Revelations Part 1

Hi there, it's me again. The Narrator. :-D

So hey, you've probably been enjoying this quite dark adventure you've found yourself in. And we'll get back to that, I promise. There's a BUNCH more stuff left to go through.

But before we continue, I think it's about time we go on a journey into the past to learn about the Gigachad called Taker, and how he got to where he is today; an incredibly muscular and talented family man who hosts a harem of demons and angels who are all fighter pilots.

Sounds cool? Alrighty then, get your popcorn, drinks and other snacks ready, grab a seat, put your feet up, get nice, cosy and warm and let's get started. B-)

[Clears throat]

First thing's first, it's important to remember that he's not from your universe.

You know what the multiverse is right? I'm sure a good number of you do know and are very knowledgeable about it. But for those who don't, or don't fully understand what it is, Wikipedia describes the multiverse as:

"A hypothetical group of multiple universes. Together, these universes comprise everything that exists: the entirety of space, time, matter, energy, information, and the physical laws and constants that describe them. The different universes within the multiverse are called "parallel universes", "other universes", "alternate universes", or "many worlds."

Basically, your universe (the one you're in right now reading this), with all its hundreds of billions of galaxies and almost countless stars, spanning tens of billions of light-years, isn't the only one. Instead, there's an entirely different universe, distantly separated from ours, and another, and another, and another, and another, and another, and another, and more and more.

Each of them similar in a few ways, but also radically different in other ways. Some are so different that they have different physics and rules that govern how they're made and live (to the point where you couldn't exist in them because you'd literally be destroyed or turned into a molecular mess), others are so similar that the differences between them can be as small has having the same Earth but with the countries being the opposite of what you know them to be for example, or an Earth were you're a different gender or race, or one which got invaded by aliens, and so on and so forth, you get the idea. The possibilities are endless.

This also means that every video game, movie, TV series, and all other forms of storytelling and entertainment that are fictional to you actually do exist in their own parallel universes.

And to top it off, there's an infinite amount of parallel universes (well, infinite to a tiny human), which as I mentioned, for all practical purposes (that our human brains can comprehend), means that literally anything can exist.

One of these universes is the setting of the video game franchise Ace Combat, developed by Namco Bandai Entertainment, where you take the role of a heroic fighter pilot, fly fighter jets, complete awesome missions and shoot down other airplanes of all types.

And it is from this parallel universe, which has been given the official nickname of "Strangereal" by the fans and the developers, that our Gigachad the Helltaker originates (I'll also refer to this universe as Strangereal from now on for the sake of simplicity).

And hey, if all this is too much to grasp, don't worry and don't think about it too much. Just know that in a parallel universe somewhere, your favourite heroes and villains do actually exist. :-)

Anyhow, the Strangereal universe isn't really all that different from the one you're from.

For starters, the Earth is located:

{ In the same galaxy filament (The Pisces-Cetus Supercluster Complex)

{ Which is in the very same galaxy supercluster (The Laniakea Supercluster)

{ Which is in the same super cluster (The Virgo Supercluster)

{ Which is in the same galaxy cluster (The Local Group)

{ Which is in the same galaxy (Milky Way)

{ Which is in the same location IN the galaxy (somewhere in the Orion-Cygnus Arm)

{ Which is in the very same solar system (Sol System) with the same planets and moons.

Space is big. :-D

On this Earth, Humans are the dominant species, there's many religions and cultures, a whole lotta countries, tons of different ideologies of all types, lots and lots of wars, peace seems unreachable, so on and so forth. At first glance you couldn't really tell the difference.

But the main differences here are that first and foremost, there are different continents, countries and other landmasses.

If you look at the maps of Strangereal on Google (or whichever search engine you use), you'd only be able to recognize a very small number of countries, islands, lakes and names of oceans for example. You might also be able to recognize a country via its name, the languages spoken, its cultures and traditions and politics, it's biodiversity, it's people and so on and compare it to countries you do know.

For example, the Osean Federation is the Strangereal version of the combination of the USA and Japan. I'll tell you all of the combinations at the end of the chapter because I'm that much of a cool dude. B-) But remember, those are all just relatively small similarities.

Other massive differences here in Strangereal Earth is that technology is about 50+ to 200+ years ahead of yours, fighter pilots (that apparently don't have any blood and are superhuman in some supernatural way, I'm not making that up) are the main heroes and villains of Strangereal's Earth, a country once nuked itself 7 times, they built a fully functional space elevator that's literally 100,000km high, the Earth got slammed by an asteroid which spawned countless wars and uprisings, there's literal flying fortresses the size of small towns, aircraft carrier submarines, immensely powerful railguns (big and small), laser cannons, sexy fighter jets, absolutely BEAUTIFUL buildings, and a whole bunch of other awesome shit! Damn, I'm honestly tempted to live there...

So with all that mentioned (I bet your brain had a short circuit), let's start the actual proper story.

Date: June 6th, 1980

Realm: Earth, The Mortal Realm

Location: Dorian Memorial Hospital, November City, Osean Federation

Time: 18:00PM

Weather: Clear twilight skies, a gentle westerly breeze.

Johnathan Duke Norris Balboa Grimm is born a healthy baby at John Dorian Memorial Hospital in November City, a major city in the country of Osea, similar in scale and importance to America's Seattle or Japan's Kobe. He's born to Samantha Lockheed Grimm (nee Brimstone) and Dwayne Rockwell Grimm.

Samantha (who's a smol bean) is an award-winning theoretical physicist who specialises in cosmology, nuclear physics and gravitational physics. She works for General Resources (an upcoming multinational conglomerate), but has worked with other groups outside the company. Amongst some of the stuff she's worked on, she was part of the group that developed the Stonehenge complex, the V2 MIRV missile, the International Space Elevator and Aurelia's Atmos Ring (she's a big nerd :-P).

Dwayne (who like Taker is a battleship of a man) is a 'Medal of Honour' recipient with the rank of Sergeant Major. He was part of the Osean Marine Corps special forces group 'Basilisk Team', then became a drill instructor. He's also a bodybuilder. He was born in the Comona Islands (The Hawaii/Chile/USA of Strangereal) to Douglas and Haumea Grimm who were both astronomers working at the local space centre. More about them in upcoming chapters.

His obaasan (grandma) Keiko (nee Nakajima) Brimstone was a Colonel and very experienced fighter pilot in the Osean Air Force. She took part in many conflicts, including The Belkan war, the Continental War, the Circum-Pacific War, and so on. She often took young Taker to various air shows and took him on private tours at various airbases, showing him various aircraft and teaching him about various squadrons, introducing him to various pilots and ground crew and former colleagues, all of which triggered his most powerful interest: aerospace and flight. Thanks to her, as a kid he decided that he wants to be a pilot, and possibly an astronaut. Also thanks to her, he developed a healthy interest in traveling. His obaasan also used to spoil him with thee absolute BEST pancakes any child could ever hope to eat, and taught him how to make the delicious meals that seem to involve some sort of sorcery and defy physics because of how amazing they were.

His grandfather, Victor Avroe Brimstone, originated in North Point (the UK of Strangereal) and is a professional tailor, the head butler of a noble North Pointish family, and was the former head of a well-established hospitality service that served hotels, manors, castles, parliaments and all those high and fancy places before he retired. And he also taught Johnny boy the value of 'clothes maketh the man', looking good, being a proper gentleman and all that good gentlemanly stuff, along with writing and literature. He was also quite tech savvy for an old man, and taught Johnny how to use computers and other electronic gizmos.

Anyhow, our young boi did quite well in school (that's an understatement. He was a damn overachiever). His parents and grandparents decided to help raise him at the same time, focusing on areas they themselves were good at. His mom helped with math-and-science homework and math-and-science related projects while his dad made him exercise like mad, which of course triggered a powerful interest in body building, wrestling and participating in school sports. Amongst his favourite sports is soccer and cricket, and he's quite the goal keeper and fielder respectively. His obaasan helped him with the creative and art subjects, while his grandad, as mentioned, helped with literature and specialized courses like computers for example.

It was during his time in primary school (or elementary school if you will) where he went into his parents' room one day, and found a pair of sunglasses with black lenses resting on one of their nightstands (John Lennon round retro sunglasses). He picked them up, tried them on, looked at himself in the mirror, smiled at himself, and has kept that tradition of always wearing them ever since. Teachers and other people of authority have tried and tried again to get him to take them off, to no avail unfortunately.

But I mean holy shit, the dude was the beefiest of beefcakes by the time he got to high school. He was a fucking hulk of a young man, even drawing the eyes of a couple of teachers (and maybe the principal). And of course, he was (and is) a nice guy who REALLY doesn't like bullies. When he started high school, of course there were bullies. But by the time he graduated, bullying at his high school was effectively eradicated with extreme prejudice, and he played a massive role in that. Another story for another time.

Yep. As an adult, he's pretty much the closest thing to perfect human. He had a loving family that raised him together, properly top notch education, has incredibly good looks and a well-ripped body, he's ambitious with clear goals in mind and is passionate about what he loves.

And to top it off, he's a nice guy! How else can you get better than this!?

Anyhow, at some point just after finishing high school in Osea, his parents had to move to the town of Svalberg in the country of Erusea (The France of Strangereal) for what was probably work related reasons, he didn't care much. Infact, he was understandably bitter after moving and was angry for some time. He always wanted to join the Osean Air Force, and that plan just went down the drain. But one day, after seeing a formation of Mirage-2000 jets (including one with distinctive blue and white stripes on the wings and a blue nose) fly over his new neighbourhood while was taking a walk, he decided:

"...meh, the Erusean Air Force is the next best thing. Might as well while I'm here."

So he applied, and got recruited. And he aced his training! No pun intended.

Plus, I do have to mention that Erusea's military is one of the best in the world and has been for decades, so if anything he made a very good (and smart) choice. :-)

After barely surviving the Ulysses Planetfall in 1999 (remember when I said this Earth got slammed by an asteroid?) his parents finally moved back to Osea. But he decided to stay in Erusea and continue serving in their air force, not to mention the beautiful country had really grown on him over the years. That did kinda cause some controversy and a bit of a rift between him and his dad and his obaasan, but it eventually faded and they sorted it out.

After his basic military and flight training, the top brass in the Erusean Air Force (EAF) quickly saw his skill and potential, and had him transferred to the EAF's famous fighter squadron, the 156th Tactical Fighter Wing 'Aquila', or as they were more popularly known, the 'Yellow Squadron'.

At the time, this squadron was Erusea's best, and was amongst the best in the world. They flew top-of-the-line, insanely lethal, Su-37 'Flanker-F' Terminators made by the Sukhoi Company based in Yuktobania (The kind-of nicer version of Russia/Soviet Union of Strangereal).

His callsign was Yellow 6. He, alongside his friend and squadron leader Dave Jordan, who's callsign was Yellow 13, (who was Erusea's top ace at the time) had the honour and privilege of being trained and mentored by Mihaly A Shilage (long story short, pretty much one of thee BEST fighter pilots in the history of Strangereal).

He then served with Yellow Squadron during the Continental War, which lasted from July 2003 to September 2005, and was good friends with Yellow 13 and his 2nd in-command wingwoman Millicent Chylinski (who's callsign was Yellow 4).

Unfortunately, he was rotated out of the squadron after Stonehenge was destroyed by ISAF (the NATO of Strangereal) ace Mobius One and after Yellow 4 was killed by said Ace (that fucking hurt), which in the long-term was a blessing in disguise since that saved his life because if he stayed, Mobius One would've definitely killed him in a later mission.

After the war and Erusea's defeat, and sensing the upcoming political turmoil that was gonna grip the country, he reluctantly resigned from the EAF and moved out of the country. But instead of going back to Osea, he decided to move to a small town called Livadia (Greek for Meadowlands), which was a couple dozen kilometres from the capital city of Belvedere, in the Republic of Amber (The combination of Mediterranean countries Italy, Greece, Croatia and Southern France of Strangereal).

He visited Amber a few times during his time in the EAF and loved the place. The people, the sunflowers, the food, the peace, it was just simply lovely. You see? Traveling is awesome! It opens your eyes to so many new things, possibilities and experience!

[Coughs and clears throat] But I digress.

Anyhow, before he left Erusea, he managed to buy himself a rather large house (and hired a moving company to install all the furniture and whatnot) in Livadia for a bargain, and also chose that one because it has a backyard so huge that a helicopter can land comfortably. How convenient! So when he did leave Erusea, the moving was relatively fast, stress free and the house was already fully furnished when he got there.

It's located in a nice, lovely suburban neighbourhood with loads of trees and sunflower fields and there's a beautiful beach about an hour's drive away with a warm ocean that's filled with marine life.

The other reasons he got that house was because at the time, it was being sold at a price similar to the specials you'd get at supermarkets (but for houses, you know what I mean), and because of its close proximity to the beach, he was a beach lover. The house was quite old and vacant for some time, and it had to undergo some renovations after he purchased it before moving. You know, repainting, replacing plumbing and electrical systems, changing windows, new walls, all that good stuff- you know what actually, screw that. It wasn't so much of a renovation than him deciding that the whole house had to be demolished and rebuilt.

He was cool with that.

After he moved and settled in, he got himself a job as a commercial, cargo and helicopter pilot for Amber's national airline Air Amberian (the helicopter company he also works for is Amberian Logistics, which is linked to General Resources). So financially, combined with what he got from his time in the EAF, he was VERY well off. He also continued in his bodybuilding and maintains one hell of a walk-in wardrobe filled with sharp suits and fancy clothes, and casual clothes obviously. You can't expect to be in a suit all day every day.

But you see!? He's almost a perfect human! -D

But even though he was content with his life so far for the next few years... he was by himself in that huge house with multiple bedrooms.

"I don't mind it really." He usually tells himself.

He had a girlfriend now and then, here and there, a fun time here and a fun time there, but nothing permanent. As time passed, he couldn't help but feel lonely at times. There were multiple times where he sat down with himself, looked at himself in the mirror and self-reflected, but he could never come to a solid conclusion.

He... was missing something. Or probably somethings. He just couldn't figure it out. Figuratively speaking, he was quite lost for some time. And even after all that time, he STILL couldn't answer a few questions that kept on bugging him as the years passed...

{ He always felt like something was missing. He could feel it but couldn't describe it.

What was it?

{ There were other smaller houses that he could easily and comfortably live in. There's the reasons stated above, but he knew there had to be more behind his decision.

Why did he get this huge house in the first place?

{ Why couldn't he find a stable long-term partner or lover?

What was he doing wrong?

Just... What? And why? And why? And what? ...




The simple questions are the hardest ones to answer.

Date: Tuesday, September 6th, 2010

Realm: Earth, The Mortal Realm

Location: The Grimm Residence, 8492nd Street, Livadia, Belvedere, Republic of Amber

Time: 12:02AM

Weather: A very stormy night.

Then while he was sleeping one night… he had a dream.

That dream would eventually answer everything.

A dream that changed his life forever.

It was a dream about having a harem of demon girls, straight from Hell itself.

It was a dream so powerful it awakened something within him that's been dormant since his days in Yellow Squadron.

A dream so powerful it set in motion a series of events the likes of which he and the Universe was not prepared for.

A series of events that had consequences that would change the course of history.

When he woke up from that dream breathing heavily and sweating like mad and his eyes wide open in shock, before he could even calm down and process what he saw, his mind was already made up.

He was going to do it.

He was going to go to Hell itself and get a harem of demon girls.




... I know what you're thinking.

"Is this dude for real?"

It was absurd really (understatement).

I mean seriously, think about it for a moment dudes, it's fucking crazy!

But that wasn't gonna stop him.

For you see, he had two powerful forces that coursed throughout his body:

He had pure liquid determination running through his veins.

He had pure willpower woven into every fibre of his body.

They both saturated his blood, they built his body, they helped him eradicate bullying back in school, they helped become the ace fighter pilot he was back with Yellow Squadron.

They made him an unstoppable force. And they will help him again.

Buuuuuuuut, there's one incy wincy teeny tiny little problem he had to overcome:

He's a pilot, not a summoner or wizard you see.

He can't just rip and tear open the fabric of reality and jump straight into Hell.

So over the next few weeks he started planning. He read plenty of books, watched videos that were banned from various websites, went around the country (and even to a few other countries) to do some research and talk to some local Satanists and Hell worshipers (there's some in EVERY country) about what's needed to enter and exit the realm of eternal suffering amongst other things. He was really going to do it. Needless to say, a few of them were genuinely surprised at his frankly absurd requests, but in the end they were all happy to help a fellow devil worshiper nonetheless.

Of course he didn't tell them what his true intentions were. He wants a harem for himself.

No sharing :-(

During his research, he noted that he was doing all this during the Circum-Pacific War between Osea and Yuktobania. Yet another war in a string of wars that threw the world upside down. There was absolutely NO WAY the timing between the dream, what he's doing now and the ripples of chaos caused by the war wasn't connected in some way. But he couldn't really do anything tangible with that information, so he left it at the back of his mind and would revisit it at a later date. Plus he knew that even though his dad was a drill sergeant, he was going to MAKE SURE that Basilisk Team was the best unit out there.

It was about 2 months or so into his research when his obaasan surprised him with a visit, but it was a lovely surprise nonetheless.

They were making pancakes later that day when...

"Uh... Sobo Kei..." He started while he mixed the wet ingredients. "Yes my boy?" She smiled at him sweetly while she mixed the dry ones.

"I uh..." He takes a deep breath, readying himself for the anticipated backlash or incredulity. "You see, I had this dream a couple of days ago... and well, I kinda feel like I need to talk to you about it." He said rather nervously and hesitantly as he scratched the back of his neck.

She slowly stopped mixing and just looked at the bowl for a couple of seconds, the look on her face was one that said 'Oooh boy, I knew this day was coming...'. Taker was a bit worried now and waited for her response.

"(Sigh)... Lem'me guess... It was a dream of you having a harem of beautiful demon ladies." She says gently as she closed her eyes.


...was the look on his face. He almost dropped the flask he was mixing the wet ingredients in out of shock.

"How the... Why the...Where the... Who the, what of the weh-re of the how... (Confused Helltaker noises)?!" was the incomprehensible mess coming out of his mouth.

Amused by that failed attempt at English and struggling to hold back a laugh, she gently put her bowl on the kitchen counter, dusted her flour-covered hands and beckoned her dumbfounded grandson to follow her to the living room where they sat down on the couches.

