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Fancast for Katie: Alicia Vikander. She's always looked like Katie to me.

The Death Eater in this is Marcus Flint


September 1997

Katie Bell

Katie cracked an eye open, head throbbing. A hazy orange glow took up most of her vision, and she smelled smoke, the molecules of it leeching to her clothes.

The last thing she could remember she was walking along a trail behind her house that led to a little park with her dog, Sampson. Usually, there were a few people around, but that morning she was the only one. The air turned crisp with morning chill, and she had wrapped her cardigan a little tighter across her shoulders.

She had just turned on the last street before the park when Sampson growled, the hair along his back raising. It was something she'd never seen him do. Her wand had popped into her hand, but it must have been too late. The last thing she remembered was darkness.

A menacing feeling overtook her, sinking into her stomach, knowing something terrible happened, knowing she wouldn't want to wake up.

Still, her eyes opened against her wishes. Night fell in her time unconscious. A full moon lit up the sky. The orange haze radiated off a bonfire in the center of a circle of Death Eaters, black robes fading into the twilight. Masks of all varieties glinted in the light of the fire, almost brighter than the moon.

A shot of fear went through her, thinking about Sampson. What happened to him? Did the Death Eaters kill him?

"You're finally awake," a feminine voice said.

Katie groaned, one hand on her throbbing head, and pulled herself up in a sitting position, legs tucked into her chest, resting her hands on her shins.

A woman sat next to her. She recognized her as an employee at Madam Malkin's— a muggleborn like her. She only knew this because the last time she hemmed her clothes the woman asked if she knew Hermione Granger, and it started a conversation.

"I thought you had a wizard father in America?" The woman asked. Katie was surprised she remembered, though it had only been a few months ago.

"I do." Katie sighed. "But he's a muggleborn, and my mother is a muggle."

That meant she was mud to the Death Eaters.

"You made it sound like he was a pureblood. Why lie?"

Katie looked at her as if she were stupid. The moment she entered Hogwarts and understood the social hierarchy she knew to be silent. Katie never lied outright, but neither did she state the whole truth. People just assumed she had a pureblood father, and she let them. The hat put her in Gryffindor, but she never deserved it. Hermione never pretended to be different like she did, and it always shamed her.

"But how did you get here? How did they find out?"

"I went to Hogwarts at the start of school," Katie answered, leaving out the part it was a repeat year since the cursed necklace stole much of her seventh year. "I didn't realize the Death Eaters took control until they raided the train. They passed me over the first round of inspections, but the second… they were doing a more thorough family history. The professors managed to smuggle me out in time. I went home thinking… well, I thought they wouldn't pursue since I was back in the muggle world where they wanted me."

Their eyes met, and Katie went silent. She didn't need to ask where they were. She'd heard rumors of these events. Revels: A Death Eaters' paradise of rape, murder, and mayhem.

The only thing she didn't know was her purpose in the event. Would she be raped? Tortured? Fed to the Snake slithering around the opposite side of the fire next to Voldemort?

Katies stomach heaved, and she wished to vomit, but knew her stomach contained nothing. Instead, she shivered, holding back her tears.

They weren't the only ones. Several other girls sat near them. Ten, she counted. Some awake. Some unconscious. Some muggles. Some muggleborns. Some around thirty. Some way too young for the horror. All pretty, which was telling. The gender, age, and blood status didn't bode well for them.

Katie would die today. She accepted this. Her wand wasn't on her, and she didn't contain the uncommon luck of Harry, constantly surviving the dark wizard in her midst, or Hermione's intelligence, always thinking her way out of a tight spot. And, most important, there was no one coming to save her.

The girls whimpered, and she hated the sound. It's no use, she wanted to scream at them. They like your tears.

It wasn't something she'd give the bastards, she decided. She might die, but she refused to give them what they wanted. Every scream would be forced from her. Katie sucked in a breath, allowing anger to fill her, the only emotion capable to carry her through what was to come.

Katie kept her eyes on the bonfire, watching the Death Eaters participate in bizarre rituals: chanting inane things, walking in circles. If the situation wasn't so dire, she might find it funny. They looked like a stupid muggle cult, the type that believed aliens would come back as overlords. If nothing else, purebloods took themselves seriously.

