Pearl, Bismuth, Ruby, and Sapphire found a spot to sit down on the sandy beach just a few feet behind the beach house. So, they can watch over the other Crystal Gems playing with Harry in the distance between them. To ensure the little boy isn't hurt or in danger in that matter.

Pearl sat on her knees whilst closely keeping an eye out for Harry with Bismuth beside her. While Ruby and Sapphire both sat down to next them on the opposite side where they were talking and holding hands together in love.

At the same time, the waves of the sea kept washing up on the sandy shores over and over again. Lapis was the first to play with Harry and asked him if he wanted to fly, with her water wings, around the beach for a bit. Harry was initially hesitant about it, as he was generally terrified that he might accidentally fall off. But Lapis reassured the human child and promised that she wouldn't let that happen to him.

Though, he was scared as he had never flown in the sky before in his entire life. The little boy looked into her pretty, blue-coloured eyes, knowing that she had been kind to him like the other gems he met yesterday. He nodded bravely willing to trust her and give this a chance.

Lapis happily had Harry climb onto her back, with his tiny arms wrapped around her neck and his small legs securely held by the blue water gem. Now they were ready to fly.

"Ok cutie, are you ready for your first flight?" She asked, turning her head towards Harry. Harry looked a bit nervous still and nodded at her. "Do you promise…that I won't fall?" He anxiously said.

"Don't worry Harry, I won't let that happen to you…as long as you are with me" She reassured him again in her soft gentle voice.

Lapis summons her water wings from her gem, fully stretched out, and luckily neither of them didn't hit Harry in the face. The human child was amazed and entranced by her water wings again. Then the blue gem started to flap her wings and lifted herself off the ground.

At first, Harry was completely terrified when being lifted from the ground which made him cover his eyes with his hands. However, with enough courage, he slowly removes his hands from his face and softly gasped to see they were flying in mid-air. He saw how beautiful the ocean and the entire town of Beach City were from up here.

Lapis only flew a few feet in mid-air only at the general area of the seafront where the Crystal Temple is. She did it because she needed to be careful not to frighten Harry during their flight whether she flew too high or far away in the sky. Since he is a fragile and innocent passenger the blue gem has in her possession.

When Lapis met the little boy yesterday, she first found him so adorable due to his tiny size, and when he thought she was an angel with her water wings. It wasn't until Garnet and Amethyst told both her and Peridot that Harry was found by Pearl in an alleyway, all covered in bruises, burns, and scars on his body.

This shattered their gemstones, and both were saddened to see a cute human child end up like that. Lapis asked again how he ended up in that state trying to get more answers from her friends. The fusion and the quartz then responded by saying that they think he might have been abused and abandoned by his human family.

Lapis and Peridot were completely shocked and enraged to hear that possibility come true. It reminded Lapis of how she felt when she was trapped in the mirror for over thousands of years, left broken and to be forgotten. But she hopes that they were wrong. Because a family would never harm one of their loved ones.

That's why Bismuth, Lapis, and Peridot decided to visit the Crystal Gems this evening for the rest of their day off. Since today every gem living in Little Homeworld is taking the weekend off from class lessons in Little Home School. So, three of them thought of coming over to check up on the others and Harry by spending time with them, during their weekend break off together.

Back in the present, Lapis soared around and thought of flying Harry over to see the deep blue ocean. She turned her head over to Harry to ask him and saw the little boy with a joyful expression, his arms stretched out in the air. He let out a cute laugh when he touched a small piece of a fluffy cloud, as Harry thought it felt so soft and tickly in his hand.

Lapis smiled to see the child from being scared to enjoying flying with her now. "Are you enjoying yourself, Harry?" Lapis asked, still wondering if he was ok. Harry happily responded by nodding with a sweet smile.

"It's so beauty…from up here," he said, clearly loving the view in the sky.

"Well, I'm glad you're enjoying yourself little guy. Then, would you like to see the ocean?" she asked. Harry eagerly and excitedly nodded curiously to see the deep blue ocean. "Yes please".

"Ok then little guy, here we go!". Lapis flew around and descended towards the sea. Harry anxiously placed his hands on Lapis's shoulders, feeling scared as they were slowly plummeting down to the water.

Then his fear quickly disappeared back to curiosity when they made it down to the sea, as they hover over it. He saw how shiny the sea was around them, then gently reached out his hand and touched the water. He felt the cold wet liquid softly brush off his hand whilst flying.

Lapis saw what Harry was doing and found him so lovable, which made her smile wider. It felt like Harry was a new bucket of fresh sunshine who can make every gem and resident smile in Beach City. He reminded her of Steven though through his kindness, adorableness, and willingness to learn or try new things.

Meanwhile, below on the beach, Pearl observes Lapis flying Harry on her back in mid-air in the sky and then descending over the sea. The white gem would immediately protest to allow Harry to fly with the blue water gem. She was feeling overprotective and would be petrified if he ever accidentally fell off and dropped to his death.

However, she knew that Lapis would never let that happen and decided to trust Bismuth's words for it. When Pearl watched both of them flying around, she could hear him slightly letting out a cute laugh. Even though she was below on the ground while he was in the air. At the looks of things, Harry seems to be having a great time flying above them.

The white gem smiled and was pleased to see the child having fun already with the others. It's healthy for someone so young as Harry to make friends and play with them. It doesn't seem he made any friends or mention his family before she found him in that revolting alleyway the other day. Thankfully, he was with them now. So hopefully, nothing bad will ruin his day.

Just as Pearl watched Lapis ascend from the ocean into the air again and glided back to the beach. Harry quickly saw Pearl down below and waved at her cutely high above in the distance whilst smiling. This made Pearl feel like her gemstone was about to fall out every second that boy did something cute. Pearl smiled and responded by waving back at the little boy, as Lapis and Harry flew away to the other side of the seafront.

"It seems like the kid is having fun up there," said Bismuth grinning, watching Pearl waving at Harry next to her.

"Yes, I'm glad that Harry has gotten to know everyone so far" Pearl admits, turning her attention to the rainbow-locked-haired gem.

"So…it is true?" Bismuth said, with an interested and concerned expression. "That the little guy was abused and abandoned by his family".

Bismuth learned about the boy's origins from Lapis and Peridot on the same day she was introduced to him. The large gem felt disgusted, tragic, and furious. This type of behaviour was unheard of before in Beach City. Bismuth hid her anger after finishing her lessons at Little Home-school yesterday.

She wished to find those responsible for Harry's injuries and abandonment so they could face her wrath. Because Harry was just a sweet and shy kid in her point of view. However, she managed to control her emotions since neither she nor the rest of the Crystal Gems are uncertain if his family did this to him.

One of the reasons why she wanted to visit them today. Patiently, she was hoping she would get some more answers about Harry's past from Pearl and find out who did it to him still. Since the white gem was the one who find him and took him in under her care.

Pearl turned her attention to Bismuth with a sad frown face. "Well…we're still not certain…if it is true?" She replied, worryingly.

"He hasn't told us yet how he ended up in that alleyway with all those injuries before I find him. I'm not sure if he's doing this out of fear… or… He's afraid he'll be hurt by the ones who did this if he tells anyone".

Pearl was concerned that the poor dear still kept the truth from them about his past and his abusers. But both herself and the others must remember that the little boy will tell them on his terms. Otherwise, he would be completely terrified and timid If they asked him about his old life.

The white gem retreated from her thoughts and went back to reality in her world when she felt Bismuth's hand gently land on her shoulder. She saw the large, muscled grey-skinned gem with a confronting smile.

"Hi, don't worry Pearl, the kid still needs to recover from his trauma, and spending time with the others is the best option right now".

"Besides, it looks like he's having fun already". Bismuth looked up at the sky along with Pearl and watched Lapis continue to fly Harry around happily.

"Bismuth is right," Pearl thought, taking her advice. The best thing for Harry now is for him to be carefree. So that way he can start to heal both physically and mentally in his health.

"But you know" Bismuth commented. "I'm glad that you were the one to find him." Pearl was surprised to hear one of her oldest friends say that to her. "The kid would've been scared if he was found by a different gem in Beach City.

Thanks to Steven and the Diamonds, most of the gems that were cured of their corruption settled in on their new home on Earth in Era 3. They were happy and enjoyed coexisting with the residents in Beach City, as the humans were very generous and welcoming towards the gem species. Learning about the human race's culture and traditions in both Beach City and Little Home school made them love staying on Earth even more.

Harry would indeed be scared by any resident or gem who would be willing to offer him help. There were many types of gems in all shapes and sizes that would be terrifying to such a timid little boy.

Pearl had just thought about what would happen if one of the Crystal Gems found Harry in that alleyway instead of her. Garnet would've been an excellent caretaker to the human boy. Both Lapis and Bismuth were the exception too with a little help. Amethyst and Peridot…well? Though both gems were generally caring for him. But they lack experience in parental guardianship skills.

