Note: Takes place during Matt and Foggy's college years

Foggy had learned early on that Matt was a very private person. He wasn't sure if it was a Matt thing, a Catholic thing, or an orphan thing. He had a feeling it was a combination of all three.

Foggy also learned early on that Matt would sometimes get into these moods. He'd get super bummed out and often forgot to eat unless Foggy reminded him. He never told Foggy what it was about and Foggy had figured out he just had to keep Matt alive for a couple days till he came out of it.

Matt's funk had started three days ago. Foggy was walking back to their dorm after class and fully expected to walk in to Matt doing homework and back to a slightly better mood (as per his usual schedule).

What he hadn't expected was to walk in to Matt sitting on his bed, crying silently.

"Matt?" Foggy asked, dropping his bag and hurrying over to his friend. Matt wiped his face harshly as if he could hide that he'd just been crying.

"Foggy? Uh, how was class?"

"Forget my class," Foggy cut right to the chase, "Matt, what happened?"

Foggy sounded genuinely concerned and it had been so long since Matt had heard that king of concern directed at him that his tears started anew.

"Matty, talk to me buddy," Foggy pleaded, "I want to help you."

"It, uh… It's my dad's birthday today," Matt said softly.

"Aw buddy," Foggy reached out for Matt's hand and was pleased when the other boy didn't pull away. "I'm so sorry, I didn't realize that was today."

Matt nodded, "Just hard, you know?"

"Yeah, I know you miss him," Foggy said. He glanced at Matt's wall where a picture of a young Matt sitting on his dad's knee was pinned up.

"Did you go see him?" Foggy asked and Matt shook his head.

"I haven't been in years," Matt admitted, share evident in his voice. "I went on his birthday and the anniversary for the first couple years after… but I always had to ask the nuns for help to take me and they were busy. By the time I was old enough to go myself… it had been so long I felt guilty. I didn't think he'd want me there. He'd be disappointed, like I had forgotten him or something."

Foggy's heart broke as he thought of a young Matt Murdock, too worried about being a hassle or a bother, to ask someone to take him to visit his father's grave.

"He knows you didn't forget him buddy," he said softly. "And he wouldn't be disappointed. Everything you told me about him, I think he'd actually be really understanding.

Matt nodded, but still looked so sad. Suddenly, Foggy had an idea.

"Do you want to go see him?" Foggy asked.


"We can go," Foggy said, "It's still early and we have no more classes today. We can get a cab and we can totally go if you want me to.

"You… you'd come with me?" Matt asked in disbelief.

"Yeah, course buddy, if you're okay with it," Foggy said earnestly.

"I… I think I'd like to go," Matt said, his voice small.

"Alright then," Foggy stood, "You get dressed and I'll call us a cab."
Matt dressed slowly and then took Foggy's offered arm and they made their way down to the cab.

"If we get there and you change your mind, there's no pressure, okay?" Foggy said. "We can turn around and come right back. Try again another day."

"Thanks Fog," Matt said.

They arrived at the cemetery and Matt didn't change his mind.

"I, uh, I'm not sure I remember which is his…" Matt said, shame in his voice again.

"That's okay," Foggy said, "I'm sure there's someone around here we can ask."

They ran into the groundskeeper on their walk and he was able to point them in the right direction.

"He's here buddy," Foggy said softly.

"Can, um, can you help me?" Matt asked quietly.

Foggy walked them forward a few steps and then took Matt's hand and rested it on the headstone.

"I'm right here, okay?" he said, stepping back a few paces to give Matt some semblance of privacy.

"Hey dad," Matt said, "I'm sorry it's so long. I really missed you. I'm doing really good, using my head just like you wanted me to. I go to Columbia; I'm studying law there. Gonna be a lawyer. My roommate, his name's Foggy, he's here with me right now. He's okay I guess."

"Forget lawyer, Murdock, you should be a comedian," Foggy said dryly.

Matt actually smiled.

"He's great dad. He treats me like you did, you know?"\ He just gets it. I don't know how, but he does," Matt said and Foggy knew Matt wasn't just talking to his dad now. "He convinced me to come here today and I'm glad he did. I really miss you dad."

Matt was crying now.

"There's so much I wish I could tell you, so much I wish you could have seen… I wish I could hear your voice."

Foggy wiped away his own tears now too.

"I just… I want you to know I'm okay dad," Matt said, "I know you worried about me, but I'm okay. Foggy makes sure I eat more then just ramen and get enough sleep."

"Always looking out for you pal," Foggy said sincerely.

"I'm doing what you always wanted me to dad," Matt went on, "I hope, wherever you are, you're proud of me. I promise I won't wait so long between visits next time. Happy birthday dad."

Matt stood up and stepped back.

"He's proud of you bud, I know it."

"Thanks Foggy," Matt said, "For… everything."

"Told you, I'm looking out for you," Foggy said.

"He would have appreciated that, know someone was there for me," Matt said, "Knowing you're such a great friend."

"Friendship goes both ways now," Foggy said, "And as far as friends go, well you're okay I guess."

Matt laughed at the joke and Foggy patted himself on the back. He promised himself that from that day forward, Foggy Nelson would be in Matt Murdock's corner. Either to make him laugh when he was done, hold him when he cried, or go down swinging together.

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