A skeletal, almost eight-feet tall creature sat on his intricately gold-detailed obsidian throne.

The creature was an epitome of darkness and power, radiating the aura of a dark master of the dead… And also, completely virtual.

Momonga sighed in contemplation as he looked at YGGDRASIL deep dive-game system's server shutdown timer.

'YGGDRASIL shuts down it's server after fifteen years of operation… Just like that…' Momonga thought a bit bitterly. 'They didn't even pull the cash-shop from the game before the announcement or anything… Haa… I'm not bitter, not at all…'

A pair of red lights in empty eye sockets dimmed, representing Avatar 'Momonga' blinking.

The connection to the Deep Dive game was made through neural interface ports, meaning that the 'real' human of the 'two' didn't need to move, and was in reality lying in a coma-like state in his 'apartment'- If one could call a ten-by-ten feet cube a 'apartment'.

Although, considering that Suzuki Satoru was just a meager businessman in dystopian Neo-Japan, such apartment could be considered 'luxurious' by his standards. Not to mention, he didn't need any more 'living' space than what was needed to fit a chemical scrubber, a water-boiler for making food, a waste extraction unit, and a deep-dive chair.

Which were conveniently rolled into one, as he had bought an 'advanced model' of the very literal 'gaming chair' with his earnings.

Momonga snapped out of his ponderings as he realized he was thinking about useless things when YGGDRASIL was about to be shut down, and the creation of his friends and himself, through the efforts of player-made guild Ainz Ooal Gown, were about to disappear.

He looked around the dark marble halls of Ainz Ooal Gown's player-guildbase, The Great Tomb of Nazarick, and contemplated his past and the creations of his friends. 'Herohero logged in just to say goodbye and leave his inventory to me, as a symbolic gesture… I managed to offload his stuff to the Treasury and make a avatar of him in there from a golem, so everyone's legacies are safe… as safe as I can make them, I guess…'

Momonga felt foolish as he knew that everything would disappear soon, but happy that he had completed his small rite- That of entombing the memories and gear of his lost guildmates, each drawn off of YGGDRASIL either due to real-life pressures, loss of jobs and thus money to keep up with the lifestyle, or deaths through crime or self-inflicted means. 'They will all be entombed in memories… My friends…'

He leaned back as he looked at the sight of the NPC's he managed to gather into the great hall that made the 'heart' of the Nazarick, it's last and deepest layer. 'I couldn't move Area Guardians or Floor Guardians out of their respective zones, so I called the Pleiades maids since they are technically this floor's NPC's…'

Momonga looked at the sight of the various maids, each looking mostly human on the surface, but two bearing clear signs of their heteromorph nature- Lupusregina having wolf-like ears and tail, as her true form was that of a werewolf, and Entoma, whose child-like body was like that of a human-like insect and covered in chitin. Meanwhile some others, such as Shizu or CZ2128 were better at hiding their heteromorphic nature, even if Shizu's robotic movements betrayed her nature as a magic automaton.

Ainz Ooal Gown, after all, was a guild of players with exclusively heteromorphic avatars, each with negative 'karma', and had designed their guild-base's NPC's with such 'lore' in mind- That of a villains and monsters.

And what kind of villain was more intriguing than one clad in beautiful flesh, only to shed to reveal the monster underneath?

Such was the theme of the ninth level of Nazarick, and it's last line of defense.

Momonga glanced at the 'Floor Guardian', or 'boss' of the last level of Nazarick, Albedo, who was exemplar of such design philosophy with her pale white skin that was like alabaster complimented by her beautiful and curvaceous features- Yet underneath that…

'...I think I actually forgot what kind of person she was underneath that look.' Momonga covered his skeletal features with his bony hand in shame. 'Right, I still have time, let's cheat…'

He pulled up Nazarick's control panel which was integrated into the Throne of Kings on which he sat. 'Floor guardians… Ah, Albedo… Hm. Beautiful, gentle and compassionate on the surface, but once peered closer, she…'

Momonga paused with his bony jaw wide open. '...She is a massive slut?!'

"Heee?!" A small noise escaped Momonga's mouth as he looked at the text… And then got a small idea. '...I don't think that's appropriate, but… The devs released the command console for players to buy and to use during the server's last few hours to incentivize players to log in and spend money…'

Momonga pulled the 'dev' console open, and made small adjustments to Albedo's background 'profile'. 'She's Tabula Smaragdina's NPC, and since Tabula is still in the guild even if he hasn't logged in for years, and I won't disgrace him by kicking him, I can't actually edit him NPC through my right as a guild master… But with dev console…'

He hovered his bony hand above the console for a moment… Before pressing 'enter'. '...Now it reads, 'Loves Suzuki Satoru unconditionally'...'

