Through the eyes of a demon

Ps. Haku is a she in this. (No not because of a pairing, I just think Haku being a whole dude is just cursed)

(Chapter 1)


The black haired boy's senbon riddled body was slowly falling to the ground. The shirtless boy behind him stood, shocked at his actions. Shocked at how much of a coward he had been, but he wasn't only shocked at himself, he was shocked that his friend had jumped in between them to save him. He simply stood there shaking, while his friend risked his life to protect him.

Naruto ran up and caught Sasuke in his arms before he could fully fall over.

"That man…" The black haired boy shifted to look up at his friend, he had two X shaped scratches under both of his eyes, and one larger one on his left cheek. Opening his eyes, he spoke again.

"Until I killed… my brother… I absolutely refused to die…". Naruto froze, his brother was the one that he wanted to kill? Naruto wanted to stop his friend from talking, to tell him to preserve his energy, but he felt he needed to hear what he had to say. "That's what I decided, but…" The boy attempted to reach up and grab his friend's shoulder as his vocal cords cried out and shook with emotion as he continued to speak. "You, don't die…" The black haired boy went rigid right as he touched his friend's shoulder and fell to his side, limp.

The blond haired shinobi froze, eyes widened slowly, seeing his friend's eyes close as he breathed his last breath. "Even though I hated you… no, I only convinced myself that I hated you." an image of the masked shinobi that had murdered his friend passed through his mind. "I won't forgive you…"

Haku came out of his ice mirrors and walked towards Naruto. "Is this the first time one of your comrades has died? This is what it means to be a Shinobi. Your friend died protecting you."

Thump. The boy's heartbeat echoed through his mind as all of his feelings and thoughts transformed into one, single emotion, Rage. a deep, guttural growling sound coming deep within the boy's throat.

Naruto started leaking a demonic red and black chakra; forming above his head in the form of the Kyuubi no kitsune, the symbol of terror and destruction to all those who had seen it. It's eyes; a deep red, and a black slitted pupil, much like the boy below it. The chakra howled and twisted, his fingernails morphed into long claws, easily over an inch, each claw.

Haku found herself struggling to not fly into her ice mirrors. "What is this foul chakra?! It's so malicious, not to mention it's visible….I–It's…unlike anything I've ever seen!" The ice user thought, in part surprise, part fear.

"You will pay for what you have done…" The boy spoke, in a scratchy, low voice, slowly standing up. The chakra above the feral boy morphed into nine tails, each separated from the other before it latched onto the blonde boy's face at breakneck speeds. Naruto's red eyes widened as he clenched his head in pain, his mouth opened in a silent scream,

"What is happening to this child!?" Quite frankly the girl was terrified. How could she not be? She was standing in front of the boy who was about to become the most horrifying monster the world had ever seen.

"aH–aaaAAAHHHHHHGHHHH! The boy let out a bloodcurdling, inhuman scream of pure torture. His fangs became longer and sharper to the point of drawing blood from his lip. One of the chakra tails attached to his face crawled its way into the boy's eye sockets by puncturing it. The tail of chakra let out a dark, red liquid that quickly filled the entire volume of the eyeballs, including the sclera; the only part of the eye left that was still the same, was the dark, black pupil in the middle of the eye. Four black concentric circles formed around said part of the eye, which was about half as small as it was before.

The nine tails of chakra were finally fully absorbed into his eyes, his eyes radiated power, Naruto's expression was no longer angry, but the void of emotion. it appeared as if all of his anger converted to pure, visual prowess.

An ethereal object wrapped itself around the boy; a white kimono with deep, red lining, and a soft scarf and terry cloth of the same color red; the kimono reached down all the way to the boy's ankles. A soft rope of red cloth was fastened to the boy's waist, keeping the formal robe from falling open. Black socks materialized around the boy's feet as the Naruto's shinobi sandals were morphed into a different design of sandal with white twine that went in between two of his toes. The black headband on the boy's forehead came undone and fell to the ground, allowing his hair to fall loosely. Thin locks of hair framed Naruto's narrow face from the separation in the middle of his hair, stopping just below his mouth. The back end of the boy's hair was brought off into a spiky ponytail behind his head, the wispy locks of hair at the front of his face remained and continued to frame his face.