The woman next to her reached out and grabbed her hand, and Katie was grateful for the comfort. She must only be in her mid-twenties, with dark skin, intricate tiny braids that went past her shoulders, and amber eyes. She might be one of the most stunning women she'd ever seen.

"When the time comes, you need to do everything they want," the woman warned. "Men are the same, whether muggle or wizard, rich or poor. Find out what they desire and become that. Whatever you do, don't fight or scream unless they want you to, or it will turn into blood sport. If you have any chance of survival, it will only come if you convince them you're useful for another day."

"I don't understand."

"You do."


An hour into the ceremony, two muggle girls behind her began to talk about escape. She pitied them. At least her entrance into the wizarding world had been gentle. The revel brought her horror, but at least she understood what was happening. Understood that Voldemort wasn't just a costume and stage makeup. That the magic wasn't show.

"We can just run," one whispered. "No one is watching."

It seemed that way. They rested in a patch of grass in view of the revel, but the wizards didn't guard them. It was the lack of concern that told Katie to stay exactly where they put her. There would be no escape. Not in the way they believed.

The woman next to her tried to warn them to be quiet and not to be stupid, but a few minutes later, they heard a shuffle of bodies. By the time Katie recognized what happened, it was too late to drag them back.

She almost called out to the crawling figures, but the woman's hand tightened like a noose.

"Let them go. Eyes forward."

Katie did as she said.

A minute later, the death eaters went silent and still, the only sound left the crackle of logs in the fire. A chill traveled across her body. The wind picked up, and she tasted magic on the air. Dark magic. It swept passed her skin like ice.

"Two little rats wished to escape their shackles," Voldemort's said in the silence. "But like disobedient dogs, they must be brought to heel."

Voldemort's wand swished in a hard downward motion, and screams rung in the distance. Katie wished to plug her ears, but instead she listened as the screams drew closer, until finally, she saw them tumbling along the grass. They tried to dig into the dirt, but an invisible force tugged them closer until they rested just by Voldemort's feet.

He gave a smile that curled his snake nose.

"The final portion of this night's potion requires human sacrifice. It's wonderful you volunteered. I hate when I have to wait for the martyrs."

Both the girls looked at each other in horror, faces slackening, as if unable to scream. Katie understood. She wished to scream too.

"Look away," the woman next to her said.

Katies wanted to obey her, but her eyes stayed glue to the scene. The next thirty minutes felt like a lifetime. She thought she understood cruelty, but she had never tasted the real thing. Katie knew she'd never be the same. It would be a moment she'd never be able to scrub from her memory. If she survived this night, she'd awaken to nightmares of the screams for the rest of her life.

A woman in the back row vomited, and then righted herself, returning to a stoic position.

The crowd of girls around her, now only eight instead of ten, didn't speak or move, frozen in horror, as if a single breath would draw attention to them. If the remaining muggles didn't understand this wasn't pretend before, they did now.

"What's your name?" Katie whispered, trying to focus on something else besides the screams that dragged along her mind like knives.

The woman sucked in a breath.


"My name is Katie."

Zala squeezed her hand.

"Keep hope, Katie. We need to keep clear minds if we both want to survive this."

She might die, but she'd take what little of humanity she could before the time came.


When the girls finally stopped screaming, Katie let her shoulders drop, thankful for the mercy of death.

She looked away as Voldemort took from the remains what he needed for the potion and dropped it into the awaiting cauldron.

"Do you wish for me to destroy the bodies, sire?" Pettigrew groveled.

"Why waste?" Voldemort answered.

Nagini slithered closer, and Voldemort dropped the mutilated bodies. He brushed his fingers on the top of her head in a loving manner while she ate what remained.

So wrapped in the horror, Katie almost forgot what the girls' deaths meant.

Their turn was next.

"Now it is time for the fun," Voldemort said. Whatever was about to happen, most of them seemed to like. The crowd of them began to fidget and mumble to each other in excitement.

As one, the Death Eaters turned towards them. A few girls behind her gave low screams in despair.

"Today, only the best of my soldiers will receive a reward." Voldemort walked close to Bellatrix. "My dear, you get to choose first."

Bellatrix gave a little squeal of delight, almost bouncing on her toes, as she skipped toward them. Katie pitied the girl she chose, knowing mercy wouldn't be given. Only pain and torture. Katie kept her eyes down as she looked them over. Zala's hand trembled.

