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•••Eiton: Naruto, the Crash Ninja•••

Chapter 2: Stealing the Genjutsu Mistress

Naruto arrives at the training ground Hiruzen chose for him to display his newfound element. The only others around are the Hokage's ANBU guards. Hiruzen smiles as Naruto approaches. "I hope your powers live up to the expectations you've set for yourself, Naruto-kun."

Naruto chuckles. "You don't need to worry about that. Although... I need to get rid of a little pest first." Naruto turns his gaze to a section of trees. Hiruzen looks at Naruto in confusion. He channels a bit of his Crash chakra towards the spy.

A man dressed in ANBU attire falls from the trees, his left leg completely missing. The figure struggles, attempting to crawl away. Hiruzen narrows his eyes at the unmarked ANBU. He signals for his guards to bring the figure to him.

They quickly capture the ANBU and Hiruzen sees it was as he expected. "ROOT..." he says. Naruto raises an eyebrow. The man begins spasming and convulsing until he goes limp, dead.

Hiruzen growls. "Poison pill. Danzo, you monster." Naruto recognizes the name. Danzo Shimura was one of the village elders. He served alongside Hiruzen and was one of his teammates. Hiruzen waves his head. "Dispose of the body." The ANBU nods but Naruto has an idea.

"Allow me, old man." he says. Hiruzen raises an eyebrow but nods. The ANBU lay the body on the ground and step back. Naruto waves his hand in the direction of the body, channeling some Crash chakra. Hiruzen's eyes widen and the ANBU audibly gasp in surprise as the body shatters into cubes before disintegrating into ash and dust. Naruto smirks at their reactions.

Hiruzen speaks, the shock evident in his voice. "Naruto-kun... what power is that?"

Naruto chuckles. "That, old man, is Eiton. Or Crash release."

Hiruzen repeats in disbelief, "Eiton..."

Naruto nods. "Mhm. It's an advanced release, a kekkei tota. It combines Earth, Wind, and Lightning into a pure destructive force."

Hiruzen nods, in awe that such an power exists. He wants to learn more about it. "To think such a skill exists... how is your control over it?"

Naruto answers, "Well, as you saw, I can launch attacks wordlessly and without the use of seals. I think it's because the elements are combined inside my chakra coils. I noticed my chakra grew denser the more I trained so that helps explain it."

Hiruzen nods as Naruto explains. One of the few weaknesses Onoki has is the preparation time for his Jinton. What Naruto is saying shows the superiority of his kekkei tota to Onoki's. Instant release and precise control along with the destructive capabilities certainly makes for a formidable skill. "Can you show me some more of your techniques, Naruto-kun?" Naruto nods.

He flashes through several hand seals and shouts, "Eiton! Concession of Tyranny!" The jutsu releases his Crash element into the ground beneath them. The earth shatters into hundreds of cubes as Hiruzen and the ANBU group panic slightly. They fall into the crater that Naruto's jutsu leaves and leap back up to the even ground when they reach the bottom.

Hiruzen looks at Naruto with a frown. "Explain, Naruto! That attack could have hurt or killed us!"

Naruto laughs at Hiruzen's outburst. "That's the point, gramps! I used that attack to show you that even if you are in range, I have enough control over Eiton to destroy what I want to destroy." Hiruzen's eyes widen in realization. Naruto is right, if he wanted to, he could have destroyed them. The power and control the boy has is truly both frightening and amazing.

Naruto speaks up. "Hey gramps." Hiruzen looks at Naruto. "Launch a jutsu at me." Hiruzen looks confused.

"Naruto-kun, what-"

Naruto interrupts him. "Just trust me, old man, launch a jutsu at me."

Naruto goes and stands a distance away. Hiruzen narrows his eyes but waves through a few seals. "Katon! Grand Fireball!" Hiruzen launches a decent sized fireball at Naruto and watches to see how he reacts. His eyes widen as he realizes Naruto had his eyes closed the entire time. To his shock, as the fireball nears him, it shatters into cubes and dissipates.

Hiruzen blinks in disbelief. "Naruto-kun... what did you do?" he asks.

Naruto chuckles. "It's another of my element's power, jiji. Crash is the anti-element. It's destructive properties are so absolute that it can even destroy chakra. I take advantage of this by regulating a constant field of Eiton that acts as an automatic defense. I don't just destroy the attack, I destroy the chakra itself that's used against me. Kyuubi and I theorize that my element may even be able to permanently kill bijuu."

Hiruzen's eyes widen even further than before. Hiruzen loses his balance and his ANBU have to catch him. The elderly kage's mind runs rampant with the possibilities. If what Naruto says is true, then he's the ultimate equalizer. If Naruto can harness his element to the point where it can permanently kill bijuu, then his existence is enough to upset the power balance of the Elemental Nations.

Hiruzen gets to his feet and clears his throat. "I see. This is... a lot to take in, Naruto-kun. This newfound kekkei tota of yours is unlike anything I've seen. Also, from what you said earlier, you've been in contact with the Kyuubi, correct?"

Naruto shrugs and nods. "He's pretty docile. He sleeps most of the time and we talk casually. He offered to train me in harnessing his chakra but I refused because I have no idea how his chakra will react with my Eiton. Harnessing his chakra may cause my Crash element to run wild. And there's no way that ends well for anyone."

Hiruzen shudders at the idea of a Crash powered bijuu.

