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The area was cold, much colder than it should be, as it was normally winter, a time for a snowball fight, holiday, etc. And for the group that's Fairy Tail, that could've been said to be a better time than usual, as the holiday was simply Christmas, as the Fairy Tail members in the guild were cheering on, happy as always!

"Cheers!" Cana happily shouted as she hold her cup of beer as the rest of the fairy tail members besides a few raises their own cup as more cries of happiness were heard, it've been a wild year, fairy tail have defeated major foes like Phantom Lords, Tower of Heaven and Oracion Seis, facing a powerful dragon as well, it've been a wild one, but a welcoming one in a sense.

The grandmaster of Fairy Tail, Makarov Dreyar walks to the stage before speaking in a calm yet cheerful tone. "Today, Fairy Tail has been through many hardships, and trial and error. But I can safely say that Fairy Tail didn't fall for these hardships but was strengthened by it! Members of Fairy Tail who are rightful as family, cheers for this day!" Makarov shouted as everyone cheered on, for the night they will simply remember.

Something in Fiore, on a lost island, where there was no magic-user there. There was a boy, his appearance was brown eyes and hair. With him having a training suit, with it being yellow and green, having a green shoulder pad on his right shoulder, and a green armband as protective gear.

He was seen training, as he was punching the air two times before doing a roundhouse kick. He steps back before switching into a fighting stance, He swings his right fist, making a right hook before doing a few punches again and again, before finishing it off with a hard elbow kick. Sweats were coming off his face as he was breathing heavily, however as the boy kept training himself, there was someone watching him.

She wore a silver mask to cover her face, having somewhat long hair as she had silver armor pieces attached to her body with her having somewhat of a combat suit around her, with a scarf around her lower torso. With a headpiece attached to her head which is designed to be an eagle. This is Eagle Marin, trainer to Seiya. As she spoke loudly.

"Seiya, it's almost time for the trials. You need to rest up for the test." Marin shouted at Seiya, who was training below her as he looked at him. He smiles before nodding.

"Alright, coming," Seiya said before jumping to Marin, with inhuman strength, his legs allowed him to jump with great heights before landing next to Marin, Marin looked at him before doing a hand gesture.

"Come follow me, you have a lot to do for tomorrow seiya, it's important that you get a night's sleep." Marin teased as Seiya chuckles a bit, it sounds like he was a small child again, but it was what? Seven years since he came to Sanctuary, it has been a rough journey but he's nearly ready to see her again, his sister!

"Oh please, after what I've been through, i think i can beat Cassios this time, he bullied me for too long, now. I can get some payback." Seiya insisted as he's ready to ace Cassios and win over the prize at hand. Marin looks at the stars before speaking to Seiya.

"Seiya, remember what I told you about Cosmos?" Marin asks Seiya, as he rubs his head a bit before looking at Marin.

""I do, True Saint makes their cosmos explode as it's the key to their powers, it's a piece to the Big Bang after all, right?" Seiya recounted, with Marin's responses with nods.

"Yes, that's correct. All Saint draws their powers from their cosmos, as everything, even the earth and humankind itself are made up of atoms, with that. Cosmos allows us to destroy the atoms in the true sense. But Seiya, you must be aware of this, the world has changed since you've come to Sanctuary." Marin acknowledged and corrected Seiya's interpretation of Cosmos, the life-forces energy from the Big Bang. Seiya signs before he sits down to the rocky ground of Sanctuary.

"I mean, it has been six years since I have seen my sister, so I'm worried for her at best. But I'm willing to win this fight, and see her once more!" Seiya declared to Marin, Marin looked at Seiya with a smile under her silver mask.

"Then it's best if you rest now, you have a long day ahead of you tomorrow," Marin responded, Seiya nodded with a smile as he stood right back up, and began to leave for his dorms. He has a long day ahead of him. But he's ready for the future ahead.

Now, after the nights have passed, the finalist of the Pegasus Trials is soon to begin. A small version of a Greek stadium was surrounding the area, with multiple crowds of men, wearing old armor like Seiya as a robbed man appeared with a golden mask. His name was the Pope, the leader of Sanctuary. The Pope stepped forward near the stadium, as he was watching from above before speaking.

"Finalist of Pegasus Trials, step forward." He shouted, as two groups, one was Seiya and Eagle Marin, with the second one was a Girl with the same silver mask-like Marin, but have green hair, as she holds old training gears like Seiya in some sense, her name was Ophiuchus Shaina, with her student having a huge muscular body with a bit of white hair. His name was Cassios. Cassios released a small chuckle as he hit his fist a few times, with Shaina having a quiet aura, due to being feared by many on this island.

"So far, each of the two combatants has defeated nine warriors in pursuit of one of the many eighty-eight clothes of Athena, now stand your ground and prepare to fight. To be bestowed upon the title as the Pegasus Saint." The Pope explained before allowing the fight to soon start.

Cassios looks at Seiya with a face that could easily look at as a face that will kill! Cassios then pointed his right finger at Seiya before shouting! "This time Seiya, I'll kill you and rip you apart!"

"That's if you can simply catch me?" Seiya insisted, before entering a battle stance. Soon the battle will begin, with the tension felt around the battlefield, with Shaina and Marin feeling the rage aura around Cassios, adding that with Seiya calm aura against that. It felt like a mix between a rush to finish the fight as fast as possible, or simply a desire to end each other in one go…..

