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A/N: This contains spoilers for Chapter 68 (All the Cards) and beyond. You can read this before the BNW epilogue though. Marcus/ Jean will be in the main epilogue I post tomorrow for BNW.

Also, someone asked if the potion used by Rosewood to sever the bond between Draco/ Hermione was the one created at the beginning at the revel… yes, it was. It's one of the details weaved into their story relevant to BNW.

A/N: I didn't plan at the beginning of writing BNW to have a whole side story for Marcus, but he'd been so broken, I wanted to give him his own love story.

Blood Wards


"Have a good time on your date," Katie said.

Zala gave her a tight hug, and then both her and Thorfinn disappeared, leaving Katie with the tiny terror named Athena. Marcus stared at the little girl in trepidation, as if at any moment she'd lean over and bite. Which, knowing Athena, might be a real possibility.

"Have you ever been on a broom?" Marcus asked.

Athena's eyes lit up.

"Are there cushioning charms under the pitch?" Katie asked.

"A few old ones. My father was never one to cushion a fall. But I guess it might be time to renew them."

They locked eyes, both knowing he referenced potential children. Not for the first time did Katie wonder if she was jumping into this too fast, too deep. She didn't want to pull back, but it scared her to fall so hard.

When Marcus turned around to find a kid broom, Katie rested her hand on her lower abdomen, doing math in her head. She wasn't sure yet. Just a hunch. She'd ignored it, having no symptoms worth noting, but Katie might have skipped the shallow area and jumped straight into the deep end.


Several hours later, Katie came inside with an exhilarated Athena. The little girl bounced on her toes, having loved flying through the air. Marcus made sure she stayed at reasonable height and speed. On the way back into the castle, the little girl reached out and grabbed Flint's hand. He almost pulled back in shock, staring down at the child as if she was some alien creature, but his stance loosened, and he didn't tug away. Athena skipped beside him, singing a song about bunnies.

Marcus' head flicked up when they entered the main entrance.

"Someone arrived at the floo, and it's hard to read the signature." He untangled his hand from Athena. "Hold on. I'll go first."

Marcus pulled out his wand as they neared the great hall. Katie rolled her eyes at his overprotective nature. She didn't think he'd ever shed his paranoia built from the war.

He walked inside, and Katie followed, not very worried.

Callum Mason stood at the entrance of the floo in his auror robes. When they all entered, Marcus let his wand fall.

"Callum," he greeted. "What's going on?"

"I'm going to need you to come with me." His eyes flicked to Katie. "It's something that needs to be kept confidential."

Katie knew Marcus had some meeting with Callum and Draco about Hermione. Out of respect for his sister, he'd never said what, and Katie didn't pry, but it must be serious.

Marcus twisted and faced Katie.

"Will you be okay if I—"

Marcus' whole body locked up and fell to the side, and Katie gave a shriek, stumbling backward.

Katie attempted to tug out her wand, but Callum wasn't an auror for nothing. Her wand hurtled across the room. There was no way she could Accio it. Not with an auror in front of her.

Callum stepped over Marcus with his wand still up, focused on Katie.

"Sorry mate," he told Marcus without looking down. "It's nothing personal."

Katie made a noise of shock and tugged Athena close.

"What are you doing?" Katie asked.

"Something I already regret, but there's no choice in the matter."

With Marcus down, several more figures popped through the floo. Five in all, dressed in dark cloaks and black masks. These weren't Aurors or anything to do with the ministry. The last person to step through made her take two steps back until she pressed against the large doors to the great hall.

Adrian Pucey grinned, the only one without a mask, besides Callum. Her whole body felt ill with fear. She shivered, lifting Athena into her arms. The little girl must understand the men in the room were dangerous because she clung tight, burying her head in her shoulders.

Adrian Pucey walked over and bent down next to Marcus.

"I would love to get my revenge on you, but Rosewood wants you to himself. Rosewood promised me I could have whatever I desired if I joined. Since killing you wasn't an option, there's only one more thing I wanted."

He glanced up, letting his eyes trail up and down Katie's figure. Adrian leaned closer, right next to Marcus' ear.

"She'll be in great pain before she dies. Agony. I want you to think of that in your last moments alive."

"Callum…" Katie didn't know what she wanted from him. Maybe humanity. She didn't know him that well, but he was her last hope. "You're an auror. Didn't you vow to protect the innocent? Pucey wants to hurt me. Are you going to let him?"

Callum clenched his jaw. He didn't seem to like this, but he shook his head.

