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Chapter 1

Momonga's stares at the scene before him couldn't differ from one of a man filled with melancholy and indignation. It was such a sad thing to witness. The end of a decade, the end of a game. But what truly affects him was that the people that he once called friends weren't there with him anymore. They all left him alone, and Nazarick was the only thing to remain behind with him. The horror of his life and depression of his future came to him, as he could only sit there on the chair in the council chamber. Alone with the whispers of his friends in his head.

"They are not here," Momonga said, with a hushing tone.

Momonga hoped that the email that he sent would be enough for his friend to come around, just for one last time. Yet, it seems as it was not the case.

Or so he thought since a little sound on his menu allowed him to witness one of his old friends arriving for one last hurrah.

HeroHero is online.

The arrival of the Black Slime brought happiness to Momonga, who couldn't help but smile brightly behind his VR helmet at the sight of his friend.

"HeroHero! You came!"

Momonga exclaimed joyfully.

"Uh, hey! Long time no see, Momonga!" HeroHero said, and Momonga quickly noticed the exhausted voice of the Slime person. He sounded ready to faint, and it dawned on him how inconsiderate his actions could be to his friends. All of them were all busy with real life, some had families, and work. It was rather obvious they couldn't keep up with the game. It was natural they choose their real-life counterparts. Still, it hurts they weren't there.

"How are you doing, HeroHero?" Momonga asked, gently.

"Oh, you know, the usual. I've been doing extra hours to make ends meet. But it's getting harder, and the more days went by. The more difficult it is for one to even wake up."

HeroHero said, making Momonga flinch at the sudden voice of tiredness.

"And with the sudden toxic storm coming up, I have to stay hours at the office just to avoid the acid rain," HeroHero said, adding just an extra layer of guilt to Momonga, whose avatar wasn't showing how slowly. He was trying to hide in his chair.

"Sorry, HeroHero. I shouldn't have called you for this. You sound exhausted," Momonga replied softly.

HeroHero only laughed it off, as he noticed the way Momonga looked at him. The black slime put a smiling emoji as he kept giggling.

"You don't change, don't you, Momonga? You have always shown care for all of us."

Momonga blushed at those words as he nervously tries to wave them off.

"You don't need to say that!"

HeroHero chuckled. "If I could see your face now. I bet you're blushing!"


Momonga cringed but didn't hide the fact he was pleased to hear those words. A bit of positivity in his life once in a while does not hurt. But the matter remains, and it was that while he was eternally thankful of HeroHero being there. It didn't change how bad he feels at the moment. Momonga was a person who bared his feelings close to his chest. Family, he had none. Friends, even less. Yet, those who were near to him were everything and more.

"Sorry, sorry!" HeroHero giggled. "But don't worry, Momonga. I came here because I miss Yggdrasil. I truly miss our times together, building it. Yet, nothing lasts forever."

HeroHero added with melancholy and Momonga only nodded quietly, hating to hear such a thing from him. But there was no lie on it either. Momonga realized it now. As much as he would like to avoid such truth in his life. He realized that the faster he comes to terms with it. The less it would hurt.

"I guess you're right… still, let me thank you for coming here today. It truly means a lot to me," Momonga said.

"I know, but there was also another reason for me coming here," HeroHero said, making Momonga confused.

HeroHero, the Black Slime, sighed deeply, as he was muttering some words that Momonga couldn't hear clearly. But from what he sees, it was a rather serious thing.

"HeroHero, what is it?" Momonga asked.

HeroHero took another deep breath and then stared at him.

"Momonga… Suzuki," HeroHero said, making Momonga freeze since it was rather strange for HeroHero to use his real name. It was, in fact, a rather weird thing in their guild. Since, while some knew each other outside of the game. They would never call each other real names. It was an unspoken rule. So, hearing HeroHero saying those things truly makes things worse. Momonga was trembling, already thinking the worst.

"What happened, HeroHero?" Momonga asked.

"I met Bukubukuchagama, not too long ago. Maybe a few days ago."

"Bukubukuchagama?!" Momonga exclaimed.

"Yes, but it was not good, Momonga. She was suffering from the Green skin disease."

Momonga's world stopped hearing such a thing. Green Skin disease was a current condition that was affecting half of the country. It was a new sickness of sorts, and while it was a type of illness. The truth was that no one knew what it was, truly. Some said that radiation caused it, or drinking polluted water from the mega districts. Regardless, it was a horrible sickness. A sort of mutation in the cells, making the inflicted, highly delirious, weak, and sick. It was an extreme version of tuberculosis.