Momonga felt as his cheeks blushed, even though he didn't have anything that could blush. 'Aaaah, I really hope Tabula-kun never finds out, that is so embarrassing… I feel like chuunibyou again…'

He collected his wits and sat back down on the Throne of Kings as he realized he had scrambled to sit behind it while he came into terms with his embarrassment. 'Ahem, now then…'

"And so, the last moment approaches. Kneel, loyal servants of Nazarick, loyal subjects of Ainz Ooal Gown!" Momonga decreed and made a grand motion with his arm, causing the NPC's in the room to kneel.

He looked at the timer which was ticking seconds down, and closed his eyes at 'five' second mark…

'I think Ulbert mentioned something about a new mech game coming out soon… I might have to look into that… I think I read that YGGDRASIL's developement staff were involved with it, and had used the data they had gathered programming experience from the 'Powered Suits' they added to YGGDRASIl some time ago…' Momonga thought idly as he counted seconds inside his head, and checked his Inventory to glance at the 'Powered Suit' crafted by his guildmate.

The Crab Blacksmith of Ainz Ooal Gown, Amanomahitotsu, had tried to make a viably Powered Suit-build to compliment his entirely crafting-based build, but had been utterly annihilated by Peroroncino in a one-on-one ranged duel. Thusly the blacksmith had tossed the item aside, yet Momonga's heart broke as he saw his fellow guildmate toss something he had worked so hard on aside in anger.

Momonga had thus picked the item up and sent Amanomahitotsu a message that he was holding onto it if he wanted to reclaim it one day. He had received no reply for months, until Amanomahitotsu had simply stated that it was Momonga's property and he could do with it as he wished, but also apologized for his anger. 'He spent so many data crystals on it… I'm sad that he never got to use it properly or that the suit wasn't used in combat, but I'll honor his decision…'

'Five, four, three, two, one… one? One? Negative one?' Momonga opened his eyes as he didn't feel the usual 'lurch' of a neural disconnect from YGGDRASIL.

There was a massive fist rapidly approaching his face.




NERV was an organization created with one purpose.

Within that, they were tasked to defend Earth from their greatest external threat- Creatures nicknamed 'Angels'.

To do that, they had forged weapons through bio-mechanical engineering so advanced that it borderline arcane, and those weapons had stood on their two feet to synch up with a pilot, and march to war, bearing the codename EVA.

Yet, only one prototype of such a weapon was successfully activated, with the others either not ready for battle, broken from self-inflicted injuries, or too far away.

Thus, when the First Angel arrived and assaulted the NERV headquarters in Japan, the fortress-city of Tokyo-3, the only thing that opposed it at the start was conventional military.

Attack aircraft unloaded rockets and missiles, artillery rained fire and shrapnel, and even a 'clean' nuclear warhead in the shape of a N2 mine were not enough to destroy the singular attacking 'Angel', a skyscraper-sized monstrous creature vaguely resembling a hunchback human.

The bombardment, however, managed to temporarily halt it, before it lurched back into motion upon healing itself.

By that time, the pilot for a EVA had been found, and had been fairly unceremoniously threatened, coerced, guilt-tripped, and physically stuffed into the EVA, and shot up from the bowels of Tokoy-3 to the surface where the Angel walked.

Naturally, the first thing the EVA had done after arriving to the surface was to fall flat on it's face.

The second thing pilot had done was to allow the Angel to almost break the EVA's neck, and allow it to break the EVA's arm.

The third thing the pilot had done was to pass out utterly.

The fourth thing that had happened, was that the biomechanical, semi-sentient EVA had entered a state of self-awareness rampage, and had torn the Angel's arms off and smacked the Angel away with it's own arms.

Yet, when the EVA charged to finish off the Angel…

The staff of NERV's command center stared at the massive screens showing the sight of EVA Unit-01's fist hitting a somewhat-larger than normal skeletal figure that had appeared midair, and had eaten a punch straight to the cranium.

However, while the skeletal figure had been sent flying into a skyscraper, EVA's fist had exploded into what one of the technicians had called 'chunky salsa'.

"What- That skeleton has a AT-field!" Misato, the chief of operations of NERV exclaimed and slammed her hands against the command table while leaning forwards. "Cover Shiji!"

"Shinji has passed out! EVA-01 is berserking!" The First Technician, Makoto, informed Misato.

