Thomas POV.

"This is… This can't be real. I have to be dreaming or something."

As I looked at the Hokage mountain and then to the rest of the leaf village, I could hear my breathing quicken. My heart started pounding in my chest. My hands trembling from the realisation that I had somehow been reborn into a fictional world. A world filled with dangers as well as opportunities.

"What the hell? Why, how, who?"

Taking a deep breath, I tried to calm myself. "Ok. Calm down, Thomas. No need to panic."

And then I remembered all the threats that would plague the world. Orochimaru, Akatsuki, Madara, Zetsu, Kaguya and beyond.

"Ok. Small reason to panic."

As I was standing there near the window freaking out, a calmness suddenly washed over me. I felt as if everything would be alright.

"Wow. What was that?."

I brought my hand to my chest and felt my beating heart. The heart that was rapidly beating earlier, was now in a calm state.

"OK man, pull yourself together. Think this through. What's the last thing you remember?" I asked myself.

I went through my memories searching for answers. "I remember now. Old man Mark. Hospital. My incurable disease. The park. The cat and then the car that rammed into me." As the memories of my death flashed in my mind, I couldn't help becoming a little sad.

"Ok, if I was in an accident shouldn't I be in the hospital right now? Or am I hallucinating and I'm really in a coma and this is my brain's way of helping me cope? Ok think. What else happened?"

Then the memories of the black void rushed to the forefront of my mind. I sucked in a deep cold breath of air as I recalled the moments I spent in the darkness, and of the voice that spoke to me.

"I remember someone saying I was selected… and to accept. What was the last thing they said?" Then I suddenly recalled the last words spoken by that mysterious voice.

"Welcome player"

Those words quietly left my lips. I suddenly looked towards the bed and then remembered the blue box notification that was in front of me. It had disappeared but I could clearly recall what was written inside the box. "You have slept in a bed. HP, CP and SP have been fully restored." I quietly said to myself.

'That's definitely what I saw. I've only seen that happen to one person. And that too in a comic. The gamer. Wait a minute, if that notification appeared in front of me, does that make me a gamer?' "That can't be. It's impossib…"

I suddenly stopped and looked outside. I saw the village that woke up and the increasingly bustling street. And then I looked to the Hokage mountain. My eyes carefully observing every inch of the four faces. I put my hands on the window sill and felt the texture of the worn-out wood against my skin. Then I pinched my cheeks with both hands.


'I definitely feel pain. Feels all too real.' I recalled everything that happened to me a second time. After letting out a deep breath I came to a conclusion.

"This is either a hallucination and I'm in a coma… or this is my second chance. All the evidence points me to the latter. and I want to believe it as such... Then the calmness that washed over me earlier must be the ability 'Gamers mind'. The skill to keep calm in all situations. Then is it possible that I have the gamer's body as well? Need to confirm later."

After coming to the realisation that this was most probably my second chance, a smile slowly bloomed on my face.

"In the Naruto world with a gamer ability, huh. This will definitely be interesting. But what should be my goal?"

As I pondered on this question an image of Naruto and Sasuke fighting in the final Valley at their strongest appeared. It excited me to know that someone with the right tools could become that strong in this world. But at the same time I also remembered the dangers and threats hiding in the shadows. Both threats from inside the village and outside.

"My first and most important priority is to survive this kill or be killed world. If anyone finds out about my origin or memories or my gamer's body then I'll end up in prison, dead or worse… On an experiment table. Definitely can't let that happen."

"Alright. I need information first. Then training and increasing my strength. When I'm ready I'll stand at the top of this era. And make the whole world know my name. That's gonna be another of my goals. And I definitely have the best tool with me. I'm gonna give it my all and reach the top. Sorry Naruto, Sasuke. But I'll be taking the spot of the world's strongest from you guys."

I was excited and was going to open the gamer status page but before I could, I heard a voice and several knocks on the door to my room.

"Daichi, are you awake in there?"

Since I'm the only one in the room then that means Daichi must be my name in this world.

"Yes, I'm awake." I quickly answered.

The door opened and a brown-haired boy in his late teens came to a stop in front of me. He had a round face, slim build and light brown eyes and was wearing a smile on his face.

"Have you only gotten up just now? You haven't even changed. Don't you know how special today is?" He asked me in a teasing voice.

Suddenly without warning a blue box appeared in front of me.

