Note: Takes place after S3; Marci knows Matt is Daredevil

"Ready?" Foggy asked and Marci took a deep breath, nodding. He flipped the stick over and they both stared at it.

"Oh my god," Marci covered her mouth with her hand. "Oh my god."

"You're pregnant," Foggy breathed, looking at her with tears in his eyes.

Marci was crying too as she wrapped her arms around him.

"We're going to be parents," she said, both happy and in slight disbelief. When she's told Foggy she'd thought she might be, she hadn't been sure how to feel. But now…

"We're going to have a baby!" she said and Foggy chuckled wetly, pressing their lips together.

"I love," he said, "And I love you." He dropped to his knees in front of her, speaking to her stomach.

Marci laughed, dropping down too.

"We can't tell anyone yet," she said softly, "Not till we've seen a doctor."

Foggy nodded and then grimaced.

"We may need to tell one person…

Foggy knocked on Matt's door the next morning, three cups of coffee in his hands. He thought about just using his key, but on the off-chance Jess had stayed over… Nah, he'd wait.

Matt opened the door and smiled.

"Hey," he said, stepping aside so Foggy could enter.

"Hey, ready for today?" Foggy asked, pressing one of the coffees into Matt's hands.

"Just about," Matt said, grabbing his tie. "That why you're here? Making sure I'm not late for any of our meetings?"

"Nope, just wanted to walk my best buddy to work," Foggy said nonchalantly.

"Foggy," Matt said flatly, giving his friend his best exasperated look.

"Oh, right, I forgot you could tell I'm lying," Foggy said sarcastically, taking Matt's tie and putting it on him. They both knew Matt could do it himself, but Foggy needed something to do with his hands and Matt never minded when Foggy helped him with things. He never did it cause he though Matt couldn't, he helped because he wanted to.

"What's going on?" Matt asked, hearing Foggy's heart rate spike. It wasn't a spike of fear or anger, it was… excitement?

"Well buddy, how do you feel about the name 'Uncle Matt'?" Foggy asked, staring at his friend and waiting for his reaction. He was glad Matt wasn't wearing his glasses as he watched Matt process and realize what had been said.

"You- do you- is Marci-?" Matt stammered and Foggy couldn't help but laugh. He's finally found a way to make smooth talking Matt Murdock speechless.

"Marci's pregnant!" Foggy exclaimed and a wide smile spread over Matt's face. He practically leapt on Foggy, squeezing him tightly.

"Congratulations!" he said, "I'm so happy for you guys!"

They pulled apart and Foggy saw Matt's face was wet.

"Are you crying?" he asked.

"I just… I really am happy for you guys," Matt said, wiping his eyes. "You deserve this; you deserve everything. You're gonna be the best dad."

"Well, hopefully I'll do alright," Foggy joked.

"No, you'll be the best," Matt insisted, "Any kid would be lucky to be yours. You've been taking care of my stubborn and reckless ass for years. You're smart and caring and you and Marci are gonna be the best parents."

Foggy was crying now too as he wrapped his arms around Matt again.

"I love you buddy," he said, "And I know my kid's luck cause they're gonna have the best uncle looking out for them."

"Let's not tell Theo you said that to me," Matt joked, but he was already thinking of all the ways he could spoil his new little niece or nephew.

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