Pearl and Garnet, on the other hand, have tons of proper parenthood experience. Both gems helped Greg raise Steven respectively and mannerly when he was a child. While Amethyst took care of him as his big sister. No matter how different, they all cared for and loved Steven, including every human and gem who joined their family.

Now, they have little Harry in their hands to take care of, who has shown politeness and compassion towards the Crystal Gems. The very same values and traits Steven had throughout his life together with his entire family.

"Looks like your mothering skills came in handy once again" Bismuth joked, slightly punching Pearl's shoulder from behind.

The white gem rubbed her shoulder and let out a small chuckle. "Well, he's been an absolute pleasure to have in my care" She replied, remembering how sweet he is.

"If you, Garnet, or Amethyst are busy with anything… The others and I would be more than happy to babysit him if you like?" Bismuth offered.

"Aww, that's very sweet of Bismuth" Pearl smiled, placing her hand on Bismuth's arm, and closing her eyes. Feeling grateful that Bismuth and the others were more than happy to help her look after Harry.

What Pearl didn't notice was that the rainbow-locked-haired gem was blushing for a brief second while her eyes were aimed at the white gem.

The large grey gem felt embarrassed because she still had feelings for Pink Diamond's- No. Rose Quartz's Pearl.

The feelings all started back in the early days of the Crystal Gem rebellion against the Gem Homeworld and the Great Diamond Authority to free Earth. Bismuth was originally a builder for Homeworld and constructed gem colonies on planets, including Earth too. It wasn't until Rose Quartz gave her some encouragement which made the rainbow-locked-haired gem became a member of the Crystal Gems in the first place.

Bismuth truly found it loveable to be a Crystal Gem and took every word to heart from Rose about taking a unique identity and doing whatever she wanted. Now that she is a free Gem. So that was why she decided to create weapons for her fellow Gems. She fought through many tough battles during the war on Earth, fighting closely alongside Rose, Pearl, and Garnet.

Pearl was the second gem to inspire Bismuth to have her own independents and free will to not be told what to do by any authority. This is why she was so interested in the white gem.

However, she was too intimated to share her emotions with Pearl, due to her relationship with Rose Quartz. Since those two were the first to start the rebellion and fought more closely to each other than any other Crystal Gem.

Bismuth never truly had a chance to express her feelings to the white gem before she tried to shatter Rose in angrier, due to a conflict between the two of using weapons to shatter gems. At the time, she didn't understand why her leader values her enemy's lives more than her gems. This resulted in her being poofed and bubbled by Rose for thousands of years in the Pink Dimension in Lion's mane.

It wasn't until she was suddenly freed from her bubble prison by Rose Quartz's son, Steven Universe.

Pearl reacted by immediately crying and hugging Bismuth, which made the large grey gem feel joyful to be reunited with her and her fellow Crystal Gems. But she attempted to shatter Steven (thinking that the half-gem and human hybrid was Rose in disguise) over the same disagreement, she had with his mother long ago. Before she was poofed and placed back into her bubble again this time by Steven.

However, she was forgiven and made amends with Steven after he released her from her bubble. After she learned the truth about Rose's true identity of being Pink Diamond. Thanks to Steven's motivation that keeps the Crystal Gems together as one family, he managed to convince Bismuth that they truly cared about her and want her back, even if they argue.

And he was right. Pearl and everyone else were overjoyed to have Bismuth back again just like in the old days.

Still to this day, even after the war and the beginning of Era 3 she still bottled up those romantic feelings from Pearl. Even though she willingly does hang out with her regularly. The only person who knew about Bismuth's secret crush on Pearl was none other than Steven himself.

"I kind of wish you were still here Steven," Bismuth thought sadly. If anyone can solve her problem in this relationship it would be Steven.

Elsewhere in the sky, Lapis decided it was time to take Harry back down to the beach, after flying around for nearly half an hour. Thinking Amethyst and Peridot would probably want their chance to play with the human child. She looked down to see the purple and green gem laughing on the beach together, probably making jokes as besties.

"Ok Harry, I think it's time for us to head back down," Lapis said, turning her head to Harry. "Ok" the little boy replied softly and nodded.

Lapis gently descended towards the beach and smoothly landed on the ground near Amethyst and Peridot. After retracting her water wings back into her gem, she kneeled so Harry could get off her back.

Harry gently got off her back, feeling great to be on solid ground again on his tiny feet, and went over to Lapis beside her just as she got up. Suddenly, he happily wrapped his arms around her legs in a hug. Which caught Lapis by surprise as she looked down to see Harry cuddling her cutely.

"Thank you…for letting me fly with you," he politely said, his big green eyes widening whilst looking up at her.

Hearing his tiny and cute voice made Lapis fall in love with this little boy even more. She rubbed his messy black hair and grinned with her eyes closed. "Aww, you're welcome little guy".

Harry let go of his hold on her, then he was immediately picked by Amethyst who greeted him with a large grin.

"Hi little squirt, did you enjoy your flight?" she asked, holding the boy up in her arms. Harry nodded in response to the purple gem.

"It was nice," he cooed, with a small smile. Amethyst laughed at his answer, finding it cute.

"That's good to hear. So, are you ready to have even more fun with us?" The purple gem asked, feeling thrilled to start playing with the little child even more. As she and Peridot were looking forward to showing off their gem abilities to him as well.

"Ok, sure," Harry said quite excitingly, wanting to have more fun with the gems.

Then, their fun was interrupted when Harry let out a cute yawn, applying that he is getting sleepily. He began to be drowsy by his facial expression and his eyes started blinking. Probably playing with Cat Steven all morning and flying around the beach has made him feel tired.

This disappointed both Amethyst and Peridot in getting their chance to have fun with him. But they understood seeing that Harry was still just a child. Don't worry though, they'll eventually continue to play with him when he wakes up from his afternoon nap.

"Aww man, it looks like it's your naptime little man" Amethyst playfully smirked.

"I'm…sorry" Harry felt tired and a bit nervous thinking he might have upset the purple gem.

"No, no, no… it's ok" The Quartz gently reassured him. "it's normal for a cuddly little kid to feel sleepy at this time".

"Don't worry little Harry, most human children around your age do attend to take naps in the early afternoons" Peridot cheerfully explained, wanting Harry to be happy and ensured. Having studied the behaviour of sleeping patterns in the human race's age progress during her time on Earth.

Harry looked at the green gem and gave her a small satisfying smile. Before feeling even more drowsy and laying his head on Amethyst's shoulder and snuggling against her body. Lapis and Peridot completely let out an aww at the adorable sight. Amethyst straight away blushed at the kid's actions.

"Come on kid, let's take you back to Pearl," she said, rubbing his back.

Amethyst started walking back to where Pearl is sitting on the beach, with Harry wrapped in her arms. Pearl immediately set her sights on the purple-skinned gem delivering the sleepily human child to her. She knew that Harry would eventually take a nap again at this time, after doing some of the activities they did with him today so far.

The small gem approached her and Bismuth, as she gently held up the little boy to the Crystal Gem. The white-skinned gem gladly accepted Harry back into her arms.

Half awake, Harry was scared when he felt himself being moved and held by someone else. Until he looked up realizing that he was being hugged by Pearl, which made him feel relief to be back in her arms again and smiled up at her.

"Hi there, dear," she said, with a warm smile on her face. "I saw you had a wonderful time up in the sky".

Harry was half tired and excited to tell her all about it until it was taken over by another yawn letting out of his mouth. Pearl giggled and comfortingly rubbed his back to get him to sleep for his nap.

It's ok Harry, you can tell me all about it after you had your nap. "Now, rest dear… A little one like you needs sleep".

"…OK" Harry mumbled, as he rested his head and snuggled sleepily against her chest.

Pearl smiles as she watches the little bundle close his shining green eyes and fall asleep. She smiled down at him, as the gem cradled the small child in her arms. With his gentle and kind personality, he is a dream child for any human and gem living in Beach City.

Once Pearl made sure the little one was settled, she lifts her head to Amethyst to say her regards

"Thank you for bringing him back, Amethyst" she thanked the purple gem.

"No problem, P" She replied. "Well, I'll be heading back to hang with Lapis and Peridot. Just let me know if the kid wakes up… I hope to show him some of my awesome skills."

"Of course, Amethyst" Pearl responded cheerfully, understanding that the purple gem intends to still play with Harry. She trusts the quartz to show off her gem abilities, as long as she uses them carefully around Harry.

Both Pearl and Bismuth watched Amethyst rush back to the shores to continue to hang out with Peridot and Lapis. Then their attention went back to watching Harry, who was sleeping peacefully in the white gem's arms. He happily snored so softly through his nap, whilst nesting on Pearl's chest.