"I'm going to need the girl."

"Fuck no." Katie clutched Athena tighter. They'd have to kill her first.

"I want my daddy," Athena whimpered.

"I'm not going to hurt you," Callum said, trying to give a perverse comfort to the girl.

Katie had no wand, no weapon, and no avenue for escape. The trauma returned, the battlefield, and this time she might not make it.

Katie could do nothing but hold Athena hard.

With a grimace, Callum pointed his wand at her.

"I'm sorry."

The spell struck her, and the darkness arrived.


Katie came to with a pounding headache.

Adrian sat before her in the master's dining chair. It rose above him with black velvet, carvings of centaurs and chimaeras on the side. It was what she focused on as she gained awareness, wishing to lose herself in the art of the carvings and not Adrian's leer.

He held a flask of what must be firewhisky, taking a few sips as she stared.

"I think I'll commandeer this castle after he's dead, along with the house elves. Flint never deserved so much. The wanker never appreciated his position in society as he should. He even tried to make you a fucking lady—a mudblood as the lady of Flint castle." He gave a grating laugh. "Marcus was nothing but a stain on his family tree, and his ancestors will be happy I blotted him out before he did irreparable damage to the lineage. He forgot you were just a whore. Lovely, I admit, but nothing more than a place to put my cum."

Adrian's voice seared down her spine. She rested on the old fur rug right in front of the giant concrete fireplace. A fire roared behind her, the heat slicking down her skin, singing the hair along her scalp. It gave enough of a pleasant burn to keep her focused.

A part of her agreed with Pucey. The idea she would be qualified to run this castle was laughable. Most pureblood girls trained all their lives for their positions.

But fuck him. Flint never cared. He once said she didn't have to do anything, if she wished, though Katie was too industrious to sit around. So far, she'd renovated the outdoor sheds, and most of the gardens were weeded.

"Nothing to say?"

Katie sneered and clenched her jaw, refusing to give him what he wished.

Adrian stared at her, as if trying to solve a puzzle.

"What am I going to do with you?" He took a sip of whiskey and sucked on his upper teeth. "I guess that will be up to you. If you put up too much trouble, I'd rather you dead. You're sort of used up anyway. How many people have you let into your cunt? I bet it's enough you might not even be worth it."

The rage sparked through her, energizing her. Flint never asked how many partners she had, besides the first time, and then he'd been relived she hadn't been a virgin.

"A whore, you say?" Katie seethed. "Well, I guess that means even a whore finds you pathetic and gross. I wouldn't fuck you even if you paid me."

Adrian knuckles whitened around the flask as he squeezed.

"This could have been so pleasurable."

Katie laughed out loud again, and it only made Adrian angrier.

"Probably not, even if you tried. Have you ever pleasured a woman?"

Adrian placed his flask to the side. He stood up, shrugging off his outer robes and loosened his tie.

"Oh, I think I'm going to enjoy your screams. You'll be begging me for mercy. I don't think I'll kill you. No, I'll chain you up in the dungeons. And when I get tired of you, I'll pass you through my friends and then to anybody who wants to fuck you. By the end, you'll be nothing but an empty little doll."

Katie stood up. Her limbs shook from still just waking, her nervous system still trying to catch up. She balled her fists and took a muggle fighting stance.

"A real man would subdue me without magic. Flint could."

Adrian considered her. He set his wand on the table.

"You're correct," he said. "I think breaking your bones would be more satisfying."

Katie's stomach clenched in fear. The last time she'd almost been overpowered. He was bigger and physically stronger than her. The odds of her getting away from him were slim.

Adrian lunged at her, smacking across her across the face. In response, she gave a swift uppercut like her father taught her. His chin knocked upward, but it wasn't enough. He cursed, hitting her hard in the stomach with a closed fist. She'd never been hit like this, by a man, with his full force behind it.

Something cracked. Her ribs probably. She gave a little cry, and then fell into instinct, as he threw her around, beating her while he slammed her down, ripping at her clothes. She responded with biting and nails, fighting as hard as she could. The next time her hit her, swiping across her temple, the world rattled, and her skull hurt. She thought she might have a minor concussion from the force, especially as he knocked her backward, the bottom of her head smacking into the stone. She rolled to the side in agony, wishing to vomit.

Adrian looked down at her with a sneer. To her satisfaction, she saw she left her mark—giant gouges across his face, a bloody noise, a cut above his eye. But it paled in comparison to her injuries.