She remained silent for a few minutes gathering her thoughts while he shook his head, calmed down, took a deep breath and paid attention.

It's here I must mention that another skill he picked up in high school (which was fine-tuned by his time in the military) was his ability to read people's faces. He could tell his grandmother was searching her memory banks and trying to put her words together, so he patiently waited until she was ready. She took a deep breath as she started.

"When I was in my 20's, I was like you when you were in Yellow Squadron. I was a hot shot, pretty much thought of myself as the best thing since sliced bread, and a very eager pilot ready for anythin', heh. One night at my barracks, I was jolted awake in a sweat with the most vivid images fresh in my mind. I didn't realise it at the time, but thee most shocking and excitin' opportunity I've ever had had fallen right into my hands, and I grabbed it." She started.

Taker was immediately surprised. "Wait, this happened to you as well!?" He yelled with wide eyes.

"Ohhh yes my boy." She nodded. "A reverse Harem filled with sexy demon boys. Heheh, wow! Now that was somethin' else! And... after I woke that night, I realized I had to do it. I had to go into Hell itself to get what I wanted. I'm 82 years old my boy (yet she looks 62, medical advancements in Strangereal is something else. Makes sense in a world with giant flying aircraft carriers and superweapons and space elevators when you think about it) and to this day I do not know why, but I just HAD to. That... let's call it a calling, it was too powerful to ignore. My boy I was never the religious type, hell I got toooo many problems with organised religion in the first place, so none of the Hellish and Satanic stuff bothered me one damn bit. While I was down there, it was actually very interestin'. Plenty of structures and relics from different times and races, loads of people and beings, there's a whole functional society with actual cities down there! I really felt like a tourist. Heh, a naive tourist who got killed by demons and traps a couple of times." She chuckled and he smiled, before her words sank in and his eyes widened.

"That was fun. But I didn't have no negative thoughts or doubts or second guesses about any of it at all. Of course after I had the dream I didn't tell a single soul about it, said nothin' to nobody. I would've been grounded or discharged or just thought of as a nut case. Anyhow, after about a month or so of preparin' and finding ways to be very stealthy about what I was doing, I managed to finally enter Hell, and... heheheh, through an unforgettable, extremely painful, brutal, exhausting journey, I got what I wanted. A Harem filled with thee most handsome demon boys I've ever met, plus a few angels as well."

She went on with a wide smile that clearly showed her reminiscing about her time with them. "That was never done before, as far as I know. So I was a bit of a legend in that realm of eternal suffering for some time." She said with a shit-eating grin. "Next time I come by, I'll bring a photo album of us all." She said, smiled warmly.

Taker was just absofuckinglutely dumbfounded. He didn't know how or where to start to process this information. But this happened before! To his own grandmother no less! On one hand it somehow helped put him at ease about his whole plan but on the other... Holy shit... He shook his head as a thought occurred to him.

'Wait... extremely painful, brutal, exhausting. That explains her scars! It makes sense now! I've always wondered why she has so many all over her body. She always told me she got them from her days flying missions in the OAF and almost getting shot down a number of times, but now I know from experience. You DON'T get scars like that from flying unless you've been shot at by miniguns and AAA for your entire career or getting run over by a tank or APC or getting sucked into an air intake- wait did she say angels?'

"Wait, angels? As in proper, heavenly angels with beautiful white, feathery wings and floating halos and wearing dresses all time kind of angels?" He asked incredulously with wide eyes.

She burst out laughing HARD. And it took her a few minutes to catch her breath.

"Oh you're killin' me my boy, hahaha! Wearing dresses all the time, hahaaa! Oh that's rich!" She finished, wiping tears from her eyes. Taker blushed, feeling a bit silly now. "Woo, good laugh, good laugh. But to answer you, yeah my boy, those very same angels. That's not their true forms of course but yep, those very angels. Heh, dresses all the time." She smiled at him, making him raise an eyebrow.

"Wait, that's not what they look like?" He raised both his eyebrows now

"Nope. Just a disguise amongst humans." She grinned.

"So they... they actually look like biblically accurate angels?"

"Yep, but more awesome. Or terrifyin'. Or both. If you're lucky on your quest my boy, you might just see for yourself." She smiled with a toothy grin.

"Oohhh shiiit..." He whispered as he leaned back into the couch.

"Mmhmmm. They were somethin' else my boy." She smiled as she also leaned back, stretching a bit. "I gotta say, you're taking all this quite well. All of this that I'm tellin' ya could be complete bullcrap. Do you really believe everything I'm tellin' you?" She asked with a raised eyebrow.

"What, about Hell, Heaven, demons and angels and all that stuff?"

"Mmhmm." She nodded. He sat back on his chair and thought very carefully about that question.

"...Honestly... yeah, I do. Not just because of the dream I had, but because I... I always felt like there had to be more to... this..." He made a gesture with his hands about everything. "This. This giant Universe we live in. There has to be much more than that. I always had this sense that not everything is as it seems. There HAS to be more." He finished. She smiled very warmly.

"I'm glad you think that way my boy. You'll see all of it and more for yourself very soon. Oh, and uh, you mean Multiverse." She corrected him.


"Yeah. This Universe is part of a much larger Multiverse my boy. I only saw a VERY small glimpse of it when I was with the demon boys, but... I don't think I'll be able to properly explain how beautiful, and mind-blowing it was... it was... beyond amazing..." She whispered with awe in her voice.

"...The Multiverse... it's real?" He whispered back in shock."

"Mmhmm." She nodded slowly.




"I... I... I dunno what to say..." He said, completely out of it, like all the air has been forced out of his lungs.

"Hahaaa! Take your time my boy, I'm throwing a lot of hard truths and facts at you so quickly, so take some time to process all of it." She smiled as she took a sip of water.

Taker remained silent with wide eyes and stared at the ceiling for a few minutes as he tried his best to do exactly that. He barely succeeded, but his thoughts did go back to that part about angels.

"Wait. You had angels with you in your harem. Did you also go to Heaven?" He asked perplexed.

"Hmm? Oh no! Nonono, I didn't go there at all. Hell, if I ever do end up goin' there, I'll be very surprised. No, the few that were in the harem, they'd sneak out from Heaven to have fun with their demon friends and chill in Hell." She answered him happily.



... He looked back at her...


...then looked at her with a ಠ_ಠ


...and raised an eyebrow. ಠಿ_ಠ

She laughs hard again, then took a deep breath. "My boy, I ain't that much of a creative person, but I swear to you I CANNOT make up a lie like that." She said with a laugh when she saw that critical look on his face.

"Apparently, Heaven has quite the military fetish goin' on. One of 'em even compared it to an authoritarian regime, now THAT surprised me. So they'd sneak out to escape and just... let loose and have fun. But ahhh... I wouldn't know, I've never been there, and with the stuff I've done, I doubt I'll end up there. That doesn't bother me one bit though." She said with a look of thoughtfulness, before waving it off, her smile turning into a frown.

"But unfortunately not so long after, Heaven found out and they were all banished. They became fallen Angels themselves." She sighed with seething anger in her voice. "To this day that still pisses me off. They didn't deserve that. They didn't deserve ANY of that..." Her eyes narrowed while her hands clenched into fists. And they were shaking. Taker gulped. She may be a very old lady, but she was still scary when she gets angry. Heck even when she gets annoyed it's still scary.

She shook her head, took a deep breath and looked at him. "Anyhow, before I get carried away... when we got back home to Earth, hahaa! Damn! What followed was some of the best and most stressful years of my life. Hahaha! There was like 14 of us! I had to find a way to sneak them out of the airbase, I had to buy a huge house to fit everyone, they robbed a couple of banks to help pay for it all, it was chaos! Wow, we were SO dysfunctional together! I still wonder how we actually lasted as long as we did. But what mattered was that we did. We were happy, and I wouldn't have changed nothin'!" She said with that big smile coming back to her wrinkled scarred face.

Taker just took it all in. Again, a lot of information he just couldn't properly process right now. "So, what happened after that?" He asked curiously.

"What happened afterwards..." She said solemnly as that reminiscing smile turned into a sad frown, which immediately confused Taker and made him worried again. "Sobo Kei?"

"Well... (sigh) It wasn't directly my fault because I don't have that kind of power but I..." She sighed heavily again. "In a nutshell, I think I inadvertently tampered with the balance of the Universe or somethin' when I brought them back to Earth. You could say it was an extreme case of the Butterfly effect. I... It's... It's difficult for me to explain because I still don't fully understand what happened exactly and I was never given a clear answer. And I don't know what happened across the rest of the Universe... but what I do know for sure is that the tamperin' caused an asteroid to hit the Earth some decades later..." She said quietly as she closed her eyes...




... the bass drops as Taker's eyes widened and his jaw slowly dropped in unison as her words clicked in his mind.

"Nooooooooooo... don't tell me... y-you mean..." He whispered in total shock.

"Yes... my boy... Because of me and my actions, I indirectly caused the Ulysses Impact. And I almost killed you in the process." She said as a tear went down her wrinkled and scared face...







Just imagine that for a moment will you?

Imagine that just because you wanted to have fun, you directly or indirectly set in motion a chain of events which eventually leads to something utterly catastrophic that would be felt by millions, in her case it was felt by the entire Universe.

Like she said, in her case it was something like a severe case of the Butterfly Effect, the entire ordeal which followed was completely out of her control.

Imagine all of that happens just because you wanted to have some fun. From your perspective, that thing you wanted was something small and something insignificant compared to the rest of the Universe.

But then this happens.

Seconds from Disaster, that awesome documentary series about some of the most infamous disasters in history that played on National Geographic always said at the beginning of each episode:

"Disasters don't just happen. They're a chain of critical events."

Critical Events indeed. And it always, ALWAYS, begins with the small things.

In her case, by bringing back literal demons from Hell (plus some angels) she inadvertently set in motion a chain of events so beyond her understanding and abilities that on a scale she could understand, it caused an asteroid to get kicked out of its orbit and make its way to Earth. Killing hundreds of thousands, (including almost killing Taker) and starting numerous wars for decades afterwards (which also gave rise to most of the famous aces this world is so familiar with, but that's besides the point). Not to mention by bringing them back from Hell, it sent waves of improbability across the entire Universe, affecting in ways she'll never know.

That's a fuck-ton of severe consequences to have resting on your shoulders.

"Eventually, our Harem split up and they all went back to Hell... I still miss them to this day, I wonder how they're doin'... Not long after, that's when I met your granddad, and the rest is history..." Silence descended upon them...




"Listen to me my boy. If you want to do this, go ahead. I ain't gonna stop ya. I'll give you some advice to deal with them and what to expect in Hell. I figured this day was gonna come sooner or later, so I brought some books, scrolls, runes and other Hellish stuff that helped me enter and exit. They're all yours now." She says as she gently holds his huge hands.

"I've had some of the best, most fulfilling, sweetest and most epic moments, days, weeks, months and years of my life with them. Even with Ulysses happening, I wouldn't have changed a thing. Not one single thing. I want you to experience that type of happiness. In fact, I'm really, really lookin' forward to meetin' whoever you bring with you." She briefly smiles before it disappears.

"But... I must warn you. I didn't know how grave or... overwhelming the consequences of my actions would be. The fact that I'm responsible for Ulysses, for all those deaths and wars, and for whatever might be happening across the universe, it's all..." she takes shaky breath. "... it's haunted me ever since, it's..." She sighs.

"I... I found a way to deal with it. If you do this, I dunno what the consequences will be or how grave they'll be for you. You NEED to keep that in mind my boy, you need to. And when you succeed, and I know you will, you'll need to find a way to live with them as well. Because you never know what the Universe has in store for you, or how it'll affect you." She gently but firmly said, looking straight into his green eyes. He could see some of it, the immense weight she's been carrying. He could see it in her eyes...











"Don't make any hasty decisions yet. You still have plenty of time before this window you have closes. So take your time." She suddenly smiled. "Now, back to the kitchen. Them pancakes aren't gonna bake themselves." She says standing up and heading back into the kitchen without missing a beat with a bounce a lady her age shouldn't possibly have. He sat there for a couple more seconds clutching his chest above his heart and letting everything she just said sink in, when something registered with him.

"Wait... did this ever happen to dad? Or mom? Or anyone else you know?" He asked as he finally got up and followed her back into the kitchen where she was already mixing again.

"Heh, good question. Go ask 'em, maybe they'll answer it for you. But I highly doubt it. Apparently this window skips a generation. Maybe my obaasan or ojichan (Grandpa) had a chance as well, but given how times were back then, well... I don't think either of 'em would've taken the risk. And I got absolutely no idea if their sofubo (Grandparents) had it as well. I just dunno my boy. But don't tell your mom or dad any of this though, they'll probably go ballistic." She laughs. He shook his head before chuckling. His ability to shrug off and laugh about serious things so quickly definitely comes from her.

"Hey you said the Whitty line." He noticed and laughed. "Of course boi." She joked back. And they continued to laugh and bake.

A few days later...

Among Sobo Kei's luggage was, as she said, plenty of equipment, scrolls, artefacts and relics she used before. As the days passed, she gave him crucial advice on what to expect when he manages to get into Hell, how to survive Hell itself, and to use the stuff she brought for him.

"So, keep this in mind my boy. A majority of this stuff is needed just to tear open a stable portal to Hell and maintain that stability 'til you're finished and come back out." She said as she unpacked a large backpack and a large suitcase. She really did come with everything.

"Really?" He asked surprised.

"Yep. That's arguably the most dangerous thing about this entire endeavour. You're literally rippin' and tearin' open the fabric of space-time to a realm that can quickly and effortlessly consume an entire universe, and it has done so before, probably millions of times. Without this stability, the portal will be unstable, Hell can use it as a link and begin to invade, or even worse, the instability causes our universe and Hell to collide because space-time rips apart so badly... Yeah, space-time is THAT fragile." She points out strictly.

Taker gulped and sweated nervously. She noticed and chuckled. "You scared? Heh, good. That means your alert and won't get cocky or overconfident. That shit kills more than you'd expect. Now, wear one of these." She opens a small wooden box and takes out two diamond-shaped platinum necklaces with all sorts of engravings and jewels etched and welded onto them, then hands both of them to him, one of which he puts around his neck.

"These were a gift by one of the engineer demons from my old harem. They're called Talisman Necklaces. You leave one here in the house, and wear the other one. They're both linked to each other. These acts as your tether to this dimension so you can be pulled back from Hell in an emergency. Do NOT lose the one around your neck my boy, otherwise if shit hits the fan, you could end up trapped down there. And Hell don't take too kindly to intruders." She points out.

Taker brings the two necklaces close together to get a better look, and his eyes widen as the engravings on both of them start glowing a gentle light blue. "Woooah, awesome." He whispers, and she laughs while opening another small box. "Catch." She says as she throws a small pouch at him, to which he catches it effortlessly with one hand.

Opening the small pouch, it was full of very smooth black obsidian-looking stones. He grabs a handful and shuffles them in his hand, enjoying how smooth they all felt between his fingers and palm.

"Now this was a gift for me by one of the angels." She smiled. "In a nutshell, these are essentially jammers. My boy, if you were to open a portal to Hell right now without properly preparin', Heaven would immediately pick it up and in the worst case outright kill you, or in the best case closely monitor you. Like a fighter jet's radar, you'd be tracked and locked on. You CANNOT hide that kinda unique energy from those kinda advanced sensors, so these stones divert/deflect/refract most of that energy in random directions, which means Heaven won't be able to accurately pinpoint your location or the location of the portal if you, for example, open it in your backyard. I kinda learnt that the hard way." She said as she laughed nervously. "Huh, cool." He said with a nod of understanding.

"Put a couple around your front and back yards and inside the house and keep them there until you forget about them. Oh, and uh, keep a few on you for some extra protection. But do keep in mind that Heaven will eventually burn through that jamming my boy. I dunno how long that'll take though, maybe a few years at best." She points out and he nods in understanding.

"Now for the portal itself." She goes outside to her car and drags in a cold-to-the-touch metallic 10 litre beer keg.

"Here, you'll need blood from recently slaughtered animals to paint the pentagram. You'll need to use all of it. Oh, I almost forgot the candles!" She remembers as she quickly goes back to her car to grab a box of scented candles.

Taker looked at the beer keg with wide eyes... he chose not to ask where she got all that blood, or how it's already so cold.

She REALLY came prepared.

A few more days later...

Sobo Kei had gone back to Osea by now. Taker took his time finalizing details and making sure everything was PROPERLY ready.

Whether he was gonna be successful in his endeavour or not, he didn't know.

But he did know that it's now or never.

So one evening, he placed the stones at different corners in the house and in the front and backyard. He placed one talisman in the living room and wore the other around his neck, making sure it wouldn't fly off easily. There was a thunderstorm approaching his town so he worked fast. He painted a 5-by-5 meter pentagram with all the blood, put the candles on specific points in and around the pentagram, then lit them. It was starting to drizzle, yet the candles curiously didn't fizzle out from that nor the wind.

Standing in front of the bloody pentagram, he opened a thick, worn out book and started chanting some demonic texts (which he'd been practicing). As he did, the wind picked up, the candles started to flare and the blood started to glow a sickly red. A very epic effect started to happen as space-time began to shimmer and warp in front of him. Sparks and arcs of what looked like electricity started to spark and crackle in and out of existence. It all kept increasing in intensity and the noise from it all had risen to painfully loud levels until a bolt of lightning struck the pentagram with an immensely loud #CLAP# of thunder, knocking Taker back a fair bit and stunning him.

A moment later, it started to rain ferociously. With a painful grunt, he slowly opened his eyes as the ringing from his ears faded and the tingling on his skin stopped. Trying to take a look around as his backyard, it was engulfed in a vibrant, unsettling red glow along with the walls of his next door neighbours. Said neighbours no doubt can definitely see it through their windows if that lightning strike startled them awake, there's literally no way they can't. As his eyesight settled, he looked above the pentagram, and his jaw dropped while his eyes widened as he slowly got up.

There and then was a large shimmering portal in front of him, floating above the now active pentagram that had veins of energy that flowed unnaturally through it. The portal was perfectly spherical (which, according to Sobo Kei, meant it was stable) with tendrils of energy and particles flowing off of it. He had to admit that it looked freakin' awesome, but he could feel and sense that something was... wrong. The portal gave of such a... for lack of a better term, a vibe. A vibe so malevolent it sent shivers down his spine and gave him goose bumps. He took that as a very subtle but very powerful warning about what to expect.

