"Rrrrr... Turn it off!?... Knock it off!?"

In Amethyst's room within the Crystal Temple, Amethyst groaningly had her hands on her ears and shifted around in her sleep on each side of her makeshift bed. The purple gem didn't want to get up from her relaxing sleep, as an annoying repeating loud buzzing sound below her is disturbing her slumber. Her makeshift bed was a large pile of her stuff.

Inside her room, Amethyst had stashed away various items in her room that she's collected over hundreds of years while living on Earth. Ever since the purple gem was poofed out later in the Prime Kindergarten after the war and during when she became a member of the Crystal Gems. The gem does keep her collection in messy piles which is her system. Even so, Pearl still disapproves of the messes in her room.

Amethyst tiredly opens her eyes, sits up, and wakes up from her sleep with a frown and annoyed expression.

Still irritated by the buzzing sound beneath her, she stretches her purple arms out and then immediately drives her arm into the messy bed made out of her stuff. So, she can find the source of the loud buzzing sound and make it stop.

Eventually, the purple gem pulled her arm out of the pile with the cause of the annoying sound in her hand. In the grasp of her hand was an old wireless white digital alarm clock that caused the disruption in her sleep. It was still buzzing and saying the time was 8 AM. Amethyst almost forgot that she turned the alarm clock on last night before she went to sleep.

That way she can wake up early in the morning and get ready to start her lessons today at Little Homeschool for her fellow gems. But lucky, the purple gem's and the other crystal gems' lessons won't start until 9 AM.

Amethyst pressed the button on top of the clock and it finally stopped buzzing. Then, she threw it over to the side to the rest of her stuff on her pile-shaped bed and laid down for a few seconds, while looking up at the rock and crystal ceiling.

"Much better" She yawned in relief, feeling a lot better with the sound of the alarm clock gone. But now, she knew that she needed to get up for today's routine.

Since today she, Garnet, and other crystal gems have to get back to teaching the gems, who want to learn more about Earth and have a life on this planet. However, their lessons won't start until 9 AM. Having an hour to sort themselves out will help them get things prepared before they start their lessons this morning.

Except for Pearl.

Amethyst also forgot that the white gem is taking little Harry to get him some new clothes today.

Amethyst enjoyed having the tiny boy around in their home. He was such a sweet and cute little guy, especially around the rest of the gems. Now, he is staying with them in Beach City permanently, as Pearl had announced yesterday that she has decided to become his new guardian now. The purple gem felt like a big sister all over again like she did with Steven.

She smiled, thinking about all the fun stuff she can do with the little guy. Whether or not Pearl will ask the purple gem to babysit him while on a mission or just general.

As long as the activities she does with Harry won't be dangerous or put him in any harmful way. Since he is a fragile little guy and still is recovering from his injuries. But, with the many reckless things she's done in the past, Amethyst has learned not to do them ever again… Well…Kind of.

Speaking of his injuries, her expression changed into an unhappy and crossed mixed face. Remembering Pearl telling them that Harry's real family were the ones responsible for his wounds.

What made her so frustrated is why? Why would his own family harm and starve such a sweet little guy like Harry? If Amethyst ever found those scumbags near Harry again, she will deal with them personally.

Because it's not just Pearl's, but it's also the purple gem's and the rest of the crystal gems' duty to protect Harry.

Then, she closes her purple eyes and calmly sighs out, letting go of her anger about Harry's abusive relatives.

"Sorry, little guy" Amethyst sadly said, opening her eyes and continuingly looking up at the crystal ceiling.

Afterward, Amethyst got up from the messy pile of her items and left her room through the Temple Gate. She found herself back in the beach house and then walked straight into the living room to get a snack from the kitchen.

The purple gem looked to her left where the kitchen is and was surprised to see Garnet already there before her. She saw the fusion gem pulling out newly bought food products in white plastic bags on the kitchen bar table and putting them into the cupboards and the fridge.

It looks like Garnet had gotten up before the purple gem and went out to the grocery store in Beach City.

Amethyst licks her lips and realizes the food wasn't just for her but mainly for Harry.

The little boy still has a long way to go to get himself fattened up, due to his old family starving him to death. Amethyst willingly joined to help Garnet to put away the rest of the groceries in the kitchen. Without the purple gem gobbling up the new already bought food for Harry's sake.

When finished they both started to discuss what lessons they have planned for today, whilst waiting for Pearl and Harry to wake up upstairs in Steven's old bedroom.

Until they heard creaking footsteps on top of the stairs. Amethyst and Garnet looked up to see Pearl making her way down the stairs to the living room and holding Harry in her arms, who were both looking tired and very happy for some reason.

"Well, well, well, I see that the little birds have woken from their nest" Amethyst smirked.
Pearl blushed from the purple gem's joke and let out a small chuckle at it.

"Well, Amethyst, I guess you could say that," Pearl replied happily, making both Amethyst and Garnet raise their eyebrows in confusion. Pearl decided to share the other news with her friends about her new role in a different and adorable way.

The white gem looked down at Harry, who is tiredly snuggling against her chest happily and cutely with his eyes tiredly closed.

"Come on now, dear, it's time to wake up and get you some breakfast" She cooed gently. The little boy slowly opened his eyes, looking up at his new parent and happily nodded.

