December 16th, Bones Manor

Harry, Sirius, James, lily and Remus see the Lestrange's are attacking Bones Manor from the front, while Voldemort is standing behind them waiting. He seems to be biding his time for the Lestrange family to bring down the wards around the Manor, he doesn't realize yet the wards are stronger than any of the Death Eaters can manage.

Harry puts up a silencing spell and then tells them his plan. Harry says I want James, Lily to go to the north side of the manor (catching the Lestrange's from their right side) while Sirius and Remus go to the west side of the Manor (left side facing the Lestrange's) and when Harry unleashes on Voldemort then they are to take out the Lestrange's with extreme prejudice because Bella will kill them in an instant!

Harry apparates silently to directly behind Voldemort and his cronies. He then silently starts casting the same spell he used in the duels in the Wizengamot Chamber, Imi Haku Mana Pono, it will drain the magic from the targeted wizards.

The Lestrange's were so focused on attacking they didn't notice the power of their spells waning some but Voldemort did. Tom watching for a few more spells and then yells stop! Are you losing focus, or getting tired? Your spells aren't as strong as they were to begin with. Bella turns to Tom and she is the first to spot Harry standing behind Voldemort, she yells, "Lord Peverell is behind you!"

Tom turns quickly and casts a protego shield while Harry just stands there.

Harry says finally Tom, me and you meet!

Voldemort yells Avada Kedavra, and as it starts toward Harry, he knows it isn't as powerful as it should be.

Harry steps aside and asks Tom is that the best you got? It was at this point that Sirius and Lily unleash their most powerful cutting curses, while James and Remus sent bonecrushers at the Lestranges!

Bella cast a shield but it was blasted apart by Remus, and Rodolphus was slow getting a shield up and the cutting curse from Lily hit him across the shoulder and chest, he was bleeding out quickly! Rabastan seeing his brother hit and dying lost all control and started throwing AK's as fast as he could but, in his haste, and anger his aim never got close to anyone. He was hit with a blasting hex from James and was knocked backwards into Bella and out cold!

Bella was knocked off balance by Rabastan and as she started to regain her balance, her cousin Sirius took the shot and as he let loose with his cutter and he says to Bella, I hope you find the peace in the next life that you never found in this one!

The cutter hits Bella in the throat ad nearly separates her head from her shoulders. She joins her husband in death and never got to witness the less than epic battle between her so-called Lord and Lord Peverell!

Harry steps out of the way of Tom's killing curse and smiles at him. Harry says Tom, it is time for you to face your end, you are not a Lord and you surely aren't immortal! Don't be afraid of dying Tom, for that is a fate that all of us must face, even you. Your moniker means Flight from Death, but in the end, Death claims us all.

Tom realizing that something is not right yells, "what have you done to me?"

Harry smiles and says I have taken some of your power Tom, just like I did your Death Eaters!

Tom rages as he casts another Avada Kedavra, but it barely makes it to where Harry was standing, Harry steps to the side and casts his first spell, a blasting curse chained with a cutting curse and a bonebreaker.

Tom puts up a shield that is shattered by the first, he swats away the cutter but is slow and gets the bonecrusher to his chest! He falls to his knees as blood pours out of his mouth and he mumbles, I am Lord Voldemort I can't be killed and I can't be defeated.

Harry walks towards him and says expelliarmus and catches the Holly and Phoenix wand in his left hand. Harry stops about ten feet in front of Voldemort and tells him, I will be waiting for you at the end, and he casts a cutter that severs Tom's head from his shoulders!

James, Lily, Sirius and Remus are stunned at the ease that Harry took Voldemort apart. They are so stunned that neither are aware that Rodolphus has awakened and is a attempting to raise his wand behind Lily's back and curse her.

Harry though always are of his surroundings sees this and he hits Lestrange with a concussion blast that splatters his head all over the ground. Lily yells and turns and sees what Harry had done and she loses her stomach, James Remus and Sirius look awful pale at the sight. Harry smirks and says, you about decapitate Bella, you cut Rabastan nearly in half and you get squeamish because his head explodes? Hell, Tom's head is laying right there and none of you seemed bothered!

I think it is time to check on Ted, Julie and Amelia and get them to call the aurors! This is just round one between me and Tom, and before you ask, no he isn't dead yet, just separated from his mortal body at this time. He has done some dark magic and he believes he is beyond death but I am his bane and he doesn't know what I do!

Ted, Amelia and Julie come out of the Manor and asks if it is over?

Harry replies for now but Tom still has followers that will cause trouble, and he isn't completely gone yet, but we do have lull that I aim to take full advantage of! I will be taking out his biggest financial supporter later this week, me and Malfoy have a date with destiny and he isn't gonna like the outcome!

A/N; I thought the first fight scene between Tom and Harry should be shorter and also take care of the Lestrange's. Harry and Tom will meet again but Tom will not have all his Death Eaters at his disposal!