But he'd done it.

He successfully opened a stable portal to Hell itself. He did something very few humans have done before.

Looking into the other side, all he saw was a red, rocky and dusty landscape. Some kind of canyon probably. Taking a deep breath, making sure that his tether was working and making sure all his pockets are closed, he narrowed his eyes, pulled up his sleeves, pushed up his sunglasses, ran and literally dived into a place where no living mortal should ever be.


He saw things. Absolutely horrific, disgusting, terrifying, madness-inducing things that should've made him gouge out his eyes to unsee it.

He heard things and voices everywhere all the time that nearly drove him into madness.

He smelt things that should've effectively burned his nose off and puke his guts out. Things he didn't think could ever smell as... whatever that was... like they did.

He sensed things that should've made him want to rip and tear his own skin off.

He was injured so many times in so many ways, sometimes in ways that he couldn't even comprehend.

It was extremely painful and excruciating. His pain threshold was surpassed way beyond what felt like infinity.

He died and got resurrected so many times. Now THAT was crazy. He began to ask himself if he was still even a human.

He tasted so many kinds of bloods and vile liquids, beat up so many skeleton drones that he lost track, fought other types

of nightmarish demons that attempted to kill him and got chased by many other types of bigger and formidable demons.

He ventured through barren landscapes, lakes of lava, waterfalls of suffering and numerous vibrant cities of Hell for possibly hundreds of kilometres in what felt like weeks. Time made no sense down here, so there was no point in keeping track.

He should be dead, no... He should've been swallowed by Hell and kept as an eternal prisoner just for trespassing. He should've been tortured and had his soul extracted in Nekravol, the City of the Damned. He should've been corrupted and lost himself, turning into a true demon.

… And yet...

Not only was he NOT driven into a state of existential madness or perpetual insanity, not only was he NOT corrupted or captured and tortured…

…he survived all of it.

He challenged Hell itself, prevailed and got what he wanted.

A harem of some of the most beautiful and sexy (and fucking dangerous) demon ladies he had ever met, including a very cute and curious angel, such was his luck.

And to top it all off, he even convinced the current Queen of Hell herself to join his rather eccentric harem. With chocolate pancakes of all things (Oh for fuck-you see!? The whole thing was fucking insane!).

And that current Queen of Hell was none other than Lucifer, the first Fallen Angel. Yes, THAT Lucifer that they always talk shit about in church. That very same Lucifer who's the main antagonist in that Christian novel called the Holy Bible. Apparently it's very popular not just on Earth (and other Earths throughout the Multiverse), but also in Heaven. Heck a few examples have even wound up in Hell (Apparently it's a very good story, but I'm more of a gamer.)!

But with Johnny and Lucy, little did they both of them know that within the next few years, she would become his heart. And he would become hers.

The Legend of the Helltaker had been reborn, stronger and more prevalent this time.

His Mission was Accomplished.

It ended as a Glorious Success.

As they were about to leave, he was shocked to learn that only a few hours had passed on Earth. Heck it was still raining when they got back. Time is REALLY screwy in Hell.

But when they got back through the portal to their new home, heheheh... now that's when the REAL challenge began.

In Ace Combat, this would be considered a Mission Update and you're in that situation where you brought the wrong plane for the mission and realize just how potentially fucked in the ass you are.

When they got back, (the rain washed away the bloody pentagram as it was no longer necessary for it to be there) it was pure chaos for the first couple of months (my goodness the very first day. Hah!) To name just a few examples:

{ New living arrangements which required new and more renovations to the house which required a lot of money.

{ Making time for everyone and developing a sort of schedule of who sleeps (proper sleeping, not sex) with him and when (which isn't easy when it involves demon girls who get greedy and jealous VERY easily).

{ The constant pain and injuries which include regularly broken bones and fingers (courtesy of Monica especially), constant shoulder stabs with a kitchen knife (courtesy of Lucy) and torso stabs (courtesy of all of their different horns and sharp tips of their tails), bites and scratches (courtesy of Zdrada and Cerberus), a painful penis (yes, seriously, courtesy of... EVERYONE, ESPECIALLY Modeus), the mental and physical side effects of being exposed to every single kind of illness and disease in existence and recovering from them (courtesy of rescuing Beel from the Abyss) and thereby having the strongest immune system on the planet, (possibly in the Universe), etc, etc.

{ The constant resupplying of groceries (and alcohol) that rapidly dwindle on a regular basis and hospital bills suddenly piling up, both of which, coupled with the renovations, devoured his bank account like a fire raging through dry grass.

{ The sleepless nights.

{ The perpetual arguing.

{ The constant sex from Modeus, which is significant enough to be mentioned twice.

{ Learning the hard way how to get Monica's coffee right which results in broken fingers, which is significant enough to be mentioned twice...

{ Becoming a (99.9% mostly) unwilling toy for Monica to practice her BDSM on.

{ Judge accidentally breaking stuff early on because of her insane strength and bringing a new puppy (which was actually a very welcome addition to the family).

{ Zdrada smoking all over the house.

{ Azazel's incredibly curious and somewhat naive nature getting her into trouble at times.

{ The trouble Cerberus always started throughout Livadia which eventually led to Detective Pentecost and Lieutenant Jansky becoming regular visitors.

{ Azazel bringing a baby Reaper starship from the beach that followed her (which, again, was actually a very welcome addition to the family, and also helped to completely obliterate the notion that the curious angel was predictable and as easy to read like a book).

{ The fear that this entire endeavour could fail and all the ladies would leave him, which means all of this effort would have been for nothing, which scared Taker more than anything else. This is a fear that's been in the back of his mind since the beginning.

{ The list goes on and on and on...

Lemme say it again.







-(O)- "Although a life with a demon harem is guaranteed to be short and painful, you might as well have fun and make the most of it." -(O)-


Such legendary words from the man himself.


...just like everything in life, eventually it ends. The winds of chaos winded down and a stable order emerged. Slowly but surely he started to make progress with everyone, and they slowly but surely grew ever fonder of this human. Demons generally don't like each other (understatement) but sometimes there's exceptions, and they all got to actually know each other better and better.

Eventually there was happiness, times of great joy and fun. Thorough love-making with everyone. Quite the number of orgies even. The demons explored their new home, the neighbourhood and the town, eventually getting themselves various jobs to not only blend in, but also to contribute to the house. Taker can't pay for everything all the time obviously.

Of course when they're out and about, they don't just walk in public with their horns and red eyes and tails (and halo) clearly visible to the public (for obvious reasons, unless it's Halloween).

So their horns, tails and other nonhuman features dematerialize and rematerialize at will (to hide them basically). Taker made them all rigorously practice so that they can hide them as fast as possible in case of a sudden surprise, like say someone opening the front door and they're not in disguise yet. Their eye colours also change to various hues of blue, brown, green, pink and in Judge's case, grey. Azel's halo simply dims to the point where it becomes invisible to the human eye and various wavelengths of light, like night vision and infrared and so on. Most of the ladies also chose to change the colour of their hair.

Such was the effectiveness of their disguises.

The chaos they brought remained, but it was quickly accepted as part of their lifestyle (after all, they're still demons remember? Sin and chaos literally runs through their blood). Then, after some years had passed in which additional demons and angels joined harem... no... no, by now it wasn't just a harem anymore.

This was his family now. His dysfunctional, chaotic, eccentric, extremely lethal, multi-dimensional-species family.

He loved them all as much as they loved him.

This is what he was waiting for.

This is the answer to the questions he couldn't answer before.

He just needed to do what came naturally to him.

Apparently that was being in a large loving family/harem filled with nonhumans in a huge house...




...eehhh, I won't judge. As ridiculously absurd as this whole thing is, it worked out in the end didn't it? Frankly the guy's a freakin' legend in my books.

I'm sure I don't need to remind you, but it's rather important to mention that all of their lives; him, the demons and the angels, had forever changed the moment he woke up from that dream.

Then one day, a few years later…

Date: Sometime in August 2015, probably on a Tuesday

Realm: Earth, The Mortal Realm

Location: The Grimm Residence, 8492nd Street, Livadia, Belvedere, Republic of Amber

Time: 14:57PM

Weather: A cloudy day, looks like it might rain a bit.

Cerberus was in Taker and Lucy's room (or the master bedroom), busy digging through their expansive (and expensive) wardrobe that was big enough to act as a small bedroom. The good doggo(s) were exploring the hidden secrets in this gigantic wardrobe.

Taker's house was rather unique. It came with several hidden and sliding doors built into the walls and floors that led to several small rooms, meaning extra space all over the house, which was very convenient. Like dozens of small pockets, perfect places to hide.

Cerberus had made it her mission to find and open every single one of them, and she had yet to explore this room. The drive to explore all those spaces for the sake of satiating her curiosity got the better of her despite the regular punishments she got, but today she was determined to find all the remaining secrets no matter what!

Then do what with them exactly? I dunno, probably just make a huge mess and quickly forget about it, maybe hide on there when they play hide and seek :-P.

As she carelessly threw clothes, shoes and underwear over her shoulders all over the room and on the floor, she opened one of the hidden sliding doors and stumbled upon a couple of large, sealed and taped boxes. A large toothy grin immediately spread on her faces.



"I knew it!"

They all yelled victoriously, then they proceeded to immediately rip them open and peer inside.

Inside were medals, a couple of uniforms, loads of trinkets and souvenirs, a fancy looking helmet and lots of photos. Among them was that of a younger Taker standing next to an awesome looking airplane, another photo with him with some other men and a woman kneeling in front of one of those jets, another photo of him in a full military uniform, another photo of him and those same men and woman having a hearty meal inside a bar with this small kid and teenage girl joining them, and just countless other photos of awesome airplanes, giant weapons, military equipment and their pilots and other soldiers.

Grabbing as many boxes as their six relatively small arms can carry, they ran downstairs to find Taker. He was in the living room currently engaged in a life or death match against Malina playing Command and Conquer.

She's not a fan of Real Time Strategy games at all. She says that RTS games are cheap imitations of turn-based strategy games, and that they have a tendency to devolve into click-fests. Still, she admits that she would still play them, and she's not one to turn down a challenge, especially from Taker.

I respectfully disagree. I fucking love Command and Conquer B-).


"We found all this stuff and photos of you in these boxes!"

"What are they!?"

"They all look awesome!"

Cerberus said as her three bodies callously dropped the boxes and their contents onto the table, not even giving a damn about the Death Match he was in the middle of.

The sound of small pieces of metal clanging against each other got everyone's attention, drawing them to the living room with their curiosity piqued. He took a deep breath and sighed, dreading another long clean-up of his wardrobe. But the moment he saw what they discovered, the mild annoyance from the thought of cleaning up after their mess again immediately disappeared and a big smile formed on his face.

"Ha! Wow. It's been a while since I last saw these. I didn't have time to properly put them up." He said as he reaches for some of the photos, Cerberus sitting on the floor in front of him with their tails wagging as they eagerly listened.

"All of this was during my time in the Erusean Air Force. I was part of Aquila Squadron, or better known as the Yellow Squadron." He said as he looked at one of the photos. It was Taker with four other people kneeling in front of a grey and yellow Su-37. He pointed each of the pilots out.

"That's me on the right. I was Yellow 6, and this guy in the middle is Dave, Yellow 13, our flight leader. The one on his right, she's Millie, Yellow 4 and the other two are Jericho, Yellow 7 and Nguyen, Yellow 19. We always chose to fly in a five plane formation." He said as he smiled at the photo, reminiscing.

"WAIT!" Azazel yelled as she frantically ran into the room from the kitchen and tripped over Cerberus, her pet Reaper floating behind her buzzing with excitement. Gen's bird Nugget, Judge's dog Fenrir and Malina's snake Ofnir also approached him, excitement evident in their movements as well.

"You were a fighter pilot?! Like all those legends you told us about?! LIKE THE ONES WE KEEP SEEING ON ALL THESE DOCUMENTARIES!? YOU WERE EVEN IN YELLOW SQUADRON!?" Azazel yelled in his face with utter excitement, her eyes literally glowing, filled with stars, wonder and amazement as she immediately materialized her notepad and started scribbling stuff down.

'Heh, she's always too cute when she gets excited.' He smiles as he pets her head and ruffles up her black hair, as well as poking and petting the pets.

"Yessir I was. From early 1999 to late 2005. Six of the most intense years of my life. Until you ladies came along." He grinned stupidly, receiving eye rolls from the ladies and a rather painful slap on the face from Malina's sharp tail.

The ladies of the house were immediately drawn to the sudden revelation, and most of them came to the table. They either picked up some of his medals, souvenirs, pictures and other stuff and examined then or just looked at the pretty colours and military flight gear.

Zdrada put out her cigarette and picked up his pilot gloves while Malina picked up his helmet and examined it, trying to put it on. Generic picked up a few large 30mm shell casings (which was about the size of an energy drink can) while Beel examined some of the photos.

"Woah, you were a fighter pilot? Why didn't you tell us big guy!? That is so awesome!" Justice grinned as she adjusted her sunglasses and crashed on the couch right next to him, leaning on his shoulder happily.

He opened his mouth...

…then actually thought about the question.

Why didn't he tell them? Even after all these years?

HOW is it that he never told them about it?

"Well, uh... uh… well it's not that I didn't want to tell you guys about it. It's just... well… none of you never really… asked and I uh… never really got a chance to tell you about it? Yeah now that I think about it, it's kinda weird… actually it's very weird. We've watched all those documentaries over and over again, yet I never told you. I'm a regular pilot now and you all know that. But yeah that's... that's it really. Kinda stupid actually. It just... never came up in a conversation, and you ladies know I'm not one to brag about my achievements." He answered her to the best of his ability while thinking about the question as Modeus wrapped her arms around his neck from behind the couch, looking at the brightly coloured medals with curiosity, and was immediately turned on by the dashingly handsome young pilot in those photos.

"Well, he makes a good point when you think about it."

"It's always chaotic and smells like vodka, berries, cigarettes and chocolate around here."

"Have any of you actually asked before?"

Cerberus asks them, making the other ladies either roll their eyes, look away with varying levels of guilt or widen their eyes in surprise.

That honestly also surprised him for a moment. Cerberus wasn't exactly the brightest in his harem, but over the years there where many moments where she did certain things thoughtfully and tactically, or asked solid questions or said very intelligent things that completely caught them off guard, which implied that the triple hellhound knew more than she let on, and that she was much smarter than she appeared.

Coming back to this conversation, the ladies hated to admit it, but she was right. Due to their... chaotic lives and routines, they never really asked. A small oversight by all means, but one that now bothered them immensely.

"Heyheyhey, don't feel bad about it. It's been a busy number of years with you ladies, so something like that was not exactly important. Plus, I'm still pretty sure there's a lot of backstory you all have I don't know about yet either, so that pretty much makes us even." He said with a reassuring smile.

Ooohhhh how they have grown to love that smile, how it warms their hearts and makes them all fuzzy inside. That along with his ability to reassure them, they guilt felt most of the guilt wash away.

Trying to move on from blushing so hard, Judge picked up one of the medals. Its ribbon was green with red and white horizontal stripes. The medal itself was silver and circular in shape. There was a classic crosshair engraved in it, surrounded by the EAF's emblem on 4 points. And in the centre of the crosshair was the crest of Yellow Squadron.

"Sharpshooter. Awarded for destroying 15 aircraft with the 30 millimetre GSh-30 autocannon." She reads the description at the back of it, genuinely surprised. "So, not only were you a fighter pilot, but you were a very good one." She says, her glowing white eyes wide open with intrigue and surprise. "Hmph. That explains why your aim is so good when you shoot or throw things. Exactly how difficult is it to destroy an enemy aircraft with only your gun armament?" She asked him with a raised eyebrow.

He chuckled. "Very. But within that difficulty lies the fun." Was all he said with that same wide smile, making her narrow her eyes at him. "Those 15 were part of the 57 I shot down by the way." He said as he took a sip of the vodka he was sharing with Malina.

Malina nearly spat her vodka out, completely dumbfounded. Heck everyone was. He was that good?!

"57!?" She yelled, pushing the stunned Azazel aside and immediately started digging through the box, eventually taking out another medal. It had a blue-green ribbon, and the medal itself looked like two six-pointed bronze stars skilfully welded together, making it look like a 12-point star. It was engraved with the outline of an Su-37, with the Erusean emblem on one of its corners.

"Silver Ace. Awarded to those who destroyed 50 aircraft." Malina said, looking at him with a rare look of genuine surprise. She's played Ace Combat, DCS and War Thunder before, so she has an idea of how difficult (or easy if you've gotten gud) it is to score a kill, let alone that many.

"If I kept going to 100, then I would've gotten the Golden Ace. Maybe even Platinum if I reach 200. But ehh, it wasn't meant to be." He said, sounding kind of sad.

"Did you S-Rank all your missions or something?!" She asked him, still mind blown.

"Well I don't mean to toot my own horn buuuut mmmmmmost of the time yeah." He said with what was now a huge shit-eating grin. All that talk about not tooting his own horn and yet this mofo couldn't stop himself from enjoying the attention his revelations are getting, which earned him another snack on the face from her sharp tail.

"What about the last seven you shot down!?" She asked him as she took another swig from her vodka, a 'little' jealous of just how skilled he was back in his day.

"That was my last mission before I resigned." He said as he looked at his medals, the ladies listening closely. "We were intercepting some attack aircraft and helicopters heading to reinforce ISAF forces at Whiskey Corridor. By that time, command and the government were crumbling very quickly. I could clearly see that things were only gonna get worse, not just in the war but with Erusea in general, politically, economically and so on. So with the help of a friend of mine who

worked within the offices of the Air Force HQ, I resigned and left the country." He finished rather solemnly as he took another drink of the vodka. Azel was vigorously making notes.

The next one was picked up by Zdrada. Its ribbon was silver in colour, with lines of white. It was in the shape of a shield, and had a dark purple colour to it. There was a gold engrave of one of the Stonehenge turrets on it, and above it was five streaks flying from it.

"Guardian of the Skies. Awarded for protecting the Stonehenge complex from fierce enemy attacks." Zdrada said, raising an eyebrow at him. "And yet it STILL got destroyed anyhow. Some shitty 'Guardians of the Skies' you all were." She mockingly grinned at him as she threw the medal over her shoulder without giving a damn, making Generic reach out and catch it with a panicked yelp as if the medal were a sacred artefact that mustn't be damaged.

