AN hey guys! I know this one is late AF. Don't kill me for the crap Spanish. There is a lemon in this so mature audiences only. I mean, we know the deal here. I don't usually have g-rated chapters. Enjoy y'all.

Chapter 12

"Bella?" Edward waved his hand in front of her face. The low purr of the Volvo's engine set a comforting background noise for the trip to school.

"Sorry…" she shuddered, remembering her almost four-way with Jasper, Peter and Charlotte. "I didn't get a lot of sleep last night."

"I'll say… you look almost as pale as I am. You've got dark circles, too…" Edward leaned in to whisper, "You still look absolutely stunning, though."

Bella smiled at the compliment. Now that Jasper was actively avoiding her, her mind began trying to work out any way to see him. She recalled his distressed demeanor when he said, 'Bella, we seriously need to stop fooling around. I gave up my claim on you. It was contested before, but when I stepped aside, things changed. You belong to Edward. If I interfere, I could be in a lot of trouble- should Carlisle take this up with our leaders. Considering Edward is the golden first born of the family coven, it's unlikely he'll look upon our dalliances favorably. Do you understand? We have to stay away from each other. To disobey and betray your coven can mean death.'

I guess I have to make this Edward shit work for me. It's the only chance I'm gonna get to have Jasper in my life. When did I get so desperate?

"So… what's up Edward?" She sighed, trying to display some interest in his conversation.

"Well, I was thinking of something we could do together tomorrow… how do you feel about a hike?"

"Do you realize who you just asked that question to? I can barely walk on a smooth flat surface, and you want to drag me through the wilderness? May as well just eat me, it would waste less blood." She laughed.

Edward growled a little and narrowed his eyes at her, "As lovely as that sounds- I'd prefer for you to live through whatever we do together. And stop offering for me to eat you, it's.. unnerving."

"You know, there's more than one way to eat me…" Bella smiled, wiggling her eyebrows at his momentarily shocked expression.

Edward glared; however, she could see he was both enticed and disgusted with her innuendo. "Bella-…" he warned, "…I don't think that's possible. It would be too easy to lose control. Aside from that, it's much too soon. I'm kind of old-fashioned, and I think you deserve to be treated better than that. Also, please stop asking me to eat you."

Bella rolled her eyes, "It was a joke." Way to make me feel like a slut, Edward. Either I'll get Jasper back or I'll wear you down.

"Bella, it's not a funny joke to me," his tone softened when he saw her shamed expression, "It's not that I don't find you appealing. You are quite honestly the most perfect woman I've ever seen, and I would love the pride of calling myself yours. I'm just from a different time, and with it- comes it's own rules. Things didn't progress as quickly when I was human. Women were treated as treasures. I think you deserve to be treasured, because to me- you are precious. I wouldn't want to damage your virtue over some mindless influx of teenage hormones. I would like to preserve your honor as best as possible."

Bella's heart stuttered, That's the nicest thing any guy has ever said to me. "Edward, I- …thank you. I know I joke around a lot. You can blame it on hormones or whatever, but I'm not trying to push you… things can happen in their own time. Whatever you're comfortable with."

Edward opened his door and walked around the car to assist Bella from her seat. He wrapped an arm around Bella and pulled her into his lap. He sighed reverently and whispered in her ear, "I have never felt this strongly for another… you have no idea how happy I am to be here with you."

Oh god, he deserves so much better than me. There's no way I can do this to him. I feel horrible using him to stay close to Jasper. She let her head drop to stare at her hands in her lap.

"Is it wrong that I'm both excited and terrified to spend the whole day with you tomorrow?" Edward dipped his head down and grinned at her through his lashes.

"Not at all…" Bella smiled lightly, "I'm excited to spend the day with you as well. It gives us a chance to get to know each other better. I have some things I want to talk to you about anyways… I think it would be best if we could have some time to ourselves for it."

"Any hint as to what the topic might be?" Edward cocked an eyebrow at her.

"I want to know more about your family." I want to know more about Jasper.

"Oh yeah? Why didn't you just say so? I won't give you any private information, but there are a few things I can share. They're all looking forward to meeting you anyways."

Alice danced over to the table, "Hi Edward. You and I need to go early today. Hi Bella! Nice to meet you!"

Edward rolled his eyes, "Subtle, Alice." He sighed and continued, "Alice, meet Bella. Bella, this is my sister, Alice."

The girls shook hands and greeted each other.

Alice leaned forward and whispered in Bella's ear, "Call me, we can talk."

"I don't have your number." Bella's eyebrows pulled together in confusion.

Edward laughed, "You will. Alice is- …aggressively prepared for anything. She always knows what's coming."

"Well, I guess I'll see you tomorrow." Bella smiled.