She knew then that Adrian would kill her, despite what he planned. Just like Fenrir, he'd rape and brutally murder her. It was what men like him did.

She grieved Marcus. Once he woke up, he'd know what had happened. Marcus would blame himself forever. He might not survive the loss. She thought about the locket, wishing she could see his face again, a last image before she died.

Adrian continued to get undressed as she lay on the ground, bleeding in multiple areas, too injured to do much but moan in agony.

The locket…

The locket.

A portkey to his room.

Her thoughts were muddled, but clear enough to remember she'd placed it on her neck that morning. Since he'd given it to her, she'd worn it every day.

Katie reached up to the hollow of her throat, tracing along the lockets outline under her shirt before tugging it out. She whispered the activation. Adrian seemed to know something was amiss, because he lunged at her, but she'd been faster, scooting away just in time, so he wasn't tugged along with her.

She popped out of existence.


The portkey took her to the master bedroom. She stumbled to the bed, only stopping to vomit once on the ground.


The little elf arrived shaking like a leaf.

"Does the castle have a defense system?"

"Yes, but oh, Mistress Bell, only the master of the house can activate it. Without him calling on the wards, nothing will happen."

Katie took a deep breath, allowing a few tears.

"What about the woman carrying a potential heir? Would the house protect her?"

Kipper gasped and placed a hand to her heart.

"Is Mistress Bell saying she's carrying a child for Master Flint?"

"Maybe," she said. "I'm not sure."

Little Kipper began to pace, pulling at her ears, before she stopped as if remembering something.

"Mistress Bell, the wards! If you place a drop of blood at the master's entrance the castle will protect you… only if you are carrying a future little master or mistress. The blood will tell."

Kipper walked forward and grabbed her hand. She conjured a knife with elf magic and pricked her fingers, gathering a few drops in a vial.

Adrian's voice echoed along the hallways. They needed to hurry before he arrived. Without Marcus, the castle wards wouldn't protect her if she called on them, since they weren't married. But she'd had a suspicion. Just an idea. A missed period. She hadn't even taken a test yet, and she definitely hadn't told Flint.

She was probably wrong though. Who gets pregnant on their first try?

Katie held her breath in anxiety as Kipper brought her blood to the threshold of the master bedroom. The little elf tipped over her hand, letting the blood drip down. It beaded along the floor, soaking straight down in an unnatural way.

Adrian's voice was getting closer.

Kipper gasped and placed a hand on her heart.

"Oh, Mistress Bell, it's true! You're carrying the master's heir!" The elf gave a jump for joy as if it was the best thing in the world.

"Are you sure?" Katie's head hurt very bad, and her stomach and ribs did too. She touched her abdomen, worried for the life inside.

"The blood was accepted." The elf looked up, just as Pucey reached the doorway.

"Sneaky little bitch." He looked out of breath. "You think I didn't know about that locket? Flint used to carry it around. Everyone knew it transported back to the master bedroom. We all grew up visiting these grounds, so you have nowhere to hide." He snarled. "I'm going to give you one more chance for this to go nicely. Strip out of your—"

"Don't let him in!" Katie yelled. Her brain had trouble focusing on the words, hoping the castle understood.

Adrian took a step forward and was repelled backward.

Katie sat up as much as she could without the world going dizzy.

"What the fuck?" He glanced at the doorway, as if understanding the castle shouldn't protect her. His eyes landed on her abdomen and widened.

"Fuck." He looked like he was about to flee, but Katie wasn't about to let him go.

"There's an intruder on the grounds wishing to harm the heir. Protect it! Kill Adrian Pucey!"

An instant spray of blood answered her call. One second Adrian stood up right, the next second his head rolled toward her like an offering, cut off by an invisible force. His headless body stood a few moments more, before it crashed forward like a felled tree.

Katie shrugged off the shock. It should disgust her, but the gore didn't seem real. Katie tried to ignore Adrian's head near her foot, eyes and mouth open in eternal disbelief.

Kipper came closer in a fluster of movement, trying to get her to lie down, promising to clean and get rid of the body, but Katie couldn't rest just yet.

"I need to warn people about Callum." Katie grabbed her head in agony. "Get me to someone we can trust, Kipper."

Katie tiptoed over the corpse in the doorway and stumbled down the stairs, holding her ribs, attempting to keep her balance. Something was wrong with her brain, a concussion maybe. She managed to make it to the great hall, digging up a handful of floo powder. But before she could go any further, she collapsed against the rug below.