So, hearing that Bukubukuchagama has such sickness, brought concern to him.

"How is she?!" Momonga asked.

HeroHero sighed deeply.

"She was not good, but that was not it. Peroroncino passed away… he had Green Skin disease as well. I'm sorry, Momonga. I know you two were close."

Momonga just stood there, not thinking, not wanting to think. He just sat there, struggling to understand what he just listened to. Yet, while he couldn't see HeroHero's face. Momonga knew his friend wasn't dealing with it, as good as him. Both of them only sat in silence.

"Peroroncino…" Momonga whispered softly.

"I didn't want to be the bringer of bad news. But Bukubukuchagama wanted you to know."

"How is she?" Momonga's voice was breaking but held on, for now.

"She just lost her only brother, and she didn't look too well either," HeroHero said, and Momonga was trembling. Tears were running down his cheeks, and HeroHero heard a small sob, who did not interrupt his friends' grief, and Momonga mourned the loss of his dear friend. Yet, the thought of Bukubukuchagama losing the battle to the sickness was also so much for him.

"Dammit!" Momonga yelled, frustrated, hitting whatever he had, hurting his hand while doing so. Yet, he was not focusing on the pain, but on something else.

"I knew they should have moved from that shit hole of an apartment! I told them how dangerous it was for them! They were so close to the toxic rivers!"

It filled Momonga with anger and many other things. Yet, he also knew that they didn't have another choice. It was too late for all of that.

"Momonga," HeroHero whispered.

Momonga sighed deeply. "Sorry, my friend. I'm sorry."

"Don't apologize… I know what you feel."

"I would have liked to see them again... to be with them. Their discussions, fights," Momonga said.

"Peroroncino cringe behavior at her sister's work?" HeroHero added as Momonga chuckled.

"Yeah, that was one of the highlights of my day!" Momonga added, chortling, remembering those situations.

"Hey, Momonga, let's keep their memories alive."

"Yes, let's do that."

"Do you remember the raid of the Red Fortress?" HeroHero asked, making Momonga groan, but it was not a groan of disdain, but one of joy and embarrassment.

"How could I not remember that?!" Momonga exclaimed.

HeroHero helped his friend to deal with such a situation by talking about their time together. It was the least he could do for him, and Momonga did just that. The Undead Overlord spent an hour reminiscing about what happened, and HeroHero only listen, enjoying the old tale of one of their adventures. Momonga's ability to tell a history was highly fascinating for him, and HeroHero was just happy to see him have a good time. Yet, as much as HeroHero would like to spend more time with Momonga. He needed to go since he too feels a bit sick.

"Those were the days," HeroHero said with a smile.

"Indeed!" Momonga replied, happily.

"Oh, I forgot… it's getting late," HeroHero said with a fatigued voice, and it was then that Momonga remembered HeroHero's work life.

"You should go to sleep, HeroHero. You truly need to take care of yourself," Momonga said with a sad voice.

"I know, but I couldn't leave you behind… still, I am sorry I can't stay with you to the end. But, my body… it truly feels like a slime!" HeroHero said, trying to sound positive, yet Momonga was not truly feeling it.

"You should go to the doctor. Hell, leave that work of yours. I'll help you find a better place."

"Thank you, Momonga. I'll think about it, alright?"

HeroHero said, and as he was preparing to leave the game. He remembered something important.

"Oh, I almost forget!" HeroHero exclaimed.

"Uh, what is it?" Momonga asked.

"Bukubukuchagama left a gift in her vault for you. It seems she came online a week ago when you were not online. A… departing gift from Peroroncino and her."

"Oh… I see… thank you, HeroHero."

Momonga replied, as her voice broke one more time.

"You don't have to thank me," HeroHero said.

"Look around you, Momonga. You've been taking care of Nazarick all this time. You know, all of us trusted you with everything. We respected you and liked you a lot. And I can say that you're the best Guild-master I ever had to honor to play with."

HeroHero said, and Momonga could even feel the pride in HeroHero's voice. Yet, it also made him blush deeply.

"You're blushing again, don't you?" HeroHero teased.

"Uwah! You're spying on me?!" Momonga replied, making the Dark Slime chuckle.

"Goodbye, Momonga… maybe we can play again? If Yggdrasil 2 comes around?" HeroHero asked, but it was clearly a lie for both of them. Yet, Momonga only let it slide. Since he knew that life could be quite cruel.

"Yeah… I'll love it, my friend. Goodbye, HeroHero."

HeroHero waves for one last time and logs off.

HeroHero is offline.