"Okay, Mommy," he mumbled.

Immediately, both the white gem and her newly adopted son heard a very loud gasp and turned to see Amethyst with her jaw wide open in shock.

"I...I...I?" Amethyst stuttered, trying to process the news. "Did... Did he just say... Mommy?!"

Pearl smiled at Amethyst's reaction and held the boy close to her.

"That's right, Amethyst. He asked me last night if I could be his mother and... Well... He is now officially my son".

This announcement made the purple gem form a large grin on her face.

"I... KNEW IT!" The purple gem unbelievably and excitedly exclaimed, rushing over to congratulate Pearl for her role as Harry's new mother.

Garnet just stood there, her hands placed together, with a large wide grin too. She felt very grateful to Pearl and Harry. The fusion gem kept herself from unfusing, as both Ruby and Sapphire were also extremely pleased and excited to hear this news.

Amethyst laughingly made her way over to Pearl and hugged her around the white gem's hips. Pearl was surprised by the hug from Amethyst, making her and Harry both giggled at the same time.

"So, why does it feel to be the little guy's mom?" Amethyst happily asked, after breaking her hug from Pearl.

"It feels strange... But wonderful at the same time" Pearl replied and smiled down at her son. Harry tilted his head and smiled back at her, feeling thankful to have Pearl as his mother in his new life.

"Looks like the kid agrees with you," The purple gem cheerfully remarked, noticing the child looking very happy as ever.

"I believe Amethyst is correct, Pearl," Garnet smiled, walking over and placing her hand on Pearl's shoulder. "You will be a fine mother for Harry".

"It... Feels like a dream" Harry astonishingly joined the conversation. "But... It's real... It's really, really real".

The fusion gem giggled, then brought her index finger under Harry's chin and slightly tickled him underneath, making the little boy cutely giggle in response.

"Indeed, it is real, cutie pie" Garnet assures the human child in Pearl's arms and takes her finger from Harry's chin.

"Yeah," Amethyst added. "You have an awesome mom to take care of you".

Harry looked at three of the crystal gems, who all smiled at him. He never felt so happy to be living here with his new mother and her friends. It was so much better than his old life living in Privet Drive with the Dursleys. Nevertheless, he was enjoying every moment of how it felt to be loved by his mother and her friends.

"Thank you" He simply said.

"You're very welcome, little man," Amethyst laughed, reaching her hand up and ruffling the boy's hair. "And anyway, whoever knows... You might as well call me and Garnet your aunties".

Amethyst only said it as a funny joke, then they suddenly saw Harry looking at Pearl in confusion about them being his aunts.

"That's... Try not to go overboard with this" Pearl gently suggested, trying not to overwhelm her son and herself with Amethyst's joke.

The white gem has only been Harry's mother since last night and just wanted to take things easy with her newly adopted son. But in her thoughts, maybe Pearl could consider having Amethyst and Garnet to be Harry's aunts. The three of them have fought together for a long time as the Crystal Gems and become a truly loving family thanks to Steven by bringing them and everyone else together. However, it was Harry's decision if he wanted them to be his aunties in his new life with them.

But for now, Pearl's first priority as a mother is to feed Harry his breakfast and get him ready to go clothes shopping with Connie.

Pearl sat Harry down at the kitchen bar table and then started making him his breakfast. She pulled the essentials out of the cupboard and the cold fridge: a new box of cereal, cold glass of milk, a spoon, and a bowl. The white gem poured the cereal into the bowl and did the same with the milk, then passed it to his son to eat.

"Thank you, Mommy," Harry politely said, still feeling a bit sleepy.

"You're very welcome, my dear" Pearl smiled, seeing her son show such polite manners at the table was such a delight.

"Now, eat your breakfast, I need to talk with your aunts- I mean, Amethyst and Garnet, ok?

Harry nodded at his mother and slowly began eating his cereal out of the bowl with his silver spoon. Once her son was settled, Pearl silently sighed in relief and embarrassment after accidentally calling her two fellow crystal gems aunts. Getting back on track, the white gem turned to Garnet and Amethyst who were still talking about their lessons at Little Homeschool.

Pearl completely forgot she had her own Homeschool lessons today. She was feeling worried about it, as the white gem has already arranged her own plans to take her son out to buy him new clothes today as well.

However, the fusion and purple gem suggested and offered that they could take over her lessons. Pearl, with no other choice, decides to let them take over her lessons whilst she is away. But she wanted to be sure if they could handle her lessons without her.

"Are you absolutely sure you can handle my lessons, while I take Harry out?" Pearl asked,

"You have nothing to worry about, Pearl," Garnet assured her, with confidence. "Your lessons will be taken care of by us. Just enjoy your timeout with Harry today".

"Yeah, we can handle your lessons like a piece of cake," Amethyst faithfully said.

Pearl signed happily in relief, feeling blissful and thankful for the support that her gems are providing to her and Harry. "I really appreciate the help you two".

"Hi, no problem, anything to make the little guy happy!" Amethyst smirked. "So, what time are you meeting up with Connie?"

"We agreed to meet up at the beach at ten o'clock" Pearl responded, remembering the phone call she had with the teenager yesterday evening.

"That's good, it will give you the opportunity to get Harry ready for his shopping spree" Garnet suggested.

