Date: Sometime in 2022

Realm: Earth, The Mortal Realm

Location: The Grimm Residence, 8492nd Street, Livadia, Belvedere, Republic of Amber

Time: 11:24AM

Weather: Clear blue skies with a cloud here and there, a gentle northerly breeze.

It was a beautiful day in the mortal realm.

A day of relaxing and de-stressing.

It was summertime in the country of Amber, so the Sun was out and there was but a few clouds in the sky. A gentle breeze that had the scent of sunflowers blew in a random direction, acting as the cherry on top to this beautiful weather. The overall vibe in the suburban neighbourhood of Livadia that day was that of relaxed happiness. It was a day to not worry about work or stress, about exams or tests, about due dates or politics. It was a day were rivalry was temporarily forgotten and people actually got along.

We could all really use a day like this every once in a while.

Earlier that morning, Taker had left to fetch some groceries for a braai, more ingredients for more pancakes, more bottles of alcohol and more capsules of coffee, while taking the time to run some quick errands of his own. He assured them (more like negotiated then peacefully argued) that he could do all of it himself and that all the ladies should just relax and enjoy themselves on this beautiful day that came once every while.

He also firmly made sure that meant no work for Monica, no shouting, yelling or cluster bombs of cuss words from Malina, no smoking on the house for Zdrada (as usual), no trying to corrupt any of the mortals or causing chaos for Cerberus and no studying (or spying) for Azazel. After a good number of years under the same roof performing their usual routines here and back in Hell, his ladies deserved some time off. He kissed them all on the forehead before he left (along with grabbing some assess) and had a big dumb grin on his face as he left, along with a fresh knife in his shoulder and scratches on his neck.

All the ladies of the house were gathered in the living room, eating chocolate pancakes that Lucy, after so much trial and error, after so much ridicule and years of effort, had finally come close to perfecting. And she was immensely proud of herself for that, which of course contributed to her overall good mood.

The Bitch and Sour sisters ordered some fresh Hell-made pizza for everyone. Deliciously fragrant, incredibly spicy, bloody delicious (literally). And last but certainly not least, homemade cocktails by Kip (a brown male goat demon) and Yi-Lin (a white female goat demon), two of Baphomet's bodyguards/entourage (is it a hidden talent? Or perhaps a trade skill? They won't say).

Even though it was slightly hot today, they all still opted to wear their usual sharp suits, just without their jackets/coats/blazers. Then again, hot weather barely bothers them when you think about it, demons and fire and Hell and Brimstone and all that.

If one where to walk by the house, they'd think that there was a joyous occasion of sorts happening; either a birthday or some kind of celebration, because of all the laughing and commotion and shouting. All that joyous noise masks the sound of an SUV pulling up to the driveway. The driver turns off the engine, exits, closes the door and casually walks to the front door.

A ring of the doorbell finally grabs their attention.

"Heheh, I got it. Probably officer Pentecost again. Cerberus, what did you this time?" Judgement said as she got off the couch towards the door, her glowing white eyes locked onto the Triple Demon.

"WHAT?! NO!"


"NOT THIS TIME! WE SWEAR!" The Triple Demon immediately and simultaneously held up their hands in defence claiming innocence as they sweated nervously, making the rest laugh even more.

Judgement was laughing as she opened the door, not seeing who it was. Out of the corner of her eye she sees something shiny being raised at her.

A large silver double-barrelled shotgun etched with beautiful engravings with a golden meathook mounted underneath the barrels is aimed at her chest. Her eyes widen and she moves to manifest her gauntlets to block the incoming. It's at this point the others realize something is very wrong and stop laughing.

She was too slow.


Another split-second later, a loud BANG echoes throughout the house and a louder CRACK echoes down the street. Spooked birds flee from their trees and dogs start frantically barking throughout the neighbourhood.

The ladies could do nothing but watch in absolute horror.

In what felt like slow motion, the High Prosecutor is propelled backwards, her entire abdomen disintegrating into nothing but blood and guts as she's shot point-blank by the supercharged double-barrel shotgun shells, combined with the shockwave that came from being hit point-blank by such a beast of a weapon.

The body of the greyish brown-coloured High Prosecutor was essentially blown in half. Her upper half slams into the wall then falls onto the floor as her lower half falls over backwards, neon-orange blood and guts splattered all over the floor and the wall behind her. With what little energy she has left as the life rapidly leaves her body, she clutches her dismembered torso, looking at the neon-orange blood soaking her hands. She looks up at the intruder and her eyes widen as realisation sets in.

"No..." She whispered in absolute terror as he raised a large black boot. A loud sickening crunch is heard as her head is crushed under the immense power. Her pristine white hair now dyed neon-orange, a colour of blood only given to High Prosecutors.

From her opening the door to getting her head splattered took less than 8 seconds.

Hand-held glasses full of various drinks and alcoholic beverages fall and shatter against the floor as Azazel falls to her knees in hysterical disbelief at what just happened, tears of shock, pain and misery raining down her cheeks. She's... just... gone.


Justice's voice shrieks in agonizing despair. Time slows down for the everyone as the personification of death itself makes his way into their house and into full view (like that scene in Terminator 2 where the Terminator walks into view at that mental institution that night with that unsettling OST with bells playing in the background) unloading the spent shells and loading fresh ones into the chambers. Black boots, scarred green armour, a wrist-mounted sheathed blade on his left forearm, a small launcher mounted on his left shoulder, scars all over the exposed bits of his muscular body, an absolutely sadistic grin, bloodlust in his eyes as he's not wearing his helmet this time.

Lightning bolts of fear rush up everyone's spines like a cat that's been spooked by malevolent spectres as they feel fear the likes of which none of them have ever experienced in eons past, especially for Lucifer and Beelzebub. Looks of even more absolute horror draw on all their faces as they recognize the intruder who was now aiming his double barrelled shotgun at the Queen.



Another powerful BANG propels the Rich Goat sideways into the flat screen TV mounted on the wall as she pushes her Queen out of the way at the last moment. Sparks fly and electricity arcs out of the destroyed TV and ignites a fire. Shards of glass, plastic and other components that once made up the TV are imbedded in the rich goat's back, combined with the slugs embedded in her chest.

"BAPHY! NOOO!" Cerberus yells in distress as she rushes to her, but are immediately dragged away by Zdrada and Malina. "RUN DAMMIT!" The Bitch Demon yells as she drags the resisting Triple Demon while the rest make a getaway from the living room into the kitchen.

Yi-Lin and Kip pounce on Him in rage-fuelled vengeance and to also buy the rest time to escape. But it's a sacrifice in vain as very quickly, Kip gets his arm torn off his shoulder, then gets his head brutally ripped off with his spine attached, and Yi-Lin has one of her horns ripped off and used as a makeshift knife which tears open her abdomen, to which he them proceeds to mercilessly remove her insides.

Baphomet, with her dying breath, can only watch in horror as her entourage is executed, her fatally injured body spasms as it lays on the ground. Part of the living room was engulfed in fire at this point, thanks in part to all the spilled alcohol. Her clothes start to burn off, but this kind of fire has no damaging effect on a demon. But that's the least of her worries. She coughs and gurgled as dark red blood fills her mouth, her hands covering what was once her lovely chest, but was now a very large cavity filled with torn up guts from the two slugs that slammed into her. A tear falls down her face as He comes to her and kneels, leaning his face close to hers. She can see the sweat on his face, the exhilaration in his eyes, the utter joy on his face as he raises his fist.

"You..." She bloodily wheezes out with her wide open goat-like eyes, memories of rockets exploding in her head flooding back to torment her final moments.

"Oremor nhoj em llik tsum uoy emag eht niw ot."

All the colour drains from her face at those words. He says it in a calm voice followed by a sickeningly dark chuckle before a powerful Blood Punch essentially turns her head into red mist, the shockwave disintegrating the living room floor and bursting all the windows in the house.

While all of that was happening...

"WHAT'S HAPPENING?! I CAN'T SUMMON A PORTAL!" Lucy yelled desperately as she tried to open said portal, but to no avail as only sparks fly from her hands.

'He came prepared...' she thought. 'He must've brought some kind of dampening runes with him...'

And she was right. None of them can summon a portal to Hell or use their Hellfire, dark magic, or any of their Hellish abilities magic to escape or fight back.

Not that any of them wants to fight back to begin with.

Not with HIM.

"NEITHER CAN I!" Beel yells in equal amounts of desperation as she also discovered she couldn't use any of her abilities either, nor could she transform into that Eldritch abomination that terrified so many of Hell's ancient warriors and demons eons ago. And to think, she and Lucy recently forgave each other and buried the hatchet as they settled into their new lives, only for Him to show up

"SHIT WHAT'S THE HELL'S GOING ON?! I-I CAN'T REACH HELL FOR ASSISTANCE!" Monica yells in panic, something the other demons had rarely seen from her. Hell, they've NEVER seen that from her.

