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Chapter 14

The eerie silence of the desert at night could be either surprisingly relaxing or quite uncomfortable, depending on who asked. Still, some people truly enjoyed the peace and serenity of such hours in a desert. Near a large metal gate, two soldiers stand still, guarding the entrance of the desert base just near the airport. They looked bored and tired, smoking and talking with each other, trying to make the time go faster.

"I tell you, in a few more years, we'll come back," one soldier said as he lit a cigar. "Maybe, finally ending the job and taking Iraq. Or what about Afghanistan?"

"You already said that," the one replied. "It's been three years since Operation Dessert Storm. Or... how do they call it?"

"The Persian Gulf War...? Or some dumb shit?"

"I kind of like it," he stated, sighing deeply. "I miss the big entrance. While I was in boot camp, my brother was able to enter Kuwait like a fucking hero. And here I am, guarding a door in the middle of the desert."

The other soldier chuckled loudly. "Ain't that bad. Kuwait is kind of nice."

"It's boring as shit. There's nothing to shoot at but the head of my sarge," the other replied. "And fucking PT in the morning as well."

"Hey, but at least you're a marine, eh?!"

"Fucking sucks," the other soldier stretched out, looking around at the nothingness ahead of him, only some dim lights of the city ahead of them. "What am I doing with my life?"

"Hey, it's too late to regret now," the other chuckled. "We are fucking the same chick now."

The soldier scoffed but sighed. Then something got his attention. It was the sound of someone walking towards them. The sound of sand and small rocks being crushed slowly at each step. The darkness didn't allow them to see clearly until they finally saw a small girl. It was surreal to see a young girl, especially with that type of clothes, in the middle of the desert.

It was a small child with a cute little dress, long ears, and blond hair. However, those two soldiers noticed something odd. The ears were long and pointy, and the eyes were of a different color. Both soldiers were completely stunned, not knowing what to do or say. So, their training kicked in.

"H-hey! Don't move one more step!" The soldier exclaimed, pointing his rifle at the small little girl.

"It's a fucking child, dude!" the other quickly said, not knowing what to do.

"I know!" The soldier hissed at his companion. "Do not move. One more step. This is no place for children. You're to step inside a USA base."

The little girl tilted her head and sighed thankfully. "Oh, so this is the place! Thank goodness! I was getting worried!"

The soldiers were taken aback by the fact she spoke English. There was a strange accent to it, yet the attire the girl was wearing and the odd wooden stick she carried startled them. One of the soldiers decided that perhaps, the girl was lost; seeing the American flag, she immediately went to seek their help. That was the only thing he could think of that made sense. He slowly approached the girl, raising his hand.

"Hey there, are you lost? Did your family come here?" He asked gently, watching the how-to girl tilt her head at his questions. "Where is your family?"

The girl hummed, watching him curiously. "Ah, sorry, I was startled. I am still getting used to speaking your language! In anycase, is this the Kuwait international airport? And is this the American Base guarding it?"

The girl asked, and the soldier just turned to his battle buddy, and the other one simply looked as confused as him. "Y-yeah, this is it."

"Thank you!" The girl replied happily. "I didn't want to destroy another place!"

"D-destroy?" The soldier just stared at her, bewildered. But then, the girl raised her wooden staff and practically smashed his head. The soldier was wearing a helmet; normally, one would think that such a stick would break or have no effect on the soldier. Yet, that didn't happen. The soldier's head practically exploded at the impact.

The other soldier didn't have time to truly process what took place. The girl practically moved to his position so fast that he couldn't pull the trigger of his rifle. Then, the girl hit him with his wooden staff, and his torso disappeared.

"Ew," Mare stated, looking at what was left of both soldiers. "Well, let's do our best!" Mare shouted happily as, appearing behind her, some ninjas started to show up. There wouldn't be anything left of such a place.

Things back at Hogwarts were as they would normally go. Or as everyone thought, since while the Triwizard Tournament was taking everyone's attention at the moment behind that, something more sinister was going on in the halls of the castle.

The term sinister should have been used differently. It was more wicked, naughty, and a bit dark. That was the right approach to things going there.