The three crystal gems turn their heads to the human child at the kitchen bar table. They saw Harry slowly eating his breakfast seemingly enjoying it, taking every scoop of his spoon into his tiny mouth and gently chewing his cereal. It was joyful and sad really at the same time. Due to the fact that his family made him starve to death and possibly never gave him a proper meal at all.

And now, he can finally eat anything while living with them. Hopefully, over time, he will be a new healthy human boy in their care now. The white gem promised that she will do everything in her power to protect and make sure her little boy will grow into a strong, confident, and happy young man. This is a mother's duty after all.

Over the next few hours in the morning, Garnet and Amethyst already left the beach house by using the warp pad to teleport to Little Homeworld to begin their Little Homeschool lessons. While Pearl spent the rest of the hours with her son in the beach house alone, getting him ready and cleaned up for their day out together.

But as soon as it reached 10 o'clock… It was time for the white gem and human child to head out.

Pearl took Harry outside from the beach house to the sandy front beach, as this is where the crystal gem had arranged to meet up with Connie here.

Harry tightly held on to his mother's hand, as he wanted to be as close and save to her as possible. Pearl on the other hand checked her phone to see if Connie had left any messages or voicemails saying that she was going to be late or that she can't go today. But there was no message or voicemail from her yet. Pearl just hopes Connie has still agreed to come today. Suddenly, the crystal gem surprisingly felt her cadet blue leggings being gently tugged below her. She looked down to see Harry wanting her attention for a reason because he had a curious and worried expression.

"Is something wrong, Harry?" Pearl asked curiously and concerningly, wondering why her son is looking worried now.

Harry timidly nodded and then slowly pointed his tiny finger at something large in the distance running towards them. It looked like a big pink animal with someone riding on top of it.

Pearl also saw it too and then immediately recognized who it was, making a pleasant smile on her face.

It was Connie, who was riding on Lion. It's been quite some time since Pearl had seen the older teenager and the pink feline. Since the human teenaged girl has been studying more on her studies for when she goes to college and Lion has been staying with her mostly.

"Hi, Pearl!" Connie happily called out to her friend and Lion letting out a friendly growl.

The pink magical lion came closer to the beach House, then slowly and carefully came to a halt in his paws in front of Pearl.

Connie gently lifted herself off his back and then immediately hugged the white gem.

"It's wonderful to see you again, Pearl" Connie remarked, feeling cheerfully to her fellow crystal gem.

"You too Connie, It's been such a long time since we saw each other" Pearl happily hugged back her former student of sword fighting. "How are your college studies going so far?"

Connie then released her hug from Pearl and let out an exhausting sigh out of her mouth.

"Ahhhh... It was really hard and tiring yesterday last night," She explained, with a dramatic expression on her face.

"I read over 200 pages in one of the books about climate change, which is essential for one of my courses at college. Thankfully, today is my day off, so I can do it another time".

"Well, it is important for you humans to take a break once in a while" Pearl acknowledged Connie. "So, try not to worry too much. Since you only have a year until you leave for college."

Connie smiled and nodded, trusting every word that Pearl says, since the gem knows more about the human species for over thousands of years.

Then, the teenager quickly looks down and notices the small child beside Pearl. Harry looked at her remarkably and shy at first, realizing that this must be the person they were supposed to meet up for their day out.

"Aww, this is Harry?" Connie curiously asked, remembering Pearl telling her about him yesterday. She also saw how truly tiny he was and wore one of Steven's light large light-blue t-shirts. She thought his face and large green eyes through his glasses were absolutely adorable.

"Aww, Pearl, you never told me he was cute!" she cooed.

Pearl giggled and gently crouched her legs down to meet at Harry's height while still holding on to his hand.

"Harry, I would like you to meet Connie" Pearl introduced her son to Connie. "She is a childhood friend of Steven's and is also a crystal gem as well".

Connie gently crouched down her legs as well and wrapped her arms around them to meet the little boy for herself.

"Hello there, Harry, it's nice to meet you" She softly greeted him with a warm smile.

"Hi... Connie" he mumbled shyly in a soft voice and gave the teenager a tiny wave. Connie giggled, finding him so precious through his shyness.

"Aww, there's no need to be shy around me, little guy". Connie gently offered her hand to the little boy to show that she is friendly and kind. Harry hesitated a bit, but decided to give her a chance and softly placed his own hand on top of Connie's.

Connie giggled, as Harry titled his head looking at her curiously. "He is so adorable!"

"Harry is just a bit shy when he meets new people for the first time," Pearl explained. "Isn't that right, dear".

"Yes, Mommy," Harry nodded, looking at his guardian shyly and politely.

Connie's eyes widened in surprise after what the little boy called Pearl.

"….M-Mommy…. Wait, does this mean that you….?"

Pearl nodded with a smile, confirming to the teenager as well that she has become the boy's mother too.

"…Awwwww!" Connie happily squealed, placing her hands on her cheeks and her eyes began to sparkle. "Oh my gosh, congratulations Pearl! I didn't expect you to-"

But then the teenager suddenly stopped when she saw Harry flinched a little and held on to Pearl's hand tightly. Guess her excitement accidentally scared the little guy which made Connie regret it.

"Sorry, little guy" She quickly apologizes to him. "I didn't mean to scare you".