Is this… a bloodline?! It seems that demonic chakra was absorbed into his eyes, this… could be very bad… Shinobi that have just awakened their bloodline are always very dangerous. I must tread very carefully.

Haku appeared in all of her mirrors at once; she flashed through hand signs, "Ice release: Demonic ice needles" needles of ice flew from all directions, heading for Naruto.

The blonde boy simply raised both of his hands to his side; his eyes briefly glowed brightly with an otherworldly power, and then it happened… "Almighty Push…" The red eyed boy spoke the name of an unknown technique. In an instant, all of the ice needles were stopped by an invisible force field of some sort, before being sent cutting through the air, hitting the ice mirrors so forcefully they cleanly pierced through, melting quickly after from the heat generated by the raw speed of the projectiles; hundreds of tiny holes now lined the dome of ice. A crushing force of chakra came from both of Naruto's hands, completely destroying the ice mirrors and everything around them.

A large explosion of dust and debri extending high into the sky shook the entire bridge, even making Sakura and the bridge builder on the other side tremble as the boy's intense, blistering chakra scorched the bridge, turning the area around him to nothing but ash and embers. A crater about 6 meters wide, and a meter deep was created under Naruto's feet; trailing all the way to both sides of a bridge, a large divot of destroyed and burnt pavement was created by the blast of chakra that came from the boy's hands, sharp fragments of the blackened pavement stuck out of the ground in an uneven fashion. Naruto jumped out of the crater, landing with grace and absolute silence.

(With Kakashi)

"Lightning Blade!" Kakashi dashed towards' Zabuza, who was currently ensnared in Kakashi's' ninja dog summons. Kakashi stabbed Zabuza straight through the heart, the man coughed up blood through his face wrappings as he fell to the ground. Cursing through his teeth, the man pathetically failed to even speak his final words before death.

The demon of the hidden mist, former member of the 7 ninja swordsmen of the mist, was finally finished; there was however, no time to celebrate, as he wasn't the only one fighting their battle on the bridge, the mist had just cleared up and that gave him the opportunity to take action. Kakashi's ninja dogs were quickly sent back to the summoning realm in a puff of white chakra smoke when the ground shook violently and a loud explosion could be heard.

"Kakashi-sensei what was that!?" The small pink haired girl asked, worriedly as she walked over to her sensei. That explosion came from where Naruto and Sasuke are fighting that hunter nin guy! the girl thought, scared for her both of her friend's safety.

Kakashi and Sakura looked to where the ice dome was supposed to be, but when he looked over to where the ice mirrors were, they were gone, and in its place, a steaming crater and shattered ice all over the ground. Through his Sharingan, he saw high levels of chakra inside of the crater. Taking a closer look, they saw the hunter nin flying out of the crater, smashing her back against the railing and breaking her mask. Looking a bit closer, they saw what looked like Naruto jumping out of the crater, completely unharmed, with strange clothing on.

Kakashi looked at Naruto and narrowed his eyes in confusion. What's wrong with his eyes…? Wait… I think I remember lord Jiraiya telling me about how he mentored a student with a dojutsu called the Rinnegan years ago. Could it be possible that Naruto has…?

(With Naruto)

Haku threw a volley of senbon at Naruto; the boy swiftly flipped over the barrage of needles, putting his left hand back, the senbon behind the boy stopped in the middle of the air, Naruto quickly pushed the same hand forward, sending the sharp tools back at the girl. Haku; not expecting this, couldn't react quickly enough to move out of the way of all of the senbon, the girl's right arm was peppered with almost a dozen senbon. She grunted in pain, but kept moving, pulling a kunai out of her hollister, she dashed at Naruto with the kunai at nearly invisible speeds.

