Yotsuba Nakano's Diary… Entry 1

I made a new friend today in Kyoto! His name is Fuutarou Uesugi. He's a cute boy with blonde hair and golden eyes that match his fiery personality! He is a little of a delinquent though. But that's okay, since he's a really nice guy once you get to know him! I had so much fun with him today. He's the only real friend I've had outside of my sisters. Even though I've only met him today, it feels like I made a connection that can last forever. We made a promise to each other. The next time we meet, we both need to have fulfilled the promise. I can't break that promise, no matter what! He's the only friend I have, and I won't let that friend down. I hope I can meet him again soon…

"This can't be real…"

There are not many things that can shock Fuutarou Uesugi. He thought he had seen it all at this point. Being undisputed top student in his school and having to tutor 5 idiotic identical quintuplets would prepare him for anything.

Or so he thought.

For you see, Fuutarou has a secret. A secret that he thought he would have kept hidden for as long as he could.

The secret being that there was a girl he met 5 years ago in Kyoto. A girl he made friends with and a promise he kept to this day. He even has a picture of himself and the girl together in his wallet. No one has ever seen it but him.

But it seems like he's not the only one with secrets…

"No way.. There's just no way! It can't be her!"

Fuutarou clenched the dairy in shock as he read the contents of the page. The owner of the diary is Yotsuba Nakano. The fourth oldest of the Nakano Quintuplets and his student. But if what he just read is true…

She also happens to be Fuutarou Uesugi's childhood friend.

Fuutarou ruffled his hair with his free hand. He rubbed his hands and pinched himself. He needed to make sure what was happening was not a dream. But it appears to be real. This is not a dream. What he was experiencing was in fact real life.

Fuutarou took a deep breath of air. He exhaled as slowly and calmly as possible. He needed to get all of the stress out. He needed to think rationally and with logic. He was supposed to be a genius right? No need to react so emotionally over something so silly.

"But it's not a silly matter." Fuutarou told himself as he now looked at the diary. There was still shock evident in his face but he has now calmed down to the point where he can actually think straight and not freak out.

"So first off, this is Yotsba's diary for sure. It has her hand writing and it was in her room in a place where it wouldn't be easy to find unless you knew exactly where it was. Meaning she wanted to keep it hidden. It makes sense given that she lives with her 4 sisters who without a doubt would take a peek into her diary if they just saw it lying in the open. A diary is very personal, so it's obvious she would not want her sisters reading it."

Fuutarou deduced soundfully as he turned the diary around in his hands. It looked worn out enough to the point where it is believable that it's at least five years old. So the approximate date of the 1st entry seems to be checked out.

This belongs to Yotsuba Nakano. There's no doubt about that.

Now the question is….

Is what was written in the diary true? Is Yotsuba really the same girl that Fuutarou met all those years ago?

Just that question alone raises more questions.

"Could it be possible that Yotsuba is lying? No, that would be out of character for her. She is a horrible liar. And even if she wasn't, why would she lie in her own diary? It's not like anyone is gonna read it? At least to her knowledge. So there is absolutely no reason for Yotsuba to lie. It doesn't even make sense considering that the only person to even know that I met a girl in Kyoto is the Kyoto grl herself. I have never told anyone about her. Not even Dad or Raiha. And in the first page of the diary, she flat out states my name and exactly what I looked like and my personality five years ago."

With all of that being said, Fuutarou Uesugi could only reach one conclusion that he couldn't deny no matter what.

Yotsuba Nakano is indeed the same Kyoto girl he met 5 years ago.

But if that's the case… that just raises one more question…

Why didn't she tell him?

"She definitely would have recognized me. She remembered my name after all. So why didn't she mention when we met 5 years ago or even say something like hey remember me? No she just doesn't say anything at all and acts like she's never met me before? What the hell, Yotsuba?! I thought we were supposed to be friends. Didn't you write that we formed a connection? Why would you do this to me? Making me wonder how you were doing and yet all of this time you were right there!"