Pearl smiled, stroking the boy's messy black hair. This action led Harry to let out a happy coo without him knowing.

"Man, he is sleeping so deeply isn't he" Bismuth surprisingly said, examining the exhausted child.

"He is still a young child after all" Pearl replied, concerningly.

The gem was aware that it didn't look like Harry had a decent sleep for a long time before she found him. Due to having dark eye marks below his eyes. However, Harry had gotten some sleep when he slept with her in Steven's and Greg's bedroom a few nights ago. Which was good enough for her.

"Let me guess…His relatives didn't let him sleep that much" Rainbow-locked-haired gem said, with a frown. Bismuth couldn't guess what kind of horrible things this kid had gone through.

"Yes…That's what they probably did to him" Pearl frowned sadly, thinking back to all the disgusting scars, bruises, and burns on his body.

She had the same determination as the other Crystal Gems about the boy's caretakers. They wanted to hunt down and confront his abusers if they could find them. So, they can get an excuse out of them as to why they harmed their own flesh and blood.

Although, she and the others vowed to protect all life on Earth for Rose, including sparing their enemies who wish to destroy their home. Even if they are either human or gem.

The former deceased diamond and leader of the Crystal Gems had a strong sense of justice and refused to kill any gem during the war. She values and believes those can be given a second chance and show them the true path to choose from of who they are in the name of freedom.

All those beliefs were thanks to Pearl.

If she hadn't taken her diamond- I mean Rose to explore and show her the beauty of Earth out of curiosity.

Then the Crystal Gems wouldn't exist, and the Earth would've been destroyed and colonized by the diamonds and Homeworld.

Most importantly, Steven wouldn't have been born and Harry wouldn't be in her care.

Pearl smiled at the sleeping Harry, feeling grateful to Rose for giving her the freedom and life she didn't expect to have. She gently rubbed the boy's back and Harry seemed to lean in closer to her.

Maybe it was fate that both she and Harry were meant to find each other, as suggested by Vidalia yesterday.

After what felt like an eternity, Harry snoozed through the mid-afternoon for almost an hour. Pearl kept a close eye on him just in case he might have a nightmare again.

At the same time, Amethyst started to play a different version game of Steven Tag with Peridot and Lapis. The game is about shapeshifting into Steven, in his mid-teens, whilst chasing and trying to tag everyone who's playing. If caught you have to shapeshift into Steven himself and join in tagging the rest of the others.

Except for this time, the purple gem has shapeshifted into Peridot and started chasing both of them.

The green gem was against this, at first, but Amethyst didn't care as it was a way to make fun of her.

In the first five minutes, Amethyst kept on chasing the two gems around the beach. Lapis was lucky as she flew into the sky before Amethyst could touch her, thanks to her water wings.

But she shouldn't of underestimate the Quartz's tricks. When she wasn't looking behind her, Amethyst used her shapeshifting abilities to stretch out her legs up into the air very fast. She grinned, reaching up to the blue gem, and touched the gem on her back.

Lapis looked behind to see herself caught and was surprised and disappointed by it. Until she formed a grin on her face and then shapeshifted into a blue miniature version of Peridot.

Both started chasing the real Peridot, who started running and waving her hands in panic around the beach. Lapis took to the skies while Amethyst had the grounds to cover.

"Oh, come on this is unfair!" Peridot yelled, whilst being chased.

"Oh yeah! You wanna see unfair! Amethyst used her Spin Dash technique, as she started to rapidly roll into a ball and speeded straight towards the yellow-triangled head gem.

Peridot immediately saw the spinning purple ball heading for her from behind. Just as Amethyst was about to grab her, the small green gem only slightly jumped over her. She saw Amethyst fall and rolled over onto the sand.

This gave her the chance to escape. But not for long. Just below her, Lapis happily catch sight of her friend's escape and she wasn't going to let that happen.

"Oh no you don't Peridot! You won't get away from me this easily!"

Lapis playfully raised her hand to the sea and starts to use her Hydrokinesis to her advantage in catching the intelligent gem. This ability gives her endless amounts of power and control over water and any type of liquid material.

"Ha…Take that you cods!" Peridot laughed and grinned in victory. "You can't catch me, the mighty Peridot… And it looks like I've won!"

Just as she thought she won the game. A shadow cased over her which caught her off guard. She looked up to see an enormous hand, made out of the ocean, with Lapis controlling it. Peridot's dark green eyes widened and stood there shaking in fear.

With no way to run, she only had one thing to say after she gulped nervously.

"Oh cod".

The small gem was then smashed flat forcibly onto the ground by the giant water hand, as Lapis threw it with a swing of her arm. The impact created a slightly quiet explosion as sand scattered around the water hand. Which can be heard from where Pearl and the others were.

Lapis blinked after realizing that she may have gone too extreme to use her powers to catch her green friend.

"Woohoo!" Amethyst cheered, as she came over to the giant hand in triumph. "Way to go, Lapis! That was amazing! Or I would say AWESOME!"

Lapis let out a nervous laugh at the purple gem's compliments and then decides to remove the giant water hand to set Peridot free. The blue gem moves her arm upwards and the giant water hand started to lift itself from the beach. Then she lets go of her control and the water evaporated back into the sea.

Worried about Peridot, Lapis glides down to the ground and lands beside Amethyst. Both shapeshifted back to their original appearances and watched until the sand from the impact clears.

Just as the sand finally clears itself, they could see Peridot. Although only the lower half of her physical form. Both gems saw that their friend's upper body has plunged into the sand, with her legs sticking up into the air and flailing about in panic.

" Hi Peridot, are you ok?" Lapis called out, feeling concerned.

They heard a muffled scream coming from Peridot deep in the ground, as they watch her trying to get out by herself. which didn't work out in her favour.

Eventually, Lapis and Amethyst went over to help get her out by pulling her small legs. With many attempts to pull her out, they had no luck so far. The impact of the giant water hand must of send the small gem very deeper underground in the sand.

Pearl saw what had happened and the situation Peridot is in now. She sighed in annoyance, knowing she probably had to help them set free their fellow gem from her sand imprisonment. But there was one issue that stood in her way.

Harry was still asleep in her arms peacefully and she couldn't take him with her. So that he can just wake up and watch all the commotion, she thought not. The only person she could rely on temporarily to take care of the child was Bismuth.

"Bismuth…Would you mind taking care of Harry for me? While I help them get Peridot out of the ground" she asked politely.

Bismuth was a bit hesitant about Pearl's request with watching the boy.

Because she never had experience babysitting kids before, only just meeting and interacting with them. But she couldn't deny this big favour and this might be a good opportunity to get to know the boy more.

"Uh… Of course, Pearl… I'll make sure the kid is safe with me" She responded, with a confident smile.

Pearl, feeling grateful, gently stood up and handed Harry to Bismuth without waking him from his nap. The large grey gem accepted the child into her bulky arms. She held and cradled him up carefully without accidentally squishing him. He was such a tiny human compared to other kids she has met in Beach City.

With Harry in Bismuth's care, Pearl straightaway went over to the shores to assist the others.

Bismuth felt completely awkward at the moment after she was given the task of taking care of the child in her arms. Though, she has gotten along well with young human children during her time living in Beach City. Such as Steven, Connie, and Onion. But never taken care of or babysit kids before in her life and thought she would be terrible with them.

Then her opinion changed when she felt something against her chest. The blacksmith gem looked down surprisingly to see Harry snuggling against her chest below her gemstone. Like it was nothing. Her physical gem form produces a warm temperature body from her gemstone as a bismuth type of gem.

Bismuth immediately blushed embarrassingly at the adorable sight of the sleeping boy. She didn't have anything to say nor move from disturbing Harry's slumber. The only thing she could do was smile.

There was something so special about him that made her gemstone melt into molten lava.

She gently and carefully stroked the back of the boy's hair through her fingers without waking him up. This eventually led the little one to respond with a soft cute coo. Bismuth closed her eyes and chuckled, clearly enjoying the boy's company. As she proceeded to let him cuddle and embrace against her warm body.

"The kid is too cute for his own good. No wonder Pearl found him" She thought.

Just as Bismuth enjoyed having the child in her care, she saw Sapphire and Ruby walking over to her. Probably they wanted to see how Harry is doing. Sapphire straightaway let out an aww as she saw the child preciously nuzzling against Bismuth's chest.

"Oh, isn't he just the cutest little thing," She remarked as she and Ruby sat next to the large gem, smiling down at the small boy.

"So, how is the little guy, Bismuth?" Ruby asked.

"From what I can see, the kid is just fine" Bismuth smiled, as she presented Harry to the couple in her arms still sleeping soundly. So, Sapphire could have a chance to check on the little boy's wellbeing.

