When a young boy, who was what is called abused, was out with his Aunt, a weirdly dressed man had bowed to him, before going into a large building with three entrances. The young boy had bowed back as he was beat every time he was not polite.

When home, his Aunt screeched at him about not doing that as they would have nothing to do with wizarding freaks. During the pain of the slapping, the boy only really heard two things. Wizard and freak like him. It was a month later, after Uncle had threw him into his room (the cupboard under the stairs), that he had a chance to escape. What did that was his Aunt throwing his blanket into the outside bin.

Flashback Info:

This set off the magic protection and runes to call to the little boy called boy (freak, waste of space, and little monster). The runed blanket was a major magical artifact created by three women. Lily (Evans) Potter, Selene (Pandora) Lovegood, and Alice (Black) Longbottom were the creators of these three blankets of protection. Neville Longbottom received one that would protect him from damage to his mind and magic. Luna Lovegood received a protection to her physical being and magic. Both had the third rune for help. Harold Potter received one that would rebound deadly magic and give him the ability to find help. The third was mind protection.

They each did three runes seven times. Rather than each of the seven runes three times. She saw it would work out in the long run, because Lily Potter was muggleborn and wanted the help as the secondary Rune. This allowed the Horcrux, but prevented it from taking over.

Pandora, mother of Selene, was a prophetic seer and told her daughter, that bad would happen to all three and these runes (she gave a list) must be sewn into the blankets given to the three children. Pandora died when the three young mothers enchanted the three blankets. She saw they were not doing them all on the blankets, but what each mother thought their child would need.

The blanket called to a poltergeist that was just finished with her business on this world. She felt the pull, crossing the ward as she had no ill intent. At least not till she saw the locked cupboard, the bloody little one, the tears and the crying blank eyes. She felt the bond with the child and a blue blanket she saw in the bin outside.

She used her powers to open the cupboard. The freak boy saw an angel. She beckoned him to the open front door. He thought he heard your blanket from your Mommy, will guide you to your home. He took his leave waving at the angel. He and his blanket went to the building that said 'The Pottery House' on the building itself. The three doors said 'The Snake Den'; 'The Rose Of The Eve'; and 'The House Of The Rising Sun'. Since it was almost morning, he went to the door that he thought said 'The House Son'.

Meanwhile, back to #4 Privet Drive. The Poltergeist had a second wind. She unloosened the gas pipe, turned on the stove, then took the other child and dog out to the street. Then went to her next great adventure. The dog had been happy learning to attack the little one. It's mother had ordered him to. So as a little one was here, he attacked it. Killing it almost instantly. The noise woke several neighbors, most went back to sleep. Ripper, the dog dragged the attack toy back into the house, threw the somewhat open door. He then bumped the door closed as his mistress likes. Thereby sealing the fate of all. The house exploded in the early morn.

Ripper was dead from the gas by this time. Marge, Petunia, and Vernon Dursley died in the major gas explosion. The wards had contained it, to the house, so the degree of damage was ten times as much, but nothing to the surrounding houses. The blood was seen coming from where the front door would have been. There was evidence of a bloody mess in the left over cupboard under where the stairs were. Only the two adult bodies and parts of one were found. The crime scene thinks the baby son was disintegrated. The bobbies think the child trafficking ring is dead. The blood belonged to a missing lord of the realm. Her Majesty put out a 007 order on the rest of the ring. None testified as they all died.

Since Dumbledore was gone for his summer vacation, it was a month before he found the ruined house. His having Moody, Shacklebolt, and Diggle looking into the information. The Muggle Auroras looking into it said much, Moody obliviated Diggle and Shacklebolt. After Albus got off the floor, as Moody had found a stuffed toy that said Harry J. Potter etched in runes in the crime scene evidence from the cupboard. And Moody was truthfully thinking of exterminating Albus, he was caught and obliviated; though he never fully trusted Albus after that. It was because he knew he had been obliviated by Albus to many names. He always made notes about where he was going. He found he went to the Headmaster, etc., but his memory had him going to look for Harry Potter. This set him off, but he figured he found him and Albus hid him and he asked to be obliviated of where Harry was.

Lucius Malfoy, Cantankerous Avery Senior, and Theodore Nott Senior dying in 'accidents' led Dumbledore to believe that someone got rid of the only link between the killers and them. The Queen was informed that the three leaders of the ring were wizards that had claimed imperius curse. This led to her having all those checked with vertassium. Over the next seven years all but three (who fled the country, so died somewhere else) died in Britain and five that only did it to protect their families did not die in Great Britain. Those five took unbreakable vows to be MI5 operatives.