[A new skill is created with a specific action.]

[Through continuous observation, a skill to find target's information, 'Observe' has been created.]

I was taken aback and dumbly said. "What?." 'Is there something special about today?. Damn it. I have no idea what's going on. I just got here.' Although I was keeping a relatively calm face, I was slightly panicking on the inside.

Having just gotten the observe skill, I decided the teen in front of me would be my first target. 'Observe'.

[LV. 30][Jozu Kenta]

[He helps at the orphanage from time to time to help out Miss Aiko. He is fond of you.]

Putting a bewildered look on my face, which wasn't that difficult considering the whole situation, I replied. "Umm Noo…?"

He could clearly see the confusion that was evident on my face. "Don't tell me you forgot your own birthday. Or are you just playing with me?"

He asked me with a mock suspicious look on his face. "Come on. You need to get ready. The head Matron wants to see you. I think she has a surprise for you." He said with a smirk.

Quest Created - 'Report to the Head Matron.'

The Matron of the orphanage wants to see you for something important. Freshen up and get to her office before time runs out. (10:00 mins.)


Rep increases with Matron Aiko

150 Exp

1st Quest Completion Bonus Exp

New Title


Rep decreases with Matron Aiko

New Title

Accept (Y/N)

I was startled by the quest box that appeared but quickly got a hold of myself and read through the contents. After reading it thoroughly I accepted the quest immediately.

Putting a smile on my face I replied. "Yeah. I'll be ready in a few minutes. Tell her I'll be down shortly."

"Alright. Be quick." He turned around and started walking. "Oh, and by the way, Happy Birthday Daichi." That was the last thing he said before closing the door. The moment the door closed, the smile left my face.

"Oh man! That was close. Who am I? Where am I? I need info on who I am and what year of the timeline I'm in."

Just as I was fretting over these questions a system message appeared in a blue box.


[ Memories of the previous life of your soul which were locked have now been unlocked. Memories of your current life and your unlocked ones are being merged…. Merging complete. Good luck, Player.

System Administrator ]

New memories came to the forefront of my mind. Hmm, these must be the memories of this body before I inhabited it. No, based on what I understand from the system message my soul is the same as that of my previous life and the memories of that life were just temporarily sealed. I'm the same person as before. Or at least my soul is.

"Well it's a good thing to know I'm not some soul parasite that just took over an innocent kids body."

'So my name's Daichi Hekima. I am now 5 years old. My parents died in the nine tails attack. That's a bummer. Currently living in an orphanage. And today is my birthday - March 28. And the kid who just came was called Jozu. A genin who helps out here. And the matron is a woman in her late fifties named Aiko.'

"Hmm. Ok, guess that's the when and where and I've already deduced the how. Guess that will have to do for now. Better get ready and get down there before the timer runs out. Having the gamers mind definitely comes in handy. Otherwise, I'd be freaking out right now."

As I freshened up and was getting out of my sleepwear, my mind pondered on why the matron would call me so early in the morning today. 'Whatever it is, I have to be ready.' I thought to myself. Putting on some fresh clothes I stepped out of the room and headed for the office.

As I went to the office I experienced a sense of Deja Vu. I was walking down the hall for the first time but it felt as if I've walked them my whole life. A surreal experience. As I reached the door to the matron's office, I prepared myself for what's to come. Taking a deep breath and letting it out, I knocked on the door 3 times.

"Come in." The old voice of the matron. My new memories told me. Opening the door I entered the room and saw Matron Aiko sitting behind a desk with a calm and gentle face.

I saw an old man sitting opposite to her with an equally calm but serious face looking me over. I walked a few steps, stopped, and looked around the room. It was a modest one with a shelf half filled with books and some scrolls and a few trinkets. I saw several photos of the kids and staff that were here at the orphanage.

I stopped looking around and looked directly at Aiko.

"You wanted to see me miss Aiko?"

"Yes, little Daichi. I'm glad you came quickly. There is someone here I'd like you to meet. This is Kensei Yasaji. He's interested in adopting you."

Hearing those words I looked toward the man and scrutinised him. He had shaggy black hair, a small scar on his left cheek and another running vertically across his right eye. He had a strong build for someone his age but I can see the cane he uses to walk. The most noticeable feature about him was his left leg. Or lack thereof. He uses a pegleg as a prosthesis to walk around.