Luckily for them, Justice, as blind as she is, had the foresight to prepare for even something this extreme, secretly praying to every God in Heaven and Hell that they would never have to use it.

"MOVE IT!" He pushes her fellow demons aside and rushes to the large fridge. Picking it up and throwing it (with very little effort) at the kitchen entrance in an attempt to delay him, it reveals a metallic trapdoor on the floor which was built there without Taker's knowledge. How Justice so badly wanted to let him know that she installed it, how she wanted to let him know that one day an extremely dangerous part of their past might catch up with them and find them, and that this might be their only last hope.

"COME ON MOVE IT! HE'S COMING! WE HAVE TO GET TO THE TELEPORTER!" He ushers Lucifer first and the rest follow suit. "Telepor-" Zdrada starts surprised at the information but is quickly shut by Justice who pushes her down the ladder.

One by one, as fast as possible, they slide down the long ladder into what reveals itself to be a long well-lit hallway. As soon as one of them hits the ground, they start running towards the other end. Justice was the last one to enter. She blocked the entrance and runs with the rest just as a shockwave shakes the hallway and cracks the ceiling, accompanied by the sound of the house's windows shattering violently.

The sounds of sharp heels and high quality boots running on top of concrete, along with multiple sources of panting and heavy breathing echo through the hallway. Justice really put in a lot of effort into making this last ditch escape plan. She spared no expense, such is her awesomeness.

As they run, part of the ceiling near the entrance suddenly blows open behind them. Loads of dirt and concrete fall onto the floor and a moment later, he leans upside-down into the hole holding a high-calibre heavy cannon. He looks down his scope, aims, and fires a single 'Precision Bolt' shot.


Time slows down for everyone as the unearthly bullet travels at hypersonic speed:

{ It bored right into the back of Generic's head and comes out her right eye, blowing a good chuck of the right side of her head off.

{ It then rips straight through one of Cerberus's ears like a hot knife through butter, taking a good chuck of her scalp.

{ It barely missed Justice.

{ It then rips through Modeus's right shoulder with so much kinetic energy that it completely destroyed all the bones that connect her arm to the rest of her body.

{ It then finally hits Malina in the back of her left knee and exits out of the kneecap before hitting the ground, cracking the floor.

All in less than a second.

Generic is dead before she hits the floor, chunks from her head painting the wall dark red, her remaining eye wide open and slack jawed.

The Triple Demon screams in pain as she grabs her heads, blood leaking into the hair of the body that got hit and turning it from pristine white to a messy res. Remember, one soul, three bodies. The other two bodies feel the pain from the third.

Models hits the wall as the bullet throws her off balance, screaming in absolute agony as her arm is held on by scraps of muscle and skin.

Justice nearly loses her footing as the bullet whizzed past her, bumping into Monica and tripping them both.

And Malina falls over, clutching her rapidly bleeding knee as she screams and cries in pure pain.

Satisfied with the result, he flips and lands on the floor at the entrance of the hallway and begins to (sadistically and casually) walk towards them, putting the rifle behind his back and unsheathing his wrist-mounted blade. Monica picks up Modeus, rips what's left of her now useless arm off and throws it aside as it would only slow her down if she left it hanging like that, leading to more painful screaming from the succubus they rounded a corner.

"MALINA GET UP!" Zdrada desperately yells at her younger sister while trying to help her get up, tears mixed with mascara running down and staining her face. Malina takes a single step before she collapses again. She cries in pain as she holds her knee, more dark red blood pooling on the ground and leaving a bloody trail behind.

"I-I CAN'T! I-I CAN'T FEEL MY LEG! HELP ME!" She cries in panic as she quickly loses all feeling in said leg. As he draws nearer, Cerberus, who has shaken off the pain of losing one of their ears and having a good chunk of flesh gouged out of one of her heads, stands guard in front of the sisters with their red eyes glowing brightly, growling ferociously in the way only the Guardian of Hell's Gates ever could as he walks ever so closer.

"GO! WE'LL HOLD HIM OFF! PROTECT THE QUEEN!" They said one after another before simultaneously attacking the man.

'It's surprisingly tough to deal with three small hyper-energetic hounds of Hell who constantly bite, swipe, dodge and tear at me.' He thinks to himself as they constantly evade his grips, giving Zdrada precious time to pick up her now partially crippled sister. She grunts and struggles as she puts her sister on top of her shoulder and rushes to catch up with the rest of the group. Malina watches with tears running down her face as one Cerberus has her jaw brutally ripped from her skull, while another is picked up and literally bent so much that their spine breaks, the loud snap making her want to throw up. She could only watch as the life left from their bodies, their glowing red eyes slowing fading away.

She couldn't see what happened to the last one...

... But all both sisters could hear was the agonizing screams of pain from their friend as they finally caught up to the others. They were inside a large room, waiting for them. After they closed and blocked the heavy metallic door, Justice went to a control panel labelled 'Illusion Defence Mechanism' and activated.

In a nutshell, it's an interactive optical illusion that'll fool him into seeing multiple hallways with multiple rooms, with theirs being hidden. Said fake rooms would make noise to draw him in while their real one was soundproofed.

Though, The Blind knew that even with all of that, it wasn't gonna take long till He found them. But even he can be fooled with enough skill. It should buy them a couple minutes, hopefully an hour. It was a very large labyrinth that could confuse even the most seasoned hunter or hide and seek player after all.

As they wait for the teleporter to power up, the room is filled with silence...

The room is shaped like a large pentagon and is made of three sections:

{ The teleporter itself

{ The control station needed to operate it

{ And a waiting room.

Each room was separated by panes of hardened Hellish glass that had a sliding door.


The teleporter itself took up the farthest corner of the room (or the top corner of a pentagon). The walls are discoloured with various hues of grey and black that were now mixed with organic veins and cracks of neon red and orange energy that we're slowly intensifying and glowing brighter.


Separated by the thick glass was the control station. Aside from the fact that it connects with a group of scientist demons in Hell who change shifts as they continuously operate it at their side of the teleporter, there's nothing special about it really. It looks like your standard control station with computers, screens and control panels that you'd find in any sci-fi movie.


The waiting room part was adorned with a couple of comfortable chairs and couches. Justice even added a bookcase, a small refrigerator and a cupboard filled with various stuff which included med-kits. She was awesome like that, even in a life and death situation like this she thought of comfort. She wasted NO effort.


You're probably asking why all this is necessary. And the reason dear reader is simple. It took:

{ Justice when she was the High Prosecutor...

{ Beel before she was banished...

{ Lucy in her early days as the new CEO of Hell...

{ Pandemonica'S strategic and tactical thinking gained from a millennia of experience as Hell's top Secretary...

{ Baphomet during her time as the Icon of Sin and her role as the Gatekeeper...

{ And many other historic and legendary demons and figures of Hell and its allies (combined) to come up with a plan to trick, capture and lock Him in a prison in which He simply couldn't escape by literally burying Him under a mountain in a sarcophagus.


Why not kill Him?

Because HE wouldn't stay dead.

Because whenever they think they have, He comes back, more vicious, more bloodthirsty. There was no end to it.

Because He kills more brutally and more effectively than they EVER will. He was literally unkillable.

They don't know what undiscovered sorcery runs through His blood, but they just... couldn't... kill Him. He always comes back.

Injure Him? Yes.

Slow Him down? Yes.

Trap Him under a mountain? Yes.

Kill Him permanently?


He ALWAYS came back.

And as a result, He's tormented Hell for untold eons.

He has decimated a HUGE chunk of Hell's population. He's killed so many for so long that Demons are actually getting close to extinction because of him. What will happen to Hell itself when that happens? That's anyone's guess.

It got so fucking bad that they had to form a coalition just to trap this human in a prison.

Was He still human?... That is an entire discussion all on its own.

And in the event where He ever got out and found them, He would come prepared. They knew He would. And they knew He knew their weaknesses.

He suppressed their powers. He effortlessly installed fear and panic into them. And that's just two things He knew how to. There were tons more.

So this entire facility with the demon-made teleporter was their one-way trapdoor back to the relative safety of Hell.


Lucy has her arms crossed around her chest in an act of comforting herself, which has the unintentional (or perhaps intentional?) side effect of propping up her impressive bust. She was trembling and breathing heavily. Justice hugged her from behind to add to the comfort, her sunglasses long gone, having fallen off while they were running. She had her eyes closed as she rested her head on Lucy's back.


Beel sat against cross-legged against the wall next to the rooms entrance, caressing Azazel's short black hair as she laid her head on Beel's lap, her halo the dimmest it has been since she earned her wings and officially become an angel, her white and gold uniform covered in various red and orange hues of blood. The young Angel was shaking as she quietly sobbed. Never before had she witnessed such brutality, especially when it happens to her family.


