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I've read a couple survival fics, but most were either discontinued or weren't that great. So, I decided to start my own island survival fic with Jaune and a harem. Why? Because I wanted it to be that way.

[Several Weeks After the Events of the Breach]

Jaune was bruised and bloodied by RWBY and JNPR's most recent mission. A trip to south Anima trying to determine the whereabouts of a horde of Grimm turned into a fun adventure. Mainly Jaune getting tossed around by a member of that horde while the rest of his friends tore that pack of beowolves, ursai, and a dozen other Grimm species apart. All in all, it was a fun weeklong trip.

The boy was proud of himself, however. He'd managed to kill the ursai after a few rounds of trading blows with it. That Grimm bear was a giant compared to those, he fought in Forever Fall and the Breach. Given its size, the group seemed to think it was closer to becoming an alpha ursai. So, that was a plus for Jaune. He was happy with it. Meant he was getting better at fighting, at least.

The only thing Jaune regretted about this mission was the two teams not spending more time in south Anima. It was a beautiful tropical paradise touched by only a few minor settlements. Sandy beaches, warm sun, diverse environments both in the ocean and on land. Had they finished up a few days earlier, Jaune wouldn't have minded the group taking a day trip on those beaches.

"Jaune," a person called out next to him.

Realising he was daydreaming or looking off into space, Jaune focused on the voice. Pyrrha glanced at him from the side with a gentle smile on her lips. Her expression made the boy's stomach tingle and fill with butterflies. He nearly forgot he was prone to motion sickness from that single look.

"Yeah, what's going on," he replied, stiffening his posture. His heartbeat against the inside of his chest. Jaune's hands began sweating in anticipation of what she would say to him.

After the dance, things became weird around Pyrrha. Not her doing but from Jaune himself. Since giving up on Weiss, he'd begun thinking about stuff. Jaune figured out he liked Pyrrha. While the feelings he held for Weiss lingered, this crush began growing a few nights after their conversation on the balcony.

Jaune being himself, realised he screwed up big time. He'd wrongfully assumed things about Pyrrha. That she'd have boyfriends, dates, and guys tripping all over her. It wasn't until they talked during the night of the dance that those assumptions were knocked down. He felt like an ass for not thinking all that stuff back in Mistral would mean none of that would happen.

Now, he just wanted to take things slowly. Jaune didn't want to hurt the team. He didn't want to scare off his incredible teammate by rushing things like he did Weiss. Pyrrha was too important to lose because of his own stupidity.

Why do you curse me like this, body?

"Are you feeling all right," Pyrrha asked, leaning into her seat. "Those bandages aren't too tight?"

"Naw, just a little sore," Jaune wheezed out. "Aura hasn't caught up to it yet..."

At these altitudes, broken and bruised ribs could have some weird effects. Air pressure could affect a pneumothorax caused by broken ribs. The pressurised cabin could induce blood pooling in injuries due to a hypoxic environment. A lot of things could happen. Especially since Jaune hadn't been to a doctor and the group just boarded their bullhead after the job was done.

The rest of his friends got out pretty much unscathed. Rin and Nora caught the worst of it aside from Jaune. They only needed a lot of rest to regenerate their Aura. Other than that, everyone was just tired. Nothing a twelve-hour flight wouldn't fix.

Jaune was just happy he had such a caring friend. That was enough for him right now.

"What's everyone's plans when we get back to Vale," Yang asked the group, looking incredibly bored.

"Sleep..." Blake said with a dry tone. Her head leaned back against the seat and her eyes closed.

"I was going to do some training," Pyrrha answered, looking to the blonde. "We're going to have some time off after we return, so I thought it might be a good idea."

Vytal Festival is in a few months, so that sounds like a good idea...

"I was thinking about doing some clubbing," Yang proposed with a grin. "Do something fun instead of camping..."

"Are you going to tear apart another club, Ms Xiao Long," Professor Goodwitch asked, side-eyeing the blonde over her book. "I don't think you will be able to talk your way out of the next one you destroy."

"Hey~," Yang whined, putting on a pout. "Junior was asking for it! Plus, he was working with Roman anyway! So, that's what he gets for being a dick..."

I remember that...

The briefing Jaune and his friends got stated something about Roman working with the White Fang. Blake and the rest of RWBY confirmed it, but not much came from that information. They managed to stop their plans to breach the wall and release a horde of Grimm into the city, so it seemed like the end of the issue. With the Atlas Navy showing up in full force soon, there looked to be enough security to keep Vale safe for right now.