"Send the JSSDF."

The quiet voice order came from behind Misato, who turned around to see Gendo Ikari, NERV's commander, staring at the screen showing berserking Unit 01.

The EVA unit charged past the Angel to pummel it's fist-stump into the partially collapsed building into where the skeleton had been punched.

"Sir- The Angel-" Misato was well aware of what would happen to the Japanese Self-Defense Force's men and equipment if they were sent between a battle between a berserking EVA and a Angel- In the best scenario the military might buy the EVA a moment to compose itself, but the most likely scenario was that the military died in vain.

The worst scenario being that the berserking EVA charged the military, as it had absolutely no concept of 'friend or foe', weakening itself and likely getting defeated by the Angel in turn.

The entire NERV command center shook from an explosion, and the command staff turned to see that Unit-01 had exploded in flame, a massive lightning-storm had stuck it out of the pale and cloudless sky, and a massive mushroom explosion had tossed it aside like a toy while also leveling most of Tokoy-3's surface.

There was a skeletal creature clad bizarre in violet-black regalia, wielding a golden staff, and huge shoulder pads seemingly made of tusks of some ancient monster.

It floated in the air eerily, while the building into which he had been punched had disintegrated around it in the massive explosion.

Yet, now that the cameras had time to focus properly on the skeleton, they saw that the skeleton only resembled human in anatomy, but the bones had edges and creases unlike anything a 'human' might have- It was clear that the skeleton had never had 'flesh' around it, and It had been always been that way.

Misato paused and paled.

The entire Command Center saw it.

The red orb just below the skeleton's ribcage.

"It's a second Angel."

The moment ended as the skeleton pointed it's bony hand towards Unit-01, and opened it's grasp, showing that it's fingerbones ended in sharp tips.

Misato opened her mouth to order emergency detonation of the entire block's supporting structures, which would allow the entire city-block to fall into NERV's 'underground' cavern, above which the city had been build- And that way rescue the EVA and it's unconcious pilot.


"Unit-01 has lost it's engine!" Makoto screamed in panic, drowning out Misato's order. "It… it…"

He, as well as Misato and the rest of the command staff stared at the screens, and saw that Unit-01's engine had appeared into the skeletal Angel's hand, with the skeleton looking almost comically small as the orb-like engine was roughly the size of a truck.

Unit-01 collapsed.


A chain of detonations formed a neat rectangle along the streets, and the entire Tokoy-3-C#51 city-block fell into the NERV's underground city, and the hole it left behind was instantly blocked by layers upon layers of blast doors that slammed it shut, sealing the city above and the city below from one another once more.

The skeletal creature paused for a moment, before a huge swirling portal appeared beside it, and it moved the entire engine into the portal.

The portal closed, and the skeleton stood victoriously in the air.

"..." Misato felt terror. "We've lost…"

"Ritsuko- Extract Shinji, and get Unit-01 to Terminal dogma, and swap Unit-00's engine to Unit-01. Have Rei to pilot it. Send refitted Unit-01 to the surface, and have her detonate the EVA on top of that skeletal Angel." Gendo's voice came from behind Misato. "Fuyutsuki. Call Central. Have every single N2 bomb in Japan's arsenal launched on Tokoy-3 to stun the Angels."

"I…" Ritsuko paused as the chief science officer of NERV got her orders, as the bleached-blonde woman had been staring at the sight unfolding on the screens in frozen horror.

However, before any of Gendo's orders could be carried out, the First Angel stood up after having regenerated it's arms.

And the first Angel punched the floating skeleton-Angel.




Momonga was excited.

"HAAHAAAA!" He laughed out loud. 'Haa! If only the guys knew!'

He hadn't expected much from the log-off, but YGGDRASIL's devs had gone above and beyond call of duty.

'I can't believe that they added a free demo of their new mech-game that launches when YGGDRASIL's server is taken down in the background!' Momonga realized that it was likely a timed demo, as the devs would probably forcibly log everyone out once the server shutdown was finalized, and he was adamant to make most of the demo in the time he had left.

'They even allowed all of the stuff from YGGDRASIL to carry over!' Momonga had used [Body of Effulgent Beryl] to reinforce his blunt damage-resistance just before the fist had hit his face, and then, cast [Grand Fireball], [Dragon Lightning] and [Nuclear Blast] on the attacking 'NPC' mech when it had reached for him.

Unfortunately the [Nuclear Blast] could damage the caster, so he had to detonate [Body of Effulgent Beryl] to once-per-cast negate all blunt damage from a single attack, which had also caused the spell to expire and enter a brief cooldown.