Modeus was also crying. She was crying so much. She was in so much pain, so much trauma, so much... Pain. She bit her lip as she tried crying as quietly as possible, afraid of Him hearing her but still, she was crying. Monica had just finished cauterizing her wound and placed large strands of bandage over what was left of Modeus's shoulder. She then put her arm around the Lust Demon, who subsequently leaned into the now very Tired Demon and cried into her shoulder. The Tired Demon was having a war within herself to not cry as well. She had to rip of her closest friend's arm, it's burned into her memory. Her hands shook as those tears finally fell down her blood-covered face.


Zdrada, her face stained with mascara from all that crying, was examining Malina's leg. Her knee was totally shredded, barely holding together, and her younger sister said she lost all feeling in the lower half of her leg. A regular bullet hitting a demon, depending on the calibre, can hurt them yes, but not to this extent. This one had done more damage than thought possible. Malina was more pale than usual and said she felt light-headed. Out of everyone, she had lost the most amount of blood. Zdrada sat down and held her gravely injured sister close to her tightly, kissing her forehead to try and calm her. The possibility that they might be dead soon has made her re-evaluate her life with Malina, and she regrets treating her so badly so many times...

"How did He find us..."

The silence is forever broken...

All heads turned to Beel as she looked at the solid metal door that lead back to the labyrinth outside, expecting Him to burst through at any minute.

"And... How did He even escape...? We literally dropped a mountain on top of Him. The sarcophagus we then sealed Him, the chamber that housed it, it was as isolated and... unreachable as the abyss was. And the only way I was able to escape was with Taker when you found him... He should not have gotten out of there..." She whispers mostly to herself.

"Wh-Who is ?" Azazel looked at Beel, asking so timidly that Beel didn't hear her.

"How did he get out?!" She almost yelled, tears now rushing down her freckled face. Only those weren't tears of sadness, but tears of fear. She pulled out her handkerchief and with shaky hands she wiped the tears away.

"I don't know... I-I don't, I can't even... I-I just, I...I .." Lucy stammered as she also started crying, trying very hard to not cry. But her efforts were futile. The entire ordeal was starting to catch up with her, and it was taking a toll on the CEO of Hell, a toll on her the other demons haven't seen for centuries, or millennia, or even eons.

Seeing their Queen like that, essentially defeated, for them it meant all was truly lost. But none of them wanted to admit it.

Even the strongest and toughest of us have out limits. Even the mightiest and highest of us aren't immune to the effects of tragedy, especially if said tragedy happens rapidly and in such a catastrophically brutal manner.

Justice hugged her harder, Lucy turning around and burying her face into her oldest friend's shoulder.




No one could say anything. They didn't know what to say.

"Look we'll... We'll figure this out when we get back okay? He'll find us soon. But-but we'll... We'll figure it out." Justice tried to lift the mood, and to a degree it worked. They took any relief from this pain that they could get. Lucy calmed down and the others nodded, albeit solemnly.

A quiet series of beeps told The Blind that the teleporter was fully activated and ready to operate. Letting go of her Queen, she went to open the sliding doors as a portal started to materialize. Since this was a rather primitive and one-way portal, it wasn't like the portal the demons could summon on their own.

The demon's portal looked more like a small wormhole, with a clear view into their destination and the space around the wormhole turning into that shimmering spiral around it, surrounded by red-orange Hellfire. It allowed for two-way travel and could be kept open indefinitely should the demon who opened it needed it to be open for that long.

On the other hand, the portal they had right now looked more like red, blue and orange small elliptical galaxy that you'd see if you somehow got far enough in space to see such a spectacular sight. Energy and light (which wasn't immense enough to overwhelm your eyes) completely covered it, so one couldn't see the other side. But as long as it leads to their required destination, that didn't matter.

As Justice walked to the portal to check on the other side to make sure it was safe, she turned around to look at the others. Well... more like sense the others.

Beel and Azazel were starting to get up. Lucy was looking at her with a very grim look on her face. Zdrada had Malina's arm over her shoulder while the weaker younger sister struggled to stand. Monica was exhausted and Modeus held a bloody hand over her stump. They had all cried so much that they ran out of tears for the moment.

None of them (except maybe Azazel) would admit it, but all of them were freakin' terrified, and were glad to get out of there.

She sensed all their eyes suddenly widen. And before she could turn around or the others could warn her, a hand grabbed her shoulder-


Justice gasped and her greyed out eyes widened as a concentrated beam of pure energy with the heat and intensity of the core of a star skewered her right through her spine and through her stomach. She couldn't see it, but she could feel the incredible heat.

For a moment she heard electricity surging throughout her body, before it was replaced by high-pitched ringing that was accompanied by blood slowly leaking out of her ears. She felt everything in her body overload then shut down as insanely powerful electricity coursed throughout her body. All of her systems were being fried, the intensity equivalent to someone putting an entire set of metallic cutlery inside an industrial-grade microwave oven and bringing it to full power. Then with a faint POP, her body jolted as her heart literally exploded.

Her hearing was fading fast. The shock of being ended so suddenly without even having a chance to fight back numbed any pain she should've felt.

The beam of energy that skewered her was pulled out, making her stumble forward. One could see the wound was charred and smoking. The room quickly filled with the smell of burnt demon flesh. With her remaining willpower and energy, she turned around, reached out with her hand and managed to feel a wet face. She'd become extremely good at painting faces in her mind over her centuries of blindness, and to say she was overcome with even more shock is an understatement. Her blood started leaking out of her nose, eyes and mouth.

"Michael..." She spluttered in a whisper before collapsing.


Before her hearing failed completely, among the last sounds the Awesome Demon manages to hear through the ringing in her ears was her best friend's shrieking voice yelling her name. She managed to turn her head in Lucy's direction... And gave off that bit of that epic smile (albeit a bloody one) that everyone secretly loved... before going limp, blood leaking out of her nose and mouth.

It all happened in less than 20 seconds.

Azazel fell to her knees again, unable to believe what just happened. More tears ran down her face as she looked at The Blind's body. Justice was like an awesome older aunt to her.

With a swish of her gloved hands, the beam of energy which had slain Justice The Blind (which one could say was the Heaven equivalent of a lightsabre) vanished and transformed into her signature baton.

Michael, the Archangel of Death, one of Heaven's highest ranking Generals, slowly walked towards then circled the group, the most disturbing slasher smile on her face reminiscent of a Cheshire cat. Granted, Michael was noted for having moments of sadistic intensity and was also noted for her insane brutality but this... Oh no no no, this was something else.

Something worse.

Something... much, MUCH worse.

Looking into those wide-open Turquoise-blue eyes sent shivers down their spine. Warnings went off in their heads, like a missile alert. When they looked at her, they saw Insanity itself. They saw a woman corrupted beyond all redemption.

Her halo, the type worn by archangels, was flickering while invisible waves were distorting it, while at the same time it was continuously cracking with pieces of it falling off and dissolving into nothingness. The blue-white colour having patches of intense red, with purple flickers of what looked like miniature lightning. Her uniform, once a source of utmost respect amongst the citizens and angels of Heaven, was ripped and torn in several places, exposing a lot of scarred and burnt skin. And she was properly covered in blood. All types. Human, demonic, various other alien species, but also angelic blood.

Lots of angelic blood.

For come context:

{ Dark Gold is the blood of high ranking angels like Gabriel, Michael and Raphael. It's the angelic equivalent of Judgement's Neon-Orange blood which is reserved for high ranking demons like her.

{ Aqua Blue is the blood of low ranking and regular angels like Azazel, which is equivalent to the Dark Red found in demons like Malina.

{ Glowing White is the blood of Heavenly Gods and deities. The opposite is Absolute Black, the blood of kings/queens of Hell like Lucifer.

"Hola Lucifer." She greeted with that slasher smile, her voice full of sultry malevolence.

"G-g-g-gen-general?" The angel sounded like a puppy that was kicked as she trembled on the spot. As if everything that just happened wasn't harrowing enough, now here's her commanding officer, her mother-figure, the one who raised and trained her since the beginning. The one who raised and trained countless angels before and after Azazel.

This... this wasn't her General.

Here she is looking like she committed mass speciecide and had an enormous amount of fun while she was at it. Everything up to now was already too much for her, but now this was an extra-massive sledgehammer to the ribs. Her hope rapidly fading, her soul traumatized, her innocence destroyed, most of her friends slaughtered, she looks down in utter loss. All of this, combined with the constant stress and immense fear, causes her bladder to give way and her white slacks were stained yellow as she started to wet herself. She puts her hands on her knees as she cries silently, looking at the expanding puddle she's making with... just loss.

The Queen of Hell stepped in front of Azazel like a mother bear protecting her daughter, teeth clenched so hard they would shatter if she was a normal human, tears mixed with mascara similar to Zdrada's staining her face, her fists gripped so tightly that her knuckles have turned white, her horns on fire. Her despair had reached a critical level. Her anger turned into wrath, her sadness turned into pure misery. Zdrada and Monica, as they weren't injured, immediately went on the defensive behind her.

"Michael... what did you do!? WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO!?" Lucy yelled as Hellfire (which she finally managed to conjure) engulfed her shaking fists. She couldn't kill Him, but she could definitely kill her.

