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Hello, all. Two stories in less than as many weeks? Staggering.

This tale comes from an idea of a story I plan to write, name in the title, that details Jewel's backstory in depth along with how she came to be in Rio, and how she came to be captured by Tulio so she could meet Blu.

This particular part of the story is an experiment. I wrote it to see how a dynamic between her and a male character who isn't Blu would work out, so that I can see how I can set about writing a whole story vaguely around this subject.

I might delete this story, or it might stay up forever and the titular tale may never come to be. Regardless of what the purpose this tale serves, I hope you enjoy it.

Please do leave a review and tell me what you think; any feedback and other compliments are much appreciated. If you're just going to say, "no! blu jewel forever!" then don't waste your breath, please, because you've missed the point. This is movie canon, only it is set before she meets Blu. If I ever write the full thing, you'll see how it pans out, and that it works just fine.

Without further ado! Please enjoy. And be aware that this particular tale contains use of very bad language. (Which is another thing I wanted to toy with. This whole darn thing is just one big experiment.)

The female blue macaw laid in her tidy nest. It was night time in the city of Lucas do Rio Verde.

She was feeling stressed out and alone. Her partner, Cole, was not present as he was out enjoying himself for the night. Jewel did not know when he would return.

A few tears sprang from the clenched eyelids of the female, and she inhaled, before letting it all go in a squawk of discontent. Her plight came from a lack of involvement from her partner. She hadn't seen him since he left her in the early afternoon.

The blue bird felt hopeless; like giving up. She was trying to sleep, but the upset caused by the fact that she would have to sleep alone for the night yet again prevented her from getting any sleep. All she could do was cry. And cry, she did; the female curled up in her nest and thought to herself why she even let herself be partners with him in the first place.

Was it because he saved her life?

What else was it that she saw in him that led her to be in the position she was currently in? Jewel, in her sorrow, tried to work out an answer to that question, but it was largely futile. Cole had his good moments, and he was a good individual, but getting him to show it was an unpredictable procedure indeed.

So unpredictable was he, that it was this exact moment he chose to return to his partner. He landed in the small hollow and promptly wandered over to his partner, obviously quite content after his night-long bash; the time he chose to arrive was around half past two in the morning.

"Whew! What an evening," he said, to himself, quietly, as he assumed Jewel would be asleep. Cole made himself at home in the nest he shared with Jewel, and feeling him suddenly brush up against her caused her to jump a bit. Cole noticed this change in position immediately and he recoiled in return. Jewel turned to face him, her sadness not visible to him in the darkness. The male's expression softened when he realised he was in his partner's waking presence, and was bearing witness to her beautiful visage. He smiled, before speaking. "Hey sexy," he purred, to which Jewel put on a smile for him for a brief second; all she could muster at that time. She was aware of Cole's brusque approach to addressing her, even if it did overstep boundaries at times. "What are you still doing awake?" he asked. Jewel sighed and told him the truth, "I can't sleep," she explained.

Cole donned a curious expression, moved himself closer and draped a wing over her side, as he faced her. "Oh? Why is that, dollface?"

Jewel inhaled and tried her best to explain what she thought, but couldn't quite articulate herself correctly in her mind, and thus she started several sentences in quick succession; none of which went anywhere.

Cole rolled his eyes playfully and put a primary over her beak, "Shhhh," he crooned, "Don't worry your pretty little head about it. I know what to do to send you right off…" Jewel looked seriously doubtful, "I don't think you can, to be honest," she admitted. "There's nothing a good… makeout session can't fix," he offered, to which Jewel declined, "No, I'm not… In the mood for that right now." Cole looked frustrated, "We can always do something more physical…" he replied, using the wing he priorly draped over Jewel's side to sensually caress her.

Jewel had enough, "No. Don't fucking touch me!" she insisted, loudly. As strongly as he came on, did he remove himself when he heard Jewel was distressed with his actions. He removed the offending wing immediately, and both birds were moved to more of a sitting position. Jewel's face wore an expression that showed great pain. In return, Cole's face wore one that displayed regret. "S-sorry, Jewel. I.. I didn't really know you were in one of these sorts of moods," the male apologised. Jewel gave him a look through her distressed mask, "What do you mean these sorts of moods?" she questioned.

The male gulped, "One of these moods where you… Feel down. I never quite know what to do. I mean, all I can say is that I'm sorry for… imposing myself on you," he replied.