"With the White Fang still in Vale, I don't think it's a good idea," Weiss countered with a logical argument. "We haven't captured all their members yet, so a group of junior Huntsmen who got in the way of all their plans would be their next target. At least if they were concerned with revenge and haven't run away, that is..."

Yang sunk all the way into her seat. "Ugghh, why did you guys have to make it sound like a bad idea?"

"There's gonna be parties at the Academy, right," Jaune proposed, trying to cheer Yang up. "Why don't we wait for those? The other academies' students will throw some. Probably."

"Why don't we throw one," Nora suggested with a grin. "We've got the space! We can buy a bunch of alco-" She cut herself off just as Professor Goodwitch looked over her book again.

"You may throw parties, but try to keep them under control," she explained, turning a page in her book. "You're responsible for damages."

At that, Nora turned to her friends with an ear to ear grin. Jaune was already scared of the plans she was conjuring. He already knew it would be huge because of RWBY and JNPR's reputation as the top students of their year and their feats as of recently. Nora would take any idea they gave her and dial it to one-hundred regardless of whatever laws of physics or legal issues it brought it on.

"All right, how do we feel about-"

Nora was interrupted again by the bullhead sharply jerking to the left. Everyone in the cargo bay was violently thrown against their restraints, and anything not tied down was slammed against the hull. This single instance could have been mistaken for turbulence if not for the bullhead diving at an accelerated rate before taking another sharp manoeuvre.


The shout coming from the pilot was followed by the floor of the bullhead getting sheered away by something Jaune couldn't see. It happened so fast that Jaune couldn't prepare himself for their assailant to rip into the bullhead. Its claws cut a deep gorge through the steel fuselage, opening the cargo bay to the outside. The sudden change in pressure and temperature shocked Jaune's system.

His vision cut in and out as a third attack rocked the bullhead. Shaking the aircraft, the engines died, and they began falling. Jaune could feel the pilot pull up with all his strength to keep them airborne, but it was useless. Everyone onboard the bullhead screamed as they fell out of the sky. Jaune could feel Pyrrha grab his hand, trying to hold onto him for whatever it was worth. He embraced his partner's hand with equal fervour.

All Jaune could feel for those last few seconds was his heart climbing into his throat. Then, he blacked out.

[Unknown Location]

Jaune snapped awake, pulling his face from the sand he laid on. Wiping the particles from his eyes, he whipped his head around, trying to figure out where he ended up. If it were not for the sun blinding him, he could have made out the finer details. However, the prone body next to him became his immediate concern.

Catching Pyrrha next to him, Jaune dove on the girl. He checked her pulse first, finding that it was strong. Carefully, he then rolled her over to examine the rest of his partner. Not knowing if she had a spinal injury, he could not risk aggravating it and paralysing his friend. Jaune hovered his ear over her mouth and could hear her breathing, so he moved her into the recovery position.

Rolling his partner over, Jaune noticed the sand was stained with blood. The source came from an inch-long gash behind her left tempal. It wasn't bleeding too heavily, but he needed something to staunch the flow of blood. Jaune chose to sacrifice Pyrrha's sash, tying it around her head enough to bind the wound.

That's when Pyrrha woke up. With a gasp loud enough to scare the daylight out of Jaune, she grabbed his arm and continued to suck down air for several seconds. Her hands shook as the adrenaline coursing through her veins wore off.

The relief Jaune felt was all he needed for the rest of his life. He fell on top of her, wrapping the girl in a tight hug, which she returned. There, the two sat, savouring each other's presence for the moment. Each thankful the other managed to survive.

"J-Jaune, you're bleeding," Pyrrha spoke up with a shaky tone.

He pulled away from her, and Pyrrha got onto her knees. Using a knife, she cut a length of her sash into strips and reached for Jaune's face. Unbeknownst to him, he had a cut going diagonal across his eyebrow towards his nose, splitting his brow deep enough to bleed profusely. Pyrrha managed to bandage the wound with her trembling hands like Jaune did her's.

"Okay, we need to find the others," Pyrrha declared, pushing herself off the ground.


Jaune stood and looked around the beach they landed on. It was a typical scene from any travel brochure. Palm trees for miles, crystal clear water, crabs skittering across the sand, and the whitest sand beaches he'd ever seen. Jaune would have thought this was paradise if he had not crash-landed here.

"Where are we?"

Jaune looked for the sun, finding it was overhead. Thus, there was no way to tell direction via that. Pulling out his and Pyrrha's scrolls, both were destroyed in the crash. So, neither could call their friends. All that was left for them to do was run around the beach and see if they washed up here.

"Let's start in this direction, Jaune," Pyrrha said, gesturing to a rocky outcropping nearby.

