Good news.

It's been a year since the world has recovered from the Corona Virus. The dreaded disease left millions dead worldwide, crippling the global economy and changing the geopolitical landscape. Though conflict has persisted, tensions have risen in light of the recent pandemic.

It has been brought to light that the Chinese government genetically engineered the recent virus to destabilize the international community. The disease was a ploy to weaken the states closest to it to claim certain territories within the South China Sea and gain access to its resources. Of course, the nations with more legal claims on the islands have voiced their disapproval of the Chinese government and banded together to deter the global superpower. Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Malaysia were the first to respond against this aggression. Although their protests have been gaining traction, it does little to deter the advances of the communist republic.

Southeast Asia isn't the only territory being encroached on by the Chinese. Japan's colonies in the Senkaku/Daiyou Islands were formally claimed by the Japanese since the 1800s, save for a brief period during World War II. Tensions rose when Japan bought three disputed islands from a private owner. The economically significant isles, which are northeast of Taiwan, have potential oil and natural gas reserves, are near major shipping routes, and are surrounded by affluent fishing areas. Covered by the U.S.– Japan Security Treaty and aided by the fact that Japan has no offensive military force, the United States and its allies will assist the Japanese in protecting these islands from Chinese hostilities.

Meanwhile, the recent pandemic did not stop the insurgency raging within the tiny nation of Urzikstan. With the leaders of the terrorist group Al-Qatala dead, it left a power vacuum ripe for the taking. This was quickly seized by Khaled Al-Asad while renaming the group Al-Qatala Aljahdid. The aforementioned terrorist leader was once in prison but was freed by Victor Zakhaev, the middle son of USSR Cold War hero Imran Zakhaev and the current leader of the Ultranationalist Party in the Russian Federation. Zakhaev secretly served as an advisor to Al-Asad and his weapons supplier. With this growing threat, a special task force was created by the U.S. and Brittain to counter the activities of the Al-Qatala terrorist group and the Ultranationalists.

The terrorist organization moved when it took over the city Kastovian of Verdansk. This invasion led to creating a multinational coalition called Armistice, which aimed to stop Al-Qatala and the Ultranationalists. In the end, Khaled Al-Asad was killed in operation, and soon after, Victor Zakhaev met his death in a nuclear missiles facility shortly before he could launch the weapons that could spark a potential nuclear war.

Although the Ultranationalists and Al-Qatala threat has been neutralized, speculations have risen that Zakhaev wasn't the only one funding the terrorists. Through several intelligence reports gathered by the CIA and the FSB, it was found out that China has been funding terrorist cells within the Middle East. This did not sit well with the Russians and the U.S. since the conflict brought about the collapse of Verdansk. This, in turn, led to the Armistice coalition and the Japanese government to conduct a joint military exercise along with the Southeast Asian nations as a show of force against the aggressions of China. India and the Nepalese government were also invited to attend. The countries mentioned above were experiencing hostilities in their borders with the Asian superpower.

Thus, we find ourselves in what could be the most significant military gathering in history. Led by the Russians, the U.S., and the Japanese, the military exercise will last for a week and foster relations among the countries involved. That was the official purpose, however. The real reason the military training was being held was to make a statement. The world isn't afraid to fight back if China ever decides to invade its neighboring countries. Not only that, but it would also allow the nations it had deliberately weakened to seek reparations for the economic damages it caused.

This is where our story begins.

Summer of Japan. A total of eight countries will participate in the most extensive military gathering in recent years. Each nation will demonstrate its naval, aerial, and troop capabilities in seven days. This gathering was given the name of the united coalition that fought off the extremists of Russia and the terrorists of Urzikstan…

The Armistice Exercise.

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