Jewel sighed, "You don't owe me an apology as long as you take no for an answer…"

He nodded. Regardless of this make up, Jewel hid her face from him, and he didn't dare try and hold her, so he enquired.

"Erm… Jewel?" he began. He was about to use a pet name, but stopped himself, instead opting to use her name again. "Jewel," he persisted. This got a reaction from her, "What is it, Cole?" she asked, her voice flat and tired.

"Tell me honestly. What's the matter? Please. I don't like seeing you like this, and, I didn't know, but, I think I should have," he said, before continuing, "I'm not really good at talking about things like this. I don't know, Jewel, I don't think I've been really good to you. I need your help to be good to you because I don't know any better," he finished.

Jewel felt uplifted that her partner acknowledged his wrongdoings. It was what she liked about him. And it was then that she realised that this was why she was still here, and was still his partner. He needed her help to be good to her, and he was honest about his drawbacks.

She turned to face him again, "Cole…" she began, exhaling softly, but managing to flash him a genuine smile, albeit for a fraction of a second, "I know you find this hard, but we need to talk about… You," finished Jewel; her voice laced with her previous sadness, alongside an edge of conviction and kindness. She didn't want to give up on him.

The male gulped, "Me? Alright… If it will help. I just want this problem to sort of… Go away," he admitted, "I want you to go back to being my happy… Jewel. My happy girl," he finished. The female nodded slowly, "I understand," she replied, "But this isn't something that's just going to vanish," informed Jewel.

"That's what I feared," admitted Cole. "I think the best way of starting is just by addressing the biggest elephant in the room…" began Jewel, as Cole watched her face, expecting a well-deserved telling off, "I'm going to ask you a question," she finished. An outcome Cole wasn't expecting, but he obliged his partner, "S-sure," he affirmed.

"What did you do this evening?" asked Jewel.

"Well, um…" began Cole, racking his brains for the night's events, "I saw some good pals of mine, and we had some good fun. Arnie's mate is egg-bound. And there was some very good live music," he went on, before Jewel interrupted him, having heard enough. "What did you do yesterday?" she asked.

Yet again, Cole delved into his memory reserves to find the correct answer to his partner's question, "Err… Well. I think…" he stumbled, but persevered in his endeavour to answer Jewel's question, "I was at a club. Live music. Nice drinks. Good food, too. Some rather pretty girls there, too, but, you know… Not as pretty as you," he complimented. Jewel looked unmoved by his affection, "And the day before that?"

The male recounted the memories from his long-term supply and promptly spat them back out at her, "That was when I went to that other club. The one with the expensive wine they stole from this human's cellar. I got absolutely off my head on that, and then… Oooohh… Someone had to come and get you to come and collect me, because I ended up harassing some older birds… Yeah, that was the trouble; it was a family establishment. Heh… Not much of a club, it was more of a-" he droned, before Jewel cut him short again, "And then by any chance can you tell me about the day before that?"

Cole recalled the days prior to the ones within the past 48 hours, "NNnnnnnnnnoo… Waaait. Yess. Yes I can. Mhm. I was at… A friend's hollow, because it was his anniversary with his mate. I mean, nice guy; hadn't known me long and already was inviting me to family stuff? Damn. Either really trusting or really silly. Don't care either way, nice guy. Really nice guy," explained Cole, before recounting the day before that one, "And if you want to know what happened before that, it gets foggier, but I think that was when we went to that club for the evening dance. But I was there for a while before you were. That was the other time you were upset, and I didn't quite know why. I thought you were just a bit sensitive, but, well, obviously I was wrong," he finished with an awkward chuckle.

Jewel was not amused. She made her play, asking him, "And what did I do on those four or five days where you were out having the time of your life?"

Cole tried to come up with an appropriate response but realised it was in vain; he didn't have a clue what Jewel was up to while he was gone. A sense of dread crept into his mind, "Jewel, are you… Are you about to tell me you want to leave me? Or, are you about to tell me you've met someone else? I… I- I can get better. I can stop leaving you! I won't leave you alone again if you wish, my… Jewel," he pleaded.

Jewel looked at him, restlessly, "Well, I don't know, Cole! I don't. I haven't met anyone, but, you know, what kind of a life is this for me? All I do is wait here for you to come home and when you do, you're either drunk or you want to touch me. You never want just… a nice cuddle. You always feel the need to caress me, and it makes me feel like you only come home to me because you can't fucking live without my body at your whim," she explained, with a heavy sigh, "You aren't really showing me much attention. So, you know, why should I be here for you when you come home? What's stopping me from pissing off and leaving you?"