Ainz's chuckling and his small moans of pleasure could be heard. He stared and watched the gorgeous naked back of Narberal as he held her by her waist, slowly and viciously pounding her for all she was worth. Narberal's tight and warm womanhood received his master's rod like it belonged there. And it does. It truly does. She didn't fight the sudden urge to moan, as Ainz's cock wasn't the only thing pleasuring her.

She was on a sixty-nine position with her sister, Lupusregina, and while she was on four, like a bitch in heat. Lupusregina had the full view of her cute little pussy and Ainz's girth. Lupusregina moaned, licking and using her tongue to play with her sister's bits. All the same, licking and sucking on her beloved master's heavy set of testicles.

Such an attack on his member wasn't one that Ainz or any other male could truly resist. Every time he thrust inside Narberal, Lupusregina sucked on his balls or used her expert tongue on his girth to lick it all.

"Such devious girls," Ainz moaned, spanking Narberal's round ass and enjoying the sensation of her flesh on his hand. "Truly devious."

Narberal moaned, her voice low and throaty. Her mind was blank, too much pleasure and lust driving her senses. "Master! Master, please, pull my hair! Harder!"

Ainz chuckled at the fact, Narberal would want such a thing. But he was a good master. He did as his beloved maid wanted, pulled her hair hard, and kept one hand free to grab and squeeze Narberal's butts. He pounded her tenaciously with his cock at an even faster pace than before; his balls were now slapping against her clit with every thrust as he drove himself inside her tight womanhood with each one of his hips. Lupusregina whined as she couldn't taste her master's large and full of seed balls. So, she did everything she could to ensure that Narberal would orgasm soon. She wanted to feel her master inside her too. Lupusregina already knew that Ainz would end up cumming inside her sister soon enough; she felt him tense up as he kept pounding Narberal at an even faster pace than before. His cock was twitching madly and showed the signals of soon releasing.

The petite maid was completely lost in pleasure and lust; she had no recollection of anything since arriving at this room. She only had two thoughts in mind; one was her desire to feel Ainz inside her womanhood, and another was how to please him more than she did before so he would fuck her harder than he did now or any time before this moment.

"Yes! Yes! I will take you as my master!" Narberal moaned loudly as she felt herself reaching for orgasm again so soon after the last one.

"I'll fill you up nicely, Narberal!" Ainz grunted loudly, not stopping his fucking. The sound of both Narberal and Ainz's hips shocking at every thrust was a sacred sound of exoticness. "I'll fill you with my seed!"

Narberal moaned loudly as she felt Ainz's cock throb inside her womanhood before losing in her depths his cum load. Her being stuffed full of his seed gave her a climax so fast that her mind couldn't take it all in. Her whole body shook from the force of it all and the fact that the man she loved came inside her once again; she could feel it pumping inside her depths like a warm liquid that filled her up entirely. She tried to buck against him to get more, but Ainz kept her in place, still allowing his cock to reach further inside Narberal to give her everything.

Ainz could feel, Lupusregina's mouth sucking his nuts hard and using her sexy tongue to massage them. That alone made him want to stay in that position forever. She did it with such delicacy that he felt like he could cum from that alone. It was too much for him to take in, but he held on tightly to Narberal's thighs while keeping his cock inside her tight womanhood to prolong his pleasure as long as possible.

"Ugh!" He grunted, slowly pulling his cock out of the well-fucked tight cunt. His cock immediately landed on the awaiting mouth of Lupusregina, who wasted no time to seek any rope of cum left inside his girth. She licked it all up with a hunger of a starved woman who missed lovemaking for too long without a man by her side. Such attention made Ainz moan loudly as he spanked Narberal's ass repeatedly, loving the scene of how Narberal's ass wiggled from one side to the other, everything he spanked her.

"Nicely done, slut," Ainz whispered in his cute feminine voice. Yet, he was still a sex demon wanting more.

By then, Lupusregina had swallowed everything Ainz had left behind; but he smiled at the red-haired woman. "Your time, Lupusregina. Face down, ass up," Ainz ordered.

"Yes!" Lupusregina moaned as she moved from beneath Narberal and presented her lustful body to her master. The sight made Ainz chuckle deeply from what he saw; this was why he loved women so much; they were much more beautiful when they were ready for lovemaking than when they were in the process of having their hair washed or their nails cleaned.