The small blue gem watched the little one resting his tiny head against Bismuth. She reached out her arm and gently placed her hand on his cheek. In her point of view, he still looked exhausted like he had not slept for a long time. But she giggled and found his cute sleeping face even more delightful.

While Ruby and Sapphire observed the child, Bismuth looked over to the other side of the beach to see how the others are doing with releasing Peridot from her sandy prison. Pearl, Amethyst, and Lapis all grabbed one of the green gem's legs and then pulled them to get her out. It was exceedingly difficult to pull her out since she is buried so deep underground.

Eventually, with a pop, Peridot was finally free.

Peridot was laying down on the beach still woozy from being tagged by Lapis's giant water hand. Her green eyes were whirling in dizziness and bits of sand dusted over her face.

Amethyst and Lapis laughed at her position, as both gems found it hilarious. Even Pearl let out a small chuckle as well.

Annoyed, Peridot shook her head and brushed all the bits of sand off her face, reprimanding them for laughing at her.

Bismuth smiles at the white gem enjoying seeing her laughing with her friends and family. Then, forms a sad frown expression, making her think about her feelings for Pearl. She still felt unsure about confessing her affection towards Pearl.

And with Pearl taking care of Harry, it's going to be even more difficult to explain her feelings to the white gem.

Maybe Garnet could help her with the difficult love situation. The gem fusion has some of the best relationship advice about love than Ruby and Sapphire. Perhaps, she might ask her how to approach this or something another time. Even if Bismuth risks telling Garnet about her secret crush on Pearl. But she knew that her oldest friend would keep a secret.

Before Bismuth could think of anything else, her thoughts were interrupted when she felt a slight movement in her arms. She descends her head to see Harry starting to wake up from his long hour nap. Sapphire groaned in protest wanting the boy to sleep more because of his cuteness. Bismuth and Ruby quietly giggled at her about it.

They watched as the child slowly opened his eyes, gently lifting himself up, and let out a soft yawn. Sapphire squealed quietly and admiring his awakening adorably.

Harry rubbed his eyes with his tiny hands, fully awake from his slumber, and was confused as to where he is. The little one looked to see that Pearl wasn't holding him. He lifts his head to see Bismuth smiling down at him.

"Miss…Bismuth? Harry tilted his head in bewilderment.

"Hi there, Buddy" Bismuth greeted him gently. "Did you have a pleasant nap?"

Harry pushed his glasses back into his eyes and nodded with a blank face.

"Yes…It was nice."

"Well, that's good to hear," she said, giving a toothy grin.

Still cradled in the gem's big arms, Harry looked up at her as if he was about to ask Bismuth something. The large grey gem was willing to answer any question that the kid wanted to ask her.

"Ahh…m-miss Bismuth" He mumbled shyly "W-where's Pearl?"

All he wanted to ask was where the white gem is. Which was what Bismuth, Ruby, and Sapphire were expecting him to ask them. It shows that Harry genuinely cares about her in his tiny pure heart. Even after Pearl had taken him into their home. He was shown to have a polite and kind personality toward them all.

Maybe there could be a good chance that both Harry and Pearl would become something more.

"Don't worry sweetheart, Pearl is over there with the others" Sapphire explained and pointed her finger in the direction where Pearl is now.

Harry looked where the gem was aiming at and felt relieved to see Pearl is still there. He smiles after catching glimpses of her chatting and smiling with the rest of the Crystal Gems. The smiles and hugs that she gives him make him feel warm and safe.

Bismuth notices this and grins down at him about what he was thinking about.

"You love her, don't you kid".

He turned his attention to Bismuth and happily nods at her, agreeing with the gem.

"She's very nice and pretty. She gives me lots of warm hugs… And she feeds me…"

Every word that the little human said when he talks about positive things like Pearl taking good care of him was so loveable. It made the three Crystal Gems smile even wider than before when listening to him. They enjoyed hearing how innocent and cute his voice was. He was like a little angel that descended from heaven and outer space.

"Yep, that's our Pearl all right" Ruby responded with the little guy's cute opinion.

Harry smiled and then all that happiness disappeared from his face all of a sudden. He looked down at the ground, feeling unsure. This was seen by the gems, who quickly saw the worry in the boy's face and his green eyes.

"Hi, is there something on your mind kid?" Bismuth asked first, concerningly in her voice.

They saw Harry not making eye contact with them and didn't feel like replying to the rainbow-locked-haired gem's question. If he didn't want to answer that was fine by them. As the gems wouldn't force a child to answer their question after what he has been through.

However, with a bit of confidence, He lifted his head slowly and looked up at them with an anxious expression.

"I-I'm sorry" he started to stutter, trying to speak his voice out and looked down again.

I-I'm…a bit worried that I might be a burden to P-Pearl…after she has done for me"

All three gems beside him exchanged glances at each other, staggered to hear his answer. Harry thought negatively that Pearl might not want to look after him anymore. "Why would he think of something like that!?" Bismuth thought in confusion.

Worried, Sapphire gently places her hand on the boy's arm, which made him turn his head toward her hesitantly.

"Sweetheart, why would you say such a thing," She asked calmly.


"AMETHYST! What happened to your hair colour?!

They were suddenly interrupted when the gems heard Pearl yelping from the other side of the beach opposite them.

Bismuth, Harry, Ruby, and Sapphire checked out what the hassle is going on with the others. Pearl, Lapis, and Peridot were astounded at Amethyst's hair. The three gems and the human boy had the same reaction as them when they saw the purple gem's hair.

Amethyst's colour hair had completely changed from her originally pale lavender to a navy-blue colour for some unknown reason.

"What? What are you talking about?" Amethyst looked confused about claims of her hair changing colour.

It wasn't until she lifted her purple eyes to see her hair and finally noticed what her friends meant.


To her horror, she didn't understand what had happened to her new blue hair.

"Amethyst… That's amazing!" Lapis said, still stunned. "How did you do it?"

"I…I'm not sure" Amethyst was uncertain how she did it in the first place.

The small gem placed her hand on top of her hair and stroked it to see if it was spray paint or something. She couldn't feel any substances on her skin when going through her hair. Her hair was really blue.

But just to be extra sure. Amethyst focus and used her gem-shapeshifting powers on her hair and changed it to Pearl's hairstyle. To try and change it back to her normal hair colour. However, her hair was still blue. Then, she tried shapeshifting it again multiple times to her fellow Crystal Gems's hairstyles. Nevertheless, her plan didn't work in her favour.

"Grrrr" Amethyst felt irritated with her new blue hair. She gave up and restored her hairstyle back to the way it was.

"Aw man, I still can't get rid of the blue" She complained.

"But that's impossible!" Peridot exclaimed, trying to figure out an explanation for what has happened to her friend's hair.

"I've never seen a gem change their hair colour like that before?!

Once a certified Kindergartner on the Gem Homeworld. The small green gem had extensive knowledge of the locations, minerals, and injectors used to create new Gems in every world in the galaxy. Including, the state of such Gem by their appearance and which holes they came from.

But she never heard of any type of gems ever developing the ability to change their hair colour in her thousands of years of experience in gem biology. But this was a new ability and impatiently wanted to learn and seek answers to this strange phenomenon.

Bismuth, Ruby, and Sapphire were amazed and very confused by the small purple gem's new hair colour. In her thoughts, Bismuth was trying to think how Amethyst did it as well. As it was new to the others to see a gem change the colour of their hair.

Until she heard a soft whimper and felt shaking in her arms. Bismuth immediately looked down at her arms and to her surprise.

Harry was trembling and looking down as if he was scared of something.

"You ok, Harry?" She asked, concerned about the little boy now.

Ruby and Sapphire quickly noticed his behaviour and began to worry as well.

"Is there something bothering you little guy?" Ruby asked too.

Then, they watched the boy slowly lift his head and saw him looking up at them, with a terrified expression. In his large green eyes wasn't happiness anymore but fear now. The gems had no idea what caused a sweet and happy child to be in this now sad and afraid condition.


Out of nowhere, Harry started to breathe out rapidly and anxiously even more.

The Crystal Gems realized he was having a panic attack.

Bismuth, with no other choice, gently wrapped her arms around his tiny body in a comforting hug. As a way to make him feel safe and calm as possible. She saw the boy burying his face against her chest and clutching onto her overalls, just below her rectangular rainbow gemstone.

"Hi Hi Hi…It's ok I got you…I got you" she said, consoling Harry.

She heard him whimpering faintly in her chest as if something distraughtly was disturbing him. The gem continued to hold him close to her in the best way she can.

Sapphire was truly heart-breaking to see this loveable child go into this negative state. But Ruby was here to comfort her lover in any way she could. That includes Harry too as they watch Bismuth care for him.

