Three Characters in this story, are just personal OCs that I have created, two of them are Human, and the other is just an adorable old Rottweiler. Some Characters on the other hand belong solely to Hasbro and Cartoon Network.

Now, granted, I don't know if I'll ever use any of these OCs again, but there's some special meaning behind the Dog OC, one that I will personally divulge at the end of the chapter.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy this nevertheless, so have fun!

Earth... Las Vegas, Nevada.

Nearly Ten Months Ago...

It was nighttime in the suburbs of Las Vegas. It was quiet, peaceful, undisturbed as all there was at this moment were the lights that lit the night.

Then that peace was disturbed when one of the homes that resided in the neighborhood had been abruptly been opened from the inside as a woman of Chinese Descent had walked out. Her face was red, full of emotional tears, and her breathing was rapid. All she wore was a hoodie, yoga pants, and sneakers as she walked out of her home in a hurry.

She kept breathing while walking into the middle of the street, not even saying a word as she kept on walking. Her eyes weren't facing anything, at no one... All except for a street light that had a bus stop sign right on it. Then she started to run, jogging as tears came fresh out of her eye sockets, almost racing towards the bus stop, having thought of nothing else entirely.

Once she reached her destination, she dropped onto her knees, letting her Black and Red hair fall into the light as she breathed in emotional distraught. Again, she never muttered a word, all she ever did was whimper quietly, bowing her head until raising it up, unleashing her voice...


Once her cry had been said, she bowed her head again, slamming her fist onto the sidewalk. Whether or not anyone could hear her screams, she could not care. All she felt was the sadness that welled up inside of her soul as she crawled herself to lean her back against the street light, sobbing as she looked out into the darkened suburbs, before bowing her head down while pulling her legs to her chest and then hugging them tightly, thinking of nothing else, but the news that had been delivered to her...

The Mojave National Preserve, California

The wind blew the dust into the air as the sun shined upon the day, daring to give any poor human's face a sunburn, like this young woman with Black and Red Hair. She walked alone, stepping into the sands as the heat was drawn onto her back. Sweat had poured down from her skin having walked for only a few good miles at least.

The woman kept on walking, breathing as she moved on, determined to reach her destination. When she felt thirsty, all she had to do was reach her hydro flask and gulp down cold water that is now gushing down past her throat and into her insides.

She pulled the flask away, sighing as she sealed the flask's lid and pressed it inside of her knapsack, continuing on her walk when a roar of an engine was heard coming from behind her.

Just as she turned around, a Green Aston Martin had jumped right into the air, causing the Chinese Woman to widen her eyes in surprise and then drop down to narrowly avoid getting hit as the Supercar had landed onto the sand. Then she got up, standing up as she saw the car driver's door open up, revealing another Chinese Woman, one that had the same, identical hair, but hers was Blue.

"...Enjoying the Hike, I see?" The Driver spoke sarcastically as the Black and Red Haired Woman scoffed, shaking her head and raising her hands up.

"What the hell was that, Mooney?!"

"Yeah, nice to see you too, Fish," Mooney spoke with sarcasm once more as she saw Fish walk over to the car. "You find Ikol yet?"

"No, I haven't, but-!"

"Okay, get in the car." Mooney turned around, facing the Aston Martin as Fish had a completely distraught look on her face.

"Why?! You just tried to run me over!"

"No, I was giving you a heads up. If I didn't you wouldn't have heard that extra purr from the engine block." Mooney turned around, facing her companion. "What? You actually thought I was gonna run my own sister over?"

Fish shook her head, bending down to grab some sand into her hand and then throw it right at Mooney's eyes, inciting a loud shout as she felt the sand in her eyes.


"Bitch, stop complaining, you deserve that." Fish said as she walked over to the passenger's door.

"Oh, I'm the Bitch?!" Mooney turned to face her Sister as she sat down into the driver's seat, seeing Fish raise her eyes at the ceiling. "I'm sorry, refresh my memory again; who was the one who decided to wake up early in the morning, ditch her only camper without even saying goodbye, and then ventured off into the unknown, with the chances of getting eaten alive by only God knows what...?"

"Jesus, can you just drive already?" Fish had begged with anger in her voice. "I'm already pissed at you as it is, and I need to focus on finding Ikol."