Afterwards, he had used one of his favorite skills, [Grasp Heart] on the mech, even though he didn't expect much from the spell against a non-living opponent… But to his surprise the mech did have a heart, and Momonga looted the heart out of instinct.

'A incomplete S1 engine, huh… So that's a 'first grade' engine, I wonder if there are more advanced engines…' Momonga checked his inventory while floating in the air with [Fly]. 'I see, so you have to loot parts from dead mechs in order to build your own!'

A punch from behind launched him directly down like a fly that was swatted from midair, and the impact broke [Fly].

However, while the damage was somewhat negated by his gear which gave him slight resistance to bludgeoning damage, it was still quite a worrisome amount of damage.

Mostly because it hurt.

"Ow! Owowow… my back…" Momonga groaned as he got up on his feet. 'I see, so that's a max-level enemy since my [High-Tier Physical Immunity III] didn't proc from it's attack but did proc from me getting my face slammed against the ground… I see! So the first mech is super-weak, but the second is adjusted to player level! Clever!'

He sent a basic third-tier [Fireball] spell at the skyscraper-sized mech, and it didn't so much as pause as it kept walking in slow, steady menacing pace towards Momonga while the fireball seemed to splash against some kind of angular rainbow-coloured barrier and dissipate harmlessly. 'Hoo… So it has [High-Tier Magic Immunity] as well… Not bad, not bad at all, devs… Let's see about this-!'

'Since the server is about to go down, and my cash-shop items will be gone…' Momonga reached into his inventory to pull a small hourglass-like item which he cracked between his fingers.

The item was a cash-shop item that negated Super-tier spell's long casting time- Which was the only thing between the spells being absolutely useless and absolutely overpowered.

'Since that mech looks organic whereas that last one had been mechanical, this should work-' Momonga quickly racked through his mind for an appropriate single-target Super-tier spell.

He couldn't use [Sword of Damocles] on the mech, since it wasn't a structure.

He couldn't use [Iä, Shub-Niggurath] on the mech, since it wasn't surrounded by weaker NPC's which could summon NPC's for Momonga's side.

He could use [Fallen Down], but his little test with [Fireball] meant that it likely wouldn't do much damage.

However, he had something that would target an enemy from the inside… And felt the tug of Chuuni, which he indulged since there was no-one to see his corny acting. "Face me and be devoured by darkness- [Book of Revelations: Malevolent Locust- Disaster of Abaddon's Locust]!"



The NERV-staff stared at the sight and sound of the skeletal creature which was recorded in crystal-clear clarity through the myriad of microphones and cameras in Tokoy-3.

There was a 'thump' sound of something heavy hitting a desk.

Misato turned to see that Gendo had pulled a massive bible from somewhere and had plopped it open on his desk, and was paging through it with his thumb.

Misato turned to face the screens, and saw that there was a gnawed, flesh-stripped skeletal remains where there had once been a massive hulking angel.

A huge swarm of blood-thirsty locusts buzzed around the carcass, eating all the flesh that regenerated and gnawing bones until they were perfectly white sticks, devoid of all flesh, fat and sinew.

The skeletal creature walked over to the fallen Angel, and grabbed it's still-regenerating red orb.

It too disappeared into the swirling void.

"Blue signature has… disappeared?" Makoto voiced somewhat weakly.

Ritsuko passed out.

"Fuyutsuki." Gendo voiced without stopping his thumb-through of the Book of Revelations or lifting his eyes from the slightly-yellow papers of the book, completely unfazed by the unfolding events.

"Commander?" The graying second-in-command of NERV asked.

"I haven't rescinded my command to drop every single N2 bomb in Japan over Tokoy-3."

"Understood, commander." Fuyutsuki paled a bit but went to a red phone and made a call.

Misato paled even further.

And then she turned towards Makoto. "Drop every block with a civilian evacuation shelter! Now!"



'Hooo! A S2 engine! So that's a higher rarity, right? Oooh, there has to be even higher rarity, perhaps a S3 engine!' Momonga's collector instincts felt all kinds of giddly. 'I am so going to get this game when it launches properly, just you wait… Devs better release it in a proper state this time though. Aah, I need to work hard to scrounge up enough money to buy a proper head-start when the game comes out… I wonder if some of the guys stopped playing YGGDRASIL to save up for the mech-game? It'd be so cool to meet them again there…'

He danced around a bit… And then his overflowing excitement and happiness was reduced forcibly. "Oh."