Momonga only saw the HeroHero gray name on the friend list on his menu and sighed.

"Goodbye, my dear friend."

Momonga felt as if everything was slowly coming to an end, and it was. Two hours were left for the game to end, and there he was. Alone once again, but it was now worse than before. Since he knew a horrible truth.

"Peroroncino, Bukubukuchagama," Momonga whispered for one last time before he stood up slowly. He walked to where the magnificent weapon of the guild was floating. The Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown, a weapon in which they wasted a lot of time and money. One of their guild's biggest pride, but now it was nothing but a relic of the past. But Momonga refused to let it go down just like that.

"Let's go, pride of my guild."

Momonga said, leaving behind the room. Yet. before that. Momonga recalled the words of HeroHero and wondered what kind of gift did his dear friends left behind for him. So, with that in mind. Momonga used his guild ring and teleported to the treasury to see what they left for him.

Momonga arrived at the treasury after doing everything he had to do in order to get in. There he saw his creation standing idle waiting for an order. He cringed but ignored it. Since he just walked to Bukubukuchagama's vault. Normally, he would need a password to get in, but since he was the guild-master, he used his staff to get in, and there he saw the many things left behind by the pink-slime and sighed.

"Really, Bukubukuchagama has quite the extensive collection of clothes!" Momonga said as he noticed the many outfits, from school girl outfits, to nurse ones, to girly underwear and more. There were hundreds, if not thousands, of outfits hanging on the walls.

"She didn't even wear them," Momonga said, baffled by it. Yet, he smiled at the collection. He also noticed some very skimpy clothes. Lewd type of dresses, that kind of attires.

"Bukubukuchagama is truly a woman of culture," Momonga whispered.

Yet, he just shrugged it off, remembering what was he there for.

Momonga inspected the large vault that seems to be a castle of its own. And finally reached a lobby of sorts. There, Momonga saw a table with a small box, with a letter, and a bowl of rice with a chopstick on top. Momonga, before reaching, bowed, showing respect for his friend's passing.

"My dear friend, rest in peace."

Momonga mourned, as he sat down and read the letter.

Hey, Momonga onii-chan!

This is your beloved, cute, and incredibly beautiful, pink slime idol! Sorry for not coming online and all of that, but… I think if you're reading this. It means that HeroHero told you already what happened to my brother… and me.

I'm so sorry, Suzuki… I wanted to tell you... We wanted to tell you, but you know how Peroroncino is… was. He never wanted you to be worried about him. It would be unfair, and I know you're probably angry and sad. And maybe this letter is not enough, but there is so much I wanted to tell you in person… but I am sick too, and the doctors didn't give me much time. This sickness is horrible.

So, if I don't come online… then you know what happened to me. That's why I am leaving this letter, these words, behind.

Momonga, thanks to you. Both my brother and I had the best times of our lives, filled with bliss and happiness. Ainz Ooal Gown became our home for years, and you are a sort of older brother to us. We truly loved you! You were the best person we have ever met, and we are so happy to be able to call you our friend. Thank you for making our lives so beautiful and thank you for being there for us when no one else was.

I know, it sucks to say goodbye, especially in this fashion, but… I don't want you to feel sad. Please, never surrender! Keep fighting and enjoy life! Go and date a lot of girls. Get yourself a harem filled with sexy girls! Hehe! Peroroncino told me to tell you that!

But more importantly, please be happy for you and us.

Now, there is a gift for you, made by both of us! I hope you enjoy it!

Momonga couldn't do much but cry at the words written before him. It hurts, it hurts so much that he wanted to disappear, but Bukubukuchagama's words did not let him down. He couldn't let the pink slime down, not now, or ever.

So, he slowly picked up the box and opened it. There, he saw something that shocked him.

"This is…! The Seeds of the World Tree!"

Momonga yelled, shocked to see a World Item of that level on his hands. How did they get it?! Momonga thought, stunned. But it was not all that surprised him.

The item shone on his hand and without warning. The World Item activated. Momonga let a small squeal of surprise, not knowing why the item activated in the first place. Yet, he closed his eyes but when he opened it. He noticed something different.

His hands weren't how they used to be. The skeleton was no more. Instead, flesh and skin covered the bones. Momonga now feared the worst. He looked at the letter and saw something he should have seen before.

PS- Oh, and I made you a beautiful race change! I spent a lot of time doing it, using Peroroncino's advice! Feel free to use my clothes and underwear and be thankful that we didn't make you a Loli!

With love, Bukubukuchagama.

Momonga's face paled behind the VR and ran to the nearest mirror, and fearing the worst, he only stared at himself and let a small yell.