If only he learned her name back then. It would have been much easier to recognize her. He feels like such an idiot for not asking for her name. How does a friend not tell you their name? Did Yotsuba want to keep her identity hidden from him? Did she not want him to find her after that day? But that would completely contradict what he just read in her first diary entry.

Fuutarou guessed that she just happened to forget to tell him her name. It was his fault for not learning it back and not recognizing her anyway when he met her again when he got the job as her tutor. But even so, his ignorance of the situation doesn't mean she shouldn't tell him who she is. Why would she keep such a secret from him in the first place?

Fuutarou stared at the book in his book that will change his life forever.

"Well there's only one way to find out, I guess. Let's see just how many more secrets you hold, Yotsuba."

One would think that such an act is an invasion of privacy. And normally they would be right. But this is a unique circumstance. Yotsuba chose not to tell Fuutarou who she was when they met again in high school. He needed to know why. There was no way she forgot who he was. So she can't use that excuse. He can always just confront her and ask but right now, he doesn't trust Yotsuba to tell the whole truth to his face. She could always tell a white lie and not reveal the whole truth. But she wouldn't hide anything in her own diary right?

Meaning that it is a perfect chance to get all of the answers he wants and more.

Who knows? He may learn something new about Yotsuba that he didn't know before that could benefit her in studying.

Oh how true would that turn out to be…

"Okay let's see here… entry 2."

Entry 2

I still can't wait until I get to meet Fuutarou-kun again! We had so much fun in Kyoto. I'm mad that I didn't ask for his phone number or address. I'm such an idiot! I could have been calling him and visiting him any day I wanted. Even though it sucks, I'll wait patiently until the day we meet again! And I'll keep my promise!

Fuutarou smiled as he read the 2nd entry. He neer thought he had that big of an effect on the girl who he met in Kyoto. He definitely knew the effect she had on him, but not the other way around. He's glad to see that the feeling was mutual. He always wondered how she was doing for all of these years. And it looks like he's about to find out.

As Fuutarou flipped through the pages of the diary, he learned more and more about Yotsuba. Her likes, dislikes, passions, hobbies, and everything she's been through over the years. He had to admit, it was nice getting to know his student and friend better. Even if it was through her private diary, it still allowed him to understand Yotsuba better as a person. He empathized with her grieving over the death of her mother. Having lost his own mother, he understood what Yotsuba and her sisters went through when their mother passed. He didn't even know they had gone through such trauma. The more he thinks about it, the more sense it makes why the quints are the way that they are. He needed to keep that in mind the next time he talked to them.

While all of this was fine and dandy, Fuutarou still needed to know why Yostuba kept her identity secret from her. Judging from the entries, Yotsuba always had an ecstatic vibe whenever she wrote about him. She never stopped talking about how she couldn't wait to meet him again. If that was the case, then why the secrecy? Something wasn't adding up.

Fuutarou eventually got to a page that made him quirk his eyebrow.

"What's this?"

Entry 274

I am a failure.

That's the best way I can put it. After all of the effort I put in trying to be different and unique from my sisters, it didn' matter. I failed to keep my promise to Fuutarou-kun. My grades were so bad that I got kicked out of Kurobara. After all of that talk about how I was gonna be the best and do everything, it all fell on my head. And the worst part about it is that now my sisters are willingly leaving the school because they won't leave me on my own. It's all my fault! If only I wasn't so cocky. I neglected my family and even after all of that, they still refuse to abandon me.

How could I ever face Fuutarou-kun now? What would he say? He probably kept his promise and would feel betrayed that I didn't keep my word. He wouldn't want anything to do with me. All I'm good for is breaking promises and being a disappointment…

"Yotsuba, no don't say that!" Fuutarou exclaimed as he finished reading the diary entry. It's all starting to make sense now. Yotsuba took the promise she made with Fuutarou really seriously. To the point where if she didn't keep it, she believed Fuutarou would think less of her.

He was mad that Yotsuba would even think something like that. Does he really seem that superficial? Don't get him wrong, he knows people's general perception of him. They see him as an anti-social study freak who has no care for other people's feelings. While he may be extremely introverted, he is not cold-hearted. As much as they annoy him, he genuinely cares for the quints and wants to see them succeed. Just because Yotsuba didn't quite keep her promise, it doesn't mean he views her as any lesser of a person. In fact he respects her more due to the fact that he knows that she tries her best and admits to her failures.

