Note: Takes place during Mockingjay Part 2

"Even if they're just mopping the floors, they're helping the enemy," Gale said, "And if they die then so be it. I can live with that."

"Then you're just like them," Castor said before he could stop himself.

"What?" Gale asked

Castor bit his lip, desperate to say what he was thinking, but also knowing Gale majorly outranked him.

"Come on Castor, you got something to say?" Gale snapped.

"That thinking makes you exactly like the enemy," Castor finally said. "There are civilians in there, people who are just doing their jobs and trying to survive. You don't get to decide that their deaths is a worthy sacrifice. You don't get to make that choice for them."

He feels Pollux's hand on his arm.

"If they didn't want the choice made for them then they should have made a better one for themselves," Gale argued. "They could have left, joined us-"

"No, they couldn't!" Castor said, his anger growing. "Most of those people probably have no clue where they would even go if they tried to leave. They'd have no way to get to safety. You want them to just leave their homes and everything they know and what? Walk off into the woods and hope they make it somewhere safe before the Peacekeepers found them?"

"You don't get it," Gale said dismissively, "You're from the Capitol-"

"And people in the Capitol couldn't possibly understand, right?" Castor said, "My brother's an Avox! They dragged him off, cut out his tongue, and then made him a Capitol slave for five years! And you know what? He did what they told him, even if it was mopping the floors. Not because he wanted to help the enemy, but because it helped him survive. And he had to survive cause he knew, no matter how long it took, that I was coming for him. More than half the people in the Capitol don't know anything other than the life they have now. And yeah, it's messed up and everything needs to change, I'm not excusing any of it. But that doesn't make every civilian who's just trying to survive the enemy. We all have a choice, and choosing to believe that, that all people should be punished for the wrongdoings of one group, that's how the Games started in the first place. That makes you exactly like Snow."

Gale's fist connected with Castor's jaw, the young cameraman falling back.

"Gale!" Katniss shouted, stepping in front of him and pushing him back.

Pollux was on the ground next to his brother; concern clear in his face as he reached for the already blossoming bruise.

"I'm fine," Castor assured him.

Pollux pulled him to his feet and Castor saw Boggs ordering the onlookers back to their posts.

Cressida pressed her hand to his back and led him away from Gale.

"Sit," she ordered, taking a seat across from him. Pollux sat at his side while Messalla took his place next to Cressida.

"That's going to swell," she said, "You should go to the medbay when we get back. Get it checked out."

Castor shrugged, looking down at his clenched fists.

Pollux reached over and laid his hand over his brothers. Castor opened his palm and allowed Pollux to grip his hand tightly.

"I'm sorry," he murmured to them. "I know I shouldn't have said anything-"

"Why?" Cressida asked, "We're working towards a democracy, right? People can share their opinions in a democracy."

"Yeah, but…" he shook his head, "I just… that stuff he was saying. I hate the Capitol and anyone who agrees with Snow should be punished, but killing civilians just for surviving… It's not right."

Pollux squeezed his hand a little tighter and Castor looked at him.

"It's okay," Pollux signed, "We're okay."

Castor squeezed back, biting his lip. Those five years had been hell for Pollux, but they were hell for Castor too. And hearing someone basically saying his brother's death was preferable over him just trying to survive…

"You got me out," Pollux signed, "We're okay."

He leaned his head against his brother's while Cressida squeezed his knee comfortingly.

"I'm probably gonna get fired," he murmured.


They looked up at saw Katniss standing there.

"You okay?" she asked, pointing to his jaw.

"Yeah," he nodded, "Listen, I'm sorry-"

"Don't be," she said immediately, "Someone needed to tell him, and he doesn't listen to me, we've known each other too long. You didn't say anything wrong."

She hesitated for a moment and then sat.

"Look, there's one person who means more to me than anyone else," she told them, "My sister. I would do anything for Prim. To keep her safe, happy, help her survive, anything. I can't imagine being away from her for five years."

She looked at Pollux.

"I'm glad you survived," she said, "I'm glad you did what you need to, to get out of there; I'm glad you and Castor are together again. I'm sorry for what happened to you and that you suffered so much. When all this is over, I hope you never have to worry about anything like that again. And I also hope you know that what Gale said was wrong and it definitely wasn't directed at you."

Pollux signed something, looking at his brother to translate.

"He said he's glad you survived the arena so you and Prim could be together again," Castor said, "And that he'd follow you even if you weren't the Mockingjay."

Katniss smiled gently and squeezed his hand before standing up and going to join the others.

"Oh," she turned back around, "And you're definitely not getting fired. I doubt this will even make it to Coin, but if it does, I'm on your side. I don't trust anyone else out here to do this stuff."

She walked back over to join Gale, Boggs standing between them.

"I think some people forget that she's still a kid," Castor said softly, "She might be the Mockingjay, but I think she's just waiting for the day where she's just someone's sister again."

"She will be once this is over," Pollux signed, "She'll be free."

"And so will you," Cressida said and both brothers smiled.

Castor leaned his head against his brother's again, dreaming of the day they could finally be free. Dreaming of the day they wouldn't have to fight to survive.

Okay, so I recently rewatched the Hunger Games series and, naturally, my favourite characters became two background characters with minimal screen time and one of them dies (I know how to pick em). I searched for some Pollux and Castor fics but couldn't find any so my ND brain made it my mission to write all of them. I have so many one shots written and several multi-chapter stories in progress.

I hope anyone else out there who likes these characters enjoyed the story! I love h/c fics so expect a lot of whump, especially with these two. Brotherly love just seems to go hand in hand with h/c in fanfiction

Thanks so much for reading!