Taking everything in consideration, this puts Hiruzen in a precarious situation. Naruto's raw power puts him on par with a kage. The fact that he can nullify jutsu gives him an unfair advantage against anybody. Coming to a conclusion, Hiruzen turns his gaze to Naruto.

"Taking all of the circumstances into consideration, Naruto-kun, it seems that I need to reevaluate your level. Placing you as a genin would be a waste of your abilities. So what I'll do is arrange a private evaluation test. Since there's 6 more days until team assignments, I'll hold your test 3 days from now. Do you have an issue with that, Naruto-kun?"

Naruto smiles. "Sounds great, gramps. Just pick the unlucky bastards and I'll kick their asses."

Hiruzen chuckles and the group leaves the clearing. Hiruzen has quite a bit of work to do, gathering Naruto's examiners and explaining his plans to the jounin. He's going to have to pull some strings.


Later that day, Hiruzen gathered all the jounin and tokubetsu jounin in his office. It was time to inform the jounin sensei of their team assignments.

"I thank you all for gathering today. As you all know, it's time for me to announce my chosen team assignments. Now, before I begin, do any of you have any specific requests for who you would like placed on your teams?"

Kakashi Hatake is the only one who raised his hand. This drew curiosity from the others in the room, although Hiruzen suspected this. He motions for Kakashi to speak. "I'd like to request Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha." Murmurs echoed from the other jounin in the room, but Kakashi ignored them.

"Hmm..." Hiruzen began. "I'll grant you Sasuke but I cannot allow you to have Naruto."

Kakashi's visible eye widens. "But... why Hokage-sama?"

Hiruzen leans back in his chair. "Consider it taking liberties with my own authority, but I'm actually having Naruto take an impromptu jounin exam."

The jounin gathered are outraged and appalled at Hiruzen's announcement. After a few seconds, the elderly Hokage's patience wears thin and he floods the room with his killing intent. "SILENCE!" It almost seems as though even time was afraid to move.

With a hardened glare on his face, the Shinobi no Kami addresses his soldiers. "I seem to have gone senile in my old age. Tell me, who leads this village?"

They all respond, "The Hokage, Hokage-sama."

He continues, "And who am I?"

They all respond again, "The Hokage, Hokage-sama."

Hiruzen nods. "Exactly. And if I am not mistaken, the Hidden Village system was created as a military dictatorship designed to be led by the strongest and most capable shinobi leaders from each village. Now tell me, do any of you think that, even in my old age, you could take this hat from me?"

He waits for an answer, to which he hears none.

"I didn't think so. My word is law, and I didn't ask for your opinions on the matter. I simply felt inclined to make you all aware of what I had scheduled." Calming himself and reigning in his killing intent, he continues, "Naruto will undergo an impromptu jounin evaluation, after which, if he passes, he will be promoted to jounin."

Kakashi speaks up, asking, "What caused this, Hokage-sama? I understand he graduated as Rookie of the Year, but surely he isn't impressive enough to join the ranks of jounin."

Hiruzen sighs. He decides to further elaborate, "Naruto awakened a certain... skill... that easily puts him at the level of Kage." This caused shocked gasps to erupt from the jounin.

"Hokage-sama, are you sure?!" a jounin asks. Hiruzen nods.

"I am sure. He showed it to me himself. The boy's power is nothing short of phenomenal. Therefore, I will have him tested against three individuals in three separate tests." the Shinobi no Kami explains.

The jounin murmur and look amongst themselves. Kurenai Yuhi speaks up. "Who will you test Naruto-kun against, Hokage-sama?" Hiruzen is surprised at Kurenai's affectionate suffix, though he doesn't show it. Kurenai realized she accidentally addressed him as 'Naruto-kun' in front of the gathering of jounin, drawing a glare from her boyfriend, Asuma.

Clearing his throat, he answers, "In three days' time, Naruto will be tested in the Chunin Exams stadium in three different fields. The first test will be a Taijutsu only spar against Jounin Maito Gai." This caused surprised gasps and murmurs again. Ignoring them, Hiruzen continues, "The second test will be a Ninjutsu only spar against Jounin Kakashi Hatake."

The murmurs evolved into full on protest. Kakashi himself protested. "Hokage-sama! You can't be serious!"

Hiruzen again ignores them. "And the final test will be a full contest between Naruto Uzumaki and Jiraiya of the Sannin."

The gathering of jounin go wide eyed and the voices all stop. Snapping himself out of his stupor, Asuma Sarutobi speaks up. "Dad," Hiruzen looks at his son. While not being the best father, he still loved his son. And while his father hadn't been there as much as he wanted in his childhood, Asuma cares greatly for him. The tension comes from their disagreements on many of Asuma's decisions, mainly his vices and laidback attitude when it comes to training because Asuma has the potential to become Hokage but doesn't train as hard as he could.

Asuma says, "Don't you think you may be expecting too much from him? I mean, he's just graduated from the academy. How could he possibly be strong enough to face jounin, let alone one of the Sannin?" Hiruzen nods, understanding his son's concerns.

Hiruzen comes up with a brilliant idea. The jounin shudder at the evil gleam in their Hokage's eyes. "I see that many of you are disbelieving, save a few of you." His eyes wander to Anko and Kurenai. "Asuma-kun," he says, turning to his son who gives him his full attention. "I have fought in 3 great wars and held this hat for longer than most of you all in this room have been alive. I have seen many great talents rise and fall and seen many geniuses and talents buried before their time." The jounin feel the weight of the Hokage's heartfelt words. Their minds all travel to their fallen loved ones and their very own Yondaime. Kakashi especially feels the weight of those words, having often struggled with the dilemma of why he still lives when everyone he cares for dies.

