The man´s flat was situated on the third floor of a multiple-party building that seemed to have a small garden for the ground floor tenants.

"I don´t have a guest room. I will need to free my study for you. I can´t do that today though. Need to get more storage scrolls first. Meaning we will have to find another solution for tonight.", the man explained upon unlocking the door to his flat, "The bath is on the right, then your future room, opposite to that is my room. Up ahead is the kitchen with living area."

The girl nodded following his words with her eyes but stopped in front of a small room right next to the door on the left.

"That´s a broom closet.", he stated noticing her glance, "If you ever need to clean, that´s where everything is."

She gave a curt nod of understanding.

"Good, well, why don´t you go and sit… I don´t know where you can sit.", he sighed with a grumble. He had not been prepared to have a child living with him and now there were weapons, poison, and booze everywhere. Not in a particular messy manner, but still in reach for an untrained civilian child.

"You can sit on the couch while I make this childproof.", he hummed, "Just don´t touch anything pointy or sharp while I get rid of the booze and poisonous stuff."

There had been no need for him to order her not to touch them, she knew not to touch things that were not hers without permission.

Following his orders, she sat down on her designated spot, her back straight and hands resting on her legs.

She would wait there until she was told otherwise and watched the man out of the corners of her eyes.

Flask over bottle after knife after needle after scroll ended up in a pile in his arms that he carried out of the room and into his. Four times he had to repeat that until he was satisfied that he must have gotten everything out of the girl's reach.

"Alright.", he nodded sweeping the room one last time with his eyes, "I guess it´s time to talk about rules. Don´t touch my things. Do not enter my room without permission. Don´t leave the flat without telling me, better not leave the flat without me.- unless there is an emergency of course. Understood?"

The girl nodded a big yes.

"Any questions?"

She shook her head No.

"Good. I need a drink for this.", he mumbled only barely loud enough for her ears to pick it up, "The scroll said you tried to kill yourself not too long ago when I guess your age is right."

Genma observed any little twitch of muscle the child in front of him might offer. He hated to ask her these questions, but he needed to know how close he had to keep an eye on her. His task was to see to her and get her into the Academy and that would be impossible if she killed herself before that time came.

He was almost shocked when she simply nodded with an emotionless nod. At least a civilian or inexperienced ninja would have believed it to be emotionless, but deep inside her eyes, he could see pain. Well-hidden pain.

"How did you try it?", he continued, noticing the little hesitation in her movements before she pulled down the collar of the shirt she was wearing with one hand only to move her other along a scar at her throat.

A seven-year-old kid tried to cut her own throat, he realized in shock and anger. He might have to hide all the kitchen knives as well.

He must have failed to hide the strong emotions he was feeling because the kid ever so slightly covered into herself.

"Did you do this because of what was done to you?", he continued almost wanting to close his eyes. He feared her answer and did not wish to have the girl relive a trauma. He had seen with other ninjas what it could cause when a well-hidden trauma was dug up. It never ended well.

Instead of an answer she averted her eyes and clenched her jaw.

"Kid.", he tried to encourage her but she did not react, "I need to know this. I just need a yes or no. No explanation, nothing, just a yes or no. I just want to know if I have to lock away anything sharp and put a seal on you so you won´t sneak away and jump off a bridge. Please."

There it was again, the word she had never heard before and yet knew what it meant, "please."

Finally, after what felt like minutes for the special Jonin, he saw the ever so slight nod.

"Thank you.", another word she had rarely heard in her life.

"Now that the shitty part is out of the way.", he hummed, "You okay with eggs, some rice, and vegetables for dinner?"

She did not answer but did not indicate that she disliked it.

"Why don´t you take your new things and arrange them in the bath. You can take a bath too if you want.", he suggested rummaging through his kitchen cupboards to make stock on what needed to be bought. Understanding a hidden order when it was given, she moved to do as he had said as soon as possible.

Hidden orders had always been those used to get her away. They had always been the ones that were punished the worst when she had not followed them fast or good enough.

"The tow-els are in the sideboard."

Half through the sentence he had turned around only to find her and the bags at the doorway gone.

The girl could be quiet. And he was almost sure he hated the reason for that ability of hers, though he could not deny that it would come in handy in her future as a ninja.

Genma had just started preparing the food when he realized they had gotten her clothes but had failed to think of buying some for her to sleep in.

