So recently I've been hearing a lot about Demon Slayer and decided to check it out just for the heck of it. Now I'm kicking myself for not looking into it sooner! Shame on me! I also got an idea for a story and I decided to give it a shot. I hope it turns out good. Let's see!

Chapter 1: A Trash Start

You know how to tell if someone has a bad life, aside from the obvious?

When you don't even know your own fucking name!

That's right! I have absolutely no clue what my real name is!

But how can you not know your own name? I'm getting to that.

To be clear, I do actually go by a name, it's Gomi, but that's not the name I was born with. Though that's just me assuming I was born with a name.

So why do I call myself Gomi?

It's another word for trash.

Which is basically what I am.


If I had to rate myself from one to ten with one being worst and ten being best,

I'd be a zero.

Don't believe me?

My earliest memories are of trash. A trash home, trash people, a trash village, basically a trash life. Trash, Trash, Trash.

Oh, and one other thing, trash.

So yeah, I've got a pretty fucked up life.

I'll admit, I could have it worse. I hear screaming and curses coming from the other houses near mine all the time and I've seen some of the others my age wearing fresh bruises the days after.

I don't get abused by my parents because I don't have any.

Well, I did, but apparently they both died when I was little. I don't remember them at all.

Oh, I'm twenty by the way.

I have dark brown hair, brown eyes, and am basically the exact type of person you could look at and then forget a second later.

Plain, is maybe one of the nicer things I could call myself.

If I wasn't covered in mud, dirt, and other disgusting things.

At this point, I'm used to it.

"Hey Gomi."

'Ah crap.' I think before turning around, hoping that isn't who I think it is.

Just like always, someone is laughing at me somewhere because sure enough when I turn around I see Jin standing there.

Me and Jin are not friends by any means, I wouldn't say I'm friends with anyone actually, we just know each other and occasionally trade if we find something the other's interested in.

One problem…

"So how're you doing today Gomi? Did you find anything for trade? Did you see anyone new come into the village? Did you…"

…he talked way too much.

It seemed like he never talked to anyone else and just decided to dump all his words on me for whatever reason.

"I haven't been to the Entertainment District yet today, Jin." I said, not even trying to hide how annoyed I sounded or felt.

The Entertainment District. Where the rich and beautiful party and drink until they get old, sick, or useless and are thrown in Kirimise with me and people like me.

I always try to avoid those fancy bastards as much as I can while I'm there. Fortunately, they usually just go into the alleys to drop off their trash. The very thing I go there for.

That's right. On top of everything else, I eat trash too.

Not that I have any other choice unless I want to eat vermin and insects.

Honestly though, I have done it. At least then I don't have to risk bumping into one of the fancy people. Oh, they might look nice, but they are even more brutal and unforgiving as demons.

Actually, no.

They're worse than demons because one, demons only come out at night, and two…

…demons don't exist.

The old man at the end of the street might rant about how they are real and eventually they'll consume us all, but I know the man lost his sense along with his teeth long ago.

It looks like Jin's about to start talking again so I rush to speak first. "I'm actually going there now. I'll probably be back in a few hours."

I wasn't actually planning to go. I found a few burned breads yesterday and hid them in my house so I was just planning to relax tonight, but I know looking through trash is better than listening to Jin talk until the sun comes up.

"Hmm, well if you find anything let me know." Jin says before thankfully turning and walking away.

To be fair, Jin is at least better than most of the other people in Kirimise. He's never tried to beat me, steal from me, or kill me for some minor offense.

Oh, wait. That last one is the people in the Entertainment District, not Kirimise.

God forbid I accidentally bump into one and get their fancy clothes dirty again.

"Well, I might as well go or he'll just find me and talk my ear off again." I mutter as I start walking towards the lights in the distance. At least I won't need to worry about seeing as many people since the streets are usually quiet this time of night.

For the record, this is my life.

Wake up.

See if I can find something useful in the trash.

Go home.



That's basically my day to day life.

With one exception.

I love going to the dojo at the edge of town to watch the samurai. How they can put themselves through such intense training I'll never know. I do know that I'd never be able to do even half of what they do.

However, it's not the samurai themselves that I like to see, it's the swords. They're like works of art, but each one is always different. 'It would be pretty cool to have one of my own, but that'll never happen. Oh well, everyone has to dream, even me I suppose.'

Now, let's see, where should I go tonight?

The bakery again? No, I got lucky there recently so it'll probably be a waste of time if I go again so soon.

The dojo? No, even the samurai will all be asleep by now.

One of the brothels? That might be a good bet. The ladies are probably asleep or entertaining their customers so they won't be out and about. It also helps that they throw away just about anything they don't like.

Brothel it is.

Now, which one?

The Ogimoto house? It is the closest, but that probably means it's trash has already been looked through by the others in Kirimise. 'Nope.'

The Kyogoku house is the furthest away so it might have something, but I don't want to walk to the other side of the village tonight so I'll go another night.