"Hey that wasn't our fault. We were good, believe me Zdrada we were VERY good." He said, completely unfazed by her attempt to get under his skin. "But by the time Mobius One attacked Stonehenge, things had gotten so bad on our side that we just couldn't match him." He pointed out, to which she rolled her eyes.

"Uh huh, yeah sure wuss." She said in an unimpressed tone. He rolled his eyes this time, his gaze landing on the shiny medal Generic was carefully holding and examining with wonder.

"You know, that whole battle over Stonehenge, the way it went honestly bothered me for a bit after I left. Like we could've done somethings differently, maybe Yellow 4 would've survived. But eventually, I came to accept it. Be a bitch about it all you want, I'm man enough to admit it that we could've done better, despite our circumstances." He said matter-of-factly as he poked her side, making her jump and glare at him.

All this time spent with the Bitch Demon in particular has taught him how to not let her (and people in general) get under his skin.

It worked, most of the time.

"Wuss." Zdrada playfully repeated herself, pulling out another cigarette. "You know the rules, no smoking in the house." He chuckled, ruffled her hair and took away her next cigarette. She blushes and stabs at his leg with her sharp tail.

"Get oooffff!" She moans with a blush as she tries to swat his hands away.

He wouldn't let her. :-P

Over the next hour or so, the ladies asked him all sorts of questions, ranging from what he flew, to how was his experience in combat, to his most and least favourite moments, and they listened attentively as he told them war stories and his time fighting against ISAF forces. He told them of how life was on their makeshift airbase that was basically a converted highway next to some tunnels, how he loved the feel of flying an Su-37, how Stonehenge firing it's massive railgun shook the sky and clouds asunder, how his flight suit was quite tight in certain places, how he felt like he was both dancing with angels and fighting with demons (that raised some eyebrows) as he flew and so on.

The ladies were enamoured with his stories, especially with his apparent flying abilities that had been lying dormant for years. This was one of those days where they realise and remember that there was so much more to him that they didn't know, as he pointed out earlier.

"These days, flying a 747 or an Il-76 isn't as exciting as flying an Su-37, but to fly in the sky without shooting or being shot at, just enjoying the blue ocean of sky..." He leans back on the couch and starts to smile.

The smile of a man who's found peace, love and joy in his career.

"...Before you ladies came along, flying was my everything. It still is, but now you all come first. Though to be honest with you, flying past Mach two, doing Post Stall Manoeuvres and shooting advanced weaponry, I really miss the thrill of it all. Nothing gets your heart REALLY going like a missile alert blaring in your ears, and nothing makes your muscles loosen like

shooting a fighter jet's gun and feeling the plane vibrate..." He trailed off while looking longingly at his helmet with a nostalgic smile.

The ladies followed his gaze, looking at the helmet that rested on the coffee table.

After everything he told them and the fond way in which he told it all, they wondered what it would be like to be in the cockpit, what it would feel like to fly at those speeds, to pull those manoeuvres, to experience the thrills and chills he experienced.

An experience that very few in Hell have.

And that's when a lightbulb went off inside their heads. With wide eyes, they all looked at each other.

Nothing had to be said, but they all had pretty much the exact same thought at the moment, and they slowly grinned with (what looked like) malicious intent.

"Dear..." Beel asked him slowly as she tilted her head in a cute way.

"Hmm?" Taker looked at her as he was brought out of his reminiscence.

"Most of us here are familiar with flight. We do have wings of our own. But... I think speak for everyone when I say that neither of us have flown to the extent or the intensity that you have. Could we perhaps... fly those magnificent machines you speak of ourselves? They don't seem too difficult to comprehend, and..." Beel trailed off, hoping he'd understand where she's going with this.

He did.

He saw exactly where this was going.

And he IMMEDIATELY thought it was, for the lack of a better term, a VERY bad idea.

"Uhhh... wait wait, that's,-" Taker started nervously as his eyes widened in alarm.

"But wait!"

"How would we even get those jets?"

"They're like, crazy expensive!" Cerberus chimed in.

"And where would we even fly them from? And park them? We can't just put them all on the driveway or garage." Generic chimed in as well.

"Actually, I've been studying the geography and landscape of this world for some time, including Amber and our house's location. I've noticed that not far from this town, situated inside a wide valley, is a small abandoned airbase that was used by Erusea, then was captured by ISAF. It's rather small and probably needs to be cleaned up, but it might just be perfect for what we have in mind!" Azazel pointed out by materializing a map and circling the location with a marker pen. "It could suit our potential operations perfectly!" She said with a joyful smile. The smiles on their faces widened even more.

"Wait, wait, wait, hold on-" Taker tried again, the alarm in his voice rising.

"We can either go steal the planes, or we can get them via black market. Or both. There's so many planes out there in so many air forces that these days there's not enough pilots for them. So most of them just end up in storage or even scrap. It's waste for sure, but one man's trash is another demon's come up." Zdrada said as she opened a window to smoke a new one, her tail wagging excitedly.

"Okay genius, how the fuck would you even smuggle a fighter jet!? Let alone dozens of them!?" Malina so-obviously pointed out.

"Experience Malinka. Find the right people and pay the right price, you can smuggle anything these days. I know some guys; it's been done before. Shouldn't be too difficult." Zdrada said, glancing at her sister with a loving smile, to which Malina rolled her eyes and threw her now empty bottle at her sister.

"That's quite correct Miss Zdrada." Monica gently said as she wiped her glasses. "There are various trafficking rings that specialises in stolen and abandoned military hardware. It shouldn't be too difficult to find some trustworthy groups to do business with. Also, Azazel, give me more information on that abandoned airbase. I'd like to see if there's a way we could purchase it and turn it into whatever we need it to be. The more we do this..." She cut herself off with a yawn. "The more we do certain things legally, the less attention well draw to ourselves." Azel saluted and immediately rushed off to her room to get more notes and maps on the airbase and their town.

The excited chatter continued between them.

"Look look look, ladies. Isn't this just a bit too-"

"Awesome is what it is big guy!" Justice yelled with a big wide grin. The excitement was palpable at this point.

"Besides, we got you to teach us how to fly!" Justice confidently declared with an awesome smile.


"Oh commee oooonnnnn, don't be a spoil sport! You can teach some demons how to fly fighter jets right?" She asked, lowing her sunglasses to 'look' at him with that powerful, awesome smile of hers.

Taker got the very distinct, not-so-subtle feeling that she (and the rest of them) aren't taking no for an answer.

He should know by now after all these years. Demons are the literal definition of relentless. Unless they're forced to, they NEVER give up.

"You say it's abandoned, so we'll have to find slaves to fix it up, maintain and populate the place when we're not there. We won't do everything by ourselves. That's beneath us." Lucy said thoughtfully as she paces back and forth, a glass of wine in her hand.

"That shouldn't be too difficult Lucy dear. I'm sure there's hundreds of sinners, slaves and demons in Hell that would be more that capable of the task, not to mention there's plenty of Hell worshipers here in Amber and across the rest of the world. With some clever words, I'm sure they would be VERY willing." Beel pointed out as she took a sip of her wine.

Okay Taker had to admit, Beel makes a very good point right there. Like I mentioned earlier, there's some in EVERY country.

"Once we get the planes and they're sent to the base, they might not be in the best condition, so we get then modified in Hell's factories. You know, quality improvements, customizations, and paint jobs! Especially paint jobs! That's the most important part!" Generic said, with the ladies immediately nodding in agreement (and Malina grumbling that they better paint the proper camouflage she has in mind).

"So do we all get the same planes or-"


"Screw that, I don't want to fly whatever crap you pick!"

"Neither do I!"

"Or me!"

"Neither do I!"

"I wanna choose my own plane!"

"Me too!"

"Alright, then we all pick our own planes then!"


"Plus, there's so many types… yeah you're right. I think we should each pick different planes. Alright how about this? No one flies the same plane!"




"Uhhh, do we need training planes as well? I don't think we can just jump on high-tech fighters and expect to get good so quickly."

"Hmmm, that's a good point, let's factor those in as well."

"Bingo. Alrighy, training planes, our own planes, some simulators, maintenance hangers, fuel storage, weapons-"


"Oh fuck yeah, whatcha expect!? They're called 'fighter jets'. They fight! I wanna fight and blow shit up as well!"

"I mean she's right, they're fighter jets, they're supposed to look cool and blow stuff up. That's kind of their whole point!"

"Well I-I mean that- that's is true but-"

"Then it's settled!"


"As for the money to buy all this and pay the workers, well... if the Queen approves, leave that to me." Baphy said with a cheerful smile that honestly sent a bit of a shiver down Taker's spine.

"Awesome. B-)"

"Do you also want to fly Baphy?"

"Of course! I don't want to be stuck on the ground forever, I'm also excited!" She said with a cheerful smile, her bodyguards nodded in synchronised agreement.

"Think we should sell our services? Like being mercenaries?"

"Like the Galm Team!?"

"Exactly! But better and more awesome!"

"More money's always better!"

"Then that's settled as well!"


"But what about this?"

"But what about that?"

"Blah blah blah blah blah."

"Bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh!"


"Argue, ARGUE, argue, ARGUE!"

Taker just... looked at everyone with wide eyes. He could not believe what he was hearing.

All he did was reminisce about his past, and suddenly here they are making plans to make their own mercenary air force. And they pretty much agreed to it without having much of his input, and pretty much forced him to be being involved (not like he would've had much of a choice). It was moments like these that reminded him just how unpredictable and different demons are from humans. And that it was his choice to go to Hell to begin with, and it was him that told them the wonders of supersonic flight.

'In all brutal honesty, a good chunk of this is my fault...' He thought to himself with a sigh of defeat.

Having admitted that, he did the only thing he could do. He sighed in defeat, and changed the channel from Malina's game to check on the news while the ladies were still arguing and discussing their plans. Right now, Emmeria and Estovakia were slugging it out, so demons flying fighter jets right now (man, the absurdity of how that sounds...) would, again for the lack of a better term, be a very bad idea. Monica looked past him as the news bulletin showed multiple warships on fire in Gracemeria's harbour, as well as the destroyed King's Bridge.

"And there's a war going on! Perfect! That makes getting what we need and our whole plan that much easier and efficient. I suspect very few people will be paying proper attention, but we should still move fast." Monica said as she adjusted her glasses, typing away on her laptop, probably to get more research and make some orders.

"If we're to do this, you ladies will have to limit how much collateral damage you cause!" Judge remained then strictly as they all gulped. Taker's eyes widened. Now that really surprised him. That Judgement, the High Prosecutor of all demons, the keeper of order and stability in this chaotic house, would agree to fly fighter jets and join in on the chaos.

"Everyone, get ready and start preparing. We are going to pull this off. We will get what we want, and do what we want, whether anyone likes it or not." Lucy finished with that characteristic smug smile on her face as she crossed her arms and shifted her weight onto one leg as she leaned against the wall, to which she was greeted by a chorus of "On it boss." and "Yes ma'am!" with "Roger that!" and "Oh Hell yeah!".

Everybody cleared the room and went do... well... start planning, leaving a stunned Taker alone with a VERY smug and satisfied Lucy.

"You know; in a way this is your fault. If you hadn't gotten us excited with your tales of flying, we'd still be watching you play that dreadful game with Malina, bored out of our minds." She pointed out with a witty smile. He took a deep breath, finally shaking off his surprise.

"ಠಿ_ಠ... First off, only YOU would be bored. The rest of us were having fun. Second off, I already admitted defeat to myself, so your statement has no bite to it..." He pointed out with a cheerful smile. She rolled her eyes and puffed out her cheeks.

"Then again, I really have no choice in the matter, and I do miss that kind of flying... okay then... eh fuck it, let's do it." He relented, throwing his arms up in exasperation. "Enjoy your wine and soap operas my dear Queen, I'm going to clean up after Cerberus... again." He wrapped her arms around her waist while she wrapped hers around his neck.

"Oh I will Luv." Lucy whispered happily as they lovingly kissed each other. While doing so, he grabbed and squeezed Lucy's absolutely magnificent ass tightly, then clapped those cheeks as he walked upstairs, making her blush like a tomato and glare at him.

"Heheheh." He snickered with a goofy grin.

He knows she loved it. And she knows it as well.

For the rest of the day while Taker cleaned up, the rest of the house was filled with vigorous activity as everyone got to work on their specific roles.

And that my dear readers, is how this whole new chapter in their lives started (absolutely fucking ridiculous, I know...).

As the days and weeks passed and everyone got to their respective tasks, Monica went to the local government and military HQ with Baphy where they managed to purchase the rights and signed the deeds for the abandoned airbase under the pretence that they were going to convert it to a private airport for their own personal use. Its name was Amendola North Air Force Base, but now officially it was just called Amendola Aerodrome. The lawyers and officers were of course, completely none the wiser about their true intentions. Though the two ladies had to admit the whole process was easier than they thought it would be.

Malina, besides being a gamer, is also quite a skilled hacker. She hacked into a couple of international banks and [cough cough] just moved a little money here and there with Monica's and Baphy's help. They won't notice surely.

With all of that, combined with numerous assets from Baphy's business and her fuck-ton of money, Azazel's local and geographic intel and Zdrada's knowledge of the black market, the ladies both purchased aircraft from various manufacturers and payed some dealers and corrupt officers to steal multiple aircraft of many types from all over the world, including Osea, Yuktobania, Estovakia, Emmeria Sapin, South Sotoa, Aurelia, Leasath, Brasalium, Alberdonia and North Point, and a bunch of other countries. The ladies then travelled to various rendezvous points in and outside of Amber to see the merchandise up close and finalize everything for shipping back to Amber.

Pretty much everything they paid for/stole/misdirected (aside from a few fresh-from-the-factory models) was either second hand, retired, was sent to a scrapyard, or was in storage. That honestly worked perfectly for them, as they could now modify and customise them to their hearts content. The planes include various fighters and attackers, training jets, an A-50 AWACS, a Tu-160 bomber, a couple of helicopters and a few private jets. Along with the planes, they also purchased/stole some flight gear, simulators, manuals and various other necessary weapons, equipment and supplies.


The ladies went ALL IN on this, sparing very little effort and expense. The reality of what they were about to do started to slowly sink in.

And he couldn't lie to himself anymore.

He was getting seriously excited. So while the ladies did their thing, he worked on a thesis to train them. Shouldn't be too hard.

When all the planes eventually reached the airbase, Lucy had them sent to some of Hell's endless factories to finally get modified. The slaves and workers there were given the strictest orders to not mess up, make them perfect, and to hurry up. When they eventually came back to the mortal realm, they were... quite literally out of this world.

They were faster, stronger, more resilient, more lethal, had awesome paint jobs and had properties that... how should I say this... don't conform to normal physics like you would expect. You could even say that they're possessed and alive somehow. Those planes really give off a malevolent vibe.

While all that was happening, let's turn our attention to Amendola Airbase. Situated North of Belvedere in the middle of a valley, Amendola was formally an Amberian Air base that was captured by Erusea, then by ISAF, and used by various

interceptor squadrons during the Continental War. After the war, the base served as a resupplying area before it was ultimately decommissioned and abandoned following government cuts in military spending.

When the Grimm family went to see it for the first time, the place was covered in overgrowth, walls were cracked, all the metallic surfaces were rusted, some concrete hangers collapsed, glass was shattered, the runway, ramps and taxiways were cracked and weathered, it was quite a sight really. Mother Nature had certainly given the base a proper makeover.

But the Queen of Hell wasn't going to tolerate it one bit.

An immense renovation and clean-up effort went into restoring the base back to 100% functionality. I won't go into specifics, but after a few months of hard work, the place was absolutely brand-new! Spick and span! It even had that new airbase smell! :-D

The base, after the construction teams had left, was now manned, operated and maintained by a small army of low ranking demons, slaves, sinners, (ones who were mechanics, technicians and engineers when they were alive. In other words, ones who were useful, not just random fodder) and some local and international Satanists who were paid and sworn to ABSOLUTE secrecy lest they encounter Monica's sadistic wrath. They were all housed at the base's barracks. Managing them was a few high ranking demons such as Hell Knights and Arch Viles. Meanwhile security for the base was handled by loads of Skeleton Bodyguards who also operated the base's defences (SAMs, AAA, Hellfire lasers, you know the usual).

Zdrada, Malina and another member of the household named Luaths also declared themselves the head mechanics (Zdrada and Luaths) and electrician (Malina) of all their planes, much to everyone else's understandable nervousness.

The base was also augmented with some pretty epic Hellteck.

All the devilish activity on the base was effectively hidden from view by Hellish technology. You know what I mean? A gigantic invisible, energy dome that keeps the activity on the base invisible from the outside and fools radar, that kind of stuff. So if you were to look at the base via satellite or by high altitude spy plane on a recon mission, or from standing at a faraway distance, it would still look abandoned (even though it was renovated, Beel cast a memory wipe on those hapless construction workers after they left, so none of them remember anything about it).

The only sure-fire way someone was gonna figure out something was happening was to fly through the dome (and get shot down by the Argent-powered SAMs and Hellfire immediately) or sneak into the base past its outer perimeter (and get caught by imps or pinkies very quickly). Now that's top-notch security right there if I do say so myself.

Eventually after a few years, loads of training, a couple of crashes and getting accustomed to supersonic flight, they were finally ready. They were now fighter pilots. Flying demonic fighter jets modified in Hell itself.

The 666th Tactical Fighter Squadron "Morning Star" was born.

The squadron's motto?

"Whatever the Hell we want."

"Whenever the Hell we want."

Oooohhhh the chaos, atrocities, mayhem, war crimes and civilian casualties they caused... It was a sight to behold I tell you.

So, with all this utter ridiculousness, I bet you dear reader are asking yourself why in the absolute fuck, in the absolute name of everything holy and unholy did they do all of this? Put all this effort into flying without restraint and committing war crimes? You didn't ask you say? Well too bad, I'ma tell you anyway. :-P

The first and main reason is because they honestly wanted to fly.

Seeing Taker's old photos, listening to his stories and seeing the joy in his eyes as he reminisced about his time in the EAF and his current job, it triggered something in them. something similar to what happened to Taker as a kid.

He talked not only about excitement and thrills, but also about peace in a blue ocean of sky. When they flew with him, they found out very quickly that flying was incredibly peaceful, ESPECIALLY because they're demons.

As they told him so many times over the years, being a demon is though.