He would have to offer her some of his clothes until they found her some of her own.


She had taken the bath as her guardian had requested, hurrying to not occupy his bath for too long in case he wanted to use it as well at one point. That hurry had forced her to use cold water. She was used to it and had not taken longer than ten minutes to wash, but she feared it to be too slow when the man knocked on the door.

Her fear was unreasonable, he simply offered clothes of him to sleep in that night.

It was a shirt like the one he was wearing beneath his vest and she was relieved when she noticed that the shirt would cover almost all of her scars.

Shy, afraid, and conscious she had then rejoined the man in the kitchen for dinner. Not knowing if she was allowed to be there when he ate, she stood in the doorway and waited for him to notice her. It did not take long before he motioned for her to take a seat at the table where he had already set the table for two.

A yawn escaped her chest when she had just finished her food and she sat up straight in fear. How dare she show fatigue when the table is still set and the dishes dirty.

"Tired?", he asked and she quickly shook her head no with force and panic in her eyes.


Another energetic shake followed, though it was interrupted by another yawn and the girl averted her head in a form of submissive apology.

"Come.", he ordered and waited for the girl to follow him. He walked her right to the door of his room, "You will sleep in here tonight. Tomorrow I´ll get your room ready."

Entering the room she immediately looked around to find the most comfortable place for her to stay. Multiple rugs were laying around and she decided the one in front of the closet seemed to be the most comfortable. But there she would lay in the way when he needed to get his stuff.

"I changed the sheets yesterday.", he stated and she took it in the meaning to be careful and not dirty it by accident, "I will get my stuff and you can get comfortable in the bed."

Hearing the word bed she turned to him in shock. He allowed her to sleep in his bed. But where would he sleep? Does he want them to share the bed?

"You take the bed and I sleep on the couch.", he explained seeing her shocked and scared expression.

She shook her head no and motioned to the rug she had chosen trying to make him understand she would be alright there. He did not seem to understand what she wanted to tell him and so she pointed from him to the bed and from her to the rug.

Genma frowned when he understood, "No."

Again she tried to reason, to no avail.

"No arguments.", he finally declared and left the room when she nodded a yes in understanding.

His bed was soft, warm,( something she did not have in a long time), and smelled like him. The scent reminded her of a forest after rain with something sweet mixed in as well and it was able to calm her enough so she quickly fell asleep.


Two loud bangs woke Genma with a start. He immediately jumped to his feet and grabbed the kunai that lay beneath the pillow, and ran to his room where panicked noises were coming from. Before he could reach the door it jumped open and the girl stumbled out of it in absolute fright.

"Kid?", he addressed her, hoping it had only been a nightmare she had and wanted to calm her down, but he accomplished the exact opposite. Her eyes jumped from him to his room, and back only for her to turn on the spot and dart into the broom closet to lock it from the inside.

A bit confused but alert Genma turned to his room. He had to figure out what had caused that reaction out of the girl. It did not take long for him to do so.

There was someone in his room.

Another ninja considering the amount of suppressed chakra he now felt.

A man trusting the deep groan that came out of the shadows. Flipping the switch to light up the room he was barely able to hide his laugh. In front of his bed laid the beaten-up form of no other than Kakashi Hatake the copycat ninja clutching his most private parts.

"Told you, one day sneaking in after getting drunk will fail.", Genma chuckled biting on the senbon in his mouth, "Next time use the door like any other normal person. Another drinking contest with Guy?"

"Yea.", the man on the ground groaned.

"There is ice in the fridge.", Genma motioned to the kitchen already on his way to the broom closet where the girl was still hiding.

"You good?", he knocked on the door but got no answer, "Kid. You can come out."

Again no reaction.

"Who are you talking to?", Kakashi hummed from the door to the kitchen, a bag of ice pressed to his groin.

"To the civilian kid that brought the great Kakashi Hatake to his knees.", he answered, "What did you do to scare her like this?"


"Yes, her. Will you answer me or do I have to hurt you as well?", he was far too tired for this situation.

"Mah-mah. I did nothing. Just entered through the window and wanted to surprise you.", he answered.

"Surprise me. How- forget it. You caused this, you help me deal with it.", Genma squinted.

"Mah. Fine. What´s her name.", the white-haired man groaned. He had only wanted to sleep the booze off.

"I don´t know- She has no name, okay?", Genma answered when he saw the other man´s raised eyebrow.