"Heheh..." She chuckled darky. "I might as well entertain you hermana." She said as she continued to slowly circle them. "I met this human not so long ago in a recon mission to Hell. He went by the name of Matias Torres. He was a decorated captain in his country's Navy, before he and the crew of his vessel were killed by this pilot who... stepped on his crisp white... sheets or something ridiculous sounding. In any case, before he was sentenced to eternal damnation for his crimes, we had a lovely chat and he told me what his plans were. He said that he tried to end a war that would've cost 10 million lives if he didn't kill just one million. He told me how such a massive loss of life so quickly would lead to others throwing down their arms, thereby achieving peace. Psheheh, I thought it was complete madness. He clearly just wanted to kill as many of his fellow humans as possible. For no other reason than being a purely loco psychopath." She said calmly as she kept circled the group, eyeing the mess her cadet was making and shaking her head in disappointment.

"Yet... there was something about him intrigued me. That one particular human. Heh, I have met hundreds of dictators, tyrants, horrible rulers and disgraced leaders from multiple realities of Earth. Yet that one human... That one human who wasn't even royalty... Hehehe. He must have been more charming than I originally thought. He made me realize something." She said as she finished circling the group, standing in the pool of blood that now surrounded Justice' dead body. She closed her eye for a moment, her grin seemingly getting wider.

"His desire to kill, to take all those lives, was for no other reason than to satiate a need for violence and bloodshed. He succumbed to one of his base instincts, and that lead him to commit unspeakable acts that only made him elated in his final moments. And yet, that also propelled him to the top of the food chain. He was an Alpha. A literal God amongst his followers. It was...heh, revolutionary for me. When I got back to Heaven, that's when it hit me. I shared that desire for intense bloodshed and violence, simply for the sake it of it. And that I always have for as long as I've been alive. And that I have been suppressing it like some disgraceful fetish. But it isn't just the senseless killing that really opened my eyes." She said as her eyes sparkled with more insanity.

"He was a leader of an immensely powerful vessel full of fanatically loyal crewmates. All of that, it all made me realize where I truly belong, heheh. I belong at the top! Ruling over everyone and everything! That I! Do not! Respond to ANYONE! NO SOY ESCLAVO DE NADIE! (I AM SLAVE TO NO ONE!)" She yelled and giggled maniacally. "I managed to convince a large number of my fellow angles to follow me. Unfortunately, the rest of our sisters, Gabriel, Raphael, the others, my surveillance officer Kaysie, they didn't agree. So they tried to stop me, tried to arrest me, tried to banish me! I was never going to accept being sent to that disgraceful realm you call yourself the Queen of, Lucifer... so guess what? I killed them all. And you know what? I feel no regret. In fact, in the eons that I have existed, I have never felt more alive! Killing your own sisters, slaughtering thousands of angels who get in your way, hahahaha... I... have never had heheh... SO MUCH FUN!" She laughed maniacally, all that blood on her taking on new levels of horrifying.

The demons all looked at the crazed woman with 'What-in-The-Absolute-Fuck' painted on their faces, trying to comprehend the completely crazy yet undeniably truthful bullshit coming out of her mouth, while Azazel whispered 'No...' in complete denial. "You did what!? You...y-you... you have gone mad with this false pretence that power is yours!" Monica snarled. She couldn't believe this bitch.

"Oh nonono dear secretary. That power was mine all along. It truly belonged to me all this time, it just took me a long time to realise it." She happily countered. "Jesus and Mother, along with the other Gods, fought back hard. And they honestly fought back admirably. But as you can see..." She points to the intense glowing white blood on her face. "Well... there is a reason I am the Angel de la Muerte (Angel of Death) after all." She smiled cheerfully, giggling yet again.

Ignoring the gobsmacked look on their faces, she continued. "When those obstacles were out of the way, I sent my followers to a number of different universes and other realms to announce to their respective primeval Gods who was in charge now. They were met with great resistance, but we're successful obviously. While that was happening, I decided to venture into Hell again to find you. After turning multiple cities upside down, I found myself in Immora and managed to track that part of your research division that develops technology like this, and I killed everyone. And after tracking you down, well... here I am with you." She said, tilting her head to the side as her smile somehow widened more.

"You... You killed Jehovah, you killed our Mother... You... You killed all... all those Gods... What have you done..." Lucy whispered in horror.

The consequences of her actions were... horrifying to say the very least.

"Heh. Yes, I have killed our dear mother. The rest where in my way. I have to say Lucy; I now understand why you launched your rebellion all that time ago. I can now see what you saw that day. The only difference is, you lacked the drive to do what was necessary and remove whatever obstacle was in your way. I do. I felt really horrible for having to rip of your wings and cast you out of Heaven, but now... not anymore. I pity you honestly. You could've done so much more and been so much more. Ah well, what happened, happened. I don't have all day, so I'm going to kill you all now... or, better yet, let Him kill you." She said with a slasher grin.

The moment she finished saying that, a familiar wrist-mounted blade burst through Malina's chest, spraying her dark red blood all over everyone. With wide eyes she choked on her blood as Zdrada screamed her name. Pulling his blade out of her chest, she collapsed like a sack of potatoes, more blood gushing out of her fatal wound.

He then grabbed the Bitch Demon by the neck and slammed her against the wall so hard that she was embedded in it, sharp pieces of concrete impaled her body. Multiple large cracks in the wall surrounded her body. She weakly looked up to him as he stepped back, coughing up yet more blood. That small device mounted on his shoulder aimed at her.

She only had time to widen her eyes as a jet of blue napalm shot right into her face. Within seconds she was engulfed in fire. Fire that ravaged her.

Normally fire wouldn't really hurt a demon. Not this time.


She SCREAMED in utter agony as she was incinerated alive, her heavily injured body thrashing as she tried to escape, but to no avail. Malina watched with tears streaming down her face. She tried reaching out to her, tried to call out her name in desperation, but her immense blood loss from before and rapid blood loss right now, along with her now destroyed heart, made it impossible. As the Bitch Demon was reduced to a charred skeleton and ash, and the Sour Demon reduced to a pale sack of bones and skin as the amount of blood left in her crossed a critical threshold, the two sisters ceased to exist at the same time. Mere centimetres from each other.

Less than 13 seconds.

While Zdrada burned, he gripped Modeus head with his massive hands and squeezed so hard that his thumbs went through her eyes with a pop, her skull started to crack and cave in. She screamed in pain for a moment, and with a mighty pull he ripped her head apart with extreme prejudice, like ripping open a large chunky watermelon, her scream cut short. She never even had a chance to put up a fight.

As her body was shoved out of the way, he quickly dodged a wrathful Monica's bone breaking hands, knowing full-well how dangerous those WMDs are. He managed to grab one arm and twisted it so hard that he broke the bones in it and tore it off her shoulder. While she screamed from the agonizing pain, he kicked out her legs and made fall her fall onto the floor, proceeding to rip her other arm off. And for the grand finale, he ripped both of her horns off and started to shred

her body with them like improvised knives (even stabbing her eyes through her glasses) all while she screamed, kicked and tried fighting back, but it was all in vain.

While those four met their sudden and brutal ends, and knowing she couldn't do a single thing about it, Lucy pulled Azazel to her feet and they backed away to one of the pentagon's corners together. The angel hid behind the Devil as she watched the last of her... her family get slaughtered. No amount of words can accurately describe the horror she's going through.

Lucy was hyperventilating, sweating like a she was in a sauna, tears streaming down her face like a waterfall, trembling as if her body's experiencing an earthquake as she and the Azel kept backing up to the corner. She glanced at Michael, then back at him, as it suddenly clicked as her words sank in.


But that didn't matter anymore.

Out of everyone, it was just her and Azazel left, and he was inching ever closer towards them, like a predator approaching its cornered prey. But this time, the cornered pray was of danger to him at all. The Insane Angel of Death watched from her position in front of the portal with a grin on her face that was so wide it looked like her cheeks would tear apart and that grin would be permanent. Her once pristine boots were now covered in Justice's blood. She reached down and swabbed a bit with her finger before tasting it, shuddering in pleasure as the demonic metallic-tasting liquid went down her throat. She looked at the bloody, incinerated, wrecked and destroyed bodies of the others.

Michael was VERY pleased.

Lucy could only watch as he took out his double-barrelled shotgun and loaded two fresh shells into it. There was nothing she could-


Everyone was caught off guard by Azazel suddenly standing in front of Lucy. The angel held her arms in front of her, as if to block him from approaching. As if she was pleading for him to stop. As if she was protecting Lucy.

He stopped in surprise and looked at her. He looked at her dim halo, her tear-stained face, her wide-open fear-and-despair-filled reddened eyes, her bloody, torn uniform, her urine-soaked pants, her overall shaky posture... He looked at her incredibly desperate attempt to stop him. Getting this good look at her, only now he realised that she was an angel.

