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Origin is coming along greatly but I also wanted to write something I could simply have fun with. This is a story where Naruto discovers a new element. Crash. Yup, I'm bringing Crash Magic and Naruto together like a blind date on a Saturday night.

It was surprisingly simple to brainstorm and rationalize. I had to come up with an original release name, formulated some Jutsu, etc etc. I like how it turned out and I hope you all will too! This one looks like a fun story too!

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•••Eiton: Naruto, The Crash Ninja•••

Chapter 1: Eiton

He was alone again.

The adults didn't acknowledge him. The instructors in the academy hated him. His classmates ridiculed him. And nobody cared. The old man did what he could but even the Hokage has his limits.

He failed the test again. He couldn't make a damned clone to save his life. He just knew it was because he had too much chakra. He told the old man about it but he just told him to keep trying. He saw the looks on everyone's faces in the academy, the knowing smirks, the gleam in their eyes. They knew what it was too.

Naruto punches the ground. "Dammit! Why won't anybody help me?!" He punches the ground over and over again. "Dammit! Damn it all!" He pounds the ground repeatedly. "It's not fair! What did I do to deserve this?! WHY WON'T ANYONE GIVE A DAMN ABOUT ME?!"

Naruto punches the ground as hard as he could. He is shocked when the ground shatters, breaking apart into dozens, if not hundreds of cubes before disintegrating into dust, leaving a massive crevice in the ground. Naruto crawls away in horror, not realizing what he did.

Naruto looks at his hands in shock. "Wh... What was that?" Naruto panics slightly. He's happy he is in the forest since that could have hurt somebody. Curious, Naruto gets up and looks at the tree behind him. He looks at his fist and then back at the tree again. He punches the tree as hard as he can.



Naruto is angry it doesn't work again. Ignoring the pain he punches it again. *BOOM* the tree shatters into dozens of cubes again that disintegrate. Naruto, still having no idea what this ability is, decides to practice it until he can do it at will.

At the end of the day, Naruto realizes the exact kind of dangers his new power possesses. Several times while he was practicing, the jutsu backfired and shattered the bones in his arms in dozens of places. It was only thanks to his godly healing that he could still use them after a few minutes.

He also realized that if he gets too angry, he starts to destroy things around him unwillingly, since when he got too frustrated, he began destroying surrounding trees and rocks and shattering the ground without realizing it.

Naruto discovered two other things today. His power takes a massive toll on his body physically so he's going to need to train his physical strength into the ground. And two, he needs to have a serious talk with the old man about clones. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but shit's gotta change.


Two years ago, Naruto began his RIDICULOUS strength and conditioning regimen and changed his diet. Sure, he still went to Ichiraku's and just sat for his down time and to spend time with them, but gone were the days of eating 23 bowls of ramen in one sitting. Now, it's lean fish and salads, meaty steaks, and chicken breast.

His hellish workout routines and new diet gave the once shrimpy little brat to grow to become the tallest and most muscular kid in the academy. At 14 years old, Naruto stands at 5'10" tall and is extremely well muscled, more muscular than some of the jounin in the village.

He's now aware of why he's hated in the village, thanks to a freak accident. Thinking about the memory of the day it happened causes him to chuckle and a slight growl to emanate from within him. And no, it wasn't his stomach.


Naruto is training in the forest after the academy as usual. After demanding that he be given an alternative to the academy clones, Hiruzen conceded and taught him the kage bunshin. Hiruzen always knew that he would have trouble controlling his chakra since he was an Uzumaki, but felt like Naruto should learn for himself instead. It was foolish in hindsight, but he'll start trying to help him out more now.

Hiruzen also taught Naruto it would be smart to use the kage bunshin in training ninjutsu since they pass the memories they acquire to the original when they dispel. So that's what Naruto was doing. Some of the clones were mastering the skills with his new jutsu, some were mastering jutsu from scrolls that he had *ahem* "borrowed" through less than noble means. Some were from shinobi around the village, some were from bandit camps that he raided around Fire country.

Deciding that the power he had was something completely new, he named it "Eiton" or "Crash Release." Acquiring some chakra paper, Naruto discovered that he had strong affinities for Earth, Wind, and Lightning. So he safely concluded that his newly dubbed Eiton is a kekkei tota, or advanced release.