"Then who is she. And don´t simply answer ´a kid.´She seems a bit old to be of one of the results of your adventure to be left on your doorstep without having a name."

"She´s not mine. Not like that."


"Tsunade made me her Guardian today. I don´t know much about her. I can explain later, now help me get her out there."

"Fine. Yo Kid. Come out before I break the door and get you out.", Kakashi shouted against the closed door accompanied by two hits against it.

"Hatake.", Genma growled out, he knew the girl was scared shitless from the way she had looked when they had crossed paths in the hallway.

"What, it worked.", he shrugged upon hearing the lock turn and the door open ever so slightly.

Her whole body was shaking, her arms clutched around her midsection, her face averted to the side and looking on the ground.

Next spar he would punch Kakashi in the face for this.

"Kid.", he hummed hoping to get her to look up so she sees he was not angry with her,

"Girl look at me."

She did as he had asked her. Even though his voice was soft and held no anger did she not want to test her luck. She had, after all, injured someone. She knew she would be punished for it. She always had been. But maybe, if she made herself as small as possible the punishment would be not as severe.

Genma had knelt so he was on her height and she let out a strained breath.

"Are you hurt?", he wanted to know and she noticed his eyes roamed her body. She quickly shook her head no, not that he would have nodded a yes even when she was.

"Good. Nice punch by the way. Not many people can say they downed Kakashi Hatake with one punch.", he smiled, hoping to cheer her up, though he only managed for her eyes to move to the foreigner with fear in her eyes.

"Yo.", the man greeted with a two-finger salute and no emotions in his voice. Though his eyes held interest and he wondered what was up with this kid.

"He wanted to crash here tonight without asking. As always.", Genma explained with a frown that was meant for the Jonin.

"Mah Mah. What are friends for? Don´t mind me. I am gonna stay on the couch.", he stated only for Genma to tackle him.

"No, you don´t. That´s where I am sleeping. You can have the ground. I think I have a dog-blanked around here somewhere."

She could not allow him to sleep on the floor after having injured him. When she gives up the bed, her punishment would be even smaller. Right?

Careful she followed the two men into the living area where they were still bickering on who was sleeping where. The newcomer had managed to lay down on the couch with Genma now trying to get him off. She was only noticed when she shyly poked her guardian.

"mhm?", he acknowledged her with an interesting look, it was the first time she had initiated contact. The sudden change in behavior of the special Jonin caught the other man's attention as well and he opened his one eye again.

Just like earlier that night she motioned from her to the blanket on the floor and then from the man on the couch to the room.

"Kid.", Genma sighed he had immediately understood what she wanted, "I thought I said no arguments. He can sleep on the floor just for breaking in."

She shook her head no and tried to plead with her eyes, who knew if this new man would not be only hiding his anger about her punch and punish her later.

"Girl. He won´t hurt you.", Genma stated, "He won´t be angry with you for sleeping in the bed."

"Me? Nah. You go ahead and sleep in the bed. Sorry for scaring you kid.", Kakashi waved at her and even tried to give her a reassuring smile behind the mask.

"See. Now off to bed. It´s late.", her guardian ordered and reluctantly she obeyed and returned to the bed to sleep.

The two men followed her with their eyes and used their chakra strengthened senses to listen in until she had fallen asleep.

Only when Genma was sure she had done did he let out a sigh and massaged his temples.

"What the matter with her. Not like Tsunade to give a random civilian kid to some special Jonin.", Kakashi hummed his eyes still trained on the room where the girl was sleeping in.

"I don´t know much. She was found by two Chunin on a mission. She killed a group of bandits and befriended a lost Inuzuka ninken. Tsunade sees potential in her and wants her to join the academy as soon as possible. She has no name, does not speak, and has more scars than not. She was mistreated in the past and tried to cut her throat because of that when she was seven. Inoichi questioned her, well more likely walked around in her memories, and declared her no threat.", Genma informed his friend, "She is always on edge."

"Explains her behavior and panicked looks. Tsunade is right, she has potential. Her punch was solid. Could have caused a lot of damage if I had not been able to react at the last second. Make sure to keep her away from Guy."

"Yeah yeah. First I need to find a name for her. Can´t keep calling her girl, kid, or child. And then I have to clear my study for her to stay in.", Genma whispered.

"But now I have to sleep. Last night was far too short as well."