"Oh, Bella." Alice winked, "Since you don't have a ride back, I'm sending Jasper to pick you up from school today. Is that ok?"

Bella made a careful effort to hide her inner glee at that news, "That's fine. Have fun guys." Now to come up with the perfect strategy to get Jasper back.

Bella thoughts raced deliberately through all sorts of different scenarios to see which one felt right. When one of them felt off, she'd try a different approach. These thoughts gripped her entire focus for the remainder of the school day. During the last minute before the bell rang to mark the end of gym class, Bella couldn't help but anxiously tap her foot repeatedly, staring at the clock. She hadn't changed from her gym shorts, remembering how Jasper had admired them that first day.

"What's gotten -you- so worked up?" Mike laughed.

"Oh, nothing, I just have to go somewhere after school, and I want to be there on time." She shrugged. Vague enough for you, Mike?

"So… you and Edward Cullen are together?" Mike asked with a bit of an edge.

"It appears so…" Bella muttered.

"I don't like it."

Bella smiled a wicked grin at Mike and in a menacingly sweet tone she leaned in locking narrowed eyes with him, "Then it's a good thing it's none of your goddamned business." Listen I don't like Edward in particular either, but- you can't just pass judgement and talk shit to me about them. Especially when you don't measure up either, MIKE.

Mike blanched at her sudden personality shift. The intensity of her gaze setting him on edge.

"Anyways- bye, Mike. Have a good weekend!" Her tone reverted to her usual cheer and her glare dropped away, as if nothing out of the ordinary happened just now. She waved and walked toward the door, just as the bell rang. I have zero interest in revisiting that topic again Mike, don't press me.

Bella scurried off to the parking lot and jumped into Jasper's arms, "Those glasses make you look like you're trying too hard to be cool."

Jasper scoffed, setting her down, "I am cool, a nice cool thirty-something degrees Fahrenheit. You'd have to ask your boyfriend."

Bella rolled her eyes and smacked his arm, "My 'boyfriend' doesn't answer my questions. Plus, my 'good friend,' Mike, doesn't like that I'm with him. What's a girl to do?"

"Your 'good friend,' Mike, …would prefer to have you away from all males. He wants to swim in your lake, play in your garden. He wants to do all the lecherous things your daddy warned you about…"

"Maybe I should turn back around. Sounds tempting."

Jasper exaggeratedly gagged, "I thought you were smarter than that, darlin'. Just because a man wants to, doesn't mean a man can deliver."

"Don't I know it. I have a vampire boyfriend that will neither bite nor fuck me. Then he makes me feel like a slut for wanting it."

"You want him to bite you?"

Bella shrugged, then got in the car.

Jasper slipped into the driver's seat and started the engine.

"I don't want him to bite me." She said as the atmosphere thickened around her, "I just want to see that there's more to him than his polished, civilized mask. He makes me feel so inadequate. Like I could never be good enough. Like a child who doesn't understand anything."

"He's a little immature himself, Bella."

"Would you lie to me? Would you spin cryptic little comments and skirt around the truth to avoid talking about the fact that you drink blood to survive?"

"That's kind of pointless… the cats out of the bag. Which means you don't have a lot of options. You're gonna be one of us one day, likely soon, so you may as well go into it with your eyes open. It's the least we can do before the torture of the change."

"What if I don't wanna change?"

"Tough shit, it's not an option. It's either that or you die, which is also-… not an option." Jasper gripped the steering wheel.

"Okay… tell me about -your- change." Bella conceded.

"I was turned in 1863 while attempting to aide some women who I had assumed were part of the city we were evacuating during the war."

"The war… as in- the Civil War?!" Bella's mouth gaped

"I was the youngest Major in the confederate army."

"A confederate, Jasper? Really?" Bella groaned and he could tell she had something to say on it.

"What?! I would have been a damned yankee if I was born up there, but no, I was born and raised in Texas. It's not like I'm sitting here thinking slavery was great all these years later. I signed up when I was seventeen, Bella. Same age as you are right now. We had men spouting lies about us bein' heroes and saviors for the south. These fat cat rich dicks had us bloodied and beaten while they tried to exploit human rights because free labor doesn't hurt their pockets. We were all foolish boys playing cannon fodder to protect the rich man's greed."

