With the help of the goblins, Harry and his family has full control of the various families vaults in all five different Gringotts across the globe. When Harry is told there was an illegal blood adoption done, using his blood, he had them set up a trust vault for the kid. The main half of the Potter vault was transferred to the Black Family vault in Britain, while the main half of the Black was transferred to America under Pottery/Black. The Italian one had the Pottery/Caesar vault with the lesser half of the Potter vault. The Ebisu/Potter vault in Japan had gotten the lesser of the Black vault. The Drakul/Potter vault in Romania, part of the Russian Hegemony of Magic got one third of the Slytherin vault. It had more than both the Blacks and Potters together. Tom had syphoned the money from his marked followers into the vault. The Philopator/Pottery vault (Cleopatra) in Egypt got a third, and the one in Taiwan the Han/Pottery vault got the other third.

They moved the entire Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff Vaults into a new one called the Evan/Pottery Vault. The Zhou and Han of China vaults were transplanted into India under the name Han/Zhou/Pottery. The Gryffindor, Gaunt, and Wallachia vaults were sent to the Inca goblin area under the name Godric/Gotha/Pottery.

This allowed the girls to withdraw from the different vaults, but with a limit. The interest from the various vaults was split into four parts. One part to that vault. The other three split into the Rising Sun Vault, the Rose Eve Vault, and the Locost Den Vault. This gave them excess cash that did not end in the magical world. The last three vaults each belonged to a different bank. The Bank of England, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America.

Meanwhile In 1988:

The money is split up to keep it safe. Harry is using the name Harry Leo Black. Heir of House Black as he is the only Black by name. He throws out Draco after taking the Lordship in 1991. Arcturus Black III saw on his tapestry that Harry was a Black and Son of Sirius, so named him heir in 1986. He was a sneaky bastard, bringing the Tonks back into the family, then doing a marriage contract between Harry and Nymphadora. The problem was he said all unmarried Blacks. You must be an 'adult' to claim your Lordship, this means having hit puberty.

Harry's turning the normal girls led to the Neko/Kitsune magic being brought forth and everyone learning to change into animals with their full minds. This was because of the blood adoption ritual, that all three 'mothers' participated in, also. It was 1987 that Harry started taking the girls off the street and protecting them. Somehow he blood bonded them to House Black. This led to them being unmarried Blacks. So the Lion Pride was Harry as 'King'. Arcturus looking at the tapestry, in late 1988 gave him a stroke that mentally killed him. He physically died when Narcissa poisoned him in 1991, for her son Draco.

Now for the reason the Nekos, Lamina, Kitsunes, and Weres thought of Harry as a 'brother' at first, is that he was not an adult to them. After the ritual they all started reverse animagus transformations. The types that had this change from before, taught the others. They all loved teaching Harry. The thing is, they had their minds, but overpowered instincts. So with Harry becoming an animal in his years, they all reacted to their Male Mate. Only the Lamina, Kitsunes, and Nekos became pregnant, because there was no contraceptives on the animals that was their main form. They had them on their other forms. The others were not animals 'first', but anthropized 'humans'.

Human years are one to five (and up) animal years, so Harry was at least an adult in animal form and learned the way of sex, not love. He had learned love since he came to the building. They found the info about the Dursleys, but since they were dead, no revenge was thought of there. But they knew someone put him there. They saw the wizards that came and checked out the ruined house.