"Fine... But not because you told me to." Mooney started the car and began to drive as Fish folded her arms, and they drove off into the interstate, sitting quietly as they thought to themselves...

Yesterday... Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Green Aston Martin was seen driving steadily on the highway as the day was about to end, and there were Fish and Mooney sitting inside, acting all cozy inside.

"Alright, how far are we now?" Mooney asked as she saw her little sister drive the wheel.

"About a good thirty minutes before we reach the 95."

"Oh my god, really?"

"Check the phone, prove me wrong."

Mooney grabbed the phone, seeing the distance of where they are at the moment. Then she sighed, leaning back as she closed her eyes in annoyance.

"Shit... I'm gonna puke from just sitting here."

"Do you want me to stop?"

"Stop it!" Mooney retorted as she heard her sister laugh. "You're a terribly slow driver."

"Excuse me? I'm driving at the top of this road's speed limit right now. Any faster than that, and we could get pulled over."

"Whatever." Mooney turned to play with the radio. "You mind if I turn this on? I am getting bored off my ass hearing nothing."

"Just try not to damage it. This thing's a Rental." Fish said as she continued to face the road. "Also, still can't believe you got an Aston Martin as a Rental, by the way. How did you pull that off?"

"I have an ex-girlfriend who owes me favors, gave me a custom job."

"Custom? This looks like something you'd buy online or at a dealership-!"

"Yeah, yeah, please hush, Mama needs to live in bliss right now." She sighed as she turned on the radio, listening to the voice that came from within.

"-And moving on to this week's annual topic, I would like to discuss the nature of the extraterrestrials that the world has come to know as, The Transformers. Today, I am going to answer anyone's phone call to hear their personal thoughts about the Robots In Disguise that is ever-growing in the City of Detroit, starting with our first caller residing in Crown City. Hello, Mister Clay, would you care to tell us how you feel about these Transformers?"

"Please, call me Denny. And to answer your question, I feel like they're a welcome addition to Earth."

"Really? And what makes you say that?"

"Well, from what I hear from the Reddit pages, these Bots really like hanging around in Salvage Depots, which is exactly my kind of deal. If anyone of them were to ride on a Meteorite one day and show up close to my backyard, I'd be happy to invite them all over!"

"But you're not worried about the potential harm that they bring if any of them were to arrive near you? Aren't you concerned about the harm that it may come to your, uh... Scrapyard?"

"Uh, ouch... Language!"

"Language? What did I say?"

"You know what you said, that word!"


"Ugh! It's Salvage Depots, that's the technical term for it, why does everyone keep calling it that?"

"Because it's full of Scrap?"

"Okay, pardon my manners here, but isn't this supposed to be a Family Show?"

"I think I speak for everyone listening here when I say that we fail to understand the point on how it pertains to the Transformers, Denny."

"My point is... People overreact way too much to the unknown. Why be afraid of the unknown when we should embrace the unknown, right? I mean, Benjamin Franklin climbed to the top of a building once to test out his Lightning Theory, and that worked out just fine for him!"

"Is that all?"

"No, but I'm gonna sign off here because my ex-wife just showed up with my Kid, so I'll just leave you to it. Nice talking to you, pal!"

"You too, Denny! Up next, our caller is a Tourist that is exploring Mission City, California. Hello, Sharon. What would you like to say about the Transformers?"

"I say that they're nothing, but walking piles of scrap, bringing nothing but chaos all over our streets! Look around you, people! These Machines are invading our Planet, pretending to be the very thing we rely on for transportation! And now these things are corrupting our youth, making them accessories to the silent takeover of Earth!"

"Okay... And what makes you say that, Sharon?"

"Well, just the other day, I was walking into this Garage in Detriot, okay? And as soon as I walked inside, I saw this Kid pet a Yellow Camaro, calling it, "Beautiful."

"Well... Isn't a Camaro beautiful though?"

"No! Not unless it is a hideous-looking Alien waiting to tear apart the whole neighborhood! And I tried to explain it to the owners, and to the cops, but nobody listened to me! I'm telling you, our country is becoming corrupt at its' core! We need to ensure our own, freaking survival here!"

"And how do you suggest we do that, exactly?"

"Well, I dunno, raid Area 51 or something! I heard it's been done once before, so we can do it again, start a protest! Demand our Government to lock all these big Hunks of Junk and freeze them right then and there! I heard from a friend on Facebook that the Government that it has just that at the Hoover Dam!"

