A/N set just before twilight starts

Jaspbella quick note: Jasper Unattached, Alice unattached, everyone else is relatively the same Bella is a little dirtier to accommodate the story and also she's a modern woman she can do what she wants(what I want) this will be an AU running along side the actual story. Seriously very Mature content warning, sexual, language and violence will be peppered into this story if it's not for you it's not for you.

Chapter 1

It was the last hot day of summer. Bella, a new resident of Forks, (for all intents and purposes) was sunbathing, nude, in a patch of grass by a small lake she had stumbled upon near her house. Her sundress was crinkled up into a messy blue pile on the corner of the blanket she laid across. She had checked her surroundings briefly to make sure no one would be able to see her, but-… he was there. Her heartbeat and her sweet floral scent had driven him off course from the big game he had originally sought out to catch. He peered into her small patch of sun, cautiously approaching her amidst the cover of the trees. Curiosity got the better of him as he drew closer, aiming to catch a better view of the situation. To his surprise, she was laying there… completely exposed. Vulnerable. Frustrated at having to play human, again, he, like a gentleman, averted his eyes. He didn't expect her to be nude. In fact, it may have even saved her life.

"You know, Ma'am…This isn't exactly a private place." he stated, politely covering his eyes with his arm.

"It seemed private enough" she replied, without flinching, seemingly unfazed by his presence. She didn't even bother to open her eyes.

Jasper's lips pursed for a moment as he allowed himself to lower his arm and take in the girl's raw, unfiltered beauty. Her soft and unblemished alabaster skin. Her perfect teardrop-shaped breasts. Her pert, light pink nipples standing up firmly from the cold bite in the air. Her long, mahogany hair splayed out on the ground around her heart shaped face. Her pouty, full lips curled into a smirk- parted as she continued:

"…I was just hoping to get some of this sun while it lasts. Do you plan to stay leering over there much longer?"

Jasper swallowed the venom pooling in his mouth. The hot, burning sensation in his throat was begging for just one more breath of that decadently sweet floral scent. Just one taste of that delicious red blood pumping underneath her supple porcelain skin.

"I should go" he said after a brief pause, choking out the last of reserves of his air.

"You don't have to." Bella replied as she reached her arms all the way above her head, moaning softly as she let out a long, relaxed sigh at the end of her stretch. Sliding herself forward, she sat up slightly and rested down onto her elbow. She slowly opened her eyes- shading them with the shadow of her hand up to the sun. After briefly looking around to make sense of her surroundings, she looked over at him.

Jasper stood there, towering over her at six foot, three inches tall -his long, lean muscles tensed on his frame. The honey-blonde tresses of his wild and wavy hair parted around his face and landed just above the collar of his shirt. Jasper had the face of a movie star with a mysterious edge that was almost indescribable. Upon noticing his flawless features, Bella began to blush.

"You're cuter than I thought you'd be, judging by your voice." She replied as she laid back down, closing her eyes again to keep the sun from stinging them.

He decided to take one large breath in… inhaling deeply through his nostrils… tasting her delicious smell as it burned his throat, his piercing eyes darkening to almost black.

"Ma'am? Are you not at all alarmed by me being here? …while you're laying there? …in the nude?" he asked, pausing briefly to wet his lips. "…Anyone, or rather, anything- could come through here." Like me..

But his warning fell on uncaring ears.

"Sorry if I'm not as modest as you would have hoped, I just moved here from my mother's house. I'm used to being left alone, but I don't mind the company of men… or women for that matter. Besides, I don't see any harm in it." She replied cheekily. "Why? Does my nakedness offend you?" she asked as she continued to tan without even bothering to look up at him.

Jasper could feel the heat coming from her. He could feel her attraction to his features permeating the space around her. She was flirting with him.

Is she trying to tempt my demon?

Still, as electricity shot through his nerves and hunger burned in his throat, he was more fixated on her body than her blood. His southern accent grew thicker as he took a few steps closer into the ever growing shade that was once her sunspot.

"I can't help but feel conflicted, darlin'. Much as it would be appropriate for me to think you should either get dressed or get somewhere more private- I, for one, think it'd be a shame to cover up a body that… delicious. In fact-… I'm hopin' that my company is enough to keep you here." It had been ages since he flirted. He was hoping the accent would cover his nerves and awkward phrasing.