When Bella seemed to be satisfied with that answer, Jasper sighed and continued, "Anyways, I was supposed to be evacuating women and children out of Galveston. I spotted three women off the path and went to offer my aide. It was strange to have my head telling me to help them as my instincts screamed at me, sayin' I should run. Being a southern gentleman, it was not in my nature to fear a damsel, so I disregarded it. I should have listened to my horse; he was aware we were approaching predators and refused to get within ten feet of 'em. I remember thinkin' they were the most beautiful women I'd ever seen; they were so…fair, so pale. The vampire facelift is meant to lure in unsuspecting human prey, and boy was I lured. One of the women approached me and leaned in- as if to kiss me, it was only then that I noticed her eyes were red, like the devil. A little late to save myself, faster than any human could possibly move, she bit down, hard, right here- on my neck." He gestured one of his hands up above his collar bone, pointing his finger at his neck as he tilted his head to the side, raising his chin up to reveal the savagely torn, ragged scar decorating the crook of where his left shoulder met his neck. "…Woke up after three days of burning in indescribable pain. I felt powerful and… strong. All of my senses were heightened, and my memories had burned away leaving only an unquenchable thirst behind. Maria lied to me. She fed me lies of love for decades. She had me fighting battles and killing recruits that outlived their usefulness, trimming the fat, so that her army would stay powerful. It's not like fightin' for someone else's greed was a foreign concept to me. …And my foolish young brain believed that this was truly the only way to protect and provide for the woman I loved. Maria is evil incarnate. She's a cruel, manipulative monster in the truest sense of the word. And she had me committing atrocities before I was able to even think about any regret, guilt or moral issues."

He clenched his jaw, visibly re-living the terror that he had just described as his eyes began to darken- the piercing blankness of his gaze laser focused onto a single inexistent focal point occupying the space in front of him. After a moment of brief pause, he shut his eyes and swallowed- hard, forcing a deep breath inward in an effort to shake off the tremors of his past trauma.

"You see, Bella, I have this ability. Kinda like how Edward reads minds, I can feel all the feelings everyone else around me feels. I can read and manipulate their emotions. For the most part, I don't usually mess with how people feel. It's boring and pointless. The emotions I had experienced as a human felt much different as a vampire. Maria, she convinced me what -we- had, …was love. I stayed that way until about 1890, when I turned Peter. He was a mouthy little shit, even then, but an excellent fighter. Best instincts, I'd ever seen. He was more controlled and civilized than the average newborn- so I was actually able to develop a sort of… friendship, with him. The poor guy was a Texas preacher's son. A teacher from a mission in South America. He was traveling through Mexico to get supplies from the states when I found him. He was sickly- travel had not treated him well. At the time I truly believed that I had saved him. I believed I had spared him a miserable, weak, human life and gifted him with immortality and strength. I didn't know that I had damned my soon-to-be best friend to the same torture I had been livin' through. Maria likes blondes, and he was no exception. I only began to start to see the cracks in our relationship the first time I saw her take Peter to her bed. He despised her, but he was smart enough to appear… enthusiastic."

Jasper's posture sunk slightly, his eyes reverted back to what could be considered normal for his kind, with a glint of pitiful nostalgia staining his usually fiery-amber stare as he chuckled at himself softly under his breath and glanced away. After a moment he turned back to face Bella, who appeared to be waiting on bated breath for him to continue. So, he focused his eyes back on to the road, and did.

"This went on for some time until we raided some debutant ball in Louisiana and found Charlotte. 'The princess of New Orleans.' She came from a very well-to-do family. She was mighty upset to wake and find her pretty dress in rags and no one to wait on her hand-and-foot. Cruel sense of justice for her being so well-off and extravagant during the Great Depression. Peter and I thought we were being so clever, but we had just changed the woman who would eventually turn out to be his mate. His -new- partner in crime, the 'Bonnie to his Clyde' so to speak. He hid it well enough. I would never have called him out on it. I didn't want Maria to order me to kill my only friend, and the pleasant emotions those two were putting out made the secret precious to me. Living amongst lust, rage and bloodlust constantly is torture for an empath. It all came crashing down when Charlottes newborn strength finally waned. Her year was up. Which made her, according to Maria's orders, next up on my chopping block. Long story short, Peter interfered and ran off with her highfalutin ass. I let him. I couldn't bring myself to hurt them. I payed for that kindness for a whole month, dismembered, in the pit. No blood, no companionship, nothing. I almost went and lost my damned mind. Five years later they came back and told me about what it was like up there in the north. There were no wars. People lived in peace. I followed them and never looked back."

Bella swallowed back tears, "I'm so sorry you had to live through that, Jasper. I can't imagine how lonely you must have felt. The betrayal of finding out the woman who you thought you loved was lying and manipulating you… It must have irreparably fucked with your ability to trust. I'm so sorry, Jasper."

"Bella don't forget: I wasn't exactly innocent. I killed thousands, human and vampire alike. I relished in it. The feeling of… power. I have scars upon scars that mar my skin to show only a fraction of the lives I've taken. I am not a good guy. I'm the worst. I'm the monster that monsters fear. I'm the boogey man for vampires. The demon of the south. The god of war. Even our leaders are wary of me. I'm not like Edward. I wish I could say the only people I murdered were the scum of the earth, but no. My depravity knew no bounds back then. It's still a struggle to maintain the animal diet, but it's the only thing keeping me sane. Having to feel everyone's emotions as I kill them is not an easy thing."