"Dammit, you two!"

Momonga's supreme overlord of death was no more. Well, technically. He was still a necromancer, but not a skeleton anymore.

There, staring back at him.

Two delicate and cute green eyes looked at him. Their color was deep, yet soft and emerald type of green, and adding to its delicate feature was an even more gentle face, a feminine face, with long dark hair that reached his small shoulders, with gorgeous red lips and define cheeks.

"Oh, no… no, don't tell me!"

Momonga looked at his body and cringed.

The once terrific and lore-accurate body of a skeleton was gone. Now, he has a curvy, and rather sexual body, with wide hips that even his robe couldn't hide and a desirable neck and legs. It was then when Momonga looked at his status, fearing for the worst, and it was not that the race change item may have changed his gender, but something worse. Far worse.

Momonga saw and looked at the words written there. He was still a male, and now his race was of a demon, an incubus to be specific. So, with that information. He now knew why he looked like that.

"Curse you, Bukubukuchagama! You made me into a trap...!"

Momonga cursed to the skies, hoping the pink slime could hear him.

He couldn't bear it. The Overlord of Dead he put so much effort into was gone, and now he was a trap demon, a feminine boy. Yet, regardless of it. Momonga's anger vanished as fast as it came, and he could only feel amusement.

"Good one, both of you, good one," Momonga whispered, as he laughed out loud, and while he was doing it. He was also weeping for them.

Momonga cried and laugh, feeling that for a moment. Peroroncino and Bukubukuchagama were there with him, laughing with him. It took him around 20 minutes to gather himself again, feeling better to let it all out. Still, he sighed.

"I guess I should be thankful that I am not a Loli," Momonga said with a chuckled.

Momonga looked at the item and knew that after a half-an-hour or so, maybe less. He didn't know exactly. He could once again change back to his skeleton form. So, no problem at all. Yet, he truly did not want to. It was Bukubukuchagama's work. Her last work. It took her a while to make the perfect trap character. So, Momonga did not feel like changing back. He decided to go down with the ship in that form, giving the last goodbye to his dear friend. Besides, it truly doesn't matter.

"I guess this is your win," Momonga said, smiling softly, as he stared at the vault with the many dresses Bukubukuchagama would have liked for him to wear. He chortled one more time.

"If you were here… I would have done that."

Momonga whispered as he took one last breath in Bukubukuchagama's room.

"Goodbye, my beloved friend."

And with that, Momonga left the vault.

Momonga sat down with a long and painful sigh. He was now in the throne room, waiting for the end. He left the New World Item back at the treasury, where the rest of their collection was. Ainz Ooal Gown was, perhaps. The guild with the most World Items, or so he believed. Yet, it doesn't matter now. Yggdrasil was ending soon, and all the memories of the guild with it.

"So, this is the end, eh?" Momonga whispered.

He looked around him. The Pleiades were there. Momonga felt bad that he couldn't put them to the test. Fighting an enemy or something. But no one ever made it that far into the tomb. So, it was a shame. Then he looked beside him and saw Albedo. The beautiful succubus overseer and blushed.

"Tabula did put a lot of effort into you," Momonga said while remembering the settings his maniac friend had on her. He was not proud of changing things his friend left behind. But he had to do it, and while he admits, changing Albedo's settings from being a secret slut into being in love with Momonga was childish. He felt excused.

"Despite that, making you into a slut… really, Tabula?" Momonga hissed.

"Well, whatever. It doesn't matter much, eh?"

Momonga stared at the many flags and named them. The time was slowly ending and he could close his eyes and wish for it to never end.


"I should go to bed early… I think I have a few hours of sleep, with any luck. Also, I need to find where they buried them… I had to show my respect."


"It was fun… it truly was fun."




Momonga opened his eyes, and as he does usually, he tried to take his VR headset, but couldn't. The only thing he felt was his soft hair and two sets of horns. It took him about a few seconds before realizing what was happening.

"Uh… What is happening!"

Momonga yelled, standing up quickly, looking around him, confused. He also noticed how his voice was different. More female-like.

"My voice… my hands," Momonga whispered, as he looked at those small, and sophisticated fingers of his. The gentle white-skin color and the long and humble fingernails.

"Lord Momonga, is there a problem?"

Momonga looked beside him and noticed Albedo speaking to him. He only stared at her, not moving. Incapable of reasoning.

"Lord Momonga?" Albedo's voice sounded concerned. Yet, Momonga was still debating whether he was high, dead, or both. So, he could only say the first thing that came to his mind.

