Chapter 4.5

Sanford and Deimos prepared to face the Agents that came against them, ready to give them a beating. Deimos blocked the first agent, who was wielding a bat, and disarmed him while Sanford was beating a knife-wielding agent with a baton he picked up from the ground. Then threw the knife-wielder to the floor, causing him to cut his own throat. Then another agent came in the room wielding a CZ Scorpion but before he could fire Deimos threw the baseball bat at him in the head, knocking him out.

Then Deimos turned around to face a sword-wielding agent, the agent brought the blade down and attempted to slash him but Deimos quickly dodged the attack and grabbed the agent's hand, disarming him and using his momentum to throw him into the wall before slicing his face.

"Nice!" Sanford cheered as the two of them entered the next room. "Let's go."

"Sure thing."

They then proceeded to fight against the agents that came after them, defeating them one by one.

"Haah... Haha..." Deimos said as he walked forward, taking a swing at an agent with a knife, while Sanford bandaged his head.

Next, they ended up in a spot with a leader, on the top stood two agents, one with a knife and another with an SMG. Sanford and Deimos nodded to each other, Sanford held his hands down while Deimos put his feet on them. "Allyoop!" Deimos yelled as he jumped out of Sanfords hands and slashed both the agents before facing another set of two agents, one with a knife and one with a pistol. Deimos quickly went for the pistol-wielding one disarming his weapon and using it against them while Sanford finished climbing up the ladder.

When they reached the next room which was a locker area, Sanford kicked open the door and opened the lockers. He found a black bandanna "Sweet!" He said as he put it on. While Deimos instead just settled for an Uzi. "We're gonna need something bigger than this." He said as he looked through the shelves, only to find an extra CZ Scorpion which he tossed to Sanford.

"Thanks, man."

"No problemo."

The duo then proceeded to fight against the agents that came against them, defeating them one by one. But after they finished killing off the group in front of them the sound of static and red flashes occurred and a crack formed in a wall, then a strange source of red energy snaked its way towards one of the agents dead bodies, lifting him in the air, then suddenly exploding his head, then repeated the process again with another before suddenly stopping.

"What the hell?" Deimos asked, looking at the remains of the agents.

"I don't know what that was about but we shouldn't stay to find out!" Sanford answered. Before they continued to the next room...

Meanwhile entering the room behind them came the familiar face of a certain reality-warping clown who put the top half of Jebus's head over his own... but he seemed to be frustrated "HOW COME THIS DOES NOT WORK?!" "WHAT?!" and another strange text manifested in thin air before he threw the head away and continued to the next room.

Sanford and Deimos were clearing out agents and eventually found the exit... but before they could make it out, Tricky entered the room and pointed at Sanford and Deimos, "HAI! ARE YOU TWO READY TO PLAY!? HAHA!" Suddenly Tricky bounced across the room at rapid speeds like a cartoon character. He grabbed Deimos and threw him into the wall, then Sanford attempted to attack the psychotic Clown only to be grabbed and thrown as well.

"What the hell!?" Sanford shouted before Deimos attempted to rush Tricky with a sword, only for Tricky to literally hit him so hard that Deimos went flying through the wall. Sanford got up and raised his hands, "H-hey... take it, easy pal!" Before jumping through the hole in the wall to escape Tricky's wrath.

As Sanford jumped through the hole he saw Sanford on the floor while the wall he jumped through just kinda floated in midair attached to nothing before flying away. "You good man?" Sanford asked as he stood up.

Deimos got up "Yeah tch... just a bit stiff from y'know being punched through a wall... along with maybe a broken rib or two."

But before they could continue their banter several Agents appeared out of nowhere and surrounded them, luckily they all seemed to be armed with melee weapons

"Lets kick some more ass!" Deimos said as he kicked one of the agents in the chest knocking him a few feet away

"Same here! Let's go!" Sanford shouted as he ran forward and placed a blade into an agent's gut.

"Hahaha... nice moves!" Deimos laughed as he followed suit and threw a punch at an agent.

The duo continued facing the small group of agents, Deimos picked up a sword while Sanford picked up a lead pipe and knife.

After clearing away the agents the duo looked over and saw another building with a small window and climbed through it "What's with these random facilities..?" Deimos asked before 3 more agents pulled up and started to attack

"Damn!" Sanford yelled as he used his lead pipe to deflect the attacks.

The agents continued attacking the duo until finally Deimos and Sanford were able to beat them all down... at the end of a hallway was a curious site... it looked like a tunnel that lead into a void... then the sound of static flashed with a red light... and suddenly coming out of the tunnel what looked like train tracks started to manifest themselves. Then a light came from the tunnel along with the sound of a train whistle. The duo watched as what looked like an old-school-style steam engine rolled towards them at rapid speeds, "HOLY SH-" Sanford and Deimos shouted before jumping out of the way. The train crashed into the side of the building the duo had been hiding in and kept going crashing into other buildings. Before going away "GAH HAHAHAHAHA! ALLLLLLL ABOOOOOOOOOARD!" The duo saw... wearing a conductor hat and controlling the train was none other than Tricky himself. "What the hell is with that Clown?" Sanford asked himself as he tried to catch his breath. "I don't know..." Deimos replied, "But whatever he's up to... it ain't good!"