Naruto bent his entire body backwards, completely avoiding the girl's attack. Right as she flew over him, Naruto whipped his right arm out towards Haku, using the girl's long hair to his advantage, he grabbed it and slammed her against the floor, the girl's body bounced up as she coughed up blood from her mouth, but the blonde wasn't done. Ducking low to the ground, Naruto used his his right arm to push himself up off of the ground, flipping his body in midair, the boy hit the masked nin with a reverse roundhouse kick in a blur of speed right as she reached the height of the bounce, sending her flying into one of the slabs of charred concrete protruding out of the ground, shattering it.

Naruto materialized a sharp, black rod into his hand, and whipped it at the girl's arm, using the momentum of his flip to send the weapon flying at invisible speeds. It connected.

Haku grunted in pain, and fell to the ground. The rod was sending foreign chakra into her whole left arm, it was completely useless now.

The wounded girl slowly got up as the strange eyed boy stared at her eerily, Haku quickly moved out of her spot with a blur of speed, right in time to see over fifteen of those black rods pierce the ground where she was standing. The girl persevered in spite of the hopelessness of her current situation.

"What's going on?! I was completely superior to you in every way not even two minutes ago!" Just Naruto ducked under a flying kick from Haku, sidestepped, and stabbed her with another rod, this time through the right leg.

Haku screamed out in pain and fell to her knees as tears came to her face., Naruto dashed towards Haku at Jounin level speeds, but before he could get to her, She pulled out the rod in her right leg, and winced. Haku started to get up, but Naruto wouldn't allow that. "I think I'm done playing with you….after all…'s pointless to play with broken, shattered toys….."Naruto said, in a cold, dark voice. Leaking a massive amount of killing intent.

Even when Naruto was under the influence of the Rinnegan, he couldn't control where he directed the killing intent. Haku froze in place, Sakura and Tazuna collapsed to the ground, the only person that was relatively fine was Kakashi. "Is that r-really Naruto? He wouldn't hurt…us?…right Kakashi-sensei?" Sakura asked, looking on in fear, at the cold hearted boy Infront of her. Everyone left on the bridge had directed their attention to Naruto and the fake hunter nin's fight once the mist from Zabuza's jutsu had faded.

Kakashi looked to the frightened girl who was clearly looking to be reassured. After a moment of tense silence he responded "Naruto would never hurt his friends and comrades, no matter what his state of mind is, we just have to hold out hope that he will still be in there once this mess is all done with." The pink haired girl next to him nodded, albeit hesitantly, still not sure, but feeling a little better.

Naruto extended his hand, like he did in the ice mirrors, but he didn't push Haku away like before. His eyes glowed a dark red once again, and he spoke. "Universal Pull!" Naruto pulled his hand back slightly, pulling the girl with the same invisible force he had used to counter Haku's needles, Naruto grabbed the girl by the throat, strangling her, Naruto's arm started to glow blue, it looked like chakra was being pulled into his arm. Yes, Naruto was absorbing the chakra of Haku. She was about to die from chakra exhaustion, but Naruto stopped short when he heard laughter.

"Zabuza, the demon of the hidden mist, and his subordinate were defeated by a mere brat, and a one eyed freak? He doesn't look very demonic now, hehehe… more along the lines of dead and pathetic" It was Gato, the shipping magnet. And about three hundred men from his gang, armed with all sorts of weapons; samurai swords, pitchforks, knives, and other weapons, there were even some shinobi that had on gear similar to ANBU black ops. it had become night in the time that team 7 had been on the bridge, the moon in the very middle of the sky.

Naruto released his grip around Haku's neck, and she fell to the ground. Haku coughed up blood as she fell over, and nursed her wounded right leg. Naruto looked down at Haku, and he brought one hand up, and motioned it down. "What is he doing….?"

She was cut short by a black root materializing out of thin air, and stabbing Haku in the stomach, she grunted in pain. The spike seemed to be attaching itself to her. "Demonic Wood Style: Cutting Technique" The boy spoke the name of his jutsu evenly before putting his hands in a ram seal to channel his chakra.