He decided to begin developing actual jutsu for his new kekkei tota. Being able to manipulate and release it at will is fantastic, overpowered if anything, but he needed to have actual jutsu for it. Naruto had been developing a technique he called "Crushing Evil, Spreading Truth". The jutsu focuses his Crash element into his fist and releases it all at once, completely shattering and annihilating everything in it's trajectory and amplifying the impact force of the punch a hundred fold. It's a more destructive form of Tsunade Senju's super strength. It actually looks at her chakra powered fist and says, "Hm. That's cute."

Another jutsu he'd been developing is "Subjugation of Heaven and Earth". It's one of the most destructive attacks he's ever seen. He gathers his Crash element into a spherical ball and releases the chakra in a powerful blast that destroys everything in it's path. The first time he practiced it, he blew away about a mile of forest. Given that he developed the jutsu based off of learning about the Bijuudama, it worked pretty well. Too well. After it's first successful test, he had to run and hide. Several ANBU teams and the old man himself arrived on the scene and wondered if it was an ACTUAL bijuu attack. So... good right?

Now, Naruto was working on his control over Crash. Naruto wanted to be able to have such fine control over Crash that he could use it without having to worry about destroying too much. He created an exercise similar to the wind release exercise. He needed to focus on a single object and shatter it without affecting the nearby area. He's been doing well. He first successfully started with a boulder, then a tree, then a smaller boulder, then a smaller tree, then a branch, and then a stick, etc. He's now working on a pebble.

Now Naruto was focusing intently on the pebble. He couldn't mess up. The slightest miscalculation could result in losing an arm. The smallest lapse of concentration could kill him. He needed to do this perfectly. No room for error, no mistakes, no-



(Inside Naruto's Mindscape)

'Fuck. I'm dead aren't I? Well this sucks.'

Naruto finds himself in a sewer. Seeing an opening towards the end, he follows it. He comes across a massive cage. In the darkness of the cage, a giant eye opens. The slitted pupil focuses on Naruto.

"Come closer, human." the beast says. Naruto, curious, walks towards the cage. Suddenly, the beast's massive claw slams against the cage. Naruto reacts in time and jumps backwards to avoid the beast's attack. "Damn. I was so close that time."Naruto narrows his eyes at the monster. "What are you?! And where the hell am I?!"

The beast chuckles and answers his question with a question of his own. "You really don't get it, do you?" The beast steps forward coming into view. Naruto's eyes widen in realization.

"Kyuubi..." he says.

The mighty nine-tailed fox chuckles darkly. "Indeed." Naruto is still confused as to where he is. Steeling his gaze, he looks the massive bijuu in it's eyes.

"Where the hell are we, kyuubi? I'm still confused, though I have an idea." Kyuubi gives a bestial grin. Indeed, Naruto wasn't dumb enough to believe kyuubi actually was killed. He had read that bijuu couldn't die. So the "Yondaime-sama sacrificed himself to kill the 9-tailed fox and save the village" story was utter horse shit.

Kyuubi chuckles again. "You're correct, human. At least my container isn't as stupid as I thought." Naruto scoffs. So he was right.

"I guess that explains why the adults are such assholes to me. I'm your jinchuuriki." Naruto says. Kyuubi laughs aloud, shaking the room. He then looks at Naruto.

"Again, you continue to surprise me with your decisiveness, human. We are within your mindscape currently. I am healing you because you are dying." Naruto nods his head as the Kyuubi explains. He isn't really surprised at being the kyuubi's jinchuuriki. Honestly, he doesn't really care. Lately, his main focus has been developing his control over his Eiton. He could care less about being the kyuubi jinchuuriki.

He sighs and sits down in front of the massive cage. He looks up at the fox, who is eyeing him curiously. "So?" he begins. "What do we do while I wait here?" He asks. Kyuubi doesn't know what to make of this.

"U-Uhhh..." Wow. The mighty Kyuubi is stumped. Naruto simply waits for a response. Kyuubi blinks before doing something akin to clearing his throat. "I could, uhh... answer some questions if you have any."Naruto widens his eyes slightly in response. Ok, maybe he could work with this. "Hmm." Naruto thinks about what his first question should be. "Do you know who my parents are?"