"H-Huh? The GM call function isn't working."

Momonga said, again being surprised by his girlish voice.

Albedo, ashamed of not being able to understand what her lord was speaking of, kneeled before him.

"Please forgive me, my lord. An ignorant one such as myself has no answer to this GM call you speak of," Albedo said.

I am talking with an NPC?! No way!

Momonga thought, yet he couldn't stop thinking about everything that was happening. It was so much, and he truly tried to sit down and think straight. He was carrying the guild staff and noticed. How it was floating. Yet, he also noticed that he couldn't use his console or anything that was part of the game.

What should I do?

Momonga thought, as he then stared at the Pleiades and Sebas. It was such a strange feeling yet. He was a practical person. Momonga was able to just cool down and let logic take the wheel. And currently. The logic speaking in his mind was that. He was no longer in Yggdrasil.


"Yes!" Sebas, the butler, replied.

"Step out of the tomb and confirm the surroundings of Nazarick."

"Understood, lord Momonga."

"Pleiades. Go to the 9th floor and guard it against possible intruders."

"As you wish, lord Momonga."

Yuri, the beautiful older sister of the Pleiades, said while the rest followed her.

Momonga nodded, as he was still deep in thought. Since he was now seeing how the NPCs were taking commands that weren't specific. He also pondered if he could use his magic normally.

"Lord Momonga, what shall I do?" Albedo asked, with a surprising lustful tone of voice.

Momonga felt something inside him, a shock-wave. He didn't know what it was but was as if electricity was building. He saw Albedo's perfect body. Those hips. The voluptuous hourglass figure. The skin that her white dress did not cover. Those large and firm breasts, that he could see moving at the rhythm of Albedo's shaky breaths.

Momonga did not know what he was feeling like that. In heat. But he was making it harder for him to think about anything but the lustful succubus before him.

"A… Albedo, come closer."

Momonga ordered, and Albedo squealed in joy as she approached him, close enough for him to smell her.

"Albedo… I'm going to touch you… if that is fine with you."

Momonga said while he was shaking. He was too having a hard time controlling himself and for the looks of it. Albedo was having a hard time as well.

"Please, my lord, touch me where you want!" Albedo exclaimed with lust, as her golden eyes shine upon Momonga.

Momonga nodded, and gently he grabbed Albedo's hand, and when he did. He felt it. The soft skin, the beating of Albedo's heart. But more importantly. He could feel and smell her desires. Those naughty thoughts. Images of them naked, in bed doing things that Momonga never thought possible.

She has a pulse! Momonga was able to think. Yet, his mind went to the next phase.

"Albedo… I'm going to touch your breast!" Momonga said, and his feminine voice was trembling. His girl-like face was blushing, and he was hyperventilating. Albedo purred at the sight of his lord's reaction. The succubus only bends forwards, presenting herself to him.

"Please, my lord… I belong to you. You can touch me where you want," Albedo purred, like a feline, licking her lips as Momonga was mesmerized by her.

Momonga's mind was losing focus on what his goal was. He only stared at those tits with desire. Momonga's hand found its way to Albedo's breast and the reaction of touching a succubus' pride and joy brought Momonga's lust to new highs. Momonga didn't know why. He was feeling so out of control. But then, he remembered that he was now a demon, an Incubus. He was a sex demon and being next to a succubus, of a high level, just like him, could be the reason for his yearning. But while he was able to think that. His hand was doing something else entirely.

Momonga was no longer just touching Albedo's chest. He was groping, squeezing, and pinching those giant breasts. What it started with one hand was now being done with two. As Albedo moaned loudly, she could feel her beloved lord molesting her tits.

Momonga's fingers were digging deep into those tits, squeezing them and making sure to play with them.

"Lo-Lord Momonga!" Albedo moaned, while Momonga grabbed both breasts with his two hands and squeeze them at the same time.

"They are so soft… heavy, and beautiful."

Momonga's eyes were shining like Albedo's. Both succubus and incubus were just not truly thinking about anything else but sex. The carnal desire for one another. They were just in heat.

Momonga saw Albedo's nipples getting hard, and Albedo also noticed his lord's erection. She licked her lips at the sight of it.

"My love… would you like me to take my clothes off?" Albedo whispered huskily. Momonga was too long gone. His mind, while screaming he was tarnishing his friends' children, his body was another thing entirely.

"Y-yeah… take all off," Momonga ordered, and Albedo obeyed. She stood up, and Momonga only relaxed on the throne.

