Reincarnation was a concept which we know frighting little.

And trust me, I am not even ripping off Doctor Strange on purpose because of memes (of course not).

Believe me, I can talk about the experience of rebirth for hours, and trust me, you will be haunted for it.

Between feeling like you are fully submerged in a tank and fear of somehow drowning but yet you do not.

Between being shoved painfully out of your own mother's womb and STILL remember that (shivers down my spine on that one).

Between being stuck again but in a constant sleep or awake but without any good senses half the time.

And most importantly... between being reborn into the opposite gender and in another country.

Yeah, those latter ones were a long-term problem to deal with. Especially when you realize you are MADOKA KANAME FROM MOTHERFUCKIN PUELLA MAGI MADOKA MAGICA.

Puff, sorry there. Don't know what came over to me. Maybe it was the magical stress of the future. It couldn't get any worse.

...yeah, those were my raging and ironic thoughts when I was running in the crumbling streets of New York while having a metaphorical heart attack at the sheer amount of craziness I would have to deal with.

Truly, even with me, a former twenty-something old guy from another world reincarnated, and being Madoka at age 12 was still naive. Well, I noticed the MCU was around me at age 10, but details and parents that didn't want to give me full internet privileges... to which at least I can recognize it was for the best if I were a normal little girl.

But back to the current present, where I was running like my life depended on it and stopped when I finally saw my future possible savior.

A yellow caped woman was slicing down the aliens that were currently attacking New york. She was in the middle of the street, waving her hands-off, as if she was slapping some annoying mosquitos at her. Wich to be fair, it kinda was. She was the Sorceress Supreme before Doctor Strange. And she was a powerful woman.

Finally, after some moments, she decided to grant me, a puny mortal little kid, her attention. And considering you can hear Hulk's roar SOMEWHERE and there were some others sorcerers fighting if you can glance with a good eye... well, she can take a break or two.

The caped and yellow-robed lady was unmoving but kept her stare at me. Probably she wanted me to be the ice-breaker. But I was still taking deep breaths, thinking about different ways for the future. To which it lasted 5 seconds.

"Ancient One, I've come to bargain." I really tried to keep off my grin from my face as I said that. And looking at Tilda Swinton's amused expression, I knew I failed.

"I see there is much more sentiment in saying that line than actually meaning it." She raised her eyebrow at me, probably thinking if I was a power-hungry kid one step away from going full Morgana.

"Yeah, well, Doctor Strange's quotes make for a fine dialogue. Totally not doing it for the memes." I replied casually.

You wouldn't see the wide surprise in her face unless you were looking at it very carefully, but I knew I REALLY got her attention with that.

"Right... this discussion might be best suited for indoors. Might as well doing this quick, before the attack is over." She muttered as she turned her back at me and made a portal. As we started walking towards it I could only respond:

"I CAN SEE THE FUTURE TOO" I sang with the power of cringe.

And with that, a brown-haired Japanese little girl that escaped from a field trip ran through an alien invasion on the United States decided to follow the most powerful woman on the planet going to an unknown location. So cut me some slack if the memes are my only way to distract my mind from the sheer amount of craziness this world will bring me.

Author's note:

Okay, at this point, this is just experimenting with my non-existent writing skills and seeing some ideas taking form. While also improving my English grammar as well. And yes, let's all take a dig at the self-insert section over here. Because I like to see how much one can turn these fictional worlds upside down.

And welcome to a nice crossover idea, inspired by Outsider Chronicles: Puella Magi Madoka Prisma from Dis Lexic. Don't know all the fate lore, so i would go with the MCU and seeing with how much i can play with.