Fuutarou turned the page and found an entry that would prove to be meaningful.

Entry 276

I can't believe it! I finally saw Fuutarou-kun again! And guess what? He's gonna be tutoring me and my sisters. What are the odds that we end up in the same high school and Dad hires him to be our tutor? I was excited to see him again. I found him eating lunch in the cafeteria. He looks so different from what I remember. Black hair has replaced the blonde hair and he no longer has the look of a delinquent. Now it's the exact opposite and looks like a total nerd. It looks like he's kept his part of the promise. Number 1 in the school, huh? You've outdone yourself, Fuutarou-kun.

When I locked eyes with him, my heart started beating faster and I felt my face get hotter. He grew up to be a handsome guy. I knew I had a tiny crush on Fuutarou-kun when I first met him, but seeing him again when we're no longer little kids just makes my heart do jumping jacks. I do my best to hide it. Thank God he's as dense as a rock so he doesn't notice it.

I wonder how he's going to handle tutoring all 5 of us. I'll admit that me and my sisters are not easy to tutor. We all suck at studying and we'll probably give Fuutarou-kun a bad time. Ichika is as lazy as a rock, Nino won't even give him the time of day, Miku would rather listen to music and play her Sengoku Warlord games, and Itsuki is so stubborn to the point where she thinks she doesn't need his help.

When he first came to our apartment to tutor us, all of my sisters went to hide in their bedrooms. I was the only one willing to study in the beginning. I didn't want to make his job any harder than it needed to be. I felt bad because I shouldn't even need to be tutored in the first place if I just kept my promise like he did. I couldn't bring myself to tell him who I really was. If I did, he would no doubt yell at me for not keeping our promise and maybe even quit his job as our tutor. I couldn't do that since it would hurt my sisters' chances of graduating and Fuutarou-kun may not want anything to do with us after that.

I decided to keep it a secret for now. I didn't think I deserved to call him by his first name since I failed to keep my promise to him. When we graduate, that's when I'll tell him… and I'll confess my feelings for him!

Fuutarou took a minute to take in everything he just read. Well at least he got his answer. He now knows why Yotsuba kept her identity a secret from him. She wanted to fulfill her promise to him first before she thought she had the right to reveal herself to him. He understands why she would do that, but it doesn't make it any less stupid!

"Did she really think I would quit my job as tutor just because she failed to keep her end of the promise?! Oh come on you gotta be kidding me! I would never do something like that."

Fuutarou probably wouldn't admit it out loud, but he's grown a little too attached to the quints ever since meeting them. They've changed his life to a degree. Especially Yotsuba since she's the reason he changed his whole demeanor and outlook on life since meeting her five years ago. And now that he's read Yotsuba's Diary, there's no way that he'll turn his back on them now.

But he will definitely have to confront her about this. He needed to speak to her personally about not telling him who she was… and their relationship.

If Fuutarou was being honest, he also developed a small crush on Yotsuba when he met her in Kyoto all of those years ago. But he buried those feelings down since he thought that such feelings would only distract him from his studying and goals. When he met her again, then maybe he could act on those feelings when they had both accomplished what they wanted to do in life.

But now knowing that Yotsuba was in fact the same girl he met 5 years ago… his feelings about her began to change. The small crush that was buried a long time ago was starting to rise up again. He thought of the smile she gave him 5 years ago and the smile that she gives him everyday in the present. They really were the same. Both gave him butterflies in his stomach and made his face a bit red.

No way he was catching feelings for Yotsuba right?

Well judging by her diary entry, Yotsuba seemed to have already caught feelings for him a long time ago.

Fuutarou didn't know what to do. Does he tell Yotsuba how he feels? What happens after that? They start dating? How would the other quints react? Would they accept their relationship? What about their father? Would Maruo allow him to date his daughter when he's supposed to be tutoring her? Wouldn't that get him fired?!