A proper Angel. Not a Maykr, not a deceiver.

He saw innocence. Pure, tainted innocence... It reminded him not only of what little humanity was left within him... But it also reminded him of his wife, his son, his pet rabbit... The three things in life he loved beyond anything else... And they were taken from him by the very demons he's killed for eons... This angel might have been with them, but she was innocent... And now here he was, mere moments ago he was about to take away this innocent angel's life as well. Even if she was protecting his actual target. This caused a brief conflict to play out in his head as he tried to decide on what to do.

For what felt like an eternity, nothing happened. Then... he stepped back a bit, lowering his double-barrelled shotgun, reluctance clearly evident on his face. He wasn't sure what to do right now.

But he wasn't going to hurt this angel.

"Wha- what are you doing?! THE DEVIL IS RIGHT THERE! KILL HER!" Michael's surprise quickly turned into rage once he backed away. When her demands fell on deaf ears, she turned her insane sights to the one who stopped him, and acted without hesitation.

In a flash, Azazel gasped as a sharp blazing heat punched its way into her abdomen. Looking down, a heavenly dagger (with blue flames surrounding the blade) was imbedded in her liver. And the ornate handle was being gripped by a super-pissed off Michael. She looked at her mentor, her general, her mother, with wide eyes that screamed betrayal. Her lips quivered as she felt her life beginning to fade away.


Lucy yelled as... her daughter. That's who Azazel had become to her. A daughter. And her daughter was being taken away from her. By the one who was supposed to be a mother to her in the first place.

Never had she ever been this powerless.

"Estupida. Chica. Pathetica. (You. Stupid. Pathetic girl.)" Michael snarled with corrosive venom dripping from her voice as she pushed the dagger deeper into Azazel's abdomen. Her liver was destroyed and major blood vessels were now severed, making the angel cough up cupful's of aqua blood in response. She started shaking and slowly fell to her knees, weakly grabbing Michael's arm in an attempt to get away.

"You were always weak. Always naive. Always asking stupid questions and doing the dumbest of things. Always a sorry pitiful excuse for an angel. You were a waste! You could never do anything right! Look at you! You even soiled yourself when death came knocking! I trained my angels better than THAT! ¡ENTRENÉ A MIS ÁNGELES PARA SER GUERREROS! Y AHORA, PEDAZO DE MIERDA SIN VALOR, TIENES LA AUDACIA DE INTERFERIR CON MIS PLANES?! (I TRAINED MY ANGELS TO BE WARRIORS! AND NOW, YOU WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT, YOU HAVE THE AUDACITY TO INTERFERE WITH MY PLANS?!)" she bellowed with fire raging on her insane eyes as she twisted the dagger before yanking it out.

Azel collapsed, coughing up more blood as her wide eyes stared at Michael, unable to comprehend what just happened. Lucy immediately knelt next to her, holding her close as possible, holding her hand tightly while putting pressure on her wound, more tears streaming down her face. But she couldn't heal her.

She couldn't heal her...

The corrupted General, without skipping a beat, then reactivated her 'lightsabre', pointing it at Lucy's head. The Devil closed her eyes.

She couldn't do a thing.

"Enough. I'll just finish you myself- HEY-WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?"

The sounds of a scuffle made Lucy open her eyes. And to her surprise (and immense relief), He had grabbed her by her tattered coat and threw her against the wall like he did with Zdrada. Looking back at him, Michael could only widen her eyes, an 'Oh Crap!' look forming on her face as he approached her as she realised his intentions, his renewed rage so powerful it rivalled (and most probably surpassed) the many volcanoes that made up Hell's skyline.

She made a huge mistake. Not that she didn't make huge ones already, but this was the biggest.

She tried fighting her treacherous ally back, but even she couldn't escape from being pummelled. Even she couldn't fight him back. Jesus, Mother, her sisters and other Gods didn't come CLOSE to this. And yet, her screams, her broken bones and multiple bloody injuries inflicted at his hands soothed him somewhat. But he was nowhere near done.

Seizing on the opportunity, Lucy picked up the bleeding Azazel bridal style and escaped from the room. Earlier, Justice showed her an emergency exit that lead straight back to the surface outside the house. So she ran to it as fast as she could, the sounds of Michael being savagely ripped apart slowly fading from her ears. She so badly wanted to be the one doing it at that moment.

She suddenly found Beel's body along the way, only now realizing that since Beel was closest to the door, he must've silently surprise-attacked her. The Great Fly looked like she had her entire face melted with some sort of acid. Her horribly disfigured face was forever locked in an expression of pain. Almost tripping over her body, Beel's head then fell off her neck and rolled away from her body with a sickening sound, like a full cabbage covered in mud rolling across the floor. Battling to hold in her vomit, she saw how bad the acidic damage was. Beel had lots of purple insides due to her nature, but now the inside of her neck were nothing but green mush. The smell was...

...Lucy held her breath.

It was TOO sickening.

She didn't want to think about what the rest of her remains looked like. Or what unbearable pain Beel felt. Or anything of her horrible execution anymore. She bit her tongue and continued to the emergency exit, finding the ladder there.

After a few minutes of helping a weak and still bleeding Azel climb the ladder, they reached the backyard, next to a corner of the white picket fence that separated their house from the neighbours.

The house was now engulfed in flames from when Baphomet was shot into the TV. Ignoring that and still carrying Azazel bridal style, she walked from their backyard to their front yard along the side of the house. Once she was next to the driveway, in which the SUV he arrived in was still parked, she fell on her knees onto the soft grass lawn out of exhaustion.

It was all too much. She couldn't move anymore.

Lucy brought Azazel as close as she could to her, cuddling the dying angel, rocking her gently. What were once bright vibrant aqua blue eyes filled with curiosity and life were now a nearly lifeless pale blue, which met Lucy's tired red ones. Lucy planted a kiss on Azazel's forehead as she held her close and held her one of her hands.

Azazel's grip was weakening.

An explosion caught their attention. Looking up they were met with probably the worst sight they could've imagined, if not for everything that just happened. "It's started..." Lucy whispered in horror.

The sky was red and yellow, ripped open with hundreds of unstable portals. Smoke columns from burning buildings were in every direction. Houses were on fire and people were running in all every and all directions to save themselves as demons, aliens, restless souls and other worldly monstrosities hunted them mercilessly and fought each other viciously. Fighter jets and helicopters flew above them, shooting at the multitude of beings coming from those portals, some of them exploding or crashing. Tanks rolled by with many soldiers, either fighting back or being obliterated. Gunfire, explosions, screams and roars from all sorts of created filled the sky. She saw the Moon had exploded. And stars in the sky were exploding as well. Meteors and asteroid streaked across the ruined sky. The Sun looked pale, as if it was going to burn out at any moment.

And she knew this was happening everywhere.

Not just cross the Universe, but across the entire Multiverse. Infinite timelines and infinite universes, ALL either destroyed or being destroyed. And every realm in-between Heaven and Hell also began to destabilize.

Lucifer and Jehovah (who the Archangels referred to as Mother) were the balance that kept the entire house of cards standing. With Jehovah dead, the house started to collapse.

Heaven was overwhelmed and subsequently destroyed. The result was the cataclysmic destruction of reality as a whole. The souls of those departed fell into madness. Physics was destroyed, things happened that shouldn't happen. Nothing made sense. Knowledge vanished. Portals opened across entire skies. Planets were destabilized and exploded or shattered. Solar systems were thrown off balance. Stars went supernova and hypernova. Galaxies collided or were ripped apart. Life on all planets went into a state of permanent war and madness. Black holes ignited quasars. Entire universes collided or were ripped apart.

Should she die, and she knew she will very soon, all the cards will collapse.

She knew he wasn't far behind, and there wasn't anything she could do. And to think this day started off as a very beautiful day. It was all gone now.

"M-M-Miss Miss Lu-Lucifer?" Azazel called weakly.

"Y-Yes my de-dear?" She responded tearfully as all her attention instantly went to the angel. She was much paler now, her eyes were staring to grey. The world around the two went silent as they focused on each other.

"Th-th-thank... thank you for... for ev.. ever... everything..." She weakly smiled as she looked at the Devil with love in her eyes.

More tears yet again fell down her face as she hugged her gently, landing on the Angel's face. "It was... it is-is my pleasure dear. I'm so sorry Azazel... Y-you... You were-were... are like a-a daughter to m-m-me Azel." She chocked on her tears. "I love you Azazel..." She said as she stroked her hair and brought her forehead to hers.

"I... love... you... too... M... mother..." The Angel replied with a loving smile... Her eyes gently closed. Her breathing eased. Her Halo faded. Death had called her. And was leading her soul away from the chaos. Eternal slumber was her future now...



... her dying breath, she called Lucy mother...




...Lucy cried...




...she sobbed...




...she heard footsteps...




...he came and stood in front of her.

She weakly looked up at him. He took his time.

He took a moment to admire the absolute chaos around him, before turning back to look at her.