A crooked smile spread across her face as she opened up her eyes again, no longer squinting to accommodate the disappearing sun. "Your company is clothed while I-" she paused to playfully present her bare, slender frame with a flair of her hands, "…am not. But! If you wish to join me, I'd prefer it if we were on the same playing field."

Naked or not, Jasper was most definitely playing more than just one game here. Tempting his demon, he unbuttoned his dark, western-cut, collared shirt. His boot-cut jeans frayed by the ground under the heels of his boots. Bella thought his accent and clothing were peculiar being so far from the south. She assumed he was a transplant like she was. She hoped he was looking to get into a little bit of trouble before summer was over and school started for her in the fall.

This is the last time. She told herself, hoping to start a new life there in Forks, her reluctantly new hometown. She couldn't just resume her old behavior like back in Phoenix. Her father was the sheriff here, and the town was small enough that everyone knew him. If this got back to him it would break his heart, not to mention the potential of being under his constant supervision. That being said…

Just this once. Last time, I swear. Bella convinced herself as she propped herself back up onto her elbows and lifted her knees off the blanket, swaying them flirtatiously back and forth as she laid there, expectantly waiting for Jasper to disrobe.

He could feel the heat and desire grow around him. It was wonderfully suffocating. He was only half undressed while she waited there, biting her lip in anticipation. Her half-smile welcomed him closer- closer than he probably should have been to a human. He wrapped one arm around her exposed waist, pulled her up, off of her elbows until her mouth met his. The tension in the air thickened as she breathed white hot fire into his mouth. The taste of her to him was twice as good as her smell. His pace hastened in anticipation. His manhood grew and throbbed behind the thinning cloth of his underwear as it stretched around it- almost as if it was trying to force its way out. Jasper slid his jeans off, kicking his boots off along with them, his shirt still on and half open. Bella gripped his collar and pushed the shirt off of his shoulder. She was surprised by how cold his body was but, since she had been in the sun so long, it didn't alarm her that he was so much colder than her. His tongue began working its way into her mouth, massaging hers as it parted its way between her soft, pink lips. His sweet and earthy scent filled her lungs as she gasped for breath only momentarily breaking away from this intoxicating kiss. A fire grew within her, every single touch of his acting as further kindling. She felt a flood of lust pushing into her consciousness. He released his mouth from hers and gripped the base of her hair to pull her head back as he began hungrily kissing her neck. Feeling her pulse just underneath his tongue, he dragged the tip of it slowly up to her ear, leaving a thin trail of venom before licking around inside of it. His hands worked their way along the edges of her body, almost too precisely caressing each and every one of her sensitive buttons. As chills ran down her spine, she let out a long, shaky breath.

"Excuse me, I don't even know your name, sir." A giggle escaped her lips between gasps at her usage of the formality 'sir.' It definitely caught him off guard, too.

He loosened his arm out from around her waist, just enough for her to sneak a cheeky peek at his impressive and engorged member. He growled slightly, his eyes now a bottomless obsidian, peered back at her.

Just then, Bella slipped while attempting to pull herself back into his embrace, leaving a small scrape on the inside of her wrist and palm. The scent of fresh blood coming from her arm almost sent him over the edge. He shifted, pulling her into his lap, facing her away from him as his carnal desires took over. Afraid he would kill her if he continued to smell the sweet scent of her precious blood, he decided to pin her arms together above her head, burying his face into her hair to distract his nose from what he normally considered his food- all the while grinding his firm member against her backside. While one arm held both of hers up by the wrists, the other slid down her side tracing a line down the front of her hips, down to her moist slit. Clenching his jaw, he exhaled a breath of cool air along the nape of her neck, still glistening with trail of venom he left there with his tongue. He stopped just shy of her readily waiting opening, taking in her burning scent just one more time, savoring it as he teased her. Jasper slid his hand lower, rubbing her clit in small circular motions with his thumb while simultaneously delving the next two inside- just to the first knuckle. His other hand pulled her arms towards his face as he lapped up the blood off of her wrist with his tongue, cleaning it. That was almost too much for him. Nearly losing control, he released her wrists, bringing his hand down to her frontside, teasing her navel, sliding it up between her breasts, higher- along her throat before slipping two fingertips into her mouth. Her hips rolled against his other hand, grinding her pussy against it, pushing his fingers deeper inside of her. She could feel his knuckles slipping in and out of her opening, knocking together as she gripped onto his digits with each thrust. She hungrily sucked on his other fingers like a greedy little nymph as he leaned forward whispering into her ear:

