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Throne of Heaven Before the Great War

Our story starts in the throne room of heaven, and standing around in a circle facing the throne is a group of people bearing a wide variety of wings ranging from six pairs to twelve. Sitting on the throne was a tall man with a bushy white beard and long white hair, He wore a long flowing white robe and sandals. He was holding what appeared to be a meeting, but looking closely at the circle of people listening to him there was one spot that was vacant. That spot belonged to God's youngest child.

"Has anyone seen Naruto or know where he could be?" The man sitting on the throne asked the people around him., His attention turned to a tall man with blonde hair and blue eyes expecting an answer.

The blonde haired man took a moment to look around the room, seeing the missing spot, He sighed regrettably and looked to the man on the throne.

"No father, I don't know where Naruto currently is. like I can send a few angels to look for him." He said, lifting his hand to summon an angel, only for the man on the throne to stop the action.

"I will use the mirror to locate him. I wonder where that boys gone to." He muttered to himself before continuing. "He better not be with that woman again. Something is awfully suspicious about her. I can't seem to find out what is going to happen to her life. It's as if she doesn't belong to this dimension, quite a curious thing indeed" he said in a low whisper to himself.

Magic Portal Opening with a View of a flower field

people sat in a field, laying against each other laughing while watching the different merchant ships dock into port to unload their wares for sale. The first person seen is a bright blonde haired man with bangs framing the sides of his face, majestic blue eyes as deep and as clear as the ocean. He whisker marks on both sides of his cheeks with both his canine teeth seen being sharper than most. His outfit consisted of a long white tunic with sandals and a halo hovering above his head.

The second person seen is a young woman with black shoulder length hair, and three beauty marks below her right eye. Her outfit consisted of a highly revealing and open fur collared long coat with heart shaped buttons, a pair of short shorts that resemble panties with a heart on them, and thigh high boots.

"You know if your father catches us together, the consequences will be most severe." She warned "I don't see why you would risk your fathers wrath just to spend time with me. I mean you're an angel, it's not like you can have a relationship with me or anything considering the whole purity thing." She added. After a moment of silence, she continued. "We wouldn't want you 'falling to corruption'" She said while forming air quotes before laughing in such a beautiful way that the sun seemed to shine down on her.

"For a woman as beautiful as you, I would risk my angelic status. Not to mention that I didn't earn the title of God's most rebellious son for nothing. o how about you let me worry about my father and just let me enjoy this moment with you. After the years we've spent together, you'd think we'd be married" he says with a sarcastic grin on his face. Not noticing the slight grimace the young woman had on her face.

"Yeah that would be quite the surprise to most people who'd see us like this" she responds with an aloof air about her.

Instead of speaking anymore, the young couple just basked in the presence of one another unaware that they were being observed by two opposing forces that would later decide the fate of the world as well as the fate of others.

Underworld Lucifer's Viewing Room

"So little brother is defying father by having a relationship with a dimension hopper. How interesting." He muttered to himself in amusement. "Perhaps I'll be able to get him to my side. Knowing how father is he won't stand idly by while one of his children breaks his oh so precious rules. This will be worth keeping an eye on.

Back in the Field of Flowers

The blond looked up at the sky to see a change in the lighting.

"Listen Merlin, I need you to meet me back here tonight. I've got something big I want to ask you" Up in the skies, a flash of light covered the skies for a brief moment, a signal to those who knew.. Seeing this phenomenon the blond took a few steps back from the woman before twelve beautiful white wings popped out of his back. He took flight directly into the air before a white magic circle appeared above him and he vanished in a white light.

After he vanished the woman looked down with a slightly sad expression. She knew what she had to do and that she had to return back to her dimension. She knows the heartbreak that she's about to give him but in her mind it was all worth it for the pursuit of knowledge and her experiment.

Throne Room of Heaven at the exact same time

A white flash happened in front of everyone in the room. As the blonde man came out from the circle when the light died down, he looked around to see all the angels. Most of them had frowns on their faces while others looked at him in disgust. Seeing Uriel, the blond walks up to him so that he can ask what's going on, only for Uriel to say nothing and ignore him.