They looked at each other for a long time, but with unreadable expressions on their faces. She saw him quietly mourn the angel on her lap who had peacefully departed.

He then reloaded his double-barrelled shotgun and aimed it right at her face. She looked at him with a blank look on her tear-stained face before closing her eyes.


One more loud bang echoed down the war-torn street.

All the cards came crashing down.

Now there was no balance. Nothing was kept in check. Everything and everywhere was overrun. Energy was released.

All the stars exploded. Black holes from supermassive to ultramassive filled up what was left. Every Universe collapsed, crashed, or exploded.

T̸̨̰͎̱̟̤̤͔̣̺̪͉͔͔̑̄̌͒̏͛̒̆̚͝ͅĤ̶̛̠̭͗̋̓͗̍̅̒̀̾̋́̇̑̕E̸̢͉̺͓̠̜̟̲̝̤̣̣̪͖̬̪̻̦̟̞̜̭͓̯̤̠͛̌͂͑̀͐̽̂̿̋͑͜͝ͅ ̴͓̖̟̣͇̫͙͎̖̥͋͗M̶̡̧̢̡̝͓̬̰̺̰̳̳̟̠͉͔͚͚̥͎̗̟͙̜͓̝̟̐͑̔̃̐̈́́͋͆̿̀̚͜͝͝U̸̡̼̩̫͇̹̔̋̒̃̾̍͋̐̅̈̒̄́͛̕͠L̵̡̨̥̖̘̰͎̲͖̺̰͖̳̞͎̻̾̔́͌̋̂͐̈̂͋̎̓͗͑́̚͝T̶͙͉̳̠̼̦̣̖̣̪̠̮͕̣͌̈́͐͆͒̈́̍̈́̅͛͋̊̒̿̌̏̚̚I̴̭̭̊̕V̷̨̡̹̻̰̦̪̹͇̪͙̯̙̤̣̦͉̺̥̉̽͊̅̔̾͊͠Ȅ̷̡͍͕̗̜͕͙̫̙͕̣͈̯̫̳͓͖̞̺̪̲̜̟̠̺͍̺͛̔͌̎͌̽̆͂́̒͐̄́̇̽̂̐́̏̊̇̇̄̇̿̏̑̓̚̚̚̚͜͜͝ͅR̷̢̧̥̜͕̬̣̠̠͓̞̭̜̪̺̟̺̱̺̦͚͌̑͑̌̀͒͋̀͗̃̀̏͌̓͂͛̋͒̽͗̚̕͘͘͝͠Ŝ̶̛̛͇̪̹̤͕̟͓̅̔̅̍͗͗͊͂̔̀̅̆̃̀͆̒̾̏͊͋́́̾̔͛͘͝͠Ḙ̴̛̺̱̺̗̗̫͚̬͖͉͇̆̓̀̂̎̎̈́̂̍̍̇̏̓̒͛̒̽͐͐͑̏̒̈́̈́̈́͂̾͆̚͝ ̵̹̣̪̋́͌̃̄̋́̾͆̓͗̕͠͝͝Ẁ̴̡̡̫̝̪͚̺̺͇̪̼̜̠̖͓̙̲̹͙̺̩̱̮̣̪̃͗̅͝Ą̷̧̛̞̻̝̬̮̼͉̗̖͕̩̬̳̱͆̍͗̍̆̐̆͒̓͂̉̏̄͂͂̌͌͛̉̒̾̐̒̒́̿̓͐͆̕͘͝ͅS̸̢̛̮̮͈̥̟̟̿̌̌̍͐͌͆̈́͘̚ ̴̨̨̝̹͉̟̰͖͍̦̥̣̫̬̩̆̂͋̅̅̄̏̃̿̌̃̓̊̅̉̉̾̇̑̐̈̔̈̌̀̀́͠͠͝͠͝ͅÕ̸̟͖̻̼̲͍͍͍̙̰̲͎̻͚̖͙̫̓̾̕͝B̸͎̱̝̟̺̙̀͊͐̆͑̉͛̌̕͘ͅL̷̫̻͈͔̹̖͙̥̪̩̣̱̠̞̗̦͓̆̃̕̕İ̴͎̦͓͖̗̞̥̤͍̘̹̟̦͚͔̃̾̍̂̾͆̍̇͛̈̽͘͠Ṫ̶̡̢͖̰͓̠͎͖̮͉̯̩̞̜͉̂́͌̉̓̍̂̇̊͛̊͗̍̉̏̈́̀̈̿́̎̐͗͐̑͆͗̈́̚̕͝͠E̶̡̨̳̤̘̜͇̱̳̠͇̝̖̱̰̦̣̖̲̓̋̒̓̀̽ͅR̷̢̡̢̨̢̨͓̱̣͔̺̮̠͕͇͉͍̮̫͔̜̖̲̦̯̜͓͚̠̳̘̞͇̺͛̑Ą̴̛͉̣͚̲̠͚̞͍͓̞͈͈̳͖͇̄͗͛̀̔̍̋͛̏̚T̵̡̡̧̤̙̬͍͈̞̜̯͎̞̯̎͂͗̈́̋͆͗̽̎̍̆̌̐̀̀̑͂̀̕͜͝E̸̳̘̮͙̬͖͚̖̜͑̏̓͋͒̇̃̑͆̏̀͂͂̒̀̊̌̂̓̈́̈́͘͜͠͠D̸̢̨̜̙̟͉̲͙̯̅̂̀͋͐̌͒͊͊.̵̪́̃̓̂̉̇͗̆̋̌͑́͛͊̇̇̃̾̎͋̉͒͊̈́̃͂̎̕̚͘͜͝͠͝



... nothing...





She jolted upright on her bed, covered in sweat. She was hyperventilating, rapidly looking around the entire room, the effects of her nightmare blurring her ability to tell what was real or not. She was shaking. Violently.

"Lucy?! Lucy!" A masculine voice called to her as she felt herself being shaken. There was Johnny, the Helltaker, looking at her with huge worry in his eyes. She looked around again. They were in bed together, the room war dark, the window was open to let the cool air inside, and the alarm clock displayed 02:17AM.

"Shhhh, it was just a nightmare." He tried to comfort her and hugged her tightly. She was still hyperventilating. She looked at him as he hugged her...



He screamed in immense pain as a large flaming Hellish dagger was shoved into his back next to his left shoulder. She almost fell on the floor as she scrambled to get away from him. Once she got up, she looked at him with a mix of bewilderment, pure wrath and utter despair, growling with her fangs exposed, her hands consumed by Hellfire, her red eyes glowing so brightly they lit up the dark room, her horns were burning, threatening to set fire to the ceiling of the master bedroom.

Neither of them heard multiple sets of feet rushing towards their room. They didn't even flinch when their door was literally knocked down, and inside came Judgement (still in her PJs) armed with her gauntlets and glowing white chains. Followed by Justice whose legendary fists were ready to pummel anything into pulp. Then followed by a snarling Cerberus, ready to rip and tear, and them Models with her hammer and Zdrada with her knives.

They heard their screams, and all of them were more than ready to deal with whichever idiot(s) had the audacity to break into their house and injure Taker. They were ready to kill. The other inhabitants of the Helltaker household followed suit about a minute after branding their own weapons.

They weren't expecting this at all.

"What the hell happened?!" Judgement yelled as she immediately went to Taker as she demanifested her gauntlets. Seeing the large, flaming dagger imbedded in his back, she immediately pulled it out and began cauterizing the large wound, making him yell in pain again. Blood was gushing down his back onto his bedding.

"Boss, what did you-" Justice started as she turned to glare at Lucy.


Everyone was immediately stunned into silence.


She was crying as she screamed at him, screaming so loudly that the windows shook and their neighbours on both sides of the house and across the street were jolted awake, and had called the police.



... (O_O) ...


... stunned silence.



... just wide-open eyes and stunned silence.

She was shaking. Her breathing was laborious as she glared at him. She looked as if she was about to pounce on him and rip and tear him to shreds with her bare hands. The others must've sensed her potential to harm him even more and moved to stand in front of him as a shield, ready to protect him if they must. But they were still stunned into silence.

For a few minutes, no one did a thing...

No one moved.

No one spoke.

No one dared to do a thing.

Lucy was still glaring at him with murderous intent. However, one could see that a part of her was holding herself back as hard as she could.

Ever so slowly, her breathing slowed down, her shaking slowly calmed down and the fire on her horns vanished. Without saying a word, she shoved Malina and Baphomet aside as she went downstairs... To say everyone was shocked and worried was yet another understatement.

That has never happened before.


She had never had she screamed at that volume with that ferocity, at least in their lifetimes (except maybe Beel and Baphomet).

Taker was hurt, seriously hurt. And in more ways than one. As Malina turned on the bedroom light, they all looked at each other wondering what in Hell's unholy name just happened.

