Note: Post season 3

Foggy groaned as his phone ringing broke the peaceful silence around him. He glanced at the clock and groaned again, 2:34am.

"Who is calling at this hour?" Marci mumbled, disgruntled, beside him.

Foggy was going to ignore it before it occurred to him exactly who would be calling him at this time. He scrambled for his phone.

"Hello?" he said, sitting up.


"Matty? What is it? Are you hurt?"

Marci sat up and put her hand on Foggy's arm.

"No… um, I'm sorry to call so late… I just…"

"It's okay buddy, I've you, you can call me any time," Foggy assured him. It had been a long day and Foggy didn't think Matt would have gone out tonight, but he also knew Matt had a lot of steam to blow off.

"Tell me what's going on Matty," Foggy said gently.

"Can you come? Please, Fog… I just…"

Matt broke off and Foggy could hear his friend was trying to hold in sobs.

"I'm on my way buddy, alright? Just hang on tight and I'll be right there," Foggy immediately got out of bed and pulled on some pants. "I'm gonna stay on the phone until I get there, okay?"

"I'm sorry…"

"Don't be sorry bud, nothing to be sorry for," Foggy assured him. He pulled the phone away from his mouth and looked at Marci.

"Is he okay?" she whispered. She was still mad at Matthew Murdock for the hell he'd put Foggy through in past months, but if her Foggy Bear could forgive him, she was willing to try.

"I don't know," Foggy told her softly, "He sounds pretty upset, I'm gonna go over and make sure everything's okay."

"Do you want me to come?" Marci offered, though she already knew the answer.

"I should probably go alone," Foggy smiled at her, "He'll be more comfortable with less of an audience."

Marci smiled understandingly and kissed him as he rushed out the door.

"I'm just hopping in a cab bud, okay?" Foggy said, "I'll be there real soon."

There was no direct reply from Matt, but Foggy could hear him muttering to himself. It sounded like he was praying.

A short time later, the cab pulled up to Matt's address. Foggy threw some bills at the driver and then rushed up the stairs to Matt's apartment, mentally cursing his best friend once again for not living somewhere with an elevator.

"Matt!" Foggy called as he knocked on the door, "Matty!"

The door opened slowly and Foggy felt his heart breaking at the site in front of him.

The physical injuries Foggy already knew about; cuts and bruises in various stages of healing. But the look on Matt's face… His best friend had perfected the kicked puppy look long before they'd met, but this… Matt looked devastated. Broken.

"Foggy," Matt whimpered and Foggy quickly entered the apartment and led his friend over to the couch. They sat down and the floodgates opened again as Foggy wrapped his arms tight around Matt.

Foggy wasn't sure how long they sat like that, but Foggy wasn't letting go and he knew he'd hold Matt as long as her friend needed.

"I'm sorry," Matt said softly, between sobs.

"Nothing to be sorry for," Foggy assured him.

Matt was inherently private and ridiculously independent, and Foggy knew he was one of the very few who got to see Matt this vulnerable.

"It's just too much," Matt said, "Foggy, it's so much."
"What is Matt?" Foggy asked, confused, "Is it too loud? I can get your headphones."

"No," Matt tightened his grip on Foggy slightly, "I mean… it is loud, but no… It's just… everything. It's too much."

Foggy held Matt a little tighter.

"Okay buddy, I hear ya," Foggy assured him, trying to appear calm. Internally though, he was kicking himself. How had he not seen this coming?

Ever since Midland Circle, Matt hadn't had a break. He'd had a building fall on him, lost his sense, met his mom, fought Fisk, had his suited identity stolen, fought Fisk again, and lost the man who helped raise him after his father's death. The fact that Matt hadn't had a breakdown before now was impressive.

"I'm here Matt, I'm here bud," Foggy said softly, "I've got you, it's gonna be okay."

They lapsed back into silence for a time before Matt pulled back slightly, wiping his eyes.


"The word sorry is banished," Foggy interrupted, pleased when Matt gave a slight chuckle. "Can I ask you something?"

Matt nodded.

"Was there something specific that caused this, or was it just sort of built up?" Foggy asked, "If you don't want to tell me that's fine, just if there was something specific, maybe we could talk through it."
Matt was silent for a moment, before he pointed at an envelope on the table.

Foggy leaned over to grab it, keeping one arm looped through Matt's.

"Can I?" he asked, waiting for Matt's nod before opening it. There was a letter inside, written in braille. Foggy knew enough to recognize letters and some words, but he wasn't fluent enough to know what it said. The envelope was still quite heavy, and he tipped it upside down. A rosary dropped into his hand.

"It was Father Lantom's," Matt explained, "Maggie mailed it to me. I guess they're clearing out his stuff to make room for a new priest and she thought he'd have wanted me to have it."

Foggy chose not to comment on that fact that Matt's mother had mailed this rather than dropping it off and checking in on her son.

"It's beautiful," Foggy said, passing the item to Matt who ran it through his fingers. "I didn't know him as well as you did, but I think he'd be proud knowing you have it."

Matt nodded, a few more tears escaping.

Foggy tightened his grip again.

"Listen bud, I know you're having a rough time," Foggy said, "With everything that's happened since Midland Circle… Hell, everything that's happened since our first encounter with Fisk… I'm really proud of you. Most people don't know you're Daredevil and they'll never know to thank you for everything you've done, but I know. And I'm proud to call you my friend, whether you're Daredevil or Matt Murdock."

"Thanks Fog," Matt said, his voice tight, "That means a lot."

"I'm here man," Foggy went on, "No matter what. If you get beat up fighting bad guys or you're having a breakdown at two in the morning."

That got a genuine laugh out of Matt, even as he wiped more tears from his eyes.

"I'm here, no matter what," Foggy promised, wrapping his arm around Matt.

"Thank you Foggy," Matt said sincerely.

"Though if we do make 2am a regular thing for us, Marci might try to sue you for damages," Foggy told him, earning another laugh.

The two friends leaned back against the couch, Matt closing his eyes. Foggy sent a text to Marci letting her know he was staying at Matt's, everything was fine, and he'd see her tomorrow.

Things had been messed up for a while now, but Foggy knew they would it. He tightened his grip on Matt's hand a bit as Matt huffed contentedly. After all, they were the best damn avocados in Hell's Kitchen.

They really are the best damn avocados, aren't they?

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