Hiruzen continues, "Naruto-kun... is diferent from all of them." This draws surprise from the gathering of jounin. "He isn't a once in a lifetime genius. He isn't the hardest worker either, not to say that he doesn't work hard, of course." Confusion sets in amongst the shinobi. "What he is, is a product of chance. I cannot explain it in words. I suggest you see it for yourself."

Asuma raises an eyebrow in question. "Dad, what do you mean?"

Hiruzen gives his son a knowing grin. "Go test his power yourself, son. It'll be a good opportunity to... work out some of your own problems." Asuma's eyes widen when he realizes what his father is referring to. How he could possibly know about that is beyond him. The Professor still lives up to his name.

Asuma nods in understanding. Hiruzen addresses the remaining issues regarding the meeting. "Moving along, Team 7 will be Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno, and Sai, no family name. Jounin sensei will be Kakashi Hatake. Team 8 will be Hinata Hyuga, Kiba Inuzuka, and Shino Aburame. Jounin sensei will be Kurenai Yuhi. Team 9 is still in circulation under Maito Gai. Team 10 will be Ino Yamanaka, Shikamaru Naru, and Choji Akamichi. Jounin sensei will be Asuma Sarutobi. Any questions?"

They all raise their hands. Hiruzen sighs. "Any questions NOT regarding Naruto Uzumaki?" They all lower their hands. Hiruzen nods, "Dismissed."


Naruto is taking an afternoon stroll through Konoha enjoying the air. He hums a peaceful melody as he takes in the sights of merchants and peddlers, happy children spending time with their parents, and couples both young and elderly.

As he's walking, he takes notice of a jounin heading his way. The man has a glare in his eyes as he approaches Naruto. Naruto stops in front of him, standing his ground. The two stare each other down for a few moments.

The other man speaks up. "Training ground 10." He then disappears in a shunshin. Naruto blinks before smirking and disappearing in a shunshin of his own, heading to the training ground the man specified.

Appearing in Training Ground 10 standing across from the jounin, Naruto notices a small group of jounin standing off to the sides. Naruto recognizes them. They are Kakashi Hatake and Maito Gai, along with his lovers Kurenai Yuhi and Anko Mitarashi. Naruto smirks, getting a sense of why he's here. He also narrows his eyes at the concerned expression on Kurenai's face.

He turns to the jounin. The man has a very tense expression on his face. He hasn't met him before or heard of him, as his reputation must be eclipsed by Maito Gai and Kakashi Hatake. Naruto says, "I know those four over there but I've never met you before. Who are you?"

The man pauses a moment before answering. "...Asuma Sarutobi." Naruto nods, having more of an understanding on the situation and why he's here.

"I see." he says simply. "Mind explaining why we're here?"

Asuma scowls at the blonde haired boy. "The old man says you're strong. I'm supposed to test you but I'm gonna kick your ass for personal reasons." he says, equipping his trench knives.

Naruto smirks. 'Just as I thought.' Naruto simply sighs. He's dealt with disgruntled partners before, having slept with married women and women already in committed relationships. He can smell a jealous lover from a mile away. "Well, to be fair, didn't you cheat too?" Asuma growls. Naruto chuckles and continues, "Sure, cheating is wrong and I'm a piece of shit for sharing a bed with a committed woman, but hey. I don't pretend to be a good guy, Asuma-kun." he pronounces the suffix mockingly to rile him up more. "I'm a piece of shit that sleeps around. And Nai-chan knows that." He narrows his eyes, seeing his taunts getting to the man. "And you're no better than me."

Asuma growls at the blonde genin's taunts. "Who are you to judge me, brat! You and I are nothing alike!" He then smirks and tries to use a little taunting of his own. "You see kid, I'm an adult who makes my own decisions. You're just a brat trying to fit in who seeks comfort from random whores."

Naruto grits his teeth at the man's comments. Many of the women Naruto sleeps with come from hardship and unfortunate backgrounds. The married or committed women are often victims of abusive or unfaithful partners, some of whom Naruto has defended them from. The escorts often rely on him for protection from unruly customers. Naruto admits to being a womanizer but he is also a gentleman who never insults women.

He growls, releasing a bit of his killing intent at the older jounin. Asuma is surprised and begins to swear at the young blonde's killing intent. Naruto says to him in a calm and icy tone, "You can insult me all you want but don't ever insult the women I associate with. I didn't insult Nai-chan, and I never will. What gives you the right to insult the women I have relations with?"

Asuma smirks, trying to stand strong against the overwhelming pressure Naruto is releasing against him. Asuma would never admit it, but he's intimidated by the power the boy appears to have. "The moment I found out that you slept with my woman, brat. Me and Kurenai are going to have words after this, but first," he drops down in a stance with his trench knives. "I'm gonna hurt you. And hurt you bad."

Naruto smirks. "So you like to refer to Nai-chan as your woman, Asuma?" He shakes his head. "This is why Nai-chan confided in me. You constantly refer to me as 'brat' and 'kid' but you're showing your immaturity right now. Nai-chan is her own woman. And I'm twice the man you are for acknowledging that."

Asuma growls and charges recklessly at Naruto, no longer able to contain his anger. He imbues his wind element into his trench knives, swiping at Naruto with the intent to kill him. Naruto dodges effortlessly, taunting him and laughing at the older jounin.