Momonga felt a bit depressed as the giggly and happy mood 'normalized'. 'Well, that's odd.'

He looked up as he heard air sirens, a bit reminiscent of the ones in Neo-Japan to signal a coming bio-contaminant storm.

'Hm…' Momonga squinted his eyes, at least mentally as he had no eyelids or eyebrows, and stared at the tiny dark shapes above. 'Planes?'

A chain of small explosions from all around rocked the earth, and Momonga noticed that pretty much the entire city around him had fallen down and been sealed, like the block that had housed the dead 'mechanical mech'.

He looked back up and saw hundreds of white missile-like trails approaching where he stood. 'I guess the demo is over, huh…'

However, Momonga would not go quietly into the night. He was the legacy of Ainz Ooal Gown, a guild of 'villains' who had PK'd, who had raided, who had outwardly acted to the end as monsters that they portrayed.

He would not cower in the face of the server-end, specifically as his cooldown for the blunt-damage resisting spell ended.

Even though he already knew he would feel all sorts of embarrassed about his roleplay when he woke up in his deep dive-chair.

"[Body of Effulgent Beryl]- COME AT ME, COME AND FALL BEFORE THE MIGHT OF AINZ OOAL GOWN!" Momonga pulled another instant-cast hourglass from his inventory and put Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown down so it's automatic self-defense AI activated, and he cast his second Super-tier spell for the day out of his four total daily casts, activated all of his Auras from [Black Halo] to [Aura of Despair: IV]. "YOUR END IS HERE, AND IT COMES IN DARKNESS AND DEATH- [Wind of Corruption]!"

A dark mist exploded outwards from Momonga, causing all of the metal around him to rust and break, while the concrete crumbled into dust and ash.

The mist flew forth as a wind, reaching the incoming swarm of missiles… And the flat-tipped cylinder-like gliding missiles began to corrode and rust at extreme speed.

The Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown launched a flurry of [Chain Dragon Lightning] on the missiles, each hitting one of the weakened cylinders and bouncing from that to multiple others.

The swarm of N2 mines detonated early.

Momonga detonated [Body of Effulgent Beryl] to counteract the incoming blast wave…



The entire NERV headquarters shook, electric subsystems overloaded and short-circuited, and the central MAGI-computer shut down for fraction of a second as it rebooted itself.

"Give me visuals! What happened?!" Misato barked as the screens had gone dark.

"Unknown! We're having a mass blackout! The surface has been wiped out!" Makoto answered as he typed furiously on his keyboard and red lights came up to illuminate the command bridge.

"Did you get the order to recover Shinji out before that?"

"I did, but I'm not sure about the team's status!" Maya, the second technician beside Makoto, answered. "We've lost contact with just about… Everyone!"

"Get the communications up and running!" Misato ordered. 'Dammit… Shinji, you better not die on me…'

"We have a breach on- On all surface layers! Near Unit-01's wreck! The second Angel is in Geofront!" Makoto announced with a shaky voice as the primary surface-level sensor net came back online. "It doesn't have a blue signature! It's invisible!"

Misato had only one response.




The blast wave of hundreds of 'clean' nuclear warheads hit Momonga.

And it was mostly negated thanks to having detonated close enough to one another to count as a 'single attack' which was then countered by [Body of Effulgent Beryl]'s ability to ignore the blunt damage of a single attack.

However, it was enough to utterly crack the ground and punch Momonga right through it while also causing the ground to form a massive crater like a huge sheet of deformed steel.

Momonga realized that he was falling even though he had been hit underground… And he hit the ground, again.


Momonga coughed, even though he didn't exactly have lungs to cough out of, but it was a natural response for 'Suzuki' for a trauma to his body- The fall had been negated by [High-Tier Physical Immunity III] but not the heat damage from the nuclear explosions- Even if his gear gave him fairly good resistance to it.

'Eh?' Momonga blinked as he realized he couldn't move properly, and that he was in some sort of underground cavern, complete with a lake and a pyramid (for some reason).

He looked at his stat page, and noted that he was roughly at 'half health', but at the same time, he had a lot of cracked bones. 'Yeah, that was a mostly blunt damage attack, which was ignored, but it must have had enough heat damage to almost kill me… Hoo, that passed right through my [High-Tier Physical Immunity III]'

However, more importantly than that, his lost health hurt a lot. 'Owowowowow! Ow! The pain… YGGDRASIL had pain simulation, but what the hee- ow!'