Katie woke up to Malfoy hovering over her. He'd healed her. She'd never been so shocked, except for when she discovered Marcus, like Ginny, had been taken for some fucked up ritual involving Hermione and ancient magic. They intended to sacrifice him, because they knew he'd die for the ones he loved.

And he would too. He'd been a martyr since she knew him. He'd die for his nephew and for Athena without a second thought.

When Thorfinn and Zala arrived at Malfoy manor, she almost couldn't face them, afraid of their anger. They'd entrusted their daughter in her care, and she'd allowed someone to rip the girl from her arms. But instead of condemnation, Thorfinn pulled her in for a hug.

"I'm glad you're okay."

Her throat closed with emotion, unable to explain the terror of Adrian leering at her, taking sips of whiskey, of his head severed, his corpse still standing upright.

"Let's go save them," Zala said. "We'll fight together."

Katie took the measure of the people around her. Everyone had someone they loved in danger, not just her, wands out, faces in ferocious scowls. They all wanted blood tonight. She was grateful Astoria had enough forethought to find her wand still in the great hall. Now she clutched it hard, relishing each surge of adrenaline, knowing it meant one more second closer to saving Marcus.

There would be no mercy from her. Not anymore. She'd be as ruthless as the man she loved.


Katie used the killing curse on the guard holding Marcus. It came with just as much agony as the first time, but the fear and love overrode the pain.

"Katie!" Marcus grabbed her in a tight hug, spells crashing overhead. He squeezed so hard, she thought she might break her rib again, until he pulled back and grabbed her face.

"I thought Pucey…" His voice faltered

He'd thought Adrian had raped her, probably killed her.

"He's dead."

They should move faster. The fighting raged around them, but so far, they were overlooked on the ground. Still, it was only a matter of time before an errant spell hit them.

"How did you kill him?"

"I didn't."

A blue light whizzed by her ear. Flint tugged her down, forgetting about their conversation.

"I need my wand," he said. "The big bastard has it. The tallest one." Marcus pointed to a giant of a man fighting Malfoy until Thorfinn took over. They were evenly matched. Zala stood at his back, flinging curses when she could, attempting to get closer to the children with no success.

"How are you going to get it?" She asked.

"I'm going to surprise him." Marcus stood. When she tried to stand with him, he shoved her to the side to hide behind some broken stone. "Stay here and don't distract me."

That made Katie bristle with irritation, but she remembered the secret in her belly. She couldn't risk herself unnecessarily, not like she used to.

By surprise him Marcus meant he'd use muggle methods of violence. Right when he seemed to gain an advantage over Thorfinn, Marcus barreled into the masked giant from the side like an American football player, tackling him to the ground.

They rolled a few turns, Marcus using all his strength to get the brute in a correct position—behind him with his arm cinched around his neck.

"Now, Rowle, kill him!"

Thorfinn obliged, sending the killing curse at the big cult member. The man stilled, collapsing against Flint. Thorfinn ran up and shoved the heavy body off, pulling Flint up. Marcus rifled through the man's pocket, giving a wicked smirk now he was properly armed.

"Rowle," Marcus said, flipping his wand and catching it. "Let's show these amateurs how Death Eaters like to play."

Thorfinn gave a rumbling laugh.

"I think this might be fun."


She'd never forget the horror she saw. Athena with a knife to her throat. Astoria walking to her death. Malfoy's deception. And then more blood and death.

This time, Marcus forced Katie to stick behind him. Since she'd killed the guard holding Marcus, she hadn't been able to kill another, though she threw curses when she could to help.

Marcus didn't hold back. He killed several, mostly in horrific ways, including a cutting spell and a particular gruesome twist on a Confringo. He moved around, dueling as if he'd been made to be an angel of death. He cut through the black mass of robes, until he faced off with Rosewood.

This one wouldn't be so easy. She understood this as Marcus studied his opponent before striking as if gauging a weakness. When the fight began, the spells zinged, bouncing off shields, followed by nastier curses. Katie curled her hand around a jagged piece of stone, the size of a baseball. The sharp edges pricked her skin, the pain giving her something to focus on.

When Marcus was stuck with a blue light, she raced forward without thought. She wanted to stay hidden to protect the life inside her, but she wouldn't sit back while the man she loved was murdered. Marcus turned blue from lack of oxygen, and Rosewood leveled his wand at Marcus as if to finish him off.