The scent of fried eggs and rice awoke her from her slumber and she sat up with a start. She had overslept and hurried to get into the kitchen to help.

"Morning kid.", the white-haired man of last night greeted her without moving his eyes from the stove.

She froze and tried to locate Genma with her eyes and nose.

"He is out to get something. Don´t worry he will be back soon.", he continued rummaging through the cupboards to set the table.

"Why don´t you get ready. I think Genma wanted to show you around Konoha after breakfast."

Not letting her eyes leave the man, she went and got dressed in a pair of her new clothes. The shirt and trousers were in different shades of green with straps to adjust them to fit the body type of the wearer.

"You are up. Good. Come sit and eat.", Genma greeted her with a smile when she stepped out of the bathroom.

She did as she was told, her head cast down but eyes trained on the men.

Still waiting for the punishment.

"We will get your room ready today. And then we need to find a name for you.", Genma explained his plan for that day eating his breakfast.

The girl nodded in understanding.

And that was what they did.

With Kakashi ( though he left pretty quickly) in tow, the Guardian and Ward left the flat to take a more scenic (and empty) route to one of the few stores that sold affordable interiors for her room. She tried to remember every turn they made and alleys they passed. One in case they get accidentally separated and two in case she needed to run. She did not want to run in a circle and back into whoever she was fleeing from.

They found her a thick futon, some pillows, a blanket, and some cases for them. The next things they went to buy were the scrolls Genma had mentioned. For that, the two of them had to cross to the other side of the town and through some well-filled streets. Just like the day prior did the man guide her through the waves of people by placing his hand a small distance behind her back.

"Here we are.", he finally stated when they came to a stop in front of a house with light walls and red window stills, and he held the door open for her to enter first.

At once the scent of Ink and paper entered her nose. It had something calming and she stood there just breathing in and out.

Genma smiled upon seeing her slightly more relaxed posture.

"Genma, what can I get for you?", the clerk greeted him with a smile.

"I need storage scrolls for my weapons, armor, poisons, and other things.", he answered, "I need to store everything away but still need easy access."

"Did one of your adventures catch up to you?", the clerk smirked placing the other man´s order on the counter, "You always had a lucky hand with the other sex."

"No. I was declared her Guardian by the Hokage.", he explained his old friend off academy days.

"What did you do to piss her off?", the clerk laughed. He had been an active duty ninja for years, but an injury had forced him to follow in his family's footsteps to make and distribute all kinds of seals, "Whatever it was it made me win a bet."

"Bet?", Genma quirked an eyebrow.

"Yes. Guy, Ebisu, and a few others that know you started a pot how long it would take you to end up as a father. I won."

"I am not her father."

"Eh, a guardian is close enough. Now go and don´t fuck this up. These scrolls are on me. As a little present from one father to the other.", the clerk teased further and nearly lost his footing when he duck away from a flying senbon while laughing.

"Come on kid. We have everything for now.", Genma hummed seeing the girl had not moved a centimeter from where he had left her.

As usual, she nodded a yes and left through the door he held open for her.

He guided her through alleys, past a park, back to his flat only to be stopped by a huge ninken barreling towards them- no the girl.

It stopped just an arm-length away with a wagging tail and happy bark.

"A friend of yours?", the guardian asked the girl with a smile who looked up at him with uncertain eyes but nodded in the end.

"Don´t you want to say hello then?"

He had to smile when the girl started to pet the wolf.

"Wolf.", the man addressed the ninken that looked at him with intelligent eyes, "Can you keep an eye on her for the next three hours for me and bring her back here then?"

The wolf barked in approval and the man watched in interest how the two of them seemed to have a wordless conversation only for the wolf to guide the child away and back towards the park they had passed.

Genma made a mental note to talk with the Inuzuka clan sooner than later. But that could wait until he had succeeded in getting her room ready.

Already two hours later was the child back. Just when he had finished clearing his study and preparing her room.

But she was not alone, right behind her stood Yoshino Nara with a frown on her face. A frown turned into a scowl when her eyes fell on him.

"Genma Shiranui.", she greeted him, her voice hiding a hiss and he gave a small bow in greeting.

"Please come inside.", he invited her and she obliged, though waiting for the girl to enter first.

"How can I help you?", he asked as politely as he could muster upon seeing the girl's scared posture but was shushed by a finger while the woman leaned forward to speak with the girl, "Can you do me the favor and go to your room? I have to speak with him."