Asuma misses another slash and Naruto jumps back, creating distance between himself and the older jounin. He smirks at the man. "Is this the best you can do, Asuma? For all your threats of hurting and maiming me, I've had harder training sessions than this."

Asuma grits his teeth at the blonde boy's taunting. He flashes through some hand seals, "Katon! Phoenix Flower jutsu!" Asuma spews several fireballs at Naruto who simply smirks. With the godly control over his Eiton, Naruto snaps his fingers, releasing some of his Crash element at the oncoming jutsu. Asuma and the spectators' eyes widen as the fireballs shatter into cubes and disintegrate.

Asuma is stutters before managing to say, "What the hell did you do, brat?!"

Naruto chuckles. "Now why would I tell my opponent my secrets, Asuma?" He then tauntingly gestures for him to come on. Asuma growls and charges back in with his trench knives, yielding the same results. He holds up a single seal and shouts, "Katon! Ash Pile Burning!" He spews a dark cloud of gunpowder that covers Naruto.

Kurenai widens her eyes in concern. "NARUTO!" she shouts. Asuma smirks and gnashes his teeth, igniting the small flint in his mouth and creating an explosion. Kurenai watches in horror, hoping her boyfriend hadn't killed the blonde.

To the shock of everyone present, except for Anko who knows much of the extent of her blonde lover's power, the massive explosion shatters into cubes and dissipates before their eyes. Asuma is in disbelief, since that's one of his strongest attacks. "You little shit! How do you keep doing that?!"

Naruto smirks and shrugs. Asuma growls and engages Naruto in more close ranged combat. This time, Naruto wasn't on the defensive. He began peppering Asuma with punches and kicks. Asuma tries countering but Naruto's speed outmatched his own and his strength was punishing. At the end of the exchange, Asuma was battered, bruised, and exhausted.

'Shit!' he thinks, gritting his teeth. 'What the hell is this brat?! No fresh genin should be this strong!'

He growls at having to resort to his next attack. He then drops down in a stance with a single hand seal, causing the jounin to gasp in surprise at recognizing the technique.

"Asuma, don't!" Kakashi shouts, afraid he might actually kill Naruto.

Asuma ignores the plea of his comrade. "Welcoming Approach! Thousand Armed Murder!" Asuma's chakra takes the form of a massive, many armed Buddhist deity, causing Naruto to whistle in praise at the powerful jutsu.

Naruto leaps back to dodge an oncoming attack. He smirks and holds up a half ram seal. He makes sure to target only the chakra and not Asuma himself. He doesn't want to hear the old man bitch at him for either crippling or killing his son. And he definitely doesn't wanna deal with a distraught Kurenai blaming him for her boyfriend's death or dismemberment.

He shouts, "Fissure!" and channels a denser amount of his chakra at the chakra construct. The ground near and around Asuma erupts into cubes and the chakra entity is destroyed. Asuma leaps out of the way of the destroyed ground.

Asuma stares Naruto down. That was one of his strongest attacks. This weird... power of his... is he invincible? Asuma blinks as Naruto disappears from his sight. Suddenly, he coughs up spittle and gags as Naruto drives his fist into Asuma's gut. The force of the punch causes Asuma to lose grip on his trench knives.

Naruto's assault wasn't finished. He lands a punch to Asuma's face, knees him in the gut, roundhouse kicks him in the arm, breaking it, and finishes with an overhead right. Every attack was meant to debilitate his opponent and every strike counted. Asuma was unconscious and suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of a fresh academy graduate.

The other four jounin rush onto the field to assess the damage. Naruto releases a sigh. Anko saunters up to him and plants a kiss on him in front of her colleagues. Kurenai blushes slightly and looks away while Kakashi caught it and giggles perversely. Naruto returns the kiss with equal fervor and grabs a handful of the beautiful tokubetsu jounin's ass, causing her to giggle. He flashes her his signature smile but turns to Kurenai.

"I'm sorry for beating up your boyfriend, Nai-chan. He just... pissed me off a bit." The other jounin look at Kurenai, awaiting her answer. They, too, were a surprised at Asuma's words. Kurenai furrows her brow slightly.

"It's fine, Naruto-kun. Asuma upset me as well. When he wakes up, he and I will have a lot to talk about." Naruto nods, understanding why. He walks up to Kurenai and gives her a quick kiss on her lips, to which she smiles at.

He returns the smile. "Ok, Nai-chan. If you wanna talk, I'll be at Anko-chan's place. Swing by there when you're finished." She nods and Naruto turns and wraps an arm around Anko. The two walk off the field and return to the beautiful Snake Mistress' apartment, eager to celebrate Naruto's victory.

Kurenai smiles as she watches them leave, happy that Naruto treats her so well. She loves his personality, even if he is a bit of a playboy. She turns her attention to Asuma but frowns, remembering some of the things he said. Gai and Kakashi carry him to the hospital so that he can recover. Kurenai follows, needing to settle things with him so that they can put all of this past them.


Gai and Kakashi regroup at the Double Kunai. Unlike his normal 'youthful' self, Gai is unnaturally quiet. The reason why is because Naruto's abilities are heavily weighing on his mind. Naruto is extremely powerful, frighteningly so. He wonders just how powerful he truly is.

"You're thinking about it too, aren't you Gai?" Kakashi asks, noticing his friend's expression.

