Through the Eyes of a Demon Chapter 3

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"Fire style: Fireball Jutsu!" shouted Sasuke.

The large ball of fire sped its way to the other side of the bridge; reaching the mound, the fireball quickly engulfed the entirety of the bloodied pile of bodies; the sound of burning flesh and wood could be heard by both of the shinobi on the other side of the bridge.

The strong stench of death dispersed as the blackened and dirtied smoke particles that rose from the crackling bonfire were carried away with the wind. The moisture that lingered in the air had already slowly started to die down the fire that surrounded the end of the bridge.

Sasuke and Kakashi both felt singular tiny droplets of water hit their heads respectively. Rain. Within seconds, the two shinobi felt and saw more and more droplets of water rain down from the sky, until before they knew it they were soaked in water, the fire had died down significantly. Kakashi looked up to the sky letting the drops of water hit his face, seeing the blanket of clouds that appeared to be a light shade of purple covered the early morning sky.

Sasuke looked to the right of the bridge. The shining sun could be seen just above the horizon, and above the silhouette of a large forest scape in the distance that curved around to the east, all the way back to the leaf village; a spread of a magical yellow and deep, royal purple in between the ocean and the clouds in the sky.

Soft waves could be heard as the water from the seemingly endless sea brushed against the sandy shore; a red and white lighthouse stood on top of a small ocean island about a mile east of the bridge.

Beautiful. That was the only way to describe it, it was a somber, subdued, melancholy scene. Sasuke and Kakashi, for once in their lives felt completely at peace, bathing in the moment of the present, their minds not clouded by the demons of the past. Sasuke and Kakashi looked to the left; seeing the last of it being put out by the rain descending from the sky, a singe sound was heard.

It was almost symbolic in a way. The rain fell upon the small fishing hamlet, washing away the sins and misery of the horrible past, allowing the citizens of the town to start anew; a life where the people could be free. A life without the restraining shackles of an evil tyrant who cares only for himself.

A new age of freedom; the people could eat and drink whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted; they could walk through the streets with their loved ones without having to live with the constant fear that they could be separated from each other forever at any given time. An era where the townspeople themselves made decisions through fair debate and friendly competition.

An era of happiness.

Sasuke picked up the bridge builder once more. Student and teacher looked at each other, one synchronized thought running through both of their heads,

It's finally over.

The pair smiled, before turning around and walking back into the town.

A strange looking humanoid creature that was half black and half snowy white, and what looked to be part giant venus flytrap emerged from the ground behind the bridge with a troubled look on its face, "I never would have imagined there could be two beings in the world that possessed the Rinnegan, I am sure lord Pein will not be pleased to hear of this…" The two sides spoke in alternation, both fully understanding how much of a problem something like this could pose if left unchecked.

The Rinnegan had terrifying power, but the Rinnegan used by a Jinchuuriki would surely be even more dangerous. The strange creature shrank back into the ground to inform the Akatsuki of the unlikely development.


Kakashi, his clone, and Sasuke, walked through the town with Naruto, Sakura, and Tazuna on their shoulders. At this hour, the sunlight was just starting to peek over the buildings, and the light from the flame of the gas lanterns placed along the dirt road was no longer needed to illuminate the town. The Uchiha boy's stomach growled in hunger as the scent of something very delicious wafted into his nose. It came from a small roadside restaurant with a name funnily similar to one in the leaf.

"Ichibaku's Udon"

"Are you hungry?" Kakashi asked, amused.

Sasuke scoffed in slight embarrassment at the question. "No, I'm not." He said, unconvincingly.

"You don't have to lie, you know, I mean you did literally die, at least before Naruto resurrected you like he was the second coming of the sage or something. I'm not surprised you want some food. We should stop and eat before we continue. It's not healthy to eat on an empty stomach, you know."

Sasuke sighed, giving in. "Yeah, I guess we can stop and eat. But quickly, Kakashi. I don't wanna be in this place for any longer than I have to. I'm already sick of this damn country. I wanna go back to the leaf already…"

Kakashi waved his hand in dismissal. "Yeah, yeah, you're the one with the grumbling stomach, Sasuke. You can't fool me…" The man said, amused.