Instead of an answer, she looked at her guardian for guidance, she had no room and was not allowed in his without permission.

"I just got yours ready. You can get your things sorted if you want.", he told her and she left after another wary glance towards the woman.

"The Hokage should know that just because you are well versed in the way of making a child does not mean you should be in charge of one. What were you thinking letting a young girl that knows nothing about this village wander around? You should know very well that poisonous plants are growing around here. And don´t let me start on the fact that she had nothing to eat, drink, or money to buy some with her.", the woman ranted poking her opponent in his chest. And he had to admit, she had a point, he had forgotten to give her something to eat and drink.

What he did not understand though, was where had the wolf disappeared to?

"She was with an Inuzuka ninken.", he explained.

"Yes, one that had been missing since the last war. I send it away. She is just a little girl.", she breathed her voice filled with worry, "I don´t care that she has the potential to become a ninja. At the moment she is a scared little civilian girl. "Do you even know what a little girl like her needs?"

"Nara-sama, I was declared her guardian. I appreciate your worry and am grateful for you looking out for her. But I do not think that your Husband as the Jonin-commander would appreciate you intervening with the mission Lady Tsunade gave me. If you are offering to help me with it though-"

He was aware one day he will need the help. Sometimes he had no idea what women want, and he had no training in dealing with little girls apart from chunin and academy students so any help he could get was appreciated. Genma would rather have a mother to ask than a kunoichi he knew from active duty that knew nothing of children.

"When is she going to join the academy?"

"I am not sure yet."

"I want to see her before that. She will require different things than the boys.", the woman declared the acceptance of his hidden question.

"Thank you Nara-sama."

"You know how important a healthy and balanced diet is. Especially for children that are still growing."

"I am aware of that, yes. And against popular belief do I know how to cook.", Genma challenged the Nara-clans first lady who wanted to say something else but was interrupted by a knock on the door.

"Is my mother here?", the young Chunin Shikaku Nara asked bored and without any form of greeting.

"Shikamaru. What did I teach you about manners."

"You wanted us to meet twenty minutes ago.", the son shrugged and barely contained the roll with his eyes and glanced towards his father who was standing a few steps down the stairs.

"Shiranui.", she nodded her goodbye and pulled her son away by his earlobe.

Genma was sure the poor boy was in for the lecture of his life.


When Genma entered her room he found her sitting on the futon with her head bowed and hands clenched.

He needed her to stop behaving like this, "Look at me."

She did with teary eyes.

"Am I right that you got some of the scars when you did things ´wrong´?", he hummed, his anger barely contained.

The clenching of her muscles was answer enough and he bit through another senbon.

"I will never hurt you like this. No one I know will hurt you like that again.", he promised, "I am honest with you. I have no idea how to raise a kid or how to care for one. I will do mistakes. I might get frustrated. But I will never hurt you like that."

A small sob left her throat but she did not look away.

"You can stay in here if you want. I will be in the living area and get some old mission reports finished and later make dinner. But if you are hungry or thirsty there is always something in the fridge you can take without asking. Okay?"

She nodded.

"Good. And then start thinking about what you want to be called in the future.", he said and left her room. He had a feeling she would need a lot of time to build trust.

It was like on one of his mission, if he cornered his target too much they would shy away and he wouldn´t get the info he needed.


"She still hiding in her room?", the masked Jonin asked his friend who simply sighed.

"Why can´t you just use the door?

"Why don´t you lock your windows?"

"Would that keep anyone in this village out if they want to enter?"

"A civilian for sure. But I know what you mean. Now give me an answer."

"Why? Are you missing your students so much you are looking for a new one?", he teased his friend but still answered his question, "More or less. She comes out to eat, drink, and use the bathroom. But prefers to do so when I am in my room. She cleans after herself and yesterday she prepared some food as well. Though I have no idea where she got the knife from. I sealed them away after I learned she had cut her throat in the past."

"You think she will do so again?"

"No. But I don´t want to risk and have an angry Yoshino Nara on my ass.", he groaned, "She visited me the second day I had the girl ripping me a new one."

"She can be quite a force of nature. But nothing compared to Tsunade if you don´t get the kid ready for the academy."

"Don´t remind me. What do you say, I could need a spar."

"Sure. What about the kid?"