Gai looks up and nods. "I am. He defeated Asuma so easily." He sighs. "I fear that wasn't even a fraction of his true power." Kakashi nods, noticing that Naruto was holding back immensely. What bothers him is that odd power of his, giving him the ability to shatter things at will.

Kakashi and Gai sit and drink quietly, exchanging few words as they do. Gai saw the speed Naruto had, momentarily evading his eyes. That kind of speed can only be achieved by nearly murdering yourself. Perhaps the Hokage was wrong and Naruto also is 'a genius of hard work.'

After finishing his drink, Gai went home for the night and left Kakashi musing over what he saw from Naruto and that strange power of his. He completely canceled out Asuma's jutsus somehow and was able to move faster than he could follow and dominate him physically, beating him into unconsciousness. He sits while sipping nursing his drink and reading his favorite book, multitasking between the three.

As he's lost in his thoughts, he fails to notice another figure approaching him. "Still can't quit reading that smut, senpai?" Kakashi looks up at the voice and sees a familiar purple haired kunoichi. He eye smiles at the woman.

"You know me, Yugao-chan. I never change." The woman smiles and takes a seat with her drink across from her former captain. "It's nice to see you again. How goes work?" he asks.

Yugao shrugs. "Same old same old. I don't go on as many assignments since I usually guard Hokage-sama." Kakashi nods. "How about you? Never figured the famous Kakashi Hatake would take on a genin team."

Kakashi chuckles. "I haven't taken them on juts yet, Yugao-chan." He sips his drink and lets out a sigh. "I was hoping to teach Naruto. But Hokage-sama is going to test him to see if he can get promoted to jounin rank. He fought Asuma and dominated him but... I still think Hokage-sama should rethink his decision, regardless of his strange power."

Yugao sits and listens to Kakashi intently. Taking a sip from her drink, she responds, "I trust Hokage-sama's decision, senpai. I've seen the boy's power, myself."

This catches Kakashi's intrigue. "You have?" The purple haired beauty nods. "Tell me what you know about it."

Yugao giggles. "The suspense must be killing you, senpai." She takes a drink before continuing. "His Eiton is a combination of Earth, Wind, and Lightning. It's similar to the Tsuchikage's Jinton, except his mastery with it is unmatched. He casts it faster and with greater control and less chakra usage." Kakashi's eye widens. He knows of how powerful Jinton is and if Naruto can use something on that scale and to a greater control... how could he possibly hope to match it?

"Another thing, Kakashi," Yugao says. She knows she shouldn't be revealing Naruto's secrets but Kakashi is someone important to her and he needs to know to be careful against him. Plus, Sandaime-sama never prohibited her from talking about it. She takes a drink before saying, "Jutsu won't work against him."

Kakashi's raises an eyebrow in intrigue. "I saw him destroy some of Asuma's attacks. Are you saying that's an ability of his Eiton?"

Yugao nods. "His element is pure destruction. He said that his Eiton can destroy chakra." She stops there, refusing to disclose the possibility that he can kill bijuu.

This revelation stuns Kakashi, though. How is it possible that an element exists that can even destroy chakra? And if that's true, then how could he possibly beat something that strong. It explains how he negated Asuma's attacks but he actually destroyed the chakra. That power is both terrifying and incredible.

Noticing the expression on Kakashi's face, Yugao deflects his attention. "So... me and Hayate broke up." Kakashi was surprised at her statement.

"What? Why?" he asks.

Yugao shrugs. "It just... wasn't working for me." She takes another sip. "I love him, sure... but more as a brother or best friend than someone I want to settle down with. I mean, we're childhood friends. I hope I didn't hurt him too badly though."

Kakashi sighs. First Kurenai and Asuma and now Yugao and Hayate. Today's been full of heartbreaks. He takes a sip of his own drink. A question crosses his mind. "Did he... find out...?"

Yugao shakes her head. "No. At least, I don't think so."

The two are referring to one of the missions they had been on assigned. It was an S-rank mission and they had both been close to dying. They had been separated from their other two teammates and had been hiding in a cave. The situation had gotten to both of them and they had given in to their lust and made love. If Yugao had been honest, it was the best she had, not having been with Naruto.

"I see." Kakashi says. Yugao looks at him, in slight appraisal.

"Do you regret it, senpai?"

Kakashi looks up in slight surprise. "...No. I don't. Why do you ask?"

Yugao shrugs. "I know you and Hayate are friends. And I'm the one who came onto you." Kakashi shakes his head.

"No, Yugao-chan. I don't regret it. Do you?" he responds.

She smirks. "Of course I don't, senpai." She has a mischievous glint in her eye. "You know..."

The next morning finds Kakashi watching a sleeping Yugao, stroking her hair as she snores lightly. The white haired jounin has a smile on his face as he observes the beautiful purple haired woman. Yugao wakes and turns to her bedmate with a smile on her face.

"Morning, senpai." she says lovingly. She appreciates the maskless face of her lover. He scoots his naked form closer to hers. He leans down and kisses her tenderly.

"Morning, Yugao-chan. Did you enjoy your night?" he asks with a smirk on his face. She giggles lightly, sending chills down his spine.

"Of course I did, Kakashi-kun. It was every bit as amazing as I remembered." she wraps her arms around him and pulls him back down to the bed. She climbs on top of him, claiming his lips once more.

Kakashi explores his lover's body with his hands. Yugao parts from the kiss with a grin. "I want more. And..." she leans down and nips his ear before continuing with a seductive whisper. "...I don't have to report in today..."