Albedo decided to add even more, by taking her clothes slowly, making sure to show all of her curves and parts to her lord. She took her white dress off first. The moment she did. Those tits bounced free. He then saw how bigger they truly were. Momonga could see now the skin and cute pink nipples. But it was not all.

The dress was falling down, and Albedo purred as she turned around and bend over, just slightly in order to make sure Momonga could see her bum and thighs. The gown fell down to the ground, and Momonga couldn't look away. He was staring at Albedo's gorgeous ass and naked back.

Round, big and perfect. It was then when he could see. Albedo's glorious hourglass figure. The succubus bum was so big with those childbearing hips. It was a crime Momonga was seeing for the first time.

"You're beautiful, Albedo. The most beautiful woman in the world," Momonga whispered.

Albedo smiled, as she turned around, so her beloved lord could see her naked body completely. The details of her body couldn't be more picture-perfect. Momonga wondered how much time did Tabula spend designing her? Albedo had a powerful body, not only lustful because of her succubus nature, but because of her strong build. Momonga could see faint lines of muscles around her arms and legs. He could see a cute belly button, surrounded by a firm set of abs. And it wasn't like those bodybuilders. Not, they were just faint enough to see, to enjoy, to lust over.

Then, he looked just down at Albedo's inner thighs and saw the entrance to her womanhood. Perfectly shave and he would die a lucky man to just put his head between those thick thighs.

"My lord… you're incredibly hard," Albedo purred.

Momonga then looked down and noticed how his robes were barely covering anything. He realized that he had no underwear since when he was a skeleton; he didn't need them. But now, it seems he did. Or so he thought.

"Let me take care of it," Albedo said, kneeling before her.

"Al-Albedo!" Momonga tried his best to move away, but his body betrayed him. Albedo easily, push those robes away and squealed in delight at the sight of her beloved cock.

"Lord Momonga's cock!" Albedo's succubus instinct was all over the place. Yet, Momonga only stared down at his cock. It was bigger than before, but not by a long shot. It was barely five inches long. He wanted it to be bigger, more girth, with a set of bigger balls.

And to his surprise. His cock was becoming exactly as he wanted.

"Oh, my!" Albedo whispered, shocked by how her beloved's penis was growing, and from just five inches long, it grew to be ten inches. Bigger, wider, and more manly.

"I didn't know I could do that," Momonga moaned.

"We are sex demons, my lord. Our bodies are meant to satisfy our needs, and the needs of our victims… or partners."

"I-I see!" Momonga stuttered.

Albedo's naked hand grab his cock, and Momonga could swear he could cum with just that, but Albedo had other plans. Slowly stroking his girth, his shaft. Albedo put her face centimeters away from Momonga's cock.

"Please, my lord… tell me what you want," Albedo purred, while Momonga's cock was already lubricating itself with pre-cum. The smell of such a thing made Albedo even more lustful. She then brought the tip of her master's cock to her cheeks and started to spread the pre-cum all over her face while staring at Momonga with lust.

"Please…! My lord, I belong to you! Use me, order me to please you! Order me to fulfill your desires!"

Albedo whined, almost going crazy, and the same could be said about Momonga's state of mind. So, thinking of only one thing. Momonga touched Albedo's lips with his long and delicate finger.

"Please me with your mouth."

Albedo moaned as she opened her mouth wide and took his cock in, swallowing Momonga's erected penis. Gently and slowly, making sure her tongue licks every inch of his girth, Albedo sucked her beloved cock like a wanton whore. Momonga's hips started to shake. He was a virgin, not something one would like to admit, but he never had a sexual experience before. So, having a gorgeous woman, between his leg, bobbing her head up and down, sucking, licking, and playing with his testicles was truly another experience.

"Oh…! Albedo!" Momonga squealed in pleasure while Albedo's mouth was doing her job. Her fingers were gently caressing his balls, going between them, tickly them, squeezing them softly. She even put them in her mouth, giving them a good lick.

"Ughh!" Momonga groaned, at the feeling of Albedo swallowing his balls, and sucking them as if they were a lollipop.

Albedo's mouth was tight, moist, and warm. Momonga could see the succubus' tongue going around his shaft, while the feeling of suction just pulled him in.

Momonga stared at the face Albedo was making. It was so naughty, so grotesque in the most lustful way. An expression of pure lust replaced the elegant face of the succubus, as Albedo kept on sucking for dear life. It was like a vacuum cleaner was sucking his cock, a warm, wet, and tight vacuum cleaner, with a large and equally slippery tongue, going all the way around his girth.


Momonga stood up from the throne and just grabbed Albedo's horns, pushing his cock deeper with pure brute force.