"I'll enjoy this," he said, giving himself a few pumps into Lupusregina before starting his assault on the red-haired woman's body. He felt how warm and tight it was as he plunged into her depths repeatedly; he could tell how much she adored the feeling of having him inside her body. He could tell, too, how much she loved it when he spanked her soft ass cheeks, causing them to jiggle and shake every time he pulled out and slammed back into her wet hole over and over again like a piston in an engine.

"Ah! A-Ahh!" Lupusregina called out with passion as he spanked her ass hard continually; each slap made her body tremble more from the charge of excitement that surged through her entire being.

Lupusregina's body couldn't help that Ainz was pushing her far deeper. She had her round and big ass in the air at the beginning; now, she was prone bone position while Ainz mercilessly shoved his large cock inside her.

Ainz moaned, slamming his body into his maid's lustful and fuckable body. "Aaah! Ah! Ahhh!" His hips moved so fast that Lupusregina could barely keep up with them; she could feel every inch of his cock fill with her depths as she moaned loudly from the pleasure of it all.

Ainz couldn't hold his pleasure any longer; he was about to explode when he saw the soft but firm breasts of Lupusregina jiggling with every thrust he made into her tight pussy. Those large tits of hers were being crushed by his weight, as he was on top of his slutty maid, but they still moved at each move. He grunted, slamming into Lupusregina faster than ever before, ensuring he would fill her with everything he had inside him for a few more moments before going deeper into orgasmic bliss.

"Do you like it? My slutty maid?" Ainz moaned loudly. "Do you like my cock this much?"

Lupusregina's eyes almost rolled all the way back, feeling her master's rod assaulting her love channel. "Yes! Yes! I love it!"

"Are you my slutty maid? My slutty wolf?" Ainz growled, practically grabbing Lupusregina's head and pushing her face down the pillow while her ass was still up.

"Yessssss!" The muffled voice of Lupusregina made him groan loudly, loving the view of her ass wiggling every time he thrust inside her. The sound alone was divine. Slap. Slap. Slap. Slap. Loud and hard, flesh meeting flesh. Lupusregina, round, big and glorious ass, was one he wanted to enjoy forever.

"Mmph! Mmph! Mmm-Mmphahhh! Ahhh!" His cock throbbed as he drove himself deep inside Lupusregina's silky wet depths; he couldn't hold back any longer, not after seeing such lustful flesh. He pulled his hips back and thrust forward once more before slamming back inside her in a single motion. His cock exploded hots spurts of powerful, virile semen, one after another. Rope after rope of his sperm went into Lupusregina's eager pussy, filling it with his seed while ensuring that she felt every second of it inside her body.

"Ahhh! Ahhh! Mmph-Ahhh!" Lupusregina moaned loudly around Ainz's cock as hot fluid filled her depths; Ainz rested his head on the back of Lupusregina's neck, kissing it softly while the poor maid was still exploding in orgasms.

His cock still quivered from the pleasure of being inside her body as Lupusregina's tight pussy clenched around his shaft. Her womb was being overfilled with the supreme one's seed. Lupusregina, and any other woman, loved the feeling of a powerful man's sperm swimming freely inside them. She could sense it. Those sperms were searching for their objective viciously. Lupusregina moaned and wondered, in her lustful state, when her love would impregnate her. She would carry as many babies as Ainz wanted. If he wanted her to be a breeding cow, she would. Always. But she knows that it wasn't the time. Still, she moaned at the feeling of her womanhood being filled with cum. So much cum.

"Take it...!" Ainz moaned, hugging Lupusregina tightly, pushing his hand down and squeezing those large tits of the red-haired maid.

"Mmmph!" Lupusregina moaned with happiness as she felt Ainz kiss away the sweat from her neck; he kept moving his hips for a while before slowly pulling out of her. The sensation when his cock finally left her body made Lupusregina moan from the loss of it all.

But she knew that they couldn't spend all day in bed, fucking like a pair of nymphomaniacs.