Yes, they're incredibly strong, have unnatural abilities like pyrokinesis, the ability to open portals, deception techniques (like their disguises), are partially immortal and so on and so forth. But they also live in a dimension that is inherently hostile and oppressive. They live on the edge 24/7 because if they're not careful, they can be killed, attacked, raped, torn apart, sublimated, and a bunch of other nasty things that can happen. Not to mention, pretty much everyone in Hell is a piece of shit to some degree (most of the time), and conflict and chaos is a part of life. This is just the tip of the iceberg by the way.

So being in the air, flying high above the surface of a planet in a dimension that isn't inherently hostile, seeing a mosaic of colours and shapes, the ocean of stars in the dark blue sky when they get really high... all in all, flying gives them a well-deserved break from all that shit, not to mention the perpetual sin and chaos that saturates their blood and souls, ESPECIALLY for special demons like Pandemonica with her sadism and Malina with her never-ending anger.

Of course individually they all have their own reasons for wanting to fly, but in general, they feel free.



The sky was their queendom.

Their playground.

Their place to relax.

Their place to be at peace.

They can come back home with genuine smiles on their faces.

Like how some people find peace while swimming in cool water, or taking long strolls across the beach or in a forest, the feeling of flying high above everything brought them tranquillity. Even though they have their own natural wings and can fly by themselves, that was nothing compared to this.

That's reason number one.

Reason number two was a tad bit more... exciting. Since this world is their new home for the foreseeable future, besides blowing up stuff and causing mayhem for shits and giggles, there was also certain events that happened around the world that they didn't agree with and saw fit to deal with themselves.

At times they acted as vigilantes, other times they hired themselves out as mercenaries. And can you blame them? Seriously, think about it. Getting offered butt loads of money by shady groups, the wealthy and governments for causing chaos and blowing shit up? Why wouldn't you seize such an opportunity!?

Cash money, bling bling, building go BOOM, gun go BRRRRRRT, fighter jet go FWOOOSH! B-D

And that random statement dear readers smoothly transitions right into reason number two.

It's another very enjoyable way to cause chaos (and make some good money while doing it). As much as they desire and love the peace the sky brings them, at the end of the day, they're still demons mind you.

On random days, sometimes they'll take off and do some shit simply because they're bored, either by themselves, with a wingwoman or as a squadron. Taker was very much against flying alone, but they didn't listen to him a lot of the time, much to his chagrin (at that point he began to know how Lucy feels).

But whatever their reason was for rolling down the runway and taking off in their personal aircraft, things blow up, chaos is caused, peace is attained and they remain elusive to the rest of the world...




...Yeaahh, all in all their modus operandi is quite strange (that's an understatement), but eh, it worked for the Hellish household.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Then as the years passed, chapter One and chapter Two happened and that's how the Grimm family found themselves having coffee and pancakes in the living room, all of them with either worried, down or sombre faces while they discussed what to do about the current situation.

WHEW! [Takes a deep breath then a sip of water.]

Wow, okay! My throat hurts and that certainly a gigantic mouthful, but it was awesome nonetheless, I enjoyed it. I hope you were entertained, intrigued and got some questions answered. :-D

Now on with the story!

Date: April 24th, 2022

Realm: Earth, The Mortal Realm

Location: The Grimm Residence, 8492nd Street, Livadia, Belvedere, Republic of Amber

Time: 15:24PM

Weather: Light grey cloudy skies with a little bit of wind.

The living room was filled up. Some of them sat on the couches, some of them sat on the floor, others were standing up or leaving against the wall.

"So... will someone please explain to us what 'The Void' is and why is terrifies you so much? I... I saw how Zdrada and Judge reacted when Lucy had her second nightmare this morning. Needless to say... I really don't want her to have another one for a 3rd and 4th time." He started with a gentle tone as he looked at everybody, patiently waiting for one of them to answer. He was sitting on one of the couches hunched forward with his hands clasped together, his 'I'm listening

and paying attention' pose. Modeus, as per the usual, was clinging to his arm and sitting as close as physically possible to him.

For a long while no one said anything, either out of hesitation or lack of knowledge They either looked away, avoided eye contact, shrugged or just kept quiet. He did notice that a few of the ladies looked quite scared even. 'Whatever this Void is, it's big and it's terrifying.' He thought to himself. But he knew better than to force it out of them, and so he kept waiting patiently.

Eventually after some very long minutes, Zdrada took a deep breath, catching everyone's attention. She was standing at one of the bay windows, looking at nothing in particular.

"A couple centuries ago when we were younger, like maybe in our 2500's..." She started. 'That's young?!' a surprised Taker thought to himself.

"Me and Malinka were just cruising down the streets of one of the cities in the Pride circle after we robbed this joint. We were just chilling in a car we stole from this obnoxious red Imp dude when good ol' Lucifer summoned us to her office. It was a bit of drive but where got there not so long after." She said, opening said window to light up another cigarette.

"When we got there, she told us she needed something from this alien planet. At the time, and still kinda to this day, we're her number one personal thieves. Make no mistake Taker, she chose us because we are THAT good, and when there was shit that needed to be stolen that she can't trust anyone else to steal, she calls us. We'd only steal it for ourselves if it benefited us in anyway, but we're not stupid enough to piss her off like that." She said as she clicked her fingers, igniting her cigarette.

"Besides, most of the stuff we stole for her was useless junk anyway. But she pays us well so we had no reason to complain really." She turned around to look at him. He thought of reminding her (like he always does) to not smoke in the house, but he'll let it slide this time.

"It wasn't the first time we had to steal something outside of Hell, but hooolyyy shhhhit. Lemme tell you Taker. Compared to other planets we've been to, this planet was. Fucking. Paradise!" She exaggerated with a chuckle, and so did Malina.

"All these high-tech and beautiful buildings, clean air, the people there wore these freakin' amazing and beautiful clothes, and sssssssooo much more! It was fucking awesome... buuut we couldn't stay long. So after a few days, which like compared to Earth a day there lasted a week or something, we found the thing she needed. It was some random artefact-of-bleh thing that did some shit, I don't remember what and I just don't care..." She trails of as her voice breaks in fear for a moment. "But... b-but just as we were about to leave..." Her face slowly pales and her eyes grow distant as she revisits what must have been a terrifying event. Glancing at Malina, she started to visibly tremble and gripped the couch she was sitting on tightly, her eyes wide and distant as well.

"This-this fancy-ass Angel with medals and shit all over her chest just fell out of the clouds and landed in the middle of a busy section of the city we were in. We weren't that close to her, but we could still see everything. There was this... this moment of stunned silence from everyone! Like-like they weren't expecting that at all! That Angel, she then looked around at everything like she was studying them or some shit. Then she pulled out this small white box, then took a black ball out of it. She chanted something, I-I-I couldn't understand what it was, before dropping the ball onto the ground. Then a few seconds later she FLEW back up into the clouds like a rocket... and then this MMMASSIVE earthquake just came out of nowhere!" She recounts, her voice breaking more and more as she took shaky breaths.

"While we were running back to the portal, we... w-we felt a presence, unlike anything we've ever felt before... Yeah sure, Hell has it's fucked up voices and souls and unknown beings watching you all the fucking time, but none of that even comes close Whatever the hell that was. Then there was this voice. We heard it in our heads... it said: "This Planet is To Be Deleted." She tried to imitate in a deep voice through her teeth. Her cigarette slipped out of her fingers.

"Then a moment later this small black hole appeared out of the ground and just started sucking everything. Those aliens, their tech and buildings, the nature, the sea, the air, fucking everything! They were all pulled apart, torn apart, falling into it with so much violence..." She steadies herself and takes a deep breath.

"Malina and I barely managed to get back through the in time... Then we just-we just watched. Watched the whole planet explode before it all got sucked in. The black hole grew rapidly then took the planet's place, before whatever was left was sucked into it as well. The atmosphere, its rings, some spaceships orbiting it, even its three moons. They all just got torn apart and sucked in. Then... the black hole collapsed in on itself and just-just... disappeared. And... just like that, there was nothing. Like that planet was never there to begin with. All that shit didn't even last 5 minutes. Not even 5. Fucking. Minutes." She finally finished, turning back to look at Taker and he blinked in surprise. She was crying at this point, ruining her mascara as it stained her face. And in a move that STUNNED everyone, she went and hugged Malina tightly, both of them still trembling.

"When we got back, we-we told Lucifer, Monica and Justice what happened. They were just as horrified as we were, but they wouldn't tell us why." Zdrada said as she looked down at her sister and kissed her forehead.

"Taker lemme tell you... I've seen some fucked up shit before. We all have. But that... whatever that was... it never leaves you... It's always in the back of your mind. It's fucks with you so hard..." She said in a barely audible whisper.

In a move that STUNNED everyone even more, Monica got up and put her arms around the sisters in a comforting manner, like an aunt comforting her nieces. She closed her eyes as she rested her chin on top of Zdrada's head.

"I remember my first encounter with The Void."

Everyone's attention was drawn to Justice's voice from the kitchen entrance. She was still in her PJs and was holding a cup of coffee in one hand and a plate full of Taker's pancakes in the other.

"Monica and Judge where there with me that day..." The other two ladies nodded in silence. Putting down the plate of pancakes on a nearby shelf, Justice took off her shades and 'looked' straight at Taker, her grey foggy eyes piercing right through his soul, her expression one of dead seriousness.

"Big guy, no words can describe just. How. Terrifying. The Void can be. I've also seen what that thing can do. I've been where the sisters were. Even Lucy's been there, since she called upon it back when she was an Archangel, right Michael?"

"Correct." Michael simply said.

"And I'm also under the assumption that you've also been there?" Justice asked her.

"Correct again..." She simply answered.

"Mmmm... There's no way to sugar-coat the experience once you've been exposed to the destructiveness of The Void. Like Zdrada said, it really does mess with you. So for Lucy to have a nightmare about it..." She trailed off, not knowing what else to say. She then shook her head.

"I'd love to fill you in on everything else I know, but I'm honestly not sure if it'll help. Plus, Lucy still needs me, she's barely gotten better since last night." She said as she put her shades back on and picked up the plate.

"It's alright." Taker simply respond with a sombre half-smile, which she returned. The gravity of the situation was only getting heavier, and the answers they were getting were only making them more confused. Justice nodded before going back upstairs and disappearing from view.

"Michael?" Taker turned his attention to the archangel. Anticipating this, she took a deep breath and looked at him.

"I do not know exactly what it is or where it comes from. Mother, high ranking Gods and Heaven's Archangels are the only ones permitted to use it as a weapon, but ONLY as a last resort. The last time The Void was summoned was around the time you mentioned Zdrada. That was Gabriel you saw that day. I cannot tell you why, but I can tell you that you are very

lucky to have survived that encounter. Mother wanted that world and its inhabitants gone. Not just destroyed, but deleted. And that's what the Void does. And once something is deleted, it's gone forever."

"So you're saying that Mother God of yours just sends you to fucking wipe out an entire planet whenever she wants!?" Zdrada suddenly yelled at her, a rage in her eyes that neither Taker or anyone had seen before. Michael must have hit a critical nerve, but she remained calm, looking at the Bitch demon with her trademark RBF expression.

"No, Betrayer. Whenever a situation calls for The Void to be used, it means the balance of reality itself is being threatened. Whenever it was used, either by me or my sisters, the antagonizing force in question was performing acts that would have damaged or destroyed the fabric of reality itself. It is VERY fragile, and thus, it cannot happen. Entire universes have been destroyed because of that. That balance be maintained, no matter what." Michael said sternly as Malina held back her sister.

"As terrifying as the Void is, it is necessary. I can't tell you the specifics, but whatever the people on that planet you were on were doing, they were threatening reality itself. It had to happen otherwise it would have gotten worse. As I said, consider yourselves lucky that you managed to escape with your lives." She finished with a calm but very stern edge to her voice that made Taker wince a bit.

"Well you're fucking-"

"Zdrada, enough!" Monica snapped at her, silencing the Bitch Demon. "She's right! Whatever they were doing needed to be stopped! So as much as I share your pain, calm yourself! Arguing will get us nowhere!" Monica yelled at Zdrada. Zdrada glared at the secretary with a lot of fight still left in her eyes. But she relented and sighed, going back to the window to light up another cigarette.

"Understand this everyone. As callous as it may sound, deleting all those worlds was necessary. Otherwise it would have gotten worse. Understand that summoning The Void meant every. Other. Option. Was tried and tested to no avail. The Balance must be maintained, no. Matter. What." Michael finished, taking a quiet deep breath…




There was silence as everyone let the various revelations sink in...




Taker gently shook his head.

"... What about her first nightmare? About that Slayer she mentioned" He asked, deciding to move on from The Void for now.

Immediately, all the ladies gulped and looked away, as if spooked all of a sudden. Beads of sweat rolled down some of their foreheads. He blinked in surprise, as Azazel cleared her throat.

"Uhm... she, Miss Lucifer, mentioned this one time while she was inebriated that she signed this uh, peace treaty with a man who was once a mortal I believe she said?" Azazel said, a tad bit nervous as all the attention went to her. "And uh General, she mentioned that you and the other Generals were at that pace treaty. Is-is that true?" She asked her commanding officer, silently hoping to get the rather tense attention off of her. Michael, getting the message and inwardly rolling her eyes at her subordinate, nodded in reply.

"Yes Azazel it's true, and I was there." She looked back at Taker.

"This... human, once a mortal, had been terrorizing Hell for eons, laying waste to its infinite denizens. When Hell invades another alternate dimension, he was there fighting, as he had always done. And Hell stood no chance against him. I might sound like I am exaggerating, but what fuels him is his rage, his thirst for blood. Ask the demons, that man refuses to die." Michael stated, her face as cool, calm and collected as always.

"That's an understatement Michael. Hell's population has nosedived for years now, and that comes with its own problems." Monica said as she adjusted her glasses. By now, Zdrada and Malina had calmed down and where holding each other closely.

"During Hell's latest invasion, an immense weapon of destruction known as the Icon of Sin was resurrected, and was subsequently defeated. It had only been done once before..." Monica finished, looking at Baphy, who's eyes widened.

"After a meeting with various other Overlords and Board of Director members, Lucifer immediately offered a peace deal between Hell and him. Well... it was more like a ceasefire. The deal was simple: Hell would stop its conquest and leave every other universe alone, while he stops terrorizing them and driving the demons close to extinction. A win-win for both sides she thought." Michael picked off from Monica, taking a sip from her coffee mug.

Both of their eyes were very far away; they were clearly remembering the events of that tense day.

"He was... extremely hesitant to say the least. I was honestly expecting him to just kill all of them right there and then." said Michael.

"We all were." Monica softly agreed.

"But to our collective shock, he didn't. Didn't even lift a finger against anyone." Michael said, and Taker could hear the very small amount of surprise in her voice.

"It still surprises you to this day?" He asked her, to which she nodded.

"That's most likely because the while Lucy organised the whole ceasefire; because she was so scared of him, the one who actually talked to the Slayer was Princess Charlotte, or Charlie as she preferred to be called." Judgement said as she absentmindedly petted Fenrir while he rested comfortably next to her.

"The princess may be naive to a degree, but I can't deny how approachable she is. And how much she cares for her people." Judge pointed out, to which everyone nodded in agreement.

"So because of her, he accepted the deal, signed the peace treaty and well since then, there's been relative peace. He's been on that universe's Earth ever since, the one where he defeated the Icon of Sin for the second time. As Heaven has been keeping a close eye on things, Hell hasn't attacked that universe again, or any other one for that matter. But... why would she be having a nightmare about him? Has he been here before or done something to her?" Michael asked, looking at the others.

"He's one of the few mortals who actually strikes terror within me, I'm not afraid to admit that. I'm honestly glad I didn't cross paths with him..." Judgement answered quietly with her eyes closed... "And no. He has never come to this house." She answered her.

"There was this one time he assaulted her castle and got VERY close to her office before he got distracted by the arrival of some titans. But since then she's been very careful to avoid him. Other than that, no." Monica started as she drunk her coffee as well.

The other ladies agreed to varying lengths. They were of course terrified of him, a few of them had even seen him with their own eyes as well. And none of them wanted to cross paths with him (but some of them had no choice or barely got out of his way). Taker noted that Baphomet looked extremely uneasy at that moment.

"Baphy, you really look uncomfortable right now. What's on your mind?" Taker gently asked the Mysterious Demon.

She wasn't even gonna deny it. There was no point in doing that.

She took a deep, shaky breath and looked at him. "I... I was the Icon of Sin." She started softly, and a few of the ladies nearly spat their coffees out in surprise. Michael looked at her with wide eyes, the most expressive she's been all day.

"Well, more specifically, I took the role of the Icon of Sin. I've been doing that for millennia until that peace deal was signed. Legend always called it a weapon, an ancient Elder Titan under the command of a greater power, simply there to destroy. That's mostly true, but that's not the full story. Her Majesty made sure the rest of the information was classified, but in a nutshell, I was controlling it. Whenever I was given the order and permission, I had full autonomy of the Icon and also planned numerous invasions." She said softly as she looked at her lap, unable to meet Taker or Michael's gaze.

All the ladies looked at her with wide eyes. They knew she was enigmatic in many ways, but they weren't expecting this.

There's a lot of surprises today.

"When it wasn't needed in direct combat, the role of the Icon then became that of Gatekeeper, watching over the massive gates that Hell would open to make sure no one attempts to close them or use them to invade Hell itself, something similar to what Cerberus does but on a much greater scale." She says as she gently pats one of the doggos on her head, making her smile happily and make her tails wags in unison. She smiled at the doggo lovingly before sighing deeply.

"So yeah, I came across the Slayer twice as The Icon of Sin. The first time was when Lucy placed me in charge of the invasion of Earth in another parallel universe. As it turns out, that was his universe of origin. His real home..." She trailed off softly.

'Holy Hell...' Taker thought as the significance behind those words hit him.

"He eventually caught up to me and damaged the Icon so badly. Since I'm connected to it, I feel it's pain. I even have a scar of my head after he pummelled the Icon with rockets." She pushed open her long, white hair, revealing the red pentagram mark on her forehead. Looking closely, Taker and the ladies could see what looked just make out a wide scar that crisscrossed the pentagram mark.