Momonga twitched a bit until the emotion-part of the pain was reduced forcibly, allowing him to just feel the pain but allow him to just relegate it to a 'status effect' instead of something cripping. "Well then. That's weird."

"Hm…" Momonga was fairly sure the tutorial was supposed to end with that blast, but it looked like he had glitched through the ground. 'Well, having an unstable alpha build is as expected. Baby steps.'

He climbed back on his feet slowly, making sure not to move too violently in order to not further crack his already-compromised bones.

'Umu… It feels as if the demo was supposed to end there, in a big huge bang… Did they extend the shutdown period? I guess I'm free to hang around and explore a bit…'

Momonga tilted his skeletal head at the pyramid in the distance. 'Heh, I'm getting Nazarick shakes… I might as well take a peek at what kind of dungeons this game has… I might get killed, but it's not like I can keep my stuff when the server closes...'


A swirling portal appeared in front of him, and Momonga turned off his Auras and Negative Energy Touch so that he wouldn't accidentally pull too many mobs at once or by mistake.

He walked into the portal...



Rei Ayanami opened her eyes.

"Which… am I?"

"Second." The blonde woman by her bedside told her. "You are needed. Now."

Rei was yanked out of her hospital bed with little ceremony, even if it caused her already-cracked arm-bone to crack and cause her arm to loll around limply, and her dislocated knee to let a wet lurch.

Her hospital gown fell off as a group of soldiers hauled her to a wheeled stretcher in clear panic and pushed her out of the room, with the blonde woman following the soldiers as they began to push the stretcher.

'Unit-00…' Rei's thoughts were bland and serene, like white walls in a white room, as she looked to the side and saw that they were passing a corridor after corridor in Central Dogma. '...'

"Misato! What's the situation?!" The blonde woman screamed into her cellphone and Rei managed to squint her pain-blurred eyes to realize that the woman was Ritsuko, in her usual white lab-coat.

"You can't find it? YOU CAN'T FIND A GODDAMN ANGEL IN GEOFRONT?! WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU SAW IT AND IT DISAPPEARED? FIND THAT THING YOU INCOMPETENT SHOTA HUNTER!" Ritsuko screamed into the phone. "I'm getting Rei to Unit-00, you better… have… found… it… by..."

The woman's screech died out at the end.

Rei tilted her head a bit, and her vision landed on a massive skeletal creature in front of her stretcher, and it looked like the group of soldiers had collided the stretcher into it when turning a corner.

The skeleton looked at the soldiers.

The soldiers screamed and un-slung their submachine guns, and emptied their magazines into the skeleton.

"Low-level Piercing damage… haa… [Implosion]. [Lightning]." The skeleton's voice seemed almost bored as it blew the two soldiers into meat paste that smeared the green-tinted gray walls with bright red. "I guess this is a low-level dungeon…"

"...Misato. It's here. Central Dogma. Corridor one-five-beta-six-six…" Ritsuko's voice was quiet and the woman had fallen on her knees in terror. "Three blocks from the elevator to Terminal… In front of me... Misato... I'm sorry for taking your hairbrush that one time, in high-school..."

Rei looked as the skeleton stared at her.

And then the skeleton stared at her naked body.

The skeleton seemed to pause, and then stared at Rei's breasts.

Rei stared back at the skeleton.

The skeleton walked slowly, unhurriedly next to Rei.

Rei stared at it.

The skeleton's hand reached out… And it poked Rei's left breast.

'...' Rei stared at the skeleton with a small blush on her cheeks, for some reason.

The skeleton… Disappeared.

Rei stared at the wall.

Ritsuko passed out.



Momonga was sitting and facing a concrete wall near a ruined skyscraper. '...The government mandate decrees that there will be no touch sensation on Deep Dive games when it comes to 'inappropriate' parts, and DDVR-nudity is to be strictly censored with harsh results for rule-breakers. There's between no and zero way that the shitty devs would risk their new game by having nudity in it, even if it was a demo.'

Momonga stared the broken concrete wall, trying to make sense of what had happened.

Then he tried to log off.

It didn't work.

He tried to open 'dev console' and then 'systems menu'.

Neither worked.

'...I think I screwed up.'

AN: I've noticed that most readers come from Overlord side of fanfiction while having not all too much knowledge on Evangelion. I'd recommend watching 'Explaining Evangelion- The Lore of Japan's Most Brilliant Sci-fi' by zachargkna on youtube to get yourself on speed regarding basics of Evangelion lore. This advise is mostly because I don't often describe things that 'should be' clear to someone who has seen the 'source material', in order to cut down on needless exposition.