"Okay... Thank you for the phone call, Sharon. I'll be sure to save your number and have my guys direct you to the nearest therapist while you enjoy your stay in Mission City."

"Excuse me?! How dare you, do you know who I am-?!"

"Okay, that's enough," Mooney said as she started to change the channel. "Politics are way too toxic for me."

"Amen to that," Fish agreed as she started to pick out some french fries. "You hungry?"

Mooney shook her head. "Have at it."

"Okay..." Fish turned to look at the rearview mirror to look at the third passenger. "What about you, Ikol? You hungry?"


"Go get it!" Fish threw a french fry at a Rottweiler, munching down at the treat that he so rightfully deserved as Mooney narrowed her eyes at her Sister.

"You're starting to spoil that Dog, you know that?"

"Oh come on, you're enjoying this."

"Until he starts pooping in the rental. You're paying for that if he starts doing it."

"Okay... Who's idea was it to bring the Dog into an Aston Martin, then?"

"Piss off!"

Soon, night had fallen as their car had driven to their destination, seeing a large party gathering while the two Sisters had seen the crowd ahead.

"Here we are..." Fish parked at the edge of a cliff before she glanced at her sister. "Get the leash. I'll bring the drinks."

"Okay... But not because you told me to." Mooney got out of the passenger's seat to pull out a leash, putting it on the harness. "Alright, who wants to be a good 'Lil party boi?"


"Good boi!"

The two sisters ventured off, and they began to join the crowd as drugs and alcohol were consumed, and music blared out into the air. Time was a blur as the party went on, Fish and Mooney danced and screamed their asses off, bouncing their heads back and forth, enjoying the event that was gathered.

Ikol was seen laying in the sand, panting his breath as he saw his owners enjoying the party until his ears perked up. Then his mouth was closed shut, and he turned around, seeing the Green Aston Martin park right next to the dog, making the Rottweiler tilt his head in confusion, as he did not smell any human being that was operating the car.

However, this distracted the pup to a certain extent that someone, either drunk or high off his ass, had tripped and fell right onto the pole that was meant to keep the dog tied, causing him to bounce off as Fish and Mooney overheard what happened, turning around to see their dog that was now off his leash.


"Shit," Mooney cursed while Fish called out their Dog, turning to walk over to the not-so sober person that was getting on his feet. "Hey, you almost dropped on top of our dog!"

"Srry." The man said, letting out a burp after his initial response. "Oh, mrow."

"Yeah, wow." She turned to notice the Aston Martin. "Okay, double wow... What the hell do you think you were doing, driving our car?"

"Huh...?" He turned around, seeing the Aston Martin that was parked with fresh tire tracks. "I... Wait, I didn't drive ur car..."

"Bull. Shit. How did it get down from the cliff, then?"

Fish turned to see her Sister accusing the drunk of theft, having also spotted the Aston Martin on the spot. As her hand rested on top of Ikol's head, she turned to reach into her pockets, and pull out her keys. One of them that was supposed to power the ignition switch.

"Uh... Moon?" Fish stood up, making her sister turn around as she turned to raise the keys up. "I don't think-!"



The crowd turned around, seeing the colorful explosions pop up into the air as everyone became distracted by the light show, that Ikol had become frightened and started to run right off into the dark.


"Damn, that shit is spectacular!"

"Okay, isn't that illegal around here?"

"Crap..." Mooney raised her eyes up at the fireworks. "That is amazing!"

Fish turned to glance at her sister, almost smiling at the response until her hand dropped down, and her palm and her fingers had felt nothing. Nothing, but air as she looked down, seeing nothing, but the crowd of people that she was surrounded by... No sign of a Dog either.

"...Ikol?" Fish called out, looking around with a worried expression as Mooney turned around, facing her sister. "Ikol?!"

"Hey, what's up?" Mooney turned to walk over to her sister, seeing no sign of Ikol. "Where's the dog?"

"I... I lost him!"

"What?! How did you-?!"


The two Sisters turned to look up, seeing the fireworks popping up into the air once again, with the crowd cheering on yet again.

"...Goddamn fireworks, shit!" Mooney cursed as Fish turned around once again, having become frantic in her expression.