"Kid? Kakashi and I want to go and spar at one of the training grounds. Want to join?", Genma knocked on her door, "We can get Ramen afterward or something else."

It did not take long for her door to open to an interested-looking girl.

"You can run around or simply watch the clouds there as long as you stay close enough.", he explained further and she nodded ever so slightly.

"Did you figure out a name yet?", her guardian's friend asked after a few minutes not looking up from the book he was reading while walkin, but she realized he was talking to her when she felt his one eye on her.

She quickly shook her head no.

"Mah, too bad. Should hurry up though. People might start calling you things you don´t like and then they stick. Like little bronze rose of youth."

Shock and a bit of disgust entered her eyes, she hoped no one would call her that. It seemed worse than being called Monster.

"Don´t scare her like that.", Genma scolded his friend with a punch to his shoulder, "No one will call you that, and if they do you are allowed to punch them. No repercussions."

Shocked, the girl watched her guardian. Was she really allowed to punch someone for calling her something she did not like? Though it might have something to do with a certain person because just a second later "Poor Guy.", blew in the wind.

The three walked for another ten minutes until they reached a big sign that read "Warning! Training area. Entering at your own risk."

Taking in a deep breath she smelled all the different areas that were around: Woods, water, rock, and something she could not pinpoint. Then there were swifts of explosives every other meter.

Continuing along a paved path they closed in on an area that was surrounded by woods on two sides and a river on one.

"Alright kid. Kakashi and I will spar for a bit. Do you know what that means?", Genma addressed his ward, who affirmed she did, "You can do whatever you like as long as you don´t get in the middle of it. And stay in calling distance."

Again she gave an affirmative nod and looked around for a place to sit and watch.

She had been taught the basics by a distant relative of her deceased mother, who always told her to not underestimate someone and to learn by watching others. She wanted to know what her guardian was able to do, and so she finally chose a fallen log in the shadows to sit on.

In awe she watched the two men exchanging blows and kicks with a speed she had never seen before. Her clan was well versed in fighting, with masters who could fight off bandits all by themselves, but they were no match for these men. Thirty minutes they did this without a break or breaking out in a sweat and she realized this was far from their full power.

"Enough warming up. Let´s get real.", her guardian grinned, sending one of his knitting needles towards his opponent who averted it with one of those strange knives she had learned were called Kunai.

"I thought you will never ask.", Kakashi laughed and the atmosphere changed at once. Faster and faster the two men fought until they were only a blur in front of her eyes and once or twice she thought she had felt a sudden change in the wind and earth.

Those two men were strong and able to kill her with one flick of a finger if they wanted to.

A dark and hot shiver went down her spine upon the realization and for a moment she could not understand how someone this strong could be gentle with a threat like her. But at the same time, she knew with abilities as they had, she was no threat. And maybe, maybe the thief was right. Those that hurt her had been afraid of her, that´s why they treated her badly. To break her. Like they would break beasts so they could use them to work for them in the mine.

After all, she had always been taught that she was a monster like her father was, and ´Monster´ is just another word for ´Beast´. Right?

She was so deep in thought that she did not recognize the feeling of imminent threat that tried to make her move. Too late she noticed the scent of feral death that had closed in from within the cover of the woods behind her. Only recognizing it when a deep huff of warm air moved the hair on her head.

A Bear. An angry bear had managed to sneak up on her and was more than close enough to bite off her head.

But instead of doing that, it used one of its giant paws to slam her to the ground and keep her down.

Somehow she had managed to turn so her back was pressed into the ground. Like this, she might have the possibility to defend herself or at least injure the beast enough that it was no threat for the others. If she were able to reach for the Kunai she had lent from the masked man the first day that is.

Hot saliva and breath hit the girl's face when the bear let out an ear-deafening roar while his claws dug into her chest. It hurt- badly- but she would not allow a scream to escape her lungs. She needed the air where it was.

Its eyes burned in rage and just in time she was able to lift her left arm in front of her face to stop its jaws from closing around it. Using all the strength she could muster she grabbed her wrist with the other hand and tried to hold it away from her with both arms. She was fighting for her life. A life she had tried to end not too long ago, but now she wanted nothing more to keep it.

"GIRL!", she heard Genma shout through her pain and concentration but could not bring herself to acknowledge it. Any distraction, she knew, would mean certain death.

