Chapter 5: A Boring day

I'm not even halfway to the village yet and I'm already annoyed.


Because the damn cart wheels won't stop squeaking.

So, seeing as the village isn't in sight yet, I just decided to pick it up. The cart might be full of stuff but to me it's light as a feather.

Well, to be fair, everything's as light as a feather when I'm picking it up.

Anyway, I've actually done pretty good for the last year all things considered.

Being a demon still sucks in my mind since, no matter how much I cover myself, the sun starts to burn me almost instantly at even the slightest touch. Honestly it wouldn't be that bad if it wasn't so hard for me to fall asleep during the day.

I found out very quickly that, during the day, I'm basically trapped in whatever shady spot I've found for myself until the sun finally goes down again.

However, I did discover that I can go out during the day if it's really cloudy.

Unfortunately, days like that are few and far between unless there's a storm happening and there's really no reason for me to go outside on days like that anyway.

I'd also learned quite a few things about slayers, demons, and other things from the books back in what's now become my home for the last year. It took a while to get through them all, but it was definitely worth it.

I'm also happy to say that I still haven't met another demon or a demon slayer, despite the fact that I've been a demon for over a year now.

Demons were, thankfully, the most described things in the books which really helped me learn a lot more about myself and, most importantly, what I should avoid.

The top of the list, unsurprisingly, is other demons.

Yes, I definitely want to avoid the Slayers, but I still think other demons are the biggest threat to my health.

Well, them and the Wisteria flower that can apparently poison and repel demons. I'm still a little pissed there wasn't a picture of the damn plant in the books so I'd know what to look out for.

Speaking of avoiding, despite the books belonging to a swordsmith that helped the slayers, there was almost no information about the Demon Slayers in the books at all. The most I found was a description of how the slayers killed demons by using their special swords to cut off a demon's head, one of the few known ways that guaranteed a demon's death.

So, don't let my head get cut off. Got it.

I was surprised to learn that, even if a demon's arms, legs, or even their whole body is cut in half by these swords, it won't die. It only dies if its head is cut off. 'I still think that's more than a little odd but, considering I've now been a demon for over a year, I should just accept that few things are going to make sense anymore.'

The thought also reminds me that I'm now holding a huge, full, and heavy cart over my head like it's nothing, something that I could have only dreamed about when I was still human.

So, overall being a demon isn't exactly good, but it's not entirely bad either.

It's so fucking confusing to me even now.

Oh, I can see the village in the distance.

Looking up at the cart, I groan. 'And now I have to listen to this thing squeak the rest of the way. Damn it.'

Putting it back down, I start pulling and it starts squeaking.


It doesn't take long for someone at the village to notice me and call out to a few others who I already knew would be waiting.

They aren't afraid since they don't know I'm a demon. I've covered up as much of my snow white skin as I can with robes, gloves, shoes, and a huge scarf wrapped around my head. The only thing that isn't covered is my eyes and there's nothing I can do about that since this village doesn't sell masks.

So the best I can do is stick to darker areas and use the scarf to hide my eyes as much as possible and, if someone comments on them, I just make up an excuse.

Thankfully I haven't needed to do that yet but, with my luck, that'll probably change.

"Gomi! You're back!" Someone calls out to me, but I'm still not sure who it is since I'm only familiar with a few villagers who are willing to deal with me.

Oh, and yes I told them my name, or at least what passes for my name.

I only did it so they wouldn't give me some stupid nickname.

Getting closer, I can see the one who called is actually someone I am familiar with. When I get closer I call out. "Haru. How are you?"

Haru's maybe a few years older than me with long black hair and blue eyes. He's also not poor like I was, but he's not rich either, he's just living a simple life and coming to me because I sell things at a much lower price than any other merchant.

To put it simply, he's as normal as normal can be and I'm the freak among freaks so we get along all right.

"I'm good." Haru responds, breaking me out of my thoughts. "I wasn't sure if you'd be coming tonight though."

"Why not? This is usually when I'd come around, or are some of the villagers spreading rumors again?" I asked, knowing that could easily be the case.

I've never shown anyone my face since arriving in this village so, of course, people here are trying to figure out why that is with all kinds of stupid stories trying to explain it as well as trying to figure out who I am.

For example, apparently there's a small group that thinks I'm so ugly that I have to cover myself or my appearance alone would be enough to make them vomit.

Naturally, I don't sell to those assholes.

Thankfully, the most common story is that I'm just shy and don't want anyone to see what I look like and it's pretty much true.

Just without the whole being a demon thing.

I'm honestly surprised that no one, or at least no one that I've heard, has suspected me of being a demon. I thought for sure that at least a few of the kids around would think it but it hasn't happened.


"No rumors, but a few travelers arrived here the other day and mentioned that some villagers from nearby villages have been disappearing recently." Haru explains and I can't help but feel a little nervous at his words since that sounds a little too familiar to me.

"This is the first I've heard of it." I admit, while secretly hoping that I'm wrong about the cause of the disappearances. "Did those travelers have any idea what or who is causing the disappearances?" I ask, hoping that maybe he'll tell me something that proves I'm worrying over nothing.

Of course I don't get that lucky. "No, they just stopped for a day to stock up on some food and drink before setting out again." Haru answered. I wanted to groan but I stopped myself from giving anything away.

So far I know, I just know I've gotten lucky by not running into any other demons or the demon slayers, but I've still carried my sword on me whenever I go anywhere just to be safe.