"Ikol?!" She turned to find the dog, only to be surrounded by the ever-growing crowd as she had felt fear drive into her heart. "IKOL!"

The two sisters were at a gas station, pumping fuel into the gas tank as Mooney had done the pumping, while Fish sat in her seat, facing out into the horizon. Staring at nothing but the desert, she folded her arms as she listened to the radio.

"Okay, okay, so get this! I was at this club that was actually owned by a Transformer, and guess what? Transformers can get drunk. Do you know how I know this? Because I once saw these two Autobots sing terrible karaoke, that's how! Oh my god, I even have the video on my phone, just listen to this!"

"I Can See Me Lovin' Nobody, But You, For All My Life-Hic-When You're With Me, Babey, Da Skies R Blu, Fo All My LIIIIIIIFFEEEE-!"

The radio was turned off, and Fish sulked to herself in silence as she remained to have her arms firmly folded around her chest.

"Why did you turn that off for?" Mooney asked, having finished filling the tank. "I was actually enjoying that."

"There's nothing to enjoy."

"Say again?"

Fish sighed, peeking her head out of the window. "I said, what the hell is there to enjoy? Our Dog is missing, and we haven't found him yet."

"Don't wallow in despair yet, Fish. Sun ain't set just yet." Mooney put the pump back and turned to get back into the driver's seat. "Now, gimmie the map. Where are we marked now?"

Fish threw the map at Mooney, who caught it mid-air as she turned to look at it, seeing the marked X's that were seen on the page.

"Alright, so... The last place that you just so rudely walked away from without me, was called the Cinder Cones and Lava Beds. I think there are at least, a couple of places that we haven't tried yet, so we should go look for Ikol there."

"And if he's not in any of these places, then what?" Fish turned to glare at Mooney. "We just... Pretend that nothing's happened, and then walk away? That it?"

"...You being kinda sassy with me right now."

"Yeah... Why do you think?"

Mooney sighed, turning to lean her head against the driver's seat. "Look... I care about Ikol as much as you do, but you and I got lives back in Vegas. It ain't exactly the perfect life, but it's the one we got."

"So, we're just gonna leave him behind?"

"No! I mean..." Mooney shook her head. "Look, if anyone has found him, we can always come right back for him."

"Sure, right after he's been killed from dehydration."

"Really? We really gonna play this game?"

"This shit look like a game to you?"

"No, it ain't, but I'm just trying to be realistic here."

"Yeah, more like cold-blooded."

"Okay, piss off." Mooney turned to face her Sister. "This was your fault in the first place."

"Excuse me?!"

"Excuse you! Remember what you told me before?" Get the Leash, I'll get the Drinks, those were your words... Not mine."

"How does this have to do with-?"

"If Ikol had stayed in the car, we wouldn't even be out here looking for him right now!"

"Oh, piss off! Last I checked, it was your idea to bring Ikol with us!"

"Jesus, why the hell are you acting like it's the end of the world that we're talking about?"

"BECAUSE HE'S MY DOG, THAT'S WHY!" Fish shouted at her sister.

"PISS OFF, HE'S MY DOG TOO!" Mooney shouted back with a curse.

"Yeah, well, piss off anyway!"

"Oh, really? Piss off?!

"Yes, piss off! Because unlike you, I am not the one who's saying that she's gonna quit, especially when the Dog has fucking cancer!"

The two sisters breathed as one stood in brief shock while the other just stared in defiant rage.

"...Fuck you."

"No, fuck you!" Because you know what? I care for our dog, with passion in my heart! And the fact that you're telling me that your plan is to leave when things don't go our way shows me that you don't care about the limited time that we'd still have with Ikol, which I dare remind you, is very limited because god knows how much we have left after all the Chemotherapy that we put him through!"

"You don't think I don't remember that?!" Mooney shook her head, staring at Fish with an appalled look. "You don't think that I don't remember the money we spent, the number of times we went to that Pet Hospital, hours and hours of our wages combined with the GoFundMe campaign that we spent it with?!"

"And that speech validates you somehow?"

"You know what? I still remember the way you reacted, when I told you about Ikol's diagnosis. I still remember you walking out our front door, and I can still remember the way you screamed for the whole neighborhood to hear, and I let you do all that because I understood exactly what you were going through! I felt what you felt, just as much as I can feel as you feel, and right now, you telling me that I don't give a flying fuck about our dog is an insult to me! And goddamn you for insulting me that way!"