"Now and then I still get headaches. Taking a rocket to the brain... hurts... Anyhow, the second time was when the Icon was resurrected by an extremely old and advanced extra-dimensional alien race we were in allegiance with. And again, he absolutely slaughtered The Icon. I got even more bruises, even though this time I was nowhere near the fighting. After the second time when he impaled it with his Crucible, the pain of it all was too much. So I resigned from my position..." She finished, looking as if she was in pain the entire time. Her fingers trembled for a moment before she closes her fist and takes another breath.

"But as I am right now, I haven't come across him either. And I'm glad I haven't." She said, finally looking at Taker with soft eyes. He thought he saw a brief flash of pain and regret in her red, goat-shaped eyes...



Again, everyone sat in silence as they processed the information they just learnt. And again, the more they learn, the more questions they have, the more confusing this entire thing becomes.

"... not that what you've all said isn't important, but... what does all of this have to do with Lucy and her nightmares?" Taker asked gently, deciding to return back to the root of their discussion.

"We don't know Taker. It might all be connected in some way, it might not be. Until Lucifer stops being scared of you and tells you herself, we can only speculate and throw what we know onto the table." Judge said with as she looked at him, her brilliant glowing white eyes filled with sympathy for the human. Taker sighed and nodded.

"I'll call Raphael down here to see if she can help. Perhaps she can calm Lucy down." Michael offered, to which the man nodded in gratitude.

"... Right..."

The group once again sat in silence, thinking about anything else that might be even remotely helpful.

The sounds of quiet breathing and the clock ticking by the fill their ears...




...until Cerberus's ears suddenly stood up straight. They adjusted and she listened for a moment before the Triple Demon bolted to the bay windows of the living room and leaning against the glass.

"The neighbours!"

"They're all moving out!"

"All of them!"

She yelled, her tails wagging in unison.

Everyone looked at her.

"Wut?" Everyone asked at the same time.

A few minutes later...

With Modeus (her hair being auburn and her eyes turning a light shade of pink) still stuck to his arm, Taker went outside to investigate. And what he saw stunned and confused the absolute bejesus out of him.

About 17 trucks of different sizes, from what must have been 4 different moving companies, lined the street. Their employees were loading furniture and other large appliances into the trucks, while all the families loaded their smaller belongings and luggage either into the trucks or their cars, some of which came with trailers.

(⊙⊙) ( _ )

'What... the... fuck? How... Why... (confused internal Helltaker noises) ... how-how did I not hear this? It's so loud... In fact, how did any of us not hear this until now!?' he thought to himself as he looked all around and scratched his head in confusion.

(=-O) (+_+)

Azazel and Judgement (who both kept their natural hair colours, but Judge's eyes were now grey) joined him outside a moment later. When they saw what was happening, they were just as surprised as confused.

"What is happening?" Azazel asked out of astonishment. "Well I mean, they're moving out, I can see that, but... why everyone all at once?" She reaffirmed, only to get a shrug out of Judgement.

Seeking answers, Taker went to visit one of his neighbours who lived next door to the right of his house. Seeing a balding, middle aged man with circular glasses reluctantly packing suitcases into his family wagon, Taker and the three ladies approached the man who didn't hear them due to all the commotion.

"Hey Enrique!" He loudly and warmly greeted the middle aged Sapinish man over the noise.

"Baaah!" The man jumped in surprise and span around to meet Taker, who just blinked.

'Why's he so jumpy?' They asked themselves.

Everyone, meet Enrique Iglesias.

A 50-something year old man from Sapin (the Spain of Strangereal). He's a minor character who we'll probably never see again (but who'll be mentioned and talked about here and there), but he's played a big part in Taker's life.

When Taker moved in more than a decade ago, Enrique was the first person to go introduce himself to the Gigachad. And as a result, he became the first friend Taker made in Amber. He's a gentle, kind man who runs (and is the head chef of) a popular local family restaurant in town.

He's married to Isabella Vasquez Iglesias, a lovely but fierce 50-something year old woman who (probably literally) has Hellfire imbued in her. She's a natural born fighter, and in the face of danger or opposition, marches towards it with her bare fists ready to rip and tear.

But she's still a lovely woman. Together the two have 6 kids.

Enrique's the kind of person who tried to avoid conflict (and usually leaves said conflict to be resolved by his conflict-loving wife should the situation get that bad) but would always try to find a compromise or a diplomatic approach to said conflict. He's a good mediator and quite a good peacekeeper, and has often served in jury duty. He and Taker have had numerous braais and beers over the years, so their friendship runs quite deep.

"Oh-uh hey, hey Johnny! Hey! Amigo you scared me there! Hey Azalea! Maureen, Judith! Uh, I'm how-howzit?" He nervously greeted them as he adjusted his glasses. Judge raised an eyebrow while Azel couldn't help but giggle at the man's nervous greeting. Mo... just looked at him with her wide eyes.

"Hey amigo, uh wh-what's going on man? Why's there so many trucks outside? Why-what's happening?" Taker asked, referencing to all the organized chaos.

"Well uh... You-you see we uh... See-see the thing is-" He tried to start.


The group's heads immediately snapped in the direction of a very pissed off Isabella, who came running at them with a machete in her hand and that signature raging fire in her eyes. Right behind her was her eldest daughter (also with a fire in her eyes) holding a crowbar. And next to her was her 2nd oldest teenage daughter (ALSO with a fire in her eyes) holding a large kitchen knife.

And the three were heading straight for Taker and the ladies.

Taker's and the ladies' eyes widened. They could hear the WARNING ALERT go off in their heads.

"WoahwoahwoahWOAHWOAH HEYHEYHEYHEYHEY!" Taker yelled as he barely dodged being slashed by the machete, the large blade swooshing past his head, cutting a large swath of sunflowers off of their stalks.

And in a flash, Judge swiped the machete from the woman's hand before she had a chance to swipe at him again it, then broke it in half. While that happened, Azel gathered herself and swiped the crowbar from the eldest daughter while

flipping her onto the grass, and Mo grabbed the and knife from the other daughter's hands and also flipped her onto the grass.

"LET GO OF MY DAUGHTERS YOU FUCKING PUTAS!" Isabella tried to rough handle her way through Judge, who just lightly pushed her back into a very stunned Enrique, who could do very little except watch.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!?" Judge growled angrily, Azel and Mo letting go of the still angry daughters and stepping back behind Judge.

"YOU, ALL OFF YOU! STAY AWAY FROM MY HUSBAND AND MY FAMILY!" Isabella screamed ferociously.

"HEY, THERE HE IS!" Taker heard someone yell. Turning around, he saw that the yelling and scuffling attracted the attention of the other neighbors. They either glared at the Grimm family or yelled and insulted them from a distance while recording on their phones. And to make things even better, a good number of them came to reinforce the angry Sapinish wife.

"Hoo boi..." Taker quietly said to himself as he took a deep breath readied himself for the incoming onslaught as the rather sizeable mob approached them.

And they were pissed off.

He couldn't lie though, a part of him knew this day was coming.

"Mi amor yo-solo estoy- solo le estoy diciendo por qué- (My love I-I'm just- I'm just telling him why-)" Enrique tried to reason with his still battle-ready wife.


"bueno... (okay...)"

Her attention turns back to the mammoth man and his three ladies as the mob encircled the four of them.


"Hey, that mob is ganging up of them!"

"Should we do something?!" Cerberus said to the ladies as she pressed her faces against the thin curtains and windows, watching the events unfold.

"Not just yet..." Beel said slowly, narrowing her eyes and sipping her coffee as the rest of the ladies watches from behind the curtains. Zdrada and Malina cracked their knuckles in anticipation for a fight.


"You think we are stupid?! Huh?! You think we will not see or notice when a devil-fucker like yourself starts to plan some evil shit?!" Isabella angrily yelled at Taker.

"You know when you first moved in, everything was just peachy! But ever since you brought these... those... these vile whores to your house, you and them have all been nothing but a bloody nuisance!" Another woman with a North Pointish accent yelled while pointing to the three ladies with him, with other people yelling in agreement. His eye twitched behind his sunglasses.

"Those triplets, who by the way are nothing but pure freaks, have caused so much trouble! My son confessed to me that they tried to make him to read satanic books! Since then he's been chanting and mumbling some VERY disturbing and ungodly things! He's been doing this for months now!" The same woman yelled, seething at this point as her skin started to turn a shade of red in her anger. Glancing behind her, he could see her son at the front door of his house looking guilty... But Taker immediately recognised that it was a certain type of guilt. Not because he was doing such 'Satanic' things in the first place, but because he got caught red handed.

'Did he actually enjoy it? Was he having fun?'

"How many times during the night does something happen in that house man!? All those nights when some big-ass argument or screaming woke us up, and then they break your windows and start fighting and shit! That some scary shit dude! We've all been losing so much sleep! Plus, those screams sounded demonic! Like... monsters or something dude! Scary shit!" Yelled this one dude with a clear-as-day Osean surfer accent behind him. He honestly looked more terrified than angry.

'In retrospect, I honestly can't really blame him for being freaked out.'

"That goth girl broke my nose, my phone and my glasses for no reason! I had to get surgery for that!" Another skinnier guy yelled. Yeah looking at him, his nose looked like it survived the gulag-wait, that's the dude who was perving on Cerberus that time her and Zdrada went shopping.

'That's what you get you little shit.'

"So you know what?! We've all had it man! We've had it! We've all had it! We're leaving you and your freak show family behind! You guys should've been fucking evicted years ago! I dunno what happened, but if you won't leave, then we will! We're tired of your shit!" Said this rather large middle aged man with a beard. Again, the mod yelled in agreement. The swearing, accusations, insults and threats just kept on coming and coming from the more than 30 people who surrounded him and the ladies.

Glancing around, he could see most of the other neighbours at their houses were still recording the events on their phones and only a few of them where actually helping the moving trucks. Those guys doing the actual moving were just freakin' confused. Not so long after, a few cop cars arrived, among them of course was Detective Pentecost and Sergeant Jansky.

'This has the potential to turn into a protest. It won't be long before the news vans showed up, and we REALLY don't need that.'

Even with the cops there, tensions were running incredibly high.

His anger at the constant insults was reaching a boiling point. But thanks to dealing with Zdrada, Cerberus and other demonic mischief for years as mentioned earlier, at this point he had mastered the skill of 'Keeping his Cool' and learnt the art of 'Tranquil Fury'.

But he wasn't the only one who's anger was starting to boil over. He could feel it radiating off of Judge and Mo. Mo clung to his arm tighter, glaring daggers at everyone. From her perspective, all these dumbass degenerate men and these bitchy bimbo women (who don't even compare to her) are very close to getting their knees broken with her sledgehammer she kept in her pocket dimension.

Judge was watching everyone very carefully, just waiting for someone to make a move against her, Taker and the other ladies. Her eye twitched every now and then, but like Taker, she maintained her cool. She's used to this in Hell, if anything this is nothing. But it doesn't mean she doesn't get pissed off anymore.

"And we've all seen and heard all the demonic and satanic shit! The pentagrams, the demonic signs, all that shit! And that one with the blue eyes, she's been spying on me and my wife for weeks now!" One muscular guy pointed at Azel, causing her eyes to widen. She stepped back as he put her hands up in defence.

"What-but-but wait, I didn't-"

"SHUT UP YOU LYING SKANK!" Before she or anyone else could react, that dude had his fist flying in the air and it was heading straight for Azel's face. Her eyes widened and she moved to block the incoming blow...

...if Judge hadn't caught the man's fist in her hand faster than any of them could blink.

In true anime fashion, a small shockwave came from the collision, which immediately silenced everyone.

Her grey eyes glared lasers at the man who looked at her in shock, wondering what defuq just happened and wondering how defuq she was so strong and so fast. Then in a swift motion, she twisted and squeezed his hand. A very audible #POP# and #CRUNCH# is followed by screams of absolute agony as the man fell to his knees, gripping his now destroyed hand.

The startled mob immediately backed up as they watched him scream and roll around in pain in shock, his destroyed hand reduced to skin holding dislocated and cracked bones and torn muscles. Jansky was ready to arm her P-90, but Pentecost stopped her, as what Judge did was clearly a move to defend Azel (yet the speed at which Judge moved still surprised Tamsin).

Judge put her hands on her hips and glared down at the man as a wide-eyed Azel hid behind her.

"WHAT KIND OF MAN TRIES TO HIT A WOMAN HALF HIS SIZE!?" She bellowed at him in her thick-ish Cayennese (the Brazilian/New Zealand of Strangereal) accent, clenching her teeth as her veins visibly pulsed on her head. The man fearfully crawled away from the woman, holding his destroyed hand close to him.








'Shut up...'





'Please, shut up...'

They wouldn't shut up.

It just went on and on.

After Judge made such quick work of an otherwise very strong man, no one else dared to try and strike at them.

But even so, they still wouldn't shut up.

Taking a moment to glance at his house, he saw multiple pairs of glowing red and a few blue eyes through the windows, which belonged to some VERY pissed off ladies. He knew right there and then that Zdrada, Malina and Cerberus were growling and grinding their teeth, while Monica was cracking her knuckles. Glancing at the upstairs windows, he saw the incredibly rare image of a pissed off Justice and Lucy glaring at the mob; Lucy was in all likelihood very tempted to turn all their blood into vinegar (in fact he can't help but wonder why she hasn't done so already. It's not like she's never done that to a large crowd before).

Pentecost, watching him closely from a distance, followed his gaze. Her eyes widened slightly and she and Jansky gulped as the front door opened and all the ladies stepped outside. She didn't admit it to anyone other than Jansky, but those ungodly beautiful ladies intimated the blackness out of her greatly. Not to mention she saw what they're capable of in a fight and with what's happening right now, a bead of sweat travelled down the back of her and Jansky's neck at the thought.

"HEY! THERE THEY ARE!" One of them yelled and pointed at his house, drawing the mob's attention.

The ladies all stood next to each other in a line, all of them clearly visible to the mob, not even attempting to try and hide. They either crossed their arms or put their hands on their hips and glared at the mob.

'Ohhh crap, this could just about turn into a massacre.' Tamsin thought as a part of the mob moved and stood in front of their yard, their angry screams, yells and insults only growing louder. She reached for her radio and sent a call for backup.

"Giati den kanis tipota!? (Why aren't you doing anything!?)" One of the neighbours angrily yelled at the detective, to which Tamsin simply looked at him with a deadpan stare, as if the answer should've been obvious. "Apla parakolouthiste kai t deite giati. (Just watch, and you'll see why)." She simply responded, which made the man stare at her in disbelief.

"Yeah! Here we are!" Zdrada proclaimed loudly as she lit up another cigarette, silencing the mob. She lifted her arms up as if to say 'Come at me, I dare you!', DARING some foolish individual high on an adrenaline-rush to come straight at them.

"You have a problem with us!? Well, we're right here! So come on, come and say it to our faces!" Zdrada continued as Monica calmly pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose and glared lasers beams at the mob with her intense green eyes. Even Michael, the level-headed, cool, calm and collected person that she is, was fed up with their shit. In a rare display of unity, she joined the ladies and also glared ice cold daggers at the mob with her trademark RBF as she crossed her arms.

And as Taker, the ladies and the cops expected, none of the mob dared to approach them.

As Pentecost and Jansky could clearly see, this was a clear, bright-as-day sign for them to 'Back off and Fuck off'. But it's very difficult to get a wound up mob to back down, especially when they're dealing with the very thing that's wounding them up in the first place. And so the insults and the yelling kept on going. It took every bit and kilogram of willpower the ladies had for them to not just go loose and brutalize the crowd, for that would have only made things worse.

It's while this new barrage of insults was flying that Taker, the ladies and the cops noticed something.

Out of the entire neighbourhood, a couple of the men (and fewer of the ladies) were actually looking at the ladies with proverbial hearts in their eyes. Whatever the mob said about them, they just cannot deny how gorgeous and breath-taking Taker's ladies are. In fact, they picked up that a good chunk of the insults being hurled at them were actually driven by jealousy rather than legitimate concern.

But that didn't matter.

Johnathan had had enough.

He was going to end this now.

His anger, and the anger of his ladies, was reaching criticality.

He closed his eyes and took a silent deep breath. Then...

His eyes snapped open, and the air was suddenly MUCH colder.

"̴̲̀Ș̶̏Ȟ̷̲U̶̩̕T̵̼̔ ̶̗́U̸̟̅U̸͙͌U̴̢͛U̸̮͑P̴̥̾P̶̗̿!̴̦̑"̴̧̃

Everyone jumped out of their metaphorical skins and immediately fell silent yet again, the mega-spooked mob staring at him in what was now genuine fear.

Everyone was shivering at this point, both from fear and the sudden cold that came out of nowhere.

That unusually loud bellow had silenced the entire street and everyone's eyes were on him now. Meanwhile the moving guys were wondering just what in the absolute Hell was happening at this point.

Azel, Judge and Mo looked at him with wide eyes. So did the rest of the ladies. That also startled them. They also shivered at the sudden drop of temperature.

Taker never screams in anger, and by that extension, he had never screamed like that.


The three ladies next to him could see the rim of his eyes become a considerable shade darker. It was barely noticeable by the average human eye, but of course they weren't human.

He glared intensely at the mob, like a laser cutting through metal sheets. Sirens rang out in the distance as Pentecost's backup was en route, but that bothered him none.

"Now, you all listen to me. I'm gonna make this simple." He started as he took off his shades, his brilliant green eyes glaring at them like a predator locking onto its prey.

"You can insult me all you like. I don't care. If you want to go, then go. But. Do. Not. EVER. Insult. Or threaten. Or try to hurt my family, ever again." He said quietly and calmly, looking pointedly at the guy with the now horribly broken fist and the North Pointish lady in particular.

"Or we. Will all. BREAK YOU. That is not a threat. That. Is. A. Promise." He finished as his eyes narrowed.

To add emphasis on just how serious that he was, the veins on his arms were pulsating, and so was a vein on his forehead. And I must remind you reader, Taker's pretty much the human version of a battleship. The guy is HUGE. His fists alone are bigger than a lot of the other men's faces. And I really don't have to speak about the ladies in this context do I? Speaking of the ladies, their pissed-off eyes never left the now fearful mob, silently daring someone to test them and make them fulfil that promise.

Then to add even more intense icing on that fully baked cake, Taker and ALL his ladies cracked their knuckles in near-perfect synchronisation, and a rather loud -=#CRACK#=- reverberated throughout the street.

Everyone flinched.