It's… It's ok" Harry slowly nodded, accepting her apologies and then formed a small smile at her.

He felt comfortable speaking to Connie, as she has been nothing but kind towards him like the others he's met.

Connie sighed in relief, feeling glad that Harry is getting along and liking her now already. Who could blame her? She found the little boy so shy and polite, which made him cute as a button. It was only just yesterday Pearl called her about Harry and arranged to meet up to help him buy some new clothes.

Now, she has adopted him as her son. This was unbelievable and unexpected.

However, Connie felt happy and grateful for Pearl and Harry. She hasn't seen Pearl so happy for a while since Steven left Beach City. It was heartbreaking for the white gem to see him say goodbye to them. Especially as Pearl was more closer to the son of Rose Quartz. But now, she has Harry in her care. Connie was proud that her former swording fighting teacher took this sweet little boy in. Believing Pearl was suitable to be this boy's mum.

I mean…Look at them. They look so adorable together.

Then, her thoughts were interrupted when she felt something fuzzy nudging against her back.

Connie immediately stood up and turned around to see Lion, who let out a kind of gentle curious growl and stared blankly. The teenager didn't understand what Lion was trying to do at first. Until she realizes that he just wanted to meet Harry. So, she moved to the side and let the magical pink lion approach Harry.

Pearl and Connie expected Harry to become frightened and shocked to see such a real huge pink lion for the first time in front of him. Except, they were wrong.

The feline lowered its front legs and leaned his head forward to have a look at the human child. Both of them stared at each other tilting their heads in curiosity. There was no fear in Harry at all, just curiosity and was gazing at his beautiful pink fluffy mane.

"Your kitty has a pretty mane," Harry responded adorably in his shy voice.

Connie blinked for a second and then giggled after hearing his cute voice and fascination with Rose Qurtaz's and Steven's Lion.

"Thank you, Harry… This is Lion" Connie happily said, as she lightly stroked Lion's fur on his back. "As you already know, he's a lion".

"Here, why don't you stroke his mane? He loves it when he gets his mane stroked. Don't worry… He won't bite you."

Harry looked up at Pearl to see if it was ok and safe to stroke Lion's mane. Pearl nodded at Harry, knowing that Lion wouldn't harm her son or anyone else. Especially since the feline once belonged to Rose Quartz. Until Steven found him in the desert and took him into their home. Pearl trusted the magical pink lion, as he protected and helped Steven and the Crystal Gems on many occasions.

Harry slowly reached out his tiny hand to Lion, who took a few sniffs from his nose and smelled Harry's scent. The little boy placed his hand on the giant cat's mane. Then, carefully and gently, he began to slowly stroke the pink mane and enjoyed how soft and fluffy it was.

Pearl and Connie saw Lion clearly enjoying his mane massage from Harry, as he suddenly started to purr, to their surpise. Instantly, the feline gently placed his pink snout onto Harry's hand and nuzzled his hand, asking for more affection. Harry giggled and continued to stroke him, like he did with Cat-Steven back at the beach house.

Lion has never been being playful before towards someone he only just met. Lion has always been a typical silent and docile house cat with magical abilities, who is believed to have died and been resurrected by Rose Quartz by her healing tears. Pearl and Connie just couldn't believe Lion is enjoying Harry's company.

But that doesn't matter… Because they thought it was adorable. Connie and Pearl both chuckled at this sight. Looks like Harry has a new playmate to spend time with. The little boy truly has a thing to love and tame any animal he comes across.

However, it wasn't the time to play now.

"Well, I'm glad you like him, dear. But, I believe it's time we head out now to buy you some new clothes" Pearl said, reminding them about their morning plans.

Harry nodded, knowing better than to protest to his mother and stopped stroking the lion's head. Lion sadly whined in his expression, clearly wanting the small child to pet him some more. Pearl smiled at Lion's reaction, understanding his mood. She thought maybe Lion and Harry could spend some time on the beach after they have finished clothes shopping.

But that can wait for now.

Pearl lifted herself up standing tall, still clutching Harry's hand and said to Connie "So, shall we get going?"

"Oh! Of course" Connie replied eagerly, almost forgetting why she is here as well. "Follow me, I know which store to go to that's perfect for kids clothes".

Connie began to lead the way and directed them towards the main streets of Beach City, where most of the stores are open for business to all humans and gems. Pearl and Harry started to walk beside the older teenager, making sure to keep up with her. While Lion was following behind them, with a blank expression.

As the four of them journeyed through the streets in Beach City, they saw many humans and gems roaming around enjoying their daily living.

Pearl looked down to check if Harry was ok, since he can easily be scared by the big crowd, which worried her. But to her amazement, that wasn't the case. The white gem saw her son shyly looking around the streets, with childish wondrous eyes and a small smile. Especially with seeing the different types of gems living in Beach City.

This made her smile down at him, feeling glad to see her child feeling a bit more comfortable around his new home. Though, he's still a little shy around people, when she felt Harry gently squeeze her hand for reasurence. Hopefully over time, she and the others will help him overcome his fear and become confident in meeting new people.

Finally, they arrived at the nearest clothes store on the main street in Dewey Park. All three of them stepped inside it. Except for Lion, who couldn't fit in the store due to his size as a big cat. So, he decided to wait outside, as he laid down on the pavement beside the store and snoozed for a bit and waited until they were finished. Which Pearl and Connie didn't have a problem with and left him there.