"Jasper, from what I heard in your story, you changed the second you found out there was another way. You adapted when you heard of peace." Bella whimpered as she bit back tears. You can't show weakness like this. Tighten up, Swan!

"Oh cowboy, I'm so glad you survived. You deserve a chance to enjoy your life. You've been fighting for so long." She reached over to run her hands through his hair the silkiness of his tresses igniting the flame in her gut, "I miss you. I know it seems weird, I barely know you, but I'm calmer when you're around."

He leaned into her touch, the heat from her hand and tender scratch of her nails soothing his beast, "Bella you shouldn't want to be with me. My brother is a good guy. He can give you a support system in the next life. It's too dangerous to be with me Bella."

"Why don't you leave the safety lectures to my new boyfriend." Bella snapped, suddenly angry. Don't act like you're doing this for me, dude! If you don't want me just say so. I'm not some pathetic little doormat for you to pass off to your brother because you're too big a coward to take me yourself.

"He's dangerous because he wants to devour you. I'm dangerous because not only do I have many enemies, but I also don't have many allies. You're a good person, you don't need to be saddled with the burden of me."

"So, you don't want to devour me?" She asked, completely glazing over his laments, actively trying to press his buttons.

"I didn't say that." Jasper sighed knowing where this was headed.

"What if I wanted you to? Bite me, that is." Bella's eyes sparkled with the chaotic mischief Jasper had come to know as the prelude to her lust.

"No." He stopped the car suddenly and stared into her eyes, "That's a very dangerous game. Most of us don't know how to stop once we start. Just the smell alone… Bella, for the love of god, do -not- push that one."

Bella grumbled, glaring at her hands which were folded in her lap, "It's not like you haven't tasted me before…"

"That, was an impulsive mistake. You're lucky you came out of it alive." Jasper snapped, growling. Fuck she tasted so good.

Bella switched her glare at him and pulled out a pocketknife from her backpack, "Care to test that theory?"

"Bella,… don't-" Jasper started, as Bella unfolded her knife and rested the side of the blade against the pad of her thumb.

"Jaaasper..." Bella purred, now twirling the point of her knife against the tip of her thumb, "…I wanna play with your big, bad, monster." She enticed, a taunting melody gracing her tone.

"Is that all you think about, kitten?" Jasper rumbles a soft growl; the idea of drinking from Bella for a second time steadfastly sounding more and more appealing the more she teases him. How is she not totally disgusted. We just talked about my greatest shame and she's already propositioning me.

"When -you're- around… yes. I can't help it." Bella waited for him to glance over at her, then flashed a wicked smile his way, "I have this hunger for you that I can't even explain. I feel this… thrilling sensation running through me whenever I know your eyes are fixated just on me. Your touch lights me up like a pulse wave of electric current swelling from the center of my chest out to my fingertips. Your taste makes my mouth water and my eyes roll back. The way your deep voice rumbles against my eardrums has my toes curling and I can't stop my moaning and shivering when I hear you laugh."

Jasper was straining against his jeans now, "Bella, I…"

The pocketknife slipped out of her grasp and landed on her lap, slicing her upper thigh just below her gym shorts. Her eyes opened wide as the cut started to sting and bleed.

Jasper's eyes darkened immediately and his lips pulled back exposing his teeth in response to his exposure to the scent and sight of her sweet, delicious blood. He could hardly contain himself as the sound of his deep growl rumbled throughout the quiet car.

Don't be afraid… "Did you want a taste, cowboy?" Bella teased pulling the knife from between her legs and tossing it onto the floor, "Don't you want to just… lick it up? …Feel it glide across your tongue as it trickles down your throat?"

Jasper pulled her into the backseat- none too gently- as he settled between her legs, suckling voraciously at the shallow cut on her inner thigh. She let her fingertips slip into his blonde waves as she gripped a handful of that thick hair and tugged onto it at the roots, pushing him deeper against that fresh slice on her leg.

Jasper stared up at her- noticeably frustrated but maybe in more ways than one. His mouth was coated red, lips dripping with her crimson life essence, "You're mine!"

Bella's heart fluttered at the words, "You bet your sweet ass I am, cowboy!"

A snarl escaped his scarlet-stained lips, as he sealed the cut on her leg with his tongue. He crawled up to lock eyes with Bella, "Sabes tan jodidamente buena, hermosa.." You taste so fucking good, beautiful..