'Well, looks like I'm checking the Tokito house. At least their manager is nicer than the others, but their Oiran are all the same. Honestly, even the tiniest bit of dirt and they start running and cursing.'

It was kind of funny the first time I saw it. At least it would have been if she hadn't ordered some men to have me bound and beaten till I was bloody.

Unfortunately, as I learned very early on, that's just the way it was. They were on top and I'd always be the lowest of the low to them. Meaning they could do whatever they wanted to me.

Oddly enough, despite knowing that, I'm usually happy. I don't show it on the outside but I am.


Every day I survive it feels like a victory.

What do I mean?

I mean that those fancy bastards would love nothing more than to see me dead. In fact, the most common thing I hear from them is just that, to drop dead. So every day I wake up and know I'm still alive brings me a little bit of happiness.

Of course I know that they could kill me at any time if they wanted, but as long as my activities don't bother them too much, they're content to just ignore me.

Fine with me.

I also know I've walked into the Entertainment District because now all the buildings around me are in much better shape and more than a few still have lights on inside.

I'm glad to see I was right about there not being many people out at this time of night. There's only one or two people I can see and I can stay clear of them easily.

It also looks like I'm in luck since someone just walked out of the alley and, since they weren't filthy like me, chances are they just dropped off some trash. 'Well let's see if I can put any of it to use.'

Sure enough, I turn the corner and the first thing I see is definitely something that should not be in the trash. There's a beautiful black haori sitting right on top of all the other trash. So I picked it up and started looking it over. 'Why would someone throw this away? There's nothing wrong with it.'

I get the answer a few seconds later when I see the left sleeve on the haori is ripped. I'm no expert but I'm pretty sure this could have been fixed easily. 'Of course why bother fixing it when they can just get a new one? Fancy scum. Actually I should probably be thankful for this, a haori this nice will probably last a while.'

I am wishing it wasn't black though. It will make it easier to move around at night unnoticed, but during the day it's just a big target for both the fancy people and the others in Kirimise who decide they want it for themselves and try to steal it.

Putting it on, I can tell that it's definitely going to help during the winter. It's nice and warm but also not too heavy so getting around with it won't be much of a challenge. It is a few sizes too big for me so the sleeves are completely covering my arms but thankfully I'm tall so it's not dragging across the ground. 'The longer it lasts, the better.'

Unfortunately, it looks like that's the only thing of value in this alley since I can't find anything else worth taking after a few minutes of searching. 'Oh well. At least I found something good.'

Walking out of the alley back towards the lights I realized something about the haori. It's not black, it's actually a very dark red that's very close to being black.


I like red more than black so I won't complain. 'I've still got some time so I might as well check around and see if there's anything else.'

I take some time to look around a few of the other alleys nearby, just so I can be sure Jin's asleep by the time I'll get back. Unfortunately I don't find anything besides the red haori.

"So let's see." I start muttering to myself. It helps me break the uncomfortable silence from time to time. "I didn't find any food but I do still have those two burned breads so not a big deal. I think this haori should last a while as long as I can keep it from getting stolen. Maybe I'll get lucky and find something better to go with it instead of this crappy gray robe. Maybe-"

My muttering is cut off when I turn a corner and accidentally bump into someone and fall on my ass. 'Shit. Please let this be someone I know.' I think while looking up at whoever I bumped into. If it's someone wearing rags like me, I'm good. If it's someone wearing something fancy, I'm fucked.

Looking up I get my answer.

I'm fucked.

Of course.

This guy is definitely someone important. His black robes are some of the nicest ones I've ever seen, he doesn't have a hair out of place, and not a speck of dirt on him anywhere.

Well, except for the side where I'd bumped into him.

"Sorry." I say automatically. I don't mean it but just saying it is sometimes enough for them to just get irritated and walk away rather than giving me some sort of punishment.

I'm trying to figure out what this guy's thinking but his long black hair is covering his eyes so I can't really tell what he's thinking. He seems to be annoyed but he's not saying anything.

"Excuse me." He says before just walking past me. I move aside without thinking and watch him as walks further down the alley.

That…wasn't what I was expecting. Usually they have some sort of angry comment at the very least, they don't just ignore it and walk away.

I start muttering again as I try to figure it out. "Maybe I'm just overthinking it. He did seem a little pale so maybe he was just sick and wanted-"

My muttering is cut off by something slamming into me.

Something hard and painful.

I cry out when I hit the building's wall and I can't tell if the breaking sound I heard was the wall or my back. 'Probably both since I can't seem to move!

"Hm, you're still alive."

Hearing that voice, I look up to see the same guy standing over me. 'But…I didn't even hear him. How did he…?'

He kneels down and I get a look at his eyes this time.

I wish I hadn't.

The eyes are blood red and filled with rage, even if the rest of his face looks completely calm.

"So you think I'm pale and sickly looking do you?" He asks in a calm tone that's still somehow more terrifying than if he'd just shout at me.