Bismuth sadly observed the little boy trying to shrink himself small to hide from something that is scaring him. The best thing Harry needs right now is Pearl. As she is the only gem who can talk to him and release him of his stress.

But first, the rainbow-locked-haired gem wanted to take the little one somewhere on the beach to calm him down. Before she can hand him over to Pearl. Then, decides one of the massive Obsidian's statue broken hands buried on the beach near them would be the best option.

So, Bismuth carefully stands up on her feet and stares down at both the small red and blue gems.

"Ruby, Sapphire…I'm going to take Harry somewhere to cool off. Would you mind getting and telling Pearl where we are?"

Both stood up and nodded straightaway in agreement.

After Ruby and Sapphire left, Bismuth walked over to the nearest stone hands whilst carrying the little upset bundle in her arms. Just as the big gem stumbled upon the stone-carved hand, she saw a couple of large rocks surrounding it. Bismuth sat down on one of them as a chair for the mass of her physical body.

Once settled down she descended her head to check on Harry. He still buried his face in her chest and trembling in her arms. Then, Bismuth decided to try something that she learned from Pearl.

She gently placed her hand and constantly rubbed his back smoothly. The gem learned this when Pearl introduced her to one of the residents and their new-born baby in Beach City. Where the white gem demonstrated that rubbing a child's back is one of the ways to calm them down if they were upset or crying. Pearl learned this when she took care of Steven as a baby and toddler too.

Bismuth never thought this technique was going to be useful to her someday. Nevertheless, it was working.

Harry finally calms down and felt relaxed, as he breathed smoothly when he felt his back being rubbed nicely. He slowly removes his face from the gem's chest and hesitantly stares at Bismuth. Though he had calmed down, the boy was still scared and whimpering from her point of view.

"There we go…Feeling a lot better little guy," Bismuth asked, concerningly.

"Y-yes…" Harry slowly and sadly nodded in response. T-Thank you…Miss Bismuth"


"Sorry for what?" Bismuth blankly stared at him. "You didn't do anything wrong"


A familiar female voice shouted, and Bismuth turned her head to see it was Pearl, who was rushing over to her with a worried face, after being informed by Ruby and Sapphire about Harry feeling upset a moment ago.

When Harry saw the white gem approach him, he quickly buried his face in Bismuth's chest again in fear and shame. Pearl was absolutely and completely worried as he wasn't grateful to see her. Which wasn't a good sign.

"What happened!?"

"I don't know Pearl?" Bismuth explained. "One minute he was fine and then… He started to feel scared and frightened for some reason".


Bismuth stood up from the large rock she was sitting on and proceeded to let Pearl take the little boy. "I think he needs you more than ever".

Pearl immediately took Harry into her arms and hugged him against her chest.

"I'm just gonna go back and inform the others that Harry is with you now," Bismuth said, deciding to let the two of them talk alone.

Pearl nodded and Bismuth started to walk back to where the rest of the Crystal Gems are.


Bismuth stopped when she heard Pearl call her out and turned around to see the white gem with a small smile.

"Thank you," Pearl said, feeling appreciated that Bismuth was there for Harry when she wasn't.

Bismuth stared blankly, then smiled back and nodded at her friend.

"No problem"

Just as Bismuth made her way back to the others, Pearl paid most of her attention to Harry. She looked down to see him hiding his face in her chest, still trembling and terrified. It was horrible to see him reduced to this state. "What could have caused him to be so anxious around her and the others?" Pearl worryingly thought in her mind.

"Sweetheart," she said, in a soft calm, and soothing voice. "it's okay, I'm here. It's okay, there's nothing to be scared of.

The boy's shaking started to ease down thanks to the relaxing tone of her voice. However, he still wouldn't look up at her.

"Harry dear, look at me" Pearl gently lifted his chin with her fingers and saw a vulnerable scared boy- No. A baby. "Are you ok?"

"Y-yes" he whimpered. I'm sorry"

"Why are you saying sorry dear?" she sadly and curiously asked.

"I-I didn't m-mean to turn A-Amethyst's hair b-blue"

"Wait!?… You did that!?" Pearl was astounded and couldn't believe that this human child was responsible for changing the purple quartz's hair colour. Harry hesitantly nodded at her and started to stutter again. The look in his fearful eyes tells her that he actually did this. But this was impossible!? No human such as young could have the capability to do this other than a simple gem, Pearl trying to think of an explanation for this phenomenon.

"M-miss Pearl" he spoke nervously and descent his head ashamed. "You c-can get rid of me if you want".

Pearl gasped in shock, and her eyes widened, to hear a sweet child say something truly absurd. He generally thought she was going to throw him out of her home and go back to living on the dirty streets. Just because he accidentally turned her friend's hair colour blue. Why would he think like that?

The white gem managed to remain calm with a sad face. She then places her hand over the boy's cheek and he flinched from her touch for a second. But Harry knew the gem would never harm him in any possible way. He looked up at his caretaker with an unhappy face.

"Harry…I would never try to get rid of you for turning Amethyst's hair blue" Pearl reassured him. "It was an accident"

"But…I'm a freak"

When he said he was a freak this was a breaking point for the gem. She couldn't take it any longer. It was time to find out the truth about who has been telling him these disgusting lies. She desperately needed to talk to the little boy about who has been abusing him and left him in that alleyway.

Pearl carried Harry over and took a seat on the large rock that Bismuth previously sat down on. She gently placed the child into her lap, with her arms wrapped around him. So, she could talk to him face to face. Now she was calmly prepared to ask.

"Harry…I don't want to frighten you…But…could you tell me who called you a freak?"

Harry hesitated and looked down sadly when Pearl asked him about his family. "You can tell me anything sweetheart"

"B-But if I tell you…T-They'll find me and hurt me" he mumbled.

"Who…Who will" she sadly pleaded with the boy to tell her who his abusers are.


Just as Harry suddenly stopped to reveal the culprits, he slowly lifts his head to the white gem. He saw her worried face and caring light cyan eyes. Despite, all of the kind things she has done for him. She was willing to ensure him that he is safe with her, which give him the confidence to speak up.

"My…aunt and uncle…"

Pearl felt like she was being stabbed in the back by Holo-Pearl again during sword combat training at the Ancient Sky Arena. She couldn't believe it. The gem wished it wasn't true. No human family would ever mistreat one of their own loved ones. But she saw the fear in the boy's eyes and his body language. His own flesh and blood actually did this to him.

She didn't think twice, she brought him to her chest and placed him in a tight hug.

"Oh, Harry…I'm so sorry…I didn't realize that-

Pearl was at loss for words and couldn't know what to say. She continued to tighten her hold on him and gently squeezed to make him feel safe and secure.

Then, she quickly notices his eyes closed and shivering. He was trying to bottle up his emotions. "No, no dear…don't bottle your tears…It isn't healthy for a young human such as yourself to do that.

Harry slowly lifts his head and opens his large green eyes to her. A few tears started building up in his eyes, as he struggles to hold them back. But he really wanted to cry but he wasn't allowed to by his aunt and uncle. However, Pearl said that he was allowed to cry and there was only one way to find out.

"C-Can I…Please" He truly begged her in desperation.

"Please do dear… you need it" she pleaded.

Harry whimpered, after so many years of torment and pain. Finally, he let go of his emotions. He broke down into tears. His tears began to steam down his cheeks and buried his face against the gem's chest once again. Pearl sat silently and was upset seeing the little boy letting out everything that he has been through his whole life.

She had her arm wrapped around the boy's waist and the other gently stroking the back of his head. Trying her best to reassure him that she is still here with him.

"There, there, there sweetheart…I'm here for you"

The white gem in sorrow places her chin on top of Harry's head and closes her eyes. A single blue tear fell out of her eye and dropped down to the ground.

Her thoughts were racing throughout her mind, mainly her anger building up inside her.

"HOW COULD THEY DO THIS TO SUCH A BEAUTIFUL AND INNOCENT CHILD!" Pearl ragingly said in her head. She was devastated to hear that his aunt and uncle would harm their nephew like that.

However, her anger quickly disappears when she hears Harry's cries getting louder. She fully knew that it isn't the time to feel enraged. But right now Harry needs all the support and reassurance he can get. As the gem still keeps him in their cuddle together.

After a long hour of crying, Harry finally stopped sobbing and rested his head against Pearl's chest. Still breathing slowly and steadily after what felt like a millennium of holding back his emotions for so long. Pearl removes her head from Harry to see if he's fine.

"There we go, that's better. Are you feeling ok now Harry?" Pearl asked, with a small smile. Harry nodded but he didn't say anything.

After learning what he's been through, Pearl realizes that she couldn't leave this poor and sweet little boy behind. He wouldn't live another day without her. Then, she finally said something that would eventually change both her's and Harry's life.

"Harry… Would you like to stay here with us?"