"Garkh! Garkh! Garkh!"

Those were the sounds Albedo was making, while Momonga was face fucking her. Momonga was vicious. His hips and thrusting of his cock into Albedo's throat were without mercy. Albedo was not moving her head; she was allowing her beloved to do whatever he wanted with her. She just slowly started to caress Momonga's cute ass while he was fucking her mouth.

"Garhkkkk! Garhkkk! Garkhhhh!"

"That's it! That's it!" Momonga yelled in pure ecstasy. Albedo had an ahegao face, as saliva was dripping from her mouth. She was drooling all over her glorious tits, while Momonga kept on pushing deeper and deeper into the succubus' throat until he couldn't hold it in anymore.

"Alllllbedoo!" Momonga screamed, not bothering to think of anything else but the feeling of Albedo slurping his cum out of his cock. Albedo moaned, as loud as she could, while having such an enormous cock in her mouth. She felt Momonga's cock twitching, and her tongue could even feel the ropes of cum traveling through it. She sucked it all, everything. And rejoiced at the delicious flavor of the Supreme One seed as it reached her stomach.

Momonga kept Albedo's head in place, as his body and mind were just in heaven.

"Oh… oh, Albedo," Momonga moaned cutely, as his voice sounded so girly. He stared down and saw Albedo looking at him with pure love and devotion. Albedo gave a last lick to his shaft, before gently kissing the top of his cock, making sure to clean it all. Then, she opened her mouth completely, and Momonga saw not a trace of his seed in there.

"My lord… your seed is delicious!" Albedo purred. "So warm… it's filling my stomach, milord."

Albedo said as she strokes her glorious flat belly. It was such a lewd scene for him.

Momonga's cock then got ready for another round.

"It seems you still want more, my lord," Albedo whispered, and to her surprise, Momonga grabbed and push her to the chair. Her back was on the throne, and in normal circumstances, she would have never sat in the chair of the supreme one. But today was different.

"Milord?" Albedo whined.

"Spread your legs and lift them for me," Momonga said, looking almost possessed by something. Albedo blushed, feeling the commanding tone of her superior, and obeyed. She grabbed her large and thick legs and brought them up to her chest. She was in such a position that allowed Momonga to see everything. Momonga then grabbed Albedo's ankles and the poor succubus whined as her legs were pushed even further to her shoulders.

And without wasting more time. Momonga's cock started to go inside of Albedo. Momonga has never experienced the true feeling of penetration. A toy was not the same as the real deal, and Albedo's cunt was the real deal. The tip of his cock was the first thing to feel the hot liquid emanating from Albedo's pussy. Then, he felt a channel, a tight and hot channel, getting tighter and warmer as he pushed his cock deeper. It was like something sucking him in. Albedo's pussy was squeezing him. Those inner walls inside of her were making sure to embrace his cock. It was glorious.

"Milord! Milord!" Albedo exclaimed in delight, feeling her master's cock taking away her maidenhood. Making her a woman, his woman.

"Albedo...! You're so tight!"

Momonga moaned as he started to just fuck the succubus with all his might. He didn't know what he was doing. His instincts were just telling him to move his hips faster, and to push his cock further inside the slut beneath him.

"You're filling me…! Ahhhg! YES! YES!"

Albedo moans were making echoes in the throne room, and the sounds of fucking were even louder.

"A-Albedo! Spread your legs more! Hold them!"

Momonga moaned as Albedo obeyed. Her back was on the seat of the throne, while her head was resting on the backrest of the throne. Allowing Albedo to grab her legs by the ankles and keep them in position. So, her beloved one could squeeze her tits with joy. And he did. Momonga was fucking Albedo like a rabbit.

Momonga's thrust and the feeling of Albedo's cunt were too much for him, or anyone, for that matter. Every single time he pushed his cock inside the tight little cunt of Albedo, felt like paradise. Her tits were moving all over, so he brought his lips to Albedo's nipples, and suck them. He took his time biting and sucking each of her breasts, making Albedo squeal in joy.

"Yes! Milord! Yes, suck them! They are yours…. Uhrrhh!" Albedo moaned.

Momonga's orgasm was coming soon, and his mind just wanted one thing. He wanted to fill Albedo's womb with his cum. And Albedo could feel it as well.

"Cum with me, my lord! Feel me…! Push your cock inside my womb! Feel me completely with your seed!" Albedo exclaimed lustfully as Momonga only made his cock bigger, and he could then feel it. The tip of his cock, touching Albedo's baby room. Albedo's body wasn't any problem with adapting to such an enormous cock inside her. Her cervix, while incredibly tight, only sucks Momonga's cock deeper, and at every thrust. The demon overlord felt closer to cum, and he allows himself to moan and to let that succubus whore, who she belongs to now.