Kyuubi nods. "I do. Their names were Kushina Uzumaki, who was my second container, and her husband, Minato Namikaze." Ok, Naruto was REALLY surprised at that. He had been asking the old man who his parents were for a while now and he'd been telling him he didn't know. Naruto knew about DNA tests and had even gotten one with the permission of the old man but he said the results didn't match any of the samples that were in their database. So the old man had to be lying. The fox had no reason to. He wasn't angry at the old man keeping his heritage secret from him, it was the fact that he went to great lengths to lie about it. And of all the things Naruto hates, the looks he gets from the villagers, the instructors at the academy, the pink haired bitch, and the black haired emo, Naruto hates being lied to more than almost anything. He and the old man were going to have words once he gets stronger.

"Do you... have anymore questions?" Kyuubi asks, waiting for his container to respond. Naruto looks up at the kyuubi.

"Oh, sorry. I was thinking about something." Kyuubi sweat drops at Naruto's absentmindedness. "Hmm. Why did you attack Konoha when you did?"

This question elicits a growl from the mighty king of bijuu. He answers, "I was controlled by one of those wretched Uchiha claiming to be Madara. But I know differently. He was far too weak to be Madara Uchiha. The only reason this human could control me was because of those accursed eyes of his."

Naruto scoffs. "Figures. Fucking Uchihas." Naruto's response surprises kyuubi. "Fucking pricks, the lot of them. Only good one is Mikoto-obasan. The rest are too stuck up and self absorbed. Itachi did us all a favor by killing them all and leaving Mikoto-obasan alive. Should have done the duck ass in too, though. He's just like the rest of them."

Kyuubi laughs so hard that it knocks Naruto back a bit. He pounds the ground inside the cage, causing it to crack and dent under his strength. "HAHAHAHAHA! Ohh wow! Yes! You are a fun container, brat! I can tell that I like you already!" Calming down, kyuubi looks at his container, a gleam in his eye. "Human, do me a favor, would you?" Naruto raises an eyebrow at this. "Tear a corner off the seal on my cage. It won't harm you or let me escape, but it will allow me to experience your senses. I'm trapped inside of you, one way or another. It gets boring very quickly."

Naruto nods. He understands the Kyuubi's feelings. He honestly doesn't seem to be the bloodthirsty evil beast the history books depict him as. Kyuubi seems more content sleeping all day and staying to himself. He sympathizes with the beast. He does as kyuubi asks and suddenly feels a tug in the back of his head.

"You're waking up, brat. It seems I'm finished healing you. We can talk to each other mentally now, so if you need to ask me anything, think it aloud, don't say it and make people think you're losing your mind." Naruto smirks at the kyuubi's cheekiness.

"Alright. Thanks Kyuubi." He begins to fade out of his mindscape but hears kyuubi grunt in response. "Oh no, don't be like that! Makes me think the Uchiha's are rubbing off on you." He laughs, teasing the kyuubi. The fox growls at his container's mocking.

As Naruto fades away, kyuubi says, "Cheeky brat." and then lays his head down, going back to sleep inside Naruto's mind.


So now, Naruto makes his way to the academy. He was headed there to take the graduation exam. Naruto wasn't concerned in the least. He knew he would pass the exam, no problem. The only obstacle he might face is that asshole of an instructor, Mizuki. He hated that man for several reasons. One, he has that ridiculous prejudice against him. He was a prime example of ignorance within the village. Two, he heavily favored the Uchiha. And if Naruto wasn't an Uzumaki, he could be a Senju simply because of his disdain for the Uchiha clan. And three, he treated his girlfriend like shit. And Naruto ADORED Tsubaki. She was way too good for Mizuki.

As Naruto walks towards the academy, he smiles proudly at how much he's improved in his Eiton. He's developed a few

Besides Eiton! Crushing Evil, Spreading Truth! and Eiton! Subjugation of Heaven and Earth! he developed other jutsu for it. Eiton! Concession of Tyranny! is an area of effect jutsu. The jutsu injects his Crash element into the ground and surrounding area, affecting those he chooses and sparing his allies. The jutsu destroys the terrain, incoming jutsu, and any chakra enhanced or infused items, including seals. Depending on the amount of chakra he uses, he can affect a small field or an entire valley.