"That looks like a bear of the forest of death. How did it get here?", the masked ninja stated, already going through possibilities to kill it without killing the kid that was currently fighting for her life.

"I don´t care.", Genma shouted all the while throwing Kunai and Senbon at the beast to get it to release her. He knew they would not pierce through its thick fur. Any attack that could have the possibility to hurt his ward as well, "We need to get it away from her."

"Earth style- Earth spike.", Kakashi shouted and a spike grew out of the ground where the bear had been standing. Somehow though it had moved out of the way that very second and so it had not been injured.

Its attention shifted to the men then, finally releasing the bite it had around the child, and turned its head towards them.

Now they had to get it to move off her, quickly, before she was crushed to death.

But there was no need. Just when her hand had been freed she reached for something that had been hidden in her clothes and slammed it into the beast's eye. In a roar of pain and anger, it rose to its hind legs and he flickered to get the girl out of the immediate death zone.

The very next moment a blast of lightning erupted from where the beast now laid grilled.

Dark blood was flowing out of her mangled arm in steady streams and Genma couldn´t hide his flinch. That must hurt but there were no tears no sound of pain coming from her. He then moved to take a look at her chest where the paw had pressed into her.

"I need to check you for broken bones.", he stated before gently pressing on her rib cage. They seemed to be intact and so he began closing her wounds with the little bit of healing jutsu he was able to do. Like that she would at least not bleed out until a medic-nin could have a look at her.

"How´s she?", Kakashi asked him, worry evident in his voice.

"Alive. Lucky. I don´t think she had broken bones, but I get her to the hospital now. What about the beast?"


"Good. Find out for me how it got here, will you?"

"Sure. Go get her looked after."

With these words, the two men flickered away into different directions. The masked one towards the forest of death and the other with his warden straight to the hospital, Hoping to cross paths with neither the Hokage nor Yoshino Nara.


"TWO weeks. You are her guardian for two WEEKS and she is back in the hospital. Not that you have the excuse it happened during training. BECAUSE SHE HAS NONE. Any explanation?", the Hokage, whom he was not able to sneak past upon arrival shouted at him while the girl was hiding away behind him.

"A bear got loose from the forest of death and was able to sneak up on her while she watched Kakashi and I spar.", Genma admitted, the guilt he was feeling evident in his voice, "We took care of it immediately but it had her arm already in its jaws."

"A bear of the forest of death you say? I thought all animals that had escaped during the attack had been dealt with. Shizune, get the response teams in my office immediately and send out tracker teams to see if they are still other beasts lose. We can´t have them accidentally attack civilians.", the Hokage grounded out. Her eyes glimmering in a way that Genma knew the originally responsible teams were in for a scolding.

"Yes, Tsunade."

"And you.", the blond woman poked Genma, "Get your ward into room 24c. I will have a look at her injuries. In the meantime I want you to report about what happened, and how she is doing."

"Yes Tsunade-sama.", he bowed, before guiding the girl to the room.

"You did not name her, yet?", was the only question the Hokage had after listening to the ordered report.

"No. It is not like she´s a dog that will be dead in a few years of age. She will have to live with it for a long time and I wanted her to choose it herself.", he admitted and let out a breath of relief when the woman seemed to approve his answer.

"She needs a strong name. There are not many brats that can fight off a beast from training ground 44. Or survive as she did without training. Choose wisely, child. I am sure you will make it big in the world of Shinobi and then you don´t want to be known as the ´bronze-colored rose of youth´. Now remarkably the only wounds she sustained were the bites and some bruising. No broken bones or anything. Your bones are tough, brat. Now make sure not to come back here too soon, alright?"

Tsunade watched the girl who gave just a small nod of promise.

"Yo kid. Catch.", was the only warning any of them got when Kakashi flickered into the room and threw a Kunai at the girl who caught it with ease, only to freeze.

"Hatake what the fuck?", Genma shouted, grabbing his friend by his vest collar.

"Mah mah. I was wondering where I lost it. Imagine my surprise when I pulled it out of the bears' skull. Keep it Kid.", and with that, he flickered away leaving a stunned-looking Guardian and Hokage behind who let out a loud laugh end left.

"Just do not accidentally cut yourself with it. Alright?", Genma sighed when he saw the uncertain look on the kid's face, "Come on. Let´s get home and some food into you. I for sure am hungry. And I need a drink after this."