Harry Potter:The Way Back to Family

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October 14th, 2000, 2 years after the final battle where The Dark Lord Voldemort was killed by Harry Potter. The devastation and death that he had caused was to the wizarding world as what WWII was to the mundane world. Harry Potter has just had the last thread holding him sane taken from him! I am sorry, Hermione, Daphne, Tracey, Susan, and My Little Moon Luna, Sirius, Remus, Tonks, Aunt Andi and all the others I failed! All that I have ever loved or those that loved me have been taken, Harry thinks of putting his wand under his chin and joining his family! What will happen to the savior of the Wizarding world?

A/N's: I do not own, lay claim to, or make any profit off of anything Harry Potter! JKR owns Harry Potter and all that entails, I just play in a very small sandbox! Also, this is my first try at writing anything other than a small sports column!

Chapter 1: Pain of Loss Oct 14, 2000

Harry knelt beside what was left of the body of Cordelle Peters, a little known wizard who supported the pure blood traditions. He had stayed below the radar of the aurors and DMLE in general. That is until he killed Luna Selene Lovegood Potter, the last of Harry's five wives for no other reason than he was he was jealous that the pure bloods were losing most of their power after the war. Harry with Caladbolg(a sword capable of killing entire armies if they are arrayed in front of him, or slice the top off of mountains, the purple arc unstoppable) the sword of his famous ancestor Fergus mac L ti Potter(a Celtic legend), strapped across his back. Harry had lost all his family during the war against the Dark Lord Voldemort and his Deatheater's, or by being used by the supposed leader of the Light, Albus B.W.P. Dumbledore. Harry's wives, Susan Bones(Lady Bones), Tracey Davis(Lady Slytherin) , Hermione Granger(Lady Peverell), Daphne Greengrass(Lady Black) had all fallen either in battle or to assassins during the war. Luna the last of his wives and a seer had remained beside Harry through it all only to be killed by the killing curse as she went to meet their accounts manager at Gringott's. Luna didn't let Harry know that she had saw this in a vision. She knows Harry has a power that he hasn't found yet, and if he does he can right the wrongs that happened to their family and to the wizarding world in general. Harry just needs to find the way and have faith he can do it. He needed a reason to take the chance that will be offered. Harry is tired, he is hurting beyond any threshold humanely possible. Harry has avenged the killing of Luna and now he is ready to quit, to rest, to die and join his family in his next great adventure as his hated former mentor Dumbledore talked about!

Harry stands, casts an incendio on the remains and apparates back to Potter Castle, his unplotted, heavily warded ancestral home. Hello Master Potter says Claymore the head elf of the Potter's, hows can I be of helps right now? Please run me a bath and bring a bottle of firewhiskey to the ensuite! Harry sinks into the bath and drinks straight from the bottle, not bothering with a glass as he plans on emptying the bottle to numb his pain. Harry finishes the bottle and drifts off to an restless unconsciousness. A light draws Harry's attention, he wonders if he is dreaming or has he drank himself to death? As Harry walks towards the light a figure moves towards him with a warm glow around the hooded robe the figure is wearing. Harry can't make out if it is a man or woman, or any features under the hood. Harry asks where am I and am I dead? The robed figure stands there for a minute as if measuring his worth and finally asks, do you want to be dead? Are you ready to move on and end the line of your ancestors like this? Harry, his heart breaking tells the person as he assumes it is a person whether he can make them out or not, says I have done my duty to my country and without my loved ones I have no reason to stay, I am ready to join them in the peace that I hope awaits us at the end of our life. The figure asks Harry, what if you had one chance to go back and save your loved ones, save your world from most of the devastation, terror and death that you lived through, Would you take such an opportunity, would you be willing to do the things that you would need to do, could you make the right choice not the easy choice and save so many innocent lives? What if you were given powers on top of your already amazing gifts to even the field or maybe give you and advantage to end the darkness before it can destroy so much? I can give you that Harry but here is the catch, you have to be able to do what has to be done, you will have to make choices that you have hesitated to take previously, if a soul has to be taken to prevent an innocent dying can you make the right choice and not the easy choice? Is this a task you wish to attempt? If so you will be able to change the previous time line and create a new history, you will be able to save your loved ones, you will be able to get help from those that were before you, you will be able to have all the knowledge you have now taken back with you. You have to decide just how far you want to go back, what you want to change, who you would task with aiding you, who you want to save, who needs to be eliminated whether they have committed the evil they would have done if left to their own desires. You have to decide what tools and items you will need to have with you. You will have to have a plan and be ready when you arrive to take action.

You need to decide before I can give you any more information because none of what we have discussed matters if you remain here, all will be made clear if you decide to wake. Harry thinks for a minute before he speaks, you state that I am being given the option of staying here and letting my family lines die out or I can take this chance to go back and have not only the chance to change things but have the knowledge, power, help and weapons I currently have? Harry asks who are you, GOD, and will I be sure of accomplishing the goals I set for myself? The robed figure chuckles and says no, I am a lesser GODDESS, you can refer to me as Loralei or Lora for short, I have been tasked with giving you and therefore the world a chance to change the life of people who deserved better but were used, abused, discarded and denied the life they were destined to live. Harry remembers his Little Moon telling him that he would one day have a chance to save them all and make the world a better place, is this what she saw, is this what she was talking about/ is this what she said he was destined to do? Harry smiles to himself, the first smile he has had since before Luna's murder. Yes he decides, yes I will take this chance and I will make those bastards pay in blood, I will take everything from them, their lives, their families, their money, their so called pure blood supremacy. If they have children that survive I will take them and make sure they don't turnout like their sires or they too will die! I will make Britain a better place or I will take my loved ones away to a place of safety where we can be happy and leave the others to their fates. Lora smiles at Harry and says, when you wake go to your Black Family grimoire, there will be instructions there for you. Use the time wisely, prepare, get your mind in a place of surety, conviction and dedication, because once the ritual starts you have to hit the ground running to accomplish the things you want to happen! Good luck Harry, may your enemies bleed out on your blade and may their gold line your vaults and may your family prosper for eternity.

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