Matt startled awake, unsure at first what had woken him until he heard the man next to him cry out.

"No! No! Don't!"

Matt reached his hand out to the other side of the bed.

"Frank," he touched the other man's shoulder gently.

"No! Wait!"

"Frank," Matt called a little louder, shaking Frank's shoulder.

The hit came out of nowhere and even with Matt's enhanced senses, he never would have known it was coming. Pain flared through his mouth and jaw and he was knocked fully off the bed and onto the floor.

Matt sat up slowly, rubbing his jaw. That was going to bruise. He could hear Frank's heartbeat pounding much faster than normal and the other man's breathing coming erratically.

"Frank," he said hesitantly, not wanting to scare the other man, "Are you awake?"

"Red?" Frank's voice was quiet, confused. "Wha-"

Matt heart Frank's heart stutter as Matt stood and climbed back on the bed.

"Frank?" Matt reached out, but Frank backed away, "Frank, what-?"

"Oh god," Frank stared at Matt's face in horror. Even in the dim light of the bedroom he could already see the growing bruise on Matt's jaw and the slight trickle of blood coming from the other man's lip.

"Oh god," Frank repeated, "I- Did I-?"

"Frank, it was an accident," Matt said calmly, "You were having a nightmare. I shouldn't have touched you."

"I hit you," Frank whispered, "I…" He turned and fled the bedroom.

Matt heard him running up to the roof access for and run into the night before he could stop him.

"Frank…" Matt said uselessly. He knew Frank hadn't meant to hurt. It was an accident. Matt knew what could happen when Frank had a flashback or nightmare, he should have been more careful. Usually, he could talk the other ma around or dodge if an unseeing hit came when Frank mistook him for some unknown enemy, but tonight he'd been so tired he hadn't moved in time.

He picked up his phone and called Frank but heard the other man's phone ring on the bedside table. He hadn't taken it with him. So, he had no way to contact him. There was nothing he could do but wait.

Matt sighed and wandered out to sit on the couch. There was no sense chasing the other man, he ran because he needed space and Matt would give it to him.

Matt waited all night, but Frank didn't return. He called Foggy in the morning and said he wouldn't be in. He needed to be here for whenever Frank returned.

The day passed slowly and still nothing. By 10pm, Matt was starting to worry the other man might not come back at all. Then he heard footsteps above him and the roof access door opened.

"Frank," he sighed, crossing to the other man. Frank backed up.

"Don't Red," he said.

"Frank," Matt looked hurt that he'd moved away, "Please don't do this. It was an accident."

"I hit you," the other man growled, "I don't… I ain't like that! I don't beat the people I love!"
"I know," Matt said calmly, "I know you don't. It was an accident."

Frank went to back away again as Matt got closer, but Matt was ready this time. He managed to wrap his arms tightly around Frank.

"Let go Red," Frank said, though it sounded more like a plea than a warning.

"No," Matt refused, "You don't get to run from me, from us, because of something that happened during a nightmare. You don't hit people you love and I don't run from people I love."

Matt expected Frank to struggle, but instead he felt the other man's arm wrap tightly around him. It had been so long since someone had loved Frank like this. Unconditionally and with all his flaws.

"I love you," Matt said firmly, "And I forgive you."

Frank sighed, burying his face in Matt's shoulder.

"You're too damn stubborn Red," he murmured.

"Have to be to put up with you," Matt replied, a cheeky edge to his voice.

Frank huffed a laugh a pulled back, running his thumb over the blossom of purple and the swollen lip.

"I'm sorry," he said.

"I know," Matt said simply and then pulled on Frank's hand. "Come on, let's go to bed."

So I don't really ship Matt/Frank for myself, I'm a big Matt/Jess shipper and I like Frank/Karen. But I read some Matt/Frank fics and I got this idea in my head and couldn't get it out

Thanks for reading!