After a moment passed to make sure she wasn't going to actually ambush him, Justice and Monica cautiously went to check on the still-crying CEO of Hell who went outside to the backyard and sat down on the cool slightly moist grass with her knees up to her chest as she tried to calm down. Judgement and Azazel had patched up and healed Taker's fresh wound, though Azazel noted something rather peculiar while his wounds healed.

"Would you like us to do this washing Mr Taker? We can do it while you clean yourself up." Azazel offered him with as best of a smile she could manage after what just happened. Judge initially wanted to protest, but decided against that and just rolled along with it.

"Really? You'd do that for me at this time of the morning?" Taker asked them, genuinely surprised as she and Judge nodded. "It's not like we'll be going back to sleep now anyways. Plus, you can't sleep in a bed soaked in blood." Judge said as she gathered the once crisp white sheets.

"Thank you. All of you." Taker said with something of a warm smile as went to take a shower with Modeus joining him to help him clean up. The others smiled back, but only briefly.

They still had no idea why Lucy snapped like that.

Meanwhile, just as Lucy started screaming...

Location: Livadia Police Station, Livadia, Belvedere, Republic of Amber

Time: 02:19AM

Weather: Full Moon, clear skies, a gentle northerly breeze, slightly chilly...

At the local police station, detective Tamsin Pentecost sat at her desk drinking a fresh cup of coffee. Her shift started at midnight, and so far it's been a quiet night. Right now, she was busy reviewing some of her current cases, along with finishing up some office paperwork. The woman is committed and very good at her job I might add. Right as she got up to grab another cup of coffee, her phone started ringing.


"Mommy einai aux Gianski. Lamvanoume polles klisis shetika me mia pithani catastasis indical bias. (Ma'am it's Jansky. We've been getting multiple calls regarding a possible domestic violence situation)."

Tamsin sighed and face palmed. She immediately knew where this was going. "Epitrepste mia nha mantepso. 8492iii odosz? (Let me guess. 8492nd street?)"

"To mantepsate. Eimai oplismenos kai so perimeno sto autocinetic. (You guessed it. I'm armed up and waiting for you at the car)." Jansky said, sounding exasperated herself. Tamsin sighed again.

"Den teleionei pote so auto to spot, orkizomai ston theo, entaxei. T esti menu eseis kai ego ayti the phora. Eimai kath' odon. (It never ends at that house, I swear to God, alright. It'll be just you and me this time. I'm on my way)." She said as she picked up her badge, holstered her gun, finished her coffee in a couple of hot gulps and went to the garage.

A little bit about the duo:

Tamsin's right hand was Sergeant Bronte Jansky. While Tamsin was a Detective, Bronte was a police officer but was also a part of Amber's 'Special Operations and Tactics and Counter Insurgency and Terrorism' Force (or SOT-CIT Force). This was one of Amber's tactical police units, specialized, formed and trained to handle situations that are beyond the capabilities of ordinary law enforcement units.

Tamsin and Bronte were based here in Livadia (primarily because Belvedere has very busy ports, and Livadia is among the closest suburbs to the city) and they frequently work together with Tamsin in the leading role, and Bronte as her muscle. But besides the chain of command, the two get along very well and are quite good friends.

Anyhow, the Taker house was just a 12-minute drive away from the police station, so they arrived just a few minutes after Taker finished his shower.

"Pusteuet oti t mas prosferei merikes akomi teganites? Id ta pragmata itan aimatira nostima. (You think he'll offer us some more pancakes? Those things were bloody delicious)." Bronte asked as she licked her lips before putting on her mask and readying her FN P90, should she need it.

"Estiasis Gianski. (Focus Jansky)." Tamsin rolled her eyes as they approached the brilliantly crimson-painted front door and pressed the doorbell. Though she had to admit Bronte had a point. She was hoping Taker would offer them pancakes again, they were indeed bloody delicious.

*Ding Dong!* Knock-knock-knock!

"Police! Open up!" Tamsin yelled as Bronte got ready. A couple of seconds later, Taker opened the door. Now Tamsin had been there a number of times for various reasons, but upon seeing the look of hurt on his face and the clearly-just-applied fresh bandages around his shoulder, she was actually worried now.

"Detective Pentecost. Sergeant Jansky. I'm... (sigh) I'm sorry for having to bother you guys so early in the morning. Please, come in." He said, gesturing they enter. As they did, he could see some of his neighbours across the street looking at his house through slightly opened curtains. He sighed and shook his head, paying little attention to them as he closed the door.

"What happened to you Mr Grimm?" Tamsin asked as they sat on the couch. Generic (in her disguise) joined him a moment later, wrapping her arm around his. He cleared his throat. "See, what happened was..."

In a nutshell, he simply told the Detective the truth while she took notes. Lucy had a horrible nightmare, and she stabbed him the shoulder as a result since she was incredibly frightened and confused. He also tried his best to reassure them that there was no need for concern about him being stabbed.

"Don't worry, it happens all the time." He smiled gently, making Gen roll her eyes and the two police officers look at him with wide eyes, stunned at how he just casually brushes off being stabbed in the fucking shoulder!

"It hurts yeah, but at this point, I'm used to it." He said to them. "Uhhh huuhhh..." Tamsin said while Jansky just nodded very slowly.

"Could we uhhh, could we talk to Miss Abaedon? This would still constitute a case of grievous bodily harm Mr Grimm." Tamsin asked him while she put away her notepad.

"Trust me detective, not a good idea when she's in a mood like this. I honestly can't guarantee that she won't try to stab you as well... How about this? Come back later in the day. She'll have calmed down by then." He told her, Gen nodding in agreement. Tamsin sighed. She knew just how stubborn Ms Abaedon could be, so he made a good point.

"Alright Mr Grimm. We'll be back later. You sure you don't need medical attention?"

"Azalea is a highly trained medic. I'm covered." He smiled as he walked them out. They said good morning, and watched as the cop and detective drove away.

There were no pancakes unfortunately.

A few minutes prior...

After pushing Malina and Baphomet aside, Lucy went to the backyard. She put her hands on her knees as she took deep shaky breaths. Looking at her hands, she was still trembling, in fear and in anger. With tears still streaming down her face, she slowly collapsed until she was sitting on the cool slightly moist grass with her knees up to her chest as she tried to calm down.

She couldn't get those what she saw out of her head.

The agonizing and horrifying screams of pain her friends and family, the sheer amount of blood that got spilled, the gut-wrenching brutality, Michael's betrayal, Him, Azazel...



... Shaking her head, she looked at the grass and reached out to touch and feel it. The grass wasn't on fire, instead it felt cool and moist. The green blades gently brushed against her hand which helped her realise that she's still here, nothing's on fire, everything is still here, none of it happened. Everything was okay.

Looking up at Earth's Moon with her razor-sharp vision, she saw it was still in once piece, shining brightly and illuminating the night sky. Behind it were an uncountable number of stars, the myriad of colours of space dust and beautiful gas clouds, and beyond those were galaxies millions and billions of light-years way. She saw the Milky Way stretching and curving from horizon to horizon like it did every night. All of it was still there. All of it was still beautiful. Everything was okay.

She heard crickets, bats, owls and other night-time animals make their usual night-time noises, and she heard and felt the gentle breeze against her hot and sweaty skin, cooling her down. Taking a deep breath, there was no smoke, no blood, no gunpowder or burnt flesh. Only the cool, crisp, fresh air with the noticeable scent of sunflowers. Everything was okay.

Everything was okay.

Everything was okay.


She heard a voice gently call out to her. Quickly looking behind her, she saw Justice and Monica looking at her with worried eyes.

"... How are yo-"

Without even thinking about it, she immediately launched herself at the two and envelopes them in a giant bear hug, fresh tears going down her face. She brought them close, cheek to cheek. She needed to physically feel them. Feel that they're alive. That they're here. That... everything is okay.

Justice and Monica were surprised, but decided not to say anything. Instead, they hugged her back tightly.

Everything was okay.

Everything was okay.

About an hour later, Lucy had since decided to go to sleep in Justice's room with her. A part of her was still angry at Taker, even thought it was all a nightmare. She also called Azazel to Justice's room and had pulled both of them into the bed with her and refused to let go, especially with Azazel.

The young angel was oh-so confused, but accepted this sudden display of affection nonetheless. She rarely gets that from Lucy. It felt... nice.

Sleep didn't come easy to Lucy this time. She was afraid she might fall into another nightmare, or the same one. But after about an hour of continuous tossing and turning and being comforted by Justice and Azazel (which both helped and made it worse), she finally fell asleep. Waking up late in the morning, her mind had finally cleared. Azazel came back with three hot cups of Amberian redbush tea and gave two mugs to the demons.

"Miss Lucifer, would you... would you like to tell us what happened? In your nightmare?" Azazel gently and hesitantly asked her as she sat on the bed next to her. Lucy thought for a moment if she should, if she could without breaking down again... Then she took a deep breath.

"Yes dear, I uh... I think I will." Lucy replied as she took a sip from her own tea. Justice had opened the bedroom window to let in more fresh air, and sat cross-legged on her bed as she listened carefully.