I'm in too much pain to answer but he keeps talking without waiting for one. "You think I'm at death's door? That I'm about to fall over dead?" He says, his voice getting quieter and even more terrifying.

"You're wrong. I'm a living being that's extremely close to perfection." He says with a voice so quiet and terrifying I'd probably shit my pants if I'd eaten anything recently. 'Great, the one guy I had to bump into tonight and he's completely insane!'

He holds up one finger and I watch as his fingernail changes into a dark blue claw.

What. The. Fuck.

Then, he does something I will never forget or forgive.

He jabs his claw into my forehead.

I literally have a nail in my head and it feels about as painful as you would expect, but by now I'm in so much pain it's impossible for me to do anything, even scream.

Then something else happens.

I don't know what it is but the pain increases greatly. The only thing I can think to compare this feeling to is being on fire, but this is a thousand times worse than any fire that's ever burned me before. 'What the fuck is happening?!'

"Do you know what happens when I start flooding you with my blood?" The man questions and I can barely even hear him due to the pain.

"The human body can't withstand the speed of the transformation and it's cells are destroyed. Perhaps however you could serve me and live on as a demon." The man says, but I completely stopped listening after he said those two words.

Serve me, he said.

Serve him?

Become a servant or a slave to this creepy fucker?



I'd rather die.

Through the pain I try to focus on what he's doing to me. I will not serve this guy, or anyone for that matter, but I won't let him kill me slowly either. If I have to die it will be on my terms, not this fancy fucker's!

I feel it. Some sort of connection or the weird and painful feeling that he's using to kill me.

I pull on that connection as hard as I can, hoping the shock will be enough to give me a quick death.

There is no shock.

I don't die either.

Instead, the pain is completely replaced with pleasure. In fact, I feel like I'm getting stronger. It's incredible!

The fancy fucker let out a light gasp. "You transformed so quickly?"

I'm not even trying to listen to the guy anymore. All I care about is this incredible feeling and When I pull on the connection again it just gets even better. 'I don't have a clue what's going on, but I like it!'

"I'm surprised you can handle so much of my blood. However, I think that's quite enough."

I don't even hear his words, but I can feel him trying to cut off the connection.

No way!

I pull on the connection even harder and, somehow, I can feel myself holding it as the already incredible feeling somehow gets even better.

"Hmm?" The creepy guy sounds confused and I can feel him trying to pull away, but I keep holding him.

"Let me go." The man orders in the most chilling voice I've ever heard in my life, but by this point the incredible feeling is overpowering any fear that I was feeling before and his words just cause a single thought to form in my mind. 'Not a chance.'

Instead of answering with words, I just pull even harder on the connection and by this point it feels so good I'd be convinced that I'd died and gone to paradise if I wasn't still looking at the creepy bastard and his angry red eyes.

Speaking of whom, he puts his other hand on my face and is trying even harder to pull his finger out of my head. 'Wow, that sounds weird.'

"Let me go!" He orders again, but this time more loudly and angrily and with a very slight hint of panic in his voice.

This time I decided to respond differently. I hate the feeling of this guy's hand on my face so I think it's only natural I let him know that.

By biting the bastard's hand.

Now I've tasted blood before, my own and the blood of vermin, blood has always tasted horrible.

Not this guy's blood.

It was easily the best tasting thing I've ever had.

So naturally I try to gulp down as much as I can.

Is it gross as shit?


Do I give a shit?

Hell no!

So here I am, in an alley in the middle of the night with a guy's finger in my forehead while I'm biting down on his hand trying to drink as much of his blood as I can get.

'Could this situation possibly get any more crazy?!'

I should have known better than to tempt fate like that since the guy in black, who's blood is something I can only descibe as the perfect drink, somehow pulls back hard enough so that he rips his own fucking arms off.

Is it weird that I don't care about that at all?

I just focus on trying to get as much blood out of the arm that's still in my mouth, but it turns to ash in just a few moments. I don't even bother to think about how that's possible before looking up at the man with drool running down my face that I don't even try to stop, also not noticing that somehow he still has his arms.

The man's red eyes don't look angry anymore, they just look alarmed. "How can you possibly handle so much of my blood?" He demands with what sounds like fear in his voice.

He should be afraid.

After getting a taste of his blood, he really is crazy if he thinks I'm just going to let him go before I get the rest of it.

I stand up and he steps back.

I smile and, with the drool running down my face, I'm sure I look quite frightening.

I don't care. The fancy man's blood is all that matters right now.

I launch myself at him, but he dodges and I crash through a wall.

Not into a wall, I literally went through it and barely even felt it.

Getting back up, I go back into the alley and just barely see the guy running away at the end of the alley.

So I started chasing after him.

I'd be chasing him for quite a while before I'm forced to stop.


That's the first chapter. What do you all think of the story so far? Not sure how often I'll update but I did have fun doing this chapter. Yeah it was a bit short but I'm no writer so I feel I'll do better if I don't overdo it. Have a great day, see you all in the next one!