Finally, she chose one of the muggles, digging her fingers into the poor girl's hair and dragging her back to the fire. The girl gave a warbled cry, and Bellatrix tipped her head back as if drinking it in.

"You have a wonderful scream. Nice and low. Not shrill. We'll have all night to see if it stays that way."

Bellatrix dragged the girl passed the fire and disappeared with the girl in a pop. Katie selfishly was glad she didn't have to hear the torture.

The commotion drew her notice away from the fire, but she should have paid attention.

Voldemort had already selected the next death eater. He was average height with broad shoulders. He wore a silver mask, etched with patterns she couldn't see. A pureblood, most definitely. From one of the old families. He walked with sure footsteps towards them.

Katie dropped her eyes, trying to focus on a single blade of grass. She wished to curl into nothing, wished to shrink to the size of an ant, like that movie she used to watch with her little sister.

Despite trying to become invisible, the boots stopped in front of her line of sight, crushing the blade of grass she looked at. Fingers curled tight in her hair against her scalp.

"This one," a deep voice said. Something sounded familiar about it, but she couldn't identify it.

"That was fast," another voice joked in the crowd. He didn't even look at the other girls, as if he already knew he'd choose her.

The fingers tilted her head back with a tug of her hair, and she had no choice but to look at her fate. Green eyes stared down at her.

"We have a history." His voice was hard like stone. History? Maybe someone from Hogwarts? A brief hope flared before dying. Whatever history he referred to involved hatred.

The man tugged her up. She gasped with the pain of her scalp pulling, and he didn't let up, holding her close to his body, wand hand wrapping on her hip and forcing her forward with his other still tangled in her hair. Katie resisted the urge to fight. Resisted the urge to cry. She sucked in a breath and grit her teeth through the pain as he yanked her close to the fire.

When they arrived, he got back into his position in the circle. His hand left her hair, but his right hand still stayed on her hip, tugging her close to him. She felt the outline of his body at her back, rigid and hard, and larger than she expected up close. Even with the choking smoke, she smelled him: like nature, like the cold wind high in the sky.

The man's face went close to her ear, and she felt his breath on her neck through the slits of the mask.

"Don't be foolish," he said. "Don't fight."

She wondered why they stood there. Why didn't he pull her away to begin the torture like Bellatrix?

His free hand grabbed her fingers on the other side of her body, pulling her arm sharply behind her back between their bodies to a place no one could see. He didn't hold it tight, but she didn't dare pull it away.

They stayed that way for a moment before softly, so softly, he brushed his thumb down the palm of her hand. Something sparked along her body with the movement.

Katie froze, unable to comprehend what was happening. Was he trying to comfort her? Over and over, he brushed his finger down her palm, his breath still tickling along her neck. His body stayed pressed to her back, while his other hand tightened along her waist.

In a burst of bravery, Katie twisted her face to the side.

"What happens next?" She whispered. The muscles in his stomach and chest constricted.

"Are you so eager to begin?" He taunted with a note of malice, pressing the cold silver of his mask to the side of her neck. "The Dark Lord requires obedience first."

Katie returned her attention to her surroundings, kept securely in his hold. The other girls were parceled off to Death Eaters. Lucius Malfoy, with his trademark long platinum blond hair peeking out from his robes, held a sobbing muggle with dark curly hair and olive skin.

Zala was chosen next by another giant wizard that took off his mask and pulled down his hood. Thorfinn Rowle, she remembered. He was very handsome with golden hair pulled back in a ponytail. They knew each other, it seemed, by the way she glared at him. Probably went to Hogwarts together. When he got to her, he reached out a hand with a mocking bow and a grin.

"After all this time, you're finally mine, pretty dove. Didn't I promise you it would happen one day?"

Zala only rolled her eyes.

"I can't say I'm looking forward to it."

Throfinn looked like he might turn feral.

"Well, I'll enjoy it immensely. Tonight, I'm going to recreate the time I caught you in the Prefects bathroom fucking Weasley. The way you teased me, giving me that dirty smile. Did he ever figure out I watched from the shadows, while you looked at me and orgasmed?"

Zala tapped her chin.

"You know, I'm not sure I remember that. I remember Bill, of course. Who wouldn't? But you? I guess it was forgettable."

Thorfinn's cheeks managed to flush. She suspected it was embarrassment, but it could have been anger.