The next set of jutsus he created, through rigorous training in controlling his element, are based on the varying degrees of Crash chakra he applies. They require no seals and are entirely reliant on his control. Crash! is an application of minuscule to small amounts of Crash chakra. The nature of Crash element is purely destructive. It's similar to the Tsuchikage's Jinton or Dust release, except to a MUCH higher and concentrated degree. And it is much more dangerous to harness, but is far more versatile. Crash is something that Naruto has taken to calling the 'anti-element', meaning that it is capable of destroying other elements, jutsus, and chakra itself. The jutsu Crash! releases a small amount of jutsu to destroy small barriers, jutsu, and items. Impact! is the same principle, only it will destroy stronger variants since it uses more chakra. The process applies to the higher forms he developed. In order of increasing strength, they are

Crash!- diminutive to small degrees of chakra use and damage; E to D class in strength; destroys weak jutsu

Impact!- medium to moderate amounts of chakra use and damage; C class in strength; destroys most chunin level jutsu

Tremor!- higher amounts of chakra use and damage; B class in strength; destroys chunin and some jounin level jutsu

Fissure!- high chakra use and larger area of effect; destroys A-rank jutsu; A class in strength

Rapture!- very high chakra usage; able to level entire towns in a single use; S class in strength and destroys most jutsu

Cataclysm!- most destructive form of Crash, besides Subjugation of Heaven and Earth; dangerously high chakra usage, able to destroy entire villages in a single use; destroys all forms of jutsu and chakra, potentially capable of destroying bijuu

And that's one thing that even Kurama actually has come to fear. He became very cooperative with Naruto when he realized how dangerous his element could be. He gave him his name and offered to train him to use his chakra, which Naruto refused, explaining that he'd rather use his own power instead of an outside source. Or inside, given the circumstances.

Crash is an element that destroys chakra and bijuu are sentient chakra constructs. The Adamantine Sealing Chains and Mokuton are capable of restraining and subjugating bijuu, the Sharingan can control them, if strong enough, and now Naruto discovered an element capable of killing them, most likely permanently, given the inherent destructive properties of the element.

Kurama grumbles something inside of Naruto's mind about "fucking overpowered blonde brats". Naruto chuckles at his tenant.

Naruto also developed an extremely effective defensive power for Eiton! It's one of the most powerful defensive jutsu he knows of. He calls it Crash Barrier. It's a subconscious regulation of Crash element around his body targeted specifically against enemy jutsu directed towards him. It's so effective that it can block most A-rank jutsu with ease.

The one downside to his newfound strength is controlling it. By that, meaning his physical strength. Naruto is physically stronger than most jounin, even potentially Maito Gai. He one day wishes to lock horns with the Raikage, as a fellow man who prides himself on physical strength.

But now, Naruto needs to restrain himself greatly in spars. He recalls a time when the emo duckling charged him recklessly during a time when Naruto was just learning to control his strength and speed. He delivered a flick to the emo's forehead and sent him flying into a wall, hospitalizing him for a week. He apologized profusely to Mikoto-obasan, upset that he saddened her and worried her.

Arriving at the academy, Naruto disregards the hungry gazes of the girls in his class. He understands how good he looks now but jeez, keep your panties on girls. They aren't Naruto's type anyways.

Naruto can't really blame them. At 5'10" tall and built like a statue of a Greek god, he has neck length golden blonde hair with two bangs framing his face. His hair is a vibrant and healthy gold thanks to his strict diet, deep oceanic blue eyes, and perfect bronze skin tan with a flawless complexion, again, a result of his extreme diet and exercise.

His attire consists of a black long coat, black ANBU style pants, black combat boot, and instead of a shirt, he simply wraps his torso in bandages and leaves his muscular chest uncovered. He also keeps his hands wrapped in bandages.

Naruto also began to carry himself differently. Instead of the hyperactive blonde idiot, he maintains a calm, level headed nature. He still jokes around but he doesn't seek attention. He began this change after having his first kill, something he knew would be better to do sooner rather than later. He stopped shouting about being Hokage and was no longer an idiot in class, even knowing about things they hadn't learned of. Shadow clones are the ultimate cheat code.

Another contributor to Naruto's growth in maturity was his various, erm, 'relations' with women in the village. He was a score for older women. He was young, charming, witty, and had a smile that made them melt in their panties. Many of the high demand courtesans and escorts even come to him simply for casual sex.

He's also developed developed a casual relationship with a kunoichi named Anko Mitarashi. The two had met when he accidentally destroy part of the forest she frequented. After a brief scuffle and quick ass whupping, Anko calmed down and listened to reason. She even kept his element a secret. After training and hanging out together, Naruto rocked her world and she instantly got hooked. He knows she has deeper feelings for him but he isn't ready to commit just yet. He likes his freedom and isn't ready to give that up.