Bella shivered as his hot breath grazed her face, his hips digging between her thighs, rubbing so close to where she desperately wanted him. "What are you waiting for, Major? Tócame, bésame, fóllame… ¡Te pertenezco!" Touch me, kiss me, fuck me… I belong to you!

Jasper's eyes locked with hers as he scraped his hips up against her aching center, "Sigue hablando, quiero escucharte…" Keep talking, I want to hear you…

Bella moaned as she pulled him close and whispered into his ear, "¡Arre, vaquero! ¿No ves que estoy tratando de salvar un caballo?" Giddy-up, Cowboy! Can't you see I'm trying to save a horse?

Jasper's primal grunts and growls rumbled throughout the car a bit louder after he cleaned most of her leftover blood off of his lips, slowly- carefully savoring her taste on his tongue. From there, he swooped down and ran moist kisses against the delicate, exposed skin of her neck, working his way up to just behind her ear, "Como sigues haciéndome esto?" How do keep doing this to me?

Bella moaned as she wiggled her hands underneath his shirt, the bottom hem hooking onto her wrists as she pulled his shirt up to expose and explore his torso with her hands. Her fingers spread as she slid each one outwards following the trail of oblique muscles as they guided her around his sides. Bella continued to blindly feel her way across the tight rope-like muscles of his toned upper back. She dragged them back around again as if she was trying to study and memorize the planes of definition of his pecs and abs as she continued to push his shirt up even further.

Jasper, though his mouth was still occupied by the pale human girl's soft flesh, got the hint, and ripped his shirt off of himself so he wouldn't have to separate his tongue from her delicious skin. He slipped his fingertips down her sides, admiring her curves with his hands as his fingers bent to hook onto the waistband of her shorts, pulling them eagerly down her long, slender legs. To his surprise, there was nothing but the entrancing aura of her glistening center underneath. Holy shit! She's not wearing panties! How the fuck did I ever think I could keep away from her?

Bella scraped her nails along his back and moaned. Her body arched towards him as she flashed him eyes full of innocence, strangely at odds with her body language, "Tell me, Jasper, can I play with your inner animal? I promise to feed him and walk him and everything."

If she doesn't stop begging to be dicked-to-death I'm gonna fuckin' do it, I swear! Jasper's stone hard fingers tore through the backseat's upholstery as he tried to keep a semblance of his composure after that little request. He raised his head slightly further up, beside hers so that his lips would brush themselves against the shell of her ear, "Baby girl, if you don't ease the fuck up, I'm going to literally tear you apart. I don't want to do that…" a sudden rush of wetness coated his jeans, "Oh? You like that, Bella?" He smirked, pressing his teeth up to her neck, not enough to break the skin, "You like the thrill of playing close to the edge with dangerous creatures?" His hands tore open her top and ripped it off of her, revealing her bare breasts- No bra either, huh? Looks like my present is already halfway unwrapped.

Bella moaned and as the seams of her shirt tearing off of her chest left parts of her exposed, alabaster skin glowing a soft pink. She crossed her ankles behind his backside, pulling herself right up to him, grinding her wetness into his denim-sheathed cock. "Jasper, I need it…" she whimpered as she wove her fingers through his hair, "Fuck me until I cum like a fountain. Fuck me until I can't walk straight. I want you to have me panting and shaking so hard I forget my fucking name, Jasper…" she curled the tip of her wet little pink tongue up against where his pulse point would have been while he was alive- between his throat and his jugular, and dragged it upwards, behind his ear, "¿Puedes hacer eso por mí, vaquero?" Can you do that for me, cowboy?

Jasper grunted as he accidentally broke the zipper off of his pants while hastily trying to unfasten it to free himself. Why do I constantly feel like I'm fumbling and scrambling to keep up with this girl?! She's a human, I should be wearing her out! Not the other way around! How does she continually throw me off center and get me stuttering?

His cock flipped up, slapping rigidly against his stomach as it caught onto the waistband of his boxer-briefs while he was pulling them off, the noise almost lost amongst the sounds of them pressing their bodies together to the soundtrack of their heavy breathing. Jasper gripped his forefinger and his thumb around the thickest part of his shaft, fighting against the tension of his own hardness so that he could angle the tip against her entrance. He slid the point of his throbbing glans between her folds, teasing her, building and gathering her wetness, "I need you to ask for my cock nicely, princess. What is it that you want?"

Bella's eyebrows pinched themselves together as she desperately pleaded, "Jasper, I need you inside me… now!"

Who am I to deny a lady her needs. I'm nothing if not a gentleman… And with that lovely music to his ears, the Major plunged his cock right into her tight center, trickles of her arousal dripping down her upper inner thigh. The scent of sex heavily saturated the interior of the car. Jasper's eyes filled with lust as he dug deeper and deeper into her tight heat- slowly, inch by inch, until their pelvises met, his entire member engulfed to the hilt inside her drenched, trembling and eagerly waiting core.