"By the end of tonight, you'll remember. And who knows, if you please me enough, I'll let you live as a slave in my dungeons. We can recreate it every night until I tire of you."

Zala's eyes hardened. She gripped his awaiting hand and let him pull her up.

"We'll see. Personally, I'm already underwhelmed. You look as if you possess an average cock at best."

The crowd of Death Eaters laughed at that. Katie was impressed at Zala's ability to insult under pressure. Though it only pissed Thorfinn off. He tugged Zala forward, giving a punishing kiss. When she finally pushed him away, she wore a disgusted face.

"Is that all you've got? Bill Weasley was so much better."

"Pretty dove," he answered, voice low with warning. "That's only the beginning. We have all night, and I've been thinking of how to punish that smart mouth for a long time."

Zala looked up as she was tugged to the fire and met Katie's eyes, giving a pointed stare. It told Katie all she needed to know.

Everything exiting Zala's mouth was intentional. Give them what they want, she told her. Thorfinn wanted a challenge, some sort of vendetta. She'd probably moan his name at the end, even if pretending, to make Thorfinn feel as if he won something. A champion. Better than Bill Weasley.

I'll let you live as a slave in my dungeons. Zala planned to survive for more than a night.

But Zala knew her captor, knew the mechanisms to twist and pull to get what she wanted. What did the man holding her want?

She'd need to figure out who held her first. Obviously, someone that knew her, but that didn't shorten the list. He could be from a separate year or house. Maybe he wasn't part of the old families like she assumed.

There was nothing she could do right now. Voldemort prowled around the circle, lifting his wand and muttering a spell. Magic wrapped around her until it hurt.

"What spell was that?" She whispered again.

"He's demanding compliance. He'll know if we don't do as he wishes. A month ago, a Death Eater tried to be… noble. Now the Dark Lord doesn't trust us to enjoy his gifts." He brushed his finger down her palm again. "It means that by the end of the night my cock will be inside you, whether either of us want to or not."

Katie stilled. She knew this, but the words made everything inside her twist. The man confused her. Did he want to comfort her? Or was he a villain? Was it all a trick to let her guard down? Was he a victim like her, forced into it? Or did he wish to terrorize her? He chose her. Didn't even look at the other captives, even with beautiful Zala right beside her. What did it mean?

After Voldemort finished the spell, he returned to the center of the circle.

"Enjoy your night. Do with the muggles as it pleases you. Kill them or keep them as slaves. But remember, I was the one who gifted them to you. If you continue to follow me, there will be endless nights just like this."

With a flourish, Voldemort popped away. The dark wizard didn't seem the type to want a woman or man in bed. She doubted he had those urges. But the men around her did.

Now given permission to start, the screams began as the masked death eaters threw their captives down on the ground, ripping at the girls' clothes. Some of them shed their robes and masks, violent smiles of delight on their lips. Thorfinn didn't throw Zala down. He held her hand gently as if they were sweethearts, and he led her to a spot more secluded, bantering as they went.

Katie almost swayed with dread, waiting for the moment the man took what he wanted Instead, he gently tugged on her stomach.

"Follow me," he said.

Before they could exit the circle, Fenrir stopped them. He brought the scent of rotting corpses with him, and Katie tried not to gag. He leered at her.

"What a lovely girl. Smells delicious."

"Fuck off," the Death Eater said. "She's mine."

"Your father always shared."

"I'm not my father. Go bother Lucius. He always throws you a bone at the end like a good dog."

Fenrir looked enraged before smoothing out his anger.

"You're starting to sound like that Malfoy brat. Maybe after your lust is sated, you'll be more… giving. I always remember favors."

He winked and left.

Katie shivered, wondering if that would be her fate. She didn't wish to know what the violent beast liked to do to women.

The man's hand tightened as he tugged her away until the fires were just a flicker in the distance. The further they got away from the light and noise, the faster the man breathed, and the more his hold loosened, until she walked separate from him, following him.

What else was she supposed to do? Where else could she go? Back to Fenrir? No, thank you.

Finally, he stopped, and she felt like the guillotine dropped, knowing what was about to occur. The Death Eater took out a blanket from his pocket, unshrinking it as he laid it out, smoothing the edges with his magic and adding a cushioning charm. Katie wondered why he bothered. The other Death Eaters didn't seem to mind.