Meanwhile, back at the Rising Sun doorway. A two year old looking, bloody child was found curled up on the circular sofa. The truth was all three doors led to the same place. The difference was in who was in each place to receive visitors. The Pottery House was what is known as a house of ill repute, a bordello, house of assignation, a den of iniquity or massage parlor. But was a business of prostitution and family. The three Ma'ams owed the House of Lord Potter for their freedom.

Lord Fleamont Potter had freed all three from slavery and help them overcome several different curses. He had no need of women of the night, but asked that his son Charlus learn about women and lose his virginity to one of them. The three Ma'am's did a ritual so that House Potter and them (including all who were in their 'houses') would be protected. The problem was that James never came, so his family was not protected by the Family Magics.

Each 'Family' was different, with a combined 'Family' magic. Each had some Potter magic due to the vows and ritual. Fleamont had been able to make over forty collars that let the weres keep their wits about them when they changed. He also set up a family of Brownies, House Elves, etc. that would take care of the House, even the parts in another dimension. It was them being in the other dimension with the Family magics affecting them, that they became more human like, but still had all their magic. They were able to duplicate all the collars he made.

The Snake Den has Madam Marie Locost (French) as the Head of the Human-mix House. Sex, Fire, and Massages.

The Rose Of The Eve has Madam Aimi Lucia (Japanese) as the head of the Non-Human House. Sex, Spies, and Role Play.

The House Of The Rising Sun Madam Merci Caesar (Latin) as the Head of the was Human House. Pain, Sex, and Bondage.

Each was not quite as clear cut as they sound. The Snake Den has Madam Marie Locost as Head of House, she is a half succubus. Her father was the supreme warlock, Ebisu; known as one of seven gods of fortune and Luck. Her mother was the daughter of the first succubus, an alien female that came in a ship that crashed (SEKIREI?). Her House has half human, half others. Four half Veelas, two dhampir, two half Lamina and two half goblins, one half Nymph, and one half Mermaid that all six were surprisingly seductive, ravishingly beautiful, and bewitching. Thirteen members belong to the House of Beguiling. This was the dominance brothel, for those that wanted sex, but wanted to be dominated. Also for those that just enjoyed a massage and possibly seductive sex.

Rising Sun House was made up of only female weres, who possess great strength, agility, speed, regenerative abilities, coordination, and tracking abilities (smell). There were a number that belonged to this family because their were types were patriarchal. There were fifteen were wolves (dhampir friends), seven were hawks (Veela friends), three were foxes (Kitsune friends), three were Kneazles (Nekos friends), and two were snakes (Spitting Cobras, the half Laminas friends). Merci Caesar is Julius Caesar's daughter to Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile. Her mother was a lycan and her father a Weredragon. He died because the first blade, used by Brutus was a magical silver runed one. This made them the largest, but most easily human House. They ran a normal seeming brothel with thirty one members. This was the plain sex, role play sex, and those that cuddled after sex as they would their life partner (spying to protect themselves and to pay for the info).

Rose Evening House was two living vampires, known as dhampir. They are the result of a union between a not long (under 500 years) dead male vampire and a female human. True dhampirs are very beautiful. Dhampir powers are similar to those of vampires but without the usual weaknesses and slightly less powerful, not needing to kill, just drink some blood each week. There were also two Princesses of the Han Dynasty, Nekos Cai and Mai; and Two Princesses of the Zhou Dynasty, Kitsunes Xiao and Zhang; all four carnivores, that enjoyed playing with live unintelligent prey. They also had two Veela that had been turned into nymphos. Fleamont had been able to make several chokers that let them keep their wits about them. This led them to be the perfect Dominatrix, leather and whips.

Madam Aimi Lucia was a different dhampir. Her mother was a half veela half metamorphous witch, while her deceased father was the Voivode (prince) of Wallachia named Vlad Drakul. So nine members belong to the House of the Deadly. This was the BDSM brothel. This included role play, spying, and as said; bondage, dominance, sex, and masochistic tendencies. Some of the Rising Sun needed to be hurt to lose the edge they had, so would join in the pain sometimes.