'Oh great! This is what I get for being nosey. Now I have this to bother me. Damn it Yotsuba, if you would have just come clean in the beginning, things wouldn't be this complicated!'

Fuutarou Uesugi for the first time in his life was struggling with his feelings about a girl. Deep down he really liked Yotsuba and wanted to go out with her but he didn't know if that was the right thing to do. So many things can go wrong. Would she even want to go out before they graduated? And there's no telling how her family may react. Would their relationship get in the way of her studies? That wouldn't be good.

'I've just dug myself into a deeper whole. I didn't have to read her diary. Then things would have progressed naturally. But unfortunately, things can't be that simple…..'

Fuutarou contemplated his next move. He doesn't know if he should confront Yotsuba immediately. Her diary had provided him with more than enough information. But what if there's more in her diary that could help? He's already gotten far into it. Might as well keep reading right? He's already invaded her privacy by reading it at all. It wouldn't matter if he read more, right?

"Let's see how far the rabbit hole goes."

As Fuutarou flipped through the page, he found an entry that he would've NEVER been ready for. It was enough to make him gasp as he almost fell to the floor in embarrassment.

Entry 280

I'm in love with Fuutarou Uesugi. I can't deny it anymore.

But it isn't a regular ole high school crush. No no no, it's much bigger than that. I don't just love him…

… I'm OBSESSED with him.

It's the kind of obsession that an addict has to their drugs or alcohol. I can't stop thinking about him. Everytime I see him, my knees get weak. Every time he looks at me with those sexy golden eyes, I can't help but get flustered. It's like he has a spell on me. A spell that I don't want to go away. He has no idea how much I want him. How much I need him. Just writing this right now makes me horny for him. I can't go one night without masturbating to the thought of him. When I dig my fingers into my wet pussy, I imagine it's his hard cock ramming inside of me. Oh my God, what's wrong with me? Why would I write or fantasize about something like that? He's here to help me graduate. But I just can't help but imagine myself as his slut.

I fantasize about him having his way with me. He would punish me for getting a low score on a test by forcing me to give him a blowjob. And then I would have no choice but to swallow his cum. And then he smacks my butt and forces me to study as he fucks me from behind. He slaps my ass every time I get a question wrong and thrusts even harder. I ask for him to punish me even more for being a dumb bad girl. He punishes me for not fulfilling the promise. For not passing with high marks. It's what I deserve after all. It's only right that I please his sexual desires after giving him such a hard time. Hard…. I want his hard dick inside of me right now.

I've tried porn, masturbation, sex toys.. none of it works. I'm always feeling unsatisfied. There's only one thing that can satisfy my horniness… and that is Fuutarou-kun's COCK!

It's so bad to the point where I have to masturbate in the school bathroom. Only because every time I see Fuutarou-kun, I can't help but want him to just rip my clothes off and fuck me like the horny slut I am. I wish I could tell him all of this. But I know he would call me a freak and probably quit being my tutor. And I love him too much for him to leave us. So I'll endure it for now… but as soon as I get my chance… his semen will be mine. I already know that Miku and Ichika have fallen for him. He will probably steal the hearts of Nino and Itsuki too if he hasn't already. They are my sisters and I love them, but if they get to Fuutarou-kun before I do… I might go insane. Fuutarou-kun is mine and should only be mine. I met him first so its only fair that no one fucks him before I do. I've been the naughtiest girl anyway so I deserve to be punished first!

Oh Fuutarou-kun, why are you so dense? Can't you see that I'm begging for you to violate and humiliate me? I want you to snatch my virginity just like you snatched my heart. I want to be your bitch and do whatever you say as you rape my pussy violently…oh God I'm crazy. What would Mom think? Oh who cares, I'm in love with Fuutarou Uesugi. And I want to be his slut!

As he kept reading the entry, Fuutarou couldn't help but feel his pants tighten. Yotsuba's Diary was surprisingly turning him on. To think the innocent genki could have such a dirty mind. He imagined himself on top of Yotsuba as he took her virginity and she screamed his name in pleasure. It tempted him to start jerking off right then and there! But a certain voice stopped him.

"Uesugi-san?! What are you doing in my room?"


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