Ainz then looked at Shalltear, gagged on the floor beside the bed. A sort of bondage. Ainz knew the True Vampire could easily get rid of her restraints. But that wasn't the point of it. Shalltear was into some kinky stuff that Ainz couldn't comprehend entirely. She wanted to be teased and forced to watch. As he destroyed Narberal and Lupusregina's womanhood, fuck them like sex toys of his. The scene was intoxicating for Shalltear.

"Nicely done, pet, you didn't cum," Ainz teased as Shalltear wore cat ears and a choker around her neck. She had a butt plug with a tail, and he truly wanted to know where she got one. Still, he shrugged those concerns away.

"Now we need to clean up."

"Yes, master!" Shalltear exclaimed excitedly as she crawled in four to him.

"Clean my cock with your mouth. It is covered with Narberal and Lupusregina's sex juices."

"Hm! Hm-Mmph!" Shalltear obeyed and lowered her head toward his crotch.

"That's a good girl," Ainz praised as he watched Shalltear lick his cock clean of all fluids while also sucking on it. It felt strange to have someone like that clean him, but he didn't mind in the least bit; it only made the scene more erotic to watch Shalltear suck him off after having sex with the two women behind him.

"Mmph! Mmmph! Mmmph!" Shalltear moaned at the sight of Ainz's naked body while she slurped on his cock, imagining how much more erotic it would be if she had sex with him instead, yet she would be patient. She wanted to feel desperate, like a woman in heat. Shalltear wanted her master to keep her away from cumming, until later. Where she would enjoy his cock. She was a masochist too.

"Mmmph! Mmph! Mmmph!" Shalltear smiled as she licked him clean, wanting desperately to taste that sweet pre-cum inside her mouth; the delicious taste of Narberal's woman's cum lingered on her tongue, and Shalltear loved it. The scent of Lupusregina's cunt hit her nose, and she was crazy about it.

Ainz chuckled lightly at Shalltear's thoughts; he knew she liked seeing him have sex with other girls. And he enjoyed it as well.

"That was very good, Shalltear." He patted her head, causing Shalltear to blush darkly from the praise and show her appreciation by sucking him off again.

"Now, go and clean them," Ainz pointed to Narberal and Lupusregina, who were still recovering from their activities. "You can lick my cum out of their pussies."

"Yes, master." Shalltear grinned evilly and crawled over to them. "Hm! Hm-Mmph!" She stuck her tongue out and licked Narberal's pussy to drink down Ainz's cum; once she was done, she crawled over to Lupusregina and gave the same treatment. It was like slurping yogurt for Shalltear, and the poor Pleiades couldn't stop her. Nor they wanted her to stop. Shalltear's orals services were legendary.

Ainz chuckled as he decided to take a bath and proceed with the day. It was, after all, going to be an interesting evening.

Ainz and his "sisters" walked toward the Great Hall since it would soon be announced the champions of the tournament. Lupusregina, Narberal, and Shalltear looked quite happy with this mission. They showed all the characteristics of an incredibly happy woman. Ainz also felt quite joyful. Maybe it was his pride as a man, knowing that he was an incredible lover. But he walked confidently, knowing that those three behind him where his women and no one else. Still, somethings never change.

"Lord Ain-" Narberal coughed awkwardly before remembering the correct way to call him. "Ainz... what are you interested in this tournament?"

Ainz hummed deeply. "It's a good way to see the capabilities of young wizards and witches. A perfect training ground, and truly, I would like to see what type of price they'll give to the winner."

Ainz hoped it to be great. It was a quest event in his gamer eyes, so he wanted a piece of it.

"I see, as expected of lor-"

"Enough," Ainz rolled his eyes. "How is the scouting going?" He then asked.

"I have seen a set of strong witches with high standing in the nobility scene," Shalltear replied unbothered as she licked her lips, still tasting the delicious nectar of their recent activities.

"Oh, truly?" Ainz asked, intrigued.

"Truly!" Shalltear replied happily. "I'll need time to... persuade them to join us."

Ainz only raised his delicate eyebrows and nodded. "And you, Narberal?"

"I have made accountancy of both girls, the ones you saved," Narberal replied.

"Ah, those two, I remember," Ainz hummed deeply, remembering those two attractive witches. "Good. They should be easy to deal with. I'll leave the matter to you."

