Disclaimer. This is a challenge to anyone who likes writing, BNHA and Zoids. This is not a story, merely my want for more Zoid fanfiction and recognition. I do not own Boku no Hero Academia or Zoids. All I own is a couple model kits and The Big Sad.

Challenge time.

Also give Kirishima One for All.

So basically what i want is:

Izuku gets diagnosed as quirkless and gets the hope beaten out of him by Katsuki Bakugou. (i am aware that i sound like an a**hole now but whatever)

Izuku at age 7 stumbles across Dagobah municipal beach park and it's mountainous amounts of trash.

Izuku meets Hatsume Mei and gains an interest in all things robotic and decides to put the useful trash to good use.

At age 11 Izuku starts creating robots and exoskeletons to help him with the building of his ultimate creation, his magnum opus, if you will.

At age 15 Izuku finishes his work on the right leg of his most glorious and colossal creation (can you guess what it is? I bet you can't, hint: it's not the Liger Zero or the Berserk Fury) and signs up for the support course of U.A.

Izuku is thrust into the wide and chaotic world that is U.A. high school and devotes his time to: trying to keep explosive materials away from Mei, his course work in the support course, his magnum opus and this delightfully bouncy hero course student who wants to figure him out.

For the sports festival Izuku hijacks one of the hero course three pointers to get 5th place in the race, teams up with Shinsou Hitoshi, Hatsume Mei and Yaoyorozu Momo for the cavalry battle (displaying his impressive skills by knocking Monoma Neito out with a wrench for insulting Yaoyorozu) and for the 1v1s brings out some power armour and gets to the semi finals before getting tazed by Yaoyorozu.

After the sports festival it is revealed that Izuku has finished the legs, hips and is now focussing on the tail. Meanwhile the hosu arc goes the same except switch izuku for Yaoyorozu.

For the hero course mid-terms Nezu enlists Izuku and asks him to create robots built to counter 1A, Izuku enlists Mei to help him. Afterwards Nezu offers to help Izuku with his ultimate creation in exchange for a favour Izuku agrees and Nezu hires him as a pseudo employee of U.A.

Do what you want for the summer camp arc.

After summer camp comes a bit of fluffy filler as Yaoyorozu tries to get Izuku to 'notice' her, it is also revealed that Izuku's Magnum Opus is decidedly theropod in design with a white and blue colour scheme, 75% done is the big guy.

Here comes the yakuza arc and Kirishima dominates Overhaul.

Uh oh! Looks like AFO has escaped and is on the loose, good thing Our mechanically inclined hero is almost done with his Ultimate Creation.

Using a mind control quirk he stole in his youth, AFO enslaves Itsukushima, he then marches with his army towards Tokyo, and more importantly, U.A.

As AFO reaches the main gates of U.A. he is surprise attacked by 1A, 1B, the U.A. faculty and loses his grip on his army and then goes absolute Babirusa on U.A. with ALL of his quirks.

When he's worn down a bit the ground starts to shake before a mechanical roar is heard and the ground erupts as Izuku reveals his ultimate creation, his magnum opus, his life's work: The Gojulas Giga. measured at 20 Metres in height, 35m in length, weighing 200 tons of tungsten/titanium alloy and equipped with an arsenal of: 2 outer thigh mounted weasel missile launcher units, 2 wrist mounted shock cannons, 1 back mounted 20mm artillery cannon, a tail spine chainsaw (the spikes on the tail move back and forth), a retractable tail spike at the tip of the tail and finally, the big gun. 1 Charged Particle Cannon fired from the mouth.

Epic battle ensues as the Gojulas Giga tanks any and all hits directed at the students and teachers until AFO scores a lucky hit and pins the mech with a stone spike to the tail and goes in for the kill but my oh my here comes Yaoyorozu and Kirishima using the good ol' shield and spear tactic till oh no! Momo gets hit and AFO gets Creation… and then gets his arm torn off by the Gojulas Giga and surrenders Creation back to Momo before collapsing to the floor, dead before he hit the torn up floor.