"Albedo…! I'm going to mark you! You're mine! Do you hear?! You're…! ARE… MINE!"

"Urghh! Yes...! Yessss!"

"You're my whore! My slutty little succubus whore!" Momonga yelled as he started to increase the speed of his fucking. He didn't even know why he was screaming that. He was just lost in the moment.

"I'm your whore...! Your little succubus whoreeee!" Albedo replied, with a loud scream.

Momonga was just fucking Albedo like crazy. His hips were moving as fast as he could manage to do it. Albedo's position allowed her to see the glorious view of her pussy being abused by her lord. The thick piece of meat, that was Momonga's cock, was being covered by her love juices, and she could also see the shaft spreading her pussy lips, widely. Albedo's cunt would never be the same. The cock was going in and out, and Albedo felt the veins in her master cock pulsating, preparing to release the most potent sperm in the world. Albedo's uterus was begging for it. She was pleading to be filled by it.

"Yes! Yes! Fill me! Fill me! Fill my womb!" Albedo couldn't hold it. Her arms hugged Momonga, who did the same. Their bodies united in a beautiful form, as both sexual demons came at the same time. Forever changing their lives.

"Albedo! Here I come…!"

Momonga yelled, pushing his cock deeper, and without wasting time, he filled the succubus uterus with his seed.

"Urhhh! Uhhhh…!" Momonga moaned, feeling Albedo's pussy squeezing him while she hit her own orgasm. The poor succubus' body shook underneath his master while speaking incoherent words. She was imploring, crying, moaning. She was lost in pleasure, as she felt rope after rope of potent, virile, and fertile seed going inside her. Traveling all the way through her tubes, looking for an egg to inseminate.


Momonga, taking deep breaths, looked at the beautiful woman below him. The face of Albedo showed a woman utterly fucked. Her hair was a mess, and she was drooling all over. Yet, that didn't change how beautiful she was and looking at those red lips. Momonga only thought of one thing. He leaned forward and kissed her. Albedo was surprised, but only rejoiced by him taking her first kiss as well. And for long periods of minutes, they just remained in that position. Momonga just kept slowly moving his hips, enjoying the feeling of Albedo's tight tunnel.

Momonga didn't want to pull his cock out of Albedo's tight pussy, and Albedo didn't want him to pull his glorious cock out of her. Yet, they did.

"Albedo… that was… perfect," Momonga saw the well-fucked body of Albedo, and saw how his cock left her pussy gushing for him. His cum was dripping over, and Albedo only whined as she brought her fingers inside her, pushing his cum back where it came from.

"Did you enjoy it, my lord?" Albedo whispered.

"I loved it… but… I should haven't taken advantage of you… I was weak… I'm sorry," Momonga said, finally having his senses back. Albedo stared at him, confused.

"You didn't, my lord… I offer myself to you," Albedo replied softly.

"No… you… I," Momonga was having problems trying to explain what he did to her. It was hard to think it through. But he had to say it.

"I change your settings… I put… she is in love with Momonga… please forgive me."

Albedo only stared at him; a bit perplexed by those words truly. But she didn't truly care, either.

"It's fine milord. Nothing would have changed… for me, you're the only man in the world."

Momonga knew it was not it. But at the same time, he couldn't say that Tabula wrote: "She is a slut" in her bio. He groaned but decided to do the right thing. Well, it was the only thing that came to his mind.

"I'll take responsibility… you hear me, Albedo? I'll… I'll make sure to make you happy!"

Momonga said, and for Albedo, it was practically a marriage proposal.

"Oh, my lord Momonga!" Albedo jumped from the chair and hugged him tightly, kissing him deeply. And Momonga could already feel excited again. Since the naked body of Albedo feels so amazing. Yet, he also recalled the situation he was in.

"Al-Alright, Albedo! We can't lose more time here…! Remember, we have things to do!"

Albedo got serious really fast, almost comical.

"Yes, my lord."

"Uhm… except for the guardians of the fourth and eighth floors, gather everyone to the fighting arena on the sixth floor. Haven them gather there in an hour from now."

"Understood," Albedo said obediently as her tits wiggled every time she moved. Momonga knew he had to leave before he loses control again.

Hopefully, nothing bad would happen from now on. Yet, he couldn't shake the feeling of a new beginning. What would happen from now on? Momonga doesn't know, yet he hopes more situations like this happen again.