A young man with brown hair and 17 years old was looking at himself in the mirror, shaking and panting as he had just run from a marathon.

It just so happened that today he woke up alone at his house with more than just a headache.

And that bastard was me.

You know.

Waking up in another body was a drunken disaster...

Waking up in Hyoudou Issei's body, the protagonist from motherfuckin DxD was a nightmare...

Worse is that it was AFTER getting 'reincarnated' by Rias Gremory because the stupid pervert went and got himself killed like a pussy.

...Funny enough, what got an unspeakable rage inside my bones were not those last facts, nor that my reputation was shit, not even the future supernatural bullshit that will come to my way like a five-year-old grabbing a knife and running Halleluja.

No... what really got me mad was that Issei died without saying shit and me on a fuckin airplane with LOTS of painful experience of that.

What? I know I am weird. You know how there is always that one guy in those friend's groups that is crazy and impulsive... and you just look at them and ask where is the weed? Welp this guy right here is your man for that. I admit Jim Carrey might have more than a short influence on me. Come on, trolling the hell out of people like Deadpool was cool before they fucked up that trope with the mainstream media. Sigh.

Welp, I am now back in 2013. Good to know. Better yet, I am now trapped in an ecchi anime in Japan. Yey!

And I didn't even watch it! Just know some random trivia and that's all. Hurray! I am beyond fucked.

At least if they ask me about my ambitions, I would just replace that pervert's goal of the harem with developing videogames.

Hey, I wasn't exactly smart before, I can man up to that. Programming was hard for me, wish I could somehow make myself smarter in this fucked magical world and-

And as i was leaning up to the tap of the bathroom looking at my stupid new Japanese face, dripping the water, I came to an epiphany.


'...Can I-Can I make myself smarter since the boost ability from my NOW Sacred Gear can affect my body?'

I take a look closer to my right arm, lifting it up and thinking that I may or may not be just over my panic attack just now.

'Oi Draig. Pendejo Colorado... You there!?'

'...Hmmm, Lucas de la Vega.' a primal voice replied back with some grunt unsurprised as if the dragon didn't just casually say he knew who exactly I was. And i found it weird he wasn't exactly angry at my Spanish mocking of him.

'Yeap, that's totally me. One hundred percent. The Issei memories are boring shit compared to Latinoamerica. Thanks, Cthulu those educative apps for cellphones and too much free time to learn Japanese.'

'After just now reviewing those memories when you were having a heart attack, I have come to agree, Partner.'

'Really? Just watched flashbacks worth of more than two decades in the last fifteen minutes?!'

'Let's just say I can take my own time inside here.'

'Time dilation because Sacred Gear bullshit?' i asked while nodding sagely.

'Time dilation.' I could practically feel him nodding back to me as well.

'Awesome, so we are on the same page, bro?'

'While I am still skeptical, and slightly annoyed you got more worked up over the whole fictional setting we are on more than replacing the owner of this body of my last host, I won't accept any weak user of mine to just lay around and be killed, in your words, like a pussy.'

'In my defense, we should have these in order: first, the existential crisis that this whole other dimension and fiction thing implies, then we go to identity issues and then the bitches.'

'Hmmmmm fair is fair... anyways, about that theory, it has merit. I can confirm to you, that I had users, time from time, that could use the boost to other concepts than just being stronger. There was that one time, Elsha used it on a little ember to burn a castle in seconds.'

'Interesting... soooo are we gonna abuse the boosting power to Gary Stu levels?' as I said that, I saw in the mirror a predator smirk forming on my face.

'Oh maliciously...' Ddraig definitely smirked as well.

And just like that, I got the first hint, that maybe, just maybe, TeamFourStar affected him as well as me.

The moral of the story aside, this was the start of a beautiful friendship.

Author's note:

Okay, at this point, this is just experimenting with my non-existent writing skills and seeing some ideas taking form. While also improving my English grammar as well. And yes, let's all take a dig at the self-insert section over here. Because I like to see how much one can turn these fictional worlds upside down.

And yes, the boosting idea is inspired by "Go away, I'm watching porn". Because of course, nobody would deny trying it at least once.