From inspection, Pearl and Connie took a look at the clothes in the children's aisle, while Harry stood quietly by his mother. Pearl grabbed one of the t-shirts off the racks (the size for the age between 5-7 year olds) and compared it to Harry.

She then smiles, noticing how many of the clothes were slightly a perfect fit for Harry's size. Despite her son looking very skinny and tiny by his appearance. It isn't his fault that he looks like that. The blame goes to his old family for inflicting so much pain and cruelty to him in his entire life. Though, choosing and buying him some new clothes will be worth it. Because she thought he would look adorable wearing his new clothes.

Then, Pearl and Connie immediately started to take more clothes off the racks and hold them up to see if they might look good on Harry. Clothes such as: shirts, trousers, shorts, socks, pants, pajamas and shoes. The two of them both hummed and made a small pile of clothes of the ones they thought would look good on him. Harry curiously looked at the clothes and thought they looked comfy.

Once the gem and the teenager had chosen enough clothes for Harry, they head over to the dressing rooms for the little boy to try out his new clothes to see if he likes them.

Pearl took a blue navy t-shirt with a cartoon sword logo on it and sandy chino shorts from the pile which were on the floor.

"Here dear, why don't you try these on first in the changing room, before trying on the rest of your clothes next?" Pearl smiled, kneeling down her legs and handing the clothes out to him to try out.

"Ok, Mommy" Harry shyly nodded, taking the clothes and slowly walked inside one of the changing rooms. Pearl pulled the dressing room's curtain out to give her human son some privacy to change into his new clothes.

Pearl sighed and stood up, waiting for her son to come out. Getting fresh new clothes is another step for her son to start his new life here in Beach City.

"I appreciate you helping me today, Connie" Pearl turned her head round to the teenager with a smile and felt grateful for her assistance. "I couldn't have found the right clothes for Harry without you".

"It's no problem at all, Pearl," Connie smiled back, closing her eyes too. That's what friends are for, we help each other out".

"When you called me yesterday last night, you seemed very desperate for help. Especially after you told me how you found the little guy on the streets."

Pearl had a sad smile on her face and looked down, remembering the state her son was in when she found him in that alleyway a few days ago. Wearing only ragged worn out clothes that haven't been washed or cleaned at all. He had flesh bruises, scars and burns on his chest that looked a few days old. It didn't look like his family ever gave him anything to eat, evidence showing no fat on his body. She only learned from Harry that both his aunt and uncle did this to him.

It was just ludicrous that Harry's family would do this to him… Her newly adopted human son. But the important question is….. Why? Why would his own kind do this to him? And where are Harry's real parents? Harry hasn't mentioned or talked about his mum and dad, only just referring to his aunt and uncle in fear. Did they die? Is that why he was staying at his aunt and uncle's?

Pearl had many unanswered questions in her mind about Harry. But it can wait until later. She shook her head and sighed with a worried expression.

"Yes… I'm glad I found Harry and took him back to the crystal temple. Whoever knows what might have happened to the poor dear?"

"Is… is there something bothering you, Pearl?" Connie asked concerningly, who quickly noticed the white gem's behavior.

"I'm… Fine, Connie… It's just…" Pearl started to stutter in her words, trying her best not to bring up Harry's trauma today, especially in front of Harry still in the dressing room.

"Does this… Have to do with Harry being homeless?" The teenager curiously asked more questions about Harry.

Pearl looked at Connie with a serious and uncertain face, feeling not sure if she should tell Connie as well. Besides the Crystal Gems, she wanted to keep her little boy's past a secret from Beach City for now. If she reveals his past to everyone, it might upset and scare him. It felt like keeping Rose's secret of being Pink Diamond all over again.

However, Pearl knew she could trust Connie with her life. The teenager was also a member of the crystal gem as well and has been through so much together with Steven and everybody else in Beach City.

The white gem sighed in sadness, letting out her stress from her mind and proceeded to tell Connie of Harry's troubling past.


Connie blinked, looking worried for Pearl talking about her newly adopted son's past. She knew this was very serious and bad because of the sad tone in Pearl's voice. She felt like she should stop herself asking more questions about Harry and not upset her former mentor. But she couldn't.

"What… What happened?"

Pearl quickly glanced at the dressing room that Harry was in, while changing into his new clothes and made sure he wasn't listening or coming out.

With the coast clear, the white gem then quietly whispered into Connie's ear and told her the horrible truth. Connie's eyes suddenly widened, her face turned into a horror shocked expression and gasped.

"WHAT! "Why would they-

Pearl quickly placed her finger over Connie's lips to prevent her slight yelling from being heard by Harry. The white gem then placed her other finger onto her own lips and let out a quiet shh to the teenager.

Connie immediately understood the message and quickly quieted down. Pearl removed her finger from the teenger's mouth and saw her expressing a sad and astonished face, after now learning of the boy's true origins.

"I'm sorry I just…. Connie quietly couldn't spell out any words out of her mouth right now, but Pearl understood how she felt about this.

"You mean… His aunt and uncle abused him and just abandoned him!".

"...Yes," Pearl said in a sad tone, confirming again the things she knows so far about Harry's past.