Naruto put his hands in a ram seal, and channeled chakra. Over twenty spikes slightly larger than the first exploded from various spots on her body, one even coming from her mouth, blood sprayed from all directions of her body. She didn't even have time to scream.

"You bore me…."

The blonde boy slid the white kimono off of his shoulders. Cracking his muscular neck loudly and indifferently, the boy spat on the girl's bleeding body. The tears sliding down the girl's face only intensified; even the feel of the slight impact of the saliva reaching her body was enough to make her want to end her own life. Haku was brutalized, but she was still alive. The girl had her mouth open in a silent scream, the girl was lying in a pool of her own blood.

Sakura slapped a hand over her mouth, as tears poured from her eyes, she took a step back from Naruto. Sakura was upset, the girl had never seen such….brutality. Let let alone from her own teammate, someone who is always smiling, and laughing. Someone who could brighten up anyone's day. Gato and his gang members stiffened in terror. They were starting to think coming here wasn't such a good idea.

Naruto slowly looked up from Haku's bleeding form, and at the thugs. Naruto gave them a stare that had so much malicious intent, so much pure…. hatred, it was palpable; like staring at the devil himself.

The boy's eyes flashed red before he teleported, yes teleported in the middle of the gang. The ones closest to him stumbled to get away, no one was within 15 feet of the boy. "A futile effort, really." the boy spoke, calmly closing his eyes. His eyes were kept closed for a tense ten seconds, before his eyelids slowly opened, revealing eyes that glistened with bloodlust and insanity.


A crackling sound could be heard before giant, dark roots made of a black and red substance busted out of the ground at immense speeds, impaling; exploding, and slithering their way into the bodies of the fools who dared to cross him, the fools who dared to interrupt his killings, ripping them apart from the inside. All those grabbed by these vines would meet this fate. Blood sprayed from the bodies of the victims.

Their screams were wet with blood, a gurgling sound coming from some of the men's throats as the life was ripped from them. There was so much blood it created a red mist that gave off the illusion that the moon was a glowing, dark red. It was as if the sky reflected the malice of the boy's emotions. And every soul left on the bridge was able to see the growing smile of insanity on the boy's face.

The boy looked to Gato and smiled unnervingly; the boy slowly approached the small man, not caring that he was shin deep in blood. The man slowly backed up, eyes wide with terror, this boy, no, monster had killed all of his men, and from the looks of it, he would be joining them soon.

"W–WAIT! I'll do anything! M–money, Women! You name it, Y–you can have it! I really don't need it!" The boy heard the man's pathetic plea for mercy, but did not stop or even slow down his stride. His thirst for death was immeasurable, and he was thirsty. The look on the man's face became more and more desperate, the closer the boy came.

"Aw….come on here! Don't tell me all that i–isn't even a little appealing to you! I don't wanna die! I'll give you a–anything, ANYTHI– MHHHHPHH!" The man was cut off by a clawed hand forcing its way down his throat, wriggling uncomfortably. He was crying, and his screams were muffled by the bloody arm down his throat, some of his teeth broke off in his mouth. The boy didn't care, in fact, his lips parted slightly in an amused smile; fangs glowing menacingly.

He pushed his arm even farther down, and ripped past those offensive organs called intestines, twisting his hand backwards, he grabbed the pulsing, bloody organ called the heart. "Well, there is one thing that you could give me that will satisfy me…." the

he ripped his arm back out, back the way it came, blood spraying from the man's throat, the boy grabbed the man's head with his clawed hands before he could fall down, and violently ripped his jaw off, tongue flopped out into the open air as he let the man go.

The boy leaned over and tore out his throat with his fangs, and spit it off to the side. He was still holding the heart in his hand. He looked at it, and crushed it, blood exploded from the heart. The boy threw it on the ground with a sickening splat.

"Your life…"

The blonde boy's shoulders shook lightly with what seemed to be… laughter?

