Armada love story

By- Rachel Wyld

Hi, my name is Rad and I want to tell you about the Transformers. Mechanical beings from another world and how one human name Alexis and a Decepticon name Starscream saved the world. Transformers!

Chapter 1

When Starscream died, Alexis let out a whale of cry that was so loud that Optimus' Matrix started to glow inside him and leave his body. "Huh!" Said Optimus Prime as the Matrix left his body and hurled to the corpse of Starscream and circled around, making a bright light shine so brightly that every Cybertronium had to shield their eyes from the bright light. As the light started to fade, Starscream's body started to move to the hanger where Alexis and her friends were, the Matrix touch her mind and saw what she wanted from this man and gave a warm nod of approval and left Alexis mind. Alexis opened eyes and saw Starscream body, not an Cybertronium, but human being!? A real 16 year old human male!