Sanford looked over at Deimos and said "Doesn't' matter anyways... we gotta remember our main mission... finding Hank for the Restoration Organization." Deimos nodded and the duo went back outside. "So... you two are looking for a man named Hank?" an unfamiliar female voice says.

Sanford and Deimos turn around and see a girl, she was cloaked in a robe of pure shadow that masked most of her appearance, but some of her silver hair, pale face, and slightly pointed ears could be seen... the girl radiated a soft... yet immensely powerful aura. "Whose askin?" Sanford asked.

The girl looked at the duo, her amethyst eyes piercing their souls

"My name is Satella, and I was looking for Hank... so I could kill him."


Approximately 45 minutes later

The Witch of Sloth Sekhmet lay in her bed, staring at the ceiling. While it is quite true that she may as well be the living embodiment of the sin she represented, going so far as to even find a way to breathe while exerting the least amount of effort... despite this she is not at all a fool. She thought to herself about what she should do about this 'Hank' character Minerva warned her about. It was only a few days ago that she had received a message from Minerva, informing her that Hank was the cause of the cataclysmic event that occurred in the world. "*sigh* if what Minerva said was true then this Hank does truly deserve the worst form of punishment... ever since that cataclysm its been so difficult to get rest..."

Sekhmet thought about sitting up but thought even that would be a waste of energy "I hope Typhon was able to take care of that Hank... or else I probably won't get bathed for a while." Sekhmet was so slothful that she even didn't even wash herself, relying on the child witch of pride to do it for her.

"sigh I think it's probably best to just sleep some more..." Sekhmet laid down again and tried to fall into a deep slumber...

But then a strange whistling sound started to emanate in the distance. Sekhmet kept trying to sleep but to no avail. She started to get annoyed and sat up in a method to spend the absolute least amount of energy

Then suddenly the whistle became deafeningly loud and then all of the sudden... train tracks started to materialize inside the place the Witch of Sloth called home.


Then all of a sudden familiar steam engine crashed through Sekhmets home destroying it in the process.

Sekhmet's eyes widened in shock and anger "What the hell is going on!?" she used her Authority of Sloth to lift her in the air protecting her from any damage before looking down. "GUH HAHAHAHAAAAA!" Laughed a certain conductor's hat-wearing, masked zombie clown. Rolling away in his steam engine car, he started laughing maniacally. "HAHAHAHA! HAHAHAHAHA! HAHAHAHAHA!"

He was so happy that he couldn't contain himself and burst out laughing. He wasn't aware of nor did he care for the damage he caused, but he found the whole situation hilarious. Nor did he care about a certain Witch of Sloth that he just pissed off. He continued to laugh as he went on his joyride.

"What the hell does that creature think it is!" Normally Sekhmet is philosophical and collective... but now that she was aware of Tricky and his machine she knew that she had to destroy him and the strange vehicle he was riding in so she could rest again.

"Ahahahaha! What a riot! BOY! I can't wwwait for good Ol' Hank to join in!" Tricky laughed even harder. Then the undead clown noticed the Witch pursuing his train and proceeded to jump on the roof of the Train "HAI! WAIT UP, LADY! LOOKIN FOR A RIDE ON THE GOOD OL' TIKY EXPRESS?" he said with a grin.

Sekhmet glared at him with a dangerous look. "sigh listen here... I don't know if you know who I am... but I don't care... you disturbed my rest, so now you must die."

"OOOO I'M REAAAAALLY SCARED!" Tricky said in a sarcastic tone as text materialized next to him that said stuff like "HAHA", "LOL" and "FUNNE LADY"

Then Sekhmet gave the clown one more glare before unleashing the full power of her Authority of Sloth on him.

Tricky screamed in pain as he along with his train was slammed into a mountain, the force of the impact causing a massive chunk of terrain to be flattened. The train was thrown into a nearby lake and sank deep within.

"OWIE! OWIE OWIE OWWWEEE!" Tricky shouted as he got completely flattened by the Witch of Sloth, then she used her power again and hit him several times with powerful telekinetic blasts. But then Tricky got a look at what happened to his precious train... then in a fit of rage Tricky briefly activated the full power he had... transforming him into a giant demonic version of himself made of white flame. The Witch of Sloth was taken aback by this sudden change but continued her onslaught only to notice a terrifying sight, the Clown was now completely overpowering her Authority. "What is this devil? He is far stronger than anything I've ever seen or heard of"

Tricky's Demonic form began to melt the ground beneath them, and suddenly with the sound of static and a flash of red he teleported behind the Witch of Sloth and grabbed her with his giant clawed hands while Sekhmet attempted to protect herself with the Authority.


"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!" The Witch of Sloth screamed as she tried to fight back against the power of the Demon Clown.


Tricky crushed the Witch of Sloth's entire body cracking every bone and rupturing every one of her organs before dropping her lifeless corpse to the floor. He then turned around and flew over to his train, he quickly turned back into his zombie clown form and simply used his powers to fix his train.

"There! Now that's more like it!" Tricky said as he quickly got in! "Almost lost my cool there!" he said as he once again started going on his joyride, acting as if nothing happened.