Back to the story:

The weres all smelled Potter and family. They recognised the baby blanket as a runed artifact. The 'stink' of Potter blood on it, identified this as the future Lord of House Potter, Harold Jamison Potter. Madam Marie Locost wanted to find where he came from and deliver fire and destruction. Madam Aimi Lucia agreed, so set out to find the source of little harry's pain and suffering. Madam Merci Caesar was telling the young child that he was home and that he was not a freak, but their Lord and Master. She called him Harry, he did not understand the Lord and Master part, but understood they were his parents friends. He did not catch the grand art of the three families part. They took him to the other dimension part to help him train.

The Fey became bound to him. The ways they became bound, allowed them to work the safe Houses, soon to be made. But they gained power from him, in more than a normal Fey would. The Fey never aged, due to being in the other dimension. It involved a time like holding pattern. When Harry was brought there, the Family Magics all reacted, as they had built up power for thirty plus years.

Meanwhile, back with a shitting and a getting Albus too many names Dumbledore! He had eight years to either get Neville into the chosen spot or create a Harold James Potter from some other boy. He could not find Harry's magical signature, so knew he was dead, with all his tackers showing no motion. He obliviated the Weasleys into thinking that Ronald had died a crib death. This was the way to make a new boy-who-lived. He used the blood he had to have him become Harrys brother, then he carved the rune into his head, using a ritual to make him green eyed, dark reddish haired, and to look like James otherwise. He did not tell anyone, but with Severus's vow, he gave him 'Harold' to raise as his adopted son, part of Lily. (Read any adopted by snape to get an idea.) He was an excellent potion master like his mother (Molly) Lily. He took to the dark arts as he was taught. Narcissa and Severus got together, raising both boys together. So at age eleven the two 'brothers' went to Hogwarts. They were both spoiled, but knowledgeable. Not quite what Dumbledore wanted, but both were mediocre in power.

Meanwhile, at the Pottery, Harry has learned magic. The three Ma'am's blood adopted Harry, then asked if any other wanted to blood adopt their little one. All the girls chose to do so. Since this was going to change little Harry so much. They took him to the bank, so the goblins could get a ritual to compensate for all the blood adoptions. This led to finding out that Harry was heir Black from Sirius having blood adopting him. This led to them trying to get Sirius a trial and ended with him being soul sucked. The goblins were not happy with Albus, Severus, and Narcissa. They created the ritual blood adoption. Chuckled that Lord Harry would have goblin blood, so he could be their ambassador, spy, and benefactor.

It was not till it was all done, that they did a blood inheritance and ability check. They had destroyed the piece of soul in Harry's forehead, they realised that he had a blood protection in it also. Parts of the baby blanket and enscolled threads had entered into Harrys scar. The piece of soul had headed for the deeper vaults before dissolving into the aether. This led to all the Death Eater vaults being searched. This led to them using the cup for the ritual. Prince of Wallachia and Great Britain and the Commonwealth, by way of Aimi Lucia. Duke Gryffindor, and Earl Hufflepuff by way of father Jamison. Earl Peverell, and Lord Gaunt, Baron of Slytherin (by conquest), of Tom Riddle. Viscount Ravenclaw, by mother Lily Evans. Lord of Ebisu and Taiwan by way of Marie Locost. King of Egypt and Lord of House Caesar by way of Merci Caesar.

So he is Prince (Voivode) of the Royal family and of Romania (Wallachia), by Aimi's father having been mortal at first. Duke of Gryffindor, Earl Peverell and Hufflepuff, Viscount Ravenclaw, Baron Slytherin and Black, and so; Lord Potter-Gaunt-Caesar-Ebisu-Han-Zhou. The rightful King of Greater Egypt, Japan, and Taiwan; rightful Emperor of the Han and Zhou Dynasty, of China.

Because of the blood adoptions little Harry has Lamina, Goblin, Nymph, Mermaid, Succubus, Brownie, Dark Elf, Neko, Kitsune, Dhampir, Veela, Metamorphous, Weredragon, Werewolf, Werehawk, Werefox, Werekneazle, and Weresnake, and Lycan powers, not counting his Wizard and Warlock ones. So all this joined together gave him an Incubus type power in the sex department. The strength, agility, speed, regenerative abilities, coordination, magic sense, sight, feel, hearing, and smell-tracking abilities in the physical ability sense. The wanded and wandless ability due to the Succubus, Brownie, Dark Elf, Goblin, Neko, Kitsune, Nymph, Witch, and Warlock blood. The shapeshift ability of the Metamorphous, Neko, Kitsune, Mermaid, Lamina, Nymph, Succubus, and six different Weres and one Lycan powered him to be a complete shapeshifter. He also had a natural invisibility, shadow hide, and chameleon use due to the Brownie, Dark Elf, Metamorphous, and Nymph abilities combining into the Dark (House) Elf ability to hide in shadows.

