how I just ate it with my teeth, finding it quite odd unbeknownst to me, "next time withdraw your teeth."

"What…how?" I raise an eyebrow to him, but he just rolls his eyes, giving a soft, though barely noticeable, lighthearted smile. The smile is, however, noticed enough by the boy, who comments on it. I too notice something weird: where did the dragon's teeth go…they're missing!

"Toothless, didn't you have teeth earlier…I could have sworn you did…" he looks back to me and sees that unlike my friend behind him, I have a set of razor-sharp teeth in my mouth. As soon as the Viking steps closer to me, however, the teen dragon jumps in the way, "don't you get close to him!" Toothless stood protectively over me, growling fiercely in retaliation.

I look up, finishing the fish as I raise a scaly brow in his way, "why, he's just a boy?"

He looks down, "he may have given you food, but he is still human despite his fragile appearance…a Viking no less, come along."

The teen backs away, trying not to escalate the situation. Greenie ends up pushing me to the other side of the pond for safety. The fury uses his fire breath, what looks to be purple fire and is the first time I see him use such an ability, to heat up the ground next to me. I jump in fright, surprised by his action.

"Go ahead" he gestures me, pointing a claw at the charred earth. I give him a crazed glare, "you're joking, right!? That floor is on fire!"

"Oh, for goodness's sake, you are so lost without me!" He suddenly grabs me by the throat and carries me like a lion holding a cub. He softly sets me down on the heated dirt before pulling away, "you sure are strange, kid."

I cringe, expecting myself to feel pain, but much to my surprise…I feel warmth and comfort from sitting down on the firepit. I shake my head; this world is so crazy…

Suddenly, the fury's ears flinch once he notices the human boy, who's now just a few feet away. He waves at us before the Night Fury groans in annoyance, picking me up by the neck again. The reptile takes me to a different part of the cove to avoid the human.

Eventually, the teen leaves, but soon returns an hour or so later with another fish. This time, he tries handing the fish over to Greenie who takes it without his teeth, devouring it entirely without much trouble. Soon enough, he regurgitates it to share with the Viking as a form of trust agreement I guess…gosh I wish I was making this up…and I was drunk for this…

Anyways, the human reluctantly takes a bite as requested by the Night Fury. I stick my forked tongue out in disgust…thank goodness he didn't do that with me!

Time goes by, it's sunset by this point. The sun's rays touch the top of the cliffs above us as the sky turns a yellow red in color. My dragon companion decided to take a short nap, thinking the human would not be of any threat to us. If he ended up being wrong, the lizard would sense it and act accordingly before the human can respond. For now, however, he rests on a tree branch and hangs from it by the tail like a bat in a cave…gosh his species are so weird…I'd be embarrassed if I found myself doing what he does.

Which reminds me: are there only his kind around…or are there other species? Are dragons commonplace in this universe…they must be. They have to be…otherwise this kid would be shocked by the sight of a fire breathing kitty cat. Gosh, why didn't I ask these questions before when they mattered!?

Anyways, unlike my acquaintance, I could not sleep. I look over to see the human resting on the other side of the pond. He has a stick in his hand and appears to be playing with the dirt. I decide to investigate since I'm bored out of my mind.

I silently make it to him, and he surprisingly hasn't noticed me yet…this must be a trait that Night Furies have. They seem to have the ability to walk up on people just like cats without being detected. They're basically giant house cats…come on. I look down to see what he's doing, and I immediately realize that moment that he's actually drawing in the sand! It looks to be an animal of some kind…wait a second…is he drawing what I think he's drawing…yea! He's drawing us! One figure is a larger version of a Night Fury than the other, obviously representing me. I decide to join in, catching his attention. At first, he jumps a little by my sudden appearance, but softens a bit when he sees me using a single claw to draw in the sand. I clumsily make a stick figure that's supposed to resemble him. He looks at me and chuckles, "didn't know dragons could draw too!"

I shrug, finishing my diasterous art piece.

"So…little buddy," he rests the stick he's drawing with on his lap, his own art piece still unfinished, "are you his brother?"

My ears rise all the way up, but I immediately pull them back as I give a sour face, shaking my head to him.

"No? Friends maybe?"