"It started out quite... lovely..." She began. The Curious Angel and The Blind listened carefully as Lucy told them what happened, bringing her to tears yet again. About how it was beautiful then suddenly turned upside down. All the death, violence, destruction, betrayal. At the end of it, the colour faded from Azel's skin and Justice could barely believe any of it.

When she was done, the two of them stayed silent for minutes on end while they processed what they just heard...

"...Luce... we'll get back to you on... that, but... do you know what you did and said to the big guy?" Justice asked her as she looked at her with sad eyes. Lucy looked at her best friend, an eyebrow raised? "What I did and-w-what do you mean Justice?" She asked, confusion evident in her voice.

"Ah, it seems that the uh, sheer horror of your nightmare must have clouded your um, thoughts, so uh, you were unaware." Azazel answered her, clearing her voice. "After you woke up, you..." She trailed off, trying to find the right words.

"I did what Azazel?" Lucy got rather impatient now. Azazel just decided to not sugar-coat anything.

"You... stabbed him in the shoulder. But not like you usually do with kitchen utensils Ms Lucifer. You did so with... with a very demonic dagger, a type I've never seen you wield before. The blade was on fire, raw Hellfire coursing through it. I can... only imagine how painful it must have been for him. Also... you yelled at him. Screamed actually. You woke up the neighbours, and um... said some very painful things to him." Azel gently summarised before looking away.

Lucy's eyes widened and she took a deep breath, looking at the both of them nervously. Her heart sank, whatever she said must've really done some damage. She may be full of hubris, but she knows just how caustic her own words can be.

"What... What did I say?"

A bit later...

Ooohhhhh the remorse. It was unbearable. It's eating her up like she eats Taker's pancakes. It was too much. The others wisely decided to leave the house for the better part of the day and go do their own stuff, leaving Taker and Lucy alone.

Johnny soon managed to go back to sleep after his talk with detective Pentecost. Eventually he got up, fully recharged and went to use the bathroom. When he was finished (and was thinking about how to deal with Lucy and what happened) that's when Lucy entered their bedroom.

She looked like crap, he could clearly see the remorse eating away at her. She was looking at the floor, deflated, down, out for the count. She raised her head and saw him.

They looked at each other in silence for a moment, neither of them knowing what to say.

"...Lucy-" He started gently.

Before he could even say another word, she immediately ran straight into him, hugging him tightly, crying into his shirt before collapsing onto her knees and hugging his legs tightly.

"I'M SORRY I'M SORRY I'M SO SO SORRY! PLEASE FORGIVE ME PLEEEASE! I-I-I DIDNT MEAN TO I SWEAR! PLEASE FORGIVE ME JOHNATHAN PLEEEEASE!" She wailed as yet another round of fresh tears ran down her face. She hurried her face into his trousers as she begged for his forgiveness.


Taker stared at her in absolute shock.

Lucy NEVER does this. She never asks for someone to forgive her (unless it was Justice). And she never uses his full name, it's either Johnny or Taker.

And yet here she is, on her knees, begging for HIS forgiveness.

"I-I-I can't loose you, I can't I can't, please I can't please, please, please I can't..." Her wails had reduced to faint whispers at this point, but he heard her. He shook his head softly as the shock wore off. He wasn't even mad at her about the whole ordeal to begin with, so there was nothing to forgive.

Taking a deep breath, he reached down and slid his hands under her shoulders. With a soft "Hmm?", she let go of his legs as he lifted her up. When he brought her up high enough, she wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist to support herself while her tail wrapped around his arm. She loved being picked up like that. It was a secret that only he (and Justice and Beel) knew.

She loved being held in his giant embrace as she buried her face into his chest, his one arm under her lovely butt and the other across her back. He rested his chin on top of her head, in-between her horns. Her breathing slowed and her crying slowly ceased.

She loved it so, so much. She loved him so, so much.

"Shhhhh, stop crying." He gently whispered with ever so much care and softness. "Everything's okay. There's no need, you did nothing wrong. Nothing wrong at all." He continued to whisper sweet nothings as me gently rubbed his hands in circular motions on her back and gently rocked her back and forth.

"I'm not angry." He said softly as he kissed her forehead gently. "I'm not mad at you." He kissed her again. "You didn't do anything wrong." He kissed her again. Moving his hand from her back to her face, he gently made her look at him. Her tear-stained red eyes met his loving green ones.

"I'm not going to forgive you." He started, making her eyes widen as she jump- "Because there's nothing to forgive. You didn't do anything wrong." He kissed her again and again, and with relief she rested against him, a few tears still flowing down her face.

After losing track of time, Taker eventually sat on the bed as she still wrapped herself around him. After more cuddling, nuzzling and reassuring, she was ready to tell him. He nodded and listened carefully as she explained her nightmare again, from beginning to end, in all of its gory and horrifying detail...



... At the end, to say he was horrified was yet ANOTHER understatement. Like Justice and Azel before him, he sat there in silence, processing what he had just heard. It finally made so much sense now, the screaming, the stabbing, the almost-killing him, the begging for forgiveness, it all finally clicked. At the end of the day it was just a nightmare, but still... Damn...

Eventually she finally stopped crying and finally relaxed. She still clung to him tightly with her eyes closed, refusing to let go. He gladly obliged, holding her tightly. They lost track of time yet again as they stayed like that.



"Promise me, no matter what you'l-"

He put a finger on her lips and took off his sunglasses. Again he gently made her look at him. Her tear-stained red eyes met his loving green ones.

"Lucy. I love you. I. Love. You. And no matter what. No matter what nightmare, no matter what disaster, no matter how many times you stab me, no matter who comes between us; be it the Nemesis of Hell or a corrupted General of Heaven, NO MATTER WHAT. I will NEVER leave you and the girls. Until and beyond the end of time. That is an absolute promise my Queen."

He said to her gently as he kissed her nose, then her eyes, then her forehead all over again before drawing her in for another tight and comforting snuggle.

"I love you so much..." She whispered.

"I love you more." He said back as they laid on the bed.

A peaceful smile slowly crept onto her face (the first time she smiled since she woke up from the nightmare) as they cuddled on the bed for rest of the day. She started feeling better. Much better.

She really needed to hear that...

Amongst other things, she started making plans to spend more time with Azazel. Her nightmare unfortunately made her aware of just how much she takes her for granted. Instead of continuously trying to corrupt her, she'll actually try to get to know her better and actively try not to corrupt her. And try to love her more. She was going to let her know just how much she actually means to her.

But, all in due time.

Detective Pentecost and Sergeant Jansky came back later as they said they wood, and they finally had that talk with Lucy. All in all, nothing major. She apologized (which surprised them) and finally gave them some pancakes.

When night-time rolled around, she shared a drink with Justice and Monica as they sat outside and took in the night-time sky. For them, it'll never get old just how beautiful and peaceful the mortal realm's planets can be compared to Hell.

They love it.

She was still a bit on edge, but was feeling much better.

Author's Notes:

It's been so long since I've made any fanfiction. And this is probably a very good comeback. I really hope you liked it. :-D

Lemme tell you, oddly enough the idea for chapter 1 came to me in a dream back in 2021. And I immediately woke up and started typing up a storm. Dreams are powerful, heh. And if you remember, Helltaker had a dream that led him going to Hell to get a harem of demon girls (and a curious angel). ;-P

Originally, this started as a one-shot, then into a short story, then as time passed, it'll end up as a fully-fledged story. In any case, Helltaker is awesome, case closed. He and Lucy really do deserve each other.

Now for those who do not know or are unfamiliar:

{ Lemme say it right now. This is technically an Ace Combat and Helltaker crossover. However, this story is set in the Ace Combat universe, but will follow the Helltaker and his ladies. Also, there's a lot of countries in the Ace Combat universe that haven't had any official lore given to them yet (Amber is one of them), so a lot of cities and neighbourhoods (like Livadia and Belvedere) are fan made. Chapter 3 will have a much more in-depth explanation of how it all works. Also, I've made it so that one of Amber's languages is the Strangereal equivalent of Greek, which is what Pentecost and Jansky were speaking. :-)

{ Matias Torres is, in a nutshell, this crazy-ass mofo from Ace Combat. And according to the developers, the evillest character in that franchise.

{ Yes it was The DooM SlayeR that so mercilessly hunted them down.

{ Like I said earlier, when I started this, I had a VERY basic idea of what was going to happen. Heck it actually started as a one-shot. But as time passed and more ideas came to me, a solid story started forming and I ended up overhauling this chapter, correcting mistakes, adding more stuff, retconning what needed to be retconned, all that stuff (Heck, the initial chapter 1 had above 9000 words, now this is close to 15000 :-D). I'ma also do this with chapters 2 and 3 when I update and include chapter 4. Then probably overhaul it again with the following chapters.

But all in all, I hope you enjoyed this heart-wrenching, heart-breaking and then heart-warming start of the story. Stay safe everyone.