Small chuckles so quiet you could only just barely hear them if you paid close attention, slowly escalated into loud, maniacal, ear splitting laughter that tore through the cold night air, reaching miles out from the bridge. The boy threw his head back as he continued to laugh, both of his eyes bloodshot and dilated with insanity, it was a truly terrifying sight to see; a fifteen year old teen boy laughing maniacally after slaughtering hundreds of people mercilessly.

But it was very obvious that this was not the laugh of a regular 14 year old boy, no this was the laugh of a broken child who was clinging very dearly to his last bit of sanity. Sanity that was ripped from his grasp by people even more monstrous than him. Monsters who had insisted that a small child was the reincarnation of the demon inside him. Demons who hurt, tortured, and ignored this child, treating him like the disease of the earth.

That child had finally lost the last bit of sanity that he had…..

None of them had ever seen something like that, not even Kakashi, not since that day.

As Naruto stopped laughing, his shoulders dropped down to their original positions, and his eyes dimmed down back to the regular blood red. The boy walked away from the mound of death, and slowly walked up to Haku. She tried to crawl away but to no avail. Naruto bent down and put his hand on top of her head, "Human path" Naruto said softly, the crazed smile slowly fading from his face; replacing itself with a cold dead look. Naruto proceeded to pull an icy blue ethereal figure out of the girl's body, he felt nothing, numb to feeling. He sat down on the girl's body as the blue figure snaked its way into the boy's body, the influx of memories that came rushing into his brain that weren't his didn't affect him at all, at that moment only one thought ran through his mind,


After sitting there for a few minutes; the bridge was eerily silent, the boy stood up slowly. Nobody had dared to move even an inch, too shocked and terrified. Naruto slowly walked forward towards Sakura, Kakashi, and the bridge builder, with a wide eyed stare, not one of surprise, but stoic indifference and lack of emotion.

They all stiffened in anticipation as he was an arms length away. The terrified little girl was sure he was going to kill her. "P–Please don't…. I promise I wont get in your way…." she whimpered out. "I don't wanna die…" she clenched her teary eyes closed, waiting for the pain to come. To her surprise, it never came, she opened her eyes hesitantly to see him walking right past her as if she wasn't there in the first place.

Still staring ahead, eyes not moving even a tiny amount, he kept walking. This whole time Kakashi and Sakura had one thought on their minds; what could drive Naruto to do something like this?

They would soon figure out, as they looked to see what he was walking towards; shock, that's all that registered at the moment. Naruto was walking towards a person…. on the floor…. it was Sasuke, It was Sasuke Uchiha's lifeless body.

Step…. Step…. Step…. The voices in my head wont stop whispering. I can't blame them, after all, it's my fault.

Step…. Step…. Step…. The voices in my head are getting louder.

Step…. Step…. Step…. I'm a failure. The voices….They are screaming now…..

Step…. Step…. Step…. I can't hear anything but the voices now….. It's so loud….. It hurts so much…..

Step…. Step…. Step…. Tears run down my face, yet I can't feel them…. Why is that?

Step…. Step…. Splash!

the boy barely registers the wet feeling on his feet. He looks down and sees his best friend….dead. Crouching down to pick the boy up; he stumbles, and falls to his knees. He picks the boy up, uncaring that he fell. Tears ran down the boy's right eye, blood on the left.

"I am in hell…."

Naruto pulled a kunai out from his holster and held it to his neck, now Kakashi was really panicking. "Shit…at this rate I'm not gonna make it in time!" The man thought in despair, quickly running out of hope that he was going to be able to stop him, and save his sensei's son, seeing the blade inching closer and closer to his neck. He thought it was all over when….

The blade was just about to enter his neck, but instead of the rush of thick, viscous, crimson liquid, and the influx of pain he had expected, he felt small arms wrap around him; a wet, warm sensation on his back, and something that sounded vaguely like crying. The voices were gone now, pushed away by the warm sensation. He slowly moved the deadly blade away from his neck cautiously to look at what was on his back. What he saw….shocked him.