"Shut up, Kakashi."

Kakashi laughed, "Whatever you say, Hungry ass…"

Sasuke groaned in extreme annoyance, he just could never win with this man. "Lets just eat already, dammit! And that isnt my name, Kakashi!"

"Alright! Alright! I'll stop. Let's just go in and eat already, geez… no need to yell."

Sasuke's face contorted with comical rage as he reached his breaking point, "I LITERALLY JUST SAID THAT!"

Caawing and the sound of wings flapping could be heard as a murder of crows flew away, startled by the boy's nuclear outburst.

Kakashi patted his stomach with satisfaction as he and Sasuke walked out of the restaurant and back onto the dirt road. Kakashi spoke, "I bet you're glad we ate, huh?"

"Yeah…" Sasuke responded. There was a guy outside the restaurant selling umbrellas for cheap, so Kakashi bought two so they wouldn't be wet when they got back to the house. The rest of the walk to Tsunami's house was spent in a comfortable silence. The only things to be heard were the sound of the birds chirping, the soft waves of the ocean, the thousands of droplets of rain hitting the earth, and the nylon fabric of the umbrella respectively, and the crunch of sandals meeting with the dirt and gravel road.

Kakashi knocked on the door to Tsunami's home as he and Sasuke reached the house. The man had used a quick water jutsu to get most of the grime off of all of the team members and then dried them with a wind jutsu before they went into the small restaurant to eat. Kakashi figured the least he could do was clean up a bit before they went into someone else's house.

The handle on the door turned softly before it opened, Tsunami stood in the doorway, she opened her mouth to greet the group, but her words caught in her throat at the sight of the team. They all seemed like they had been through a great deal. The masked ninja that was leading the group seemed to be very worn out, his breathing and movements were noticeably labored.

The only one that seemed pretty much okay in the group was the black haired boy in the back who she noticed had an unmoving gray haired old man slumped over his shoulder. Worry and disbelief entered the woman's features as she looked over to the man, had he been successfully killed? Her eyes glistened with tears at the thought.

"Father!" She shouted out, about to rush forward to check on the man, but a hand from Kakashi stopped her from going further.

"Tazuna is alright, he just passed out due to stress, a lot has happened and it's been a very long day. I apologize for worrying you, miss Tsunami..."

The woman loosened her posture and a look of extreme relief was shown on her face. The woman breathed a deep breath. Tsunami wiped the tears from her eyes before speaking. "Come inside, I'm sure you all need to rest after whatever just happened, I won't ask."

Kakashi sent the woman a grateful smile behind his mask before nodding, and walking inside the house with his clone and Sasuke. They both closed their umbrellas and set them down by the coat hanger to the left of the door.

Tsunami stopped walking and turned around once the dark haired boy closed and locked the door behind himself. "I can take my father from here, I'll put him in the room we have down here, you guys can go upstairs and use the two rooms up there." Kakashi nodded, "Thank you for letting us use the rooms. I tried to clean the team off as well as I could, but I could only do so much. Are you sure you don't mind us getting in the beds?" Kakashi said with a chuckle

Tsunami waved her hands in front of her face frantically and replied, "No, no, no, it's alright! you guys saved our country! You fought bravely and risked your lives out there to free us from that monster Gato, and you protected my father. It would be cruel and ungrateful of me to deny you a bed over some dirt. I'll have some clean clothing ready for you guys when you wake up."

"Well… if you say so!" The silver haired man said with a laugh.

Kakashi and Sasuke walked up the stairs to the left of the door after helping Tsunami get Tazuna into the room she mentioned, the stairs lead them to a hallway with a window on the left side that showed a view of the forested backyard. The early morning sun illuminated the hallway. There were two doors that lead to different bedrooms on the right side of the corridor, as well as a bathroom at the end of the hallway.

Kakashi and his clone went into the room closest to the bathroom to put Naruto and Sakura down, while Sasuke went into the other room and laid down. Kakashi and his clone stopped next to two beds on the left side of the room and very gently laid Naruto and Sakura down, so as to not irritate any injuries they might have received on the bridge. Kakashi walked out of the room and closed the door quietly. Walking into the other room, he laid down on the other bed in the room and drifted off into a deep sleep.