The two Sisters had turned to face the desert, letting each other vent after their own emotional outburst at each other. As soon as they breathed, Fish started to tear up in sadness.

"...I just... I'm just not ready yet." Fish confessed as Mooney turned around, facing her sibling. "I'm not ready to say goodbye yet... It just... It just feels too soon to say goodbye..."

"Ah, shit..." Mooney shook her head and started to wrap her arms around her sister. "Okay, Fish, I'm... I'm sorry. I shouldn't have yelled at you."

"I know, Moon..." Fish sniffed, pulling away as she glanced over at her sibling. "I shouldn't have yelled at you either... I just want him back, even if... Our time with him feels short."

"I get it... Truth is, I want him back more than anything." She rubbed her hand on Fish's head. "But we have to work together if we are going to get our Dog back. We can't just sit here and let our feelings divide and conquer us both, or else, we both lose."

Fish nodded, closing her eyes as she leaned her head forward, allowing Mooney to rest her chin on top of her hair... While both of them were completely oblivious to the Aston Martin's headlights making just the slightest blink.

Sometime later, they arrived at the Ciona Dome. Getting out of the car, they both felt the wind blow right at their faces as the sun was nearing dusk in the background.

"Alright, come on... You have the travel bowl with you?" Mooney asked as Fish held the bowl in her hand.

"Water is still full enough that I can fill it up all the way."

"Good... Good." Mooney noticed some locals nearby. "There, I spotted some folks out there. Maybe they might have spotted a dog nearby..."


The two stopped, having heard the car engines rumble right behind them.

"...The hell?"

Suddenly, the car began to unleash a loud engine sound as tires began to spin, and the sisters turned around to literally eat the dust as they covered their eyes.

"Shit! We're being robbed!"


The two ran after the car, but it was already gone by the time they tried to reach it. The two cursed, letting out their insults at the would-be getaway driver.

"Goddammit, who pulls off a grand theft auto in the middle of the desert?"

"And how'd they do it even when I still have the keys?!"

"I dunno, someone must have hacked it! Look, let's talk to someone, and see if we can find our car, come on!"

The Sisters ran to find the locals while the Aston Martin itself began to drive all by itself. As it drove, it took a scenic route, driving right into the sunset as the star had shined right onto the metal. Eventually, it stopped, and suddenly, a flash of yellow light popped out from the windscreen, as if it was scanning for any signs of life.

Suddenly, whatever it was doing, it had done the trick as it had caught up onto something. Afterward, the car drove to another path, and stopped right next to a hill, right on time to wake the dog out of his sleep.

Ikol got up, tilting his head as he walked over to the Aston Martin, sniffing it... Then suddenly, the Hypercar began to Transform, causing Ikol to back up as a large shadow had loomed over the Rottweiler.

"Hello, Ikol..."


Elsewhere, the sisters were riding onto an offroader's truck, looking for the Aston Martin as they drove in a stable speed.

"So... Who steals a car in the middle of the desert?" The Driver had asked, which made Mooney groan in agreement.

"I know! What the hell?!"

"And your car is an Aston?"

"Yes!" Fish answered.

"How'd you get an Aston all the way out here?"

"By driving, obviously! What else?"

"Well, as someone who's driven here more than my fair share, I don't think the conditions here would have been... Stable, for your Rental, so to speak-!"

"Hang on, STOP!"

The trucker slowed down, with his headlights shined right onto the Rented Aston Martin. After that, the sisters came right out, marching themselves towards the car.

"Alright, let's just slow down here..." Fish said as she raised a hand, but Mooney wasn't having it.

"Listen here, asshole! We're having a very shit day today, and so help me god, if you think this is some kind of sick, twisted joke-!"


The bark took the sisters by surprise as Ikol popped up from the driver's window, much to their expressed delight.

"I... Ikol?"

"Oh my god..." Fish came to the door as her sister stammered. "Oh my god, boi!"


She opened the door, and Ikoi came right out, and she wrapped her arms around the Rottweiler, tears coming down from her eyes as Mooney came over to join the two in their hug.

"Holy shit, you scared the hell out of us!" Mooney confessed as she hugged the dog, crying her eyes out while Mooney smiled like an angel.

"I... I don't get it, what...?" Fish turned to the Aston Martin. "How did... Where did the driver go?"