As Naruto waits for Iruka to give the graduation exam, he knows he's gonna have to reveal his power to the old man. And when he does, the old man is gonna need to answer for some things. Hiruzen questioned Naruto several times on his improvements and Naruto simply answered, "Instead of focusing so much time on pranking, I've been taking my training more seriously." The Hokage has bought the lie so far, but Naruto knows that the Hokage suspects something more. Naruto isn't mad at the old man, he just wishes he didn't straight up lie and say he didn't know his parents. Kurama explained that his parents loved him very much and were so happy they were going to be parents that it sickened him. The old man shouldn't have led him to think that parents like that simply abandoned him.

Naruto is snapped out of his musings when Iruka walks in. Giving the same droning speeches he's infamous for, he hands out the tests and signals it's time for the graduation exam to begin.


Naruto walks out of the academy twirling his headband. He has a cocky smirk on his face, flaunting his success to the adults who just hate him because they have nothing better to do with their lives. Naruto passed with flying colors and was given the title of Rookie of the Year.

He was in such high spirits because he scored highest on the written exam, scored highest in shurikenjutsu, beat Mizuki's ass in the taijutsu portion, kicked the emo's ass in singles competition, and passed the ninjutsu exam flawlessly.

He lets out a barely audible chuckle. He won't let the haters get him down today. Naruto already knows what he's gonna do to celebrate. Since he's an adult now, he's gonna hit up a bar, indulge in some sake, maybe pick up some woman he's never met before, and wake up wrapped in her arms. Good times.

Naruto sees Mizuki out the corner of his eye. The man is scowling at him with a venomous glare. Naruto doesn't care. Whatever the idiot has planned is of no consequence to him. Naruto remembers he has an appointment with the old man. It's time he answers his questions truthfully.

As he enters the Hokage tower, he flashes the cute secretary his signature smile. The woman is likely in her mid thirties. She wasn't like the other villagers and blindly hated him, she simply showed a bit of caution around him at first. She loosened up when he began talking to her, which soon turned to flirting. Naruto really liked the woman. She was sweet to him and he appreciated that.

Naruto heads on up to the old man's office and knocks on the door. "Enter!" he hears. Naruto opens up the door and walks inside. Hiruzen looks up and smiles. "Ah! Naruto-kun! A pleasant surprise!" Naruto smirks. The old man might not tell him the truth on everything but Naruto knows the old man genuinely cares for him.

"How's it hanging, gramps? I see you haven't faded into dust yet." Naruto jokes. Hiruzen laughs at the blunt humor Naruto displays.

"No I haven't Naruto, Naruto-kun. I still have a few more years left in these old bones." Hiruzen replies. Naruto smiles and nods before turning his expression serious. Hiruzen sees this change and questions, "What's wrong, Naruto? I see you've passed the exam so I hope the instructors haven't given you any issues." Hiruzen points to the hitaiate Naruto is using as a belt.

He shakes his head. Naruto takes a moment before saying. "You didn't have to hide it from me, old man." Hiruzen blinks twice in surprise.

"What do you mean, Naruto?" he asks.

"About my parents." Hiruzen's eyes widen. "You didn't need to say you didn't know. You didn't have to go to such lengths to hide them from me. If you had told me I wasn't ready to know, I would have understood. But to lie to me for so many years, to make me think my parents abandoned me because they didn't want me... that was cruel, old man. I didn't deserve that, especially with my hard childhood. If you had told me that they cared about me, that they loved me, it would have made all the difference."

Hiruzen can't even look Naruto in the eyes. Naruto was right. That was very wrong of him to make Naruto feel so hopeless. The elderly kage rubs his brow in sadness. "I'm sorry, Naruto-kun. You're absolutely right, I shouldn't have lied to you like that."

Naruto nods. "I know you did it for my protection, though old man. But you should have done it differently." He smiles kindly at his grandfather figure. "But I'm not angry at you, gramps. Just slightly disappointed. You were still there for me when you could be. You were the only family I had."

Hiruzen looks up with hope in his eyes. He sees the sincerity in Naruto's expression. He smiles. "I see. Thank you for forgiving this old man's misdeeds, Naruto-kun."

