The stables always had the beat view of the sunsets over the ocean. All the riders knew it. Heck, so did Krogan and Viggo. The perfect position to spot the Dragon Hunters ships and watch the sun retiring after a long day of bathing the world in light. Yet, the sunsets from that spot held a specific place in Astrid's heart. Not that she'd ever let anyone know it of course – not even Hiccup.

Like most days, Hiccup and Toothless were practicing their aerial manoeuvres which left even Astrid gaping. How the actual fuck did they do that? It was at times at these when she really marvelled Toothless' tail. How did his leg manage to stand the amount of pressure being put on it? Not that she was complaining of course. His muscles under all that leather were honed from all that exercise and oh fuck did he know how to use them. That position when...

"Astrid. Astriiiid? Anyone in there? Hello. For fuck's sake, stop gawping at Hiccup's ass young lady. We know – it's a work of art." Ruffnut remarked dryly, nudging Heather, who chuckled at Astrid's love-struck state. "Really, the number of times we've walked in on them, would make you think she a nymphomaniac. Don't say that to her face though. She will punch you faster than Gobber gets drunk!"

" Wow. Glad they haven't decided to do it my mine and Astrid's hut yet"

"Heather Heather Heather. My demonic axe-wielding Razorwhip-riding friend. You are wrong there. Your hut is one of the many they have tainted with their kinky habits. " Ruffnut shuddered" Mine and Snotlouts' are the only two that haven't been tainted. Mine because they draw the line at stuffed yaks and Snotlouts' because he covers his hut in portraits of himself."

"Too much detail Ruffnut. I'm actually surprised that I haven't heard them yet."

" Is that a challenge Heather?" Astrid smirked, returning from her Hiccup haze.

"Oh sister, yes, it is" Ruffnut cackled, not willing to tell Heather her crucial mistake. Never challenge Astrid. Especially concerning her ability to drive Hiccup crazy

"Anyways, did you see this explosion..."

The signature Night Fury whistle interrupted their converstai0n some hours later. Of course, those fifteen years of dragon raids on Berk had ingrained it into the riders' minds that they needed to get down. Even now, it was still an instinct. Even with Toothless.

The two ricocheted down to the sea from way above the clouds – an arrow of death and plasma. It was at such an angle that Toothless' wings were dangerously close to being ripped off. Yet, this did not deter the pair of psychopaths are they levelled out across the sea, leaving wide ripples in their wake. This was the second time they had managed to accomplish this successfully – the first battling the Red Death.

Snotlout was openly gaping at the pair. Unusually, he did not hide this. Fishlegs shrieked for his peonies getting covered in Meatlug's drool of fright. Tuffnut carried on as normal – unimportant compared to dress-up with Chicken. Ruffnut whistled impressively and Heather grinned in approval. And Astrid. Poor Astrid. Her heart was beating fasted then Stormfly burnt down sea stacks. Hiccup was going to have to make it up to her tonight.

That night, the rest of the riders received no sleep. How were they supposed to? The noise was worse than Skullcrusher pushing over that sea stack to protect the Edge from the tsunami. The constant banging, moaning, screaming and don't forget the groaning. Seriously, it was one of the worst marathons to listen to. At least it quietened down in the morning though. Slightly. But it was there.

"Right there babe. Oh God!" Astrid's hair was a matted tangle of gold. Her neck and breasts were covered in hickies and there were streaks of cum covering her. Yet she did not notice. The pleasure was too great.

"I didn't know my name was God?" Hiccup remarked dryly, out of breath. "Shut up – you talk too much"


"don't apologise otherwise you'll be punished, my dirty girl"

"then punish me"

Hiccup smirked and pulled out of her tight, wet pussy and surveyed the damage. There were more holes in the walls then wooden planks. No furniture was standing, and they were fucking on a table? It was more like a surface of wooden planks, but it was more table-shaped than anything else in the room.

"So, Mister Big Dick. What are you going to make me do?"

"Milady, you will be begging for this 'Big Dick' when I'm done punishing you"

Astrid whimpered and rubbed her thighs together furiously. Him taking control of her was a huge turn-on and boy did he know it.

"Stay sitting right there and close your eyes"

Astrid complied and felt a heavy piece of fabric being tied around her eyes.

"Now, to check that you really can't see. Do I have my leg on or not?" Hiccup purred in her ear, sending the sound right down south, coaxing more juices out of her." Astrid racked her mind, trying to remember his beautifully toned leg with a metal attachment in the crazy night of sex.


"good girl. For that, your punishment won't be as hard as my dick right now, watching you writhe for my caresses"


This declaration from Snotlout had all the remaining riders agreeing.