Harry looked up, with eyes widened in surprise after wiping his tears off with his arm. "R-Really?… You really want me… E-Even if I'm a freak?" He mumbled.

"No, sweetheart" Pearl gently consoled. "You're not a freak…you're just a little boy who didn't deserve to suffer ".

But I…I did deserve it… Right?

Her gemstone suddenly broke into pieces. It was horror on Pearl's face to hear him say horrible and negative things about himself. The evidence shows that his relatives harmed him both physically and mentally.

"Harry Potter… don't you ever say anything like that?" She said in a serious and gentle tone in her voice.

"You're a wonderful child. Anyone in Beach City would love to have you here. There will be some difficult times…But I assure you, I will do my best to protect you and take care of you. No matter the cost."

Harry stared at her in disbelief. "You…You really want me?"

"Yes…I do" she nodded, with a cherished smile.

Immediately, Harry tried to wrap his tiny arms around the gem's waist, in an attempt to hug her. As a way to say thank you. Pearl smiled, adjusted her hold on him and hugged the child near her shoulder, placing his head comfortably on her shoulder.

Pearl smiled brighter than ever before, hugging Harry close made her feel good about herself. Though, it will take time for him to recover from his wounds. But she will be there to comfort, bathe, feed, and protect him. This was her new purpose in life.

She wishes Steven and Rose Quartz were here to see this moment. But both of them would be very proud of her.

While Harry Potter never felt so happier in his entire life.

His entire life living with his last remaining family was a nightmare. The Dursleys treated him like a slave and a waste of space. Aunt Petunia would force him to do all of the chores around the house (mainly cooking, shopping, gardening, and cleaning) without any help at all from her. Sometimes, He makes a lot of mistakes when doing them which resulted in him getting punished. His punishments were getting beaten up by Uncle Vernon, being whipped with his belt, or being brought up to be burnt on the kitchen stove. They would make him starve to death by giving him less food to eat or nothing if he was punished, which explains why he looks so skinny.

He was forced to sleep in the cupboard under the stairs filled with nothing but cobwebs and broken umbrellas.

His cousin Dudley would be encouraged by his father to bully him alongside his school friends. Uncle Marge, who visits them a few times, would send her bulldog Ripper to chase and try to bite him around the garden. They all laughed and didn't do a thing to stop the dog from hurting him.

For most of his life, all he ever wanted was to be loved by someone. Instead, his family rejected him and repeatedly told him he was a freak and that no one will ever love him or be part of anyone's family.

But now, He was finally free and far away safely from them. He had a new home and a new caretaker who actually loves him. Pearl and everyone in Beach City have been so ever kind and caring to him that he couldn't believe it. He still thinks this is all a dream. But it wasn't. This was real.

Pearl acted like his mommy- Wait! Could he actually call his new guardian his mommy? He thought in his head. He wanted to ask but was hesitantly worried that she might reject it. So, he decides to let it go for now.

They stayed snuggled in their hug for a good fifteen minutes until it was time to head back to the others.

The rest of the Crystal Gems were inside the beach house. They all sat around the living room waiting for both Pearl and Harry to return. Bismuth, Lapis, and Peridot sat on the couch. Amethyst was busy looking at herself with a small mirror in her hand, checking out and widdling with her new blue hair. Ruby and Sapphire were sitting on the floor in the middle of the living room.

All of them were concerned about Harry by their facial expressions. After he was completely spooked about something which disturbed him. The human child touched the very hearts of their gemstones and to see him so afraid and saddened made them desire to keep the boy safe from those who harmed him.

Then at long last, they suddenly heard the front door opening. The gems turned their heads to see Pearl entering the living room and walking over to them, holding Harry in her arms, with a reassuring face.

The five members of the Crystal Gems stood up from their positions to see if everything is ok with both their friend and the child.

"Is the little guy ok?" Lapis asked.

"He's fine" Pearl replied. "We had a bit of a talk and he's finally calm down now".

Everyone sighed in relief to hear that from her. Their worrying eyes were aimed at the little boy. They saw him still pressed against Pearl and looked a bit more nervous when he saw Amethyst's hair.

"Hi there buddy, is there something wrong?" Amethyst stepped forward to see the child.

"I-I'm… sorry" he stuttered and whimpered. The purple gem titled her head in confusion. For…turning your hair blue".

"Wait!? You did this!?" The gem widened her eyes in surprise. Harry nodded timidly, fearing that he might get punished.

"Oh, that is so cool man!"

Instead, he heard her say something exciting in surprise. Then yelped when he felt himself being snatched from Pearl's gasp and held up into Amethyst's arms. He looked down to see her with a thrilling grin on her lips.

"Can you do it again and to someone else!? I would love to try another colour on my hair!"

The purple gem's rapid requests made the boy let out a terrified "Eep!", surprising the others. Pearl immediately snatched Harry back and hugged him close to her chest to attempt to calm him down again.

"No, no… It's ok, she didn't mean to startle you" Pearl cooed and whispered in his ear. Her gently smooth voice made him feel relaxed and less trembling. Pearl sighed in reassurance and looked at Amethyst, then suddenly looked surprised at her hair.

Amethyst was bewildered until she looked up to see the colour of her hair has mysteriously returned back to her originally pale lavender. She was also startled at her hair and so were the gems knowing that Harry most likely did this.

"Everyone please be careful what you say about his…unusual ability" she requested, with a calm and concerned face. "He doesn't like talking about it. So, please don't bring them up for now. And that goes for everyone, ok?"

The Crystal Gems looked at each other for a second and quickly nodded at her. At first, they wanted to know how Harry changed the purple gem's hair and back. But seeing Harry so scared made them reconsider. They felt like it wasn't the right time to ask him after his long time with Pearl.

"Thank You. Now, I think it's time that Harry has his dinner now" Pearl suggests as it's getting nearer to dinner time.

"Oh, how about I head over to Fish Stew Pizza and grab a few pizzas for his tea" Amethyst proposes happily. I bet the little guy would like to try a slice of their delicious cheesy pie".

Pearl wasn't satisfied with the purple gem's idea of feeding the boy pizza at first. Then, she saw him looking up at her curiously about this food called pizza, which made her decide to have that for his dinner.

"Well…As long as it's just a one-time thing with him, then all right. We'll have pizza for tonight".

"Woohoo! Yes!" Amethyst raised her fist in the air in triumph to have takeaway pizza from Fish Stew Pizza for tonight's dinner.

At 6 o'clock, the sun started to go down and the moon began to rise in the night horizon sky. Amethyst left the beach house and rushed over to collect the pizzas from Fish Stew Pizza on the seafront boardwalk. While the rest of the others stayed behind at the beach house in the living room, waiting until the purple gem comes back with dinner.

Pearl sat down on the couch, with Harry settled down on her lap, talking to Bismuth about gem businesses and lesson schedules in Little Home-school. Lapis and Peridot debated their plans for tomorrow. While Ruby and Sapphire were relaxing and giggling over their relationship.

At the same time, Harry remained calmly quiet and listened to Pearl and Bismuth's discussion.

Eventually, Amethyst finally came back carrying five pizza boxes in her arms. She was a regular customer at the Fish Stew Pizza. The fast-food restaurant was owned by the Pizza family. Kofi and his two older daughters Jenny and Kiki offer their favourite purple gem customer free pizza anytime she visits. Since all of the residents in Beach City owe her and the rest of the Crystal Gems for saving their lives and their hometown many times.

Amethyst placed the boxes of pizzas onto the kitchen bar table and straightaway ate a slice before the others could. Bismuth and Peridot headed over and joined in grabbing a few slices to eat. Pearl, Ruby, Sapphire, and Lapis happily watched them consume their dinner. All four gems were the only ones who chose not to eat as their species didn't need to do to eat.

Just as Bismuth had swallowed a couple of pizza slices, she found a plate and placed a few slices onto it. She wanted to give the plate to Pearl so she can feed Harry his takeover dinner. The rainbow-locked-haired gem walks over and held the plate to the white gem.

"Thank you Bismuth, that's very kind of you" Pearl gratefully said, taking the plate from her friend.

"You're welcome" Bismuth smiled and walks back over to eat more slices.

Pearl places the pizzas on the couch beside her and saw Harry looking at his food curiously.

"So, are you hungry dear?" She asked, politely.

Harry nodded steadily, hoping that he was still allowed to eat.

Pearl then held a piece of pizza toward his mouth and the boy took a bite of it and chewed slowly.

"Mmmm…It's really yummy!" he happily said, enjoying the flavour of the melted cheese and sauce together.

Pearl smiled down at him, feeling glad to see the little boy enjoying his meal, and watched him eat the rest of the pizza slice.