"You can call me whatever you want, darlin'. "

He couldn't help but chuckle softly to himself, enjoying the smell of her ever-growing blush. As he teased her, her body writhed and squirmed to his skillful touch. Every motion of her slight frame mesmerized him as her backside continued grinding against his crotch. His aching member was dying to slide into her slick hole. The intoxicating lust overtook the empath. Without warning, he slipped his fingers out of her. Suddenly and with ease, he spun her around and placed her back onto his lap facing him. The pulsing of his of his stiff cock teasing the outside of her warm, wet pussy.

"…Strong" she moaned, following a short gasp of surprise as she instantly landed in his lap. She felt like it took him no effort to move her like that- which was true. Her pussy was dripping wet. It felt lonely without his touch. She whimpered, pushing her eyebrows together, pouting as her thighs crowded his hips- begging him to continue.

With his cock now poised at her entrance, he knew for sure that there was no going back. He plunged into her eager core. Her body contorted and bucked with pleasure as he pumped harder and harder into her with each thrust. She rocked against his base- her clit grinding against the friction of his hilt. Jasper lifted up the hand whose fingers had just finished toying her pussy up to his lips and began licking her juices from his fingertips. After seeing this, Bella, lost in the moment, stared deeply into the near-stranger's eyes, begging him for a taste of her, too. A gentleman always obliges. He placed his large hand onto her throat, sliding it up her jaw, then her chin… extending the two fingers that he had previously plunged into her slowly across her lips before parting her mouth open and sliding them in. Jasper watched attentively as she hungrily lapped up all of her own juices. He growled, pulling his fingers free only to grab her by the side of her face and shove his thumb into her mouth, toying with her tongue as he fucked her, hard; each one of his thrusts more powerful than the last. As he continued driving his cock into her, he felt what she felt. Every single thrust. Every grind. It was almost impossible for him to control himself. Although frantic for release, he had to restrain himself. She was human. He would go for as long as it took. But at this rate, it wouldn't be much longer. He had to improvise.

Jasper launched a wave of ecstasy into Bella's psyche. Bella tossed her head back, thumb slipping out of her mouth as he placed both hands down onto her hips- bracing her down against him. She cried out in wave after wave of pleasure, rocking her hips hard against his as he pumped furiously into her. Her eyes rolled back into her head. Drool trickled out of the corner of her mouth and onto her glistening, sweaty chest. Her nipples were stiff and begging to be sucked on. Jasper might have done it if he knew, for a fact, he could trust anything of hers so close to his razor sharp teeth right now. He curled his toes, shooting ropes of thick cum deep, right as she hit her peak. Her moans turned into whimper-like purrs of ecstasy as the waves of orgasm slowly began to fade. She laid there on top of him. She knew for sure she would need to throw out this blanket. It was utterly covered in their sex.

Bella shakily rolled her body off of his and onto the blanket. She slipped her sundress over her messy hair and onto her sweat-beaded body and gathered her things to leave.

Jasper stirred next to her, "you're leaving?" He asked brushing the hair out of his eyes.

"Have to be home for dinner." She winked, getting to her feet. "Thanks for the orgasm… Sir." She giggled, slipping her shoes back on, "See you around."

Bella swayed her hips as she walked away, taking a moment to peek over her shoulder at the stunned boy she had just encountered. She shivered in the aftershock of pleasure.

Jasper laid there, in the dirt, half-naked, allowing his mind to come-to before getting dressed and heading towards home.

What was that? -he thought to himself.

He was surprised he had not killed her on-sight, let alone that he could do that with a human. Jasper wasn't exactly known for his stellar self-control, but the idea of draining that body felt like such a waste. His eyes rolled back remembering her heat wrapped around him. She was so vulnerable.

Jasper sped home to his family and tried to place the encounter in the back of his mind. For later.