"Yes, I shall not fail you!"

Ainz stood still, wondering what he should do with those girls and the ones the rest were trying to get to his side. I'm an Incubus... sex and pleasure are part of my arsenal. I should use them to my advantage. He thought deeply, smiling at his thoughts of what he'll do to those poor girls. Ah, I think I am getting too devious and horny. He mumbled to himself. But he was already past the feeling of guilt.

"I don't want people to suspect us, so try to be cunning," Ainz commanded. "Get them ready for me."


"Lupusregina, have you found anyone worth it?"

"Your sister and her friend," Lupusregina said quickly. "The are some other cute girls for you to enjoy as well. I'll keep an eye out."

Ainz then stopped and looked at them. "I think... we are confusing the objectives."

"Are we?" The girls replied, a bit confused. "I thought we should look for special individuals with unique magic and connection to outstanding noble houses."

"Ah, yes, but... I wasn't looking for a harem at school," Ainz replied, trying to think carefully about the important objectives and why they were at Hogwarts.

"Ah, but what's the difference?" They asked him again, confused. And Ainz couldn't truly see any difference anymore. "The French girl has already seen your... glory!"

"Uhm, I guess... never mind," Ainz muttered slowly, entering the great hall, where all the students were already waiting.

"Ainz!" Rose waved, and he smiled at the red-haired girl and decided to sit next to her. He looked at his "sisters," and all knew where to go and sit. Hermione and Rose blushed at him a little bit.

"How are you two doing?"

"Good! All things considered," Rose replied happily, getting closer to her brother. "We've already finished our Potion assignment."

"Oh, always the hard worker student," Ainz hummed deeply. "If you wish to be an outstanding member of society, you must always work hard. But I'll recommend not working as a salaryman. It's a very stressful environment."

"Education is very important, after all," Ainz nodded as if he just agreed with his own statement.

Ainz spoke, but it sounded more like he was talking to himself. He truly wanted to help younglings to choose better career paths. Ainz recalled he didn't have any opportunity back in his world. He couldn't finish middle school. However, with the knowledge he had at the time, he was able to be a salaryman and poured his money into Yggdrasil. Maybe, Ainz was projecting.

"Uh," Hermione looked at Rose, who looked baffled. "Salaryman?" Hermione whispered.

"Ainz, uhm, what do you mean with salaryman?"

"Ah, sorry, just talking to myself," Ainz corrected himself.

Soon enough, Dumbledore arrived at the great hall like every other tournament official.

"Sit down, please," Dumbledore called. "Now, the moment you've all been waiting for: the champion selection."

Ainz smiled at the upcoming reaction. The information he received made him realize that some people wanted him to compete in this deadly tournament. Ironically, Ainz wanted to compete himself as well. It was a golden opportunity to test the world's capabilities and learn how much he could play with his magic. And to obtain whatever glorious prize the tournament has to offer. He wanted to collect it and keep it in Nazarick.

I do hope it's not something disappointing. Ainz thought as he saw the goblet of fire burning brightly before spitting a burned-out piece of paper.

Dumbledore caught it and smiled widely. "The Durmstrang champion! Viktor Krum!"

The Durmstrang students boasted happily hearing the name of their champion, especially since he was such a popular person already. The Quidditch superstar smugly looked at the two schools and walked away, where Dumbledore and the other officials told them to go. Again, the goblet of fire began to glow before spitting another name.

"The champion for Beauxbatons... Fleur Delacour!"

The beautiful witch and quarter Veela stood up proudly and with a hint of smugness. Maybe, it was for another reason she looked so radiant. However, all the school males just stood there, watching those hips move from one side to the other and how her cleavage seemed to wiggle freely. There was something truly different in her, and even those in Fleur's class felt it. But what was it? They weren't sure.

Fleur seemed so alive and filled with radiance.

Dumbledore smiled and guided her to the room where Viktor was already waiting.

The goblet then glowed for the third time, and soon a name was spat out of the fire.

"The Hogwarts champion... Cedric Diggory!"

That name shocked Ainz, and not because of who he was, but because it wasn't his name the one that came out of the goblet of fire. He frowned deeply, wondering what could have failed. Did we miss it? Did our magic fail? Ainz thought urgently as he stared at the goblet, wondering how Yggdrasil's magic could fail against such an object.