After finishing, he looked up, green eyes hard on her. She couldn't read them.

"Have you done this before?" He asked.

"A few times."

He gave a shudder and blew a breath out.

"Does that upset you?" She asked, trying to read his moods.

"No," he said. "A girl shouldn't lose her virginity this way."

In an odd way, it was considerate. And then she shook her head, wondering why she thought that. He was a Death Eater. Considerate was the furthest adjective that would describe him.

He dug into his pocket and extracted a potion and held it out to her. She grabbed it.

"What's this?"

"It will help you… forget it."

She glanced at the amber liquid for a moment and then handed it back. It would steal her control.

"No, thank you."

He looked away.

"Fine," he finally said after a few painful moments. "Let's get this over with."

"Do you not want to do this?"

His green eyes looked at her from head to toe, clenching and straightening his hand by his side. For the first time, he looked predatory.

"Not in this way."

His intent was clear. He didn't want her unwilling at a revel, but he had thought of it before. Maybe lying naked in his bed, with a sweet smile on her face as she spread her legs in invitation. She didn't know if that made things better or worse. Was that what he wanted from her? Katie found she couldn't pretend and manipulate like Zala. When she sat on the blanket, she almost cried. When she laid back, her legs trembled in fear.

The Death Eater lowered himself, until he rested between her legs. She still wore the sundress she walked her dog in, a cardigan on her shoulders, though her socks and shoes were missing. His hands touched her knees, rubbing the inside of them with his thumb in a soothing way until they stopped trembling.

"Why me?" Katie asked.

"The others would have destroyed you." His eyes examined her legs, drifting to the sight of her exposed knickers. She bit her lip with anxiety, though he didn't touch her yet.

"Who are you?"

"The villain, and don't forget it," he said. "I've imagined this many times. At first because I hated you. And then because I wanted you. And then because you'd never want me in the same way. Does that scare you? It probably should." His whole chest heaved up and down. "The moment I saw you tonight, I knew we'd end the night together. It's not how I imagined or wanted our first time to be, but no one else was going to get you."

She made a little noise, a low keen of distress. She bit her tongue after, attempting to hide it, unsure if she was relieved or more scared by his revelations.

He studied her sudden despair. She wished she could read his expressions better.

"I will try my best not to hurt you," he said. "You're the only one in this entire fucking world that can say that."

Despite the circumstance, and him not wanting her unwilling, his erection pressed through his trousers, enough she could see it.

He reached down and rubbed his thumb down her knickers, almost causing her to jolt with the feeling. She snapped her legs shut. He paused and withdrew his hand. She wasn't Zala. She couldn't make herself pretend.

"I… I don't want to enjoy it. Just please… If we must do this, let's start."

His eyes looked hard again, pained almost.

"I can make it fast," he said. "But if you don't want it to hurt, and you don't want me to play with you first, then I'm going to need lubricant."

She nodded, and he withdrew his wand, pointed it at her knickers and muttered a spell. She felt the wetness immediately, dampening the cloth.

The Death Eater looped the edge of her knickers on his thumbs and tugged down, guiding them off her legs. Katie adjusted her dress so that even with her them gone, she stayed covered. Then he unzipped his trousers, tugging them down along his hips, allowing his erection to come loose. Katie studied it, noting that if it was different circumstances, she'd think it was a nice size and shape compared to the last one she'd seen, though she didn't have much to compare it to.

While lining himself up, lifting her hips so she could be in position, he glanced down as the end of her dress pulled up and exposed her. The moonlight was so bright, she bet he saw every detail. He didn't move, just stared, and then he gave a low, audible groan.

"If someone else had chosen you first, I'd have fucking killed him."

Katie trembled as he pushed inside her. She'd had sex before, but it had been a while, and he stretched her, feeling almost unpleasant. But that was okay. She wanted it that way—without feeling good. She didn't want to confuse the moment, despite the way he pushed in so gently.

When his hips pressed against the sides of her thighs, he stilled. His chest shuddered, and his grip tightened on her hips, fingers dipping into her skin, still lifting her slightly off the ground.

"Please," he asked, shocking her with the word. "Say you consent, even if you don't participate. I don't… I don't think I can finish if you don't, even though your cunt feels like sin. And if I can't finish, then we're both going to die. Do you understand this?"