The hair on the back of their necks rose, beads of sweat trailed down their foreheads, some started trembling and maybe a few soiled themselves.

"Holy shit..." Jansky whispered in shock. Tamsin was just... frozen. Neither of them had EVER experienced anything like that.

Total fear had gripped the mob by now. Most of them had realized they made a huge mistake (and series of mistakes) and were VERY close to making it worse.

So, in what was honestly their wisest move for the entire day, they slowly backed away before heading back to their respective houses with whatever pride and dignity they had left some of them tripping over their feet or each other's feet or over garden obstacles or the curbs of the road.

"So this is the real you huh? Psh." Muttered a random neighbor as he walked away.

"WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY!?" One of the Cerberus triplets yelled angrily and looked ready to pounce on him, making him yelp at an embarrassing pitch and sprint back to his house in a rather undignified way. Monica held her shoulder firmly so she wouldn't chase after him. That spooked the now dispersed and morally defeated mob again, making them all retreat much faster.

Tamsin reached for her radio again and called off the backup while watching the crowd with a sense of terrified amazement. She also heard what that guy said, and based on what just happened and what she knows about the chaotic family, the truth was that, no, Mr Grimm didn't.

'That wasn't a case of showing his true colours or some shit like that. He was just beyond pissed off, was defending his ladies, and had to defuse a tense situation in the only way which would've worked. Simple as that.' She thought to herself as she watched the crowd dissipate with their proverbial tails between their legs.

"What in all damnation..." Judgement whispered to herself as she looked at Taker while the mob dispersed. He was a fighter. In fact, as mentioned, he was a battleship. He could dish it out like a battleship as well, otherwise he would've been stuck in Hell and wouldn't even have made it to Pandemonica. But of course this mortal really wasn't that scary, unless you seriously piss him off of course. He was a big teddy bear, especially to her. It's one of the things she secretly loved about him. Plus, compared to his demonic and angelic companions, he was... in all honesty... pathetically weak. Sure he was, you could say, a superhuman in a lot of ways but she could still literally and easily tear him in half (and no, she hasn't forgotten about her promise to kill him in the future). Plus, she appreciated... no, she loved how he stood up for them all just now.

Yet... she could feel that cold anger radiating off of him. That had never happened before, even with Zdrada and her constant attempts at pissing him off. And that worried her.

Actually, it slightly scared her.

He never got this angry.

And he NEVER gave off a vibe like this.

Taker, seeing the situation improving to his liking and immediately feeling a massive headache coming up, shook his head, took a massive deep breath and sighed, putting his hand on Enrique's mailbox to steady himself, the air quickly returning to its normal temperature.

'Damn... That hurt...' He thought as his insides felt rather tight, like he was excessively gyming and didn't give himself a break, or like he possibly tore a few muscles. He didn't know what it was exactly, but his body was in rather excruciating pain.

With a wince, he looked at his ladies and properly smiled for the first time that day. They saw his pain but smiled back regardless and, seeing the situation was now to their liking, went back inside the house. They would treat Taker's pain when he got back inside. Looking up, he saw Justice give him the thumbs up with an awesome smile, and saw Lucy looking at him with a small smile on her face. His green and her brown eyes briefly made contact and she quickly hid from his view, making him sigh. 'Still...'

Shaking his head and heading back to Enrique, the man was still by his car and had watched everything that happened with dinner plate-sized eyes. Isabella and her daughters had since retreated back into the house, most likely to finish packing up but also to recover from their egos and prides being blown up like that. It was probably the first time they ever had to retreat from any conflict. But hey, first time for everything.

"Amigo, are... are you okay? You look like you twisted something." The man asked him, seeing Taker's rather obvious show of physical discomfort.

"Agh, probably that yelling. But I'll be alright. But... (sigh)... Enrique I'm... I'm sorry about all of that man." Taker said, his voice full of remorse.

"So are we." Judge backed him up. "We didn't mean to fight against your wife and children, but they were coming at us to hurt us. We had to defend ourselves." She reasoned with him, Azel and Mo remorsefully nodding.

"Nononono, no need to apologize. That... that..." He sighed. "... You're right, that was uncalled for. And... that entire situation could've been handled much more peacefully." The Sapinish man politely waved the apology away. "I probably would have the same thing... If I was a gigantic tank like you man." Both men had a light-hearted chuckle.

"I bet you would have Mr Iglesias." The group turned to the Detective and the Sergeant who made their way to them. "Meanwhile Mr Grimm, you sure do know how to handle a crowd I must say." She said, to which Taker half smiled.

"Not like I wanted to deal with it that way but... thanks... I guess." She rubbed the back of his neck.

"You know, under normal circumstances I would have asked why you didn't intervene Mrs Pentecost, but... I've seen how you've dealt with Johnny and the others over the years. I can understand why you'd take a back seat approach to this." Enquire admitted rather sheepishly, to which the Detective chuckled.

"Well... let's just say I've learnt a lot from you ladies. You do cause quite the disturbance I won't lie, but you've also proven that you certainly can handle yourselves. And you've proven to be the one to keep the law and order in your house Ms Barrentine." She acknowledged the brown beauty in front of her, not without the tiniest bit of admiration, to which the High Prosecutor smiled slightly and nodded in appreciation.

"Um, Mr Iglesias." Azel caught the group's attention.

"Uh, yes Azalea dear?"

"You... you knew about this didn't you? The entire neighbourhood agreeing to a consensus to move out? Because of... of us?" Azel gently asked the man point blank, sadness evident in her voice. The Sapinish man sighed heavily and looked away, taking off his glasses to wipe them.

"Yes... yes I uh... I did. We... we had a group meeting a few months back. The satellite network is still in tatters after the Lighthouse War so that's part of the reason it took so long, but... yeah the whole street came to an agreement." He turns his view to Taker as the man listened wholeheartedly.

"I am so sorry I didn't tell you amigo. I wanted to, believe me I did, but we agreed to keep it a secret, and you know how I am with promises." He explained, to which Taker nodded softly.

"Everybody... long story short, they don't feel safe and comfortable around you guys anymore. Some of them have... have just had it with you, as you saw. My wife just does not feel safe anymore. And... family comes first amigo. You know that." He said as he looked down. "I got a lot of crap just because I'm close to you guys, but I tried my hardest to defend you. I don't regret that. You're still my amigo, and I loved having you ladies over at our restaurant." He said with a rather sad smile.

"But... what happened just now... I'm actually quite disappointed in them now that I've collected my thoughts. I'll have a long talk with my wife and girls later. But, what's done is done I'm afraid." He said as said wife and daughters came out and finished loading up the car, making a very obvious effort to stay as far away from the Grimms as possible (while of course avoiding eye contact), making Enrique sigh again.

"So... what's gonna happen now? With you and your restaurant and everything?" Taker asked.

"Well, initially we were going to move to the other side of the city, but... they don't even want to be in the same city as you anymore, so we decided we're moving back to Sapin all in all, along with the restaurant." He admitted.

Taker, Pentecost, Jansky, Azel, Judge and Mo's eyes widened in surprise. "Goodness me." Azel remarked.

"I know, I know, I know. It's quite drastic and very disruptive, but..." He trailed off. Even with everything he just said, he still felt bad about this whole ordeal.

"Nah nah. Yeah that's... That's a bit excessive but... I get you man." Taker said with a half-smile. Isabella and the girls finally finished loading up and sat in the car waiting impatiently for Enrique to finish up. His other kids though, the ones that didn't attack them, they looked sad about having to move out. In fact, taking a look around, the group noticed that of all the neighbours who were moving out, those that weren't part of the mob (all the kids, most of the teenagers and some other adults and seniors) looked sad or disheartened or just... down to be moving out. And that moment weighed heavily on the Grimms as a rather heart-stabbing realisation hit them.

"Did... Did we-" Mo started, sounding rather close to tears.

"No." Enrique firmly stated. "That is the result of a decision made through irrational thinking and fear. Yeah, you ladies are chaotic and there were some incidents in the beginning, but you've all proven not to be a danger to anyone. You're not the monsters they make you out to be. In fact, you're not monsters at all. So no, that's not your fault Maureen." Enrique stated. The tone of his voice was the most convicted, firm and strict it had been the whole day. Now that caught everyone off guard, even his wife and kids.

"Woah." Jansky couldn't help but mutter.

"Damn buddy." Taker said in his surprise.

"Heh, sorry..." He embarrassingly said as his stance relaxed. "But well, this is it, for now. Hopefully I get to see you guys again." He held out his much smaller hand and Taker gladly shook it, before surprising the much smaller man with a huge bear hug. "Farewell amigo." Taker said with a wide smile.

"And to you ladies as well." Enrique smiled as Azel and Mo hugged him joyfully, while Judge and the cops shook his hand with a smile.

"Goodbye my friend." Taker said. The man nodded before climbing into his car, backing up from his now vacant driveway, and driving down the street with his respective moving trucks in tow. Not so long, other cars and trucks began to follow or went in the other direction.

"Well, we'll be off now. Take care Mr Grimm, and you ladies" Pentecost said as she walked back to her squad car. "We'll come back for the pancakes later." Jansky said with a wide cheeky grin and a thumbs up.

"Pame Jansky! (Let's go Jansky!)" Pentecost exasperatedly called to her squad mate. With a nervous chuckle and a quick jog, she waved goodbye at the group with an informal salute.

Taker couldn't help but chuckle while Judge shook her head in amusement. Somehow, they had gotten on rather good terms with the cops that had arrested many of them (most notably Azel, Justice and Mo after they went about impersonating police officers). Maybe it was a friendly rivalry that has developed over time of some sorts? Probably.

'I'm just glad they're kind of on our side in this whole mess...'

The group looked at Enrique's now empty house one last time before going back to stand in front of theirs, watching everyone move out of the street one by one until the last family left. Sensing his immense sadness, Azel and Mo hugged Taker's waist while Judge hugged him from behind.

He sighed deeply. The entire ordeal from the moment he went outside and discovered the organised chaos, the confrontation with the mob, Enrique moving out and until now lasted just under an hour...

About 30 minutes later...

They listened to the silence.

The last car and trucks left not so long ago, but they didn't go back inside yet. Instead, they took the time to take in their new environment.

The houses were dark and empty. Not a single car on any driveway.

Around this time, sometimes the neighbours would go on walks or runs, the kids would stay out until they were called back in (not all of them were gaming/technology zombies after all) and some people did other things during the twilight ours to occupy themselves.

Aside from the chaos the Grimms would make, there would be music playing or the sounds of sport matches or any of a cacophony of other noises around this time. Not loud enough to cause and disturbance, but enough to give this part of the neighbourhood life.

But entire street was quiet now.

Too quiet.

It was empty.

They listened to the silence.

Not like a zombie apocalypse where everyone's dead, but something quite close to it.

He wasn't used to this at all. And after staying with him for so many years, neither were they.

"...Let's go." He gently said as they went back into their house, the only source of life on an otherwise lifeless street.

He was having trouble processing everything that happened. Not just the confrontation with the neighbours, but the whole day starting from Lucy having another nightmare, the mind-bending revelations, and now this.

That headache from earlier was only getting worse.

"You guys okay?" He asked them gently, to which the three ladies nodded.

"Don't mind us Taker, what about you?" Judge asked with a mix of concern, care and seriousness.

"I... (sigh)" He trailed off, unable to give her a clear answer. She anticipated this and gently nodded. "I understand." She said as he turned around, putting his hand gently on his forehead along the way and wincing slightly. "I... I need a cold one..." He said as he made his way to the kitchen to get a vodka or a beer or Lucy's wine or even just a glass of ice cold water. Right now he needed something very cold to drink.

Watching him go, Azel, Mo and Judge looked at each other with concern in their eyes. They wanted to help in any way that they could, but they understood that for the moment not only did he just need a drink, he also needed a moment by himself. And so, with one final glance at the kitchen, the trio reluctantly went back into the living room were yet again another heated argument was taking place.

"DAMMIT! Why the fuck couldn't we rip them to shreds!?" Zdrada yelled angrily.

"BECAUSE as much as I also want to slash their throats, that would've made things worse dipshit! You know that! It would've blown our cover WIDE open, and that would have been the least of our problems!" an equally angry Malina yelled at her sister's apparent idiocy as she threw an empty bottle at her.

"Believe me Betrayer, I also wanted them to enact punishment on those insufferable mortals. Shattering that man's hand was just the tip of the iceberg. But your sister is correct. We can't risk losing what we've made here so far." Judge said as she sat on the couch and stretched her arms. Zdrada angrily huffed and again went to smoke another cigarette as Malina opened another bottle and downed her vodka. The sisters where clearly trying to drown their anger in their respective commodities.

"Did you all hear why they wanted to leave?" Judge asked as she manspread on the couch (making the few angels blush), receiving multiple nods in response.

Cerberus growled angrily as she clenched her teeth. "Bigoted, disapproving, stupid, disrespectful mortals, you know what, I'm going to-"

"You're going to do NOTHING, Cerberus!" Monica firmly pointed her finger at the Triple Demon who shrunk down at her booming voice. "We don't need Detective Pentecost and the local law enforcement coming here AGAIN because of your recklessness or another incident! Especially with what happened today! In fact, we are quite lucky Pentecost was more supportive of us, but that might not happen again next time!" Monica finished with no room for argument. Cerberus begrudgingly obliged, and sat in the floor angrily glaring and grumbling at nothing in particular, while Baphy patted her heads with a quiet chuckle.

"I must say, even with today's events, it was very kind and brave for Mister Iglesias to defend us the way he did." Azazel pointed out in an attempt to lower the tensions as she sat next to Michael.

"Heh, yeah... you're right Azzy. He... He was cool." Malina said with a hint of a sad smile.

"Indeed. That man has been a dear friend to us. Hmm... I will miss their restaurant. Their pies were fantastic." Beel said as the others nodded in agreement.

"I think that was the one place we didn't cause any trouble. Well... mostly." Gen admitted, to which the other ladies chuckled.

"So, what'll happen now?"

"Now?... Well... Wait and see who moves in next. All these houses are empty and they've been planning to move out for months now. Someone's bound to move in rather quickly.

"Going back to the conformation, Azazel dear, are you alright? We saw that overgrown monkey try to hit you." Michael said as she gently put her hand on Azel's shoulder. Deep down she saw Azel's attempt to lighten the mood, and was proud of her for not only trying, but succeeding at it.

"I'm okay General. I could have handled myself, but Judgement did save me." She said, smiling at Judge with hearts in her eyes. A faint blush crept across the High Prosecutor's dark brown/grey face as she glanced away.

"Tha-that's okay Azazel, no need to thank me." On the inside though, Judge was all flustered. Azazel getting like that always makes her feel so... flustered!

"Was that true though Azzy? That you were spying on that dude and his wife?" Malina asked her with a raised eyebrow. Azel immediately laughed nervously, her eyes darting to and fro.

"Why-why-that's absurd! Why would I do such a-such a thing to him-her-them?!" She laughed nervously, to which everyone looked at her with deadpan faces.

"Don't you remember when we went looking for those actors? And those two were part of it? And they were really into it? Yelling at us all the time?" Modeus reminded her while she was holding up Azel's video camera, to which the Angel's eyes widened and her nervous laughter transitioned to incomparable babbling, causing some of the ladies to laugh.

Kaysie giggled while Michael held the bridge of her nose and gently shook her head. 'The sin in this house is beyond intoxicating.' she thought.

Though she couldn't help but chuckle ever so slightly and very quietly.

Meanwhile in the kitchen...

Taker had his hands on the counter, leaning over the kitchen sink, looking out the window. It's was transitioning from dusk to night and the stars were coming out. His now half empty bottle of vodka was starting to condensate since he downed the other half in a single gulp. Alongside the already painful headache, he was already very lost in his thoughts.

A very dangerous place to get lost in if you don't know where you're going or how to get out.



...Shaking his head, he put the vodka back in the fridge and decided to head back outside. He really needed to get his thoughts in order.

"Taker? Where are you going?" Baphy asked upon seeing Taker heading for the front door, drawing the ladies attention.

He stopped in his tracks, his eyes focused on the door yet seemingly lost at the same time.

"I... I just... need to take a walk to... To clear my thoughts... (gentle sigh) It's been a long day..." He said softly as he turned and finally looked at the Mysterious Demon. She could see it in his green eyes.






They could all see it.

So she said no more. He opened the door and stepped out into the cool, dark night.

The demons and angels looked at each other in worry yet again.


"What can we do?" Beel asked quietly, eager and desperate to uplift her lover.


Suddenly a light bulb went off inside Modeus's head, and her eyes widened at just how genius it was.

"...I have an idea that'll cheer him up. All of us actually." Modeus said as she stood up, drawing the other's attention.

"And it involves ALL of us." She continued as she took off her sweater. And just like that, the demons immediately caught her drift.

Michael, Kaysie and Azel's eyes widened.

They also caught the drift.

Justice had gone to the kitchen to make her and Lucy supper. From the darkness of Justice's room, Lucy sat next to the window with a cup of tea in her hands, watching Taker as he walked to the sidewalk with his head lowered down in deep thought. Not too long after, a certain Template demon quietly joined him, holding his arm closely as they began walking down the street.

The Queen of Hell sighed quietly, closing her eyes and looking away in sadness.

She missed his arms so much.

She could sense his inner turmoil, how conflicted he felt about the events of today and the past few weeks, and about what she did to him.

She wanted to be there with him so badly.

She wanted to apologize to him so badly for scaring him, for being the biggest reason as to why he's feeling like this.

She wanted to stop being afraid of him, because deep down she knows he would never hurt her.

But... fear is a tough opponent to face, and an even tougher one to defeat.

Even though she consciously knew, instinctively she was still scared of him.

At the same time...

The night was colder than usual.

There were no clouds, the air was still and the Moon was in half-phase.

He stood outside on the sidewalk, looking up and down the street.

It was quiet.

Lifeless even, if you're pessimistic like that.

Not eerily so, but just... quiet. The insects and birds of the night made their normal noises and sounds, but all in all it was quiet.

He didn't want to break that silence.

All the houses were dark, the streetlights and his house the only sign of life in what honestly felt like an abandoned neighbourhood.

He pondered for a moment if those on the other streets close to theirs also moved out, but couldn't really bring himself to care that much.

'Lucy was with Justice in her room the whole day... What happened in that nightmare my love... What happened...'

He decided to take a walk up and down the now quiet and empty street. And to his mild surprise, Generic decided to walk with him. He did want to be alone, but nevertheless he appreciated the company, especially since she was one of the less rowdy of the demons.