Katie flung up a Protego just in time. It gave Marcus enough room to flick his wand at his chest, taking off whatever oxygen depletion spell was used.

Rosewood looked at her as if she was a Christmas present.

"Katie Bell," Rosewood crooned. Marcus lay at her feet, gasping in breaths. He was injured, something wrong with one of his legs, blood leaking out. "Marcus, have you told her I was just as favored by the Dark Lord as you for killing? She doesn't look as afraid of me as she should be."

Marcus raised his wand but dropped it. Whatever spell was used depleted his energy. He didn't even have the energy yet to talk, still taking panting breaths.

Katie attempted to curse Rosewood, but he flung an expelliarmus before she could counter it. Her wand hurtled across the room. She watched it go like a severed limb, knowing she might not survive long now. He really was fast and powerful.

But Katie refused to bow to this monster.

She clenched her fists and then remembered she clutched something in her hands, something that pricked her fingers, used to keep her focused.

When she used to visit her father in America, he would bring her outside and practice baseball. She'd throw it back and forth, and he'd praise her for her hard throw, a natural. She'd always loved sports of any kind, finding it easy to move her body the way she wished.

When she cocked her wrist back, her muscle memory came into play.

"Catch," she screamed and slammed her wrist forward. The rock flew like a projectile, straight and true.

If it had been a spell, he might have countered it, but muggle violence threw him off guard.

Her father would be proud, she thought, as it smacked hard against his forehead. Rosewood stumbled back, clutching his head. She hoped he had as great a headache as Adrian gave her earlier.

Filled with blood lust, she grabbed up another rock and began stalking toward him, intent on smashing his face in for daring to harm her, Flint, or her unborn child. But the ground rumbled, and the air shivered. Katie dropped her rock and glanced around.

Hermione was on the dais framed by brilliant light, back arched, blood dripping from her hands. The air whistled around her. Even Katie could feel the magic, the power hurtling toward her. It flowed like a river. When the wind finally stopped, Hermione snapped her eyes open. They glowed golden, like some goddess, a wraith intent on vengeance.

She didn't look human anymore.


When Hermione stepped through the veil, Marcus tried to lunge forward, but she held him suspended in the air as he howled for her. As soon as the cloth stopped fluttering, Marcus crawled with his broken body toward the dais as if he'd step in after her.

"Hermione," he screamed.

Katie walked after him. She leaned down and put her hands over his to stop his frantic push forward.

"She's gone," she said as gently as she could.

Giant tears streaked down his face. She'd never seen him like this—so broken and defeated. Katie pushed him up enough she cradled him. He gave a tempered scream into her shoulder.

"I can never save her," he said. "I've never saved anyone."

"You saved me."

"I can't even keep you safe.," he said. "They dragged me here, leaving you with Pucey." He looked at her then with red eyes. Katie reached down and tapped his legs, attempting basic healing charms. It wouldn't do much. He'd need a real healer, but at least he wouldn't bleed out. "Tell me truthfully, did he touch you?"

Katie stilled.

"He hurt me pretty bad, but not in the way you're asking." She sucked in a breath. "He never… violated me. But I had a bad concussion and some broken ribs. Malfoy healed me, if you can believe it."

Katie wished to cry, thinking of the blond man laid out next to his sleeping son. Ever since Hogwarts, she hated Malfoy, but the sight of him dead made her hollow. It reminded her of after the battle of Hogwarts, walking through the smoke and destruction, feeling like a living ghost. Except this time, she had Marcus to weather the storm with her.

She could see it in his eyes—the loss of hope. His sister disappeared. He'd spent so many years grieving and saving her, and now it was for nothing. Katie knew the necessity of having a fragile hope to hold on.

"You never asked me how I survived?" She ran her wand over his wounds again, attempting to keep them closed. Dark Magic created them, so they'd open again after a minute.

"How did you survive?" There was a wary tone to his voice, as if worried about her mental status.

"The castle protected me," she said. "I called on the wards."

Marcus shook his head, crinkling his brow in confusion.

"But that's impossible. The wards only…."

Marcus went silent, eyes wide in disbelief. He reached out and touched her lower stomach. It was a question; one he didn't need to state out loud.

She placed her hand over his.

"The castle protected me," she said again. "Kipper did too."

He kept opening his mouth as if to speak, but he just shook his head, stunned. His fingers brushed along her lower stomach. It didn't feel real a baby was inside there, probably the size of a grain of rice.