The battle then begins, with Cassios running straight toward Seiya as he attempts to punch Seiya in the face, Seiya responding by narrowly dodging to the left. Seiya felt the punch near his cheeks, Seiya quickly kicked Cassios in the stomach, making him back up. As Cassios coughed a bit before breathing, Seiya was different?

"How did you get so strong?" Cassios screamed at Seiya, Seiya smirked before responding to Cassios.

"You may know the strong and powerful destructive properties of the Cosmos within us, but have you ever felt the universe flowing within your body?" Seiya smirked as Cassios muttered. "Universe?"

Cassios growled before snapping at Seiya. "No matter, even though you've gotten stronger, I'll beat you to a bloody body!" Cassios jumped at Seiya as he nearly hit Seiya, however, Seiya barely dodged as this made a medium crack with a hole in the middle on the ground. Cassios right fist emerged from the makeshift hole before he ran straight to Seiya!

Seiya patiently waits, Cassios once again tries to punch Seiya, however just as Seiya dodges once more. Cassios took the chance to grab him with his left hand, as he managed to squeeze Seiya a bit, Seiya screamed in pain while Cassios laughed with an evil grim.

"Finally, I got out! Now Seiya, should I squeeze you or cut your ear off?" Cassios teased Seiya in response, landed a light punch at Cassios left cheeks, it did little to no effect.

Cassio laughed before shouting. "Right ear it is!" Cassios raises his right hand, as many warriors around the old Stadium felt the tension once more. With Shaina smirking under her metal mask, Marin was sweating a bit in worry for her student!


….Silent hit the air as all of the Warriors gasped in shock and disgust, with Shaina looking on in horror, with Marin having a shocked reaction, as a single bloody ear fell to the ground, before Seiya landed on the ground, smirk as his left hand has some bloodstain on it.

Cassios screamed in pain, as blood dripped from the former spot of his right ear! Cassios muttered. "How?" Seiya simply smirked as he spoke.

"I ain't that little kid that you beat up, it's been six years since I've come here! I've gotten a lot stronger Cassios, now give up! I've won!" Seiya as he still maintains that same level of determination to win the Pegasus Cloth!

"Shut up! I-I-I'll kill you" Cassios glowered! Before running straight to Seiya, Seiya smirked before Cassios managed to land a punch at Seiya's left arm, Seiya felt a slight feeling of pain! Seiya then punches Cassios in the stomach before punching him rapidly in the chest, before landing a hard kick at Cassios left rib, this pushes Cassios away before hitting the ground. Cassios recovers before he stands up, he growls at Seiya as Seiya speaks.

"I'll say it again, you've lost Cassios, Give up!" Seiya shouted at Cassios, asking him to give up, Cassios rebuked him back! "Unless you show the universe in your body, I won't give up!"

Seiya knew what he had to do…He took a deep breath before his arm started moving, in a different pattern, Cassios and many of the warriors around the stadium were confused? What was Seiya doing, distracting Cassios, it wouldn't make sense. But Marin knew better, she smirked under her mask as Shaina looked closer at what Seiya was doing.

His arms were again, moving in a hypnotic manner. However this wasn't the case for Shaina, Seiya was matching different points from a star constellation, one that Shaina is very familiar with. "The Pegasus Constellation! Seiya hands are tracing all 13 Stars Point of the Pegasus!" Shaina muttered before shaking her head and attempting to warm Cassios!

"Cassios! Watch out! Don't get near him!" But the moment she spoke…it was simply taken late, as Cassios looked at Shaina in fear! Seiya then ran straight to Cassios before jumping in the air, his right fist syncing with his Cosmos before he shouted. "Meteor Fist! [Ryusei Ken]" in a blink of a sec, Seiya releases a furious barrage of discharge punches from his right fist, charged by his Cosmos, as each strike hits Cassios!

With a display of powers, Seiya delivers the last strike as he punches Cassios in the head, as this results in him being sent to the ground, which made a small makeshift hole as Seiya landed on his feet and smirked.

"Checkmate Cassios, I won." Seiya declared as Everyone beside Pope was shocked, Marin was having tears of joy under her metal mask. Shaina was shocked beyond disbelief and nearly all of the warriors that were watching were surprised, the pope was impressed by this before he snapped his finger.

"Seiya, for your great determination as well as your impressive use of cosmos, I now bestow you as the newly Pegasus Saint." The Pope announced, then two men were carrying a metal box, before laying it down. The metal box is designed to have a symbol that is the Pegasus with a handle that allows the box to be open. Seiya walks to it before speaking.

"I…I did it?" Seiya muttered as he was having tears in his eyes. All of that hard work, all of it. Paid off in the end, his tears came out of his eyes as a smile slowly appeared on his face. "I…finally obtained a cloth…" Seiya muttered once more,as a few seconds passed before Seiya then jumped in the air in happiness! "I DID IT! I can finally return to Fiore!" Seiya gushed!

Marin smiles while having small tears of joy. While Shaina was bittersweet about it! Now, the Pegasus Knight journey has begun. As well as three more too, only time shall tell for their great adventure, in the world of Magic and Dragons….

[End…For now.]

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