She ground her entrance against the scruffy base of his trimmed cock, burying her clit against him for that sweet friction as she wasted no time- her body language impatiently signaling him to get to moving. "Unnnghn… Jasperrr.." she groaned, rotating her hips forward and up against his, fiending for even more.

Jasper gulped, swallowing up the pools of venom almost leaking out of his mouth as he then, still very slowly, pulled his cock almost all the way out of her- before slamming it all the way back in.

"We'll go when I'm ready to go, kitten. I'm making the rules right now-…" He dragged himself back out…

"…and-" he slammed it back in,

"-I'm.." and out again…

"Not…" slammed in,

"Take-" out, "-ing.." slammed in,

"Orders." out "from." this time he slammed in three more times in quick succession,


"Oh fuck, Jasper! Nngh god.. please, don't stop!" She begged as he abused that sensitive spot within her. She mewled as he kept his strokes long and deep, the rim of his tip scraping each ridge inside her, "please… p-please… oh fuck.. god… PLEASE DON'T STOOOP!"

Jasper mercilessly gripped her hips and bounced her body against the car's seats so that she would slam right back onto his hips, the windows fogging up with the moisture from her breath and her growing body heat, "Oh, baby girl, you look so lovely when you fall apart…"

The tensed muscles of her abdomen coiled in as her belly tightened up, hearing him taunt her from this position. Her head was bumping against the car door, as her hand reached for the handle, "Jasper-!…." She pled.

Jasper pulled her up to sit on his length while he settled into the middle seat, "You wanna ride me, darlin'?" He whispered as he wrapped his long fingers around her hips and rocked her body back and forth against his.

"Yes!" She cried out in a strangled moan, feeling as his rigid dick churned up her insides.

"Well, …Yee-haw, sugar- Go on get to ridin'." He smirked as his hands crawled up her sides, grabbing hold of her and lifting her up by the waist only to immediately drop her back down on to his length as he thrusted roughly upwards to meet her hips with his own, engulfing his full cock deep inside of her mixed up insides.

Bella felt almost as if the wind was knocked out of her with Jasper's powerful thrust as ripples of the impact cascaded down her pale white ass. She had to take a second to catch her breath as she sat here on top of him, frozen in a momentary pleasure-driven daze. Not before long, she gathered herself back together and looked back down at her long-awaited prize as he mercilessly gave her exactly what she wanted. Upon hearing Jasper's southern charm slip out as he commanded her to work for more, she drooled and nodded- eagerly obeying his request.

Fuck, that accent is beyond hot! She placed her right hand on the ceiling of the car for leverage as she circled and rolled her hips up and down his shaft. Her left hand instinctively slipped down between their bodies as she proceeded to toy with her clit.

Jasper gripped back on to her hips, providing only the slightest bit of aid- an anchor point to keep her rhythm steady as she rode. He watched the point where they both met with rapt attention. He could see his cock gliding into her dripping sex. He watched it get lost within her soft, velvet folds. As she pulled her body upwards, he noticed how her pussy gripped around his shaft- watching as the rim of his tip reluctantly slipped out of her tight entrance before plunging in again. He groaned as his mouth drooped open, hypnotized by her entrancing movements. His hands wandered to her nipples as he leaned forward and captured one in his mouth.

Bella placed both of her arms around his shoulders and pulled herself forward, her hands sliding up the back of his sturdy neck combing her fingers through his long, curly hair- pressing her bare chest against his face as his lips suctioned around her sensitive pink nipple. Their bodies were flush against each other as the angle changed upward, causing her to let out a deep, throaty, guttural moan.

Jasper snaked one arm around her waist, pulling her close while his other wrapped the nape of her neck. He secured his hands around her shoulder and side, grabbing a firm hold onto both areas at once. As soon as his grip was set, Jasper began slamming relentlessly into her, rolling his hips opposite hers to force his pelvis to grind against her helpless little clit with each thunderous thrust. His pace remained constant, forcing Bella's body to accept his rhythm as he leaned over her shoulder and started whispering into her ear, "Now I want you to cum. Cum for me, darlin'. I wanna watch you as you fall apart. I need to feel you fucking crumble in my arms." He started tonguing and sucking at her soft neck, up and down her shoulder as he continued, "Fuck, Bella, you're so fuckin' sexy like this: Panting on my cock."

Bella's head rolled back as her body became overwhelmed at the sensation. "Oh, fuck… Jasper… so close.." the words came out staggered and breathy as her brain could no longer focus on anything else but how incredible and full she felt. Her insides had been thoroughly mixed up, "O-oh god, don't you dare fucking stop!" She rushed out.