They couldn't say anything else because a gasp rattled the room, and Astoria sat straight up. She'd been laid out next to the dead, throat gaping open. But now the wound was closed, and she was looking around in shock.

Minutes later, Draco rose from the dead.

And shortly after, Hermione tumbled back through the veil.


Four Years Later


Katie stood in the center of the pitch, watching Marcus walking next to little Jean. She wobbled on her broom, looking as serious and determined as her father. Marcus reached out and steadied her, and Jean looked at him with a scowl, green eyes flashing in anger.

"No help daddy," she demanded.

Marcus took back his hand as if itching to steady her again, but he grinned.

"You're as demanding as your mother." He looked back, catching her eye. The desire hadn't dulled. Just a look, and she wanted to tug him to a dark corner in the castle.

Katie had recently fully renovated the pitch. They hosted quidditch games once a month, Slytherin versus Gryffindor, just like old times, with all the cheating and underhanded movements of the past. Though now that she knew how to distract Marcus, it became easier to win. She'd just fly close and whisper something dirty to him, and he'd be useless the rest of the game.

Jean yawned, and Marcus swooped in and lifted her off the broom.

"It's time for a nap," he said.

Jean pouted, about to throw a tantrum, but Marcus tickled her, and she giggled before he could.

"I'll put her to bed," he said while passing her by. He leaned over, gave a kiss, and then whispered in her ear. "After, I'll put her mother to bed too."

"Not yet," she said. "I have a surprise."

He wrinkled his brow in an expression that looked exactly like their daughter. She might have birthed the girl, but she was a clone of her father: green eyes, dark hair, and serious countenance.


Marcus walked back out thirty minutes later. His hair was disheveled as if he went to battle— which he did, she could concede. Jean never made it easy, always fighting her nap, angry she had to miss a second of fun.

"Kipper is on duty," he said. "She'll get us when she wakes."

"You'll need your broom for my surprise," she said before he could get too close.

Marcus didn't question her. At this point in their relationship, he'd learned to go along with whatever insane plan or game she thought up next.

He stalked off to the broom shed and brought out his elegant Firebolt. It gleamed in the sunshine. He still worked at the ministry in the games department. Just last year, she managed to get a position in the same department. Marcus wanted to pull favors for her, but she refused, wishing to get in on her own merit. Everyday felt like a new adventure, even though she was still only working on the lower levels.

He walked up beside her, looking slightly wary, or maybe he looked hungry. It always morphed into the same thing for him—an expression of longing, lust, and a deep fear he'd lose her.

"Thorfinn flooed," Marcus said when he arrived. "He said Zala wants to stop by later."

Her best friend was pregnant with her third child. Their second, little Demeter, was nearly the exact same age as Jean and just as wild as her sister. Zala swears this next child is a boy and as she gets closer to birth, she spends most her days cursing Throfinn's size and virility.

"And what did you tell her?" Katie asked with a grin.

"That she needs to leave her demon child behind. The last time Athena visited she tried to stage a house elf revolt, only succeeding in making Kipper anxious. And I'm not even going to mention the time she found the stash of medieval weapons in the dungeons."

That one was memorable.

"Well, Hermione will be proud Athena considered the elves. She might be a potential S.P.E.W. member."

Marcus shook his head in amusement.

"What surprise do you have in store for me?"

She clutched her own Firebolt under her fingers, loving the smooth wood in her hand. Katie reached into her pocket and pulled out a small vial.

"What's that?" He asked.

"Today's contraceptive potion."

Marcus had wanted a second child for a while now, though he never pressured her. Katie had never felt ready, but lately the thought became more and more desirable until she decided it was time.

"Why are you showing me it?"

Katie gave a sharp laugh. She lifted the potion bottle in the air, giving a small shake.

"Here's the challenge…" At the word, his eyebrow raised, loving the games just as much as she did. "I'll let you toss this in the garbage right now. And then you can fuck me in whatever position you want and cum inside me. But…"

Marcus looked ravenous; eyes lowered in anticipation. He placed a hand to the collar of his shirt as if ready to rip it of on command.


Katie grinned at him.

"But you need to catch me first." She straddled her broom and zoomed off into the sky with lighting speed. She twisted and gave a taunting wink.

He gave a loud laugh.

"You better go fast, love, because I'm not going to let you win this time. I've wanted to put another baby in you for too long."

She only had time to glance once more behind her as she twisted around the castle to see Marcus already in the air, hovered low on his broom, gaining on her fast.

Of course, she'd let him win.

But she didn't plan on making it easy.