He also gained a high magic and damage resistance. The Alien, Dhampir, Were, Dark Elf, and Dragon blood did this. Over the eight following years he learned the following languages. English, French, Latin, Persian, Standard Chinese (Mandarin), Swiss, Yue (Cantonese), Japanese, Wu (Shanghainese), Merfolk (Mermish), Goblin (Ghukliak by nonhumans, Gobbledygook by Wizards; neither is correct), German, Italian, Fey (Elf), Balachka (Ukrainian/Russian), Spanish, Egyptian, Uighur, Turkish, Russian, American Council (this is a trade language used by the american natives and the weres), Sekirei (Alien or Succubus), and Gaelic (the Nymph language).

He learned to draw all females and weak minded men to him, This also led many familyless elves and Brownies to the Pottery. He also did most magic without a wand. He got one at age eight looking older, and learned first to fifth level from the five main school books that his mothers/sisters/girlfriends got him. The Greater London area had no female street kids. The gangs learned to leave the Pottery group alone. There were over twenty normal human girls that joined to become his, instead of staying as a street urchin. After a bit girls were targeted to be raped, then suddenly the rapists all died, torn to pieces. The raping of girls stopped. When he bit them, they became Lycan type shapeshifter weres. Not animals, not a different person, but an amphophidised girl. They usually looked like Nekos most of the time. A sexy giant Were-Cat like person; claws, tail, ears, and eyes, some had a bit more hair (fur). (Note: think more like Pathfinder, Traveler, DnD, or some movies.)

When he received his Hogwarts letter, along with four other street girls; he was ready, after all five others had went the prior year, five others to next year. More girls came from the streets of many countries. This was because Harry asked the 'Mothers' of the families to increase the families for protection. Soon there were seven safe houses. Five of the safe houses from the world; decided that they would prefer to stay human. Soon there were refuge witches joining and becoming the House mothers of the safe havens. All the girls learned multiple languages. Harry now had a diplomatic core, with some witches and squibs.

MI7, known as her Majesty's Secret Service had a witch that heard about The Pottery. She was captured and interrogated about what she wanted. Harry was ready to leave with his four girls when this happened. He thought carefully, then required her to never betray the Royal Family. The witch was a 007 and figured she would be safe doing that and it looked like the Pottery was loyal to Great Britain, even with all these girls from different countries. After all, this was not the Colonies, that accepted everyone. After the vow, finding out who Harry was shattered her thoughts. Harry was a prince of the Royal family and the wording of the vow bound her to him, much more than the rest, as he was Royal, multiple times and possibly even the true King. Jani Rose Bond was thirty-two, looking in between eighteen and twenty one, due to her strength in witchcraft. After talking to her about the benefits of being one of his girls, she asked to be bit. (More later.)

Harry's letter was addressed to Prince Harry Caesar Ebisu Lucia; Earl Peverell-Hufflepuff, Viscount Ravenclaw, and Lord Gaunt-Han-Zhou. When Minerva received the reply to five letters together, she sent for Filius and Sprout; after all the young man and his consorts are founders heirs to their houses. When Filius asked where the letters had been addressed to, he broke out laughing. Both Sprout and Minerva were shocked and looking at him, like he was crazy. He finally ended his chuckling to explain that the Pottery was a House of Sex. Little did he know, that his telling them that could get him killed by the Goblins of Gringotts. When he was chuckling and telling his father about it, he was shocked that his father said;"Never mention this again, or you will be targeted to die for breaking Gringott's Goblin friendship."

Filius looked surprised as he was informed that the Pottery was the home of more magic than all the teachers and elves of Hogwarts had all together. The four girls coming with him were consort Han, consort Gaunt, consort Caesar, and consort Lucia. He had two girls in slytherin, to watch each others backs, one each in the other three houses. The hat had instructions from Lord Hogwarts on where they were to go in each of their minds. The Hogwarts Elves were Harry's, so were the Portraits, except the ones in the Headmasters suite, as he used the Elder wand to ensure their loyalty to him, the Headmaster. Unknowingly, they were loyal to Harry, so unless asked, they could keep quite. The same went for Fawkes. She was very upset that Dumbledore had become so Dark.