The white gem continued to feed Harry more on his plate, three slices would probably be enough for his tiny stomach. She didn't want him to have a tummy ache or get sick by accident if he ate much too. Otherwise, she might panic if it did happen all of a sudden.

After feeding him all three slices on his plate, Pearl saw him placing his tiny hands on his belly. Meaning he was now full.

"Are you full now dear?" she asked.

Harry nodded, feeling relaxed and happily leaned against her, closing his eyes with a full tummy. Pearl giggled, wrapped an arm around him and gently rubbed the side of his arm with her other hand.

The gem was so happy that Harry was starting to recover now after his stressful moment at the beach.

Then, she suddenly remembered her plans to take Harry out tomorrow to purchase him some new clothes. He couldn't wear Steven's old clothes every day in his new life. She could also buy him some new toys to play with and even children's reading books as well.

From her perspective, it looks like his so-called uncle and aunt didn't bother to send him to school for any education to survive the outside world. But she was more than happy to teach him how to learn to write or read in the first step of his recovery.

The gem had the money to buy what Harry needs. However, she needed to know the right clothes size for Harry to wear, which was a problem for her.

Until an idea popped up right into her head.

Connie Maheswaran, Steven Universe's girlfriend and first human member of the Crystal Gems. Maybe could be of some assistance.

The older teenage girl has experience in babysitting younger children around Beach City and would be helpful to find the right size for Harry's clothes. Since she knows everything about clothes shopping. But first, she needed to call her on the phone now and ask her if she is available the next morning. The gem hopes that their human friend isn't busy working on her studies when she leaves for university next year.

The white gem decides to ask Ruby and Sapphire near her if they could watch Harry for a bit while she goes outside the balcony to call Connie.

"Ruby, Sapphire, would you mind watching Harry while I phone up Connie?"

Both gems looked at the white gem and happily nodded gladly accepting the task.

"Of course Pearl, we would be delighted to" They synchronously said.

Then, it was decided for them to fuse back into Garnet. The two gems started to glow into pairs of mass light and merged as a tall figure. After the light fades away. Garnet was back.

The tall fusion smiled and sat down on the couch beside Pearl and held out her hands to take Harry from her. Pearl gently hands the boy over to Garnet, who places him on her lap and had him snuggled against her warm chest. The white gem leaves, heading to the front balcony of the beach house outside to make her phone call to Connie.

Harry was a bit nervous when he felt himself being moved about and held by someone else. He slowly opened his eyes and saw Pearl leaving for the front door. He thought she was leaving him which scared him for a second.

"It's ok cutie pie, she isn't going to leave you at all" Garnet reassured.

"…G-Garnet?" He said, looking up at the fusion surprisingly and was relieved to see her again.

"That's right little one" Garnet smiled. "Pearl is just going outside to make a call to a friend of ours. So, she can plan to buy some new clothes for you tomorrow"

"New clothes?" he said, titled his head confusingly.

"Of course, cutie pie" The fusion chuckled at his adorable expression. "Humans need to wear clothes, especially you! I'm thinking that you would look cute in a onesie"

"Oh…Ok," he mumbled, feeling unsure about Pearl getting him new clothes. Garnet notices his sad frown face and lifts his chin to gaze up into her shiny lenses covering her three eyes.

"You don't think you deserve them, do you?" she calmly asked. Harry tried to say something, but he nervously couldn't think of anything to say. "Harry… Do you know why Pearl is doing all those nice things for you?"

Harry slowly shook his head uncertainly and Garnet knew she would get this response from him.

"It's because she loves you… And so does myself and the others too" She answers, and Harry was astounded.

"Love is what made me who I am to this day through my fusion with Ruby and Sapphire. It is the most powerful force in the entire universe. And what makes yours and hers so powerful and equal to mine is by being yourselves, from within"

Garnet carefully placed her finger on Harry's chest near where his heart is. Giving him an example of where and what love is. Harry peculiarly looks down at Garnet's finger resting against his chest.

At that moment, Harry truly understood what gem fusion meant. He did everything he could to get his relatives to love him. But they rejected him and never became part of their family. However, Pearl and the rest of the gems believed he mattered to them. Because he was just Harry…Just Harry. He wanted to be polite and caring toward others, that is who he truly is.

Harry formed a cute smile up at Garnet, with his big green eyes widened.

Garnet chuckled, seeing that he understood her lesson and was grateful to see him happy about it.

"Now, there's that cute smile I was waiting for" Garnet brought her finger up to his chin and tickled him.

Harry laughed a bit and gently slowly snuggled close to the gem's warm hologram body. Garnet smiled and wrapped her arms around him in a protective hug.

The other Crystal Gems heard the child's laughter near them and enjoyed listening to his adorable voice.

A few minutes later, Pearl returned inside the living room with a happy face. Connie answered the white gem's call and was glad to talk to her former sword-training gem teacher. In the conversation, Pearl eventually told the older teenager about Harry and asked her if she was free the next morning to help her out with buying new clothes for the little boy. Connie was surprised to hear Pearl is taking care of a homeless little boy she found on the streets of Beach City. Nevertheless, she informed the gem that she was taking the day off from her studies tomorrow and gladly offered to help her with sorting out the right clothes for Harry.

Pearl gratefully thanked her, and both said goodbye to each other on the phone until they meet up again the next day.

Pearl went back and sat down on the couch near Garnet to inform Harry of the good news. Harry sat up from Garnet's chest and broke through the fusion's hold on him, feeling relieved to see his new caretaker back.

"Good news, Harry" Pearl excitedly said with a smile." I've arranged to meet up with our friend Connie tomorrow. So, she can help us sort out the right clothes for you to wear".

Harry was thankful and wondered who Connie is exactly. He was about to ask Pearl about her until his question was then replaced with a soft yawn. Pearl giggled, thinking it was time for his bedtime now.

"Aww, come on dear, let's send you off to bed now," she said, picking Harry up from Garnet and resting him on her chest. He nodded and nuzzled her chest, as he started to feel drowsy and exhausted for the day.

"Would you like to say goodnight to everyone before we go upstairs?"

Harry slowly lifts his head up from her chest and nodded tiredly. Pearl smiled and turned her head around to see the others approaching them. Harry steadily looks at the Crystal Gems and gives them a tired wave to say goodnight with a tiny smile.

"Night everyone" he cooed quietly.

All of them smiled at hearing him say goodnight in his adorable and worn-out voice.

"Pleasant dreams little buddy," Amethyst smiling at him and waving back at him.

"Have a goodnight's sleep little guy" Lapis cooed, kneeling her legs down to his height with her eyes happily closed.

"I hope the bedbugs don't bite little Harry" Peridot playfully and cheerfully said.

"Sleep tight cutie pie," Garnet replied, with a thumbs up and smile.

"Rest well little man" Bismuth grinned down at him.

After saying goodnight, Pearl carried Harry back upstairs and went into Steven's bedroom.

She sat down on the bed and tucked him in under the covers and takes off his glasses from his face. She didn't want the little boy to sleep with his spectacles on and accidentally broke them over goodnight. She places them on the shelf in front of her and then notices a small plant pot containing a small pink lily on there as well. It was the same flower Peridot gave to Harry in the greenhouse yesterday as a gift from the small green gem.

"Garnet must've brought it here when we were visiting Vidalia's" Pearl concluded and was thankful for the fusion to bring the plant here. Harry would be pleased to have it back and she was aware that he is quite fascinated with plants.

Now, he was fully prepared to go to sleep and be awakened to a brand-new day tomorrow. Before she could join him, Pearl wanted to head back downstairs and secretly inform the gems about what she had learned about Harry's old life and his horrible family. She felt it was best that they should know the truth without Harry being there for his condition.

"Harry, I need to go downstairs to talk to the others for a bit" She informed him.

"You… You will come back, right?" he whimpered, laying his head on the pillow.

"Of course, I will" she reassured him and placed her hand on his cheek. "Nothing in the universe will stop me from seeing you again, I promise"

"…Ok" he mumbled and yawned softly. He lays himself to rest under the covers and nuzzles against the pillow, closing his eyes to rest waiting until Pearl returns.

Once he was snoozing, Pearl without waking him up carefully leaves the bedroom and descends to the living room where the rest of the Crystal Gems were waiting for her. After making it downstairs she saw them standing and already staring at her with questionable faces. Their facial expressions were desperately wanting to know about Harry's panic attack.

"…So" Lapis was the first to ask the white gem worryingly. "What happened earlier with Harry on the beach?"

"Yeah, what did a cool kid like Harry get upset about?" Amethyst asked, confusingly.

Pearl lowers her head sadly and then clenches her hands on her blue leggings frustratingly. The gems were suddenly startled and concerned by her reaction, which meant this was really bad. She let out a heavy sigh and finally revealed the truth to them. He…He told me who abused him" she said quietly.