Kakashi smirks and spends the rest of the morning and well into the afternoon making love to Yugao. He missed her as much as she missed him and the two expressed their feelings to each other with their bodies.


(Yesterday Evening)

Kurenai sits in a chair next to Asuma's bed. A frown adorns the beautiful kunoichi's face as she waits for him to wake up. His attitude during the fight with Naruto was so out of character for him. The Asuma she knew was kind and polite to her. Even if she knew he was a cheater, he never disrespected her. But when he was trading taunts with Naruto, he disrespected her and all the women Naruto was affiliated with. She took exception to that but was uncertain how she should confront him about it.

Kurenai is broken out of her musings when Asuma stirs from his unconsciousness. He opens his eyes and turns his head to see the ravenette sitting next to his bed. He chuckles. "Kurenai-chan..." he says with a kind smile. Kurenai returns it with a polite, soft smile. Asuma struggles but manages to sit up, still sore from the fight. Kurenai sees his grimace and goes to help him, only for him to indicate that he is fine. Kurenai sits back down with a concerned frown.

Asuma sighs. "I... want to apologize... both to you and to the kid..." Kurenai is surprised at Asuma's words. She widens her eyes as he continues. "I wasn't myself, Kurenai-chan. I haven't been myself for a while now. I was angry, unfairly, both at you and at Naruto." He sighs again.

Kurenai respond, "No, Asuma-kun. We were all wrong. Both me and Naruto-kun see that."

Asuma shakes his head. "No. No, Kurenai-chan. You and Naruto are not wrong. I cheated first. I've been cheating all this time. What you did, I can't blame you for. And I definitely can't blame the kid either. I'm sorry."

Kurenai frowns. Asuma is taking all the blame on himself. He isn't even mad at Naruto even though he beat him up. Perhaps Naruto knocked some sense into him? Kurenai speaks up, "Then... let's start over, Asuma-kun. Let's make this relationship work. We both see where we can improve, we can make things work out."

Asuma smiles sadly. He sees the hopeful expression on her face. He responds, "I... don't think we can, Kurenai-chan."

His answer shocks the Genjutsu Mistress. "What? Why not?!" she demands.

Asuma shakes his head. "Kurenai-chan, I'm a cheater and now you've cheated too. I know you'll never trust me fully. And I know I can never trust you fully again either."

Kurenai frowns. She growls back, "And why not?!"

Asuma sighs and looks at her in her eyes. "If I told you that you could never be around Naruto again, that I never want you talking to him or even looking at him again because I know what happened between the both of you, could you bring yourself to do it?"

Kurenai looks down, knowing what Asuma says is true. She really cares for the blonde adonis greatly and many of her thoughts were about him today. She doesn't think she could simply cut him off like Asuma said. Asuma sees her expression fall and scoffs. "Damn. How humiliating. He beats me up and takes my girlfriend. Well, I guess I brought it on myself, honestly."

Kurenai looks up and responds, "No, Asuma-kun. I don't-" Asuma holds up his hand, signaling for her to stop.

"Don't, Kurenai-chan. We're both adults here and I've accepted that it's better this way. Don't make this any harder than it needs to be." he says with a smile. "Let's just... try to be friends after this. I may have lost my girlfriend, but that doesn't mean I need to lose my childhood friend, does it?"

Kurenai's expression softens. He's right, in her opinion. Maybe the two of them can try to get along after this. It's regrettable, but she doesn't think she can trust him fully either. And she doesn't trust herself to not run to Naruto anymore.


Naruto makes his way to check up on Kurenai the next day. After a wild night in the sack with the Snake Mistress, he felt he needs to see his Genjutsu Mistress next. She hadn't stopped by that evening and he became worried. Unlike the beautiful tokubetsu jounin, Kurenai owns her own house instead of a simple apartment. Arriving, Naruto knocks on her door and waits for her.

After a few seconds, the door opens, revealing a slightly disheveled raven haired beauty. She's wearing an oversized black shirt and her red panties. To Naruto, this is when a woman is at her most beautiful: when she isn't even trying.

Naruto snaps out of his musings and asks, "Nai-chan, what happened? I was hoping to see you yesterday but you didn't stop by. Are you ok?"

Kurenai smiles sadly and invites the blonde prospective jounin inside. Naruto goes and sits on her sofa while Kurenai prepares them some tea. Coming to join him with two cups, she sits down next to him. Naruto looks at her with a worried expression.

Kurenai sighs. "Me and... Asuma decided it would be best to take a break." Naruto's eyes widen in surprise. "We knew things would never be right between us. I could never trust him fully and he'd never trust me the same again. Things were... beyond repair... between us."

Naruto looks at her sadly, feeling responsible for causing her trouble. He sighs, "I'm sorry, Nai-chan. I didn't mean to cause more problems for you." Kurenai furrows her brow and embraces him in a hug.

"It's not you fault, Naruto-kun. It's nobody's fault. You don't need to apologize, Naruto-kun. I don't regret what we did. I never will. I enjoyed every moment." Naruto smiles at Kurenai's words. He turns to her and their eyes meet. Taking a moment to get lost in each other's eyes, Naruto pulls Kurenai into a deep, passionate kiss.