"Who cares? Ikol must've scared his sorry ass and ran away like a bitch!"


"No, no, Fish, nothing else matters! Okay, we just got our dog back, that's all that matters!" Mooney gleamed as she petted Ikoi's head affectionately, turning around to face the fellow park attendees. "WE FOUND OUR LOST DOGGY!"

The group that followed cheered with praise as Fish raised a brow, staring at the Aston Martin in question...

"...So, what do you mean, you don't know where it came from?"

Fish and Mooney were standing before the dealership as they had a discussion with the manager.

"Well... As your Sister's... Former spouse once said; this Aston was custom made."

"Yeah, we know it was custom made, I'm just curious how you ain't wondering where the hell you got the damn car from?"

"Fish, chill out on this guy, okay?" Mooney said as she turned to rest an arm around her sister's shoulder. "I mean, this dude is just trying to do his job, that's all."

"Come on, Moon! You're telling me you aren't even a little curious about this car?" Fish turned to glance at the vehicle sitting outside. "I mean, how the hell is it even custom made? It doesn't even look custom made!"

"Well, if you ladies were to take a good look at the Engine Block, I believe that you would change your tune almost immediately."

"Ooh, yeah." Mooney nodded. "I already did, and my god, it is sick."

"So? It's an Aston, all their engine blocks are supposed to look that way."

"Oh, no. No, not this Aston, okay? This shit is like smooth as hell..."

A whine from Ikol, and the sisters turned around, seeing his head resting on the floor behind them.

"Okay, well, you know what? I'm a little concerned about how someone managed to take the car without starting the car's ignition, but I guess it doesn't matter because... Whoever stole the car kind of gave us something even precious."

The sisters turned to pet the dog sitting on the floor as the manager clapped his hands together.

"Yes, well... I am thankful you two have come to me because this kind of robbery is... Quite unnerving, based on your testimonials. I'll see to it that the vehicle will be shipped over to the proper authorities-!"


A loud engine roar later, and everyone turned around, seeing the Aston Martin drive off right out of nowhere as the manager widened his eyes in shock.

"What? A... HEY!" The manager ran off. "That vehicle is private property!"

Fish and Mooney said nothing as the car began to drive all by itself, stunned at what had occurred.

"...You left the keys in the car or something?" Mooney asked as she turned to face Fish.

"...I never even gave the owner his keys back." Fish answered as she held the keys right in her fingertips.

"...Okay, this is getting too weird now; let's just promise ourselves never to take another pet to a party in the desert again."


Elsewhere, the Aston Martin had driven off somewhere in Vegas to hide in an old garage. Once inside, the car had Transformed, revealing a Femme appearing in the dark as she walked over to a lone kitty sitting with its' tail wagging.

"...Hey, Lucy." Greenlight greeted as she used one finger to pet the cat's head. "I'm sorry I was late... I got kind of wrapped up on a reminder about... Time..."

She sighed, sitting down on top of a large truck as she turned to open up her wrist device, revealing a hologram of Sentinel Prime. She held a small, sad smile as she looked at the face that was within her sights. But just as she reached out, the hologram disappeared, replacing it with an emergency call.

"Dammit, what now?" Greenlight turned to activate the call, only to see a video, specifically from Rodimus Prime.

"If anyone ever sees this broadcast, please, I urge you... Don't come back to Cybertron... This Planet is no longer safe for any and all surviving Cybertronians present throughout the Universe, and based on what we're dealing with down here, it is not even remotely safe to travel or live in right now."

An alarm began to go off from a distance, causing Rodimus to turn his head around briefly before turning back to the camera.

"If anyone of you receives a message that tells you otherwise, then whatever you do, IGNORE it! It's a lie to lure you back here, trust me! DON'T come back to Cybertron, it's not safe here anymore, DON'T COME BACK!"

The image turned static, and the message ended, leaving Greenlight back in the dark.

"...Well... I guess that puts an end to my Vegascation."

Hey everybody! This one-shot is a shoutout to a beloved dog that passed away eight months ago. In short, the dog in this chapter is a tribute to Loki, who I am eternally grateful to have around in my life.

Anyways, sorry for the late updates! For those who are interested in Transformers, I will have you know that the sixth episode is a work in progress, and hopefully, I will have it posted soon!

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