Naruto shrugs. "Meh. Can't really blame you. Senility will get to anyone if they live as long as you, old man." he replies with a smirk.

Hiruzen grows a tick mark and his ANBU guard sweat drop at the snide comment. Naruto chuckles before continuing. "So, I know my parents are the Yondaime and his wife, by the way." Hiruzen narrows his eyes at this. "Relax, I won't brag about it. Frankly, I'm probably stronger than my old man, anyways." Hiruzen blinks at Naruto.

"What... You realize what you're implying, right Naruto? The Yondaime is considered the most powerful Hokage in history." Hiruzen is concerned about Naruto's mental health. While confidence can be a useful trait, there's a fine line between confidence and delusion.

Naruto chuckles. He continues. "I also got something I wanna show you that'll make the council jizz their pants."

Ignoring the derogatory remark, Hiruzen looks at Naruto questioningly. "What do you mean, Naruto?" Naruto smirks knowingly. He holds up his index finger for emphasis.

"I suppose you recall your old pal Onoki's Dust release, correct, old man?" Hiruzen nods his head. "It's pretty strong, isn't it?"

Hiruzen nods. "Indeed. It's an advanced element that combines the Earth, Wind, and Fire elements. It's a very formidable skill." Naruto chuckles.

"I'm pretty sure you know I've been hiding my true skill from you, right?" Hiruzen nods. He knew Naruto was hiding his power. He could actually feel the change in his chakra. It felt denser, higher, and more ferocious. It was like he had to contain it from running wild and destroying everything around. "My element makes Dust release look like child's play. Pick a training ground and I'll meet you there tomorrow. I'd show you here if I could but I might destroy the tower and hurt or kill someone accidentally."

Hiruzen considers whether or not he should trust Naruto. A small display would be nice but Naruto's confidence makes it hard to argue with him. Reluctantly, Hiruzen nods. Naruto grins. "Thanks, gramps. I'll see you tomorrow. Send an ANBU to let me know when and where."

Naruto leaves the Hokage's office, heading out to hit the town and celebrate his graduation and coming of age.


The sun peaks through the curtains, shining directly into Naruto's eyes. He stirs from his sleep, opening his eyes and adjusting them to the daylight. He goes to move out of bed and do his stretches but there's a weight on his chest. He looks down and smiles. There's a gorgeous mop of raven black hair. He notices they both are stark naked and there's a sticky substance on his crotch. He smirks, proud that he scored such an angelic beauty.

He shakes her gently, trying to stir her from her sleep. "Hey. Hey babe. We need to wake up." She moans lightly and buries her face into his chest, not wanting to get out if bed. He grins and grips her perfect ass, squeezing it slightly. He shakes her again. "I'm sorry, beautiful. I gotta get ready for the day. You're gonna need to move."

She begins to stir and open her eyes. Naruto finds himself lost in them. They're the most beautiful shade of exotic red. He's never seen eyes like hers before. They're so deep, so passionate, so full of life.

She moans as she's still half asleep. "Hmm..?" Naruto brushes a stray lock of black hair from the angel's face. Her eyes come into focus, seeing the blonde she's laying on.

He gives her a warm smile. "Morning, beautiful." The woman smiles lovingly at her bedmate. She leans up and covers his lips with her own. Naruto runs a hand through her hair and another tracing up and down her back. She moans into the kiss, deepening it and wrapping her arms around his neck.

Naruto smirks at the woman's assertiveness. Flipping onto her back and taking the dominant position, he continues their makeout session as he recalls the memories of the night before.


Naruto walks into a bar called the Double Kunai. It's a shinobi only bar that most of the shinobi drink at. He walks up to the bar and orders warm sake. Given his appearance, nobody bothers him because he doesn't look like a kid. He looks to his left and sees something that catches his attention.

A raven haired beauty sits on the stool, a look of distress and sadness on her face. The bartender sees Naruto looking at her and gives him a jug of Cloud sake and two saucers. Naruto notices and looks at the bartender questioningly.

"Finest stuff I got. Knock her dead, kid." Naruto smirks and gives the bartender a nod of acknowledgment and pours two saucers. He takes one and sets it down next to her. This catches her attention.

Naruto sips his without looking at her. "You look like you could use it." The woman looks at the saucer and rolls her eyes.

"I'm not the easy, brat." she snaps.

Naruto sets his saucer down. "Never implied that you were. But you look like you could loosen up a bit." He turns his gaze to her. "Share some drinks and talk my ear off. Come on, it'll be good for the both of us."