A cloaked man with orange hair could be seen standing on the finger of a large stone statue of a demonic looking creature. The man had eyes almost identical to the ones Naruto possessed, the only difference being that the orange haired man's eyes were a light purple, almost silver in color. Pein. He narrowed his eyes dangerously at the black and white creature, causing a bead of sweat to roll down its face.

"That is not possible, Zetsu. The last person to possess the Rinnegan was the sage of six paths, and he was said to have lived over a thousand years ago. Only one chosen by the gods can possess such a power, a lowly Jinchuriki could not possibly have the same eyes as me. I advise you to watch what you say." The cloaked man spoke in a threatening tone.

It was a preposterous claim that he never thought he would hear come out of his subordinates mouth. The man believed he was put on the earth with a purpose; bring justice to the shinobi world and end the cycle of hatred with the Rinnegan being his vessel to do so. He could not believe someone else could have it.

The creature now known as Zetsu shifted nervously. "I understand that it is hard to believe, but I assure you that boy definitely had the Rinnegan. He even used some of the same powers you use. The Jinchuriki showed an impressive degree of control over multiple of the paths…" Zetsu paused for a moment, before continuing, "He was even able to revive his teammate with Rinne Rebirth…"

Pein's eyes widened slightly. If he really did use Rinne Rebirth, how could he have survived? He had always believed it to be impossible to use that technique without giving your life in exchange.

Zetsu spoke, guessing what the man was thinking, "If I were to guess, it's because of the Kyuubi. Jinchuriki of the Nine Tailed Fox have always been known to have extraordinary healing abilities, pair that with the immense life force from his Uzumaki blood and it makes perfect sense that he would survive. This boy could be a major problem down the line if he masters his abilities"

Pein's ringed eyes glowed menacingly through the darkness of the underground hideout, illuminating the space behind him, revealing five hovering figures with the same, glowing eyes as him. The cloaked man spoke. "He has the Rinnegan, so what? No matter how strong he may become, it will not make a difference, because a man cannot kill a god…" The man spoke arrogantly. "Zetsu, inform the rest of the Akatsuki of this development. You may leave."

Three days later: Wave Country

Sakura awoke to the morning song of mother nature. The sound of birds chirping invaded her ears as she groaned into consciousness, the pinkette sighed, sitting up in the bed. The warm sunlight from the window to her left shone onto her pale skin, a pleasantly cool breeze from the half open window brushed across her body.

The girl looked over to her left side and saw her golden haired teammate, sleeping peacefully in the bed neighboring her own. A serene look covered his face, his chest rose and fell at a slow pace. She smiled subconsciously and brought her fingers to her lips for a brief moment before letting her arm fall to her side again, her smile fading. Sakura turned her head to her front and let her mind wander to the events of the day of the bridge.

I cant believe Sasuke is dead… it almost doesn't feel real, I never in my wildest dreams imagined something this horrible would happen on our first actual mission… If only I was stronger, I could have stopped this. But it's too late for that now… I was too busy being a weak fool obsessed with useless things like romance, looks, and popularity, and now he's dead… This is my fault… Naruto risked his life trying to help Sasuke, and I was too busy trembling in fear to help… and I told Naruto he was the weak link in the team, when he was the one who saved us in the end. I should be ashamed of myself…

Sakura hugged her knees to her chest and cried. She was angry. Angry at the cruelness of the world, angry at the two rogue shinobi who threatened her team, angry at Sasuke for getting killed, and most of all, angry at herself for not being strong enough to protect her friends. "Sasuke…" The girl cried softly into her legs. Sasuke is dead and he's never coming back… because I was too weak. The girls crying eventually slowed down into a shaky breathing.

But at least…

The girl released her knees from her chest as she got up from her bed slowly.

But at least…

She looked at the sleeping blonde boy and gently sat by his side, careful as to not wake him. She put her smooth, small hand on his whiskered cheek and leaned over him. Her long pink hair brushed against the boy's skin. Glistening tears dropped from the girl's bright, sparkling green eyes, onto the boy's face, in what felt like slow motion. She parted her soft, pink lips and spoke softly, "But at least I was able to save you… Naruto Uzumaki."