Jasper's lips suctioned on to her throat, sucking at her skin, barely containing his other natural temptation while his hands continually held her in place for his wild, bucking thrusts. She felt her body begin to tense up as she drew closer and closer to the edge while he slammed into her with as much force as he could muster without injuring her as he growled, "That's it, darlin'… scream my fucking name."

Her legs were shaking, trembling as a sudden wave of heat and pleasure flashed through her entire body upon hearing his demanding words. She clenched her eyes shut, "oh god.. Oh god… Oh, fucking, God, uhgnnh Jasp... perrr!" She screamed as her inner walls wrapped around his length, squeezing tight as if her pussy was trying to strangle his impossibly hard member. Her nails clawed into the back seat of the car as she remained there, still… melting around his cock. Once her grip began to relax, along with what felt like every single other muscle in her body, her head hung back down as she struggled lifting herself back up just enough to lock eyes with him.

"Fuck... Jasper." She moaned between exhausted gasps.

Like a gentleman, Jasper paused his motions, courteously letting her mind catch up with her body as he sat there, admiring this thing of beauty- a human girl's-.. no, Bella's orgasm. He watched as sweat trickled down her body as the tight, slender muscles trembled in some places before they softened back up to a relaxed state. But he wasn't done yet.

Jasper picked up right where he left off, chasing his own fast-approaching orgasm. "Oh baby girl, you're so beautiful when you come!" He plunged his cock into her harder and harder, double time with her rapid breaths and jerking his hips further than just entering her, creating just the right friction to carry her back up that hill until he finally broke his composure. He gazed into her eyes the entire time, grunting and moaning as his balls tightened up and thick ropes of cum shot deep inside her. "Fuck, Bella…"

His sudden decision to absolutely ravage her just as she was coming down from her first orgasm had her shocked at first, but pushed her immediately over the edge of an even steeper hill this time, "Oh fuuck! Jasper… Jasperr!… Jaaasperrrrh!" she moaned as she felt a rush of wetness between her legs and another explosion of pleasure ripple through her body.

After Bella caught her breath, her body slumped over his as she settled her head on his shoulder and roamed her fingers across his chest, tracing the edge of the lines around his more visible scars. She wasn't ready to disconnect from him yet.

Seemingly feeling the same way, Jasper ran his fingertips along her spine, her entire body glowing a blush pink, some areas more red from where he clawed into her mid-orgasm. He rested his chin on top of her head. Logically, he knew she would get too cold if he left her in this position for too long, but everything was so quiet and peaceful now. The car was full of such pleasant contentment and satisfaction that the empath was struggling with the idea it couldn't stay that way. "Bella, doll, I still gotta get you home."

Bella whined, "but… I don't want to move from right here. I missed you. I don't know if you're gonna bail on me again, besides, the windows are all fogged up now."

Jasper chuckled and sighed, "It would be the right thing to do, but no, I don't think I can go anywhere. All those things you feel for me, I feel for you. I'm… inexplicably attached to you, Bella."

"You could just say you like me, Jasper." She giggled into his neck.

"Yeah, whatever, smart-ass." He mumbled. I'm in such deep shit for this. I told him I'd step aside. This is most definitely not stepping aside. It's stepping -Inside-… Never mind that. What's done is done, not like I could walk away again.

"…Jasper?" Bella inquired.

He looked down and lifted her chin with his fingertips to face him.

"Don't leave again." She stared into his eyes as he nodded.

He pressed a soft kiss to her lips and wove his fingers into her hair, deepening it. This kiss wasn't needy and rushed like earlier. He handled her with care akin to reverence as he pushed out his affection for her through his gift.

Bella shivered against his chest as he just now noticed it had gotten dark outside.

"We need to get you back home, Bella."

"I can't exactly go home like this. I'm only wearing shorts. You destroyed my shirt." Her eyes flashed with annoyance.

"I think I can get you in unnoticed." He smirked and slipped his sweater onto her.

"Jasper… I kinda like your scars. The way they feel against my skin…" she shudders, "…They're very sexy.."

Jasper swallowed thickly, "That's not the usual reaction people have to them, Bella. In the vampire world, they show people I'm a killer. They show other vampires that I'm a fighter. They're proof of the monster I used to be. Most are scared of me. Some fools take them as a challenge. As if defeating or killing me will somehow bolster their standing in our world. In my past… sexual encounters… women were often disgusted by them."

Bella shifted in his lap and moved his face to look at her, "Jasper, there is no part of you that I find anything less than delicious. If other people don't see what I see then… well, good! More for me."

Jasper laughed heartily at that. He pulled the car over in front of her dad's house. "Your dad's not home if you want to just go in the easy way. I can still bust you in unnoticed, if you'd prefer that."