"Oh… The poor thing" Connie sadly closed her hand and placed it near her chest, feeling heartbroken in her eyes. "No wonder he looks so tiny and scared".

"Yes… It's unbelievable what Harry has been through… But that doesn't matter now" Pearl said in an overprotective mother voice with a determined face.

" All that matters now is that he is safe and I'm going to give him the best life here in Beach City!"

Connie placed her hand over mouth and giggled, enjoying seeing a new adorable motherly side of Pearl that had never been seen for a while. remembering how the white gem used to be overprotective and caring towards Steven.

"Awww, Pearl, you really have become Harry's mum! That's so adorable!"

Pearl blinked and blushed light blue on her face, feeling embarrassed and proud after what Connie had said to her.

But it is true. Pearl has accepted the role of being Harry's new mother and Harry seems to be happy with it. She was the one to find him in the alleyway and took full responsibility into taking care of him. He mostly deserved all love and comfort from her and the rest of the gems that he has grown attracted to. Pearl smiled, thinking of many fun activities she can do with Harry. However, in a hestatied thought, the white gem does hope that she will do her best to be a great parent to Harry and keep him safe away from any trouble. However, she knows Harry is a kind, polite and behaved little boy to everyone he meets, who wouldn't get involved or get into any trouble.

In the goodness of her gem, Pearl will help her son get through his trauma and move forward from that. Both physically and mentally to see him grow into a healthy and strong human being here on Earth.

"You know, Pearl… I'm glad you were the one to find him" Connie softly said with a smile, feeling proud of the gem.

Pearl surprisingly looked at Connie after what the older teenager said to the white gem.

"Oh, it's not really a big deal…."

"Of course it is," Connie replied. "You should be proud of yourself for taking care of Harry. Everybody here in Beach City would have done the same thing if they found him. But you… You were the one who did the most noble thing for taking him in and I know you will be the best mother for him. Especially how you, Greg and the rest of the gems took care of Steven.

"Both Rose and Steven would be proud of you too if they were here now".

Pearl immediately blushed yet again when Connie mentioned both her former diamond and leader of the Crystal Gems, including her half gem human hybrid son. But she was right. Steven or Rose would probably say that she made the right choice for taking Harry in.

"Thank you, Connie," Pearl cheerfully said in confidence. "I do my best to be the best mother for Harry".

"I know you will Pearl" Connie winked at the white gem for luck.

"Uh… Mommy?"

Pearl and Connie heard Harry's timid voice and looked down to see him stepping out of the dressing room, wearing his new clothes. They immediately gasped and both let out aw at the same time, both clearly thinking he looked so adorable in his new attire.

"Awww, he looks even more adorable!" Connie cooed, as Harry titled his head in confusion, His large green eyes sparked, making them giggle at his cute reaction.

"How do they feel, Harry?" Pearl gently asked, kneeling down to her son. "Are they comfortable for you?"

"They feel comfy… I like them" Harry said, looking down at his new clothes that he is wearing with a small smile.

I'm glad you think so dear, because you look so cute in those clothes" Pearl smiled and giggled, which made Harry blush at the compliment from his mother.

"Thank you, Mommy," he simply said and happily looked up to his mother.

Over the next half hour, Harry went back to the dressing room multiple times and came back out wearing more of his new clothes. Pearl and Connie couldn't take it how much cuter he was getting each time he wore a different set of clothes. Harry enjoyed seeing his mother and Connie happy when trying out his new clothes and was happy with them.

Harry couldn't believe this was happening to him, Pearl being his mum and brand new clothes for him to wear. None of his aunt and uncle wouldn't buy him any new clothes and only just give him Dudley's big worned-out clothes instead. The little boy was very grateful to Pearl for adopting him. He only hoped he wouldn't be a burden or upset her, especially with his freaky stuff.

After Harry happily finished trying on all of his new clothes and was happy with all of them, they made their way to the front counter. Connie went over to the cash register and paid for Harry's clothes, with total money that was stored inside of Pearl's gem, while Pearl and Harry waited for her by the front doors.

The white gem looked at the human child held in her arms, wearing the same navy blue t-shirt with the cartoon sword drawing on it and sandy chino shorts, along with red shoes on his feet.

Pearl smiled seeing her little Harry looking smart and cute in his new attire and saw how he felt content and happy with what he was wearing.

But she still could see his skinny body through his shirt. Which reminds her that she needs to check his injuries on his body later on to see if they had healed more. It doesn't seem like Harry's old family didn't bother taking him to the hospital or cared about his health when they were abusing him.

Which gave the white gem an idea on what they can do next after they have finished paying for Harry's clothes.

She thought that It might be a good opportunity to visit and arrange a doctor's health check up appointment at Beach City's only hospital. She had a feeling Harry needed his wounds to be checked by an actual professional human doctor rather than herself and the rest of the crystal gems.

The white gem only knew one doctor working at the hospital who could help, Connie's mum, Priyanka Maheswaran.

Priyanka Maheswaran is a strict and loving parent to Connie. Though, they had a hard relationship over a few years ago, since Priyanka was overprotective of her daughter at any cost and her freedom too. She had been so busy with her work at the hospital, which made her forget who her child was. She had some suspicion and a distrust with Steven, Greg and the crystal gems when Connie started to hang out with them. Which worried Connie that her own mother would forbid her from visiting Steven ever again.