"Whoa, Cedric is the champion of Hogwarts!" Hermione exclaimed, clapping, just like the rest of the students.

"Lucky, I guess," Rose added.

Ainz frowned, thinking already what to do next.

"Excellent! Now we have our three champions, but in the end, only one will go down in history; only one will hoist this chalice of champions, this vessel of victory!"

Ainz scoffed at the cup. He wanted it, just to save it in Nazarick's treasury. But he'll have to do something else. Yet before he or anyone else could do something more, the goblet of fire started to glow more, and it was this time of an incredibly reddish tone. Then, suddenly note appeared, and Dumbledore caught it and just read it repeatedly before speaking.

"Ainz... Nazarick."

Dumbledore said, and everyone in the great hall just turned around to see him.

There we go. So it did work. Ainz thought happily.

"Ainz," Rose called, as Ainz simply winked at his "sister." "Don't worry; we'll talk about it later."

He walked toward the old wizard, who stared at him, confused, intrigued, and worried. Yet, as he went past Dumbledore, the Goblet of Fire began to glow again. Everyone stared at it, confused, and soon another burned note appeared. Dumbledore caught it and stared at it.

"Harry... Potter?"

"Harry Potter?" Ainz turned around just to see who the kid was until he recalled he was supposed to be Harry Potter. "Ah, yeah, it's me." He muttered slowly.

Then simply walked towards the room where the rest of the champions were already waiting for instructions. Ainz didn't pay attention to the many whispers coming from behind him.

However, Ainz did think about who put the name Harry Potter in the goblet of fire. Mmh, no doubt someone is trying to get the real Harry Potter to compete. But why? From what I understand, it could be one of those... Death Eaters? But what's the end goal? Do they expect him to die during the tournament or something else? He pondered as he entered the chamber where the other champions were already waiting.

First, they stared at him, confused. "Uh, are they asking to go back?" Cedric the Hufflepuff, who Ainz barely remembers anything asked.

"No, I'm a champion," Ainz simply replied, unbothered. "Good evening."

Viktor, the Quidditch superstar, frowned deeply. "A child? They are allowing a child to compete?" He mumbled while Ainz only glared at him.

"I'm not a child," Ainz replied stoically.

Fleur looked incredibly disturbed. She approached him fearfully. "You're truly competing?" She asked with her wonderful thick French accent.

Ainz simply smiled at her. "Of course. Good experimentation."

"Experimentation?" Fleur asked, tilting her head.

"Yes... a good testing ground," Ainz added, almost whispering to himself. Uhm, surely there's a way for me to recreate some of the magic of this world. And while I haven't seen a truly powerful spell. There are some interesting things about how to cast a spell. Ainz thought, seeing a group of adults entering the room, arguing among themselves.

"I protest!"

"This is an outrage!"

"A scam!"

"Everything is a conspiracy theory with you! You French tart!"

"How dare you speak to me in such a vulgar tone?!"

Dumbledore walked towards the group of young students and stared at them no before looking at Ainz.

"Harry, did you put your name in the globe of fire?" Dumbledore asked calmly.

Ainz raised an eyebrow at the old wizard. "My name is Ainz, not Harry," he reminded him. "But yes, I did put my name in the goblet of fire."

"Why?" Dumbledore then asked, stunned.

"To experiment," Ainz only replied. "However," Ainz continued as he stopped the barrage of questions and other nonsense. "As you see, I put my name as Ainz Nazarick. Not as Harry Potter. So, this only proves that someone put my name there without my consent."

That did the trick, and they stopped talking. Yet, it was clear that Ainz's opinion didn't seem to matter to them, especially to Dumbledore, who nodded and quickly passed around.

"You're absolutely sure?" Dumbledore only whispered, making Ainz frown.

"Why would I lie?" Ainz replied, irritated. "I already stated that I put my name in the goblet of fire. But as Ainz Nazarick. Not as my other name."

Dumbledore hummed, scratching his beard. "I trust you. However, you must understand the dangers ahead of you, Harry."

Now, Ainz was quite irritated. "For the last time, it is Ainz. I expect you to address accordingly, headmaster."