"I'll count my blessings and head on in as is."

"What are you doing tomorrow?" Jasper asked.

"I'm pretty sure I have a date with your brother. Should I just call and cancel?"

"No. Not just yet. I have to discuss things with our leader and should probably have a meeting about claim status."

"Claim status?"

"Sorry sweets, but you being human means you don't get a choice. Vampires claim mates, food and pets and it's a touchy thing for us. If I don't handle this delicately, we could wind up involving the leaders of our kind. That would be bad for all involved, even you." Jasper sighed. "I'm gonna try and fix this, but just act normal for now. Do whatever is on the agenda."

Bella nodded and rushed into her house. No way Charlie would let me go anywhere if he caught me like this. She thought as she looked down at the man's shirt and gym shorts combo that her outfit consisted of. She climbed the stairs toward her bedroom in a race to get into the shower and wash away evidence of her encounter with Jasper.

By the time Bella stepped out of the shower she could hear Charlie shuffling around downstairs. So glad I had leftovers in the freezer for him.

She dressed in her tank top and underwear and entered her bedroom. She noticed the window was partially open. "I don't remember leaving that open…"

"You didn't." Jasper's voice cut through the silence in her room making her jump.

"Jasper, what are you doing here?"

"Why? Are you unhappy I'm here?"

"No, just didn't expect you to be. You spooked me."

"Well glad to know it can be done. I thought you may be incapable of fear." He teased from her bed. "So. …This is where the magic doesn't happen…"

"Have you ever heard the phrase 'don't shit where you eat'?" She play-scowled, "Usually I don't hook up with people I go to school with, and I absolutely never bring anyone home. My parents finding out about my activities would put a real damper on my fun."

"I like a girl who can keep a low profile."

"Been doing it my whole life. My mom thinks I'm an incredibly boring dud. I keep my grades up and my alibis tight." She shrugged flopping down next to him, "As long as I don't get in trouble publicly, they're none the wiser."

Jasper rolled over on top of her, "You really are an interesting human, Bella. We do need to talk about what happened today. You can't do that again. It would break my heart if I killed you. Please don't tempt fate."

Bella twirled her fingers in his hair, "I'm sorry, cowboy. I don't really know what came over me. I missed you. I just didn't want you dismissing me anymore."

"There are better ways to get my attention, Bella." He dragged his fingertips along her shoulder, tugging slightly at the strap of her shirt.

"Are you going to stay the night?" She asked, looking innocent in the moonlight filtering into her room.

"I want to. You're interesting when you sleep."

"When have you seen me sleep?" She asked suspiciously.

"Edward breaks in here a lot. I've only seen it a few times. Mostly when I first saw you at school."

"Edward breaks in here?!"

"You had a very nice dream about me when I visited." He waggled his eyebrows. "Did you know you talk in your sleep?"

"Fuuuuuck…" she groaned, "What did I say?"

"Something a long the lines of-" Jasper chuckled and pitched his voice higher, "Oh Jasper… don't stop… oh yes yes yes!"

Bella's eyes narrowed as she deadpanned, "Well I'm glad you enjoyed the show."

Still laughing, he lowered himself to whisper in her ear, "Oh, I did darlin'. It took my entire willpower not to jump through the window and take you, Edward be damned."

Bella rolled her eyes, "Well, it wouldn't have sucked to wake up to that."

He laughed into her neck as he kissed her behind her ear, "You know I can tell how you feel. You act like you're annoyed with me, but I don't even need my powers to know how wet you are for me right now."

"Oh? And how's that?"

He smiled and ran his nose along her throat, "I can smell you. The scent changes when you are aroused. It's quite mouthwatering."

Bella's breath picked up as Jasper began placing kissed on her collarbone. She closed her eyes and hummed, "Hmm… was the car not enough for you, cowboy? You need another go?"

"Bella I was hardly there in the car. I'm honestly shocked I didn't eat you. There's a certain level of instinct that takes over when blood is spilled. A sort of frenzy occurs. Either you are the luckiest or unluckiest person I've ever encountered because you survived bleeding in front of me twice now."

"Jasper…" her emotions read as curious and embarrassed.


"So… you know women… ugh…" her face turned bright red.

"Just say it, Bella."

"Well… once a month women menstruate. How do you guys manage?"

"Ah… so that… the blood is different. It's not as appealing as straight from the vein. It also has an older scent, like it's dead blood. I don't know how to describe it other than it's just not as appealing. I do however know some vamps that mess with humans because they have a fetish for that though. To each their own I guess."

Bella's face twisted into an unsettled cringe, "I'm gonna go to sleep now. The mood is definitely gone now."

Jasper chuckled and settled onto one side of the bed and pulled Bella into his chest, "Sleep well, kitten."