The teens broke out into a jog, covering the hundred feet between them and the elevated surface in seconds. Pyrrha was first to scramble to the top while Jaune and his lower athleticism followed her. At the height of this ten-foot rock, it gave them a view of the next eight or so miles between them and the rainforest bordering the beach.

Jaune spotted Blake, Ruby, Weiss, and Yang a short distance away. Two hundred feet beyond them was Rin, Nora, and Professor Goodwitch. The former were huddled around the Heiress, who seemed to shout as loud as she physically could. It seemed she was in pain. That factor alone was enough for the pair to jump down to join them first. Jaune didn't have time to be relieved his friends were okay.

Sprinting to Weiss' shouting, they came across a scene that would have made some gag. The Heiress' foot had a prominent bulge sticking out of the lateral side of her right ankle. It seemed to be the source of her anguish. Its appearance like that of an alien trying to push its way out of her leg.

"GAWWW," Weiss shouted, pounding her fist into the sand as Ruby touched the ankle. "DON'T TOUCH IT!"

"She dislocated her ankle," Blake said upon catching sight of Pyrrha and Jaune running up behind the group.


"We're going to have to relocate it and splint it," Pyrrha insisted, going to cut another length from her sash. "Yang, can you find a piece of wood to brace it with?"

"Can't, my hand's all fucked up," Yang replied, showing off her injury.

The girl's ring and pinky fingers were both pointing in ways they shouldn't have. Jaune felt a chill run up his spine just seeing that. Her hand was useless unless they did something about it, but at least it wasn't something too important. She could walk around or run if they came across any Grimm.

Dashing into the treeline and back, Ruby came out with several pieces of wood. Two small ones for Yang's fingers and two thicker sticks for Weiss' ankle. With those pieces, they had all they needed to make the small repairs.

"Blake, hold her leg down," Jaune requested, going for the Heiress' foot. "Pyrrha, can you help me."

"WAIT-WAIT-WAIT-WAIT," Weiss shouted, trying to grab at the faunus. She was unsuccessful in her efforts as Yang and Ruby held her down, keeping the girl pinned.

Jaune placed a hand under her heel, holding her Achilles tendon, and the other on the metatarsals of her big toe. Pyrrha came in and grabbed on to assist in applying traction. Blake braced her lower leg, keeping it still while Jaune and Pyrrha moved the ankle back into place.

With a scream from Weiss, Jaune pulled the ankle towards him, applying axial traction while Blake used counter traction on the upper leg. He then pushed the foot back into place as Blake performed her move. In one swift motion, the ankle clunked back into its position. Such a manoeuvre left Weiss crying due to the lack of pain meds.

"Hey Weiss, you did such a good job," Ruby said, trying to comfort her friend.

"I-It hurts," Weiss cried out, biting down as hard as she could. Ruby then came in and wrapped the girl in a big hug, letting her cry into her shirt.


"Okay, it looks good," Pyrrha expressed, feeling along her foot and ankle. "We just need to watch it so she doesn't get compartment syndrome."

That was the last thing Weiss needed out here. It would kill her if there wasn't a doctor within walking distance. Dislocated bones Jaune could treat, but that was too complex for him.

"FUCK ME," Yang screamed as loud as she could.

Pyrrha was already pulling her fingers back into place. Without those pain meds, Yang screamed and shouted, pounding her hand into the sand or digging nails into her own skin. Within a few seconds, however, it was all over. Yang fell to the ground and laid next to Weiss, reconsidering her life decisions up to this point.

"Can you guys splint them up," Jaune asked Blake and Ruby. "We're going to check on the others."

"Yeah, we couldn't get to them; I don't know how they're doing."

Not good...

Pyrrha and Jaune sprinted in their direction. Unconcerned about their body's exhaustion or their injuries, they crossed the beach to find the bloody site of their friends. Professor Goodwitch had a deep cut on her shoulder. Nora was unscathed. However, Rin had the worst of it.

A jagged piece of metal was embedded into the left side of her abdomen just two inches diagonal from her belly button. Blood spilt out onto the sand with every pulse from the wound, indicating a nicked artery. Every second it remained there, Rin would be losing more blood than they could afford.

"Shit, where's the trauma kit," Jaune shouted, ripping off his hoodie and falling to his knees.

It's too deep to pull out... Can't leave it there either.

"On the bullhead," Professor Goodwitch replied, applying pressure around the wound while also stabilising the metal shard.

"Can you use your semblance to get it out of the water," Pyrrha asked, grabbing Jaune's hoodie and draping it over Rin's chest to keep her warm.