Lemon Scene- Enjoy, you cheeky perverts :)

Naruto decides to heat things up and pulls Kurenai into his lap. The two engage in a battle of the tongues, and they aren't using words. Their kiss is sloppy, hot, wet, and lustful. Naruto runs his hands up and down Kurenai's body, reaching underneath her shirt and removing it. Kurenai explores Naruto's muscular torso with her hands, swirling his nipples between her fingers every so often. After a few minutes of kissing, saliva stains their chins and the lovers' eyes are heavy with desire.

Kurenai removes herself from Naruto's lap and removes her panties. She takes them and shoves them in Naruto's face, making him inhale her womanly scent. Naruto's erection grows painful as he savors the aroma of the beautiful Genjutsu Mistress.

Kurenai gets down in front of Naruto and frees his massive cock from his shorts. The bestial length makes it's appearance slapping Kurenai in the face. She still is not used to seeing such a large member. Kurenai looks at the cock and then to it's owner and chuckles sexily. She grabs the massive shaft and begins stroking it, eliciting a moan from Naruto. She then gives it a long, slow, sensual lick. Naruto rears his head and moans deeply. Kurenai begins twirling her tongue around it's head, causing Naruto to grasp the sofa cushions. She takes the one eyed monster into her mouth and begins sucking him off enthusiastically.

Naruto's breath becomes labored and he grabs a handful of Kurenai's hair. He watches her as she gives him some of the best head he's ever had and their eyes never leave one another. The red eyed Genjutsu Mistress is the epitome of feminine beauty in Konoha. She's the desire of most men in the village. He wonders what they would think if they found out that she's on her knees in front of him sucking him off better than the best courtesans in Konoha's Red Light district.

Kurenai begins taking his length deep into her throat. Naruto bucks his hips at the pleasure rushing through his body. Kurenai doesn't even gag. She cups his balls and her throat begins tightening around Naruto's cock. Naruto grunts and begins thrusting in rhythm with Kurenai's motions. "Fuck! I'm cumming Nai-chan!" With one last thrust, Naruto releases a torrent of semen down Kurenai's throat. Not one to surrender, Kurenai swallows Naruto's seed with audible gulps, like drinking milk through a straw.

Naruto pants as he finishes his orgasm. Both lovers are visibly sweaty and Naruto is still hard. Kurenai's arousal begins flooding the room with pheromones. Her vagina is drooling and leaking down her thighs. As she was giving Naruto oral pleasure, her juices began dripping onto her carpet. She grabs a tissue and wipes her mouth. Naruto saunters up behind her and wraps his arms around her stomach and begins kissing on her neck. She moans into his touch.

Instead of continuing in the sitting room, Kurenai leads Naruto into her bedroom. She bends over her bed and Naruto gives her taut, round ass a firm slap, earning another lustful moan from the gorgeous Genjutsu Mistress. Naruto gets down on his knees behind Kurenai, who has her legs spread. Naruto begins kissing her right calf and traces kisses upward behind her knee, then on the back of her thigh, and finding himself directly in the midst of her womanly valley. Naruto finds her female scent utterly intoxicating. Her scent is one of the most enticing he's ever come across, with only Anko's being more arousing. He licks his lips, preparing to indulge himself in the woman he virtually stole from Asuma.

He grabs her rear and spreads her cheeks, diving his face into her womanly folds, smashing his nose against her anus. Kurenai moans loudly as torrents of pleasure ignite her nerves. She grips her sheets tightly and pushes her hips back to deepen Naruto's cunnilingus. He slaps the beautiful jounin's ass, leaving a red handprint. He buries his face deeper, assaulting her folds with his mouth and her ass with his nose. Kurenai rears her head and arches her back. She lets out a howl of ecstasy as Naruto gives her pleasure like none she'd ever experienced before. And this is only the beginning.

Kurenai's orgasm rips through her body. Her knees buckle and her toes curl. Her juices spray out all over Naruto's face and he happily laps it up. Kurenai grits her teeth and squeezes her eyes closed and squeals out in delight. Her orgasm dies down and she loses strength in her legs. Naruto stands, licking his fingers and wiping his face off, grinning at a job well done.

Kurenai pants, the blonde having exhausted her with that orgasm. She turns her gaze to her blonde lover, her eyelids heavy with lust. He looks back at her with equal amounts of lust, stroking his massive length, ready to completely steal her mind, her heart, and her body. Kurenai musters the strength to stand and leaps into his arms, wrapping her own around his neck, and capturing his waist with her legs. Naruto climbs onto the bed with her, not hindered at all in his movements by their combined weight. Reaching the uppermost part of Kurenai's bed, the red eyed beauty unlocks her legs from the blonde's waist and parts from their kiss. She looks him deeply into his eyes and utters the words, "Take me."

Naruto smiles and nods, obliging the beautiful woman. He rubs his tip against her entrance and begins pushing inside. Kurenai arches her back and lets out a loud moan as her blonde lover's massive girth spreads her insides apart.

Naruto buries his length fully inside of the ravenette, pressing against her womb. Kurenai's face contorts into a soundless scream, her tongue hangs out of her mouth and her eyes slightly roll back into her skull. Naruto leans down and kisses the crevice of her neck, savoring the sweat on her skin. He lets her adjust to his intrusion before he decides to go to work.

Kurenai regains her senses and wraps her arms around the blonde stallion. They engage in another round of tongue wrestling. Naruto begins thrusting in and out of his red eyed lover, each motion drawing more and more juice out of her tight snatch. Kurenai throws her head back and howls out in delight. Naruto leans down and captures her nipple into his mouth. Each action draws more pleasure from the Genjutsu Mistress.