The woman smirks and shakes her head. She picks up the saucer and downs it in one go. She slams it down and Naruto fills it back up, a smirk of his own on his face. She lifts it to her lips before saying. "So? What do you wanna talk about?"

Naruto chuckles, downing his own saucer. "Let's start with names. I'm Naruto Uzumaki." She raises an eyebrow. As a jounin, she knows of his name and his burden. It's surprising because she always remembered him being a half pint loudmouth, not this hunky adonis sharing drinks with her like he knows how to play the game. She's intrigued by him.

She replies, "Kurenai Yuhi."

Naruto nods. "I see. So, Miss Yuhi, what could cause a beauty like you to drown your sorrows away with a guy like me?"

Kurenai chuckles a bit. 'Smooth, indeed.' She takes another drink. "My dumb boyfriend, that's what." she answers.

Naruto raises an eyebrow. He refills their saucers. "Care to elaborate?"

She sighs before answering. "He thinks I'm stupid." Naruto widens his eyes as he slides her the saucer. "I may be a new jounin but I'm well connected. I have friends telling me he brags about being with me. They also say he brags about sleeping with other women to his friends too."

Naruto narrows his eyes at this. He's not the type to openly brag about the women he beds. When others do it, it makes them seem like utter tools. Kurenai downs her saucer and continues.

"He also doesn't think I'll notice. Sometimes I'll see him in the morning and later that day, he'll have changed his shirt or pants or both. Sometimes I don't see him for days at a time. He'll say he had an emergency mission but my friends will say they saw him earlier."

Naruto nods. From the way it sounds, he's definitely cheating on her. Kurenai rubs her forehead, stressed at her current situation. "I don't know what it is... am I not a good enough woman? I mean, I thought he loved me. We've known each other since we were children. I... I thought he was a good man. I thought he wanted to spend his life with me..."

Naruto frowns seeing the tears buildup in her eyes. They were the most beautiful eyes he'd ever seen. An exotic shade of blood red. They compliment her black hair, fair skin, and ruby red lip stick so perfectly. This woman was one of the most beautiful he'd ever seen.

Naruto runs a hand through her hair, getting her attention. She looks at him and sees the warm smile on his face. He says to her, "Listen. Forget about him for tonight, ok? Let's focus on each other." He hands her the saucer. "Deal?"

Kurenai looks at the kindness in his eyes. It dawns on her that this entire time she's been ranting about her issues and never once taking the time to learn about Naruto. She takes the saucer and smiles at him. "Deal." She takes a sip and asks, "So why don't you tell me a little bit about yourself, Naruto-kun?"

Naruto and Kurenai began swapping stories about themselves, laughing and enjoying each other's company. Naruto made sure to stop themselves from getting too drunk, which Kurenai appreciated. The woman made up her mind. After she learned enough about Naruto, she decided that she wouldn't run back to Asuma and chooses to spend the night with him instead.

Naruto pars the barkeep, who gives him a smirk and a thumbs up, and heads out the bar with Kurenai. She takes him by the hand and leads him to her apartment. She unlocks the door and heads inside. Naruto follows behind her and closes it behind him before locking it. As soon as he turn around, Kurenai leaps on him and captures his lips. She directs him to her bedroom and Naruto proceeded to give her the best night of her life.

Unbeknownst to Kurenai, she isn't the only one who has friends in her relationship.

(flashback end)

Naruto chuckles mentally at the memory while continuing the heated makeout session. Inside his mind, Kurama chuckles as well.

"Way to go, brat." his tenant says proudly.

"Thanks Kurama." Naruto replies.

Kurenai maneuvers her legs around Naruto and wraps them around his waste. Naruto chuckles huskily, as he knows what the raven haired goddess is wanting. And Naruto is happy to provide.

Moments later, Kurenai's apartment is filled with the echoes of mating. The sounds of skin slapping, a creaking bed, female moans of ecstasy, and masculine grunts of dominance can be heard as the crimson eyed goddess and golden blonde adonis fulfill their desires for each other.

After they finish another round in the shower, Naruto reluctantly leaves his lover. As Naruto heads out to breakfast, his thoughts are filled with the memories of the night before. Inside her apartment, Kurenai is having similar thoughts, unaware that her boyfriend already knows of her infidelity.