"No, I would have done it already..."

I need to get it.

Leaping to his feet, Jaune turned to the submerged bullhead. All he could see was the tail sticking out of the water, so it was deep down. The aircraft itself landed nearly eighty feet out from the shoreline. It was close enough for him to swim out for it.

"I'LL BE BACK," Jaune shouted, running towards the bullhead.

Sprinting towards the water, Jaune threw down his armour and Crocea Mors. Anything heavy was thrown away. The boy didn't even take time to remove his boots. Such a motion was too expensive for Rin, so he had to deal with it.

Diving into the ocean, Jaune felt his clothing immediately grow heavy with water. Yet, it didn't slow him down. The Huntsman conditioning he received from Pyrrha was enough to keep him moving against the waves. The adrenaline in his veins and his determination kept him from getting tired. He needed to get that kit for his friend.

A wave crashed into him, filling his mouth with seawater, but Jaune pushed through. The taste made him want to vomit, but he bit his tongue instead and powered through. All he focused on was his breathing. His strokes needed to be perfect, pushing him through the water as he kicked his legs as hard as they would.

Reaching the submerged bullhead, he took a breath and dove down. Ignoring the sting of saltwater on his eyes, Jaune swam to the ocean floor in a few seconds. He could feel the pressure building up in his lungs with every movement. So, Jaune didn't waste anything as he crawled inside the fuselage.

Slipping through the sheered metal, Jaune found himself in the centre of the cargo bay. On the wall, the trauma kit was hung in a prominent position. Ideally, in reach for anybody who needed it. Such a kit was designed to treat anything from gunshot wounds to amputations.

Grabbing it, Jaune crept into the cockpit. Looking over the pilot's chair, Jaune found him there. He had long since drowned, pinned to his chair by the crushed nose of the bullhead. Understanding there was nothing he could do, Jaune snatched his gunbelt and whatever else he could take.

Finally, he went to check the distress beacon. The only thing that would relay their location to the rest of Remnant had to be activated. Nobody could know if the pilot managed to get a mayday out with their coordinates, which was essential to the group getting picked up.

Swimming to the panel, Jaune found it to be completely destroyed. That thing that attacked the group had clawed right into it. There was no way for Ruby to fix it since barely half the pieces remained in place. Unless she managed to splice something together, they weren't getting a call out.

Feeling his lungs scream for air, Jaune slipped out of the bullhead. His pants caught on the snarled metal, but he pulled hard and tore his pants rather than fight it. He immediately clawed his way back to the surface, exploding out from under the water with a gasp for air.

I need to get to Rin...

Back stroking to the shore, Jaune was pulled out of the water by Blake and Pyrrha. His legs failed him, and he could hardly walk due to exhaustion. Ruby took the medical kit off him and dashed to Rin so she could get help. Everyone else moved as one to crowd around her.

"You're doing great, Rin," Nora whispered to her friend. "Jaune got the trauma kit."

"O-Okay," Rin wheezed out, wincing due to the pain she was in.

Professor Goodwitch withdrew a morphine syrette from the kit and injected it into Rin's arm. Within thirty seconds, she could not feel anything due to the drug's powerful effects. Rin relaxed, and her head fell back into Nora's lap, where her friend cradled it as a sensation of euphoria came over her.

Using her telekinetic semblance, Professor Goodwitch began working. A dozen tools floated out from the case, spreading the wound slightly or used to manipulate the shard from its place. At her instruction, Pyrrha took hold of the fragment and slowly removed it until it was clear of the wound. As it dislodged, a tide of blood spilt out from inside. Goodwitch immediately applied suction via a tube, draining the blood enough for her to find the bleeder and stitch it closed. Finally, she flushed the wound using whatever saline solution was left in the kit.

Stitching the wound to her stomach, Goodwitch left a slight opening to place a drain. Ruby and Blake then wiped away the blood surrounding the injury to clean up Rin. Everyone could then take a breath as Rin was safe.

"Let's get rid of the shirt," Yang insisted, grabbing at the damaged cloth and ripping it apart. "Can someone else get me a hoodie or one of Jaune's shirts?"

Ruby swiftly dug into Jaune's bag and pulled out a light zip-up hoodie. They bundled her up to keep Rin warm as they figured out what to do next.

"What do we have," Weiss asked, hobbling over with some bags in hand.

Everyone dumped whatever bags they had onto the sand. Weiss and Blake's were gone, but everyone else had found their stuff, or it washed up on the beach. They got lucky; most of them were intact and hadn't been lost in the ocean.