It wasn't until Connie finally opened to her mother about her restrictiveness during a fusion gem experiment incident that happened at the hospital. This finally opened a door for Priyanka to finally earn Connie's trust and agreed to be less strict with her, which in turn let them have an honest and loving relationship at the end. As she understood just how much Steven's friendship meant to Connie and allowed her daughter some time with him and the gems. Even if it's related to gem magic stuff.

And this led Mrs Maheswaran to grow to trust the crystal gems to keep her daughter safe, especially while going on missions to fight corrupt gems or anything threatening their home planet.

Even to this day, the doctor has been on good terms with the gems in Beach City and has also been studying about gem biology to learn more about their species.

It felt like the right choice for Harry to see Priyanka for a doctor's health check up and that's where they will be going next.

But first, the white gem had to call the good doctor for the appointment. So she will ask Connie to call her mother on the phone and arrange the health check up, after the teenager finishes paying for Harry's clothes. However, Priyanka could be busy at the hospital with other appointment check ups today.

Pearl just hopes Priyanka will have time to do an appointment in her schedule today… For Harry's sake.

"Alright, that's all of Harry's clothes finally paid" Connie cheerfully announced, walking over to the gem and child with the clothes in a plastic bag grasped in her hand.

"Thank you, Connie," Pearl gratefully said for the teenager's assistance.

"Yes… Thank you… Connie" Harry mumbled and politely said, smiling up at Connie, feeling thankful to her too for getting him his new clothes. It also shows Harry has now grown to really like Connie.

"You're welcome, Little guy" Connie giggled and playfully ruffled his jet black hair which made him giggle.

Pearl was happy to see how polite and well behaved her son was to everyone, remembering to say his' please' and thank you. Despite how cruel his life was with his family, he was still a kind and sweet boy.

"So, is there anywhere else you need to go next for Harry?" Connie asked the gem.

"Yes, there is actually," Pearl replied, looking down at Harry concerningly. "I was thinking of taking Harry to the hospital for a health check up on his… Injuries. So if it's ok with you, would you mind calling your mum to book the appointment now… If she is available at any time that is."

"Of course… Pearl" Connie nodded understanding why this was so important to the crystal gem. "I will call my mum right now".

Connie straight away pulled out her phone from her pocket, dialed her mother's number and started to call her.

For the next five minutes, there was no answer or a ring to be heard on her phone. Connie tried calling her mum a few times again, waiting for her to ring up but still no answer. It was clear that Priyanka was possibly busy at the hospital today, which is understandable by Pearl and Connie.

Finally, the phone unexpectedly rang and Connie answered it. Once Connie had answered she heard her mother's voice in her ear.

"Hi mum" Connie said to the other side and Priyanka's mumbling voice could be heard when speaking to her daughter on the phone.

"Connie? I'm surprised you called me during my early fifteen minute break at work. I hope this is important, since some of my appointments have been canceled today".

"Are you ok? Nothing bad has happened to you!? Has there!?"

"I'm ok, mum," Connie replied, with a bit of happy and annoyed tone in her voice. "I'm out shopping with Pearl today, remember."

"Oh… I apologize, I forgot" Priyanka sighed. 'I know you can take care of yourself. But as a mother, I do need to make sure my daughter is safe and happy."

"I know too," Connie said, understanding her mum's parenthood instinct. "Anyway, listen mum, I need to ask you a favor?"

Connie explained to her mother about Pearl and her new adopted son Harry and asked if they could book an appointment at the hospital to check on Harry's injuries today. Pryanka was really shocked and surprised, like her daughter too, to hear the white gem take in and adopt a homeless boy unexpectedly.

Though the doctor asked about where the boy got his injuries from, Connie hesitantly replied saying Pearl will explain everything to her when they arrive. As she didn't speak of where Harry got his injuries from in front of him which might frighten him.

Knowing that she can trust her daughter and the white crystal gem, Pryanka says she can happily do the doctor's appointment when they arrive after she finishes her break. Since she has no other appointments with anyone this morning.

Meanwhile, Pearl happily watched Connie talking to her mother on the phone and arranging the doctor's appointment for Harry. Then, she felt her light teal top being tugged and looked down to see Harry in her arms, looking up at her with a confused and curious expression.

"Yes, Harry? Is there something you want to ask me, sweetheart?" Pearl tilted her head with concern.

"Mmm… Yes? "I just wanted to ask what Connie is doing?" Harry shyly asked.

"Well, dear, Connie is speaking to her mum, who is a doctor working at the hospital here at Beach City, which is where going to go next," Pearl gently explained. "They are arranging to book in a doctor's appointment for you to check on your injuries".

After explaining their next plan for today, Pearl concerningly felt and saw her son flinching in her arms. He now looked worried and bewildered on his face.

"A doctor? I… I have never been to a doctor or hospital before" He explained fearfully, with a tremor in his voice.

"Did... Your aunt and uncle ever take you to see one?" Pearl asked sadly and regrettably.

Harry slowly shook his head sadly at his mother and then lowered his head in shame.

"No… They said… They said they won't waste time driving to the doctor's to help some waste of space like me".