"It was…

she stopped hesitantly and then sadly continued. "It was his aunt and uncle who did this to him…" she sadly answered.

"…THEY DID WHAT! The gems all said, busting out loud and then went completely silent afterward.

Garnet remained calm except with a frown on her face. The fusion was absolutely furious remembering all the horrible scars, burns, and bruises on the boy's tiny body. Finally knowing the truth that his own family made him suffer. She managed to hold back her emotions from unfusing apart again back to Ruby and Sapphire.

Amethyst looked down in frustration, as the front of her hair cast a shadow over her now raging purple eyes. She made a fist in her hand to control herself from lashing out. She couldn't understand why this sweet kid was hurt by his own human family.

Lapis looked horrified and covered her mouth with her hands, as tears started to come down from her eyes and ran across her cheeks.

Peridot had her jaw wide open in shock and disbelief.

Bismuth was completely ghost-white and made an angry scowling face. They were truly right from the start, without any second thought. Harry was truly abused by his own flesh and blood. This boy looked about six years old. How could he have survived this horrible life and ordeal with his abusive family?

"I… I can't believe it" Lapis was speechless, removing her hands from her face to reveal her horrified and sad face.

"How could they do this to him!?" "They were supposed to be his family!"

Amethyst released her anger, slamming her fist into her other hand forcefully and spoke angrily.

"Man, when I get my hands on those disgusting maggots I will-

"Everyone, settle down now, or you'll wake Harry up!" Garnet calmly commanded them all to stay silent. They almost forgot that Harry was still asleep upstairs in Steven's bedroom and eventually calm down. The Crystal Gems hope that they didn't interrupt his sleep by mistake.

Bismuth, Amethyst, Lapis, and Peridot all looked at Pearl and sighed with regret.

"We're sorry," They all said directly to the white gem, feeling sorry for reacting the way they were about Harry's relatives.

"No…it's all right… I understand" Pearl sadly said looking at them, appreciating their kindness and concern. She understood how they felt regarding Harry. No child should ever go through abuse and neglect. But now, Harry was safe and happy under her protection as his permanent new guardian from this day. And that's one of the last things she wanted to tell her friends next.

"But what's more important now is that Harry is safe with us," she bravely said with a determined face and voice tone. "That's why I've decided that I'll be taking care of him from now on."

"Wait," Lapis blinked and realized what she meant. "Do you mean-

"Yes, Lapis" she gladly announced with a new bright smile.

"From this day forward, He'll be staying with us as his new guardian!

Immediately, Pearl was suddenly startled when she felt something wrapped around her waist pressing against her tightly. She looked to see Lapis hugging her in a tight squeeze with a big smile and sparkly blue eyes on her face.

"I'm so happy for you!" the blue gem cheerfully said. "The little guy needed a new home, and he found the right gem to take care of him!"

"Yeah, she's not wrong there you know!" Amethyst playfully said as she and the others approached her.

"We'll be there too to help you look after him in any way we can!" Garnet replied with a grin.

"That goes for me too Pearl!" Bismuth announced. "We've got your back!"

"Hi, don't forget that you can count on us to babysit him for you when you're either on a mission or in classes!" Peridot happily gladly to be assistance for both the white gem and the child.

Pearl blushed, feeling grateful that her friends and family were here to support her in any way they can to help her look after Harry. She saw them smiling at her with complete confidence, support, and care. A teardrop of happiness fell out of her eye and a smile formed once again on her face.

"Thank you, everyone…For everything. I'll do my best!"

"Now Pearl" Bismuth came over behind her friend and placed a hand on the gem's shoulder. "If there's anything you need…We'll be there to help both you and Harry anytime!"

The Crystal Gems then surrounded Pearl, wrapping their arms around her, and giving her a gentle family group hug. The white gem felt relieved and happy to have so much amount of love from her family here on Earth and in Beach City. And she will share this same amount of love with Harry in her care and watch him grow up into a fine young man in the future.

The night finally came. Bismuth, Lapis, and Peridot decided it was time to leave at this hour. They used the Crystal Temple's warp pad to teleport back to Little Homeworld where most of the gems were staying and resting until tomorrow. The three of them bided goodbye to Pearl, Garnet, and Amethyst and they were gone in a flash.

With today finally over, Pearl said goodnight to the fusion and the purple Quartz who headed back into their respective rooms in the Crystal Temple. Pearl, on the other hand, headed back upstairs to Steven's bedroom and join Harry in the nice cozy warm bed.

The Crystal Gem made it and entered Steven's bedroom, expecting him to be already asleep. However, instead, she notices Harry whimpering and tossing his head about on the pillow.

Pearl was alarmed and saddened that Harry was having another nightmare again, even after what his relatives had put him through. Pearl straightaway went over and gently picked him up from under the covers. She cradled him and slowly rocked him, back and forth. Like she did with Steven when he was just a toddler as he had night terrors too.

It eventually works. Harry started to open his eyes quickly and fearfully looked around wildly for any danger. Until he looks up and realizes Pearl was holding him, who was smiling down sadly at him concerningly.

"P-P-Pearl?" he whimpered terrifyingly. "I-I didn't mean to-

"No dear, it's ok Harry" she gently interrupted and whispered, hugging him close to her chest. "You did nothing wrong. You just had a nightmare that's all. Luckily, 'I'll be there to help you fight off those nightmares, as your new guardian"

She released him from her hug and saw that he was scared from his night terror still.

"Would you like to talk about it with me?" she asked and offered kindly. Harry looked up at her with an uncertain expression.

Then, she thought of something that might ease the boy and let him go to sleep calmly without any more nightmares.

"Or, would you like me to sing you a lullaby to make you sleep peacefully tonight?"

"But…You've done so much for me" he muttered sadly. I… I don't want to be a burden.

Without thinking twice. Pearl smiled leaned her head down towards the boy's face and contacted her lips directly to his forehead. She kissed him. Which caught Harry off guard surprisingly. He saw his Aunt Petunia give them to Dudley. But his aunt denies giving that type of affection and always told him to continue his chores in the house harshly.

"Harry… You are worth everything to me now" she reassured the little boy.

I'm your new guardian, and as a Crystal Gem, I will do whatever it takes to keep you safe and happy here in Beach City!" This is your new home and I welcome you to it!"

After hearing her, he teared up once again but silently. Pearl smiled and gently rubs his back which made him feel relaxed.

Deciding it was time to go to sleep, the white gem then approached the bed and tucked Harry back into the blanket cover. She followed him in and coiled her arms around the child pulling him in close to her. So, Harry would know she is here with him when he wakes up the following morning.

"Sh, sh, sh…Don't worry sweetheart, I'm here" she gently whimpers to his ear. Her calm and beautiful voice made Harry feel relaxed and tired.

This is the right moment and opportunity for the white gem to sing the boy to sleep serenely. The song she chose to sing was written by Steven himself when he was just around Harry's age. She would usually sing his song to Steven as a toddler at bedtime whether he had nightmares and watched him sleep sometimes, without Rose's son knowing. Now, it was Harry's turn.

Then finally, she started to sing gently and smoothly into his ear.

("We Are the Crystal Gems" Written by Rebecca Sugar)

As Pearl finished singing Steven's song, Harry enjoyed listening to her lullaby and her voice was so beautiful like an angel. His eyes started to blink a few times, indicating that he was ready to fall asleep again. But before he could do that, Harry wanted to ask Pearl a very important question that came into his head when he was on the beach.

"Pearl?" he said, his head looking drowsy a bit and slowly looking up at her. Which brought Pearl's attention curiously.

"What is it dear?" she asked.

"Can I-" he suddenly stopped hesitantly and felt a bit worried to ask her. However, Pearl realizes what he was about to ask her.

"Go on ahead, dear…Say it" Pearl encouraged with a smile. Harry gulped nervously and finally asked.

"Can I call you mommy?"

The gem immediately smiled with joy. She looked down at the tiny child- No! Her son. She bent her head down and kissed her boy's cheek.

"Yes… Of course, you can…my son!"

When being called her son, Harry couldn't believe she allowed him to call her his new mother. He happily straightaway hurled over into her chest and hugged his new mother. Pearl hugged back her son and the newest member of her family, gently placing her chin over his head.

"I love you mommy" he softly said.

"I love you too my son" she whispered.

Harry finally tiredly closes his eyes, laying his head on Pearl's chest, and finally sleeps in harmony with his new mother at his side. Pearl happily strokes his son's hair for a bit, feeling so glad that she found and took him in the other day. Until she joins her little boy, closes her eyes, and goes to sleep as well.

They both snuggled up together throughout the night in Steven's bed. A shooting star appeared in the beautiful night sky and can be seen through the glass door windows. Giving us a sign that tomorrow is a brand-new magical beginning for both of them and their family.