"FINE GUYS. ONCE SHE HAS BEEN PUNISHED, WE'LL LET YOU ALL SLEEP" Hiccup yelled back, his voice extremely hoarse from the sounds Astrid was making him create all night"

"Go stand against the wall with your legs parted"

Astrid complied, tripping over all the wood on the floor as she went. Hiccup grinned, anticipating what would happen. He had managed to perfect the art of this over the years they've been having passionate hot sex. Gobber had even stumbled upon him doing it in the back room of the forge one time. This resulted in Stoick having a lengthy chat with him about safe sex. Of course, Hiccup zoned out during it and just told his father that he had pulled out each time and sprinted. Stoick was in shock for twenty seconds before emerging in time to see his son fling himself over the cliff and then watch as Toothless and Hiccup zoom off into the horizon.

Hiccup crouched down and pushed Astrid's leg over his shoulder before diving in tongue first to Astrid's soaked pussy, starting her fifteenth orgasm of the night.

Heather returned from the Wingmaidens in high spirits. She had blissful sleep in a hut, surrounded by baby Razorwhips which had formed a string attachment to Windshear. Unfortunately, her axe had broken so she was on her way to Hiccup's hut to get it fixed. It was lucky that her surrogate brother was a brilliant black smith who understood the workings of her axe better than the person who made it.

She entered his hut, without knocking and was greeted with a sight that immediately made her wish that she could bleach her brain. Astrid was pinned up against the wall, blindfolded, covered on sweat and a mysterious white substance and she was panting heavily, while an auburn head was nestled between her thighs and was bobbing about rapidly, More of that substance dripped to the floor from the auburn's heads body. The body was covered in scars, burns, and had a distinctive tattoo of a black dragon across the shoulder blades. The person's body was lean, yet Heather could clearly distinguish broad muscles flexing understand the skin. If she didn't know better, she would say that the person was Hiccup.

"Astrid. Who's your friend?" Heather remarked loudly, trying to be heard over the moans that should be stifled by her hands which were frantically grasping their auburn locks "What would Hiccup say if he could see you right now?" Shaking her head, she turned to leave

"Heather. What can I do for you?" Hiccup's distinctive nasally voice infiltrated the area.

"HICCUP?" Heather gasped, finally recognising the tattoo as a Night Fury.

"Don't sound so surprised Heather. Who else would I let do this to me?" Astrid managed to pant out, yet still maintain her snarky, sassy voice. "Would you mind knocking next time. We are kind of busy now"

"Of course. I'll come back in a bit" Heather managed to find her voice.

"Close the door on your way out" Astrid called out as she left. "not that it'll do much good with all the holes in the walls"

Hiccup chuckled, the vibrations causing her to finally fall of the cliff.

"My turn now babe" Astrid was excited to have her own way with him now. Snotlout's request was forgotten as they rolled about in the mess of a hut.

"...And that was why I fully understand the purpose of knocking" Heather finished recounting her tale to the rest of the riders that night in the clubhouse.

"Oh, just be lucky that you weren't here last night. I swear Astrid's going to be knocked up before Fishface's petunias are in bloom" Snotlout shuddered. He braced himself for an elbow to be knocked into his chest, as normal before realising that the bunnies were still absent

"Yeah right. Hiccup always pulls out. Why do you think I have the bathe so often?" Astrid appeared at the entrance to the clubhouse, thankfully full dresses and carrying axe. "Sorry about last night. We were...enthusiastic"

"Try exuberant. Loud. Passionate. Insatiable. Dedicated?" Tuffnut was unusually deep in thought.

"Muttonheads" Ruffnut put in her two cents as well.

"Well good to hear that you're being safe. I personally think that last night was unnecessary" Fishlegs was repulsed but slightly relieved

"Sorry about that gang" Hiccup dropped down onto the platform outside the clubhouse, clad in his usual leather armour. He looked the same as usual from as a distance, but as he got closer, you could see white streaks in his hair, which was messier than usual, and his neck was coated in dark purple marks.

"Hiccup. What's that on your neck?" Snotlout asked, clearly clueless.

"Hickies, dear cousin. A hickey is when someone sucks on your neck hard enough to leave a mark. As you can tell, my neck is very appealing to Astrid." Hiccup replied, winding down his wings into his armour.

"Shut up babe. Your tongue and fingers were covered in my essence, and I refused to taste that. I have to draw the line somewhere. So, your neck it was."

"Too much information" the rest of the riders screamed at them.

"Sorry again. By the way, please knock before entering" Hiccup chuckled while Astrid went the colour of sunsets, which set off a familiar reaction in Hiccup's abdomen. Realising this, he threw his lover over his shoulder and walked towards her hut.

"Again. Fuck."

"at least we know where they are."

"This time"

By the time Astrid was moaning, the Edge was silent. Apart from Toothless and Stormfly who were in torment at the prospect of listening to their riders for another night. At least they won't have to worry about interruptions.