A loud gong echoed through the room getting the attention of all people in attendance. All conversations ceased as the man on the throne raised his hand to ensure there was silence.

"Naruto, you disobeyed my direct command. I said you weren't allowed to visit that woman ever again and yet you continued to do so. That's not all my son, I saw through the use of my mirror that you were willing to renounce your angelic status for her. You would abandon your family for her. This is something I can't forgive." He boomed.

A magic circle appeared underneath Naruto that prevented him from moving.

"You will wait while I contemplate your sentence. It's time I put an end to your rebelliousness." the bearded man says before vanishing in a flash of light with a serious look on his face.

Many Hours Later

Reappearing in a flash of light, the bearded man sits back on his throne before intertwining his fingers with a look of contemplation and unease before he cleared his throat and all noise in the hall was silenced.

"Naruto….My son, it is with a heavy heart that I sentence you to banishment." He announced. Ignoring the quiet gasps that resounded through the room, he continued. "Until I decide that your banishment is lifted you will not be welcome in Heave., You said you would give up your angelic powers, very well then that is what it shall be. You'll keep your magic, and other abilities as well as your immortality. I hereby strip you of all angelic power, the aide of the church and all its affiliates. No angels shall help you. This I decree and my word is law. I'm sorry, but maybe in a few centuries you'll learn your lesson and we'll see about bringing you back." The man says with tears brimming in his eyes.

Shocked beyond words about his sentence, Naruto stood there dumbfounded as the seal keeping him in place began to glow. His wings appeared out of his back only to be forcefully ripped out by an invisible force. Screams of pain erupt from his mouth. The pain was unbearable. Fresh blood dripped down his back and as this was happening, all the angels in the room looked on in shock. One particular angel with blonde hair reigned in her tears as she watched her brother suffer.

Groaning in pain, he was barely able to stand up through sheer willpower. Naruto's face turned from shock to anger as he shouted. "You think this punishment will stop me? Just because I fell in love you'd give me such an egregious punishment? It matters not, for even though this is my punishment I'd accept it for love because that's what you taught us. o your worst but I'll stand by my choices." He finished with a small smirk on his face before being teleported back to the hill he told Merlin to meet him on.

Due to the pain his body was in, he meditated to help focus his body's healing factor where it's needed. After a few minutes he felt the presence of Merlin appear only for it to feel different. He could tell it was a thought projection and wondered why she sent it instead of coming in person. A horrible feeling started to form in the pit of his stomach.

"Naruto, by the time you listen to this projection of mine, I'll already be long gone from your world. I'm going to be honest with you, when I originally came to this dimension it was for knowledge." She admitted. "Then I discovered Angels and all the other species, and sought to conduct an experiment to see if I could corrupt a pure being. Thank you for being such a wonderful subject and helping me to learn some of the magic from your dimension, but the truth is my love for you was fake." She revealed. "I realized when you said you had something important to tell me that I needed to end it before it became more serious. Thank you for the love you gave me and allowing me to corrupt you. It was a most wonderful experiment but this is where we part ways." The projection ends and dissipates as he sees the smirk on the projection's face before finally fading out.

Feeling as if his entire world just shattered and no longer sure what to do considering he no longer had a home, family, support, and now a broken heart this was the worst day of his life.

While he was having his world shatter around him, he never realized someone was watching the entire event play out with a smirk on their face.. Feeling a dark energy signature appear behind him, Naruto turned around to see the face of one of his eldest brothers.

"The Morningstar" himself, Satan. Thinking he was here to kill, he prepared to go down fighting only for Satan to put his hands up in a show of peace.

"Little brother I saw what father did to you, and how the woman you've given up everything for has decided to abandon you. But not I for as your elder brother it's my duty to look out for the youngest, thus I offer you the chance to join my side. I'll convert your angelic blood into demonic blood and you'll be on even footing with me." He offered. "My wife Lilith is producing devils for the war I have planned against our father and I want you with me. Your power is wasted in self pity… So what do you say little brother?" he finishes while holding out his hand for Naruto to shake with a smile on his face.


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