This will be subject to change in the future so no promises on the original story

This story is about the Multiverse of Alpha and Omega. This story is heavily inspired by Naruto and Boruto with some elements of Avatar: The last Airbender

Season 1 is the Blue Moon Arc.

Here's the summery

Blue Moon Arc

- [ ] Humphrey and his friends meet Mono

- [ ] Humphrey awakens the Blue Moon Ocular powers

- [ ] Humphrey and co. meet the villain for the Arc Muyan

- [ ] Muyan tells Humphrey that there's more to the Universe then he knows

- [ ] Humphreys learns of the Multiverse

- [ ] Humphrey awakens the Blood Star Ocular powers

I hope to have the first Ep out soon

Info regarding some of my other stories I'll be updating those as well

Fight to the death will top priority