It was Sakura, his lifelong crush who was clinging to him for dear life, eyes wide open. Her small arms were wrapped around his now bare chest, as his cloak had been ripped off by one of the roots that he summoned from the ground, unable to fully control his powers yet. the girl's face was buried into his upper shoulder. The girl's breathing was extremely erratic and quick, but light and soft, yet at same time like she had run a marathon. It was very clear that the girl was shaken.


"N-Naruto….please don't… no way… don't go… please don't go… I don't want you to go… don't leave me….." the girl poured her heart out between quiet sobs as she clutched him tighter as she closed her eyes tightly, tears falling. Her lips closed tightly as her breathing became panicked and labored, a pathetic whimper coming from her throat.

Naruto was so shocked he was snapped out of his daze and fell backwards into the dark pool of blood. Sakura fell with him in unison, blood splashing up from the ground, the red, almost black liquid splattered over Sakura's relatively clean figure, the world seemed to be moving in slow motion. She didn't care about either of those things, all she cared about at that moment was the startled boy in front of her.

The pink haired girl quickly latched onto the boy in question once again, this time nestling herself into the boy's chest; awkwardly wrapping her arms around him. Naruto hesitantly wrapped his much larger arms around her petite frame, he looked down at her with his two Rinnegan eyes.

The girl breathed in and out slowly, seemingly relaxing somewhat before taking his hand into hers, she lifted her body up, and cupped his cheek in her hand. He tensed, but loosened up again as soon as she started stroking the whiskers on his face, a deep, feral purring noise escaped his throat, it felt good. His muscles loosened up again as she looked down at him softly with a teary smile.

"It's not your fault….."

His eyes crinkled as he teared up. "Yo–you really care about me…..don't you…even after what I've done, I've likely scarred you for life, yet you still care….." it came off more as a statement than a question, because deep down he knew she cared, he could hear it in her voice; feel it in her touch, the way she oh so softly caressed his face. She nodded, smile growing larger.

The boy almost dropped the kunai in his hand, but gripped it tighter as an offending thought creeped its way into his head. What if she really doesnt care about me…and she's only pretending to care so I don't kill myself?

At that thought, the boy's expression quickly morphed from one of hope, to despair. He couldn't bear the thought anymore, looking away from the girl on top of him with a dejected look.

That's right, there's no way a girl like her could ever care about a guy like you, what did you think? That she was suddenly gonna start caring about you the second you're about to kill yourself? Get real, nobody could ever care about someone like you, let alone Sakura. You make me sick. Get on with it and slit your fucking throat already. The voice in the back of his head taunted. Naruto's face fell even further.

When Sakura saw the drastic change of emotions on Naruto's face she almost whined in frustration. "Oh no…was it something that I did….?" Sakura thought for a moment, and she almost gasped at the realization, the girl frowned. She looked back down at Naruto worriedly before speaking. "I promise I'm not lying to you, Naruto….I really do care about you a lot…" The boy wasn't believing any of it.

"I know you probably have a hard time trusting people with the way you… grew up, but… I–I'm… I'm… begging you to trust that I want to help you… Naruto… I can't lose you too… s–so, p–please…please believe me…." she finished emotionally.

The girl's lower lip trembled as she tried as hard as she could not to cry as she looked into his eyes. even going as far as biting her lip, and clenching her eyes shut as hard as she could, to no avail. Sakura's whole body shook as she collapsed back onto him, she held onto him for dear life as she cried loudly into his chest.


She tried so hard to keep her composure, but no matter how hard she tried, nothing mattered anymore, the dam of emotions had finally been broken. So she sobbed painfully, yelling out Naruto's name, over and over again.

"Please don't cry…."

Sakura's eyes widened at the feeling of warm hands brushing the tears off of her face. She looked down slowly to see Naruto reaching out to caress her face with a shaky arm, it felt good. "It doesn't look right when a girl as beautiful as you cries so loudly…"