Katie nodded and looked away, wishing he'd just take it. It only muddled everything. One of his hands left her hip, and he tugged her face sharply back around, so that she had to look at him. His eyes looked striking, she admitted. A color close to the deep forest. He looked over her face for her answer, his cock still fully in her and not moving.

"Do you understand?"

She understood that without the order, without the spell, he wouldn't have done this. At least, not in this way.

"I understand."

"Good," he said and returned his hand to her hip and began moving. He slid in and out with a hiss on his lips. "Bloody hell, you're tight. I shouldn't want it to feel this good."

Katie bit her lip at the strange sensation dragging through her, of being filled and released. The other boy she had been with didn't make her feel so invaded, but the Death Eater pushing into her was a man, bigger than her previous partner, and obviously experienced enough to make it comfortable. Katie decided it wasn't so bad. She could survive this, determined to not feel a thing.

But with each gentle stroke, came a funny feeling. A pleasant burn. It started at the edges, and then crawled upward, until it became agony that traveled to every nerve on her body. She forced herself to stay still as a statue, refusing to show him, but she felt his cock as it stretched her, touched every part of her, as the tip went up and pressed against a spot in her that made her want to lift her hips higher, made her want to drag her hands along his back to get deeper. Soon, she couldn't stop herself. It became too much to hold in, overwhelming with the primitive need rising in her.

With the next thrust, a little moan escaped.

The Death Eater froze with the noise, looking back down at her. He grabbed his wand from his pocket and tapped the edge of his mask. It shrunk until it only covered the top half of his face, revealing his mouth. His full lips were slightly parted. His jawline was square and sharp with a shadow of dark stubble. His teeth looked a little crooked, as if they'd been corrected but lacked the space to straighten completely, but the imperfection did nothing to detract from the image above her.

"Did you just…?" He looked shocked, as if seeing through her suddenly. He studied her, tilting his head to the side in thought. As if on experiment, he went back and snapped his hips forward. She arched up with the movement, placing her hands on instinct under his cloak on the edges of his ribs, right over taut muscle. This time her whimper of pleasure was louder. She couldn't lie anymore. She bit her lip and looked away in shame.

"Fuck," he whispered. "I didn't ever think you'd… don't feel bad about it. It doesn't have to mean anything. Come on, Bell, you don't have to hide it."

His thrust in harder, no longer careful and gentle, and his hand slipped down and brushed her clit like he did before, but this time her whole body responded, pressing up and into his hand.

"I want you to feel good," he said.

She gave a cry of pleasure as the sensation inside her built again, betraying her, controlling her. She met his strokes in urgent need. Gripping his sides to pull him in closer, wrapping her legs around his back. After a while, he laid his head in the middle of her chest and then leaned over and gently bit her breast through her clothes.

The mix of pain and pleasure sent her over the edge. She arched into it with a loud cry, gripping his cloak to pull him into her stronger.

The Death Eater lost control, grabbing her hips up as he raised himself, slamming hard into her. Each stroke gave pleasant aftershocks as she still rode the last of her orgasm. And then he tilted his head back with a groan, her name on his lips, pulsing inside her with his release.

"Katie," he said again and lowered himself, still inside her.

Before she could recover, he grabbed the sides of her face and gave a brutal kiss. She was so much in shock she didn't kiss him back or stop him, just stayed still as his kiss turned into something softer. And then he pulled back, placing his forehead to her. The mask felt cool and hard and wrong against her forehead.

"Thank you," he said.

He rolled off her, adjusted his trousers, and laid down, looking up to view the stars. One arm laid across his stomach as if completely comfortable. With his free arm, he motioned to her.

"We fulfilled the requirement. You have nothing more to fear. We'll figure out what happens next in the morning."

I'll let you live as a slave in my dungeon.

Was that her fate? Despite surviving, it sounded terrible. The shock of what just happened hadn't hit her yet.

Katie straightened her dress, pulling it down, trying to ignore the wetness leaking down her inner thigh, and looked at his open invitation. She considered a moment, before accepting and curling into his side, laying her head on the side of his chest.

"What are you thinking?" She asked.

What do you want from me? She wished to scream.

His arm wound around her waist, tugging her even closer.

"I'm pretending this is for real."

His voice sounded softer and sad, and she didn't ask any more questions.