"Ten MREs from Jaune and Nora's bags, knives, changes of clothes, Ruby's got a flaregun, a hammock," Yang listed, organising all their stuff into piles.

Nora ran off to hang the hammock up while the others went through the bags. Once it was ready, Jaune lifted Rin in a bridal carry to the makeshift bed.

"Hey, are you okay," Jaune asked as he lifted Rin up. Her light body made it an easy lift for him.

"Cold," Rin mumbled from inside the oversized hoodie. Jaune could barely see her face under the cloth as she snuggled into it. Laying her in the hammock, Nora immediately took her side.

"Try to keep an eye on her. If you think she's going into shock, yell."

"Got it, thanks..."

Coming back to the group, Jaune took stock of their meagre supplies. The mission depleted almost everything they had. The only reason Jaune and Nora had food was that they packed extra. But, everyone only had a quarter of the ammo they started with. Blake lost all her spare magazines and rounds, and Weiss lost any excess Dust that wasn't already on her person.

"We gotta enough rounds for a big fight and then some, but that's it," Yang said, counting her twenty or so shotgun rounds. "Looks like we're back to sticks and rocks..."

"I found the pilot's gun," Jaune said, holding up the gun belt. "The beacon's toast, so we can't call for help."

"That's not good..." Goodwitch mumbled, kneading her forehead. "Does anyone have a signal on their scroll?"



"It's broken."

"Someone should come looking for us, right," Yang pondered, gesturing to the group. "Come on, we got a member of a Hunstman dynasty, Pyrrha, whatever the fuck Weiss is, Professor Goodwitch, and Rubes and me. Our dad and uncle will come find us if we're not back by the end of the week. We got enough people here that someone should send a search party."

"That's an excellent point, Ms Xiao Long, but we need to prepare for the likelihood that they won't find us," Goodwitch replied with a deep breath. "We need to figure where exactly we are and see if there are any nearby settlements with a radio. If this island is deserted, then we must prepare some shelter and get ready to stay near the crash site for now."

With a nod, Ruby took off down the beach, using her semblance to cover the island faster than anyone else was able to. The rest of their group scoured the beach, trying to find anything else that washed up onshore. Those who were injured stayed back at the hammock and waited for the others. Blake was given the job to explore inland to see if there was anything of note.

"I got the GPS to work," Weiss shouted, luring those closest back to the assembly point.

"It says we're south of the Anima-Sanus strait," Goodwitch explained, looking at a map. She pointed to a location several thousand miles northwest of the chain of islands on Anima's eastern shores. This location put them directly in the middle of the ocean.

"Is that close to anything," Pyrrha asked, leaning over her shoulder to see.

"Not that I'm aware of," the Professor answered, shaking her head. "Nearly all of the shipping lanes come directly through the strait. Anything else would stay by the coast to avoid the large Grimm in the deep ocean. The only people who would come near this island are cargo flights."

That lowered their chances of someone coming across them even more. Jaune's confidence in them being found was already low because of the destroyed beacon. With them being thousands of miles away from anything and everything, how would someone stumble onto the island?

"Jaune," Blake called out to him, holding the pilot's gun out to him. "Take this; my magazine doesn't fit these bullets."

"Oh, thanks..."

Taking hold of the gun, Jaune recognised it as a magnum. Something that was a standard issue for pilots or anyone driving a vehicle in the Valean Guard. It was strong enough to take down a beowolf at close range at the very least. If you were accurate, it would probably take down most Grimm short of an alpha ursai. It was a weapon they could use.

[Several Hours Later]

Ruby finally returned to the group's camp. The sun was nearing mid-afternoon, and the heat had not diminished, so everyone was huddling in the shade. When she arrived, everyone leapt to their feet to greet the girl. Ruby then subsequently fell into their arms.

"I'm tired... pushed myself too hard," she mumbled into Blake's shirt. "Didn't find anything. The island's really big. I couldn't get around the entire thing, so I turned back."

"At least we know this place is huge," Weiss pointed out. "We'll have to try the other side tomorrow."

"So, all we know is this thing is part of an archipelago, and it's massive," Yang laid it out. "You really think no one tried to colonise this place?"

"Possibly, there's a lot of abandoned settlements across Anima," Pyrrha replied. "Maybe we can find something."

"That will have to wait for now," Goodwitch interrupted. "We need to get a fire started and prepare some food. Tomorrow, we can try to find a settlement or explore when we have the light."


If you have ever dislocated an ankle, you will know Weiss' pain.

But, that's the pilot chapter of this fic. Eventually, it might become a thing when I get done with my other projects or just get bored and decide to put out another chapter of this.