I scoff at this, friends…with him? I wouldn't say friends…but I mean…he has kind of grown on me a bit. Greenie can be quite irritating at times…but friends…I just don't know yet.

I never had a brother, or siblings for that matter. I was an only child in my family…

Wait a minute! We're drawing stuff in the sand which means…I can COMMUNICATE with him! I start writing in the sand, a sentence that he might be able to read. I can tell him everything: who I am, where I'm from. I can tell him that I'm a human trapped inside a dragon's body! Even if it sounds ridiculous, I've got to try. I mean come on…this is the medieval times…logic wasn't exactly their strong suit.

Once I finish, I pull away, admiring my work. I look over to him, he appears confused as heck! He's reading the words, however. He must be so surprised that I can write like a human! Hopefully he can read…If I remember in history class…literacy wasn't exactly common among the population.

My sentence read, help, I was turned into a dragon. I'm human just like you!

"Huh…wow, you dragons must have a whole writing system that you use. This is amazing!"

What…no! Doesn't he know English!?

That's when I realize…dumb me…I guess English hasn't been invented yet…or it's still Old English, so of course he has no idea what my words say!

I clutch my head, growling softly…I'm screwed…that means that idea is out of the question…and I can't even talk to him either…he obviously can't understand anything I say to him! So then...why can I understand every word he's saying if he doesn't know English? Maybe it's being in this body...maybe someone gave me the ability to understand...Norse is it? Ugh...I'm getting a headache.

Just then, he gets back to drawing, "you guys are a lot smarter than we took you for."

Soon enough, the other Fury comes in, noticing everything going on, having heard our conversation. Before he could growl at the boy for being so close to me, he saw the drawings we made, not to mention my clumsy handwriting. A note: I miss my thumbs…I miss them A LOT.

"D-did he do this?" The teenage dragon asked as I nodded.

"I did those though" I pointed to my words and stick figure, "you…wouldn't happen to know English…would you?"

He raises an eyebrow, not having followed and I look away in response, "I thought so…"

An idea soon forms in his head, and he pulls back, returning with a small tree to write on the sand with, joining in. He could have just used his claws though, but I guess he's just imitating the human by this point…maybe trying to one-up him by having a bigger stick to show his superiority over him?

His artwork is…well…he just drew scribbles around us, just lines on the ground with no meaning or structure. He looks to the human teen, who looks away, but they look again once the lizard continues working on his masterpiece.

Once the Night Fury is done, the both of us walk around his lines. Well…it's certainty bigger art than the two of us combined. Art is a form of expression after all…Jackson Pollock can do it, so too can an oversized Axolotl.

"What do you think?" He asked, seemingly proud of his work.

"I-ah…" I scratch the back of my head with a paw, "I don't think you want me to critique on your work."

Before the other beast can clap back, he stops the human stranger stepping on his art piece, to which he growls at him fiercely, "hey, get off that!"

Once the human gets off, the Fury turns back to face me, "you were saying, hatchling?"

"Never mind." I looked away, turning to face the artwork the kid had made of us…suddenly something within me reminded me of her…her paintings…her smile…the time we spent together…oh…man…

I can't help but shake my head and cry softly to myself…I couldn't control myself; I broke down. Soon, however, I composed myself, wiping the tears off my face. I hope the others didn't see me like this. I turn to face them, wondering what they were doing. I see the dragon and boy, who has his hand reached out, together. The Viking has his hand out and the Fury has his face planted against the small human hand. I observe them from the corner, wondering just how significant this all is. He told me how humans and dragons are mortal enemies, constantly at war with the other. Somehow, that fact was shattered in one day between these two. Greenie must have felt that this kid was different somehow. This all seems like something out of a movie, a movie made for kids…

I sit on my hind legs, looking up at the darkening sky as my tail softly danced behind me. How am I going to get out of this mess? How can I tell this kid that I used to be human like him? More importantly, what good would it even do? What about my dragon companion? Now that he's all buddy-buddy with this person, should I finally tell him the truth that I used to be human like this boy? Again, what purpose would it serve in the end? He's right…I am so lost…how could I ever possibly fit in this world? Maybe…my purpose is to help them? Who knows…maybe…maybe that IS my purpose? I look back at them…a forbidden friendship…at least we won't be starving in this cove anymore.

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