Now I'm just thinking that my good luck is going to be coming to an end soon, especially since it's already lasted much longer than I thought it would.

For now though, onto business. "Well, I didn't come all the way here to talk about mysterious disappearances. Care to see what I have?"

Haru smirks. "Why do you think I'm still awake at this time?" He questioned, then continued before I could answer. "Everyone who trades with you knows you have better deals than any of the other merchants around, even if you only show up every so often and in the middle of the night also."

I can't help but smile at his words since I already knew that my prices were the lowest around. Sure, I didn't have the best goods available, but everything I had was still decent and I purposely sold my goods cheaper because I knew more people would be willing to buy my stuff.

Actually, some would probably say my stuff is worth more than I'm selling it for and they'd be right but that isn't a concern for me.


Well, since I've been able to find plenty of things to sell in the ruined village I now call my home, and the fact that I don't need to spend the money on things most people need like food and water, saving money has become incredibly easy for me and I've now got a small chest filled with money back home that I've never actually taken money out of it, money's only gone in.

So I spend a few minutes showing Haru what all I've got and he buys a blanket for his girlfriend Aiko that he's told me about.

Oh, he keeps saying they're just friends but I can smell the bullshit in that statement a mile away.

A few hours go by and a few more of the villagers come and see what I'm offering tonight. Not all of them buy something but that's alright since the ones that do make up for it.

By the time I'm about ready to leave, the cart's about half empty and my pockets are filled with a bit more money so I'm feeling satisfied.

Looking at the sky, I think I've got a little more than an hour before the first rays of sunlight appear. If I was only as fast as a regular human I'd never get back in time, but with my speed now I'll have more than enough time to make it back before the sun hits me.

I had considered finding a place to stay in the village during the day and I could just leave again when the sun goes back down but I considered the risk too great.

If I stayed in the alleys and some stumbled across me then, even with the shade, they'd still be able to see my black eyes and probably some of the snow white skin on my face and I'd have the same problem if I went into the small inn the village had since the light in there would make it even more obvious.

So I show up, sell some things, and make my way out before the sun rises.

Is it the best way for me to do business?

Probably not, but it's the best I can think of for the moment.

It only takes a moment for me to get set and start making my way out of the village. Once it's out of sight, I pick up the cart and speed up enough so I know I'll make it back home in time.

I must have gone even faster than I thought since I made it back with time to spare. Enough time to unload what's left in the cart and put it back in the old shed with the rest of the stuff I've found during the months I've looked through what was left of the destroyed village.

I consider training with my sword a little more, but I can see the light starting to appear in the distance, so that's a no go.

I head inside my home and, sure enough, a few minutes later I can see sunlight outside. But since the first thing I did when finding this place was fix up the holes in it, no sunlight will get to me.

I move to another chest in the back which has mostly clothes in it but also includes the books that originally came in it. I only leave it open long enough to place my oversized scarf and some of what else I'm wearing inside, leaving myself in a simple gray robe and with my swords still at my side.

With that all taken care of, I take a moment to glance around the room and my eyes land on the mirror in the corner, the one and only thing I've bought since I made this place my home and it was actually quite cheap.

Sighing, I move and sit in front of it and look at my demonic reflection again.

Honestly, I still don't know why I bought this damn thing since all it's good for is letting me see my ugly mug in it.

And yet, every time I come back from the village, I always somehow find myself sitting in front of it. Staring at my black eyes, white skin and hair, and fangs whenever I open my mouth, and I'm wondering if I'll ever see something decent when I look in this fucking mirror!

The face in the mirror is unfortunately one I'm used to seeing now. It doesn't surprise me anymore and I don't recoil in disgust or fear like the first few times, but I'm still never happy to see it. 'Maybe that's why I look in it all the time. To remind myself what I really am now. Or maybe I'm just so bored being stuck in this fucking house that I'll do just about anything to distract myself.'

I would like it if I could practice with my sword inside, but the room isn't big enough for the proper movements. 'I got lucky with some of those descriptions in the books. It would have been nice if I actually had some pictures or more to work with than basic descriptions, but I suppose my luck couldn't have been that good.'

Instead, I use my claws to draw some blood and start using my demon blood art to move the blood I've drawn as well as the bloody rocks in my pocket around the room since I really can't think of anything else to do for the moment.

Between the two, I've actually gotten much better with my blood demon art than I have with the sword. I'm still not able to make weapons with my blood, but I've found more than a few creative ways to use it. It's the same with the sword actually.

I still like to practice with both though since I'm not sure just how well my blood demon art would work against demons and the sword I at least know is able to kill demons so long as I cut off their heads.

I could read through the books again but I've already gone through each several times now. 'Hmm, maybe I could buy some books from the village to help pass the time and then sell them back or to someone else. Yeah, that should make the time pass a little quicker.'

This is basically what the past few months have been like for me after I fixed up my home. Me trying to think of good ways to pass the time while I wait for the sun to drop again.

It's quiet and boring at times, but it's also simple and easy to do, even for a literal demon such as myself.

Some days I can't help but think to myself. 'I wish something interesting would happen, or at least something different.'

You'd think after being a demon for more than a year I'd understand why I should be careful what I wish for, because eventually that wish may come true and it'll turn out to be different than whatever I was expecting.

Well, the very next time I decided to head back to the village…

My wish would be granted.


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