Cole could not answer appropriately, but he managed to say, "Your heart, bless you. You give me more chances than I'm worth."

"Maybe I do. Maybe I should have left your sorry ass here long ago. Maybe I should have put an end to your shit months ago, but I haven't. Because it's all you know. How to please me and how to have a fun night out," retorted Jewel. Cole was ready to make a compromise, "I… I'm grateful you haven't given up on me. I'm… I'm so sorry, Jewel. I've been a fool. I don't want you to feel like… this, anymore. Just… tell me what to do. What do I do?" he pleaded.

Jewel put on an authoritative tone. "You're going to have to learn how to spend time away from those precious clubs of yours. You're going to have to learn how to live without your social lubricants for a while. And lastly, you're going to have to spend a lot of time with me. And honestly, I don't want to see you near a club, bar, restaurant or any other social place until I say. If you want to know exactly what to do, then this is my response, and if you ignore me and leave me alone again, unless you've got a very good reason, don't you fucking bother coming back. I'll have no time for you," she informed him, her voice as cold as ice.

Cole seemed taken aback by her tone, "Well what the fuck am I supposed to do if I can't go anywhere? I'm willing to do whatever it takes to make you happy, but you can't strip me of my ability to do what I want," he replied, in a huff.

"That's the thing," began Jewel, "I won't deny you the ability to go to a social place. But I repeat. If I'm not here when you get back, don't say I didn't warn you. You want to do what it takes, well, it's going to take you staying with me, your partner, for a while. And don't think that means we're going to be wings on all this time. We're going to be doing what I want for a while before we do anything of your choosing," she finished. The female had picked up steam and had her partner under her foot, and she had been abandoned for too long to give up this power. Cole looked defeated, "Okay. That's fine," he said, in response. The female narrowed her eyes, "Sounds fucking fine to me, the amount of time I've been alone because of the shit you've been doing on your own," she growled.

Cole looked hurt. Jewel felt bad for her partner, but she knew he had to adhere to her tough love, or face the consequences of losing her. If she weren't so hard on him he wouldn't listen to her.

She had pushed him hard enough, and so, she gave in. Her inflated form slumped and she sighed, gently. "Sweetheart…" she whispered. Cole looked at her. A few tense seconds passed before she said her next words. "Look, I… I know this will be hard for you. I don't… I don't expect you to give it up. I just… I'm tired of you abandoning me, and I want you to prove to me you give a shit!"

"I know. I understand. It's for… for our own good. I can't lose you, and you're being too good to me. I think more than I deserve," he admitted.

Jewel looked at him, "Maybe," she said, simply. Cole looked at her in exchange. The pair sat in silence for a few seconds.

The female summed up the courage to say a few important words, to inspire Cole to adhere to her guidelines.

"Sweetheart… Come here. I want you to hug me for a while. Don't… Caress me. Just give me a nice hug. I need you right now, and you're actually here for a change," she whispered.

Cole was content to oblige. He nodded and moved himself to be closer, so that Jewel could hug him properly. "Shall we sleep?" he suggested. Jewel shook her head, "Not just yet, but, soon," she replied. By this time, the pair had reached a comfortable point of embrace; Cole resided to Jewel's left side and had his right wing draped over her back, and his left tucked neatly under her stomach, with enough force applied to have her nice and cosy at his side. Jewel in return had her left wing draped over his back, while her right wing lay dormant as there was nowhere for her to put it, aside from on top of Cole's left wing, which she elected not to do.

The heads of the two birds turned to face one another, and they got lost in each other's eyes.

"Jewel. I don't know if this is the right time. But you have the most beautiful eyes," complimented Cole. "It isn't the right time," Jewel agreed, "But it's okay… I appreciate the sentiment. I know you're just trying to make me happy the only way you know how," she affirmed.

Jewel felt a little pang of guilt as she recalled how she spoke to him, "Listen, I'm sorry if I've been a bit harsh on you, tonight, but… I need you to change. I can't do this much longer," she told him. Cole responded by resting his head on top of hers, and temporarily moving his right wing from her back to her neck to gently coerce her into nuzzling into his own neck. Once that goal was achieved, his wing returned to its embracing position on the female's back.

Jewel closed her eyes. It was the first time in months that her own partner had shown her he cared about her without flirting with her, or putting his wings on her. While the latter was presently occurring, it was a mutual gesture, and was fine in Jewel's mind as she had encouraged it.

