Chapter 1:- It's about drive

A little blond was walking down the streets of Konoha, Named Uzumaki Naruto. His destination was the library, he recalled a fond memory of Iruka-sensei telling said blond to go to the Konoha Grand Archives to catch-up on some academics he missed the previous week due to suspension for hurting the last Loyal Uchiha. The teacher that suspended him was a young 19 year old promoted to Chunin barely a month ago and applied to become an academy instructor because he was too scared of the duties of a normal Chunin in the front lines. Just two weeks after becoming an instructor, said Chunin suspended and almost kicked Naruto out of the Academy program for a petty reason. Needless to say he suffered a fate worse than plane and simple imprisonment, Anko and Ibiki were seen sadistically smiling to them selves that day that ran cold shivers through battle hardened Jounin like Kakashi Hatake.

Scoffing to himself, the blonde kicked a pebble on his way to the Archive. Upon arriving to the grand library said blond noticed the lack of presence of any librarian. Sneaking his way to the academic section he took the book titled "Genjutsu 101 and it's Uses" as it was the topic covered the previous week.

Also grabbing the academy basic Taijutsu styles Scroll that included various Taijutsu style taught currently at the academy along with the styles taught before the academy revolution many years ago, that was caused due to the ever growing, power hungry civilian council that wanted Shinobi status in their family and various pros only received by official military force of konoha.

After an hour or so, our blonde had memorized the basics to Genjutsu. I guess having an almost perfect photographic memory had it's select share of advantages (Mind you my guy, that book had 100 pages). Felling hungry for some knowledge, the blond decided to search for an interesting book to satisfy his needs.

Weaving his hand through various books, he found a book titled "Ideal Rules and Morals of a Shinobi" by Minato Namikaze. Smiling to himself he took the book off it's housing shelf.

Shinobi are tools meant to satisfy the orders of their leaders, Ninjas are The populace of people who have the ability to Utilize Chakra.

While Ninjas may be of any nature without any interest in battle. Shinobi are silent and Killers that live to protect, whether they be their family, village, precious friends and comrades and obey the command to their leader to the fullest.

The last sentence hit a spot in his heart that had major effect in what he viewed and vouched to be in future. 'I promise that, what ever situation I am as a Shinobi, I will not take a life cold heartedly or resort to violence unless it is to protect my precious people, friends and this whole village... I promise'

That day a new Genius was born, the likes of which had never been surpassed in over 60 years.

The Amazing Tale of Uzumaki Naruto began!.