"Of course," Dumbledore replied quickly. However, that voice, that condescending voice, didn't sit well with Ainz at all.

"This does sound quite... convincing enough, headmaster," Karkaroff added hissingly. "But that does not change the fact that Hogwarts now had two champions. Highly unfair, regardless of how he put his name two times or who did it for him."

"I agreed. It has put our students at a disadvantage," madam Maxime stated as well, looking at Ainz with a hostile glance. "Not only has he disregarded the tournament principles but the rules of it!"

Ainz narrowed his eyes at the adults. His patience was running low.

"But I guess, as a prince, he's allowed to simply overrule anything he wished," Snape added quite nastily. "Nothing surprising there, knowing who his father is."

"Of course, you'll know about overruling anything, don't you, Severus?" Mad-Eye added quickly. "That's one reason you're here and not rotting in Azkaban."

Severus sneered at him. But it was Ainz who was getting angrier at the minute. Suddenly, the room echoed with a very powerful aura. A very dark essence. It was heavy and thick; it created a vortex around Ainz. Dumbledore stared at him, shocked, never feeling such a thing before. Severus couldn't even speak, let alone think. As the obscure energy was even denser than Voldemort's own.

Then it died down. And Ainz took a deep breath before glaring at them. "Do be wary of who you speak to. I'm not just another student; my family and I won't tolerate disrespect or accusations."

Ainz then looked at both Karkaroff and Maxime. "You're right. I am a prince, and I can do everything I so wish. Everything, without needing to ask the Ministry of Magic or the IWC for any opinion. I entered this competition as Ainz Nazarick, not to represent Hogwarts but my family and myself. Not as Harry Potter. That boy... no longer exists. So if you wanted to bring this higher, I would love to start an investigation on whom dared to put... my name there."

Ainz snapped back cruelly, he was speaking the truth, but for the likes of Dumbledore, he thought he was declaring that the Boy-Who-Lived, wasn't more. He saw himself as Ainz Nazarick, no longer Harry Potter. And that frightened Dumbledore a great deal.

However, Ainz was just incredibly annoyed that they were speaking about him like that. Who are they to accuse him of anything? Yet, he relaxed. His goals were the same, to experiment and to seek more information about the world. Regardless of what they think, he'll do just that. It was that he wouldn't tolerate people speaking to him in such a manner.

"Now, if you excuse me... I must contact my family."

Ainz stated, practically pushing everyone else aside without even caring to hear more. He even looked at them like nothing but lowly worms. One must remember that Ainz was a Sex Demon, an Incubus. He was still a demon now.

Still, Ainz was surprised about how easily he lost patience. Truly he should have kept his composure better. Nevertheless, Ainz felt that there was a sort of conspiracy going on out there. A very intriguing one. He had already a suspect, more or less. But needed more. How should I play this? Anz thought. Should I let it ride and see what happens?

"Harry Potter, eh? Someone is obsessed with him," Ainz hummed. "I wonder who would that be? Could it be that... Dark Lord? Wolderbot? Ah... Voldemort, I think? I wonder what kind of item or magic he knows to avoid death. I guess I'll find out soon enough."

But, as Ainz was walking, he received a message from one of his guardians.

"{My lord, I apologize if I have interrupted.}"

"{Demiurge? No, you have not. Anything new?}" Ainz replied to his seemingly quite exciting guardian.

"{Yes! I have achieved one of our objectives.}"

Ainz then froze, wondering what objectives Demiurge was talking about.

"{Uhm, I see...! Great news, Demiurge.}"

"{Thank you, my lord. But I truly am many steps behind your mind. You probably planned their reaction to being quite loud. Truly, I have yet to reach your level!}"

Ainz had no idea who they were or their reaction but only nodded to himself. "{You overestimate me, Demiurge.}"

Please, don't speak more. I don't even know what you are talking about! Ainz thought anxiously.

"{Don't worry, I'll put forward the next step of our plans!}"

"{Good. Tell me what... you find...}"

"{I will!}"

Ainz then sighed as the message ended. "Ah... I just don't even know anymore."

Ainz muttered as she walked away in the halls of Hogwarts, hoping to just think about something else.