"This is what I wanted. Meaningful hugs," she sighed. "Mhm.." mumbled Cole, happily. "See? You don't need to titillate me to make me happy. A nice hug is all I need…" she whispered, to which Cole replied, "I'm sorry I come on so strong. Its-" he began, but Jewel finished his sentence, "-all you know."

"Exactly," he agreed. Jewel chuckled quietly, "It's okay. This way, you can put your wings to more wholesome uses," she replied.

The two birds continued to share their hug after Jewel finished speaking for another minute, before she decided to voice her deeper thoughts.

"Honey," she whispered. "Y-yeah?" replied Cole, his voice a similarly soft rasp. "I love you," affirmed Jewel.

The male went quiet for a few seconds. "I love you, too," he reciprocated.

"We'll get through this together, right?" prompted Jewel. The male nodded, "Of course… We surely can." She smiled, "Promise me you'll make an effort for me?" the female whispered.

Cole was deep in thought for a moment, but he returned Jewel's sentiment, "I promise to try," he replied. Jewel chuckled quietly, "That's all I ask of you," she sighed, holding him tighter. Jewel decided that she would kiss her partner, as it felt right in the present moment. She extricated her head from the confines of his neck, which brought his own head down to be level with hers, and she went in to give him a gentle kiss, but before she could, he went to seize her beak in his. This was not the female's intentions, and so she stopped him in his tracks. "I'm not in the mood for that sort of a kiss… I just want to…" she trailed off, giving him the soft gesture she intended. When she drew back, she saw the dreamy look in the male's eyes. She smiled, "Now do you see that it's better to be gentle? You don't have to be so forceful."

The male was not able to respond to her statement. After awaiting his response for a few seconds, when it never came, the female's smile broadened, "You really liked that, didn't you?" she giggled.

"Uh huh…" whispered Cole.

She looked at him playfully and shook her head, "Let's get some sleep," she suggested. Cole agreed, and the pair shifted into a position better suited for resting. While their hug was comfortable, it was suboptimal for spending the night in.

The two birds cuddled up together in their nest. They were each on their side and facing each other, the respective wings they were laying on tucked under each other, so they could grip one another. Despite how upset Jewel was with Cole, her heart was warmed with his promise to do better by her. She knew he had a good heart. As brusque as he was, and as much as he forgot her at times, he was a genuine soul, and Jewel couldn't let someone like that go, too easily. She knew her self-worth, given that she was the last female of her species, and she felt like, while she could do better than Cole, his genuine nature and past actions kept her around. Some parts of her believed that she would never give up on him; others wondered why she hadn't left already. Her feelings stayed inside her head, and she simply enjoyed being held for the time being.

Cole cuddled her closely, and the female felt at ease.

"Ohh, you really do like this, don't you?" she whispered, directly into the male's ear. "I guess I don't really… treasure you as much as I should. And that's not a joke about your name," he replied.

"I think it'll do you good to spend time with me. And I look forward to spending more time with you. We'll have to decide what we want for breakfast tomorrow, and then we'll share it," said Jewel, an air of excitement in her voice. Cole frowned, "Share?" he mused. Jewel gave him a look. "Yes. You will share with me, dearest. Even if you're still hungry after we've eaten. You can always get another of whatever we end up having," she retorted.

"Aha… We shall have to fight over our food," joked Cole. "Makes a change from me eating a few berries while you dig into a big, tasty fruit! I'll have a lot of fight to give," she chuckled. Her demeanour was soft, and she was happy to be in the company of her partner.

"Hey… Isn't this nice? We are bonding again," whispered Jewel. Cole snuggled up against her a little closer and replied, "I've spent… many hours down at various establishments. But… I guess I forget just what I have at home." The male looked at his partner, who looked back at him, a warm smile on her face. He took a wing and gently stroked her cheek.

"Jewel…" he purred, "I have just two things to say to you."

"Oooh…" purred Jewel, in return, matching his tone, "Go on…"

"One," he began, continuing to stroke her cheek, "do you have any idea how beautiful you are? And two, why haven't you already left me behind? I don't think I really deserve you. I mean, we aren't mates, we're just… partners. I wonder why you are so… invested in me," he crooned.

Jewel exhaled, bobbed her head forward and gave him a soft kiss on his beak, which he enjoyed. "You saved my life, Cole. I can't just forget about that. I can't just give up on you. You didn't give up on me when I was in danger, and, just the same, a little bit of loneliness won't make me give up on you. I owe you that much," she explained, her voice going all dreamy at periodic intervals throughout.