"How did you manage to sneak past everyone?" He asked her gently as she walked beside him.

"Well... when you're as... ordinary as me and surrounded by colourful, extraordinary demons like them, you get really good at becoming invisible, even if... that's not what you asked for..." She said softly, looking at the ground.

He looked at her before offering his hand. She tentatively wrapped her smaller arms around his before their hands were linked together. Her heart was going a hundred kilometres per hour and her pale face was turning a proper shade of red.

Taker silently chuckled. They've been together for nearly a decade and she still does that whenever he holds her hand. He loved it when she does that.

"Just because you're vanilla doesn't mean you're not-"

"Extraordinary, I know. You tell me all the time." She said with a blushing smile and rolled her eyes.

"Exactly. You're extraordinary. You are. Especially to me. And you know vanilla is my favourite flavour." He said to her as he booped her nose, making her blush even more. "You always know what to say sweetie." she said with a wide, warm smile as she rested against him. Their pace was slow as they walked arm-in-arm/hand-in-hand together. She was out of her disguise since they were alone, her red eyes slightly glowing in the dark.

He hates to admit it, but even after all these years, Johnny doesn't get to spend as much time alone with Generic as he'd like to (and he'd REALLY like to), and that makes him feel really bad. He loves her to bits and pieces.

And why wouldn't he? Besides her sexiness and her booba and thighs that double as comfortable pillows to rest against, she's an absolute sweetheart, the sweetest out of all of them actually. Never afraid to let him know how much she loves him and how important he is to her. And as mentioned earlier, she's also among the least chaotic out of them, a hard worker, and just wants to make everyone else happy. Very few demons are like Genevieve Al Mansuri, otherwise known as Generic, the Template demon. Plus, she's just great company.

Going back to the spending time together issue, they were really working on it though. And it's been paying off. Progress is indeed being made.

Meanwhile, the fact that she was spending some time with him right now had sent her over the moon, even with (or especially because of) today's events. For several minutes, the two walked in a comfortable silence at a nice, leisurely pace, enjoying the feeling of being within each other's arms. Gen's heels clicked and clacked against the concrete while Taker's shoes made softer clicks and clacks.

But even with the silence and tranquillity of the cool, calm night, Gen could still sense the maelstrom in his head. She looked up at him and indeed saw just how lost in thought he was.

How much inner pain he was in.

Over the years she has quickly grown to love and care about this mortal who invited her to his harem that eventually turned into a family, this mortal who without hesitation defended her from the judgemental and critical opinions and rather hurtful actions from the others, this mortal who was there for her all the time. Very early on in their relationship, she promised to be there for him no matter what.

At this point they reached one end of the street and stopped at the corner next to a stop sign. She turned to face him, held both of his hands and looked up at him with her big red eyes. "Would... would you, do you want to talk about what's on your mind?" she softly asked in a bashful tone.

He looked up at the bright-ish half-moon for a moment before taking a deep breath and letting out a heavy sigh.

"It's... (sigh), a lot sweetness. I don't even know where to start..." He shook his head and made an attempt. "Amongst other things, what that North Pointish lady said really bothered me. You're not vile bitches. Well, you ARE my bitches, but you know what I mean." Taker said, making Gen blush even more.

"But, you're not a bother. None of you are and none of you ever were. You're all difficult and stressful to deal with, sure that's true, but I wouldn't have it any other way. No matter what anyone says, you ladies are my rays of sunshine. But... going on... everything that we all talked about today, Zdrada and Malina with that Void that scares everyone, that Slayer who terrorized Hell and hurt Baphy, Michael and Heaven's secrets... Then the neighbours and Enrique and the massacre

that almost happened and-and its... it's just so much happened so quickly today, and it's... I just..." He sighs again, his massive shoulders sagging as he slouched.

"...It's difficult to... to just process and deal with everything... and look how empty and quiet it is. It's weird and too quiet... I have this killer headache, and now... That guy almost punched Azel and I wasn't fast enough to stop him... I know you ladies can defend yourselves all too well but... it's... sometimes it's just all so much..." A tear went down his face as he closed his eyes.

She immediately let's go of his hands, stood on her tiptoes, cups his cheeks, wipes away his incoming tears and embraces him in a tight hug. He wraps his arms around her waist and rests his head on her shoulder. Along with the maelstrom in his head, she could feel all the stress in his body running up and down through him like a rapidly flowing river. They stood like that for a few minutes.

But, thanks to her, it's all been slowly dissipating. She could feel his stress levels lower significantly, the maelstrom in his head breaking up like a hurricane does when it moves inland.

"Shhhhh, say no more sweetie." She whispers softly and sweetly as she moves to cups his cheeks again. "As long as we're all together, no matter what, we can all get through anything. We're all here for you. I'm here for you. Like you've been there for me. I can never thank you enough for that. If... if it helps, try not to think too much about everything that's happened. Your head might just explode. But seriously, don't okay? We'll all figure this out." She smiles at him as she kisses his nose now.

"And plus, if that married guy did manage to punch Azazel, that massacre would've happened whether you liked it or not. She's our little cupcake. Our little Sinnabun. Plus, Michael would've torn him apart and sent him to Heaven only to torture him." She tries for a joke, and he laughs. "Wow, that's very unusually brutal of you Gen." He says as he gently runs his hands through her soft white hair.

"I may be Vanilla, but Vanilla can still be dangerous." She grins, and he rolls his eyes playfully, but chuckles again.

"I love you Gen. And thank you." He smiles at her as he kisses her.

"I love you too my Taker." She smiles back cheerfully as she kisses back.

"Better?" She softly asks him with a wide smile.

"Better." He says with an equally wide smile.

"Do you wanna continue the walk, or go back home?" She asks him as they walk arm-in-arm/hand-in-hand again.

He thought about it for a moment before answering. "Let's go back. I'm getting quite tired. But... I'm good." He said with a smile. "Alrighty then." She giggled as they decided to head back to the house.

As the Moon hid behind a cloud, the streetlights suddenly went out, turning the half-bright night very dark.

"Huh, that's odd." Taker said as they walked, raising an eyebrow to the surprise darkness.

"Do the streetlights ever go out like this?" Gen asked him, also alarmed at the sudden darkness, her red glowing eyes being the only source of brightness.

"Only during blackouts." He says with a lot of suspicion in his voice. Just as they reached their house, several red and two white glowing eyes opened within the darkness of the night. The Moon finally came out of the clouds, lighting up the night. And that's when they saw it.

Taker and Gen's eyes slowly widened as their mouths were left slightly ajar in shock.

"...What... the... hap... is... fuckening...?" Taker whispered in absolute shock as he started sweating. Gen's face was as red as a tomato at this point. She was visibly trembling with excitement as a nervous smile formed on her face.

Right there, standing next to each other in the middle of the street in front of their house, illuminated by the moonlight and the streetlights that just turned back on, was all of his demons.

All of them only wearing their high heels, boots and their stockings. And NOTHING else. Their naked, impossibly beautiful bodies and assets on full display. A very coincidental cool breeze made all their snow-white hair flow in the night time light and all their exposed nipples become as hard as diamonds.

All of them were posing in very seductive and suggestive positions, tails swaying seductively, their pale faces blushing with anticipation and excitement, their brightly glowing red (and white) eyes locked onto him with devious intent.

"Like what you see big boy?" Zdrada teases as she winked at him.

"Come play with us Master." Cerberus said as she shakes her butts at him, whipping her tails around.

"Taker, we know it's been a shitty day for you with everything that happened. So, here's all the bitches. All of YOUR bitches. Let's all just fuck right here, right now in the middle of the road or on their front yards to wherever." Modeus said as she rested her hands on her magnificent boobs, licking her lips oh so slowly, her glowing heart-shapes pupils zeroing in on him.

'A giant middle finger to that mob...Thank you Mo.'

Glancing at the door to his house, Taker saw Azazel with her trademark nervous smile, sweating and blushing profusely. She wasn't naked... yet. Next to her, Michael and Kaysie, also blushing and sweating profusely, were looking at everyone with... he's probably wrong but he's gonna assume unparalleled shock. They were trembling and clutching their fists very tightly he also noted.

'They can deny it all they want, but I've seen that look on their faces, that pose they're making and their overall posture maaany times. They're aroused by this. Big time.'

Looking back at his ladies, Taker weighed his options for a moment... he was done thinking.

He grinned and in less than a second, he threw all of his clothes off (a handy skill he picked up after so many years with horny demons), revealing his naked, muscular, well-toned, heavily scarred body and his now rock-hard cock.

If it was possible for Michael and Kaysie to blush even harder, they were doing it.

The Archangel took a shaky breath. She couldn't stop looking at it. She had seen one plenty times before, yet this time, with this mortal, it really grabbed her attention and refused to let go. And try and fight it all she wants, she didn't want it to let go...

"Wanna join us?" He offered to the Archangel and the Surveillance Angel with a generous smile. She just looked at him incredulously and slowly (and VERY forcefully and reluctantly) shook her head. Kaysie was SO close to nodding, but held back.

He shrugged. "Alrighty then. But the rest of you, you want me? And you want this beautiful cock?" He grinned mischievously as he pointed at his manhood.

"Mortal, don't you dare." Judgement playfully warned him as her tail shook in a warning manner similar to a rattlesnake.

"You'll have to CATCH THIS SEXY PIECE OF ASS FIRST!" He yelled as he suddenly ran away in the opposite direction laughing.





"Oh how I love it when they run."

The ladies started chasing after him laughing as well, thus beginning a night of satanic debauchery the likes of which this street has never seen. In the living room of the house, lewd music to heighten the mood started playing. A pink mist started forming all around the house, the breeze gently carrying it off into the night sky.

"Oh... Heavens..." Michael shook her head and with a shaky hand, wiped the sweat off her forehead with her handkerchief, desperately trying to clear her thoughts. "The Sin in-in this house is... unbelievable." She said to her shocked self, out of breath for some reason. Kaysie also has a similar smile like Azazel, and was physically holding herself back. It was all too much! "Azazel, b-behave yourself. I'll be back at... at a later date." She said to her subordinate, who trembled with nervous excitement as she saluted her with that nervous smile.

"Y-yes sir!" She said with crystal clear nervousness in her voice. Michael and Kaysie then hugged her (which surprised the young angel), then immediately warped back to Heaven. As soon as Michael and Kaysie were out of sight, Azazel looked in the direction everyone ran in, listened to the music, took a whiff of the mist... and without a second of hesitation, immediately threw off all her clothes and chased after then.

"FOR RESEARCH!" She happily yelled as she joined the others.

Meanwhile in Heaven...

It was the equivalent of night-time in the realm of eternal paradise. The dayshift had ended, and various angels were now on their nightshift. The metropolitan areas were quiet now, but still had some level of activity. Every building had a large halo hovering above it, gently illuminating the night like some kind of high-tech, futuristic, heavenly streetlight.

Michael and Kaysie warped to the entrance of one of Heaven's large residential suburbs. A part of it was dedicated only to Heaven's Archangels, hence this is where Michael's house was, along with her sisters. Kaysie meanwhile had a flat at the other part of the suburb.

The Heavenly night was filled with the sounds of insects and other night-time creatures being active. It was dark, save the light from the halos above each and every house. In many ways, Heaven is not too different from the Mortal realm.

The two angels walked next to each other in silence for a few minutes, still blushing like mad and trembling rather noticeably. Their hearts were beating rapidly, and their breathing was quick.

'Dios mio (Goodness me), what is going on... Why am I feeling so... hot and... bothered?'

Reaching a T-junction that lead to their respective dwellings, Michael turned and looked at her hot and bothered surveillance angel. Before she could say anything, her eyes widened as they immediately trailed down to her trousers.

"Kaysie..." Michael whispered in shock. Kaysie looked at her confused before her eyes widened. Looking down, she saw that there was a rather noticeable wetness on the crotch area of her pristine white officer trousers. Kaysie's skin paled dramatically and her pupils shrank, not only because of that but also because-

"G-general you-you uh..." She started, weakly pointing to Michael's own trousers as well.

Michael immediately took off her gloves and gently placed her hand in-between her legs, noticing that it felt rather wet as well. Looking down at her own pants, she also had a rather noticeable stain on the crotch area of her pristine white officer pants.

None of them had noticed that something felt wet.

Their skins paled dramatically, and their breathing suddenly got very erratic. Someone who's none the wiser would assume that the high ranking General and the low ranking surveillance officer somehow had wet themselves (and would have every good reason to be shocked), but the two of them knew very well that wasn't the case.

"Dis had... has never happn'd before..." Kaysie whispered in her shock.

Michael took a shaky breath and looked at Kaysie with firm but also nervousness-filled eyes. "Kaysie. This. NEVER. Happened. Entiendes? (Understand?)" She asked her in a slightly panicked but firm tone. Kaysie rapidly nodded and saluted, the intense blushing rushing back to their faces.

"C-copy General. Uh-well I uh... um... Oiche Mhaith (Good Night) General!" Kaysie bid her farewell with net nervousness and rushed of back to her apartment, squeezing her legs together and clutching her fists tightly along the way.

"Buenas Noches (Good Night)." She said, before shaking her head and rushing back to her own house, also squeezing her legs together and clutching her fists tightly along the way. She REALLY didn't want anyone seeing her like this right now (or ever for that matter) and was IMMENSELY glad it was night-time.

About 3 minutes of fast-paced walking and nervously darting her eyes to and fro…

As she closed the door behind her and turned on the lights, she gently placed her hand in-between her legs again. Yep, still wet. And she could smell... something that only got her more hot and bothered. She was frankly horrified.

Kaysie was right. That's never happened before.

"It-it must've been that mist Modeus deployed, or just... All of them. G-goodness..." Going to the bathroom, changing out of her clothes and taking a very long shower, Michael tried to logically think about the day's events, but just could get the last hour out of her head, no matter how cold the water was.

"That house and... and those demons... and that... handsome, incredible... specimen of a human..." She whispered to herself.

Finishing after a few minutes, she made her way back to her bedroom and changed into her fluffy sky-blue onzie (her and Lucy really do have A LOT in common, as if you'll hear them agreeing to that, but it makes sense. They're sisters after all. But besides her other sisters, she was NEVER going to tell ANYONE about this.), turned off the lights and tried to sleep this off. It has been a rather long day...




... though she couldn't help but think of Kaysie and Azazel. She had a very good idea of what they were both doing at the moment... and she honestly had to admit it wasn't that bad of an idea. Hell, maybe she would in fact join Taker next time-


She immediately shook her head, her eyes wide open in disbelief and mentally punching herself for even letting such a thought permeate her mind.

"Mother, what is wrong with me..." she asked herself as she started tossing and turning, grabbing her stuffed snowman and holding it close to her, eventually drifting off to sleep a few minutes later.

The stuffed snowman was a gift from Johnny a while back. During this one winter, Azel made a snowman that looked like Michael. It was so cute.

She loves it.

At the same time back at the Grimm House...

Justice was sitting on the window sill, listening to the sounds of debauchery with a wide smile. She could hear laughter, screams, moans and gasps of the sexual type at various volumes, the blare of the lewd music from the TV room, loads of swearing, the constant clapping of ass against crotches, kisses, licks, and just more sexual chaos.

"Heheheh, an orgy in bright daylight, or nightlight actually." She said as Lucy came and sat next to her, looking at the unrestrained banging going on outside with a smile.

"I've got to hand it to Modeus, she really does know when to lift everyone spirits. Plus, this is clearly a giant middle finger to all those pesky mortals who caused trouble today." She said as she watched said succubus drive her long tongue down one of Cerberus's throats.

"Heheh, awesome... But damn, we're missing out." Justice said, a bit dejected. Lucy looked at her oldest friend with sad eyes, then back to the chaotic banging. She also wanted to join them. She's the Queen of Hell dammit, she should get his mighty cock first. Not that he'll ever hear her say that (see what I mean?).

But what Justice said only made her feel even more guilty of being in this situation in the first place.

"…Justice I... I'm sorry to keep you up here for the whole day. I... I-I really am." She said with some regret in her voice. Justice leaned over and held her hands, making Lucy look at her. "Lucy, it's okay. You needed me and you still need me. I'm gonna be here for you for an entire aeon if I had to. You got nothing to apologize for. There'll be another orgy some other time, but there'll never be another you." Justice said, smiling that awesome smile at her and kissing Lucy's nose gently, making her smile and blush.

"I... I guess your right... Thank you." She said with a loving smile as Justice stood up and hugged her from behind, their tails wrapping around each other. They sat there in silence for a few minutes, enjoying each other's company while listening to the cacophony outside (Demons. And I right or am I right?).

"Besides, if you're not ready to go outside, maybe we could... ya know, have our own fun? Modeus's lewd mist has been in the air for some time now, and that music..." She said mischievously as she caresses Lucy's magnificent breasts and kisses her neck, one of her hands reaching down between Lucy's legs. "Is startin' to get me all hot and bothered like Michael was." She whispered into Lucy's ear with a mischievous smile, making the Queen of Hell whimper and shudder in anticipation.

"Ooohhhhhhh..." Lucy couldn't help but moan. She absolutely loved the sound of that. And it was REALLY tempting. The atmosphere that Modeus had created was just perfect! She shuddered and moaned at Justice's touch, desperately wanting her right there and then. Don't get her wrong, she loved Taker. But there was just certain things Justice could do that he could never hope match (a very unfair comparison really, but still.).

However, as much as she wanted to surrender herself to the environment and allow herself to be subjected to Justice's expertise in the art of pleasure... she couldn't.

Just... not now...

The weight of today's events pressed down on her harden than Justice was pressing down on her nether regions. So reluctantly, she moved Justice's hands away, the Flybreaker asking "Hmm?" in surprise.

"As... as much as I'd love that... I... Just... not now..." She said as she looked down. Justice immediately caught on to what she meant and nodded with a smile. "Okay. So what do you want to do?" She asked the Queen.

"I... I think I'm ready to tell you what happened. No, I need to tell you what happened." She said hesitantly (and reluctantly) to her best friend who nodded. She needed to get this off her chest. "Okay." Said the former high prosecutor.

She held her hands as they both sat on the bed. Justice sat cross-legged while Lucy sat in a W-sitting position, in true anime waifu fashion.

Lucy took a deep breath while Justice listened carefully. "Here's how... how it started..." She began.

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