Pearl was disturbed by what her little boy said to himself. It is horrible to hear Harry regarding himself as a freak or a waste of space so negatively. His abusive family had truly poisoned his mind with such terrible lies mentally.

"Oh, Harry" She sadly placed her hand under the boy's chin and lifted his head up where their eyes were locked on to each other.

"Again dear, you are not a freak or a waste of space" Pearl reassured her son in a gentle mothering voice. "You're just a little boy… A little boy who shouldn't have suffered and should have been loved instead."

"I know this is new and confusing to you Harry, but I promise you, things will get better eventually over time, as long as I am here with you. So please, try to not let their lies poison your mind anymore and try to feel positive about yourself, ok dear?"

Harry looked up at his new guardian, understanding her words but still confused about it all. He then slowly nods his head at his mother feeling a bit reassured by his mother's comforting words. Pearl smiled, holding her human son close to her chest and then kissed his forehead.

"That's all I could ask for, sweetheart" She cooed, trying her best to cheer her son up and make feel good about himself. "Such a good boy you are".

Harry formed a tiny cute smile at his mother while laying his head on her the white gem's chest at the same time. Hearing his new alien mother complimenting him for being a good boy gave him a bit of confidence and love, which he really craved for his entire life and didn't get from his old family.

Pearl chuckled, hugging her child closer, loving every moment of being his new adopted parent. She knows Harry is trying his best to recover and hopefully become a healthy strong human child in the future.

Pearl and the rest of the Crystal Gems will be there to guide her child and give him the best life he could ever imagine. Just like they did with Steven.

"OK, thanks mum, we will see you there shortly, bye" Connie said to her mum on the phone and hung up their call with a reileved smile. The teenager turned over to the white gem and the child with the good news.

"Great news, Pearl, everything is set for Harry's appointment" Connie happily announced.

"Wonderful" Pearl said, knowing it's finally time for Harry to go to a real hospital to see a real doctor now. "So, what time will the appointment be?"

"Well… right now, after my mum finishes her break of course".

"That's perfect!" Pearl was thrilled to hear Harry's doctor's appointment being booked by Connie and Priyanka had been done. Then, the white gem turned her head down towards the little boy in her arms to tell him about where they were going next.

"Did you hear that, Harry, we are all set to go to your very first doctor's appointment now" Pearl happily informed the news to the human child.

However, the two quickly notice Harry looking a bit nervous after being informed of it. They understood why since this is Harry's first time ever visiting a hospital before. He had the right to feel scared about this all, as this was new to him to receive health and care somewhere unknown.

Pearl was just about to reassure him until surprisingly she saw Connie step in, placing the shopping bag down on the floor (with Harry's new clothes) and gently kneeling down on one knee to level Harry's height with an encouraging smile.

"Hi, don't be scared, little guy. I know it's scary to go somewhere you've never been before. I was like you when I went to the hospital for my first appointment with my mum, scared and terrified of what might happen to me."

"But.. Do you know how I managed to stay brave enough to go back to the hospital again?"

Harry slowly shook his head, fully listening to the teenager's story with interest.

"Because I had my mum and dad with me" Connie cheerfully explained. "My parents would always be there for me wherever I got injured, sick or too worried. This taught me to be brave and to show that I'm not alone to face the challenges ahead".

"And you won't have to worry either, Harry… Because you have me and Pearl to be there for you".

"I promise you, my mum will be gentle with you. Especially for a little cutie like you".

"You… Promise" Harry spoke in a hopeful and shy voice.

"I promise" Connie smiled, then held her hand up to Harry and folded her fingers together, except for her pinky finger hanging out.

"Pinky swear".

Harry had seen this pinky swear promise before with Dudley and his friends when they were promising each other when taking turns to beat him up. Whilst hesitant about her promise, he did see the teenager's smile and her eyes which were filled with kindness and trust in them. Connie had been very nothing but kind towards him like his mommy and the other gems, giving him faith in his little heart to trust her promise.

So, he slowly pulled out his tiny hand and did the exact same thing as Connie did, pulling his small pinky finger out then placing it onto Connie's.

Connie giggled and gently wrapped her pinky finger around Harry's, symbolizing their promise they made to each other.

"There you go, little guy, you're being brave" Connie gently poked Harry's nose, which made him giggle and smile once again.

Pearl felt happy and glad that Connie was able to cheer up Harry. She clearly enjoyed their cute interaction with one another. The white gem might ask Connie some time later if she could be another volunteer to be a babysitter for Harry. Only if they have an important mission or something important happening in Little Homeworld.

But for now, she thought it was time for them to start heading over to the hospital now to meet up with Priyanka for Harry's first doctor's health check up appointment.

So, they started to leave the store to travel to their next destination. Connie carrying the shopping bag full of Harry's new clothes in her hand and Pearl holding Harry wrapped in her arms. However, they needed to wake the Lion first from his nap when he was waiting for them to be done.

When they were out of the store, the three of them saw Lion immediately yawning, opening his eyes, lifting himself up on all fours and staring blankly at them. It was like he felt their presence once they left the clothes store.

But it didn't matter to Pearl or Connie at all. Since Lion is still a mystery to everyone and does his own activities once a while. Such as chasing butterflies and taking naps whenever he wants to, like a normal house pet.

Eventually, the group started heading over to the only hospital in Beach City for Harry's first doctor's appointment.