Cole smiled at her, "I did, didn't I? Well… I mean, I saved you, but I have never appreciated you. That will all change now, though. I'll do my best…" he replied, his own voice radiating with an attractive masculine energy that comforted Jewel. "That's all I want…" she whispered.

Cole sucked in a breath, and then let it loose again after a second. "I was… I was about to ask if you were sure. I stopped myself before that though," he said, nonchalantly.

Jewel looked puzzled. "What do you mean by that?" Cole stumbled a bit on his own words, "Oh, I mean… I was going to ask if you wanted to do something else, as in.. You know.." His words did nothing to aid the female's comprehension, "I know? What do I know?" she enquired. The male felt embarrassed, "I mean, I was going to ask if you were sure you didn't want to do something. Something… exciting," he explained.

Jewel narrowed her eyes, "Something exciting, huh?" she purred, "Like… what? What exciting thing did you have in mind?"

Cole looked at her and failed to respond. Eyes still narrowed, the female whispered, "Yeah, you see how you sound?"

"That's how you feel, isn't it," he reasoned. Jewel nodded. "I understand," he affirmed. "You have a long way to go before you understand the mysterious power of modesty. I mastered it long ago," she told him, "But fear not. I am here to guide you, am I not?" Cole smiled, "Yes, you are," he replied, with a whisper.

"And right now," began Jewel, letting out a sizable yawn, "we will have to talk more in the morning. But we will be sharing breakfast tomorrow. So don't sleep in, hm?" she finished, giving him time to respond.

"Sure thing, beautiful," replied Cole, his eyes now closed, and his wing no longer stroking his partner's cheek, but instead, under her own wing, after having been used to pull the bodies of both birds together so as to let their chest feathers lightly contact.

The moon was a crescent, painted in a brilliant white, adorning the star-coated sky. The wind was a breath, creeping in through the hole in the birds' abode that acted as the doorway. The air was crisp and good to breathe. Warmth radiated from the couple's bodies and migrated from one to the other, washing a feeling of cosiness over both of them, prompting them to shut down and rest.

His mind gradually relaxing, Cole asked his mate a question, "Do you think this all went too fast? Or, maybe if I were anyone else, I'd have gotten angry?"

Jewel replied, "No. It went just fast enough… Truthfully, I've been crying all evening, but I know you're slow to anger… You have a way of cheering me up with your presence. I know you aren't going to raise your voice… At least not excessively. I feel safe. I don't feel threatened by you. I'm not afraid of you."

"I'm glad you aren't scared of me… I'm scared of you, definitely. I'm scared of losing you… I mean, call me out of touch, but before tonight, I had no idea you felt this way, baby…" admitted Cole.

"You won't lose me as long as you devote yourself and everything to me. Just like I do for you…" assured Jewel.

"I know…" he replied, yawning, "I know, my… sweet girl," he finished.

"Go to sleep, handsome. You need your rest," purred Jewel, who herself was dropping off more and more by the moment.

A big grin spread across the male's beak upon hearing Jewel's compliment. Jewel giggled, softly, "Look at that smile…" she whispered, ever so gently. Once more, she bobbed her head forward and planted one last tender kiss on his beak. "I love you," she breathed, as pure and soft as the ambient breeze.

"Love you, too, Jewel," replied Cole, before slipping away, entirely.

Her job done and her position solidified, Jewel let herself join him in the realm of dreams. It was the first time in so long she had felt like she was appreciated by her partner. She surely hoped he would keep his end of the deal and look after her, and act in her best interests. Jewel didn't plan to keep him from his favourite places for long; in fact, she strategically neglected to say she was happy for him to go as long as she was there, for obvious reasons. For the first time in all her seven years of life, she felt truly special. Cole was willing to sacrifice the things that made him happy to keep his precious Jewel in his life, and she saw it as the most admirable thing. Surely before long, their love would last forever.

And that's that.

We can imagine how that worked out, huh? Cole is an interesting character. He's very placid, and needs help to find his way, and feels like he lacks control of his own actions, but at the same time is very aware. He doesn't think that he is leaving Jewel alone, just that he's having a good time, and tries not to worry. I was sort of inspired to write about his character by Chris Stapleton's song, 'Tennessee Whiskey', fun fact.

Please do let me know if you enjoyed, as it will greatly improve my motivation to write this story. I will not update this part with something else, rather, you will see, at a later date, the first part of this whole storyline.

Thanks for reading! Until next time.

- Le Chat Noir