By this point, Kurenai has lost count of the number of times Naruto has brought her to orgasm. Her sheets are in disarray, numerous stains riddle the bed, and the entire house is doused in the pungent odor of lovemaking. Naruto now has Kurenai bent over with her delectable ass in the air. Her nails dig into the covers and her face is contorted in orgasmic high. Her blonde lover is pounding away at her vagina, each thrust resulting in a series of ripples from her derrière.

While the couple drown themselves in pleasures of the flesh, one Asuma Sarutobi makes his way to visit the red eyed goddess. He had been released from the hospital hours earlier and made a few stops. He also went to the Hokage to report his assessment of the blonde. Needless to say, he had no doubts in his power as of now. While he isn't fond of the boy, especially since his relationship was basically ruined by him, he respects the boy's skill.

As he nears Kurenai's house, he's quite cheerful. He decided to invite her out for lunch as friends, wanting to talk with her as colleagues instead of as a couple. He still loves her dearly but he accepts that they'll likely never have a chance together again. He is still deep in thought as he knocks on her door. After a few minutes, there's still no answer. He knocks again and waits, but nobody answers. He's about to turn and try to find her elsewhere until he hears... a noise.

Apparently it's coming from Kurenai's bedroom. Curiosity getting the better of him, Asuma walks around the house to Kurenai's bedroom window. Her house is small and on a single level so Asuma can access the window from the ground. The 'noise' grows louder as he approaches her bedroom window. Asuma's eyes widen in shock and horror as he finally gets a full view of the activities occurring inside his ex-girlfriend's room.

In the heat of their lust, Naruto and Kurenai didn't bother to close the curtains. They put on a show for Asuma as Naruto slaps Kurenai's ass again, causing another squeal to erupt from her mouth. Naruto can sense Asuma's chakra and knows he's watching so he decides to go all out. His thrusts grow faster and deeper, he grabs her breast with his left hand and pulls on her hair with his right. Kurenai resembles an animal in heat instead of the beautiful, graceful, and confident girlfriend that Asuma knows.

The man presses his face against the window, his eyes widened and full of tears. Kurenai's howls pierce his ears. The boy who put him in the hospital and humiliated him is now subjugating the woman he loved. He watches as Kurenai is being owned by her new master. He is ashamed as he witnesses just how inferior he is to this... alpha male.

Kurenai is making noises that Asuma has never heard when they made love. While their sex was slow and soft, this was feral and animalistic. While their lovemaking lasted one round and ended with a nap, Asuma can see the semen leaking from her vagina as well as stains in other places, meaning Naruto's stamina far exceeds his own. Kurenai is constantly cumming, her legs shaking and her juices spewing out all over the blonde stud's cock. He's obviously pleasuring her far more than Asuma ever could hope to accomplish.

He's bigger, lasts longer, and makes the ravenette experience an ecstasy she's never felt before. Compared to him, Asuma doesn't even deserve to be in the presence of this demigod. Tears flow from his eyes, he grits his teeth, and his pants tighten in discomfort as his erection grows at the sight of such bestial mating.

Naruto continues pounding away at his beautiful lover. He's slapped her ass so much, both cheeks are now a vibrant red. His grunts fill the room, Kurenai's voice is hoarse from her shrieking and moaning and she can no longer feel her legs.

He pounds harder and faster, Kurenai's love juices erupting from her ruined cunt once more. He grunts and thrusts, not letting up for a moment. Kurenai is barely conscious. "YEAH! I OWN THIS PUSSY, DON'T I?!"




Asuma cries. He can't believe his ears. His childhood friend and sweetheart is proclaiming that this blonde upstart is a superior lover. As infuriating as it is, something about the whole situation is so arousing. Asuma is confused. He's facing a dilemma. He wants to run away and cry in a corner but he can't seem to tear his eyes from the scene.




Kurenai moans louder. "FUCK YES! ITS THE BEST COCK I EVER HAD!"



Naruto growls and pounds ferociously. He becomes fueled by the desire to breed this woman and make her completely belong to him.




Asuma pounds on the window. He wants to stop this and prevent Kurenai from being lost completely. "STOP IT! LET HER GO!" he shouts.




Naruto roars and Kurenai howls. The two lovers climax in their animalistic mating. Kurenai's juices spray out, drenching Naruto's crotch and soaking the sheets beneath them. Naruto's seed erupts in a torrent, flooding into her womb and painting her insides a milky white. Kurenai goes limp, her face contorted in an ahegao, her mind blank from the unending pleasure. Her arms lose strength and her head collapses on her bed. Naruto chuckles, proud of his work in conquering one of the most desired women in the Elemental Nations.

Naruto pulls out, his excess seed pouring out of the Genjutsu Mistress. He gives her ass one last slap for good measure. "Amazing as always, baby." He climbs up off of Kurenai's bed and walks her bedroom window, a smirk on his face and his cock swinging proudly. He comes face to face with the mindbroken Asuma.

The blonde alpha chuckles. "Hope you enjoyed the show, Asuma. Cuz she belongs to me now." He finishes his message and closes the curtains before heading into Kurenai's kitchen to get a drink.

Soon after, Asuma can be seen with his knees curled up to his chest, hiding his painful erection. Grunts and moans can be heard from inside Kurenai's house. Asuma was broken, Naruto had completely defeated him. He trampled upon his pride, degraded him as a man, and stolen his lover away from him... forever.

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